UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

May 11-12, 1940 

Volume 5 - Pages 283-290

                       REGENTS MEETING
                        May 11, 1940

The Board of Regents met at 9 A.M. Saturday, May 11, 1940, all
members being present.

The Chairman called the Board to order and, on motion of Judge
Brown, the minutes of the January 27 meeting were approved and
the acts of the Executive Committee February 24 were confirmed
by the following vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

On motion of Mr. Williams, the following list of candidates for
degrees and diplomas, as approved by the faculty and read by Dr.
Hartman, was approved for the indicated degrees and diplomas:

    Bachelor of Arts

        June Raymond Adams              Patricia Meaker
        Ross W. Ashley                  Harry E. Mornston
        Dorothy Ann Atcheson           *John Elmer Naughton
        Olinto Mark Barsanti            William Elwood Ogle
        George William Beattie         *Robert Francis Paille
        Betty Jane Brannin              Robert S. Parker
        Elizabeth Burleigh              William A. Parsons
        Robert E. Cameron               William Eugene Pasutti
       *Margery Frances Cliff          *William Peccole
       *Robert Comer                    James Wickham Peckham
       *Thelma Crosby                   Margie Mary Pefley
        Marjorie Louis Davin            Walter William Powers
       *Ned Royal Dickson              #Mary Beatrice Prunty
        Thelma Bernice Eager            Clifford Flake Quilici
       *Juanita Elcano                  Mary Catherine Read
       #Dagmar L. Frederiksen          *Russell Kenneth Rivers
        Shirley J. Fuetsch              B. Allen Rives
        Sybil Furchner                  Nevio Rosa
        Gloria Eleanor Hammond         *Andrew Joseph Rosaschi
        Robert D. Handley               Frank Ernest Rosachi, Jr.
       *Clara E. Hanson                *Nellie Althea Roseberry
        Ethel Hardy                     Marion L. Rowan
        James P. Hart, Jr.             *Edith Virginia Salvi
        Clarence A. Heckethorn          Frank Woodrow Schumacher
        Janet Holcomb                  *Betty Marie Shidler
        Margaret Louise Johnson         Virginia Ballard Snow
        Max Kirby Johnson               Frederick James Steen
        Wilma Mae Jones                 Cleone Stewart
        Robert Joy                      Gordon Rufus Thompson
        David Llewellyn Langberg        Pauline Tobener
        Beatrice Lansdon               *Virginia Vuich
        Louise J. Leonard              *Thomas Grosvenor West
        John William Locke              Edith Winbourne
       *Maris Emma Maule                Genevieve Caroline Wines
        Howard Lawrence Mc Mullen       Robert William Young

    Bachelor of Science in Arts and Science

        Eugene John Barber              Mary Dorothy Kunsch
       *Evelyn Gail Bulmer             *Betty Nelson
        Chester Ashley Burt             Clifton Merle Prusia
        Cleora Dolores Campbell         Maurice Francis Sheppard
        Helen Ann Collins               Eleanor Ballou Smith
       *Martha Ann Holcomb              James Hobart Sullivan
        Donald Elmer Kinkel

    Two-Year Normal Diploma

        Margaret Ruth Di Grazia         Nellie D. Lees
        Vera W. Hardy                   Lorene Wright

        And all those whose names are indicated with a pound

    Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

       *Harry Hamilton Bradley          Jack Leslie Mc Kenzie
       *Ferren W. Bunker                Axel T. Olson
        Duane F. Collins                Eugene I. Peterson
        George William Friedhoff, Jr.  *Delbert Clair Stewart
        Ezra Fund                      *Henry Langdon Wells
        Lowell E. Hillygus              Fraser Edwards West
        Howard Gale Mason               Loyal A. Willis

    Bachelor of Science in Home Economics

       *William Georgia Foote          *Helen Byrd Inman
       *Gertrude Ann Freeman           *Mary Gertrude Stott
       *Reveau Hansen                   Luana Whipple

    Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

        Frederick William Clayton       One-Hee Tye
        Pio Armando Mastroianni

    Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

        Albert J. Caton, Jr.            Gene Warner Mc Daniel
        David K. Hartman                Curtis Rutherford Thomas
        Eugene Ernest Jahn

    Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

        Isaac Ralph Caraco              Athanasios Theo Peratis
        John Shaw Green                 Melvin Martin Tilley
        Hermann Konnerth

    Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering

        Arthur Atkins                   Ernest William Jorgenson
        Arthur H. Frazier               Samuel Greely Wilson

    High School Teachers' Diploma

        Mary Margaret Cline, '39        Normal E. Nichols, '38
        Mary Gwendolyn Meginness, '39

        And all those whose names are starred.

    Master of Arts Degree

        William Carlton Davis           Neil P. Scott
        Margaret Jensen                 Margaret G. Watson

    Master of Science Degree

        Lawrence W. Carter              William Turnbull Rawles
        Rodney Edward Morrin


    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

On motion of Mrs. Wardin the Regents accepted the gift by Emeri-
tus Professor Boardman, of "a considerable number of books to be
kept in the Civil Engineering Department", subject to consulta-
tion at will by him, and agreed to keep up a $500 insurance on
them, the policy which expired April 20, 1940, already having
been renewed by the University.  The Secretary was instructed to
acknowledge this gift and to express the thanks of the Board to
Mr. Boardman.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

Dr. Hartman presented the invitation of E. B. Stevens of the
College of Education of the University of Washington that the
Regents should designate at least one of their members to attend
a Summer conference on higher education.  Mrs. Wardin moved, and
all members save Mr. Ross agreed, that Chairman Ross be delegated
to go to this conference, if possible, and instructed the Secre-
tary so to advise Mr. Stevens.

Dr. Hartman read the summary of recommendations of the Blue Key
service fraternity for Campus improvements.  Practically all of
these suggestions have already been given consideration by the
Regents and will be developed as rapidly as funds are available
and the time ripe for these improvements, each of which must be
considered in its relation to the entire Campus improvement
program of the Regents.  Mr. Ross, with the unanimous agreement
of the other members, instructed the Secretary to advise the
Blue Key to this effect and in so doing to express to the
fraternity the very real appreciation of the Regents for this
evidence of their interest in the University.

Dr. Hartman made the following recommendations, which were dis-
cussed individually.  In reference to "g", the petitions in re.
Miss Wier were ordered received and made part of the Regents'

a.  The titles of Messrs. Martie, Scranton and Coleman and the
    Department in which they teach, be amended by the omission
    of the words, "and Athletics".

b.  Dr. Sigmund Leifson be Acting Head of the Department of
    Physics at a salary of $3300 effective July 1, 1940.

c.  William Smyth's title be enlarged to include "and Mining",
    i. e., Associate Professor of Metallurgy and Mining.

d.  The position of Sueprintendent of Buildings and Grounds
    be temporarily delegated to the Controller.

e.  The salary of Carl Horn be advanced to $200 per month from
    July 1, 1940.

f.  On recommendation of Dr. Sears:

    (1)  Mr. Bernard Ward Hooper and Mr. John Yapuncich be re-
         appointed as Fellows in Chemistry for the academic year

    (2)  Mr. Charles Jennings, who will be graduated this year
         from the University of Toledo, be elected Fellow in
         Chemistry for 1940-41, at a stipend of $600 for the
         school year with freedom from tuition and Chemistry

    (3)  Drs. Williams and Mac Kenzie, who have given good ac-
         counts of themselves during their probational year, be
         continued for the coming academic year and their sal-
         aries be advanced from $1800 to $2000, effective July
         1, 1940.

g.  Jeanne E. Wier be retired as from this date, but be kept on
    full salary until the end of her salary year September 1,
    1940, at which time she be placed on the pension roll at
    $900 per year.  The Governor has given his approval to Miss
    Wier's retirement at the above salary of $900.

h.  Charles R. Hicks be advanced to the Acting Headship of the
    Department of History and Political Science.

i.  The resignation of Miss Emily Ross as Assistant Professor
    of Mathematics, effective August 1, 1940, be accepted.

j.  Edward Maurice Beesley (A. B., Lafayette, 1936; M. Sc., Brown
    1938; expects Ph. D., Brown, Summer 1940) be elected Instruc-
    tor in Mathematics for the year 1940-41 at a salary of $1700
    if, at the time of coming to us, he has his Ph. D. degree;
    otherwise, he shall receive $1600 for the year, salary pay-
    able in 11 equal monthly installments beginning with that
    on September 1, 1940.

k.  C. Worth Hodgson (B. S., Idaho, 1934; M. S., Arizona, 1936;
    Ph. D., Michigan State College expected Summer 1940) be
    elected Instructor in Agronomy to teach Forage Crops Range
    Management and Pasture Management in the College of Agri-
    culture at a salary of $2000 payable from teaching funds
    and that, during two of the Summer months, he shall serve
    as Extension Specialist in Agronomy and Animal Husbandry
    at a stipend of $00 payable from Extension funds.

l.  James Mullen and Frank Hubbler, Heating Plant operators,
    who give special grounds service during the Summer, be
    advanced from $4 to $4.50 per day for Heating Plant serv-
    ice and that Hubbler be paid $5 per day as power lawnmover
    operator.  They work 7 days per week during the school

m.  That Robert S. Griffin, Assistant Professor of English, be
    granted a year's leave of absence, effective August 1, 1940,
    at a stipend of $500 to be paid in 10 equal monthly install-
    ments beginning September 1, 1940 and that, during his ab-
    sence, Edwin Semenza, who has been serving in English this
    year during Mr. Miller's absence, be retained at $900 for
    the year, payable in 10 equal monthly payments beginning
    September 1 and Robert Joy, who is being graduated Monday
    next and is the winner of the Pacific Coast championship
    this year, be elected Fellow in English at $750 for the
    year, likewise payable in 10 equal monthly installments
    beginning September 1, 1940.

n.  That Professor Martie be removed from the onus of "strict
    probation" placed on him last year because of the athletic
    situation and commended for the good faith he has kept with
    the Regents during the past year.

On motion of Dr. Olmsted, recommendations a to n inclusive were
approved by the following vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

President Hartman read the following letter from Miss Emily Ross,
and recommended the acceptance of her proffer:

                                       April 22, 1940

    Dear President Hartman:

    It is my intention to establish a student loan fund, the
    principal sum of which shall be $500 to be known as the
    "Charles Haseman Memorial Loan Fund".  If this offer is
    accepted by you and the Board of Regents, I will send you
    my check for the above amount on or before September 1,
    1940.  The fund is to be established under the following

    The loans are to be made only to students who have finished
    calculus and who have attained an average scholastic grade
    of at least "C" or its equivalent.

    No loan shall be made except to one who, in the opinion of
    the Head of the Department of Mathematics, needs the loan,
    and it shall not in any event exceed the sum of $100.

    During the academic year 1940-41 no more than $250 may be
    loaned from this fund.  Thereafter the entire fund may be

    No individual loan for more than $100 shall be made from
    such fund in any academic year.  However, to any needy
    student a 2nd loan of not to exceed this amount may be
    made during his 4th academic year.

    Each student to whom a loan shall be made shall give a
    personal note, payable on or before the end of 4 years
    from its date, with interest payable at the rate of 1 1/2%
    per annum, and each note shall have a co-signer.

    The interest and payments which are returned by borrowers
    shall become a part of this fund and, so far as may be
    feasible, the unexpended portion of the fund shall be kept
    invested as are other endowments of the University of Nevada.

    Loans under this fund shall be made only on the recommenda-
    tion of the Head of the Department of Mathematics of the
    University of Nevada.

                             Most cordially yours,

                         /s/ Emily Ross

On motion of Mr. Williams, the Regents accepted the gift of Miss
Ross and the Secretary was instructed to express to Miss Ross
the very real appreciation of the Board of Regents and the Pres-
ident of the University for her generosity and fine spirit and
to send a formal notification of the establishment of the Charles
Haseman Memorial Loan Fund to Mrs. Haseman.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

On motion of Dr. Olmsted, the Chairman of the Board was authoriz-
ed to sign the letter of transmittal which is to accompany the
Postal Telegraph and Cable Company (Mackay) bonds to New York.

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

On motion of Judge Brown, the Comptroller was authorized to place
for sale with some reputable broker the University's Mountain
City Copper Company stock, with the request that the broker sell
this stock in lots of not more than 1000 shares at a time, so as
not adversely to affect the market, and at not less than $4 per
share unless world markets should make it seem wise to sell for
something less, but no lesser sale price is to be accepted with-
out authority from the Executive Committee of the Board.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

Dr. Hartman advised the Board that Dean Mack with regret has
accepted the resignation of Miss Echo Loder, who has been House
Mother at Artemisia and Manzanita Halls for the past 4 years,
without other compensation than the coverage of her board and

On motion of Mrs. Wardin, the Secretary was instructed to convey
to Miss Loder the Board's genuine appreciation of the fine
service she has so generously given the University during this
period and to convey to Miss Loder their best wishes for many
rich years ahead.  Unanimously carried.

On recommendation of Dean Mack and in accord with the understand-
ing had with Miss Garrison at the time she was elected, President
Hartman recommended that, in addition to her room for the year
and board at the Dining Hall while the Dining Hall is open, she
should be advanced from $700 to $800 for the academic year 1940-

Mr. Williams moved the adoption of the above recommendation.

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

Dr. Hartman read the following letter of May 10, 1940 to him from
Director Jay C. Carpenter of the Mackay School of Mines:

    Dear President:

    Last year under a WPA grant, a room was excavated in our
    basement the size of the museum above, and it was completed
    for use as a future mining museum and laboratory.  Material
    of this nature was moved down from the main museum above.

    At the time I extended an invitation to certain parties to
    donate $10,000 to equip this new museum, but no one has as
    yet responded.  I had in mind at that time securing good
    material from Treasure Mountain, the mining exhibit at the
    San Francisco Exposition if the Exposition did not reopen,
    and I made an inquiry for the same.

    On April 20 I received the surprising news that Treasure
    Mountain was being wrecked and the Exposition was saving
    out "mining murals, replicas of all U. S. coins, and il-
    luminated maps of the United States showing location and
    production of the main metals and minerals."

    As you recall, I asked your permission to inspect this
    material on April 28 at my own expense.  I found the ma-
    terial to consist of the following items:

        16 glass maps of the United States illuminated by
        push bottons leading to complicated wiring and
        lighting in the rear of the 2 1/2' x 3 1/2' gal-
        vanized iron boxes.  The original bill for these
        from Rand Mc Nally was $1785.

        About 180' of mining and '49 scenes painted on heavy
        5' linoleum being murals from Treasure Mountain.
        The original cost was over $2000.

        20 plaster cast models 1' in diameter of all the
        United States coins of gold, silver, copper and
        nickel.  The original cost was several hundred

    As the murals were just right to cover the 5' concrete re-
    taining walls on the sides of the new museum, and the il-
    luminating maps will go on the shelf above, I immediately
    made a bid for this material as required by law.  The bid
    was ridiculously low but I explained that I wished to donate
    the material to the Mackay School of Mines.

    Yesterday I received a wire that my bid was accepted, and
    this material should arrive the first of next week.

    This material will only cost me about (deleted at the request
    of the donor) delivered to the new museum.  This is a small
    gift for me to make to the School from which I have received
    so many benefits, but the real value of this exhibit is much
    greater, along with whatever credit is due for the initative
    to know of and grasp the opportunity when available.

    I would like the Regents to accept this gift and provide a
    fund if possible of at least $150 to install the same in
    the museum during this coming vacation.  This cost may be
    kept much lower than this if the installation can be desig-
    nated as a WPA project with the School furnishing the ma-
    terials only.

    As a friend of Major Max C. Fleischmann recommended this
    purchase at such a low figure, I believe it advisable not
    to mention its original cost or the cost of the material
    to me lest it might prove embarrassing to all concerned.

                             Sincerely yours,

                         /s/ J. A. Carpenter

The President recommended the acceptance of this gift, under
the terms stated.

Mrs. Wardin moved that the Regents accept the gift and provide
the $150 necessary for its installation, and that the Secretary
be instructed to convey to Director Carpenter the appreciation
of the Board for having brought to our Campus these fine maps
and murals and replicas from Treasure Mountain as exhibited on
Treasure Island in 1939.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

Dr. Hartman recommended the following increases in salary for the
academic year 1940-41:

Effective July 1, 1940:

    Mary T. Delannoy, from $120 to $130 per month
    Mrs. Helen Joslin, from $120 to $135 per month
    Carl M. Horn, from $175 to $200 per month
    John M Rosasco, from $100 to $125 per month
    Loring R. Williams, from $1800 to $2000 per year
    Charles A. Mac Kenzie, from $1800 to $2000 per year
    C. R. Hicks, from $3000 to $3300 per year and Acting Head
        of the Department of History and Political Science
    S. W. Leifson, from $3000 to $3300 per year and Acting Head
        of the Department of Physics
    S. W. Batdorf, from $2100 to $2400 per year
    Clare L. Johnson, from $1650 to $1800 per year
    E. P. Vance, from $1700 to $1900 per year
    Ralph A. Brenninger, from $1600 to $1700 per year

Effective August 1, 1940:

    Eldon Wittwer, from $3200 to $3400
    E. W. Lowrance, from $2000 to $2200
    W. D. Billings, from $2000 to $2200
    Leonard Chadwick, from $1800 to $2000
    Harold N. Brown, from $2700 to $2800 and full Professor
    Anatole G. Mazour, from $2100 to $2400
    W. H. Davidson, from $1800 to $1900
    Clark Ames, from $1900 to $2000

Effective September 1, 1940:

    Ernest L. Inwood, from $2600 to $2800
    Clara Garrison, from $700 to $800 for academic year

    James Mullen, from $4 to $4.50 per day while on Heating Plant
    Frank Hubbler, from $4 to $4.50 per day while on Heating
        Plant work
    Frank Hubbler, from $4 to $5 per day when operating power

Dr. Olmsted moved the adoption of these increases in salary and
the 3 advances in rank as recommended by the President.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

The President has received too late this morning to permit him
to read the recommendations of Miss Margaret Watson whom Librar-
ian Thompson recommended for a position in the Library.  This
matter was put over until the June meeting of the Board.

The President read the letter of May 7, 1940 from the Alumni
Association, signed by Angelo Urrutia, Chairman of the Executive
Committee, with regard to the location of the new Gymnasium.
The Board is not prepared to consider this now.  The Secretary
was instructed to thank Mr. Urrutia for the many helpful sug-
gestions of his group and to say the Board would give the matter
full consideration, probably also asking Mr. Frost of the Board
of Athletic Control, who had requested an audience with the
Board when the Gymnasium location was to be decided, to meet
with them, probably at a meeting in late June.

Comptroller Gorman reported progress on the WPA ditch projects
and asked the Board to look at stakes set on the east side of
the main driveway with a view to widening it, which would neces-
sitate changing east sidewalk.

Dr. Hartman told the Board that the Class of 1940 had made a
gift of electroliers for the bridge at the Campus approach to
the Lake Street steps at a cost of just under $200.

Dr. Hartman asked to leave the room and, on motion of Mr. Wil-
liams, the Comptroller was authorized to draw a check of $500
in favor of President Hartman to be applied on his entertainment
costs of the past year and, beginning July 1, 1940, he is to
receive an annual allotment of $750 as entertainment expense.

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

Mr. Frederick Kramer, appeared before the Board in behalf of a
proposed School of Aeronautics which he would like to found in
Reno provided the Regents will grant him a room in which to
conduct his classes without rental or operating costs, for the
sake of having his courses available to University students.
On motion of Judge Brown, the President and Comptroller were
authorized to go into this matter with Mr. Kramer with power
to act.  Unanimously carried.

The next meeting of the Regents is to be held on or before June
27, subject to the call of the Chairman.

                             Silas E. Ross

Carolyn M. Beckwith