UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
May 4-5, 1889


Volume OB - Pages 75-79

                           May 4th, 1889

Board met.  Present George and Fish, and President Brown.

Communication of Professor Kupper read and considered.  Rules and

Regulations for government of faculty and students, considered,

amended, adopted.

Ordered that President Brown, Professor Kupper, and Regent Fish

be a committee to arrange for Commencement exercises.

Ordered that President Brown be granted leave of absence to

attend exercises at West Point.

Ordered that President Brown collect bill against Janitor Kendall

for the sum of $13.41 and expend same for incidental expenses of

his Office.

            The following rules were adopted:

     The faculty shall consist of the President and the

     Professors so nominated by the Board of Regents.

     The instructions and government of the students shall be

     entrusted to the faculty.  The assignment of Professors

     and Instructors to their work shall be vested in the


     The enforcement of all rules and regulations concerning

     the government of the University shall be in the hands of

     the President.

     All questions of general concern shall be decided by a

     person not of the faculty.  All matters of special concern

     to any Department shall be entrusted to the Professor

     in charge, who shall make report to the President upon

     any matters connected to his Department whenever requested

     to do so.

                General Requirements of Admission:

     No applicant under fifteen years of age will be admitted

     to this institution.

     Applicants will first present themselves to the President

     and furnish him with satisfactory evidence of good moral

     character, furnish certification of honorable dismissal

     from the institution they last attended.

     Applicants for admission into any of the regular University

     courses or for admission into the Normal or Business

     must pass, under the Professor in charge of the respective

     studies, satisfactory examinations upon all studies required

     for admission into such course.

     Candidates for advanced standing must pass satisfactory

     examinations under the respective Professors upon all work

     completed by the class they wish to enter.

     Having fulfilled the above requirements the applicant will

     be required to sign the rules and regulations, and furnish

     endorsement of same by parent or guardian.

            Rules and Regulations Governing Students:

     Students will preserve uniform good manners and behavior

     on the University grounds.  They will be quiet and orderly

     in the halls and all parts of the buildings, and shall be

     regular and punctual in attendance.  Unexcused absence

     will exclude a student from all exercises.

     Tardiness is not permitted; the third offense may be

     reported to the faculty for suspension.

     A student who is habitually inattentive or careless in

     his work, or who repeatedly fails in recitation may be

     suspended or dropped by the faculty.

     Students who do not room with their parents or legal

     guardians will be considered Boarders and in addition to

     the above rules will be subject to the following:

               Rules and Regulations for Boarders:

     Boarders shall consult the President or Protectress

     regarding the selection of boarding places.

     Boarders shall not be absent from their boarding places

     in the evening without permission of the President or


     All Boarders shall present monthly reports of conduct,

     signed by the persons with whom they board.

     All promotions shall be dependent upon examinations and

     the judgment of the Professors may modify the actual result

     of such examinations whenever justice does not seem done


     A student who "fails" in any study is dropped from the

     class in which he fails.  Students "conditioned" in any

     study or in any part of any study, are required to pass

     another examination in study for pass at such time as the

     Professor in charge may designate.  If success does not

     attend the second examination the work is counted as a


     A student who is conditioned in three or fails in two stud-

     ies forfeits his place in his class and shall be remanded to

     a lower class, or shall be denied the privileges of the

     University for the ensuing term, at the discretion of the


     No student conditioned in any study will be permitted, the

     ensuing term, to take more than the regular work of his


     Unexcused absence from any regular examinations is counted

     as a failure therein.

                     By Laws, Regular Meeting:

     The faculty shall hold meetings regularly at 3:30 P.M.

     on the first and third Fridays of each calendar month.

     Every literary exercise to be presented at a public meeting,

     or any matter to be printed for circulation, must first be

     submitted to the faculty.

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned.

                             E. T. George

                             H. L. Fish

                             Regents of the University of Nevada

Geo. H. Taylor