UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
May 8-9, 1926

Volume OE - Pages 461-465

                         Reno, Nevada
                         May 8, 1926

The Board of Regents held the Commencement meeting in the Office
of President Clark at 9 o'clock Saturday morning, May 8th.  Pres-
ent:  Chairman Pratt, Mrs. Williams and Judge Talbot.  Absent:
Mrs. Hood and Mr. Williams.

On motion of Mr. Pratt, the minutes of the Committee meetings of
January 30th, March 31st and April 9th and the month-end actions
on payrolls and claims of the majority members of the Board in
February and April were confirmed and approved by the following

    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Mrs. Williams        Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye

On motion of Judge Talbot, the list of candidates for degrees
and diplomas, presented to the President by the Registrar and
approved by the General University Faculty, as given below, was
approved by the following vote:

    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Mrs. Williams        Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye

    Engineer of Mines

        Harper C. Neeld

    Master of Science in Metallurgy

        Herbert Carroll Vacher

    Master of Arts in Economics

        Loren E. Mc Fadden

    Master of Arts in Modern Languages

        John R. Gottardi

    Master of Arts in English

        Nathalie J. Holly

    College of Arts and Science

    Bachelor of Arts

        William Harper Anderson        Alberta R. Jones
        John J. Baker                  Chauncey L. King
        Lawrence C. Baker              Frank H. King
        Elizabeth M. Barndt            Mildred Klaus
        Florence M. Benoit             Lawton B. Kline
        Wilma Louise Blattner          William Andrew Krauss
        Alson P. Brizard               Mary June Lang
        Brousse Brizard                Philip L. Lawton
        Roscoe I. Brown                Mildred E. Leavitt
        John F. Cahlan                 Harold E. Lohlein
        Donald Eisenbrey Church        Fern M. Lowry
        Harold Pullman Coffin          Allan L. Lund
        Muriel B. Conway               Gwendolyn Mc Leod
        Helen Dorothy Crandall         Margaret E. Murphy
        Clarence M. Craner             Evalyn Marie Nelson
        May Cupples                    Thelma M. Ninnis
        Ruth C. Curtis                 Ruth Olmsted
        Louise Davies                  Katherine O'Sullivan
        Lena May De Reemer             Phyllis Imogene Poulin
        Otilia C. Dotta                Zelda C. Reed
        Harry Clinton Duncan           Donnell C. Richards
        Ruth Louise Eaton              Donald A. Robison
        S. Morley Eva                  Charles H. Russell
        Silvia Frances Genasci         Katherine Torney Ryan
        Charlotte J. Gibson            George Walter Sears
        Bernice Gruber                 Rena Semenza
        Frank H. Hartung               Ester Maurin Summerfield
        Vera May Haviland              Bert G. Spencer
        Muriel I. Holland              Sara Gilberta Turner
        Dwight Lincoln Hood            Frank Marshall Underwood
        Thelma B. Hopper               Dorothy Lucie Ward
        Frances Marguerite Humphrey    Benjamin Lee Welker, Jr.
        Freda Humphrey                 Marie A. Williams
                      Marian Blanche Wyckoff

    College of Arts and Science

    Bachelor of Science

        Jasper C. Atkinson             John B. Kalin
        Stephen Louis Berdalis         Walter H. Maddox
        Edward R. Chittenden           Lloyd A. Shellabarger
        John Remers Gillberg

    College of Engineering

    Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering

        Richard F. Brown               Merle Mensinger
        Courtland Bell Frain           Murl R. Schrock

    Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

        James Chester Atcheson         Raemon Charles Samuels
        Robert Sherman Baldwin         Neil B. Shaber
        John R. Bonner                 Clinton A. Smith
        Charles E. Card                Merle W. Smith
        Lloyd E. Crosby                Rocco L. Spina
        Gerald Fowble                  Carl B. Wahlund
        Everett W. Harris

    Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

        Louis H. Bratmon               Harold Frederick Dwyer
        Robert Terry Conroy            Michail John Palashoff
        Foster W. Curtis

    Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

        Willis L. Edwards              Thomas M. Roach
        Charles K. Mc Clelland         Fred A. Roemer

    Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

        Robert Marion Clawson          Clarence J. Thornton
        William A. Goodale             Russel S. Weeks

    Bachelor of Science in Home Economics

        Ruth L. Gunter                 Audrey E. Springmeyer
        Frances Lattin Harrison        Helen Wells
        Marjorie Roach

    Teacher's Diploma of High School Grade

        William Harper Anderson        Freda Humphrey
        Elizabeth M. Barndt            Frank H. King
        Florence M. Benoit             Mildred Klaus
        Stephen Louis Berdalis         Lawton B. Kline
        Lucile Mary Blake              Mildred E. Leavitt
        Wilma Louise Blattner          Gwendolyn Mc Leod
        Robert Marion Clawson          Evalyn Marie Nelson
        Muriel B. Conway               Ruth Olmsted
        Clarence M. Craner             Katherine O'Sullivan
        Lloyd E. Crosby                Phyllis Imogene Poulin
        May Cupples                    Donnell C. Richards
        Ruth C. Curtis                 Marjorie Roach
        Louise Davies                  Rena Semenza
        Lena May De Reemer             Audrey E. Springmeyer
        Ruth Louise Eaton              Lloyd A. Shellabarger
        Silvia Frances Genasci         Sarah Gilberta Turner
        Charlotte J. Gibson            Dorothy Lucie Ward
        Bernice Gruber                 Benjamin Lee Welker, Jr.
        Ruth L. Gunter                 Helen Wells
        Vera May Haviland              Marian Blanch Wyckoff
        Muriel I. Holland              Marie A. Williams
        Frances Marguerite Humphrey

    Normal Diploma of Grammar Grade

        Sadie Laurene Elliott          Rose Margaret Patteson
        David Ward Finch               Edith Estelle Peddicord
        Mabel Claire Flournoy          Dorris Brown Reed
        Vida Ruth Kitchen              Alta Lucile Rowse
        Regina Mullaney                Bernice Elizabeth Trabert
        Della V. Newlon                Thelma Louise Weeks

On the recommendation of the President, Mrs. Williams moved the
acceptance of the resignations of:

    Miss Ruth Billinghurst, as Assistant Professor of Chemistry
    Mr. Mc Kean Carter, as Fellow in Chemistry
    Mr. Harold P. Miller, as Instructor in English
    Miss Luethel Austin, as Instructor in English
    Miss Margaret Regan, as Secretary in the College of

each at his own request.  Vote:

    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mrs. Williams        Aye

On the recommendation of the President, on motion of Mrs.
Williams, the following were elected to the positions indicated:

    Irwin S. Danielson to be Fellow in Chemistry for the academic
    year 1926-27 at a stipend of $600 and exemption from non-
    resident tuition and all fees, including Chemistry laboratory

    Edwin Duerr to be Instructor in Debating and Composition in
    the Department of English at a salary of $1500 for the year
    beginning August 1st, 1926.

    J. W. Cunningham to be continued in his Instructorship in
    Biology at a salary of $1500 for the year beginning August
    1st, 1926.

    Alice Terry to be Secretary of the College of Agriculture
    at a monthly salary of $110 for the year beginning July 1,


    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mrs. Williams        Aye

President Clark stated that the Attorney General had given him
unofficial opinion that it would not be legal to charge Nevada
students an incidental and registration fee other than a very
small $5 or $10 per semester Registration Fee, all income from
which must be used specifically to defray registration expenses.

On the recommendation of President Clark, Mrs. Williams moved
that Messrs. Kent and Haseman, in charge respectively of the
University Band and of the Men's Glee Club, should receive $150
each for both semesters of the coming University year.  Vote:

    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mrs. Williams        Aye

Judge Talbot moved that if need came to move the Hatch building
in order to free the site for a proposed new building, the Chair-
man of the Board of Regents and the President of the University
be authorized to have the Hatch building moved to some point
north of the driveway running in front of Lincoln Hall, unless
upon advice from Mr. De Longchamps he decides against the practi-
cability of moving the building, in which case they are authoriz-
ed to have the building torn down.  Mr. De Longchamps is to
receive from general University funds a fee of $50 for this
service.  Vote:

    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mrs. Williams        Aye

On motion of Judge Talbot the lowest bid for the installation
of the Refrigeration Plant in the new Dining Hall, that of the
Curtis Machinery Company, for the sum of $3317, was accepted by
the following vote:

    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mrs. Williams        Aye

Bids for this work and for the enlargement of the Dining Hall
had, in accord with the Board's authorization, been cared for
by Chairman Pratt and President Clark and were opened by them
in the presence of the bidders on April 30, 1926.

At 11 o'clock the matter of awarding the contract on the bids
for the Heating Plant were taken up in the presence of such
bidders as cared to appear.  Mr. Ben A. Brickham of Denver,
Engineer in charge of the Heating Plant alterations and addi-
tions, was present.  Judge Talbot asked Mr. Brickham for a
detailed statement of his experience in installing heating
equipment.  At its close, Mr. Brickham said that there was
but one bid, submitted without request and without specifica-
tions, for the installation of a steam heating system on this
Campus, amounting to $33,954 and furnished by Contractor John
Lukey of Reno.  He would like to inquire of Mr. Mc Neil, repre-
senting Mr. Lukey, what manner of steam plant he would propose to
install for this sum.  After Mr. Mc Neil had submitted his prop-
osition, which Mr. Brickham declared to be entirely unfeasible,
Mr. Mc Neil and two other interested contractors, Mr. Wagner of
Shearer and Wagner, and Mr. Westover of the Reno Plumbing and
Heating Company, withdrew.

Bids for this contract work had been opened by Chairman Pratt
in the presence of the President of the University and the
bidders on May 5, 1926.

Judge Talbot moved that the Board accept the lowest bid for the
alterations and additions to the hot water heating system at
this University in accord with the plans and specifications
prepared by Engineer Ben A. Brickham under date April 5, 1926,
as submitted by Shearer and Wagner for the sum of $47,649.  Vote:

    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mrs. Williams        Aye

Judge Talbot moved that 3% of the amount of this bid, less the
$354 already paid to him, or a total of $1079.47 be authorized
to be paid to Engineer Brickham in accord with the contract with
Mr. Brickham.  Vote:

    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mrs. Williams        Aye

Judge Talbot moved that all certified checks, save those sub-
mitted by contractors whose bids have been accepted, should
be returned to the contractors.  Vote:

    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mrs. Williams        Aye

The Chairman of the Board instructed the Secretary to return
the checks, unendorsed, by registered mail, return receipt

The President is to instruct Professor Boardman to be prepared
to make any surveys deemed necessary by Shearer and Wagner in
connection with the installation of the enlarged heating system,
same to be paid from general University funds.

Recessed until 2 o'clock.

The recessed meeting convened at 2 P.M.  Chairman Pratt, Judge
Talbot and Mrs. Williams, President Clark, Architect De Long-
champs and Contractor Bernasconi being present.

Mr. Bernasconi was the lowest bidder on the Dining Hall bids
when these were opened on April 30th by the Chairman of the
Board and the President of the University, as authorized by
the Board.  There were two other bidders.  The 3 bidders and
their bids follow:

    J. Bernasconi            $21,800
    E. K. Fowler              21,878
    Wine and Williams         22,000

Mr. Bernasconi was called to see if he could agree to complete
the work within the 5 weeks available between the close of the
University and the opening of the Summer Session and, if not,
if he would agree to accept a penalty of $20 for each day beyond
the 5 week period.  Mr. Bernasconi desired to consult with
another contractor, Mr. De Luca, and to get in touch with stone
masons before he gave definite answer.  He left with the under-
standing that Mr. Pratt would phone to him at his home at 6 P.M.
to learn his decision.

Mr. E. K. Fowler then appeared before the Board.  Mr. Fowler
agreed to complete all the interior work within the allotted
5 weeks, under a penalty of $20 per day for all days delayed
beyond June 14, 1926, should the Board grant him the contract,
which they were willing to do in case Mr. Bernasconi failed to
give the necessary guarantees for the completion of the work
within the 5 weeks.

Recessed to 1:30 P.M. Monday, May 10, 1926.