UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
May 1-2, 1908


Volume OD - Pages 41-47

                         Reno, Nevada

                         May 1, 1908

The Board of Regents met at 10 o'clock A.M., Friday, May 1, 1908,

at their office in Morrill Hall, all members of the Board and

the President of the University being present.

President Stubbs read his report, which was ordered recorded in

the Regents minutes as follows:

                                            May 1, 1908

To the Members of the

    Board of Regents,

        University of Nevada,

            Reno, Nevada


The Mackay Mining building and the quadrangle will be almost com-

pleted by the 15th of May.  The equipment furnished by the Li-

brary Bureau will probably be here by the 20th to the 25th of

May.  The statue was shipped from New York on the 23rd of April

and as soon as it comes it will be put in place just in time for

the unveiling on June 10th.

On Tuesday, April 28th, there was a strike of all the men on the

Mackay Mining building and the bricklayers upon the quadrangle.

It seems that the Union men agreed to work with the non-Union

plumbers who were putting in the pipes on the quadrangle four

days and no longer, this being considered ample time to put in

the pipes.  These plumbers were not quite through on Tuesday

morning and went to work upon the quadrangle.  The Union men,

thinking there was in this a movement to compel the Union and

the non-Union men to work together, struck.  On Tuesday evening

I met the Executive Committee of the Building and Trades Section

of the Central Trades and Labor Council, and asked them to permit

their men to go to work and finish the Mackay building and the

work upon the quadrangle, stating my reasons therefor.  I was

gratified on Wednesday morning to find that they had come back

to work, and they will finish the Mackay building and the quad-

rangle, provided we allow no non-Union men on the contract work

as long as the Union men are at work.  This, of course, I agreed


I beg leave to submit the following resolution and recommend its

adoption by the Board:

    RESOLVED, that on and after the first of May each year, no

    changes will be made in the faculty of this University ex-

    cept by the concurrent consent of both parties, the Presi-

    dent and Regents of the University, and the Instructor.

    The object of his resolution is to prevent any resignation

    of any member of the faculty of this University after May

    first of each year, except by consent of both parties.  The

    President should not be subjected to the necessity of hunt-

    ing for a Professor in the Department for the ensuing year

    after the first of May, unless the President and the Profes-

    sor are agreed about making the change.

In a letter from Mr. Mackay, under date of April 13th, he ex-

preses himself as follows:

    I have your letter of the 6th, and I note that you state

    that the total amount appropriated by the Legislature for

    furnishing and equipping the Mackay building will not ex-

    ceed the sum of $11,208.  As you are aware, it has been my

    mother's and my intention to build and equip the School of

    Mines -- as well as laying out the grounds according to my

    letter of March 16th -- and on completion to turn everything

    over free of cost to the University.  Over and above this I

    have agreed, according to my letter of May 13th, 1907, to

    donate the yearly sum of $6,000 for a period of five years,

    on completion of the building, which sum you assured me

    would be the means of establishing a thoroughly efficient

    and competent staff.

    In view of the wish that we have expressed, I am writing

    to say that my mother and I will be willing to assume this

    item of $11,208, which was to be applied for the furnishing

    and equipping of the Mackay building, provided that it meets

    with the approval of the University authorities and the mem-

    bers of the Legislature.  Will you please advise me of the

    decision that has been reached regarding this matter?

This generous offer on the part of Mr. Mackay and his mother will

be appreciated and accepted, no doubt, by the Regents and the

Legislature.  I think it will be well for the Regents to make

some acknowledgment in a letter to Mr. Mackay, or to make it when

Mr. Mackay comes to the University at Commencement time.  I would

suggest that the Regents ask the Legislature at its session in

1909 to appropriate this sum of $11,208 for the continuance of

the improvements of the grounds, so that this additional gift of

Mr. Mackay and his mother is devoted to the same splendid pur-


I have thought it would be a good plan if the University could

obtain the use of a good tent that would seat at least two thou-

sand people for the Commencement Exercises; to place the tent

upon the Campus just north of the Chemistry building so that it

will face the Mackay Mining building and the Mackay statue.  I

will know in the course of a week or two whether we can accom-

plish this.

The following program of addresses is suggested for Commencement


    On Wednesday morning we will have the Commencement address

    by Colonel George Harvey; following this we will have no

    scholarship address, but simply the giving of the scholar-

    ships by some member of the Board of Regents; then the

    address by Mr. Mackay dedicating the Mackay Mining building

    and unveiling the statue; have the statue accepted in a

    brief speech by the Governor of the State, or his represent-

    ative; and have it then accepted by the Chairman of the Board

    of Regents for the University; have the Mackay Mining build-

    ing accepted in a few words by each member of this Board,

    followed by an address ten minutes in length by the Head of

    the Mining School; this to be followed by a ten-minute ad-

    dress by Judge Norcross for the Alumni.  Perhaps we ought

    to invite Mr. Sam Davis to say a few words, especially in

    acceptance of the statue, for in the beginning he did a

    great deal toward securing the statue for the State.  I will

    see what Mr. Mackay says in respect to this part of the pro-

    gram.  At the conclusion of these Exercises and after ad-

    journment, the members of the faculty are talking about giv-

    ing a banquet to Mr. Mackay and his party in the University

    Dining Hall and to the Alumni, the Regents and the mining

    men of the State.  The only question will be to keep the

    number within proper limits.

On April 11th, 1908, I received a confidential letter (in common

with the other Presidents of State Universities) from Charles R.

Van Heise, President of the National Association of State Univer-

sities.  This letter called attention to the points brought out

at our meeting in Chicago on the 23rd of January.  In this letter

President Van Heise said that after some correspondence between

President Prichett and himself they arranged a compromise plan by

which the State Universities would be recognized for a period of

ten years, it being the expectation that the States themselves

would provide funds after that time.

When the tentative plan was submitted to Mr. Carnegie, it was

not satisfactory; that is, he desired if the State Universities

were recognized by the Foundation that this be done permanently.

President Pritchett explained to Mr. Carnegie that the funds of

the Foundation were not adequate to do this.  The result was

that Mr. Carnegie agreed to add sufficiently to the funds of the

Foundation to include the State Universities permanently.

Under date of April 16th, 1908, I have a letter from President

Van Heise signed by Henry S. Pritchett, which says:

    Dear President Van Heise,

    A meeting of the Trustees of the Carnegie Foundation for

    the Advancement of Teaching has been called for the seventh

    of May.  At this meeting Mr. Carnegie's proposal will be

    definitely accepted and immediately thereafter the conditions

    upon which the State Universities may apply to the Carnegie

    Foundation will be announced.  These conditions will include

    compliance with the same academic standards as in the case

    of other Institutions.  Further than this it will be neces-

    sary simply for State Institutions to apply in accordance

    with the terms of Mr. Carnegie's letter of gift through the

    Governing Boards.  They will be the Regents of this Univer-

    sity.  The application is to be approved by the Governor and

    the Legislature.  If the Legislature is not sitting, the

    Executive Committee of the Carnegie Foundation will be auth-

    orized to place on the retiring list such Professors as may

    be recommended from Institutions which are otherwise eligible

    and in which the application is approved by the Governor.

We have already learned from the public Press that Mr. Carnegie

has given five million dollars to the Carnegie Foundation for

the benefit of the State Universities.  I have made acknowledg-

ment of Mr. Carnegie's wise, generous gift both to Mr. Carnegie

and to Mr. H. S. Pritchett.

Besides other benefits this Foundation provides retiring allow-

ances for Professors in State Universities who have reached the

age of sixty-five years.  It also provides retiring allowances

for those who have served in a University capacity for a period

of twenty-five years.  I will lay before the Board further com-

munication on this subject from time to time.

                             Respectfully submitted,

                             J. W. Stubbs


Upon motion of Regent Lewers, seconded by Regent Henderson, the

offer of Mr. Clarence H. Mackay in a letter to President Stubbs

to donate funds to furnish and equip the Mackay Mining building

be accepted, and the President of the University was requested,

on behalf of the Regents, to acknowledge in befitting terms, this

most munificent gift.

Minutes of meeting held April 3rd were read, and upon motion


Claims were allowed from the several funds as follows:

    Contingent Fund and Interest Account

        Reno Evening Gazette                   $  17.00

        Nevada Transfer Co.                       44.88

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.               3.65

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.               2.62

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.              52.57

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.             225.00

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.               2.60

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.              32.00

        The Baker & Taylor Co.                    12.25

        Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co.          4.20

        University of Chicago Press                5.00

        H. S. Crocker Co.                          6.00

        J. E. Souchereau                           6.45

        C. B. Henderson                           68.90

        First National Bank, Elko                100.00

        Bennett's Magazine Agency                 11.95

        Reno Power Light & Water Co.              75.00

        Payroll for April                       2383.36

        Student Payroll for April                223.95

                                    Total      $3277.38

    Cement Walks

        W. H. Blalock                          $ 235.00

    A & M College - Morrill Fund

        Porteous Decorating Co.                $    .85

        Gray, Reid Wright Co.                      5.25

        California Electrical Works               12.78

        C. W. Marwedel                             2.56

        The Frasso Co.                            12.75

        A. E. Hackett                              3.25

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.              20.73

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.               3.30

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.               1.56

        Reno Mercantile Co.                        4.70

        Spencer Lens Co.                           5.72

        Boston Cooking School Magazine             1.00

        Payroll for April                       2479.51

                                    Total      $2553.96

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned, to meet

Tuesday, June 9th, 1908.

                             Oscar J. Smith


Geo. H. Taylor