UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

May 7-8, 1918 

Volume OE - Pages 137-148

                         Reno, Nevada
                         May 7, 1918

The Commencement meeting of the Board of Regents was called to
order on May 8 at 10:30 o'clock by Chairman Abel.

Present:  Regents Abel, Curler, Baker, O'Brien and Sullivan
(late), and President Clark.

Before the regular order of business, the President reported on
the following:

    1.  Mr. Ellsworth Bennett had taken up part of his note
        to the University and promised to complete the payment

    2.  The ore specimen belonging to the Estate of the late
        Allen Fisher had not yet been received.

    3.  Mr. Gassaway, who was injured on February 8th, resumed
        work on March 13th and had received his final settlement
        of $53.34 from the Industrial Commission.  This amount
        will be deducted from his April pay check.

    4.  Three new scholarships had been offered to the Univer-

        1.  Union Land and Cattle Co., $100 to a Senior for the
            best thesis.

        2.  Antelope Valley Land and Cattle Co., $100 to a

        3.  J. H. Clemons, $50, to a Sophomore.

The President also reported to the Board that after careful study
with Miss Mack for the Dining Hall and Manzanita Hall, and Pro-
fessor Turner for Lincoln Hall, he was of the opinion that the
following rates should be charged if they were to be at all on
a paying basis:

    Board from $20 to $22
    Room - Manzanita Hall, from $2 to $2.50
           Lincoln Hall, from $2.40 to $3.00

Also, that as it was the custom to set the rate for students to
approximately cover the charge for board in the Dining Hall, now
being raised 10%, it would be right to increase the rate for
student labor for 30 cents to 33 1/3 cents per hour, and that
all Campus positions be awarded on three points:  1.  scholarship
2.  that the student did the job well, and 3.  that the student
needed the work.  The President stated that the students had
asked for the privilege of recommending to him 4 to 6 students
for positions.  The President advised that he told the Associated
Students he would be glad to receive their recommendations, but
he would not hire mere athletes.  The President offered the above
relative to price of board and room and students labor as his

It was moved by Regent Curler that the recommendation of the
President in the above regard be accepted and approved.  Vote as

    Mr. O'Brien          Aye
    Mr. Curler           Aye
    Mrs. Baker           Aye
    Mr. Abel             Aye
    Dr. Sullivan         Had not yet arrived.

In regard to certain matters discussed relative to loyalty on the
part of the faculty members, the Secretary was instructed to
write to any one giving unsubstantiated word, and to one partic-
ular person, having written a letter, as follows:

    That the Board did not care for any petition and would not
    consider any petition to dismiss any member of the faculty;
    but, that if any one had any specific findings of disloyalty
    to which they were willing to certify under oath if neces-
    sary, that the Board would be very glad indeed to have them
    appear before the Board and present these specific findings
    for consideration.

The President presented the matter of Regents scholarships, 5
of $50 each, and debating prizes amounting to $30, asking if it
was the wish of the Board that these be renewed for the coming
year and so announced.

It was moved by Regent Curler that out of the general University
funds there be set aside the sum of $50 for each of the Regents
scholarships and $20 for the winning team in interclass debates
and $10 for the best orator, and also that special prizes of
pins or fobs be given heretofore, the pins or fobs not to ex-
ceed the cost of $5 each, and that all of these scholarships
and prizes to be awarded the coming year in the same manner as
heretofore.  Vote:

    Mr. O'Brien          Aye
    Mr. Curler           Aye
    Mrs. Baker           Aye
    Mr. Abel             Aye
    Dr. Sullivan         Aye

The President was asked by the Board to look into the basis for
awarding scholarships and to present his recommendations at the
September meeting.  The plan of awarding the scholarships, prizes
etc. at Commencement instead of later announcing them and whether
the members of the graduating class should receive scholarships
was discussed and the matter left to the President for his rec-

The President presented to the Board the request from downtown
organizations, the Elks and Travelers, for the privilege of play-
ing a series of games for the benefit of Red Cross or other war
funds, on the Mackay Field.  The dates of the games were May 30,
July 4 and Labor Day.  They also wished the privileges of using
the field for practice weekday evenings and possibly Sunday
practice.  Matter was discussed with reference to the Sunday
use of the field.

The following resolution was offered by Judge Curler:

    The President of the University having laid before the Board
    of Regents the request from the T. P. A. and the B. P. O. E.
    for the privilege of using the Mackay Field for conducting
    baseball war benefit games,

    BE IT RESOLVED, that the matter be referred to the President
    with discretionary power as to the games on the specific
    dates mentioned and the evening practices, except however
    that games be not played on Sunday or the field be used by
    these associations for their practice on Sunday.

Upon motion seconded and carried, resolution was adopted.

The President reported the status of the Summer Soldier Proposi-
tion as outlined between the University of Nevada and the War
Department, the University offer being $1.65 per man per day,
subject to the approval of the Washington representative who
was due to arrive on May 18th or 19th.  The President explained
in connection with this that the concrete work on the retaining
wall for the Agricultural building would be done by the soldiers
as part of their training.

It was moved by Dr. Sullivan that the same arrangements for the
Y. W. C. A. Secretary for the coming year be carried on as dur-
ing the last year.  Motion carried, all voting aye.

The President reported on the condition, due to settling, of the
Electrical building, as reported by a letter from Mr. C. R. Hill.
No action was taken regarding this matter.

Supplementary contracts for additions and extras and elimina-
tions for the Agricultural building were presented for signa-
ture, the items therein having been thoroughly understood and
approved by the President and being as follows:

    brick walk $60; galvanized iron molding together with
    metal flashings $25; also elimination proposition 5 on
    page 2 of original report, deduct $200.  Also item of
    March 25.

It was moved by Regent Curler that the supplementary contracts
presented at this time with references to the Agricultural
building be accepted and that the Chairman of the Board be
authorized and instructed to sign the same for and on behalf of
the Board of Regents.  Vote:

    Mr. O'Brien          Aye
    Mr. Curler           Aye
    Mrs. Baker           Aye
    Mr. Abel             Aye
    Dr. Sullivan         Aye

The President reported that after providing for screens, chairs
and electric fixtures for the building, there would be a balance
of some $700 to $800 which would go toward such other inside
fittings as deemed advisable.  A report on the progress of the
building was given, and a letter from architect Lewis on the
same was read, the same being to Chairman Abel and which suggest-
ed the possibility of releasing at the present time the overseer
on the building.

Matter was discussed but no action taken at this time.

Meeting recessed until 2 o'clock, same date.

The meeting of the Board of Regents was resumed at 2:20 P.M.,
same date, with all members present.

The matter of the need for retaining the services of Mr. Mc Nees
as overseer was taken up and discussed and Mr. Mc Nees invited
to come before the Board.

The President recommended that Dr. Edward Records be given the
same position on the teaching staff of the Agricultural College
as held by Dr. Mack, that of Professor of Veterinary Science,
allocating his payment of salary for the time given in teaching.
This was the recommendation of Dean Knight of that College.

It was moved and seconded that Dr. Edward Records be appointed
Professor of Veterinary Science in the College of Agriculture.
Motion carried, all voting aye.

A recommendation from Professor Sears of the Home Economics
Department, which was approved by the President, was submitted
to the Board, to continue Miss Jessie Pope as Instructor in Home
Economics for 10 months beginning September 1, 1918, at a salary
of $120 per month, it being understood that the arrangement was
for a one-year term, and the appointment a temporary one.

It was moved by Regent Baker that the recommendation of the Pres-
ident and Professor Sears in regard to Miss Pope for 10 months
beginning September 1, 1918, at a salary of $120 per month, be
approved.  Vote:

    Mr. O'Brien          Aye
    Mr. Curler           Aye
    Mrs. Baker           Aye
    Mr. Abel             Aye
    Dr. Sullivan         Aye

The President read a letter under date of May 1 from Dr. Spencer
asking for leave of absence for the duration of the war for the
purpose of undertaking overseas Y. M. C. A. service, and recom-
mend that such leave be granted without pay.

It was moved by Regent Curler that the matter of Dr. Spencer's
request be left to the President with discretionary power.  Mo-
tion carried.

Mr. Mc Nees then appeared before the Board regarding the need
for continuing his services.  He stated that in his opinion there
was still need for supervision of the work on the Agricultural
building.  Mr. Mc Nees stated the amount of work still to be done
before the building would be completed.  Matter discussed.  The
matter of the need of putting in the windows was also discussed
in relation to the drying of the plaster.  Mr. Mc Nees thought
that the windows should be put in; Ward Brothers did not think
it necessary at this time, that it would be time enough when the
final finish was being put on the plaster.  Mr. Ward was called
before the Board and gave his opinion on the matter.  Matter was
further discussed with Mr. Ward and Mr. Mc Nees and, on the sug-
gestion of the Board, the question was left to the judgment of
Mr. Mc Nees.

The President presented to the Board for their information an
agreement between the President, the Comptroller and Miss Frances
C. Phillips, relative to a leave of absence for Miss Philips un-
til August 1, to take a position in the city.

The President read a note from Professor Hartman relative to the
possibility of Miss Risk not remaining.  Without motion the mat-
ter of recommendation relative to Miss Risk was left to the Pres-

The President stated for the information of the Board that Mr.
Nyswander, Dr. Hartman and Miss Risk had been assisting tempo-
rarily in the high school, two of the high school staff having
gone into U. S. Service, and asked that the Board authorize
the President to grant such permission in war emergency cases.

The President read a letter from Professor C. R. Hill under date
of April 29th asking that he be permitted to be employed during
the Summer.

It was moved by Regent Curler that the matter of the employment
of Mr. C. R. Hill during the vacation period be referred to
President Clark for action.  Motion carried, all voting aye.

The matter of the status of Dean Scrugham was brought up, he
having been on leave of absence as State Engineer until July 1,
1919.  Since then, however Dean Scrugham resigned his position
as State Engineer to go into War Service.  The President's rec-
ommendation was that the University give him status as "absent
on leave" for the duration of the war, and wished the action
of the Board on this question.

It was moved by Regent Curler that Dean J. G. Scrugham be given
leave of absence from the University for the duration of the war,
without pay.  Motion carried, all voting aye.

Mr. Mc Nees came before the Board again relative to a substi-
tution that the contractors were making, the contract specifica-
tions calling for 2 x 6 studding and 2 x 4 studding was being
used instead.  The Board was of the opinion that no changes
should be made from the plans and specifications without the
permission of the President and the Board.  Mr. Mc Nees was in-
structed to hold the architect and contractor to the contract

The President presented to the Board a letter from Dr. Edward
Records recommending an increase in salary of $5 per month for
Ruth Miller, Charles Reagan and Ray Peterson, employees in the
Department of Veterinary Science, the increase to be granted
from April 1, 1918.  The President recommended granting the

It was moved by Regent O'Brien that the recommendation of the
President and Mr. Records, that the salaries of Ruth Miller,
Charles Reagan and Ray Peterson be increased $5 per month
beginning April 1st or May 1st, as the President may decide,
be approved.  Vote:

    Mr. O'Brien          Aye
    Mr. Curler           Aye
    Mrs. Baker           Aye
    Mr. Abel             Aye
    Dr. Sullivan         Aye

The President presented the following matters presented by Direc-
tor Norcross of the Extension Division.

That as there was a considerable amount of federal funds avail-
able with the direction that they be used for food stimulation,
Mr. Norcross had presented a program of temporary employees for
the Summer.  As outlined, the program involved $127 of State
Cooperative funds.  Matter discussed, names of employees under
this program read, and the President recommended the approval of
the same.

It was moved by Dr. Sullivan that the recommendation of the
President regarding the list of appointments for temporary
work in Agricultural Extension be approved.  Vote:

    Mr. O'Brien          Aye
    Mr. Curler           Aye
    Mrs. Baker           Aye
    Mr. Abel             Aye
    Dr. Sullivan         Aye

Mr. W. O. Lewis, architect for the Agricultural building, came
before the Board and made explanation relative to the item of
the 2 x 6 studding for which the contractors were substituting
2 x 4.  The Chairman of the Board referred the matter to over-
seer Mc Nees for his judgment and the architect was instructed
by the Board not to make changes or substitutions without per-
mission of the Board of Regents or the President, and that the
Board desired to have the plans lived up to.

Architect Lewis suggested that Mr. Mc Nees be cautioned as to
giving orders or stopping the work until matters under question
were taken up with the Board of Regents or the President.  The
Board advised that they had put Mr. Mc Nees in as overseer for
the particular purpose of taking care of the building that the
plans were carried out and that no changes should be allowed
without having the approval of the President or the Board.

The items of Director Norcross were then again taken up.  His
recommendation contained in a letter under date of May 5th rela-
tive to the position of Assistant State Club Leader to be given
to Mr. Merle D. Collins, at a salary of $1800 per annum, was pre-
sented by the President with his approval; also the President
recommended the appointment of Miss Caddie Cook as Home Demon-
strator in Lincoln County from April 16 to June 30, 1918, at a
salary of $100 per month, with the understanding that after June
30 she be employed at $30 per month, in club work in Pioche and

It was moved by Regent Curler that the recommendation of the
President in regard to Merle D. Collins and Miss Caddie Cook
be approved.  Vote:

    Mr. O'Brien          Aye
    Mr. Curler           Aye
    Mrs. Baker           Aye
    Mr. Abel             Aye
    Dr. Sullivan         Aye

Mr. Norcross reported through the President that there was a pos-
sibility of Miss Hancock leaving soon to take up war work.

It was also reported that Mrs. Meskimons of the Extension De-
partment was resigning on June 30th.

The President read a letter from Mr. Norcross, dated May 5, 1918,
stating that Miss Margaret Johnson, State Leader in Club Work,
had been offered a position as Assistant State Leader Junior
Extension Work for the State of New York at a salary of $2400
for 9 months' field work and 3 months' attendance at Extension
Training Schools.  He stated that his recommendation was to offer
Miss Johnson $2400 at this University.  The letter gave a state-
ment of Miss Johnson's work and ability.

The President recommended that if possible Miss Johnson be re-
tained as suggested by Mr. Norcross and that her salary be set
at $2400 a year, beginning July 1, 1918.

It was moved by Regent Baker that Miss Margaret Johnson be ad-
vanced to a salary of $2400 per year beginning July 1, 1918, as
State Leader in Club Work.  Vote:

    Mr. O'Brien          Aye
    Mr. Curler           Aye
    Mrs. Baker           Aye
    Mr. Abel             Aye
    Dr. Sullivan         Aye

The President read a letter from Director Norcross asking for
an increase in salary of the Director of Extension Department.
The President stated that he was not ready at this time to make
recommendations, but would investigate the matter of salary paid
this officer in other institutions and states, and at a later
date make certain recommendations relative to policy for increase
in salary, etc.  He mentioned in this connection the possible
desire of increasing the salaries of the Director of the Station
and other members of the faculty.

Without motion, the matter was left in abeyance.

The President reported to the Board the matter of establishing a
Traveling Mining School under the Smith-Hughes Act, and explain-
ed the plan of such an itinerant school.

A communication relative to auto mileage for Extension members
was received from Mr. Norcross and was held in abeyance, the
President stating that he desired to analyze the data given in
the same.

The President reported that all Departments were within their
budgets and that the general status was o.k.

The President reported that the following students having been
recommended by the University Senate has having completed their
work were recommended to the Board for graduation, and asked for
authorization to grant the respective diplomas and degrees.

One-Year Diplomas

    Edith Catherine Burns           Lottie M. Rose
    Ann Gordon                      Adeline Eupheme Savery
    Margaret Gertrude Hunkin        Theresa Frances Schulz
    Ruth Hurd La Kamp               Edith Mae Smith
    Mabelle Elizabeth Nelson        Ethel Walker
                                    Ethel Welsh

Two-Year Normal Diplomas

    Thelma L. Bradshaw              Lois Geneva Kimmel
    Myrtle Frances Brown            Alice M. Paige
    Nellie F. Burke                 Maud Ellen Porch
    Rita Agnes Cannan               Eleanor Hulda Shartel
    Adrienne Anne Cesmat           *Florence Marguerite Shirley
    Donna Dyke                      Laura Mercedes Rains
    Grace Anita Fuss                Georgiana Steiner
    Lela Halsell                    Alma Kate Stroud
    Mary Beatrice Harrington        M. Clysta Vann
    Gladys Hicks                    Lessie Valeria Wardle

   *December 23 1917

High School Diploma

    Elizabeth Dorris Bailey         Lia Submit Harniss
    Jeanne Magdalena Bertschy       Blanche Teresa Lothrop
    Myrtle Cameron                  Helen Elizabeth Mace
    Georgia C. Damm                 Laura Mercedes Rains
    Donna Dyke                      Eleanor Hulda Shartel
    Grace Anita Fuss                Emma Lou Singer

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

    Elmer W. Knight

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

    William T. Holcomb

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

    Cornelius Elrod Pohl

College of Arts and Science, Bachelor of Science

    Alonzo Cheney Wilbur

Bachelor of Arts

    Elizabeth Dorris Bailey         Alice Crawford Hobbins
    Jeanne Magdalena Bertschy       Robert Lyle Kimmel
    Howard Edgar Browne             Blanche Teresa Lothrop
    Myrtle Cameron                  Faith Maris
    Georgia C. Damm                 Adele Cutts Norcross
    Donna Dyke                      Stanley M. Pargellis
    Augusta Curler Finney           Laura Mercedes Rains
    Grace Anita Fuss                Eleanor Hulda Shartel
    Lia Submit Harniss              Emma Lou Singer

Civil Engineer

    Frederick L. Bixby

Master of Arts

    Helen Elizabeth Mace

It was moved and carried that the students as presented by the
President and recommended by the Senate be passed for graduation
and the President be authorized to issue the respective diplomas
and confer the degrees.

It was moved by Judge Curler that the minutes of the meeting of
March 12th and the Finance Committee meetings of February 28th
and March 1 be approved, copies of these minutes having been
received and read by all members of the Board.  Motion carried,
all voting aye.

The Chairman reported that he had two other matters to come be-
fore the Board.

That Dr. James had placed with Messrs. Cheney, Downer, Price
and Hawkins the claim of $600 which he believed due him for the
Summer School.  The Chairman asked for the pleasure of the Board.
Matter was discussed as to the legality of the claim and a con-
tinuance of the claim was asked for until Thursday, May 9th.
Mr. Curler and Mr. Abel were named as a committee to look into
the claim and make a report to the Board on the 9th.

The Chairman of the Board asked for authority to begin work
upon the Board of Regents biennial report to the Governor and

It was moved by Regent Curler that the Chairman of the Board
be authorized to prepare the Regents' report.

Recess was declared until Thursday, May 9th.