UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
May 6-7, 1919

Volume OE - Pages 207-216

                         Reno, Nevada
                         May 6, 1919

The regular Commencement meeting of the Board of Regents was
called to order on May 6, 1919, at 10:20 A.M. by Chairman Cheney.
Besides the Chairman and the President of the University, the
members present were:  Regents Hood, Curler, North and Pratt.

The minutes of the meeting of the Board of March 11 having been
presented to each member, the following amendment was offered
in the matter of the petition from the students relative to the
Hospital Association:  that there be added to paragraph one of
this petititon the following:  "provided the University shall
in no event be liable for medical service."

Discussion was opened on the entire matter of the Hospital As-
sociation, Regent Curler, who was not present at the meeting
adopting the resolutions, registering his objection to paragraph
12.  It was also suggested that paragraph 3 might be eliminated.

Following a rather full and detailed discussion Regent Curler
offered the following motion, that the resolution regarding the
Medical Association, as contained in the minutes of the meeting
of March 11, be rescinded.  Vote:

    Mrs. Hood            No
    Mr. Pratt            No
    Mr. Curler           Yes
    Mr. North            No
    Mr. Cheney           No

Motion stood not carried.

That the matter might be thought over further before other action
was taken, Judge Curler asked if it might be held over until the
afternoon.  At the request of Judge Curler, the Chairman stated
that the matter of further approval of the minutes was left over
until afternoon.

It was moved by Mr. Curler that the minutes of the various meet-
ings of the Executive Committee since the last meeting of the
Board of Regents (March 31 and April 30, 1919) having been read
and no objection appearing therein, be ordered to stand approved.
Motion carried.

A communication was presented from the U. S. Railroad Administra-
tion (Cir. No. P-12, dated March 3, 1919) relative to transporta-
tion requests for Pullman accommodations, and the same was order-
ed filed.

The President presented for recommendation for graduation a list
of all those who had been recommended by the general faculty as
having completed the work in the various Colleges and Schools
and who were entitled to degrees as follows:

    One Year Normal Diploma

        Mary Valerie Belli         Harry Louis Kessel
        Mary Pernette Browder      Valentine C. Olds
        Agnes Jensen

    Two Year Normal Diploma

        Claire Hofer               Mildred Twomey
        Ruth Elizabeth Leon        Inez Aleene Shirley (12/23/18)
        Louella Murray

    High School Diploma

        Laura Louise Ambler        Lawrence J. Hansen
        Mary Valerie Belli         Dorothy Blanche Higgins
        Mary Pernette Browder      Ruth Hurd La Kamp
        Freda Vesta Daoust         Evelyn Elizabeth La Kamp
        Marguerite Ellen Drumm     Anna Mildred Meskimons
        Edna Lisle Greenough       Freda Little Perrin
        Grace Adelaide Harris      Isabelle Slavin
        Evangeline Hale            Gertrude Webb


    Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

        Frank A. Harriman

    Bachelor of Science in Home Economics

        Evelyn Elizabeth La Kamp
        Anna Mildred Meskimons
        Gertrude Webb


    Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

        Harold Marshall Engle

    Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

        Harry C. Day

    Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

        Charles C. Gooding


    Bachelor of Science

        George H. Hopkins
        Isabelle Slavin

    Bachelor of Arts

        Laura Louise Ambler        Grace Adelaide Harris
        Mary Valerie Belli         Evangeline Hale
        Mary Pernette Browder      Lawrence J. Hansen
        Freda Vesta Daoust         Dorothy Blanche Higgins
        Marguerite Ellen Drumm     Ruth Hurd La Kamp
        Edna Lisle Greenough       Freda Little Perrin
                      Harry W. Stephens


        Jack Walter Pearson


        Marjorie Cowgill

It was moved by Regent Pratt that the list of names of graduates
as presented by the President and recommended by the faculty be
approved and the degrees and diplomas be granted as requested by
the President and faculty and the persons in the list be recom-
mended for graduation.  Motion carried, all voting aye.

The President stated to the members of the Board that the aca-
demic procession formed at 10 o'clock and requested the members
of the Board to be present.

The President reported to the Board that he had received an
application from Professor Boardman to be Dean of the College
of Engineering and that he was not yet ready to make a recom-
mendation.  Professor Boardman is Acting Dean at the present

A request was presented through the President from Miss Elsie
Sameth, Associate Professor of Physical Education for Women,
asking for leave of absence from July 1, 1919, for one year,
for the purpose of study at the University of Chicago.  The
President recommended the granting of such leave without pay
for the period asked for, one year from July 1, 1919.

It was moved by Regent Curler that the recommendation of the
President with respect to Miss Sameth be approved.  Vote:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mr. Curler           Aye
    Mr. North            Aye
    Mr. Cheney           Aye

The President stated in this connection that he was in the near
future going to make a recommendation to the Board for some type
of sabbatical leave for faculty members.  He was looking up the
action of the former Boards in regard to leaves of absence and
hopes to work out a satisfactory policy for adoption by the

Regent Hood stated that if it were consistent and possible it
would be a desirable thing if Miss Marjorie Cowgill might be
given a place in the Department of Physical Education.  The Pres-
ident stated that this was a matter for recommendation from the
Head of that Department and there being no such recommendation
on file, no action was taken.

The President presented recommendations from Dr. Records of the
Veterinary Department for salary increases to members of his
staff as follows:

    1.  That the salary of Dr. R. C. Louck, Pathologist to the
        State Veterinary Control Service, be increased from
        $2000 to $2200 per year, effective July 1, 1919.

    2.  That the salary of Dr. Stephen Lockett from the State
        Veterinary Control Fund be increased from $600 per
        year to $700 per year, effective July 1, 1919.

    3.  That the salary of Ruth Miller be increased on the
        Experiment Station Funds from $45 per month to $50 per
        month, effective July 1, 1919.

The President stated in connection with these salary increases
that he desired to present later a standardized general salary
list for increases for full Professors and for which increases
he had provided in his legislative request for the University.

It was moved by Regent North that the President's recommendation
in the cases of Drs. Louck and Lockett and Ruth Miller be approv-
ed.  Vote:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mr. Curler           Aye
    Mr. North            Aye
    Mr. Cheney           Aye

The President offered the following recommendations of additional
faculty members, giving in each case the academic and profession-
al record of each:

That Parry Borgstrom be appointed Instructor in Chemistry at
$1600 per year for instruction and that he be paid an addition-
al $50 per month for the months of June, July and August for soil
and water analysis, if he desired to carry on this work, his sal-
ary to begin July 1, 1919.

It was moved by Mrs. Hood that the President's recommendation in
regard to Mr. Borgstrom be approved.  Vote:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mr. Curler           Aye
    Mr. North            Aye
    Mr. Cheney           Aye

Chairman Cheney asked whether the University staff had been in-
creased or lessened in number since the University survey was
made and asked that the Board be furnished with the record of
the number of teaching hours of the various members of the

For Physical Director and Coach the President stated that the
Athletic Committee and student representatives had recommended
3 men, one of whom, Mr. Raymond O. Courtright, the President
saw while East, and whom he recommended at this time to be elect-
ed as Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Physical
Training for Men and Coach of Athletics at a salary of $2400 per
year, to begin July 1, 1919.

It was moved by Regent Pratt that the recommendation of the Pres-
ident in regard to Mr. Courtright be approved.  Vote:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mr. Curler           Aye
    Mr. North            Aye
    Mr. Cheney           Aye

That Mr. Gilbert Bruce Blair is elected Assistant Professor of
Physics at a salary of $1800 per year, beginning July 1, 1919.

It was moved by Mr. Curler that the President's recommendation
with respect to Mr. Blair be adopted.  Vote:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mr. Curler           Aye
    Mr. North            Aye
    Mr. Cheney           Aye

The President stated regarding the open position in the Depart-
ment of Romanic Languages that Mr. Schappelle had decided that
he would not return to the University, being at present somewhat
under obligations to remain at the University of Pennsylvania
and receiving considerably more salary than he would receive
here.  He placed before the Board the names of Mr. Emile Malakis
who had been highly recommended by Mr. Schappelle and who was at
present also at the University of Pennsylvania, and who was
willing to come as an Instructor for $1800, and Dr. William E.
Lowther.  The President gave the academic record of both of the
nominees for the position and gave the results of a conference
he had had with Mr. Lowther relative to the conditions under
which he would come and the reasons for Mr. Lowther's desire to
leave the Methodist Church, where he was pastor, to enter edu-
cational work here.  Regent North also made statement of his
knowledge of facts regarding Mr. Lowther, his work and his
reasons for applying at this time for the position open.  The
President did not make a recommendation, but left the decision
to the Board, who after rather full discussion, suggested through
the Chairman, that the matter be left to the President.

It was moved by Regent Curler that the matter of selecting one of
the two men before the Board, for the open position in the De-
partment of Romanic Languages be left to the President and that
he be authorized to make the selection and terms, but not to ex-
ceed the rank of Associate Professor and salary of $2500 per
year if Dr. Lowther be selected, or the rank of Instructor at
$1800 per year in case Mr. Malakis is selected.  Vote:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mr. Curler           Aye
    Mr. North            Aye
    Mr. Cheney           Aye

The President recommended for catalogue change that R. C. Louck
be made Assistant Professor of Veterinary Science in place of
Dr. Records, now known as Professor of Veterinary Science, the
field work required of Dr. Records being such that his time was
fully engaged.

It was moved by Regent Curler that the recommendation with re-
gard to Dr. Louck be approved.  Vote:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mr. Curler           Aye
    Mr. North            Aye
    Mr. Cheney           Aye

The President reported that one of his reasons for wishing to
appoint a Dean for Education soon had been that he might offer
suggestions regarding the Education building.  During his visit
in the East Commissioner Claxton had spoken to the President of
a Mr. F. B. Dresslar, a specialist on needs of School buildings
and details of construction of Teacher Training buildings, whose
services would be available for counseling with the Board of
Regents and architect on the construction of such a building
as the University was contemplating.  The President had written
Mr. Dresslar relative to the possibility of his coming to the
University of Nevada, but Mr. Dresslar had been ill and no
definite reply had yet come from him.

It was moved by Mr. Curler that the matter of arranging for Mr.
Dresslar to come and give advice concerning the new Teacher
Training building be referred to the Executive Committee with
power to act.  Motion carried.  Vote:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mr. Curler           Aye
    Mr. North            Aye
    Mr. Cheney           Aye

The President suggested to the Board that such changes in salary
of faculty members as were to become effective on July 1st next,
should be made now and said that he would present his recom-
mendations shortly.

The matter of the Hospital Association and compulsory medical
fee was again taken up and discussed, the Chairman of the Board
suggesting that any reference to any organization might be
eliminated and suggested that paragraph 2 might read -- "No stu-
dent shall be required to make payment who presents a request
from his parents or guardians at the time of registration that
such student shall be excused from payment of the fee."

President Clark stated that he was not ready at this time to
make a recommendation for the Deanship of the Educational Depart-
ment.  He gave a resume of the various men with whom he had been
in correspondence and whom he endeavored to see while East, nam-
ing the following men:  Professor Jones, Hall, Davis and Stout.
He hoped to be able to see the various candidates when he went
East in the Fall and hoped to make his recommendation then.  He
recommended at this time Miss Abbie Louise Day to be made Profes-
sor of Education at a salary of $2750 to begin July 1, 1919.

It was moved by Mrs. Hood that the President's recommendation
be approved and that Miss Abbie Day be made Professor of Educa-
tion at $2750 per year, beginning July 1, 1919.  Motion carried,
vote standing:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mr. Curler           Aye
    Mr. North            Aye
    Mr. Cheney           Aye

Papers pertaining to the reimbursement of contributors to the
President's house were called to the attention of the Board, it
having appeared that a number of such contributors had assigned
their contributions to Dr. Stubbs, former President, for col-
lection and use as a loan fund to students.  The Attorney Gen-
eral had handed down an opinion that as no such collection had
ever been made in the past, the University had no interest in
the matter now.  The Chairman stated that as the University had
no interest in this matter, there was no need for action.

A claim from the War Department for $155.77 to account for dis-
crepancies on the rechecked physical inventory was presented,
the same being for shortages of military equipment issued to
the University from 1916.  The War Department asked adjustment
that a clearance might be issued to the University.  The Pres-
ident recommended the appropriation for this purpose from the
Regents' Contingent Fund of the amount $155.77 to clear out the

It was moved by Regent Pratt that the appropriation of $155.77
for the missing property on the rechecked physical inventory
of the U. S. Department be paid from the Regents' Contingency

Regent Curler asked concerning some method of advertising the
University, the idea of having post cards having been suggested
to him.

The President stated that the new Committee on High School Re-
lationship had in hand the matter of publicity for the Univer-
sity and outlined some of this Committee's plans for getting
into closer touch with the high schools.

The Board recessed at 1 o'clock.

The Board of Regents reassembled at 3:35 with all members of the
morning session and President Clark present.

The matter of the Hospital Association resolutions was taken up
and Mr. Curler moved that the resolutions be amended as follows:

    That paragraph 3 be omitted from the resolutions as sug-

    That paragraph 2 be made to read "That a hospital fee could
    fairly be exacted only from students who were away from home
    and should not be required of those living in Reno or Sparks
    or who at the time of registration present written request
    from their parents or guardians that they shall not pay this
    hospital fee" etc.

    That paragraph 12 should be eliminated.

It was moved and seconded that the resolution as amended be ap-
proved.  Motion carried, all voting aye.

The question of the location of the new Teacher Training building
was brought up and State Architect De Longchamps invited to ap-
pear before the Board with drawings which he had prepared.  Mr.
De Longchamps presented to the Board drawings of 3 plans for the
Campus.  These plans were discussed.

It was moved by Regent North that the plan submitted by architect
De Longchamps this date, known as PLAN No. 3, for the location of
buildings upon the quadrangle of the Campus be adopted and that
the Teacher Training building be located according to that plan.
Vote carried:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mr. Curler           Aye
    Mr. North            Aye
    Mr. Cheney           Aye

The matter of a budget system was brought up by the Board and the
President stated that such a system had been in operation accept-
ably at the University for the past year and a half.

The President presented to the Board a statement of the settle-
ment for the soldier training at the University, as follows and
suggested that the balance should be put to the credit of the
Contingent Fund:

    First & Second Detachments
        Receipts                        $20,032.66
        Disbursements                    10,688.55
        Balance - Credit                  9,344.10

    Section A
        Receipts                        $ 8,925.37
        Disbursements                     4,484.75
        Balance - Credit                  4,440.62

    Section B
        Receipts                        $20,708.92
        Disbursements                    23,949.07
        Balance - Debit                   3,240.15

        Receipts                        $49,666.94
        Disbursements                    39,122.37
        Balance - Debit                   3,240.15
        Balance - Credit                 13,784.72

    Net Balance                         $10,544.57

Regent North made some suggestions on the advisability of ad-
vertising the University of Nevada through the climatic condi-
tions here and the program for publicity was informally discussed
at some length though no action taken.

There being no further business, the meeting recessed to meet on
Thursday, May 29th, at 1:30 P.M.

                             A. E. Cheney