UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
May 10-11, 1926

Volume OE - Pages 465-467

                         Reno, Nevada
                         May 10, 1926

The adjourned meeting of the Board of Regents convened at 1:30
P.M. Commencement Day, May 10th, 1926.  There were present
Chairman Pratt, Judge Talbot and Mrs. Williams of the Regents
and President Clark.

On motion of Judge Talbot, the Chairman of the Board was author-
ized to sign for the Board of Regents a contract with E. K.
Fowler for the enlargement and alteration of the present Dining
Hall, in accord with the plans and specifications of Architect
De Longchamps, for the sum of $21,878, Contractor Fowler to
furnish bond for the completion of the work on or before the
14th day of June, a penalty of $20 per day to be exacted for
completion beyond the date June 14, 1926.  Vote:

    Mrs. Williams        Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Talbot         Aye

Judge Talbot moved that the Chairman of the Board and the Pres-
ident of the University be authorized to apply to the State Board
of Examiners and proper State authorities for privilege to expend
in excess of the funds now available for University use from the
State the sum of not to exceed $15,000 for the purpose of moving
the Hatch building, placing it in another location on a good
foundation and putting it into usable shape, and any other ex-
penses incidental thereto.  The reason for this request is the
gift of a fine Memorial Library to this University, the Library
building to occupy the present site of the Hatch Station and to
extend back toward the south end of the Agricultural building.

    Mrs. Williams        Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Talbot         Aye

It was suggested that in the event of this privilege being grant-
ed, request will be made of the next Legislature that a special
appropriation to cover this not to exceed $15,000 expenditure be
covered in a special grant to the University in view of the gift
acquisition of a $140,000 Library building without expense to the

The Secretary was instructed to incorporate into the minutes of
the meeting the telegrams from Mr. W. A. Clark, Jr. and from Mr.
Clarence H. Mackay as read by the President at the Commencement
exercises just concluded, in which these gentlemen authorize
public announcement of their respective great gifts to this
University of Nevada.

                                       New York City
                                       May 7, 1926

    President Walter E. Clark
    University of Nevada
    Reno, Nevada

    In sending you greetings and best wishes for a most sucess-
    ful Commencement I wish to express my appreciation of the
    very interesting and lucid report which Professor Palmer
    brought me recently and which has been prepared by Director
    Fulton of the Mackay School of Mines.  As you know, the
    Mackay School of Mines is very close to my heart and I con-
    sider as of the greatest importance that every step taken
    in building for the future should be given the most careful
    and expert consideration.  I note that the first recommenda-
    tion that is made for bringing immediate results is to en-
    large the present School of Mines and which means increasing
    the physical capacity of the building and buying the neces-
    sary equipment for which Professor Palmer told me the sum of
    $100,000 would be required.  As this seems to me the most
    important step for the present, I am wiring you to say that
    in my message of greeting is included the amount of $100,000
    for the purposes above mentioned, and which will be at your
    disposal whenever called for.  My cordial good wishes to
    you, Trustees and members of the faculty and students.  Tell
    the students for me never to forget their Alma Mater and to
    keep the name of the University of Nevada high.

                             Clarence H. Mackay

                                       Los Angeles, California
                                       May 8, 1926

    W. E. Clark, President
    University of Nevada
    Reno, Nevada

    You may make public announcement at your coming Commencement
    on 10th of May regarding building of my memorial library.
    We expect to have bids by Monday or Tuesday.  Mr. Farquhar
    and I will be in Reno on Saturday the 15th to confer with
    you.  Letter follows in confirmation.  Best wishes.

                             W. A. Clark, Jr.

The Board members hope to have early opportunity to express in
person to both Mr. Mackay and Mr. Clark their heartfelt appre-
ciation of the generous aid given to this University in its
building program, since Mr. Clark and his architect plan to be
in Reno on May 15th and Mr. Mackay expects to visit the Univer-
sity about the middle of the month.

On motion of Mr. Pratt, the Board of Regents hereby formally
expresses its great appreciation of authorization that announce-
ment be made that Mr. W. A. Clark, Jr. will erect upon the Uni-
versity Campus a Memorial Library, the entire supervision and
control of the construction of the building to be in hands of
Mr. Clark and his representatives, it being understood that Mr.
Clark will turn over the completed building as his finished
gift to the Board of Regents.  The Board hereby formally author-
izes Mr. W. A. Clark, Jr., through his representatives, to
erect a Memorial Library, substantially in accordance with plans
now drawn, a copy of these being in the possession of the Board,
on the site agreed upon for the proposed Library, namely, a site
covering in part the present site of the Hatch building and
situated between the Campus main driveway and the Lake and south
of the Agricultural building.  Vote:

    Mrs. Williams        Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Talbot         Aye

No meeting of Board members is to be attempted until June 26th,
the date of the next regular Board meeting, when both Mrs.
Williams and Mr. Williams can be present.  The payrolls and
claims for the month of May are to be mailed to Mrs. Williams
for her signature and also to Judge Talbot for his signature
should he be out of town and near Nevada, otherwise they are to
be mailed to Regent Frank Williams at Goodsprings.


                             Walter E. Pratt

Carolyn M. Beckwith