UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
May 2-3, 1891


Volume OB - Pages 128-131

                        Reno, Nevada

                        May 2, 1891

At a regular meeting of the Board of Regents held at the

University building this day the following members were present:

E. T. George, R. K. Colcord, J. D. Torreyson, J. W. Haines, and

H. L. Fish.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Upon motion the following order of business was adopted.

                      Order of Business

                 1.  Call Meeting to Order

                 2.  Reading of Minutes

                 3.  Reading of Trial Balances

                 4.  Allowing of Claims

                 5.  Communications

                 6.  Unfinished Business

                 7.  New Business

Upon motion, it was ordered that $2,000.00 be appropriated from

State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College Fund

for books for the general Library which are to be purchased by

the President.

Upon motion, the Board was deferred so as to give the President

time to present what is wanted in regard to catalogue and then

be acted on by the Board in official capacity.

The following claims were allowed:

         J. W. Haines             Traveling Exp      32.00

         J. D. Torreyson          Traveling Exp      14.00

         R. K. Colcord            Traveling Exp      18.00

         J. M. Neall              Salary             25.00

         S. A. Jones              Salary            108.33

         M. W. Emery              Salary            154.16

         Geo. H. Taylor           Salary             25.00

         S. G. Kendall            Salary             75.00

         Mrs. R. Barney           Salary             35.00

         Robert Lewers            Salary             50.00

         D. Mc Kay                Salary             45.00

         S. Durkee                Salary             20.00

         Reno Mill & Lumber Co.   Bldg & Repairs     16.58

         Reno Water Co.           Water Fuel Gas     28.00

         J. H. Clark              Furn & Fixt         4.00

         S. H. Carpenter          Bldg & Repairs      6.38

         W. O. H. Martin          App Supplies       27.80

         A. A. Manning            Plumbing           22.50

         A. A. Manning            App Supplies       34.50

         C. J. Brooking           State P. Post      35.55

         A. Carlisle & Co.        Furn & Fixt        22.60

         E. C. Sessions           Furn & Fixt        32.25

                           Total                   $831.65

The following claims were allowed against the University

Agricultural and Mechanical College Fund:

         Robert Lewers            Salary            100.00

         Miss H. K. Clapp         Salary            141.66

         W. Mc N. Miller          Salary            166.66

         R. D. Jackson            Salary            166.66

         S. A. Jones              Salary            108.33

         J. M. Neall              Salary             75.00

         S. A. Jones              First Day Exp      24.80

         Geo. H. Taylor           First Day Exp      68.05

         John Taylor & Co.        Chem Supp           6.00

         James W. Queen & Co.     Chem Supp         268.96

         Whitall Tatum & Co.      Chem Supp         200.00

         Bausch & Lomb Opt.       Chem Supp         338.53

         Elmer P. Snead           Chem Supp          41.79

         E. N. Cook & Co.         Chem Supp          36.00

         D. Van Nostrand          Text & Ref Books   33.47

         The Scientific Pub. Co.  Text & Ref Books   11.02

                              Total              $1,786.93

It was ordered that the salary of Donald Mc Kay be raised to $65

per month if he will stay and perform the work satisfactory to

the Superintendent.

Upon motion, the former appropriation of $30.00 for the purchase

of the refrigerator to be used in kitchen was reconsidered and

raised to $50.00 and Mr. J. W. Haines was deputed to purchase

same as soon as possible.

It was ordered the J. W. Phillips requisition for $2,000.00

worth of supplies be allowed and same to be paid out of the

College funds.

Upon motion the plans made by Professor R. D. Jackson were

approved, specifications ordered prepared by Regents Fish,

Torreyson and Colcord and advertisements be inserted for bids

for the erection of a building as per plans and specifications

in two papers in each of the following towns:  Virginia City,

Carson City and Reno.

Moved that the site selected by Regents Colcord and Fish be

accepted as the place to build new building.

It was ordered that $750.00 be appropriated from the State Fund

for the building of a suitable house for the farmer.

Regent Fish was ordered to obtain a suitable case or shelving for

the purpose of keeping the "Reno Journal" at a cost not to exceed

$50.00 and same to be paid from College funds.

It was ordered the Professor W. Mc N. Miller's requisition for

$600.00  worth of supplies be allowed, same to be paid from the

College funds.

At the adjourned meeting held in the First National Bank at

7:00 P. M. the following business was transacted.

No further business appearing the Board adjourned.

                             E. T. George


R. C. Moore

Acting Secretary