UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
Western Nevada Community College, Fallon Campus
Rooms 302-304, Stillwater Hall
160 Campus Way, Fallon
April 30- May 1, 1998

Members Present:

Dr. Jill Derby, Chair

Mr. Mark Alden

Ms. Shelley Berkley

Mrs. Thalia Dondero

Dr. James Eardley

Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

Mr. Madison Graves, II

Mr. David Phillips

Mrs. Nancy Price

Mr. Howard Rosenberg

Mr. Tom Wiesner

Others Present:

Chancellor Richard Jarvis

Vice Chancellor Tom Anderes

Vice Chancellor Jane Nichols

Asst. General Counsel Mary Dugan

President Richard Moore, CCSN

President James Taranik, DRI

President Ronald Remington, GBC

President John Richardson, TMCC

President James Randolph, WNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President Carol Harter, UNLV

Secretary Mary Lou Moser

Chair Derby called the meeting to order at 1:20 p.m. on April 30, 1998, with all members present except Regent Phillips.

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairs Mr. J. Scott Wiley, System Administration; Ms. Marilee Kuhl, GBC; Dr. Lonnie Pippin and Dr. Kenneth McGwire, DRI; Dr. Doris Dwyer, WNCC; Dr. Maria Teirumniks, TMCC; Dr. Duane Garner, UNR; Dr. Royse Smith, CCSN; and Mr. William G. Culbreth, UNLV. Student government leaders present were Mr. Tedd Girouard and Mr. Kevin Webb, GSA-UNLV; Mr. Mike Walker, TMCC; Mr. Doug Flowers and Ms. Amber Joiner, UNR; Ms. Damita Jo Halcromb, WNCC; Mr. Will Price, UNLV; Ms. Liza Micheli, GBC; Mr. Albert Van Geelen and Mr. Otto MacLin, GSA-UNR; and Mr. Curtis Jay, CCSN.

1. Introductions - President Randolph introduced WNCC's new Faculty Senate Chair, Dr. Doris Dwyer, and the new dean of Student Services/Registrar, SuZan Harper who joins WNCC from Texas. Dr. Derby introduced Dr. John Ellerton a regent candidate from Las Vegas. President Harter introduced the new Faculty Senate Chair, Mr. William Culbreth from the College of Engineering. President Remington introduced the new student body president, Ms. Liza Micheli, and vice president Mr. Leonard Wilkerson. President Crowley introduced the newly elected student body president, Ms. Amber Joiner. President Taranik introduced the new Faculty Senate Chair, Dr. Kenneth McGwire. Dr. Jane Nichols introduced Dr. Sherwin Iverson the new Associate Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the director of Data Warehousing. Dr. Derby thanked the Kiwanis Club for the spectacular breakfast they hosted Friday morning assisted by Senator Mike McGuiness. Dr. Derby also recognized Dr. Jim Richardson who was recently elected President of the AAUP. Dr. Derby thanked WNCC for their hospitality and apologized for the delay in the schedule that caused the cancellation of the campus presentation. President Carol Harter introduced the new student government leaders present for UNLV: Mr. Will Price, President; Mr. Scott Ceci, Vice President; Mr. Rick Kimbrough, Student Senate Chair; and Mr. Kevin Webb, Vice President GSA. Dr. Harter also recognized the out-going student leaders present, Mr. Luis Valera, Mr. Tedd Girouard, and Mr. Terry Moore.

2. Chair's Report - Dr. Derby made the following announcements.

      • A dinner banquet would be held at 6:00 p.m. that evening. Dr. Derby thanked the Fallon personnel for their hospitality in hosting this meeting.
      • Due to lack of hotel accommodations in Elko in June, the June meeting will now be held at UNR and the August meeting will be held at GBC in Elko.
      • Dr. Derby and Regent Gallagher attended and facilitated several workshops at the AGB National Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. In keeping with recommendations from the Board Conduct Committee, Dr. Derby asked Regent Gallagher to share her experiences from the conference.

Mrs. Gallagher related her experience from the new trustee orientation seminar that she facilitated, stating that there had been a good response. Mrs. Gallagher participated on a panel that discussed the role of the trustee. She shared other states' views on the roles of the Board chair and Chancellor positions. Most states' representatives were in agreement about the amount of time it takes to be an effective regent.

      • Dr. Derby attended two workshops (facilitated one) designed for Board chairs. The major theme was that of strategic and long-range planning and the degree to which boards had developed those types of documents and long-range plans for their systems, as well as the ability to keep the system aligned with those strategic directions and plans. A high level of interest was expressed in copies of the UCCSN Strategic Directions.
      • A task force was formed to evaluate the process by which Distinguished Nevadans are nominated. Regents Dondero, Rosenberg, Alden and Gallagher volunteered to work on the project and were asked to report back to the Board with recommendations for improving the process.
      • Dr. Derby commented on the highly critical Carnegie Report on the quality of undergraduate instruction in research universities in the Chronicle of Higher Education and USA Today and commended the Regents for their efforts in the January workshop that focused on the quality of education.
      • The workshop recommended by the Committee on Board Conduct will be held after the election of new regents during the first week in December. The workshop will focus on Board policy and the means to enhance and utilize it. Board Conduct Committee members were asked to work with the chair to plan the workshop.

Mrs. Dondero expressed her preference for use of the term "Board Ethics."

3. Chancellor's Report - Dr. Jarvis briefly related his experiences at the Nashville AGB conference, and suggested they move to biennial meetings. The Chancellor cited an article in the Reno Gazette that listed the Chancellor as having failed to file his financial disclosure statement in a timely manner. He assured those present that he had indeed filed the statement prior to its deadline and had the stamped receipt from the Ethics Commission as proof, and would be seeking clarification. Chancellor Jarvis called for the Presidents' reports.

President John Richardson, TMCC

      • Professor Erik Lauritzen, professor of photography at TMCC, is the 1998 recipient of the Governor's award for Art in Education and will be honored at a reception at the Nevada Art Museum on May 11th.
      • Distance Education efforts started by TMCC in 1992 to share courses with other institutions have yielded the following Spring offerings:
        • Political Science course shared with UNLV via the network; 25 TMCC students and 22 UNLV students (receiving credit from UNLV).
        • Anthropology course shared with GBC; 24 TMCC students and 45 GBC students enrolled at five different sites.
        • Early Childhood Education course shared with GBC; 40 GBC students enrolled at five sites.
        • GBC has sent TMCC courses in Construction and OSHA; five non-credit courses with 8-10 students enrolled in the Reno-Sparks area in each section.
        • Delivered statewide via the network a Fire Fighting and Re-certification training course for the forest service to eight different sites throughout the state.

President Joe Crowley, UNR

      • Annual survey by U.S. News & World Report ranked UNR's Hydrologic Sciences graduate program #4 in the nation and the Speech Pathology graduate program also ranked in the top twenty.
      • A donation of $350,000 was received from Mrs. Mildred Knezevich for scholarships for Lowry high school graduates. Two scholarships (male & female) of $10,000 will be awarded each year for eight years.
      • A commitment of $21/2 million has been received that will finish the funding support required for the construction of the Student Services building which will adjoin the new parking garage.
      • A $5 million commitment has been received for use on the Redfield campus' first building.

President Carol Harter, UNLV

      • Provost Douglas Ferraro was attending a performance of the UNLV student play "Falsettos", which was one of four university productions in the U.S. chosen for performance at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.
      • Dr. Stuart Mann has accepted the position of dean of the William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration.
      • Ms. Conne Spano, Director of the Women's Center, and Ms. Ann Casados-Mueller, Director of Diversity Initiatives, will be receiving two of the eight Nevada Women's Role Model awards presented by Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa next Saturday.
      • Professor Maurice Finocchiaro, professor of philosophy, has received a 1998 Guggenheim award for his work in the history and philosophy of science with a focus on Galileo.

Ms. Berkley commented that she had attended the Honors' Convocation at UNLV and commended the guest speaker, the dean of Communications. Dr. Harter thanked all those present who attended.

President Ron Remington, GBC

      • The Education Alliance consultants visited GBC in April relative to the feasibility study on the baccalaureate programs.
      • The mining industry has provided $1,050,000 over the years to students for scholarships.
      • The Donald W. Reynolds Foundation team will be visiting GBC May 4-5 for a finalist review for an award for GBC.

President Richard Moore, CCSN

      • Two years ago the Community College High School began with 75 students. This year's enrollment was 275 and 400 students are enrolled for the fall. The intent was for students to accumulate college credit (20-30 credits) while simultaneously obtaining their high school diploma. The valedictorian of this year's class will have completed 45 units of college work as well as her high school diploma.
      • Ground breaking begins next week on the second High Tech Center with operation to begin this fall at Palo Verde High School.

President Jim Taranik, DRI

      • The Nevada Medal dinner was a big success with the largest attendance on record that included guests from K-12. This year's medallist, Dr. Lynn Margulis, provided terrific presentations at both university campuses that were well attended.
      • The National Association of Space Grant Directors met in Las Vegas last week for two days and DRI hosted a field trip to the Valley of Fire, headed by a Geoscience professor from UNLV. The 54 Space Grant Directors and senior NASA officials are largely responsible for the funding for the DRI program. A luncheon address was given by a UNR Graduate Fellow, who receives funding from the space grant on "Dust Devils on Mars." The presentation was very well done and Dr. Taranik received many congratulatory remarks from the space grant directors.

Chair Derby congratulated Dr. Taranik on the Nevada Medal Dinner adding that it has been gratifying watching the event grow and improve each year.

President Jim Randolph, WNCC - welcomed everyone to the Fallon campus of Western Nevada Community College and called attention to the headlines of the Lahontan ValleyNews and Fallon Eagle Standard that welcomed the Regents to Fallon.

      • Dr. Joseph DeFlyer, Dean of Arts, Sciences & Developmental Education at WNCC was introduced as having received national recognition by being selected to serve on a review panel for the National Research Council. As a panelist Dr. DeFlyer participated in the selection of individuals awarded a Ford Foundation Post-doctoral Dissertation Fellowship.

Dr. Derby called attention to the Regents' Review newsmagazine prepared by Ms. Suzanne Ernst and Mr. John Kuhlman and distributed to those present at the meeting.

4. Approved Nevada Institute for Children - Approved the formation of a Nevada Institute for Children. The Nevada Institute for Children (NIC) is designed to further the causes of all Nevada children by studying related public policy problems and issues. Policy issues will be examined from an interdisciplinary perspective. The primary goals of the institute are to: study issues that affect Nevada's children; propose and support legislation and programmatic improvements; coordinate children's activities throughout the state; involve the community; and represent Nevada nationally when issues of concern to our children arise. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the institute, the director will report to the Associate Provost for Research. With the assistance of the Associate Provost, the institute will establish ties with faculty in several of UNLV's academic colleges and will investigate funding opportunities to further the institute's missions and goals.

Staffing of the institute will include a director, management assistant, and graduate assistants. An annual operating budget of approximately $3,000 to $5,000 will be required to begin the institute's operations. The modest start-up costs will allow NIC staff to pursue other funding from federal and state sources, private foundations, and from the local community.

Dr. Derby introduced Nevada's First Lady Sandy Miller commenting on the enormous contribution she has made to education in the state of Nevada. As a child advocate, Mrs. Miller noticed that there is no statewide organization that speaks for children. Mrs. Miller discussed the development of a new policy and research institute at UNLV that would focus on the following primary goals:

      • Research - provide good academic research using university resources.
      • Changes in Public Policy - legislative changes necessary to affect positive changes for children.
      • Outreach - proactive discussion at a national level about how federal policy impacts the citizens of Nevada.
      • Centralized Location - a common location for all children's advocates.
      • Pilot Projects - funded by state and private monies.

Dr. Harter expressed UNLV's pleasure in having the opportunity to participate in this effort adding that it was a good fit to efforts already in place at the institution. Due to its inter-disciplinary nature, the institute will report to the Associate Provost for Research who can reach out across the campus and disciplinary lines to faculty and graduate students who can provide expertise. Dr. Harter added that some cases might involve the use of expertise from other System institutions making it statewide in its application.

Mr. Wiesner commended the first lady for her activities and asked President Harter about the plans for funding the program. President Harter responded that the tentative budget for the institute was approximately $195,000 that would cover the director, support staff, some graduate students and operating funds. UNLV has committed the director's salary and is using some research matching funds to match any external private funding. Mrs. Miller located $50,000 in state funds that were matched with research funds. Three-quarters of the funding have been allocated and the program should begin operation May 1st. An endowment is planned to ensure the program's future, possibly supplemented with state funding under the 104 programs. Mr. Wiesner suggested Dr. Harter meet with him to discuss the endowment issue.

Dr. Derby called the Board's attention to page 5 of the Board Agenda, item 10.7 from the Academic, Research, & Student Affairs Committee, and asked the Board to take action on this item.

Ms. Berkley moved approval of the proposal for the Nevada Institute for Children. Mrs. Dondero seconded. Motion carried.

5. Information Only - Regents' Award Program & America Reads - Dr. Nichols encouraged members to read the report that described students' experiences under the Regents' Award Program in fall 1997, adding that it has been a most successful initiative. $2.6 million for the 1997-99 biennium was funded for financial assistance under this program. Mrs. Sandy Miller discussed the importance of the America Reads Program, partially supported on each campus by the Regents' awards. Ref. A on file in the Board office.

Mrs. Miller commended the Board for creation of the visionary and progressive program. The goal of the America Reads program is to ensure that no child leaves 3rd grade without demonstrating the ability to read. Mrs. Miller stated that reading is the foundation for every other subject. Federal work-study funding for America Reads has been increased, but is not sufficient to increase the pool of volunteers to the needed level and is also restrictive about who qualifies. The Regents allowed flexibility by allowing 20% of the award to be used for any student within the UCCSN. The program requires money to train volunteers, to provide outreach to the schools, to recruit new students to the program, to implement and oversee the program, and to coordinate between the campuses. Mrs. Miller requested that 7-9% of the Regents' award be used to cover administrative fees. Mrs. Miller introduced two tutors from the program, Mr. Samuel Crostic from WNCC and Ms. Velda Aldous from UNR.

Mr. Samuel Crostic, a late returning student at WNCC, addressed the Board and thanked them for this program which has provided him with validation of his direction in life. The tutors act as a positive role model for the students who learn social skills as well as reading skills.

Ms. Velda Aldous reported on the America Reads tutoring program at UNR entitled "Reading Buddies", which is an intensive developmental, before and after school reading program for grades 1-6. An extensive assessment component helps track the children's progress.

Dr. Derby informed Mrs. Miller that the administrative costs would be referred to Dr. Tom Anderes to be incorporated into the budget request currently being prepared.

Mr. Graves and Mrs. Price thanked Mrs. Miller for her outstanding efforts in the advancement of education in the state of Nevada.

6. Approved Appointment, Vice President, TMCC - Approved the appointment of Dr. Richard Brand as Vice President for Academic Affairs at TMCC, effective immediately. Dr. Brand has served as Acting Vice President since October 1996. In accordance with policy, the Chancellor approved a salary of $89,332.

Mr. Graves moved approval of the appointment. Dr. Eardley seconded. Motion carried.


7. Regents' Workshop: School of Medicine - UNR Vice President David Westfall and clinical faculty provided an overview of the School of Medicine (SOM) academic and clinical programs and answered questions about current initiatives and future directions. President Joe Crowley addressed the current fiscal status of the school.

President Crowley announced that the SOM was going through a period of transformation as it addressed the changing climate of academic medicine and outlined the aspects and presenters of the workshop:

      • Dr. David Westfall reported on the academic progress and accreditation issues.
      • Dr. Robert Daugherty, dean of the School of Medicine, provided an historical perspective of the use of Practice Plans.
      • Dr. Crowley provided an update on Dr. Reimenschneider's Organizational Consultation Report; a report commissioned by the Board to provide an analysis on the standing of the School of Medicine.
      • Senior Associate Deans Dr. Stan Shane (north) and Dr. David Schapira (south) presented an overview of the problems facing the SOM statewide in the development of the multi-specialty group practice.


Mr. Alden requested supplemental material on this issue. Dr. Crowley stated he would send the material to the Regents the following week.

Dr. Westfall presented an overview of the curricular changes, student and faculty accomplishments, and a review of the recent Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) visit. Dr. Westfall addressed the rigors a student encounters in attainment of their degree and the quality of the students and faculty. The LCME recommended accreditation of the SOM for the balance of the second year term. The next survey will occur in 2002.

Mr. Phillips entered the meeting.

Mr. Alden requested 10 years of demographics on the School of Medicine by year.

Dr. Westfall continued, stating that the School of Medicine began in 1969, taking in its first students in the early 1970's at which time it was a two-year medical school. In the late 1970's it was converted to a four-year program, with the first Md.'s graduating in 1980. Current accreditation allows for only fifty-two students per class.

The meeting recessed at 3:00 p.m. and reconvened at 3:10 with all members present except Regent Phillips.

Dean Daugherty reported that there are 125 medical schools in the U.S. A move was made between 1960-80 to increase the number of schools. UNR uses community hospitals to teach the practice of primary care. Currently there is an emphasis on decreasing the cost of medical care and the SOM is reevaluating the method of teaching doctors.

Mr. Phillips entered the meeting.

Dr. Daugherty related that Medicare/Medicaid has become another source of revenue and that the SOM must compete in the marketplace for patients. Students are exposed to community physicians and their patient loads during their first two years of medical school. Practice Plans were developed as a response to the changing world of academic medicine. The School of Medicine was originally set up as a private corporation due to the need to hire nurses, receptionists and office staff in order to compete in the marketplace for patients, and to be out from under the university bureaucracy of hiring and firing personnel. Managed care changed the direction of the medical school. In response to a round of questions Dean Daugherty provided the following responses:

      • Doctors cannot refer patients to their own labs for tests.
      • Wellness checks and other forms of preventive medicine do not qualify for reimbursement with the system currently in place.
      • The stop-smoking program at CCSN is one form of a wellness program that is working.
      • Measures have been taken to rectify the SOM's financial problems that include:
      • a change in the billing systems and procedures;
      • the resignation of the faculty in anesthesia;
      • the downsizing of the Mountain View clinic; and
      • a 10% cut taken by departments for the last quarter of this fiscal year.

Dr. Crowley provided recommendations from the Reimenschneider Organizational Consultation Report. Some of the short-term recommendations follow:

      • designate an interim chair and an interim residency program director;
      • replaced Las Vegas Department of Medicine faculty positions and residents remained on-site;
      • implemented 1996-97 residency program; fully staffed with 42 residents;
      • expanded University Medical Center (UMC) relationship;
      • curriculum expanded to include introduction to patient care course, rural courses in Nevada, practice of medicine clerkship, rural rotation, and a rural elective in Elko (partially funded by the Elko hospital);
      • creation of a Vice-Dean for Clinical Affairs in Las Vegas; two Sr. Associate Deans were also hired: Dr. David Schapira in southern Nevada and Dr. Stan Shane in northern Nevada;
      • acting Assistant Dean for Research, Dr. David Lupan, filling position of Sr. Associate Dean for Basic Sciences while search is conducted;
      • redefine the Deans' role to accommodate growing medical school; and
      • conduct regular meetings with the Chancellor, President, and Dean.

A round of questions followed with Dr. Crowley and Dr. Daugherty providing the following responses:

      • The changes to the SOM's program to date have occurred with no increase in student fees.
      • The School of Medicine is a separate corporation; the Dean of the School of Medicine reports to the President and Vice President of the university. The University of Nevada, Reno is ultimately responsible for any bad debts of the corporation.
      • Physicians may prefer to care for their patients and not to be considered providers, but current business trends dictate a more business-like approach. A large problem exists balancing managed care providers with the duties of physicians.
      • The Dental Residency Program is under the guidance of Dr. Ray Rawson, who reports to the SOM Dean and Dr. Jane Nichols. Funding for a bus service is planned to assist with servicing under-privileged children.

Dr. Stan Shane, Sr. Associate Dean for northern Nevada Clinical Sciences, stated that it is a sad truth that in order for the School of Medicine to survive, it must deal with managed care and compete for business. A medical school requires patients in order to teach and the current health care environment is counterproductive toward that end. The SOM hopes to achieve relationships with businesses that want to work with the medical school statewide.

Dr. David Schapira recognized Mr. Jeff Wyatt from the south, Ms. Lisa Davis from the north, Vice President Ashok Dhingra, and Mr. Tom Judy who have made significant contributions to his efforts in preparing the financial statements for the School of Medicine. Dr. Schapira reported that a short-term cash flow problem exists due in part to increases in the cost of a new centralized billing system that required more personnel to input the data and problems with that system operating properly. The system will be discontinued, brokered and performed outside of the System. Additionally, steps have been taken to speed up the process by which doctors become credentialed to practice in the state of Nevada so that they may begin seeing patients more quickly than in the past. A round of questions yielded the following responses:

      • The billing procedure has been improved in southern Nevada. Accuracy is stressed in the collection of patient data and weekly meetings are held with each department to impress upon them the importance of collection.
      • System Administration has not reviewed the Practice Plan operating or self-supporting budgets due to the school's separate entity status.
      • The collection rate on stale bills is approximately 16%.
      • New bills are being collected immediately.
      • Outsourcing the collections should increase the collection rate.
      • The contract is being reviewed as to the legal aspects involved with paying for a system that never worked properly.
      • The $1.4 million deficit should be recovered by June, 1999.
      • The Practice Plan Board is responsible for the School of Medicine's line of credit. The university has the ultimate responsibility for debts of the SOM.
      • This is a temporary cash-flow crisis with no risk to the institution and/or the Board.
      • The Medicaid legal issues are still under discussion with the Attorney General's office.
      • Invitro fertilization is a part of the current Practice Plan.
      • The lease for the billing system was reviewed and signed by the Practice Plan Board.
      • The Practice Plan is tax exempt under 501(C)(3). It is not a fund-raising entity.

Dr. Crowley accepted full responsibility for the School of Medicine and recommended the following:

      • Annual external audit and management reports prepared for the Board's review.
      • University representation on the multi-specialty group board in the north and in the south. He suggested Dr. Tom Anderes serve on that board as well.
      • Improve the routine method of reporting; possibly form a special committee.
      • Formal suggestions presented to the Board at the next meeting.

Dean Daugherty and President Crowley assured the Board that there is no significant attrition of faculty within the School of Medicine. Dr. Derby requested data supporting that statement. Dean Daugherty stated he felt that the physicians and faculty are in a state of turmoil due to having to see more patients, having less time to conduct research, and having to be conscious of cost effectiveness while encumbered with a billing system that does not work as it was intended.

The Regents reported they had been besieged by faxes, letters and phone calls outlining problems in the medical school and complaints about a lack of solutions. They expressed thanks to President Crowley, Dean Daugherty, and SOM staff for the update and for the candor in discussing the problems and the solutions developed.

The meeting recessed at 5:30 p.m. and reconvened at 8:30 a.m. on Friday with all members present except Regent Berkley.

The meeting recessed to the Finance & Planning Committee meeting at 8:35 a.m. and reconvened at 1:15 a.m. with all members present except Regents Phillips, and Price.

8. Approved Academic, Research & Student Affairs Committee Report - Chair Dorothy Gallagher presented a report on the Academic, Research & Student Affairs Committee meeting held on April 30, 1998, and received the following reports:

      • Freshman Survey at UNLV and UNR - The committee heard a report on an overview of the freshman survey results at UNLV and UNR, which provided a profile of the freshman population at each campus.
      • Teacher Education Programs - UNLV presented examples of exemplary programs with an emphasis on how these programs address issues that are being raised about teacher education.
      • Update on Dwight D. Eisenhower Professional Development Program and the Nevada TREC Program - Dr. John Clevenger, former coordinator, provided update reports on these two grant programs.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the report. Ms. Berkley seconded. Motion carried

8.1 Approved New Programs - The committee reviewed the following proposals for new programs as presented by the campuses and recommended approval. All references are on file in the Board office.

      • AAS, Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities Technology, CCSN. Ref. B.
      • Study Abroad Program, Tokyo, Japan, UNLV. Ref. C.
      • BS, Environmental Engineering, UNR. Ref. D.
      • Urban Teaching Partnership, UNLV. Ref. E.
      • Teaching & Learning Center, UNLV. Ref. F.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the new programs as proposed. Mr. Graves seconded. Motion carried.

8.2 Approved Bachelor of Applied Science Degree - The committee heard a report on the principles for a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree and recommended approval. Ref. G on file in the Board office.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the recommendations. Mr. Graves seconded. Motion carried.

8.3 Approved Master Plan Revisions, CCSN, TMCC & UNR - The committee reviewed the Master Plan revisions presented by CCSN, TMCC and UNR and recommended approval. Mrs. Gallagher commented on her approval of the revisions and that the more regular review of the plans would make them better management tools for the institutions as well as the System.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the revisions. Mr. Graves seconded. Motion carried.

8.4 Approved Articulation Report - The committee reviewed the report on the UCCSN articulation policy and recommended changes to the policy. The committee recommended approval. Ref. H on file in the Board office.

The lower division/upper division issue was tabled until the September 1998 meeting.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the report and recommend changes to the policy with the exception of item #6 which will be brought back to the Board at its September 1998 meeting. Mr. Graves seconded.

Dr. Derby stated her approval of the progress that has been made and looks forward to seamless articulation as Board policy has directed.

Motion carried.

8.5 Approved Dental School Update, UNLV - The committee reviewed the report on the process being followed at UNLV to explore the need for a dental school and recommended acceptance of the report.

Mrs. Gallagher moved acceptance of the report. Ms. Berkley seconded. Motion carried.

8.6 Approved Update on GBC Feasibility Study - The committee heard a progress report from Great Basin College President Ron Remington. It is anticipated that a final report will be given at the June 1998 Board meeting. The committee recommended approval of the feasibility study progress.

Marcia Bandera, superintendent of schools in the Elko School District, thanked the Board for approving the feasibility study of selected four-year programs at Great Basin College. Ms. Bandera mentioned that the Elko School District covers 17,146 square miles, three schools in different time zones, and seven remote schools with 3-27 students per school. They are currently using modular units to accommodate the number of students. The school district is working with GBC to offer higher education to students. She stated she did not perceive that the community college mission would be lost or diluted by the implementation of some four-year programs and believes that it is a creative method of serving the Elko area.

Mrs. Gallagher moved acceptance of the progress report. Mr. Rosenberg seconded. Motion carried.

8.7 Approved Nevada Institute for Children, UNLV - The committee reviewed the proposal for the Institute and recommended approval. This item was referred to the full Board for approval. See discussion under item 4.


9. Approved Finance and Planning Committee Report - The Finance & Planning Committee, sitting as a Committee of the Whole, considered the following action items and recommended approval. For details of the items, see the Finance & Planning Committee Agenda dated April 30-May 1, 1998.

      • Biennial Capital Projects Priorities
      • UCCSN FTE Enrollment Targets, 1999-2001
      • Managing Budgeted Enrollments
      • Biennial Operating Budget Priorities
      • Student Fees - FY 1999
      • 1999-2001 Registration Fees and Out-of-State Tuition
      • 1999-2001 Registration Fees and Out-of-State Tuition, School of Medicine
      • 1999-2001 Registration Fees and Out-of-State Tuition, School of Law
      • Professional Compensation: 1999-2001
      • Handbook Change, Deferred Payment Policy, All Campuses
      • Fiscal Exception Report

Mrs. Dondero moved approval of the Finance & Planning Committee report and action items. Mr. Rosenberg seconded. Motion carried.

10. Approved Investment Committee Report - Chair Madison Graves presented a report on the Investment Committee meeting held on April 29, 1998. Three small cap managers were interviewed. After deliberation the committee hired Navellier to handle approximately $10 million of the UCCSN funds. Mr. Matt Lincoln, Cambridge Associates reviewed the performance of the UCCSN investment returns for the period ending March 31, 1998, stating there was an overall return of 7.8% for the period. Director Tim Ortez reported that 8 bids have been received in response to the RFP for securities custody. The independent firm of Bedarton Ross is reviewing the bids and will present a recommendation to the committee at its June 3rd teleconference meeting. The meeting for June 2nd has been cancelled.

Mr. Graves moved approval of the report. Mr. Wiesner seconded. Motion carried.

10.1 Approved Endowment Additions - The committee reviewed the new gifts and additions to the pooled endowment funds and recommended approval.

Mr. Graves moved approval of the new gifts and additions. Mrs. Dondero seconded. Motion carried.

Mr. Graves mentioned that this was the last report he would be giving as chair of this committee and commended the efforts of Director Tim Ortez and all of the committee members. Mr. Graves thanked Regents Alden and Rosenberg for voluntarily sitting in on several all-day meetings.

Dr. Derby commended the job that Mr. Graves had done as chair and stated her pleasure in the progress that the committee has made.

11. Information Only - ad hoc DRI Presidential Search Committee Report - Chair Dorothy Gallagher presented a report on the DRI Presidential Search Committee meetings held March 13-14, 1998. Two candidates, Dr. Tom Meyer from the University of North Carolina and Dr. Joe Norbeck from the University of California, Riverside, have visited both Reno and Las Vegas. Dr. Kumar Patel, University of California, Los Angeles has visited Reno and will be in Las Vegas on May 11. There will be a joint committee meeting in Las Vegas on May 12 to consider these three candidates for the position of President of the Desert Research Institute. The Board will be asked for a special meeting once a recommendation is forthcoming.

12. Approved Consent Agenda - Approved the Consent Agenda.

(1) Approved Minutes - Approved the minutes of the meeting held March 12-13, 1998.

(2) Approved Emeritus - Approved emeritus recommendations as presented by the institution presidents:

TMCC - To be effective July 1, 1998:

Ms. Therese Brychta, Professor, Emeritus.

Dr. Ray Embry, Professor, Emeritus, English.

Mr. Jerry Fransden, Professor, Emeritus, Professional Business Studies.

Mr. George Skivofilakas (posthumously), Professor, Emeritus, Professional Business Studies.

UNR - To be effective July 1, 1998:

Dr. Carolyn Chapman, Associate Professor, Emeritus, Educational Leadership.

Dr. Jack F. Clark, Counseling Psychologist, Emeritus

Eugene Glick, M.D., Assistant Professor, Emeritus, Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Dr. Perry Jones, Professor, Emeritus, Music.

Dan Pease, Director of Financial Services, Emeritus.

(3) Approved Tenure - Approved tenure as recommended by the campus presidents. Each candidate has been evaluated and reviewed in accordance with appropriate Board and campus policies. The Chancellor recommended approval of these proposals effective July 1, 1998. Ref. C-3 on file in the Board office.


Mr. Ellis L. Antunez, Department of Visual Communications, Architecture.

Dr. Eun Woo Chang, Department of Science, Chemistry.

(4) Approved Handbook Change, Refund Policy, TMCC - Approved a Handbook Change, Title 4, Chapter 17, Section 8.5, Refund Policy at TMCC. Ref. C-4 on file in the Board office.

(5) Approved Naming of Building, WNCC - Approved naming the Machine Tool Technology Center on the WNCC Carson City campus the Woody Wurster Machine Tool Technology Center. This request is made in recognition of Mr. Wurster's contributions to Western Nevada Community College. Mr. Wurster is owner of Custom Stamping in Carson City.

(6) Approved Sale of Real Property, UNLV - Approved the sale of real property located at 4206 Garden Place, Las Vegas, Nevada, bequeathed by Margaret Elizabeth Roe. Total consideration of the sale to be $79,500. These funds will be combined with estate cash and proceeds from the sale of an automobile to establish an endowment to provide scholarships for students in the art department in the area of painting.

(7) Approved Lease Agreement, Telephone System, DRI - Approved financing, through a lease agreement, a new telephone system for DRI's Northern Nevada Science Center campus. The proposed amount of financing is $200,000 and will be repaid through grant contract overhead funds.

The Desert Research Institute-North currently has in place a Walker Poet key system, which is approximately 13 years old. This system is no longer supported and quite outdated. The purchase of the Lucent switch will give DRI enhanced telephone services while reducing operating costs. This system will also provide to DRI basic telephone needs such as voicemail, ability to change call paths based on business needs, and integration of voice.

(8) Approved Transfer of Lease of Easement - KCBN Radio, UNR - Approved the transfer of the "Lease of Easement" between the Board of Regents on behalf of the University of Nevada, Reno and Paterson Reno Broadcasting, dba KCBN Radio to Americom Las Vegas Limited Partnership.

On April 11, 1996, the Board of Regents on behalf of the University of Nevada, Reno entered into a "Lease of Easement" with Paterson Reno Broadcasting, dba KCBN Radio, to lease a five-acre parcel of land at the Main Station Field Lab for use as a radio transmission site. The lease runs to the year 2006 and provides for a ten-year extension.

Paterson Broadcasting is selling the radio station to Americom Las Vegas Limited Partnership and is requesting approval to assign the tower lease to the new buyers. The lease provides for an assignment of the agreement subject to the Board of Regents' approval.

(9) Approved Sale of Property, Central Nevada - Approved the sale of the Central Nevada Field Lab facility, which is located ten miles west of Austin, Nevada. The facility contains 40 acres with a small two-bedroom, one-bath home and three outbuildings. The College of Agriculture has not operated the facility as an extension station since 1986 and is currently renting the property.

It is requested that the University of Nevada, Reno be authorized to put the property up for public sale using the yet-to-be-determined appraised value as a minimum bid price. It is anticipated the appraisal will be completed by mid-April. The appraised value and results of the bidding process will be reported back to the Board for final approval at a subsequent meeting.

(10) Approved Use of Capital Improvement Fee Funds, CCSN & UNLV - Approved the use of Capital Improvement Fee Funds as recommended by the presidents.


Retrofit Charleston campus Maintenance Building

to an Art Complex $150,000

Build a metal building for Maintenance

at Charleston campus. $250,000

Retrofit Cheyenne campus Art Complex to

Automotive Complex. $90,000

Total Capital Fee Use: $490,000


Renovation of old Paradise School as temporary

Home for Boyd School of Law. $550,000

Remodel McDermott Physical Education building

to house a significant portion of Campus

Recreational Services. $45,000

Lease of mobile trailer space for faculty

offices. $200,000

Total Capital Fee Use: $795,000

(11) Approved Allocation of Grants-In-Aid, 1998-99 - Approved the allocation of Grants-in-Aid for 1998-99. NRS 396.540 provides for tuition waivers for "students from other states and foreign countries, not to exceed a number equal to three percent of the total matriculated enrollment of students for the past preceding fall semester." Board policy provides for similar grants-in-aid for the same number of students for the payment of in-state registration fees. It should be noted that the allocations are amounts that institutions could award. In all cases funding is not sufficient to support the statutory and Board maxima.

Based upon enrollment figures for Fall 1997, the officers have requested the following allocation of Grants-in-Aid for Fall 1998-99:


CCSN 801 801

GBC 101 101

TMCC 302 302


WNCC 167 167

UNLV 608 608

UNR 373 373

(12) Approved Plans for Sage Building, UNR - Approved a plan for space usage of the Sage Building at Stead once current occupants vacate the building. The 1997 Nevada State Legislature stipulated that a plan must be provided by the university in order to receive the funds set aside for the purpose. Ref. C-12 on file in the Board office.

Further request was made to seek approval of the Interim Finance Committee.

(13) Approved Solicitation of Bids for Lease/Purchase, UNR - Approved UNR School of Mines to solicit bids on a lease/purchase basis with overriding royalties for two mining claims located in Elko County.

(14) Approved Handbook Revision-Student Fees, UNR & UNLV - Approved a Handbook revision to Student Fees at UNR and UNLV. The exception from the normal academic year registration fee for Ed.D. students at UNR and UNLV listed in Title 4, Chapter 17, Section 10 does not reflect current practice at the universities.

Sometime around 1973, a special additional per credit registration fee was approved and charged to Ed.D. students at both campuses. It is believed that special fee was discontinued around 1979 or 1980 and that the Handbook language was not updated in conjunction with this policy change. There is currently no special additional per credit registration fee for these students. It is recommended that Handbook language be changed as contained in Ref. C-14 (on file in the Board office) to reflect the current policy and practice.

(15) Approved Interlocal Agreements - Approved the following Interlocal Agreements:

A. Parties: Board of Regents/UNR and the State Industrial Insurance System

Effective: 5/4/98 to 8/31/98

$$: $115,500 to UNR

Purpose: SIIS Management Certificate Program

B. Parties: Board of Regents/UNR and the Nevada Department of Conservation

Effective: 7/1/97 to 6/30/99

$$: $30,000 to UNR

Purpose: Hiring of State Climatologist

C. Parties: Board of Regents/School of Medicine and the Nevada Health Division

Effective: 4/1/98 to 9/30/00

$$: $50,000 to Medical School

Purpose: Nevada Immunization Program


D. Parties: Board of Regents/UNLV and Clark County School District

Effective: Board approval date, on 12-month calendar

$$: None

Purpose: Working procedures for Paradise Elementary School

E. Parties: Board of Regents/DRI and the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety

Effective: 4/1/98 to 6/30/98

$$: $20,000 to DRI

Purpose: Emission Inspection Program

F. Parties: Board of Regents/CCSN and Nevada Power Company (Easement)

Effective: Board approval date, permanently

$$: $1.00 to CCSN

Purpose: Easement to cover underground cable conduits, a pull box and above ground transformers to be installed on CCSN property at Charleston Boulevard and Torrey Pines Drive

G. Parties: Board of Regents/CCSN and Boys and Girls Club of Las Vegas (Subassignment)

Effective: Date of execution of agreement

$$: $60,000 for renovation of property

Purpose: To lease Andre Agassi Boys and Girls Club

Mr. Graves moved approval of the Consent Agenda, which was amended to include Dr. Jack F. Clark for Emeritus status at UNR. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

13. Approved Purchase of Property in Mineral County, WNCC - Approved the purchase of property in the town of Babbit, Mineral County, for use by WNCC. The property consists of a single building of approximately 8,000 sq. ft., situated on seven acres of land. Purchase price is $1.00. Ref. I on file in the Board office.

Dean Bus Scharman, WNCC Off-Campus Programs dean, provided a slide presentation that introduced the WNCC Hawthorne Center.

Mrs. Dondero moved approval of the purchase. Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Regents Dondero and Gallagher expressed their approval of the purchase adding that it would be a good boost to the economy and that the residents of Hawthorne had expressed a great deal of enthusiasm for the project.

Motion carried.

14. Information Only - Logos - During the March Board meeting, a request was made asking the campuses to provide information regarding the manufacture of items bearing the campus logo and workforce practices of companies producing such products. Sr. Deputy to the Chancellor, Ms. Karen Steinberg, provided a summary of that information. Ms. Steinberg referenced White Packet item #15 (on file in the Board Office) that provided a synopsis of the campus information collected, fair labor practice drafts of several of the consortiums, as well as the Code of Conduct for Duke University Licensees. Duke's Code was identified as being very ambitious and costly to adopt. Ms. Steinberg asked the Board for a direction in which to proceed. President Harter added that she had raised this issue at a recent NCAA meeting and asked the NCAA staff to develop language that institutions could adopt and recommended waiting for the NCAA response. Mr. Graves suggested following President Harter's recommendation. President Harter expects the NCAA will provide a response at their August meeting. Ms. Berkley thanked the System staff and campuses for being so responsive to this issue.

15. Approved Feasibility Study, Athletics, CCSN - In response to student and community interest for the development of an intercollegiate/intramural athletic program at CCSN, the Board of Regents directed the Chancellor of UCCSN and the President of CCSN to form a CCSN committee of community representatives, college faculty and students to conduct a feasibility study to determine whether CCSN should initiate either an intramural or an inter-college athletic program. This study shall be concluded by August 21, 1998, to be heard at the September 24-25 Regents' meeting in Las Vegas.

Ms. Berkley stated that there is a tremendous amount of student, faculty and community interest for some form of sports program at the community college.

Ms. Berkley moved authorization of the feasibility study. Mr. Wiesner seconded. Motion carried.

16. Approved Research Telecommunications Infrastructure - Chancellor Jarvis requested permission to sign a cooperative agreement with the Office of the Governor, Nevada Department of Transportation, and Nevada Department of Information Technology to seek a vendor who will install a fiber-optic link to complete the high-speed backbone between Las Vegas and Reno. This link is essential for the research institutions to connect to the national research infrastructure and Internet 2. Chancellor Jarvis reported that the federal government is issuing grants to states to interconnect, but in order to qualify Nevada will need this fiber optic link. It will eventually provide free bandwidth use for the System.

Mr. Rosenberg moved authorization of the Chancellor signing of a cooperative agreement. Ms. Berkley seconded. Motion carried.

17. Approved Dodd/Beals Fire Academy - Approved the transfer of ownership of the real property situated in the County of Elko, State of Nevada conveyed by Elko County to the Board of Regents. The real property is to be the site of the Dodd/Beals Fire Protection Training Academy. Approved the conveyance of the subject real property to All Star Investments, LLC.

On March 6, 1998, the Board of Regents on behalf of the University of Nevada, Reno entered into a 99-year lease agreement with Elko County for the relocation of the Dodd/Beals Fire Protection Training Academy, currently located at the Stead facility. The lease was for $10.00 per year for a 408 parcel of land west of Elko. The purpose of these conveyances is to provide security for the construction loan being sought by All Star Investments for the construction of the fire academy. The property will be reconveyed to the Board of Regents pursuant to the terms of the lease purchase agreement previously approved by the Board of Regents. General Counsel Tom Ray had reviewed and approved these documents.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of ownership from County of Elko to Board of Regents and from Board of Regents to All Star Investments, LLC. Mr. Rosenberg seconded. Motion carried.

Dr. Derby bid a fond farewell on behalf of the Board to Dr. Andy Fry who was attending his last Board meeting as Special Assistant to the UNLV President. He is returning to the classroom.

18. Public Comment - Mr. Eric Coyle, a senior at UNLV, recalled the alleged assault by Provost Ferraro adding that there is currently no mechanism for a student to request a fair and impartial investigation. Mr. Coyle stated that he perceives Provost Ferraro's offer for him to be celebrated at UNLV's graduation ceremony a bribe and intends to decline the offer. Mr. Coyle asserted that the assignment of Administrative Code Officer Mr. Cardinalli to investigate the charges could not yield a fair investigation as he is an employee of Provost Ferraro. Mr. Coyle pleaded with the Board to consider the appointment of an ombudsperson to conduct fair and impartial investigations in similar instances. Currently the only recourse for Mr. Coyle is via civil means. Dr. Derby assured Mr. Coyle that the Board would take the matter under advisement, but that the Board does not dictate such action to the campuses.

Mr. Luis Valera, former UNLV student body vice-president reaffirmed his vote of confidence for President Harter, Dr. Norval Pohl, Dr. Andy Fry, and Dr. Bob Ackerman commending their efforts in making themselves available to the students. He expressed his hope that UNLV student body government would be better represented this coming year.

Mr. Mike Walker thanked the Regents for recognizing him with the Regents' Scholar Award. Mr. Tedd Girouard, former UNLV-GSA student body president thanked the Board for the education he received as an undergraduate and a graduate student as well as being GSA student body president. Mr. Will Price, UNLV student body president, stated his appreciation of the Board's efforts in assessing the needs of the students. He felt that it is an honor to participate in the decision-making process. Mr. Terry Moore, former student senate president for UNLV, expressed his gratitude for the education he received in real-world application and true service to the university community. Mr. Moore thanked Dr. Harter for making his college experience an enjoyable one. Dr. Derby thanked the students for their comments and thanked the outgoing officers for their contribution, adding that they would be missed and that the Board looks forward to working with the new leadership.

Chancellor Jarvis provided the following updates:

      • The Handbook update/streamline process is in progress. Dr. Jarvis is meeting with Ms. Bonnie Smotony, former Board Secretary, who has expressed an interest in assisting the staff with this project.
      • The Administrative Code Officer/General Counsel Report will be addressed at the June 1998 meeting.
      • Affirmative Action policies and directions will be addressed at the June Campus Environment Committee meeting.
      • Flexible course offerings and summer school schedules will be addressed at the June Academic Affairs Committee meeting.
      • Enhancement of Quality in promotion of teaching standards and evaluation will be addressed at the June meeting.

19. New Business - None.


The meeting adjourned at 2:05 p.m.


Mary Lou Moser

Secretary to the Board