UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
May 7-8, 1960


Pages 367-383



May 7, 1960

The Board of Regents met on Saturday, May 7, 1960, in Archie C.

Grant Hall on the Las Vegas Campus of the University of Nevada.

Present: Regents Anderson, Arnold, Crumley, Elwell, Grant,

Germain; Engineer Rogers, Academic Vice President Wood, Deputy

Attorney General Porter, and President Armstrong. Dean Carlson

was present as an observer. Regent Tyson was present for the

dedication ceremony and for the afternoon session. Regent

Lombardi was absent because of illness in the family. Regent

Broadbent was absent for business reasons. Bob Laxalt covered

the meeting for the Press.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Grant at 9:15 A.M.

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Minutes of the regular meeting of April 2, 1960 were approv-

ed upon motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Elwell, and

unanimous vote. Minutes of the special meeting of April 20,

1960 were approved upon motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by

Mr. Crumley, and unanimous vote.

2. Comptroller's Claims

President Armstrong presented the claims, submitted to him

by the Comptroller as follows, with his recommendation that

they be approved:

Regents Checks, number 90-244 to 90-279 inclusive for a

total of $514,915.11 for March.

State Claims, number 90-1107 to 90-1126 and 90-109 to

90-128 inclusive for a total of $373,620.02 for March.

Regents Checks, number 90-280 to 90-315 inclusive for a

total of $618,736.37 for April.

State Claims, number 90-1127 to 90-1147 and 90-129 to

90-143 inclusive for a total of $351,652.58 for April.

Motion by Mr. Crumley, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried

unanimously by roll call vote, that the claims be approved.

3. Gifts and Grants

Gifts and grants which had been received by the University

were presented by the President with his recommendation

that they be accepted, as follows:


From Richard H. Reichold through The Society for the

Preservation of the American Musical Heritage - one stereo-

phonic recording for the Library.

From Mr. and Mrs. Charleton Laird - one autographed copy of

British edition of "The Tree of Language" for the Library.

From Weld Arnold, Carson City, a book, "Figures of

Equilibrium of Celestial Bodies", by Kopal, for the Uni-

versity Library.

From the American Cancer Society, Reno Office - privilege

of ordering books and magazines to the amount of $100

charged to the American Cancer Society, for the Orvis

School of Nursing.

From the Women's Auxiliary to the Clark County Medical

Society - $500 for the purchase of models and materials

for classes in Human Biology at the Southern Nevada


From the State Bar of Nevada - $100 to be added to the

Department of Journalism Discretionary Fund.

From Jack C. Van Gundy, Chief, Service and Supply Branch,

Department of Water Resources, Sacramento, California -

publications of the Department for the Mackay School of

Mines Library.

From L. J. May, Jr., a graduate of the Mackay School of

Mines, now at Fort Hood, Texas - specimens of igneous and

sedimentary rocks from the Llano area of Texas, and

Larvikite from Larvik, Norway, for the Mackay School of

Mines Museum.

From the American Trust Company, San Francisco - $788.95

representing the balance cash on hand in the Jesse M.

Whited Trust.

From Dr. S. T. Clarke, Reno - a Studebaker truck with

cattle rack, valued at $500 for the College of Agriculture.


From the Nevada Society of Certified Public Accountants - a

check for $100 to cover the first scholarship award of the

Nevada Society of Certified Public Accountants.

From Mrs. Ella P. Kind, Sparks - $500 as a special scholar-

ship for Miss Lynn Walsh.

From the Reno Branch, American Association of University

Women - $7.50 to be applied to the Nursing Scholarship Fund.

From Kennecott Copper Corporation, New York - $1000 to cover

the Kennecott Copper Corporation Scholarship for 1960-61,

and $1000 as a grant-in-aid to the University.

From Zion's First National Bank, Salt Lake City, Utah -

$1,375 to cover the Josephine Beam Scholarships at the


From the Nevada State Press Association - $187.50 to com-

plete the payment for the Nevada State Press Association

Scholarships for 1959-60.

From the Las Vegas Sun, Inc. - $750 to be credited to the

Las Vegas Sun Scholarship Account.

From Sparks 20-30 Club - $100 to cover the Sparks 20-30

Club Scholarship for the Spring semester, 1960.

From Mrs. J. L. Semenza, Reno - $100 to cover the Semenza

Scholarship in Business Administration.

From the Rebekah Assembly of Nevada - $50 to cover the

Rebekah Assembly of Nevada Scholarship awarded to Danny


From the Sigma/Alpha/Epsilon Fraternity, University of

Nevada - a special scholarship in the amount of $150 for

a member of the Fraternity.


From the National Institute of Mental Health, Department of

Health, Education and Welfare - notification of Grant of

$22,966 for research by Dr. Paul F. Secord and Dr. Carl W.

Backman of the Department of Psychology on Interpersonal

Factors in Behavioral Stability.

From the National Defense Student Loan Program, Department

of Health, Education and Welfare - $6,431 as a supplemental

Federal Capital Contribution (Fiscal Year 1959-60) to the

National Defense Student Loan Fund.

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Elwell, carried

unanimously that the gifts and grants be accepted and that

the Secretary write appropriate notes of thanks to the


4. Personnel Recommendations

President Armstrong recommended approval of the following

personnel recommendations:


Appointments as follows:

Berthold Karoly Szirotny as Instructor in English at a sal-

ary of $5400 for the academic year, 1960-61 (replacement

for Carolyn French).

Edrie Marlene Ferdun as Instructor in Health, Physical

Education and Recreation at a salary of $5400 for the aca-

demic year 1960-61 (replacement for Barbara Lane).

John A. Legarza as Graduate Assistant in Health, Physical

Education and Recreation at a salary of $1800 for the aca-

demic year, 1960-61 (replacement for Robert J. Jones).

Harold L. Kirkpatrick as Assistant Professor of History and

Political Science at a salary of $6000 for the academic

year, 1960-61 (new position).

Theodore E. Conover as Assistant Professor of Journalism

at a salary of $6500 for the academic year, 1960-61 (re-

placement for Robin Hood).

Ronald Alvin Macauley as Assistant Professor of Mathematics

at a salary of $7200 for the academic year, 1960-61 (re-

placement for Dr. Edwin Elliott).

Robert Eugene Collison as Lecturer in Mathematics at a sal-

ary of $6000 for the academic year, 1960-61 (replacement

for Gerald Silberman).


Appointment as follows:

William Dennis Thoren as Assistant Agricultural Agent,

White Pine and Eureka Counties, at a salary rate of $5800

based on twelve months service, effective April 18, 1960

(replacement for A. Z. Joy, promoted to Agricultural Agent).


Appointments as follows:

Alice Bell White as Assistant Professor of Business Admin-

istration at a salary of $6000 for the academic year, 1960-

61 (new position).

Walter Stanley Palmer, Jr., as Associate Professor of Bus-

iness Administration and Economics at a salary of $8350

for the academic year, 1960-61 (replacement for Martin S.



Appointment as follows:

La Verne B. Rollin as Editorial Assistant in the Nevada

Bureau of Mines, effective May 9, 1960, at a salary rate

of $4800 based on twelve months service (new position).


Appointments as follows:

Collins Billings as Audio-Visual Technician at a salary of

$4800 based on twelve months service, effective July 1,

1960 (new position).

James Everett Deacon as Assistant Professor of Biology at

a salary of $5950 for the academic year, 1960-61 (new


Charles Edward Frazier, Jr., as Assistant Professor of

History at a salary of $6100 for the academic year, 1960-

61 (new position).

Lloyd C. Nietling as Instructor in Mathematics, at a salary

of $5850 for the academic year, 1960-61 (replacement for

Edward Berger).

Irving Katz as Assistant Professor of Psychology at a sal-

ary of $6500 for the academic year, 1960-61 (new position).


Appointments in the Evening Division as follows:

Harry M. Chase, Jr., Political Science, 8/15/60 - 8/26/60 -

$300 (Ely)

Ted Heath, Physical Education, 2/18/60 - 6/3/60 - $125 (Ely)

Frederick A. Lawrence, Chemistry, 2/22/60 - 6/3/60 - $250


Douglas Thompson, Tabulating Technician, 4/5/60 - 5/31/60 -

$250 (Carson City)

Clair D. Woodward, Music, 2/23/60 - 6/3/60 - $250 (Elko)

Barbara Longero, Keypunch Operating, 4/5/60 - 5/31/60 -

$250 (Carson City)

Jack Loy, Keypunch Training, 1/12/60 - 5/31/60 - $200

(Carson City)

Richard N. Meyer, Survey Course in Data Processing - 4/5/60

to 6/7/60 - $325 (Reno)


Appointment of Supervising Teachers for the Spring semester

1960 as follows:

Fairy Utter, Northside Junior High School - $37.50

Glen C. Terry, Billinghurst Junior High School - $75

Robert C. Teddy, Billinghurst Junior High School - $75

Helen Leonard, Sparks High School - $75

Buddy Garfinkle, Peavine School - $30

Ann Cason, Reno High School - $75

E. Yvonne Carson, Billinghurst Junior High School - $75

Helen Bledowski, Central Junior High School - $75

Raymond Aiazzi, Billinghurst Junior High School - $75

Appointments for the Summer sessions, 1960, as follows:

George Barnes, Director NSF Institute, June 20 to August

14 - $500

John L. Carrico, Associate Professor Music, first, main

and post sessions - $1,750

Harold Goddard, Assistant Professor of Music, post session -


W. Keith Macy, Associate Professor of Music, main, post and

first sessions - $1,750

Edna Martin, Visiting Lecturer in Education, main session -


Lon S. Mc Girk, Jr., Associate Professor of Geology, main

session - $1,050

Robert Mc Queen, Assistant Professor of Psychology and

Counseling Institute, first and main session - $1,350

Florence E. Petzel, Visting Lecturer in Home Economics, main

session - $525

James E. Wulk, Assistant Counseling Institute, main session


Reappointment as follows:

Robert G. Whittmore as Lecturer in Education for July and

August 1960 at a total salary of $1,250 (service necessary

in connection with the Summer session).


Appointments as follows:

Wilma York as Assistant Professor (with Associate Profes-

sor-ship contingent upon receipt of Master's Degree) at a

salary of $7500 for the academic year, 1960-61 (new posi-


Deloris J. Darden as Assistant Professor of Nursing at a

salary of $6500 for the academic year, 1960-61 (replacement

for Marjorie Bauer).


Appointment as follows:

Richard M. Palcanis as Catalog Librarian, effective May 1,

1960, at a salary rate of $6500 based on twelve months

service. He is being transferred from Serials Librarian

(replacement for Herman Storm).

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Crumley, carried

unanimously that the personnel recommendations be approved.

- - - - - - - - - -

The President then presented recommendations for reorgani-

zation of the Administration of the University consequent

upon Dr. Wood's leaving the University, and discussed them

as follows:

1) That effective July 1, 1960 the present designation of

the Office of Academic Vice President be changed to that

of Executive Vice President.

2) That to the Office of the Executive Vice President there

be assigned the duties of general internal administra-

tion of the University as designated by the President,

with specific supervision of the Office of Admissions

and Registrar, Office of Student Affairs, Library,

Central Stenographic Services, Audio Visual Services,

academic schedule and calendar, space allocations and

space studies, institutional studies and research, gen-

eral supervision of mechanics of the academic program,

cooperation with President's Office in the Development

Program, and other duties as assigned by the President.

3) That direction of the Desert Research Institute be as-

signed either to a new fulltime staff member or as a

collaterial duty of the Dean of the Graduate School, in

view of the fact that we are seeking a new Dean with

research background.

4) That the present Statewide Services which have been car-

ried as collaterial duties by the Academic Vice Presi-

dent be re-assigned from that Office and given academic

status under a separate Dean who would report to the

President as do other Deans.

5) That the academic personnel and program functions be

assumed directly by the President.

6) That the Executive Vice President be made Chairman of

the Administrative Committee and the President be

Chairman of the Academic Committee.

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Dr. Anderson, carried

unanimously that the plan of reorganization recommended by

President Armstrong above be approved.

President Armstrong recommended the appointment of Dr. Lloyd

A. Drury as Dean of Statewide Services, at some increase in

salary to come from the President's Reserve Salary Fund,

effective July 1, 1960.

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Crumley, carried

unanimously that Dr. Drury be appointed Dean of Statewide

Services, as recommended by President Armstrong.

President Armstrong recommended that appointment of Dr.

Kenneth E. Young as Executive Vice President of the Univer-

sity of Nevada, effective July 1, 1960, on a twelve months

contract at a salary of $15,500 for the year.

Dr. Young was highly recommended by four individuals of high

educational position. He has been active in the Northwest

Association of Higher Education, having served on the Higher

Commission of the Association. He was Dean of Faculty at

the University of Alaska, 1957-59. During the past year he

has attended the University of Michigan at the Center for

Advanced Study of Higher Education on a post-doctoral fel-

lowship -- one of five qualifying under a grant from Ford


Motion was made by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Elwell, that

the appointment of Dr. Young be approved. Dr. Anderson

proposed to amend the motion to postpone voting until the

afternoon session in order to give the Regents more time

to study the qualifications of Dr. Young. Mr. Arnold ac-

cepted the amendment and the vote was unanimous to postpone

action under after lunch.

Regent Germain spoke for the three Las Vegas Regents in pro-

posing that consideration be given to changing the title of

Michael Drakulich to Athletic Director for Nevada Southern

Regional Division, at no advance in salary, in view of the

fact that he actually performs the duties of that position.

Mr. Grant called on Dean Carlson and he expressed himself

as having had this change in mind for the future.

Motion was made by Mr. Crumley, seconded by Mr. Elwell,

that Mr. Drakulich be given the title of Athletic Director

for Nevada Southern Regional Division effective July 1, 1960

at no increase in salary. By consensus, vote on the motion

was postponed until the afternoon session for further study

and discussion.

5. Health Committee Recommendations

President Armstrong presented the following recommendations

from the Health Committee:

1) The Student Health Committee recommends that the serv-

ices of a qualified consultant be secured to study our

present Health Service and to advise the Committee, the

Dean of Student Affairs, and the Infirmary staff on the

best policies and procedures to follow to adquately take

care of the health of our increasing student population.

The Health Committee feels that the cost of the consul-

tant should be paid for out of the Student Health Fund.

2) The Student Health Committee recommends that payment of

the health fee be required of all students registered

for 6 or more credits and that all other students be

denied the privilege of paying the health fee. This

will exclude the following classification of students:

1. Non-matriculated students

2. Evening division students (unless enrolled for

more than 6 hours AND required to pay the con-

solidated fee)

3. Part-time students

4. Auditors

5. Staff members (unless registered for more than

6 credits)

Policy changes needed to implement the recommendations:

A. Graduate students carrying more than 6 credits shall be

required to pay a consolidated fee including the health

fee. At present payment of the health fee is optional

for graduate students. This recommendation has been

approved by the Fee Committee and is included in their

recommendations to the President.

B. Delete from the catalog the statement that students who

do not pay the consolidated fee may take advantage of

the benefits of the Health Service by paying a special

health fee.

President Armstrong recommended that these two recommenda-

tions of the Health Committee be referred to a special com-

mittee of the Regents.

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Elwell, carried unani-

mously that the Chair appoint a Regents' Committee to con-

sider the recommendations and report to the Board at a later


Chairman Grant appointed Drs. Andrson and Lombardi to serve

as the Regents' Committee.

6. Bid Opening

President Armstrong reported as follows:

A meeting to open bids was held in Morrill Hall, room 205,

at 4:00 P.M. on Monday, April 11, 1960. Present were

Comptroller Hayden, Assistant Engineer Whalen, Robert

Kersey, Director Jot Travis Student Union, and two members

of bidding firms. Bid notice had duly appeared in local



Bids were opened by Mr. Hayden as follows:

Harrison Sound Supply Company - accompanied by cashiers

check, Altec, $3,977.60, Du Kane, $2,742.40 - work to

be completed in 40 days.

Radio Supply of Nevada - accompanied by bid bond -

$3,085.69 - work to be completed in 30 days.

The bids were referred to the University Engineer for study

and recommendation to the President and Board of Regents.

Recommendation: It is recommended that the bid of Harrison

Sound Supply Company, Du Kane, in the amount of $2,742.40

be accepted, and a contract be drawn to accomplish this

work. This bid is within the estimate prepared by the

University Engineer's Office, and the funds are available

in Dining Hall Equipment and Jot Travis Student Union

Equipment funds.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/ James D. Rogers

University Engineer

Approved: Robert L. Kersey, Director, Student Services

P. W. Hayden, Comptroller

Charles J. Armstrong, President

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Elwell, carried unani-

mously by roll call vote that the acceptance of the bid

and the awarding of the contract be approved.

7. Regents' Salary Committee

Chairman Grant appointed as the Regents' Committee to work

with the University Administration on Salaries, (recommend-

ed by the Regents' Special Salary Committee in meeting of

April 20, 1960) the same Special Salary Committee with the

exception of Mr. Grant, making the Committee composed of

Regents Crumley, Chairman, Anderson, Tyson, with Regents

Elwell and Germain representing Nevada Southern.

8. Building Program

Engineer Rogers gave a progress report. There are some

changes in rates of progress from those reported at the

last meeting -- all jobs are moving very slowly. The Fine

Arts building will be completed about June 1 and according

to the contract should have been completed by April 18.

He suggested that the contracting firm (not the local rep-

resentative) be notified that they are not performing the

job as the University believes it should.

A meeting was held with HHFA and the State Planning Board

staff and an agreement was reached that Lembke Construction

Company has not justified the claim for time extensions due

to the strike. Lembke Construction Company is lagging on

the Dining Hall, Married Housing and Men's Doromitory. A

letter informing the contractor that the work is not pro-

gressing fast enough has been sent by the Planning Board.

Married Housing will be completed about May 10, the Dining

Hall about June 15, and the Men's Dormitory about June 1.

The Greenhouse job is substantially complete. The Planning

Board inspected it on April 21 and Mr. Rogers will do final

inspection on Monday next. The Agricultural Mechanics

building is progressing as it should; the Physical Education

and Classroom building in Las Vegas is progressing satisfac-

torily; preliminary plans are in for the Radiological Lab-

oratory in Las Vegas.

9. Married Student Housing

President Armstrong presented a tentative policy for prior-

ity consideration for occupancy of Married Student Housing

as follows:

1. Priority consideration will be given in the following


a. Both husband and wife are Nevada resident students

and have Senior class standing.

b. Husband or wife is a Nevada resident student with

Senior class standing.

c. Husband and wife are Nevada resident students with

Graduate Candidate standing.

d. Husband or wife is a Nevada resident student with

Graduate Candidate standing.

e. Husband and wife are Nevada resident students with

Junior class standing.

f. Husband or wife is Nevada resident student with

Junior class standing.

g. For other than Nevada residents priority consider-

ation will be based on the above class standing of

the student or students.

2. The student member of the family must be a full-time

student as defined in the University catalog.

3. Leases:

a. Applications must be on file at the Housing Office

prior to May 31.

b. Leases will begin on July 1 of each year and will

be for 12 months to terminate on June 30.

c. Leases are renewable at the end of the first year

of lease; new priorities may be established at that


4. Final determination of occupancy will be made following

a personal interview in the Office of Student Affairs.

5. Families will make individual arrangement for water,

gas, electricity connection and telephone service and

for payment of same.

6. Faculty applications will be handled on a first come

first serve basis from new faculty appointments.

Their chronological priority will be determined upon

receipt of the deposit and signed contract. Faculty

leases will be for one year and will run from July 1

to June 30. They will be for one year only and may not

be renewed by the same family.

Tentative Conditions of the Contract

1. Neither alcoholic beverages nor firearms will be kept

on the premises. Fire arms may be registered and stored

under lock and key in the Housing Office (new Men's


2. No domesticated animals or birds may be kept on the


3. Couples may not move into the housing unit with more

than one child.

4. A notarized statement of income for the previous calen-

dar year must be submitted and statements of anticipated

income for the year in which occupancy begins must also

be submitted. Couples with gross joint income of over

$4,000 per year will not be considered. This section

does not apply to faculty applications.

5. Options to sub-lease for the Summer months may be made

only with the specific approval of the Housing Office.

6. No student family may occupy a housing unit for more

than 2 years.

7. Payments are to be made at the Housing Office on the

first of each month for the succeeding month. A $25

damage and lease protection deposit will be made with

the first payment and will be refunded upon the termina-

tion of the lease providing no unusual damage is found

or if lease has not been terminated by the tenant prior

to its normal expiration. No refunds will be given on

monthly payments nor will the $25 deposit be refunded

if the family unit terminates the lease prior to the

lease period.

8. Reasonable care will be exercised in the use of the

units. They will be left in a clean condition upon

termination of the lease.

9. University authorities shall have the right to inspect

units at anytime for reasons of health, maintenance or


- - - - - - - - - - - -

The question was raised as to Veterans' preference, since

the project is financed by government loan, and as to how

tenancy would be handled if a student lived in the unit for

two years and still had not graduated.

Motion by Mr. Elwell, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried unani-

mously that the policy as submitted be approved tentatively,

with the understanding that a check be made on any provision

of HHFA on Veterans' preference and that the two year ten-

ancy policy be clarified.

10. Ladino Dairy Farm

Mr. Crumley read a copy of the letter addressed to the

Governor signed by Deputy Attorney General Porter informing

him of the action of the Board of Regents in selling the

Ladino Dairy Farm and requesting his approval of the same.

As soon as the expected approval is received, the success-

ful bidder will proceed with escrow papers.

11. The All American Society

Mr. James R. Needles, Executive Director of the "All

American Society", met with the Regents to discuss the

request of that Society for use of University facilities.

He asked for use of Mackay Stadium for activities over the

Fourth of July holiday concluding with a fireworks display

-- the entire program to be underwritten by Raymond I.

Smith. The Regents and Mr. Porter discussed the liability

of the University in the fireworks display, and the need

to have the Reno Fire Department handle this part of the

program, if it is to be put on at all.

The meeting recessed at 10:50 A.M. for dedication ceremonies of

the Archie C. Grant Hall.

The recessed meeting was called to order at 12:00 noon, with

Regent Tyson and Governor Sawyer present in addition to those

who were present at the morning session.

Governor Sawyer and the Regents discussed the sale of the Ladino

Dairy Farm.

12. Orr Ditch

Mr. Rogers explained the Orr Ditch situation. An inverted

siphon was installed on a one-year trial basis. The Univer-

sity should now give a new easement along the siphon to the

Orr Ditch and Water Company in exchange for the easement

held by the Orr Ditch and Water Company along the old ditch.

President Armstrong recommended that the easement be given

to the Orr Ditch and Water Company. The Governor agreed

that the recommendation was in order.

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried

unanimously that the easement be abandoned, subject to the

Governor's approval.

The meeting recessed at 12:10 P.M.

The recessed meeting was called to order at 2:00 P.M. with all

present who were at the morning session, plus Mr. Tyson.

13. Women's Dormitory Assignments

President Armstrong presented a recommendation from the

Office of Student Affairs, submitted in view of the short-

age of Dormitory space for the coming year. It is antici-

pated that the University will be short approximatly 161

spaces for women students. The Office of Student Affairs

recommends use of the new Men's Dormitory for women, so

that women students 21 and over may be permitted to live

in off-campus residences which have been inspected and

approved by the Dean of Women's Office. At the same time

Artemisia Hall will temporarily be used for men students.

President Armstrong recommended that these proposals be


Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Dr. Anderson, carried

unanimously that the recommended plan for providing housing

for women students be approved.

14. Fish and Game Commission

President Armstrong read a letter from Mr. Daniel Evans of

the Fish and Gaming Commission, written at the request of

the Regents (action taken at the meeting of April 20, 1960).

The letter listing the following benefits to the University:

1. Assistance in classroom instruction from staff personnel

on a special assignment basis.

2. Cooperation with the Veterinarian Division of the

Department of Agriculture located at the University of

Nevada as it pertains to the diseases of livestock, game

birds, game animals and fish.

3. Field training for wildlife students at fish hatcheries

and game management areas.

4. Possible Summer employment for a limited number of wild-

life students.

5. Basic research projects that could be handled by the


At the present time, University courses in Game Management

are not sufficient to qualify students for employment with

the Nevada Fish and Game Commission. The Fish and Game

Office located on the University Campus would, with other

measures being contemplated, improve the situation a great


The matter was discussed and problems which the University

might encounter were noted. President Armstrong recommended

that a committee be appointed to study the request, or that

it be referred to the Campus Development Committee.

Motion by Mr. Tyson, seconded by Mr. Germain, carried

unanimously that the request be referred to the Campus

Development Committee for study and recommendation, and

that the matter then be referred to the Regents' Building

Committee, which would have power to act.

15. All American Society (continued)

Mr. Needles was again present to discuss the request for

use of University facilities. He explained that the "All

American Society" is an organization of patriotic American

citizens who are dedicated to the concept of personal free-

dom, and is a tax exempt organization. At a meeting of the

Directors of the Society in Reno it was agreed to hold an

old-fashioned Fourth of July celebration this year in Reno,

to last for three days.

President Armstrong recommended that the matter of final

approval of the request be given to the five Regents in the

Reno area, on the assumption that this committee is satis-

fied that adequate public and property liability is being


Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Mr. Elwell, carried

unanimously that the Regents' Committee of five members from

the Reno area review the request with the President and if

it is established to the satisfaction of Legal Counsel that

adequate coverage will be provided and the President and

the Committee believe that all other arrangements are in

order, that authority be given to the Committee to grant

the request of the "All American Society" for this year

only, and it is to be understood that the Board of Regents

does not wish to have it indicated that the Board is or is

not co-sponsoring the celebration.

16. Class A Actions of Faculty

President Armstrong presented Class A actions voted by the

Faculty for formal ratification by the Board of Regents,

as follows:

1. Change in dates for terms of membership in University

Council from July 1 to June 1.

2. Institution of a two-day reading period preceding final

examinations, on a trial basis. The period will include

Saturday, May 21, and Monday, May 23, 1960. All Univer-

sity appointments on these dates will be cancelled, with

the understanding that students will use the period for

review, study, reading and other constructive activities

in preparation for final examinations.

A third item proposed "Regulations and Procedures for Less-

Than-Degree Program". President Armstrong suggested further

study in some detail by the Board, either by a committee or

by the Board as a whole, on this proposal.

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Elwell, carried unani-

mously that items 1 and 2 of Class A actions be approved.

It was the consensus that, regarding the less-than-degree

program, explanatory material be sent to all members of the

Board for study before the next meeting.

17. Working Budget

President Armstrong distributed copies of the working

budget, other than salaries, and discussed again the

process used in its preparation (item 14, minutes of

April 2, 1960).

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Dr. Anderson, carried

unanimously by roll call vote that the working budget, as

presented, be approved.

18. Michael Drakulich

Change in title for Michael Drakulich was again discussed,

and it was agreed that the vote now be taken.

Motion by Mr. Crumley, seconded by Mr. Elwell, carried

unanimously that Michael Drakulich be given the title,

Director of Athletics for Nevada Southern Regional Division,

effective July 1, 1960 with no increase in salary. It was

agreed that the policy of relationship between the Reno and

Las Vegas Campuses is a matter not to be determined by in-

dividual titles, but rather by the Board of Regents and the


19. Dr. Kenneth Young

President Armstrong requested that consideration now be

given to the postponed action on the appointment of Dr.

Kenneth E. Young as Executive Vice President and Professor.

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Dr. Anderson, carried

unanimously that the appointment of Kenneth E. Young as

Executive Vice President and Professor, effective July 1,

1960 at a salary of $15,500 for the year 1960-61 on a

twelve months basis be approved.

20. Building Committee, Meeting of April 26, 1960

Copies of the minutes as follows were distributed and Dr.

Anderson discussed the actions of the Committee:

Minutes of the Meeting of the Building Committee of the

Board of Regents

April 26, 1960

The Committee met in the Office of the Prsident of the

University at 7:30 P.M. on the above date. Present were:

Dr. Anderson, Chairman, Mr. Arnold, Dr. Lombardi, Mr.

Crumley, Mr. Tyson, Engineer Rogers and President Armstrong.

Dr. Anderson opened the meeting by requesting President

Armstrong to review actions taken by the State Planning

Board at their meeting on April 7 in selecting an archi-

tectural firm for the Master Planning of the Reno and Las

Vegas Campuses and architects for the planning of the

Library on the Las Vegas Campus. According to Mr. Bissell's

report of the meeting to President Armstrong, at which

Regents Grant and Germain were present, the selection of

these architects was approved by the two Regents. Mr. Grant

and Mr. Germain had subsequently indicated to President

Armstrong that they were not aware that they were giving any

such approval but nevertheless the Planning Board has pro-

ceeded under this assumption. The firm of Skidmore, Owings

and Merrill has been contacted by the Planning Board for

the Master Planning and the firm of Knighton and Mc Daniels

of Las Vegas for the Library.

Extensive discussion followed.

A motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Dr. Lombardi, that the

Regents propose to the State Planning Board that our own

involvement in planning for the long-range development of

the University's Campuses over a period of years, even

though limited in extent, clearly indicates that Master

Planning is best and most satisfactorily a continuous proj-

ect, integrally related to the year-to-year operations of

the University, and that, therefore, optimum use of State

funds appropriated for Master Planning should involve a

professional position for a qualified Master Planner and

Campus Development Coordinator on the University staff.

Accordingly, the Regents propose that the salary for the

year 1960-61 of this Master Planner be allocated from

State funds appropriated for Master Planning, with the

understanding that the University will attempt to continue

the position within the University budget thereafter; and

that some properly qualified architectural firm be brought

in on a consulting basis from time to time. The Master

Plan of a Campus cannot be crystallized at any one time;

rather it must be flexible and be continually revised in

the light of the changing needs of the University and of

the people of the State whom it serves. The Regents are

concerned that the best possible use of State funds be

made, in consideration of the many variable factors in-

volved in long-range planning for a growing and developing

organism such as a State University.

Unanimously approved.

It was agreed that members of the State Planning Board

should be approached on an individual basis by members of

the Building Committee to discuss this recommendation with

them prior to a formal meeting with the Planning Board.

It was noted that the Legislature has appropriated sums in

the following amounts which are related to the Master

Planning Program:

Aerial photographs, topographical maps, etc.

of all University properties $12,700

Master Plan, Reno Campus 48,280

Master Plan, Las Vegas Campus 9,000



A motion by Mr. Crumley, seconded by Mr. Arnold, that, in

order to implement the previous motion, the following pro-

cedure is recommended to the Planning Board by the Building

Committee of the Regents:

1. That a qualified Master Planner and Campus Development

Coordinator approved by the Board of Regents be employ-

ed by the State Planning Board, his salary for 1960-61

to be allocated from the funds appropriated by the State

Legislature for Master Planning of the two Campuses, and

his employment thereafter to be by the Board of Regents

of the University of Nevada with funds provided by their

regular budget.

2. That selection of the Master Planner be made by a joint

committee of the Planning Board and the Building Com-

mittee of the Regents, consisting of not more than three

members of each group.

3. That the joint committee so constituted be authorized by

both bodies to proceed with details of implementing the

Master Plan.

Unanimously approved.

It was agreed that members of the State Planning Board would

be contacted by individual members of the Board in advance

of the formal meeting with them as follows:

Mr. Isbell - Dr. Anderson

Mr. Fitz - Mr. Crumley

Mr. Thompson - Dr. Anderson

Mr. Empey - Mr. Tyson

Mrs. Sandorf - Dr. Anderson

Father Ryan & Abe Miller - Mr. Grant

Fred Gibson & Mr. Hanks - Dr. Anderson

It was further agreed that Dr. Anderson will ask Mr. Isbell,

Chairman of the State Planning Board, for a formal meeting

with the Building Committee at the earliest possible moment.

Engineer Rogers gave a progress report on buildings current-

ly under construction as follows:

Fine Arts, to be completed May 15

Greenhouse, to be completed April 21

Married Housing, to be completed May 1

Dining Hall, to be completed June 1

Men's Dormitory, to be completed May 25

Agricultural Mechanics Building, roof now being applied

Library, slabs are being poured for the walls

Physical Education Building, Las Vegas, work is pro-

gressing on the footings and floor slab

A motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Dr. Lombardi, that the

Building Committee of the Regents confirms the selection of

the architectural firm of Knighton and Mc Daniels for the

Nevada Southern Library, with the request to the Planning

Board that a qualified library consultant be employed by

the architects prior to submittal of preliminary plans, in

order to check the preliminary plans to insure that satis-

factory Library uses are provided for.

Unanimously approved.

Mr. Rogers reported on various deficiencies of the buildings

which are now being completed: for example, in the case of

the Greenhouse, the Planning Board inspection listed only

three items which need to be corrected, whereas Mr. Rogers'

and Mr. Whalen's inspection indicate 77 items. Similar

problems are arising in the Fine Arts building.

Mr. Rogers, at President Armstrong's request, is documenting

in detail all such instances and will insist upon their cor-

rection before acceptance. It was noted that ultimately

when we discuss these problems with the Planning Board we

should be in a position to document the entire situation.

As the using agency, the University will suffer for inade-

quate supervision and inspection by the Planning Board.

Mr. Rogers also reported that the State Planning Board Of-

fice does not provide us with the scope prepared by the

Planning Board for buildings, nor the building budget; and

as a result, the Science and Technology building in Las

Vegas is some $80,000 over the appropriation because of a

different scope given by the Planning Board to the archi-

tects instead of the one submitted by the University. It

was agreed that Mr. Rogers should proceed with this docu-

mentation in preparation for a later meeting with the

Planning Board when we can insist that such information be

provided to us in advance.

Mr. Rogers reported that the loan for the Women's Dormitory

is near completion of approval and we should be prepared to

make recommendations to the Planning Board for selection of

an architect. The firm of Lockhard, Casazza and Hancock

was suggested and it was agreed that this firm would be con-

sidered and that any other suggestions by members of the

Building Committee can be made either before or at the

May 7 meeting of the Regents.

It was pointed out that it is very urgent that design and

construction be expedited so that the building may be avail-

able for September, 1961. Mr. Rogers was asked to check

the work-loads of local architects and be prepared to make

recommendations on their ability to meet this time schedule.

At this point, Dr. Fletcher, Director of the Cancer Research

Laboratory at Washoe Medical Center, entered the meeting, at

Dr. Anderson's invitation, to discuss with the Committee the

possibility of integrating cancer research with our newly

created Desert Research Institute. Funds are available

through the Reno Cancer Center for research.

Dr. Fletcher indicated that no specific projects, or the

means of funding them, have yet been determined, but the

value of University sponsorship is an important considera-

tion. He pointed out that the objective is to provide

facilities for local physicians interested in specific

projects and space is needed for laboratory animals and


It was agreed that such a relationship would be of real

mutual benefit providing a cross-fertilization of research

interest as well as public service. It was noted that the

University can provide laboratory space for the moment on

a temporary basis and later on a more permanent basis

through the Desert Research Institute. The consensus was

that the University should favor such a relationship, to

be referred for final approval to the Administration and

to the Board of Regents.

Meeting adjourned at 10:45 P.M.

Respectfully submitted

Charles J. Armstrong

Dr. Anderson thought that apparently the Planning Board took

the presence of two members of the Board of Regents at their

meeting in Las Vegas as authority to employ the firm of

Skidmore, Owings and Merrill for Master Planning. Dr.

Anderson suggested that the Board ask for a meeting with the

Planning Board and the Regents' Building Committee in the

near future to discuss this and other matters. There was

agreement by consensus.

Motion by Mr. Tyson, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried unani-

mously that the minutes of the Regents' Building Committee

of April 26, 1960 be approved, with certain corrections

included in the above transcript.

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried

unanimously that since it appears that several of the Uni-

versity buildings under construction are considerably behind

schedule; that failure of completion by originally projected

dates would cause great inconvenience and embarrassment to

the University program, that the Board of Regents is aware

that the State Planning Board has notified the contractors

regarding their failure to meet adjusted contract comple-

tion dates on the Dining Hall, the Fine Arts building, the

Men's Dormitory and the Married Housing projects; that the

Board of Regents expresses its grave concern over these

matters and urges the State Planning Board to continue

strong action to expedite the completion of these buildings

for occupancy and use, even to invoking the liquidated

damage clauses in accordance with the contracts.

21. State Advisory Mining Board

Dr. Anderson discussed a letter which the Chairman of the

Advisory Mining Board of the State of Nevada had given to

him for Dr. Armstrong and through Dr. Armstrong, to the

Board of Regents, since Dr. Armstrong had already left for

Las Vegas. The State Advisory Mining Board desires to dis-

cuss certain matters in connection with the State Bureau of

Mines with the University Administration and the Board of

Regents. The matter was referred to the Regents' Liaison

Committee on the Mackay School of Mines with the addition of

Dr. Anderson for an early meeting with the State Advisory

Mining Board.

22. Citizens' Advisory Sub-Committee for Home Economics

President Armstrong presented the following recommendations

received from Dr. Horn with the endorsement of Dean Adams

concerning the Citizens' Advisory Sub-Committee to the

College of Agriculture on Home Economics, and recommended


"The Home Economics Sub-Committee of the Citizens' Advisory

Board comprised thirteen members in February, 1958. Since

that time and during the past year, three members resigned.

Two other members have not attended the meetings, so that

the maximum participation to date has been about eight. In

June of 1960, the one-year terms of four members will ex-

pire, thus leaving five active particpants on the Board.

"It is recommended that the size of the Committee be en-

larged to include both professional people contributing to

the subject matter of Home Economics and persons with ex-

tended contacts in the community to represent more varied


"We submit the following list of names for your considera-


3 Years 1960-63


Miss Frances Humphrey - appointed in 1960 to replace Mrs.

Aiazzi, reappointed for 1960-63

127 East 8th

*Mrs. Nevada Wheeler - 25 Moore Lane

*Mrs. William Savage - 655 Hillcrest Drive

*Mr. Albert Seeliger - 715 West Fifth St., Carson City

*Mr. Frank Bender - 1335 Dartmouth Drive

*Mr. Frank A. Tracy, Mr. B. E. Lowe, or Mr. Roy Torvinen of

Sierra Pacific Power Company

- 220 South Virginia

2 Years 1960-62


Miss Margaret Griffen - appointed in 1958 for three years

Mrs. Genevieve Pieretti - appointed in 1958 for three years

Dr. Martin Levine - appointed in 1958 for three years

Mr. Gary Adams - appointed in 1958 for three years

*Miss Myrl Nygren - 1905 Keystone Ave.

*Mrs. E. H. Fitz - Hunter Place

1 Year 1960-61


Mr. Edward Parsons - appointed in 1958 for two years

Mr. Eugene Wait - appointed in 1958 for two years

Dr. Howard Busching - appointed in 1958 for two years

*Mrs. Walt Brinkerhoff - Lower Valley, Lovelock

*Mr. Thomas Wilson - 475 S. Arlington

*Mr. Doyle Robinson - 136 Greenridge Drive

Blank = Reappointment

* = New Appointments

"We are suggesting that the size of the Committee be extend-

ed from thirteen to eighteen, and that new appointments, for

the most part, be for more than one year since it takes al-

most that length of time to acquaint new members with the

activities and functions of the group.

"Our tentative plans are to have a joint meeting in May of

outgoing and incoming members. We ask, therefore, that if

the suggested list is approved, invitations be extended to

the new people in sufficient time to include them in the

May meeting."

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Tyson, carried unani-

mously that the recommendations above be approved and that

the individuals so recommended by invited to serve as


23. Pierotti Request for Equipment

During April 1959 Mr. Pierotti received a grant from the

Research Foundation for $5000, part of which was received

and part of which is to be received this year. Now Dr.

Pierotti has decided to leave the University of Nevada.

The balance of the grant will be returned to the Research

Foundation. Dr. Pierotti requests that he be permitted to

take with him a cathetometer which was purchased out of

the first receipts of the grant, and which would be very

valuable to him in continuing research at his new location.

The Institution to which he is going is amenable to paying

cost of transferring the item. President Armstrong has word

from Dr. Williams, Chairman of the Chemistry Department,

that the piece of equipment would probably not be of use to

anyone in the Department in the foreseeable future, and he

is willing that it be given to Dr. Pierotti. The Research

Foundation is also agreeable to this procedure.

Dr. Armstrong pointed out that there is no assurance such

a piece of equipment might not become valuable to the Uni-

versity in the future, and that a question of policy is

involved in releasing University-owned equipment, no matter

how reasonable the request.

Motion by Mr. Tyson, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried unani-

mously that the University not release the equipment, as

requested by Dr. Pierotti.

24. Land, Colorado River

Regent Germain renewed his invitation to the Regents to

visit the site on the Colorado River, referred to in the

minutes of the meeting of April 2, 1960. Mr. Germain pro-

duced a map showing location of the area under question.

It was agreed that those Regents who could make the trip

should accompany the Las Vegas Regents on Sunday, the

following day. While there was no assurance that this

property would be available to the University, Mr. Germain

believed that it was worth looking into. There was some

discussion as to probable cost to the University and it was

agreed that this was a matter to be considered.

The next meeting was set for Sunday, June 5, 1960, at 1:00 P.M.

to approve candidates for degrees.

A. C. Grant


Alice Terry