System Administration, Las Vegas

5550 W. Flamingo Road, Suite C-1, Conference Room

Las Vegas, NV 89103

April 30, 2012


Video or Telephone Conference Connection to:

System Administration, Reno

2601 Enterprise Road, Conference Room


Great Basin College, Elko

1500 College Parkway, Berg Hall Conference Room



Members Present:        Dr. Jason Geddes, Chair                     {Reno}

Mr. Kevin J. Page, Vice Chair

Mr. Mark Alden

Mr. Robert Blakely

Mr. Cedric Crear

Dr. Mark W. Doubrava

Mr. Ron Knecht

Mr. James Dean Leavitt

Mr. Kevin C. Melcher

Dr. Jack Lund Schofield

Mr. Rick Trachok                                {Reno}

Mr. Michael B. Wixom


Members Absent:        Dr. Andrea Anderson


Others Present:            Chancellor Daniel J. Klaich

Chief of Staff & Special Counsel to the Board, Scott Wasserman

Director of Government Relations, Renee Yackira

Interim Chief Counsel, Brooke Nielsen

System Counsel, Henry Stone

President Michael D. Richards, CSN

President Stephen G. Wells, DRI

President Lynn Mahlberg, GBC

President Bart Patterson, NSC

President Maria C. Sheehan, TMCC


President Neal J. Smatresk, UNLV

President Marc Johnson, UNR

President Carol A. Lucey, WNC        {Reno}

Ms. Christine Casey, NSHE

Mr. John Kuhlman, NSHE

Mr. Steve Bates, NSC

Dr. Erica Beck, NSC

Dr. Andy Kuniyuki, NSC

Mr. Buster Neel, NSC

Dr. Spencer Stewart, NSC

Dr. Mark A Curtis

Dr. Lonnie Hammargren


Also present was faculty senate chair Dr. Robin Herlands, NSC.  Student government leader present was Mr. Deuvall Dorsey, NSSA President, NSC. 


Chair Geddes called the meeting to order on Monday, April 30, 2012, at 10:00 a.m. with all members present except Regents Anderson, Crear and Knecht.  Chair Geddes asked that Regent Page manage the meeting from the Las Vegas location.


  1. Public Comment – Dr. Andy Kuniyuki, Interim Dean, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, NSC, thanked the members of the Regents’ Committee who served on the NSC President Search Committee, along with the search firm that presented great candidates.  He felt the choice of Mr. Bart Patterson as the President-Elect of NSC was the right one. 


Regent Knecht entered the meeting.


Dr. Robin Herlands, Faculty Senate Chair and tenured track professor at NSC, explained that the faculty senate advocated for an academic as president.  Over the course of the process it was surprising that the choice was to go with someone who did not have a Ph.D.  The faculty became open-minded about this over time.  Dr. Herlands believed that Mr. Patterson represents all that NSC needs in an exemplary fashion.  The entire Institutional Advisory Committee rallied around Mr. Patterson as the person to lead NSC.  That decision was based on his integrity, shared governance, transparency and his incredible commitment to the NSC mission. 


Dr. Herlands felt the interview process was very informative and eye-opening.  Reviewing qualified people on paper is different than the in-person interview.  It was an easy decision in the end because it was obvious that Mr. Patterson is committed to the NSC mission and would be the best fit.  Dr. Herlands said the College is happy and excited about moving forward with Mr. Patterson as President of NSC.  She expressed appreciation for the time the Regents spent on the NSC Search process.


  1. Approved–Appointment of President, GBC   The Board approved the contract and appointment of Dr. Mark A. Curtis as President of Great Basin College (Ref. BOR-2 on file in the Board office)


Regent Page thanked the Regents who served on the GBC President Search Committee. 


Regent Melcher, Chair of the GBC President Search Committee, introduced Dr. Mark A. Curtis, President-Elect of GBC, and welcomed him to the meeting.  Regent Melcher extended his appreciation to all those who took part in the GBC meetings.  He added that the community is extremely excited about Dr. Curtis and he is confident that Dr. Curtis is the best fit for GBC.  Regent Melcher felt that the search consultant, Ms. Marti Cizek, brought forth excellent candidates. 


Mr. Scott Wasserman, Chief of Staff to the Board of Regents, explained the timeline and process that took place for the GBC President Search.


Mr. Daniel J. Klaich, Chancellor, felt that Ms. Cizek was very communicative and produced excellent candidates.  He hoped to use her services in the future. 


Chancellor Klaich explained the terms of the contract for Dr. Curtis as President of Great Basin College for a three year period beginning July 1, 2012.  (Terms and conditions on file the Board office.)


Regent Melcher moved approval of the contract and appointment of Dr. Mark A. Curtis as President of Great Basin College.  Regent Wixom seconded.  Upon a roll call vote the motion carried.  Regents Anderson and Crear were absent.


Chancellor Klaich expressed his appreciation to Ms. Lynn Mahlberg who stood in as GBC Interim President during this period.  Interim President Mahlberg said she enjoyed the time she served and thanked the staff at GBC for their support.


  1. Approved–Appointment of President, NSC - The Board approved the contract and appointment of Mr. Bart Patterson as President of Nevada State College (Ref. BOR-3 on file in the Board office).


Regent Page thanked the Regents who served on the NSC President Search Committee. 


Mr. Scott Wasserman explained the timeline and process that took place for the NSC President Search.


Regent Alden said it was a privilege to Chair the NSC President Search Committee and thanked the Regents and Institutional Advisory Committee who served.  Regent Alden recommended, unequivocally, Mr. Patterson as president of Nevada State College.

3.        Approved–Appointment of President, NSC(continued)


                                                            Regent Alden moved approval of the

                                                            contract and appointment of Mr. Bart                       

Patterson as President of Nevada State College.  


Regent Crear joined the meeting by telephone.


Chancellor Klaich stated that there was a rich discussion for choosing the final NSC candidate by the Regents.  He listened carefully when Regent Schofield reiterated what Mr. Patterson said during his interview – that was, “I just love those kids” – which was the message that came through for Mr. Patterson. 


Chancellor Klaich explained the terms of the contract for Mr. Patterson as President of Nevada State College effective immediately.  (Terms and conditions on file in the Board office.)      


Regent Knecht seconded.   


Regent Doubrava was impressed with the search process and felt that it produced amazing candidates.  He remembered the discussions the Institutional Advisory Committee shared with the Regents about the importance of scholarship, academia, and sensitivity regarding tenured positions.  He can appreciate the Institutional Advisory Committee changing their mind and embracing Mr. Patterson, and the fantastic job Mr. Patterson has done as Interim President.  However, Regent Doubrava felt he had to answer to his constituents in the district and he was not prepared to depart from the traditionalist value of having a Ph.D., or the experience of having been a dean or a provost.  While he will support Mr. Patterson, NSC and its mission, he cannot support the recommendation.   


Regent Crear does not believe it is mandatory to be a dean or provost as a qualification to become president.  In regard to understanding the process within academia, Regent Crear felt another candidate was very impressive. In terms of the context for this particular job, Mr. Patterson has done everything possible for the System.    Regent Crear felt that Mr. Patterson will do a fantastic job.  He has worked hard and has made accomplishments in six months as Interim President.  Regent Crear thought the search process was done very well.


Regent Melcher felt that not every good professor has made a good administrator and not every good administrator was a good professor.  There are roles in life to find a niche.  He encouraged a show of unity by the Board for the democratic process.  


Regent Wixom said the process is a challenge.  He agreed that there was another impressive candidate.  He explained that the Regents are looking at NSC as an extraordinary institution with an extraordinary future and role to play.  Moving forward the Regents are looking for ideas, thoughtful consideration of retention, graduation rates, reaching out to all parts of the community, and trying to make

3.        Approved–Appointment of President, NSC(continued)


NSC an institution that can do great things.  Regent Wixom did not want that meaningful, rich discussion at the President Search Committee meeting to get lost in the process because important statements were made by Regents Doubrava and Crear.  He asked that NSC not lose track of that message.  Regent Wixom stated that he will wholeheartedly and enthusiastically support Mr. Patterson.


Regent Schofield agreed that while there was another very impressive candidate, Mr. Patterson is what is needed at NSC at this point in time. 


Regent Blakely felt that NSC is a great beneficiary to receive Mr. Patterson as their next President.


Regent Alden said the beauty of the search process was to express different ideas.  He wanted it clear that the right decision was made.  NSC has a star in Mr. Patterson.


Regent Knecht thought that while there was more than one impressive candidate and the decision was difficult, he was able to resolve the tie by listening to the Institutional Advisory Committee. 


                                                            Upon a roll call vote the motion carried.  Regent Doubrava voted no.  Regent Anderson was absent.


President Patterson thanked Dr. Herlands for her work as the Chair of NSC Faculty Senate and the Chair of the Faculty Senate Chairs.  He introduced the 2012-2013 NSC Student Body President Mr. Deuvall Dorsey. 


President Patterson said it was a challenge sitting as NSC’s Interim President.  He appreciated all the comments that were made by the Regents and the challenges that were issued, but he assured the Board that NSC and he are ready for the challenge.  President Patterson is proud of what NSC achieved under difficult circumstances and proud of the faculty, staff and community leaders for their support.  President Patterson is humbled to have the Boards’ confidence as he moves forward. 


  1. Information–New Business – Regent Crear said that at one time the Board decided that interim presidents could not be considered as candidates for the permanent position.  This rule was not enforced.  From sitting on two president searches recently, Regent Crear felt that allowing the interim president as a candidate discouraged other candidates from applying.  He requested having a serious review of the policy and suggested that interim candidates not be allowed to be part of the search process.    


Regent Page indicated that the search process will be reviewed at one of the upcoming meetings. 

4.         Information–New Business(continued)


Regent Alden is concerned with the interim not being able to apply.  He felt the Institutional Advisory Committees needs to be smaller.  Regent Alden thought the full Board should have an opportunity to interview the candidates.  He would like to see a minimum of 10 candidates with a maximum of 14, and from those candidates, six to eight should be interviewed.  Regent Crear agreed that the full Board should be involved in the process. 


Regent Melcher recommended consulting with the search consultants and the Institutional Advisory Committees that were used for UNR, GBC and NSC for suggestions on how they feel the process could improve.  He asked about a consideration of a legislative change to the Open Meeting Law to make searches more practical and to solve some logistical issues resulting from the Open Meeting Law. 


  1. Information–Public Comment – Regent Geddes thanked each Chair on the UNR, GBC and NSC President Searches and the staff for their hard work. 


Meeting adjourned at 11:14 a.m.


            Prepared by:                Nancy Stone

Special Assistant and Coordinator

to the Board of Regents


            Submitted by:             Scott G. Wasserman

Chief of Staff and Special Counsel

to the Board of Regents




Approved by the Board of Regents at its August 24, 2012, special meeting.