UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
May 6-7, 1952

Volume 6 - Pages 359-360

                         May 6, 1952

The Executive Committee of the Board of Regents met in the
President's office on Tuesday, May 6, 1952.  The meeting was
called to order by Chairman Ross at 10:05 A.M.  Present:  Re-
gents Lombardi, Hardy, Ross; Comptroller Hayden and President

Dean Hutchison

    Dr. C. B. Hutchison, newly appointed Dean of Agriculture,
    came into the meeting to become acquainted with the members
    of the Executive Committee and to discuss his work.  In his
    discussion, he said he was thoroughly convinced that any Col-
    lege of Agriculture should be an integral part of a Univer-
    sity.  He recognized the necessity for separate budgets, but
    liked to feel that the College of Agriculture has 3 functions
    to perform:  (1) teaching students (2) research in Agricul-
    ture and related sciences (3) taking the knowledge to the
    rural people and translating it into usefulness into their

    Mr. Ross welcomed Dr. Hutchison on behalf of the Regents and
    said that they believe he is going to be of great help here.

Sheeketski Contract

    Mr. Love told of his telephone conversation with Attorney
    General Mathews concerning the Sheeketski contract.  The
    Attorney General ruled that the University has the right to
    use surplus funds in its revolving fund in connection with
    the Sheeketski contract.  The result of the conference with
    Mr. Sheeketski and his attorney, in which Mr. Arentz repre-
    sented the Board of Regents, was that $4700 be paid to Mr.
    Sheeketski upon signed agreement from Mr. Sheeketski that
    this, together with a guarantee from the Board of Regents
    that they would, in good faith, request the Legislature at
    its next session to appropriate $15,000 to complete payment
    of his contract.

    It was unanimously agreed that, having had this opinion from
    the Attorney General, Mr. Arentz, representing the Board of
    Regents, be authorized to meet with the Attorney General to
    draw up the agreement.  When this is completed and signed
    by Mr. Sheeketski, the Comptroller would be authorized to
    pay the sum of $4700 to him from the University Revolving

Architects - Student Union Building

    The State Planning Board, having given approval to 3 archi-
    tects for the proposed Student Union building, the Regents
    asked each to appear before them to discuss the possibility
    of their services in this connection.  Mr. Fred De Longchamps
    and Mr. Graham Erskine (firm of Ferris and Erskine) and Mr.
    Russell Mills came into the meeting individually.  Each was
    asked if he would be willing to submit (1) survey of the
    Campus for suitable sites (2) sketch of proposed building
    (3) cost figures per square foot, the total cost to be es-
    timated at $500,000, leaving $100,000 for furnishings, etc.
    Suggestion was made by the architects that the University
    consult with the local chaper of the American Institute of
    Architects to determine their regulations concerning pro-
    cedures in matters of this kind.

The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.