UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
May 15-16, 1912

Volume OD - Pages 423-427

                         Reno, Nevada
                         May 15, 1912

Meeting of Regents was held in their Office Wednesday, May 15,
1912, at 4 o'clock P.M.  Present:  Regents Codd, Williams,
O'Brien and Henderson, and President Stubbs.  Absent:  Regent

It was moved by Regent Henderson, seconded by Regent Williams,
and carried unanimously by the Board of Regents that the follow-
ing preamble and resolution be adopted and entered upon the min-

    WHEREAS, Mr. Clarence H. Mackay and Mrs. Marie Louise Mackay
    of New York City, desiring to make perpetual provision for
    instruction in that portion of the University known as the
    Mackay School of Mines, have offered to donate 1500 shares
    of the Mackay Companies' preferred 4% stock of the par value
    of $150,000, to the Board of Regents of the University of
    Nevada and its successors in trust upon the following terms
    and conditions, to wit:

        1st - That the University of Nevada, by and through its
              Board of Regents, and said Board of Regents and
              its successors shall agree to maintain and care
              for the building on the University Campus, and
              the equipment therein, in perfect order and repair,
              and to maintain in said building the Mackay School
              of Mines in at least as complete a course of in-
              struction as that which is now being given.

        2nd - That said shares of stock shall be held in trust
              by said Board of Regents and its successors for
              the purpose of providing instruction in the Mackay
              School of Mines, and shall be sold or otherwise
              disposed of only with the approval of the Trustee
              of the Mackay Companies, and if sold or otherwise
              disposed of in whole shall be reinvested by said
              Board in safe, interest or dividend paying securi-
              ties to be likewise held in trust.

        3rd - That the principal of said fund shall forever re-
              main intact and only the income therefrom shall be
              expended, and such income shall be applied by said
              Board solely for the maintenance of instruction
              for students in the Mackay School of Mines.

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that in consideration of said
    offer of Mr. Clarence H. Mackay and Mrs. Marie Louise Mackay
    the Board of Regents of the University of Nevada, for the
    University of Nevada, and for said Board and its successors,
    do hereby agree that upon said gift being made, the same
    shall and will be accepted and held by said University of
    Nevada and by said Board of Regents and its successors for-
    ever in trust upon and in accordance with the terms and con-
    ditions above specified by the donors; and that upon a
    diversion or attempted diversion of the said fund or the
    income thereof or any part of either said fund or said in-
    come, from the purpose for which the same was granted, the
    said trusteeship of said Board and its successors shall
    immediately cease, and that any court having equity juris-
    diction may declare such trusteeship terminated and may
    appoint a new trustee or trustees to administer said trust
    fund in accordance with the said terms and conditions of the
    gift thereof.

Upon motion of Regent Williams, seconded by Regent O'Brien, the
President of the University was requested to send a suitable
telegram to Mr. Clarence H. Mackay and his mother Marie Louise
Mackay regarding the gift just announced.

The President submitted the following report:

To the Honorable
The Board of Regents
of the University of Nevada


I herewith present to you the following candidates for graduation
and for diplomas.  These candidates have received the recommenda-
tion of the Academic Council as they have completed the work as
prescribed by the University.

For the Junior College Diploma in the College of Education:

    Edna Viola Bates (12/21/11)       Gladys Margaret Jones
    Viola Mariea Blevins              Alpha Irene Rulison
    Augusta Harrison Brusso           Mary Margaret Sullivan
    Mollie Dimple Curler              Ethel Webster (12/21/11)
    Laura Dickinson

For the High School Diploma in the College of Arts & Science:

    Rowena Ethel Glass                Forence Nightingale Reed
    Helen Ruthven Hobbins             Ethel Thompson
    Mathilda Jepsen                   Edwin Eugene S. Williams
    Hazel Mary Ohmert

Bachelor of Science in Education - College of Education

    Edwin Eugene Selzer Williams

Bachelor of Science - School of Civil Engineering

    Carl Lampe Tibbals

Bachelor of Science - School of Mechanical Engineering

    William Donald Linton, Jr. (12/21/11)
    Edgar Ford Pearson
    Raymond Spencer

Bachelor of Science - School of Mines

    Walter William Anderson           Roland Moore Seaton
    Daniel Eldred Bruce               Paul Curtis Schraps
    Donald Caleb Cameron              Claude Teel
    Virgil Munroe Henderson

Bachelor of Arts - College of Arts & Science

    Elda Marion Barber                Margaret Angela Langwith
    Charles Le Roy Brown              Hazel Mary Ohmert
    Rowena Ethel Glass                Florence Nightingale Reed
    Helen Ruthven Hobbins             Isabelle Cyril Schuler
    August Holmes                     Ethel Thompson
    Mathilda Jepsen

Master of Science in Education

    Helen Elizabeth Joy

Master of Arts

    Samuel Bradford Doten
    Beulah Hershiser (see 8/12/11)
    Frances Dorothy Parker

The following letter from the Committee on Scholarships and
Honors, I submit to the Board of Regents for their approval:

                                            May 13, 1912

To the President and the Academic Council:

The Committee on Literary Contests begs leave to report as

1.  Honor Students:

    The highest honor which the University confers is the in-
    clusion in this list of honor students; scholarships may be
    given on the ground of honest effort, financial need and
    general qualities of worth without particular regard to
    intellectual merit, but honor students must also prove their
    worth through higher grades in work undertaken.  The honor
    list for this year includes the following names:

    Graduate Students:

        Frances Dorothy Parker


        Daniel E. Bruce
        Donald C. Cameron
        Helen R. Hobbins
        August Holmes
        Ethel R. Thompson


        Eunice Cagwin
        Millie Donohue
        Frank G. Gignoux
        Lena Hauss
        Helen Higgins
        Florence White
        Elizabeth Winter


        Carrie Linsea
        Nellie Morrow
        Edwina O'Brien


        Dorothy Bird
        Floyd S. Bryant
        Maude Price
        Frances Smith
        Tom P. Walker

2.  Scholarships

    a.  The F. O. Norton Scholarship of $50 to the most deserv-
        ing student in the Mackay School of Mines:

            Mr. William Smyth

    b.  A scholarship of $100 from a friend of the University.
        Awarded to Robert Farrer of the College of Arts &
        Science at the request of the donor.

    c.  5 Regents' Scholarships of $50 each to students who show
        in the highest degree the general qualities which go to
        make the successful man or woman.  The one to the Univer-
        sity High School awarded to Mr. Walter Clarence Jepson.
        The one to the most deserving student in the College of
        Education awarded to Miss Alice Meffley.  The three to
        the most deserving students in the other Colleges of the
        University awarded to Mr. Archie Trabert, Miss Lysle
        Rushby and Mr. Andrew Crofut.

    d.  The H. H. Howe Scholarship of $200 payable annually given
        by Mr. C. B. Zabriskie of New York, in loving memory of
        Principal H. H. Howe, awarded by Mrs. H. H. Howe and the
        President of the University to George E. Mc Creery.

    e.  A scholarship of $100, the gift of Azro E. Cheney, LL. D.
        for that student of the University who, in the opinion of
        the President and faculty, made the most progress in
        scholarship and has been the best example of student con-
        duct during the present College year, awarded to Mr. T.
        P. Walker of the Freshman Class.

    f.  The Philo C. Bennett prizes, two of $40 each, for the
        best essay or assays on the principles of free govern-
        ment, awarded as follows:  first prize to Miss Eunice
        Cagwin and Miss Florence White for essay written jointly
        on "Centralization of Powers"; second prize to Miss Clara
        Smith for essay on "The Growth of Centralization Traced

    g.  Two Seniors tied for the medal given to the Senior who
        has attained the higher average grade in scholarship
        throughout his or her College course:  the awards are to
        Miss Ethel R. Thompson and Mr. August Holmes.

                             Respectfully submitted,

                             Jeanne Elizabeth Wier, Chairman
                             Gustavus S. Paine
                             Charles Haseman

There is nothing more to report at this meeting inasmuch as the
time is too short for a complete report.

                             Respectfully submitted,

                             J. E. Stubbs

On motion of Mr. Henderson, seconded by Mr. Williams, it was de-
cided that Regents Codd, O'Brien and Reid with President Stubbs
and Gordon H. True, Director of the Experiment Station, visit
the Farm of the University of California at Davis, California on
Tuesday, May 21st.

On the recommendation of President Stubbs, S. E. Ross was elect-
ed to the position of Deputy Sealer of Weights and Measures at
a monthly salary of $125 to take effect June 1, 1912.

Upon motion of Henderson, seconded by Williams, Miss Howe is to
be paid her salary in full for the entire month of June.

Board adjourned to meet at the call of the Chairman.

                             A. A. Codd

Geo. H. Taylor