UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
May 6-7, 1961


Pages 45-59



May 6, 1961

The Board of Regents met in Grant Hall, Las Vegas Campus of the

University, on Saturday, May 6, 1961. Present: Regents Elwell,

Anderson, Broadbent, Germain, Grant, Lombardi, Magee; Engineer

Rogers, Vice President Young, Business Manager Humphrey and

President Armstrong. Chief Deputy Attorney General Porter was

present as Legal Advisor. Dean Carlson was present as an ob-

server. Miss Helen Gubler was present for part of the meeting

as an observer. Reporter Flynn covered the meeting for the

Associated Press. Regent Tyson was out of the State; Regent

Crumley was absent because of the pressure of business.

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 A.M. by Chairman Grant.

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Minutes of the meeting of April 8, 1961 were approved upon

motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Dr. Lombardi, and unani-

mous vote.

2. Claims

President Armstrong presented the attached claims as sub-

mitted by Mr. Humphrey, Business Manager, and recommended


Motion by Mr. Elwell, seconded by Mr. Germain, carried

unanimously by roll call vote that the claims be approved.

3. Acceptance of Gifts

Gifts which had been received by the University were pre-

sented for acceptance by the Board as follows:


From Weld Arnold, Carson City - copy of "Star Atlas" by

Winslow Upton, Brown University, published in 1896, for the


From the Ministry for State Council Administration, Republic

of Korea - copy of "Korea, Its Land, People and Culture of

All Ages" for the Library.

From Senator Howard W. Cannon, Washington, D. C. - copy of

"Rules and Manual, United States Senate" 1961 edition, for

the Library.

From Dr. Benjamin Drummer, Reno - 26 medical pamphlets and

journals for the Library.

From the Theosophical Press, Wheaton, Illinois - six volumes

on theosophical subjects, for the Library.

From Keith Sherwood, Reno - 290 volumes of general litera-

ture, old textbooks and children's books for the Library.

From Warren R. Howell, Howell Bookstore, San Francisco -

publications of the firm "Montgomery and the Portsmouth",

"Messenger of Destiny" and "Malaspina in California", for

the Library.

From N. E. Broadbent - payment out of pocket in the amount

of $143 to have books (gifts to the University) boxed and

moved to his basement for storing until suitable space

becomes available at the University.

From the Reno Section, Women's Auxiliary, American Institute

of Mining Engineers - $20 for purchase of A. I. M. E. pub-

lications for the Mackay School of Mines Library.

From W. J. Thompson, Elko - specimens of ore from the

Tuscarora region for the Mackay Museum.

From Charles A. Steen, President and Chief Geologist, Utex

Exploration Company, Moab, Utah - $1,600 given anonymously,

to be used by Professor Anthony Payne of the Mackay School

of Mines to equip a geochemical prospecting laboratory for

teaching and research in Mineral Exploration.

From Sunrise Hospital Women's Auxiliary, Las Vegas - $500

to purchase books in the Nursing area for the Nevada South-

ern Library.

From Wells Cargo, Inc., First National Bank of Nevada, and

First Western Savings & Loan Association, Las Vegas - $350

each to be deposited to the account of the Nevada Southern

Regional Science Seminar.

From Joseph F. Mc Donald, Reno - in memory of Professor N.

E. Wilson and in behalf of the members of his family, the

original minutes record of the Society of Pacific Coast

Pioneers, organized at Virginia City on June 18, 1872, of

which Alf Doten was a member.

From the Reno Cancer Center - $2500 towards equipment or

projects in biological research at the University of Nevada

under the direction of the Desert Research Institute.


From the Reno Soroptimist Club - $1500 to continue the

Soroptimist Memorial Scholarships.

From the New China Club, Reno - $500 to cover the New China

Club Scholarships.

From the Nevada Beer Wholesalers Association - $100 to be

awarded to an outstanding student in Journalism, in honor

of Joseph F. Mc Donald.

From George A. Probasco, Reno - $100 for the Jack Myles

Memorial Scholarship in Journalism.

From the Crown Zellerbach Foundation, San Francisco - $500

to be used as a scholarship grant in the academic year be-

ginning with the Fall of 1961 for a Junior or Senior student

majoring in Journalism, with the following stipulations:

1 - Selection of the recipient must be made without

discrimination as to race, creed, sex, or country

of origin.

2 - Financial need is not to be one of the primary con-

siderations in the selection of the recipient since

our scholarships are intended to encourage students

of merit and promise.

3 - The scholarship should not be awarded to a student

who has previously held a scholarship from Crown

Zellerbach Foundation.

From the Women's Auxiliary, Nevada State Parmaceutical

Association - $50 to be deposited to the scholarship fund

for student Nurses.

From Las Vegas Board of Realtors - $70 to be awarded as a

prize scholarship to the student who obtains the highest

passing grade in the next course in Real Estate at the

Nevada Southern Regional Division.

From Mrs. J. L. Semenza, Reno - $100 to cover the Semenza

Scholarship in Business Administration.


From Research Corporation, New York - a Frederick Gardner

Cottrell Grant for the Department of Physics for a period

of three years in the total amount of $25,000, to be used

for strengthening research and education in Physics at the

University of Nevada. First payment of $10,000 has been


From the National Science Foundation, Washington, D. C. -

$15,450 for support of an "In-Service Institute in Mathe-

matics for Secondary School Teachers" under the direction

of E. M. Beesley, Department of Mathematics, during the

academic year 1961-62.

From the National Science Foundation, Washington, D. C. -

$52,100 for the support of research entitled "Experiments

in Solidification and Melting of Water" under the direction

of Wendell A. Mordy, Desert Research Institute, and Richard

C. Sill, Department of Physics, for a period of approximate-

ly two years, beginning April 1, 1961.

Motion by Mr. Broadbent, seconded by Dr. Lombardi, carried

unanimously that the gifts be accepted and that the Secre-

tary be instructed to write a note of thanks to each donor.

4. Commencement 1961

Dr. Armstrong reported as follows:

a) Honorary Degrees and Distinguished Nevadan Awards

The Committee of the Board of Regents met on April 14

and unanimously recommended the following honorary

degrees and awards:

Honorary Degrees - Katharine Riegelhuth, Litt. D.

Lloyd P. Smith, Sc. D.

Distinguished Nevadan Awards - Charles Gallagher

Frank Garside

J. Harvey Sewell

Mail vote was requested, and there were no dissenting

votes. The Administration then proceeded to invite

these individuals to accept the degrees and awards,

and received acceptance from all of them.

Motion by Mr. Elwell, seconded by Dr. Lombardi, carried

unanimously that the action of the committee and the

Administration be approved.

b) Commencement Program

President Armstrong reported.

The Commencement meeting of the Board of Regents will

be held on Saturday, June 3.

The Baccalaureate Service will be held on Sunday, June

4, at 4:00 P.M. The sermon will be given by Dr. Winston

Trever, Mt. Lebanon Methodist Church, Pittsburgh, Penn-

sylvania; the invocation by Rabbi Phillip Weinberg,

Temple Emanu El, Reno; and benediction by Rev. Robert

Irwin, First Methodist Church, Reno.

The Commencement Exercises will be held on Monday, June

5, at 10:00 A.M. The address will be given by Governor

William A. Egan, State of Alaska; the invocation by

Ladd Cropper, Latter Day Saints Institute of Religion,

Reno; and the benediction by Rev. Thomas J. Daly, St.

Paul's Lutheran Church, Las Vegas.

5. Resolution, Tax Free Alcohol

President Armstrong recommended adoption of the following

resolution which is necessary to effect the transfer of

authorization from Mr. Hayden to Mr. Humphrey:


RESOLVED, that Neil D. Humphrey, Curator, be and

hereby is authorized to sign all monthly reports or

forms in connection with the permission of this

University to use tax free alcohol for scientific

purposes and that a copy of this Resolution be

forwarded to the Alcohol Tax Unit of the Treasury

Department's Internal Revenue Service at San

Francisco, in accord with letter of April 17, 1961

from the U. S. Treasury Department, Internal Revenue


Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Mr. Broadbent, carried

unanimously that the resolution be adopted and that a copy

be sent to the Treasury Department's Revenue Service, as


6. Bid Opening

A meeting to open bids was held in room 205, Morrill Hall

on Friday, May 5, 1961. Present: Assistant Business Man-

ager, Hattori, Engineer Rogers, Assistant Engineer Whalen,

Vice President Young and representatives of the various

firms bidding for building the UNIVERSITY POST OFFICE,


Bids were opened by Mr. Hattori as follows:

Glenn Wiliams -

Accompanied by bid bond in the amount of 5% -


Harrington Construction Company -

Accompanied by bid bond in the amount of 5% -


Pagni Brothers -

Accompanied by bid bond in the amount of 5% -


Ronald H. Flyge -

Accompanied by bid bond in the amount of 5% -


K. W. Mansfield -

Accompanied by bid bond in the amount of 5% -


The bids were turned over to the University Engineer for

study and recommendation to the President and to the Board

of Regents.

Recommendation: It is recommended that the bid submitted

by Pagni Brothers Construction Company in the amount of

$12,132.81 be accepted, and a contract drawn to accomplish

this work. This bid was within the estimate prepared by

the University Engineer's Office and funds are available

through a loan from the Dining Commons Residue Fund.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/ James D. Rogers

University Engineer


/s/ Robert L. Kersey, Director, Student Services

/s/ Neil D. Humphrey, Business Manager

/s/ Charles J. Armstrong, President

Motion by Dr. Lombardi, seconded by Mr. Broadbent, carried

unanimously by roll call vote that the acceptance of the

bid and the awarding of the contract be approved.

7. Regents' Building Committee - State Planning Board

Dr. Anderson reported. A meeting was held in Carson City on

Monday, May 1, to which the University Administration and

Board of Regents were invited. Dr. Anderson, Mr. Rogers,

Dr. Young and Mr. Humphrey attended the meeting. Dr.

Anderson reviewed the items on the agenda which affect the

University, all of which were approved by the Legislature

at the last session.

Nevada Southern - 1961-62

Furnishings for the Science Technology building - no action


Construction and Installation of Utilities - it was agreed

not to employ an architect but rather to have the University

staff make the plans after the location has been approved by

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill.

Construction of a Library building - already designed by

James Mc Daniel, architect, and will be ready for bid the

middle of May. No action necessary.

Nevada Southern - 1962-63

Design of a Fine Arts building - the funds are not available

until July 1, 1962. This item will be considered during the

coming Summer, perhaps waiting until the Master Plan is far

enough along to coordinate the building with the Master


Reno Campus - 1961-62

Acquisition of Real Property - money is available and the

Planning Board should exercise the option as soon as pos-

sible for the Capurro property. The Secretary to the Plan-

ning Board was so instructed by the Planning Board.

Motion by Dr. Lombardi, seconded by Dr. Anderson, carried

unanimously that the Regents go on record as desiring that

the Planning Board exercise the option immediately, and that

the Planning Board be so notified.

Mr. Porter reported that the Nielsen property has now been


The Weller property, also on North Virginia Street, will be

cleared and coordinated with the State Planning Board. Mr.

Weller is holding out on price because he considers that he

has commercial property in view of the fact that he conducts

real estate business from his home.

Design of Social Sciences (History) building - already in

the hands of Vhay and Associates, and has been approved for

them to go ahead with construction. They have already done

the design and preliminary plans which have been reviewed by

the Regents. Arrangements might be made whereby work could

start, with payment to be withheld until money is available

or payment might be made out of funds which could be reim-

bursed when the appropriation becomes available. The Plan-

ning Board agreed.

Construction of addition to Student Union building in com-

bination with Student Health Facilities, with State money to

be used along with money from the Travis Estate - Ferris and

Erskine were recommended as architects, and were accepted by

the Regents' Building Committee.

Extension and replacement of heating lines in quadrangle -

design contract has been written with de Autremont and


Remodeling old Library building - Russell Clopine, archi-

tect, was suggested by the Regents' Building Committee and

approved by the Planning Board.

Structural Survey of Morrill Hall - H. V. Lamberti, engi-

neer, was selected by the Regents' Building Committee and

approved by the Planning Board.

Engineering building - the $1,500,000 appropriated was

changed from bonding to general funds at the last session

of the Legislature. Bids were greater than the funds avail-

able and cutbacks have been accomplished. Mr. Rogers re-

ported that the University worked with the Planning Board

and the contractors and reached agreement as to deletions

and changes.

Two Dormitories were authorized with money to be derived

from revenue bonds. The law states that the Planning Board

may, at the request of the Board of Regents, participate in

this project. Architects were suggested but final choice

was not made because money is not available as yet. Mr.

Porter explained that the question of including the Planning

Board came up, and Russell Mc Donald (bill drafter) used

that wording because he felt that it was consistent with the

opinion from the Office of the Attorney General that it was

in keeping with the law setting up the Board of Regents.

Reno Campus - 1962-63

Construction of a Home Management Residence building - dis-

cussion was postponed because the money is not available

until July 1, 1962.

Design of Physical Science building - architect Frank Green

was selected a year ago to do advance planning on the proj-

ect and it was voted to continue with him. However, no

formal contract has been signed.

Advance Planning for Remodeling of Mackay Science Hall to

house the Physics Department - selection of architect was

postponed because money is not available until July 1, 1962.

Advance Planning for College of Education Facilities - ap-

propriation not available until July 1, 1962.

Fine Arts Building, Reno

Mr. Rogers reported that the State Planning Board staff,

at the time of approval of Lembke's final payment, showed

that $13,000 was available for completion of the building.

There is still available between $7,000 and $10,000. Mr.

Rogers suggested that the University Officials go through

the building and make a list of things that need correcting,

turn the list over to the Planning Board, and let that agen-

cy go ahead and accomplish them. Mr. Porter agreed that

this would be in order. The Regents agreed by assent.

Master Planning

According to the contract with Skidmore, Owings & Merrill,

the final Master Plan report is to be completed within 20

days after the University transmits all the information to

the firm, which is called for in the contract. The organic

sketches should be ready sometime during the Fall.

Aerial Surveys

The manuscripts have been prepared and the one for Las Vegas

Campus is in the hands of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill to be

used in the study for Master Plans for that area.

8. Regents' Building Committee - Campus Development Committee

The Regents' Committee met on May 2 with the Reno Campus

Development Committee. Minutes of that meeting were dis-

tributed to members of the Board. Dr. Anderson reported.

Purpose of the meeting was to try to formulate some guide-

lines for use in preparing information to be submitted to

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, so that that firm would be

aware of the thinking of the University. Dr. Anderson

suggested that the Las Vegas Campus Development Committee

make recommendations for the Regents' Committee to review.

Dean Carlson reported that he plans to use Chairmen of

academic areas as the Las Vegas Committee.

Recommendaions of the Reno Campus Development Committee of

April 4 were discussed at the meeting of May 2 as follows:

a) The Reno Campus of the University of Nevada should be

expanded as soon as possible to the east and west to

an approximate size of 300 acres. The eventual size

of the Campus should be at least 500 acres.

Comment: Dr. Anderson explained that the Campus Devel-

opment Committee feels that Campus expansion should ex-

tend west to Sierra Street and east to Evans Avenue.

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, in drawing up tentative

plans, have allowed for no large quads or lakes. They

figured that the ultimate Campus size should be 245

acres for 15,000 students.

b) The Campus should be developed and organized in terms

of functional areas (living, recreational, academic,

corporation yard, etc.). Similar or related functions

should be located together wherever possible.

Comment: The Campus should be developed and organized

in terms of functions. Dr. Anderson requested on be-

half of the Building Committee that Colleges prepare

cardboard shapes of all the buildings it believes it

will require so that these can be placed on the Master

Plan by the time of the next meeting.

c) In planning future facilities, room should be provided

for the possible vertical and lateral expansion of each


Comment: It was felt that there should be written into

the rules that this is not a rigid requirement but that

it should be considered especially for each building

that is planned. It was agreed that four stories would

be top limit for most University buildings.

d) Parking areas should be developed wherever possible, to

meet the following priority of needs -- faculty, staff,

graduate students, undergraduate students. Adequate

parking also should be provided for visitors and special


Comment: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill suggested that the

Valley Road Farm be used for a Stadium. Dr. Armstrong

spoke of the deed restrictions, and Mr. Porter agreed to

check them.

e) Public service functions (Auditorium, Field House, Stad-

ium, etc.) should be located in the same general area

and at or near the periphery of the Campus, if possible.

Comment: The Committee agreed.

f) Because it is impossible to anticipate all future devel-

opments, facilities should be as flexible as possible

in design.

Comment: The question is to what degree will new teach-

ing devices, such as television, for example, be used in

the future.

g) Care should be taken in planning future facilities to

insure that the Campus geometry is characterized by

architectural harmony, both locally and in the large.

Functional and utilitarian aspects of buildings always

should be given first priority of consideration.

Comment: It was noted that architects frequently come

before the Board of Regents with drawings of proposed

buildings which do not fit in with the general archi-

tecture or pattern of the Campus, and many times the

architect wants his building to stand out from the rest,

rather than to conform. There should be some guiding

principles which the Regents can use in such instances.

h) The park-like quality of the Campus should be maintained

and further developed through the effective use of open

areas, such as quads and malls. Some areas should have

serviceable walkways and seating areas in order to main-

tain a proper balance between utility and aesthetics.

Comment: This is somewhat in conflict with the prelim-

inary thinking of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, whose idea

is to confine the Campus to a relatively small area.

i) Landscape architecture should maintain pace with the

aesthetic qualities of the Campus in general. Funds for

landscaping should be included in the budget for each

new building.

Comment: Mr. Rogers spoke, that it is not the present

policy of the State Planning Board to include such items

as landscaping in its request for appropriation. In

this connection, Dr. Anderson discussed parking areas -

what is necessary and how close to buildings should

parking be provided for faculty members and visitors to

the Stadium, the Atmospherium, etc.? How many parking

spaces should be provided in relation to student en-


Dr. Anderson suggested that the Administration ask

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill to have a representative

meet with Dr. Young, Dean Carlson and Mr. Rogers, the

Liaison Committee, and also with the Campus Development

Committee to discuss the above problem.

He then asked the Regents, if they approve, to go on

record as favoring a small amount of parking adjacent to

or near as possible to most buildings for faculty park-


Motion by Dr. Lombardi, seconded by Mr. Broadbent, car-

ried unanimously that, where feasible, a small amount

of parking area be provided adjacent to, or as near as

possible to, most buildings to satisfy the parking needs

of the faculty.

Dr. Anderson asked for an expression from the Regents on

the matter of a park-like appearance for the Campus.

This was approved in principle by consensus.

Dr. Anderson called attention to item (a) above, recom-

mending that the ultimate size of the Campus should be

500 acres, and pointed out that the University must have

concrete information to present to Skidmore, Owings &

Merrill on this point.

j) Consideration should be given to the movement of student

and faculty traffic between classes, materials and serv-

ices from building to building, and visitors and groups

for special events about the Campus, particularly in re-

gard to the location of sidewalks, paths, and service

roads. Special thought should be given to the size and

surfacing of walkways in order to provide for safety and


k) There should be periodic (annual, if possible) reap-

praisals of enrollment projections, building priorities,

and other data in order to update this information.

Functional Areas

The Committee discussed the need for designating certain

Campus areas for various functions. This topic will be

taken up at the next meeting. The Committee also discussed

the need for reviewing and projecting building priority


Comment: The matter was taken up at the following meeting

and the decision was to ask that the areas be indicated on

a map for easier study.

Motion by Mr. Elwell, seconded by Dr. Lombardi, carried

unanimously that the report be accepted and the Regents'

Building Committee continue to work with the Campus Devel-

opment Committee; that Dr. Young be authorized to pull

together as much information on these matters as possible,

and prepare them for presentation to Skidmore, Owings &

Merrill, and ask them to discuss these items with the

Regents' Building Committee and the Committee of the State

Planning Board; and that a copy of this request and the

minutes of the meeting of the Campus Development Committee

be sent to Skidmore, Owings & Merrill.

9. Names for Buildings

Dr. Anderson called attention to the fact that there are

many buildings without official names and asked for a

letter from each member of the Board suggesting names. It

was agreed that an up-to-date list of unnamed buildings be

sent to the members of the Board. He asked also that the

Campus Development Committee suggest names for buildings.

10. Contour Campus Model

Money has been set aside by the Planning Board for a

contour model of the Las Vegas Campus. Chairman Grant

suggested that Dean Carlson be authorized to work with the

Las Vegas members of the Regents' Building Committee on this

project, and it was agreed. It was also agreed that the

Planning Board be informed of this action, along with a re-

quest for funds to carry out the project.

11. Nuclear Engineering

Dr. Anderson discussed the situation of the Nuclear Engi-

neering Department. There is not enough equipment at the

present time to carry the course through to an accredited

degree. Though the building was given top priority by the

Regents, money for it was not appropriated by the Legisla-

ture. Money given to the University by Terris Moore from

the Margaret Charitable Trust Fund is to be used for sci-

entific advancement and Dr. Anderson suggested that part of

the gift be designated for equipment for the Nuclear En-

gineering Department. The President recommended earmarking

$25,000 to $30,000 of the money for equipment during the

coming year, which would pay for all the equipment which

could be placed in the building at the present time.

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Broadbent, carried

unanimously by roll call vote that $30,000 of the Terris

Moore funds be set aside for purchase of equipment for

Nuclear Engineering, with the understanding that the amount

could be increased if matching funds became available.

12. Business Manager

Chairman Grant welcomed Neil Humphrey, Business Manager,

to the University family.

13. Regents' Building Committee - Campus Development Committee,


Dr. Anderson discussed the meeting of May 2, 1961. Dr.

Young also was asked to report. He said that Skidmore,

Owings & Merrill have made some preliminary assumptions

which the Campus Development Committee and Dr. Anderson have

questioned. The firm has been so informed, and is recon-

sidering them. It may be necessary to request the Regents

to consider whether or not they want to go along with these

assumptions, since once established, they will become a

guide for the Planning Board and the Legislature in measur-

ing University needs.


Skidmore, Owings & Merrill recommended that the standard of

measurement for classroom utilization should be based on

the assumption that 80% of the seats would be used for 36

hours per week. The Skidmore firm has now agreed to restudy

this assumption.


a) Instructional Laboratories in which the Laboratory per-

iod consists of one or two hours will be utilized on an

average of 36 hours per week. Instructional Laborator-

ies in which the Laboratory period consists of three

hours will be utilized an average of 24 hours per week.

b) The number of stations required per instructional

Laboratory will be based on an 80% student station


Comment: This is being reviewed. As the University

grows, it will be easier to comply with this figure.

Special Standards

The report of the Skidmore firm recommended so many square

feet per student on a sliding scale. Dr. Young said the

Campus Development Committee believed the rate to be too

severe a per square footage drop as enrollment increases.

The firm has been made aware of this thinking.

Enrollment Projections

In the enrollment projections, figures used were from the

Deans, who in turn used projections of the Bureau of Busi-

ness and Economic Research, but the Development Committee

believes them to be too low, since they do not allow for

changing conditions within the State, the Nation, or the


Space Needs

Dr. Young said that in projecting space need the Skidmore

firm used an arbitrary factor in estimates for each of the

Colleges. The Campus Development Committee questioned the

factor used, particularly as it had been applied to certain

Colleges within the University.

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Elwell, carried

unanimously that the Board of Regents concur in the expres-

sions of Dr. Young and request him to bring these matters

to the attention of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and of the

State Planning Board.

14. State Planning Board Meetings

Dr. Anderson called attention to the fact that the Planning

Board notifies Administration and members of the Regents'

Building Committee of meetings of their group a few days in

advance of the meeting, and does not furnish in advance an

agenda of the meeting, which makes it impossible for the

University representatives to be prepared or to re-arrange

schedules to attend.

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Broadbent, carried

unanimously that the Secretary-Manager of the State Planning

Board be requested to apprise the President and the Regents'

Building Committee of the agenda of meetings to which they

are invited at least ten days prior to the meeting date.

15. Building Program Report

Mr. Rogers reported on progress.

All buildings are progressing rapidly -- the Library, the

Heat Plant, and the Engineering-Mines building.

Completion date for the Library in Reno is August 1.

Final plans have been received on the Women's Dormitory in

Reno and the Library building in Las Vegas.

Final plans for the Life Science Wing are expected within a

few days.

Mr. Rogers suggested that the Regents' Building Committee

be authorized to approve final building plans in order

that the projects might proceed without delay. President

Armstrong so recommended, with action to be ratified by

the Board at its next meeting.

Motion by Mr. Elwell, seconded by Mr. Germain, carried

unanimously that the Building Committee be given general

authorization to approve final plans for current projects.

16. ASUN Scholarship Plan

President Armstrong presented the following request of the

Finance Control Board, with his recommendation for approval,

after Mr. Porter expressed the opinion that the plan is

legally in order.

In the past our Student Officers have received a monthly

salary of:

ASUN President $80.00 per month

ASUN First Vice President 64.00 per month

ASUN Second Vice President 57.60 per month

ASUN Secretary 60.00 per month

However, these monthly salaries have been subjected to in-

come tax deductions of approximately ten percent; and the

Finance Control Board felt that if we could replace these

monthly salaries by yearly scholarships, that this would

be a savings to the students.

Under our newly proposed policy the Finance Control Board

has set the scholarships to be:

ASUN President $750

ASUN First Vice President 600

ASUN Second Vice President 500

ASUN Secretary 450

These scholarships would be paid in four equal payments,

Twice per semester, at the end of the seventh and fifteenth

week of each respective semester.

Motion by Dr. Lombardi, seconded by Mr. Elwell, carried

unanimously that the above scholarship plan for ASUN Offi-

cers be approved.

17. Bureau of Governmental Research

President Armstrong presented the action taken at the meet-

ing of the Academic Committee on March 14, 1961 approving

the statement of functions and organization of the Bureau

of Governmental Research as described in the catalog, and

recommended approval:


The Bureau of Governmental Research serves as a research

and service arm of the Department of History and Politi-

cal Science. At the present time it has three major

functions. First, the Bureau provides opportunities for

staff members and students to engage in research proj-

ects designed to advance the understanding of govern-

mental processes. Second, in support of the Depart-

ment's Teaching Program, the Bureau gathers information

concerning State and local governments in Nevada. As

part of this program, the Bureau maintains, in cooper-

ation with State, city and county Officials, a file of

current local government documents. Third, as a service

agency, the Bureau assists State and local agencies in

the solving of particular problems of public administra-


Motion by Mr. Broadbent, seconded by Mr. Germain, carried

unanimously that the Bureau of Governmental Research be

approved, as per above statement.

18. Regents' Salary Committee

In the absence of Regent Crumley, Chairman of the Committee,

President Armstrong reported. The Committee was authorized

at the last meeting to act for the Board in approving sal-

aries for 1961-62. The proposed Code, which involves the

salary pattern, was discussed in a Faculty meeting and cer-

tain suggestions made which were forwarded to the Code and

Salary Committees of the Faculty. One question which came

up was whether or not individual faculty members should

see their evaluation report form. This matter was again

referred back to the Faculty Committee and the Committee

suggested that when the mail ballot is taken, it shall be

requested on the entire Code as it stands, and on the Code

including the statement that the faculty will be shown

their evaluation reports. No action will be taken until

this recommendation is reviewed by Mr. Crumley's committees.

The Regents' Salary Committee met with Dr. Armstrong on

April 21 and reviewed the recommended salaries College by

College, Department by Department, and page by page. In

some instances, certain changes were made. Vote was then

taken by the Regents' Salary Committee to approve, on be-

half of the Board of Regents, all salaries as submitted.

19. Working Budget, 1961-62

Copies of the budget had been mailed previously to the

members of the Board. Mr. Humphrey explained that before

he joined the staff, he was asked to make a study of the

fund structure and the budgets here presented for Funds 1,

2 and 3 are a result of that study. A complete statement

for all funds will be ready in June. In July, the balance

sheets will be available for further information. Follow-

ing that, there will be quarterly reports to the President

and the Board of Regents. The working budget, in accord

with Regents' action, is shown with three basic budgeted


Fund No. 1 - Basic University Operation

Fund No. 2 - Agricultural Experiment Stations, Federal


Fund No. 3 - Agricultural Extension Division, Federal


The budget was approved by informal assent.

20. Fiscal Year, Summer Sessions

Mr. Humphrey proposed that the fiscal year period used for

the University as a whole (July 1 to June 30) not be used

for Summer sessions, but that the fiscal period be changed

to include dates which cover an entire Summer session

period. He proposed that the Administration be authorized

to modify the fiscal period dates for Summer session, after

further conferences with Dean Holstine and Dean Carlson,

either to a calendar year or to the period May 1 to April

30, whichever appears to be the more workable. President

Armstrong recommended approval.

Motion by Dr. Lombardi, seconded by Mr. Elwell, carried

unanimously that the Administration be authorized to change

the fiscal period dates for Summer session accounts as

above requested.

21. Proposed New Positions

Summary of Proposed New Positions for 1961-62 were distrib-

uted to the Regents, allocated to Funds No. 1, No. 2 and

No. 3, in keeping with the budget form, except in the cases

of Federal funds, budgets for which have not been received.

President Armstrong recommended approval.

Motion by Dr. Lombardi, seconded by Dr. Anderson, carried

unanimously that the proposed new positions for 1961-62 be


22. Nevada Southern Regional Division

Regent Germain brought up the matter of another administra-

tive position for Nevada Southern, which was not included in

the list of new positions. He suggested that an Assistant

Dean or someone of like stature be appointed to assist Dean

Carlson. He felt that this rank is necessary from a public

relations point of view. Mr. Germain proposed that, if

possible, $25,000 be allocated to Nevada Southern for this

position and for additional operating funds. Mr. Elwell

backed up Mr. Germain's proposal.

President Armstrong explained the financial limitations and

expressed approval if money becomes available from income

later in the year. Mr. Germain then suggested that the

position be authorized, to be filled if and when funds be-

come available.

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Dr. Lombardi, carried

unanimously by roll call vote, that the position of Assist-

ant Dean for Nevada Southern be authorized as a new posi-

tion, to be filled if and when funds become available.

23. Personnel Recommendations

President Armstrong recommended approval of the following



Appointment as follows:

David C. Leonard as Junior Herdsman at a salary rate of

$4200 based on twelve months' service, effective April 15,

1961 (replacement for James Hillberry).

Leave of Absence, as follows:

Mary Ruth Cornwell, Assistant Professor of Home Economics,

for the academic year 1961-62, without pay, in order that

she might pursue a doctoral program on a fulltime basis.

Promotions as follows:

James G. Jensen, Agricultural Agent, Esmeralda, Lander and

Nye Counties, from Rank I to Rank II, effective July 1,


Marie Morgan, Home Agent, Washoe County, From Rank I to

Rank II, effective July 1, 1961.

Virginia E. Twitty, Home Agent Leader, Agricultural Exten-

sion Service, from Rank II to Rank III, effective July 1,


Rose M. Goss, Home Agent, Douglas, Ormsby and Storey Coun-

ties, from Rank I to Rank II.


Appointments as follows:

Robert Grant Linderman as Graduate Assistant in Biology at

a salary of $2000 for the academic year 1961-62 (replace-

ment for Dianna Matthias).

Eugene G. Fuller as Graduate Assistant in Biology at a

salary of $2000 for the academic year 1961-62 (replacement

for Duke Drakulich).

Stanley Alonzo Pearl as Instructor in History and Political

Science at a salary of $5900 for the academic year 1961-62

(replacement for Charles Kunsman).

William Howard Tedford, Jr. as Graduate Assistant in Physics

at a salary of $2000 for the academic year 1961-62 (replace-

ment for Donald Goldschen).

Harumi Befu as Assistant Professor of Psychology, Sociology

and Anthropology at a salary of $6000 for the academic year

1961-62 (replacement for Arnold Strickon).

Lionel Stanley Lewis as Assistant Professor of Psychology,

Sociology and Anthropology at a salary of $6100 for the

academic year 1961-62 (new position).

Eileen Lee Halligan as Instructor in Mathematics at a salary

of $5600 for the academic year 1961-62 (new position).

Leaves of Absence, as follows:

J. Craig Sheppard, Professor of Art, for the academic year

1961-62, without pay, in order that he might study and do

creative painting in Paris. If granted sabbatical leave,

that leave arrangements would prevail.

Robert M. Gorrell, Professor of English, for the academic

year 1961-62, without pay, in order that he might accept a

Fulbright lectureship at the University of Helsinki in

Finland. If granted sabbatical leave, that leave arrange-

ments would prevail.


Appointments as follows:

Dean C. Fletcher as Allie M. Lee Research Professor of

Biological Science at a salary rate of $14,000 based on

twelve months' service, effective August 1, 1961 (new


George B. Maxey as Research Professor of Hydrology and

Geology at a salary of $10,000 for the year 1961-62 on

part-time basis, based on a salary rate of $15,000 for

full-time twelve months' service (new position).


Appointments as follows:

Robert Lee Autry, Jr. as Graduate Assistant in Secondary

Education at a salary of $2000 for the academic year 1961-62

(replacement for Theodore H. Moore).

E. M. Beesley, Professor of Mathematics - National Science

Foundation Summer Institute in Mathematics, Associate

Director except during the period from June 17 to July 29,

and Director during that period, May through August 1961 -


R. N. Thompson, Associate Professor of Mathematics, to

serve as Director of the National Science Foundation Summer

Institute in Mathematics and as Instructor in Mathematics

in the Summer Institute, at a total salary of $3000.

Mr. R. Demers, Instructor in Mathematics - National Science

Foundation Summer Institute in Mathematics, June and July

1961 - $1500.

A. J. King, Graduate Assistant in Mathematics - National

Science Foundation Summer Institute in Mathematics, June

and July - $600.

Hazel Grubbs, Lecturer in Education, main session, 1961

Summer session - $960.


Tenure as follows:

Helen J. Poulton, Agricultural Librarian and Assistant

Professor of Library Science, effective July 1, 1961.

Post-Retirement Appointments as follows:

Ruth A. Cutten, Binding Assistant, for one year, effective

July 1, 1961, with no change in salary.

James J. Hill as Science Librarian for one year as final

post-retirement appointment, at a salary of $8000 based on

twelve months' service (new position).


5 appointments in the evening division, Spring semester



Appointment as follows:

Argentina Logiakis Friedley as Instructor in Nursing at a

salary of $5016 for the academic year 1961-62 (new posi-


Leave of Absence, as follows:

Dorothy J. Button for the academic year 1961-62, without

pay, in order that she may spend the year obtaining a

Master's Degree in Nursing at the University of California

Medical Center Campus.

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Mr. Elwell, carried

unanimously that the personnel recommendations be approved.

24. Policy Statement re: Purchasing

A "Statement of Policy and Procedure for Purchasing at the

University of Nevada" had been prepared by Mr. Humphrey and

was distributed to the Regents with the recommendation by

Dr. Armstrong that it be approved. This policy statement

has been reviewed by the State Purchasing Agent and approv-

ed by him as complying with the spirit of the law creating

the State Purchasing Department.

Motion by Mr. Elwell, seconded by Mr. Broadbent, carried

unanimously that the policy statement be approved, with

certain minor corrections.

25. Intercollegiate Boxing

On April 19, 1961 at the regular ASUN Senate meeting the

present situation of Intercollegiate Boxing at the Univer-

sity of Nevada was discussed. The Senate voted unanimously

to accept the following motion: "The ASUN Senate recommends

to the Eligibility and Athletic Committee that Boxing as a

major sport at the University of Nevada be continued."

On May 3, the Eligibility and Athletic Committee met to

discuss the present and future status of Varsity Boxing at

the University of Nevada, and to discuss a policy concerning

Boxing. Letter from the Chairman of the Committee dated

May 4, 1961 contains the following: "In view of the caliber

of the schools with the California Intercollegiate Boxing

Conference, the 'soundness' of this conference with regard

to protective rules, and the general success of Boxing at

the University of Nevada, the Eligibility and Athletic

Committee recommends that the Varsity Boxing program be

continued, and that the University of Nevada accept the

invitation to join the California Intercollegiate Boxing

Conference." President Armstrong recommended approval.

Motion by Dr. Lombardi, seconded by Mr. Germain, carried

unanimously that Varsity Boxing be continued at the Univer-

sity of Nevada and that the recommendation that the Univer-

sity of Nevada join the California Intercollegiate Boxing

Conference be approved.

26. Certificate in Public Administration

The Academic Committee, in meeting of March 14, 1961, ap-

proved the Certificate in Public Administration Program,

designed primarily to provide a systematic less-than-degree

course of study for employees and Officers of Federal, State

and local government agencies in Nevada. President

Armstrong recommended approval by the Regents, effective in

the Fall semester, 1961.

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mrs. Magee, carried

unanimously that the Certificate in Public Administration

Program, above, be approved.

27. Citizens' Advisory Sub-Committee for Home Economics

President Armstrong recommended approval of the request of

Dean Adams and Dr. Horn that Mr. Frank Nelson, Manager of

Sears Roebuck Store, Reno, be appointed to the Committee

in place of Gary Adams, who resigned because he is moving

from Nevada.

Motion by Dr. Lombardi, seconded by Mr. Broadbent, carried

unanimously that the appointment be approved and that the

President be authorized to issue an invitation to Mr.


28. Residence Halls Rent

President Armstrong presented a request from the Office of

Student Services that all Residence Hall charges be made

$100 per semester instead of the current rate of $95 for

the old Halls and $100 for the new Residence Hall; and that

the present clause, "Members and pledges of fraternal organ-

izations who are required to take meals in the chapter house

may apply in the Office of Student Affairs for permission

to contract for room only. Students whose employment is

compensated partially by provision for meals may also apply

for this exception" be eliminated. Dr. Armstrong recommend-

ed approval.

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Dr. Anderson, carried

unanimously that the recommendations regarding Residence

Halls, above, be approved.

29. Resolution, Elwell

Regent Elwell discussed the following resolution and asked

that it be made part of the minutes of the meeting:


WHEREAS, the public school system in Clark County is

among the fastest growing in the United States, and

WHEREAS, the turnover of teachers has been a major and

continuing problem before the Board of Education, and

WHEREAS, the University of Nevada is constantly ex-

panding facilities for higher education at the Nevada

Southern Campus at Las Vegas, and

WHEREAS, a concentrated program of educating Clark

County residents at the Las Vegas Campus is to teach

in the public schools would lower substantially the

large turnover of elementary and high school teachers,


WHEREAS, the lack of these facilities in past years

has been responsible for many of the finest young

people in Clark County seeking higher education in

other States, NOW THEREFORE

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Regents of the

University of Nevada be recorded as favoring an ac-

celerated program of providing facilities on the

Nevada Southern Campus for degrees in Education as

well as in other fields for Nevada residents, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that copies of this resolution

be transmitted to members of the Legislative Commission

for the advice of the Nevada Legislature.

Motion by Dr. Lombardi, seconded by Mr. Germain, carried

unanimously that the Regents go on record as recognizing

the shortage of teachers annually in the Las Vegas area,

and want to do everything possible to try to keep Nevada

students in Nevada and to retain them as Nevada teachers.

30. National Conference of University Attorneys

Mr. Porter reported on the Conference, which he attended as

representative of the University. Mimeographed materials

from the meeting will be turned over to the University. It

was decided at the Conference to establish the group as a

permanent organization; a committee for constitution and by-

laws was appointed. Mr. Porter was elected to the Board of

Governors. Mr. Porter said that the group would welcome an

invitation to meet in Nevada, and he was authorized to ex-

tend an invitation.

31. Regents' Meetings

The next meeting was set for Saturday, June 3, 1961. The

following meeting will be held on Saturday, July 29, 1961

in Austin, Nevada. Regent Magee said there would be a

barbecue on Friday, July 28, so that the Regents could have

an opportunity to meet the residents of Austin and surround-

ing area.

The meeting adjourned at 1:35 P.M.

A. C. Grant


Alice Terry