UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

May 9-10, 1918 

Volume OE - Pages 148-151

                         Reno, Nevada
                         May 9, 1918

The recessed meeting of the Board was called to order at 10:30
on May 9th.

Present:  Regents Curler, Baker, Sullivan and Abel, and Presi-
dent Clark.  Absent:  Regent O'Brien.

Mr. Curler reported for the committee named to look into the
claim of Dr. James for $600 for Summer School, as follows:

That in accordance with the understanding of the Board of Regents
at the meeting on Tuesday, Chairman Abel and myself yesterday
(May 8) called on Mr. Price, of the firm Cheney, Price and
Hawkins, with respect to the claim of Dr. James.  We found the
attitude of Mr. Price to be that he desired to take up this mat-
ter and discuss it with us in a dispassionate way and with the
idea of seeing if the misunderstanding existing between the Board
and Dr. James could not be cleared up and to see if they could
not arrive at an amicable settlement of the matter without any
legal controversy.  Chairman Abel and I stated, on behalf of the
Board of Regents, that we certainly wanted to clear up any mis-
understanding if it could be done and that we would be pleased
to listen to Mr. Price's contention in the matter.

He (Mr. Price) stated that it was clear that the difference be-
tween Dr. James and the Board amounted to $600 growing out of
the question as to whether or not the contract and the under-
standing with Dr. James was that he was to be paid from July
1, 1915 to July 1, 1916, $3600 irrespective of whether he con-
ducted a Summer School in 1915 or not.

Mr. Abel and I stated to Mr. Price that as we understood it,
more particularly from the conversation of the present members
of the Board who were members of the old Board, that Dr. James
was to be paid $3000 for acting as Dean of Education in the
University and $600 for holding a Summer School.  It was the un-
derstanding of the Board, as we gathered it, that he (Dr. James)
was not to have $600 unless he held a Summer School, and as he
did not hold a Summer School in 1915, he was not entitled to
the $600.

After a more or less protracted discussion, which went into a
construction of the letters and telegrams which passed between
the President of the University and Dr. James, we concluded that
the legal contention of Mr. Price would probably be upheld in
the courts, and Mr. Abel will join me in saying that it is the
opinion of the committee, that, while we feel that the claim of
Dr. James is not a moral obligation of the University, and that
it is not in accordance with the understanding of the old Board,
nor -- if the other members join us -- of the present Board, we
still feel that Dr. James can legally recover the $600.

We recommend that Mr. Price be invited to appear before the
Board and that at that time we frankly state to him our position
with respect to this, and that the Board allow the claim of Dr.
James' salary at the rate of $300 from July 1, 1917 to July 1,
1918, but that we then notify Mr. Price, who is to notify Dr.
James, his client, that we reserve the right from this time to
change -- upon a reasonable notice -- the mode of the payment
or the amount of Dr. James' salary.

It was moved by Dr. Sullivan, that the report of the committee
be received by the Board of Regents and approved.  Vote:

    Mr. Curler           Aye
    Mr. Abel             Aye
    Mrs. Baker           Aye
    Dr. Sullivan         Aye

The Secretary was instructed to notify Mr. Price to appear before
the Board in regard to the claim of Dr. James.

President Clark recommended to the Board that Stanley G. Palmer
and C. R. Hill of the Engineering Department, be each given $100
extra compensation in recognition of the splendid services ren-
dered in carrying on Dean Boardman's work during his absence,
since March 3, without pay.

It was moved by Judge Curler that the recommendation of the
President be accepted and approved and that the payment recom-
mended be made to these Professors.  Vote:

    Dr. Sullivan         Aye
    Mr. Abel             Aye
    Mrs. Baker           Aye
    Mr. Curler           Aye

The Board recessed to look at the Agricultural building and await
the arrival of Mr. Price of the firm of Cheney, Downer, Price
and Hawkins.

The Board resumed its meeting at 11:30 with Mr. Price present.
The action of the Board was explained to Mr. Price regarding
the claim of Dr. James and the Secretary read to Mr. Price the
report and resolution of the Board.

The matter was discussed and Regent Curler particularly wished
it understood that after July 1, 1918, if the Board wished to
alter the amount or mode of payment of Dean James' salary, upon
due notice, it could do so.

Mr. Price withdrew and the Secretary was instructed to send
to Mr. Price, attorney for Dean James, a copy of the resolution
and report of the Board.

The President reported to the Board that Miss Sears, Professor
of Home Economics, said she wished to establish a scholarship
of $100 in Home Economics for the coming year.

The President explained to the Board that at a future meeting
he would make certain recommendations as to rank and salary of
faculty members, naming as one of these Dr. Sears of the Chem-
istry Department.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

                             J. F. Abel

Louise Blaney