UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

April 30, 1938 

Volume 5 - Pages 210-211

                       April 30, 1938

Present:  Chairman Ross and Judge Brown.

Bids were received on 3500 sacks of Portland, Golden Gate or
equal cement, as advertised by Mr. Gorman, from the following

1.  Commercial Hardware Company, Reno
    Monolith Cement, either Portland or Waterproof, at 75 cents
    per sack delivered at University in carload lots

2.  Home Lumber and Coal Company, Santa Cruz
    Portland Cement, paper bags $3.10 per bbl, cloth bags $3.30
    per bbl.  Cash discount of 10 cents per bbl allowed if in-
    voice is paid by 10th prox.  A credit of 10 cents each for
    all cloth sacks returned to factory at Davenport, Cal. in
    serviceable condition, freight collect.

3.  Monolith Portland Cement Company, L. A.
    Monolith Standard Portland Cement.  Cloth sacks, 3500 sacks,
    unit price $0.825 for $2,887.50.  Monolith Velo High Early
    Strength Portland Cement in cloth sacks, $0.8275 - $3,062.50.
    Monolith Portland Puzzolan Cement, $0.7575 - $2,651.25.

    A cash discount of 2 1/2 cents per sack for payment on or
    before 10th of month following date of issue and a credit of
    10 cents will be allowed for all cloth sacks returned to
    mill at Monolith, Cal. freight collect, when received in
    serviceable condition.  If shipped in paper sacks, 5 cents
    is to be deducted.

4.  Ready Mix Concrete Company, Reno

    Calaveras Portland Cement, cloth sacks $3.50 per bbl. for
    total of $3,062.50.  Paper sacks $3.30 for total of $2,887.50
    and cash discount of 10 cents per bbl. if payment made on or
    before 10th of month following purchase.  Rebate of 40 cents
    per bbl. on cloth sacks returned to Reno warehouse.

5.  Flanigan Warehouse Company Golden Gate Portland Cement mini-
    mum car lots of 100 bbls. 77 1/2 cents per sack, in paper
    sacks, with discount of 2 1/2 cents per sack for payment by
    10th of month following shipment, making net price 75 cents
    per sack.  If cloth sacks are wanted, add 5 cents per sack.
    Cloth sacks, returned in serviceable condition, will be
    credited or repurchased at 10 cents each if returned to mill
    at Redwood Harbor, Cal.  The same cash discount of 2 1/2
    cents per sack applies on cloth sacks.

These  bids were taken under advisement, pending new testing of
cement regulations to be sent by State Highway Department and
tests on samples to be made by Professor Boardman.

The Committee endorses and recommends to Mr. Allen, State Plan-
ning Board, PWA, the following needed University buildings:

    First      Civil Engineering, approximately    $250,000
    Second     Arts and Science                     325,000
    Third      Gymnasium                            350,000

The Committee approves, in general, the plan submitted by the
Upperclass Committee of the ASUN for parking on the University
Campus, the details of which are to be worked out by the Upper-
class Committee in cooperation with the President of the Uni-
versity.  Mr. Gorman is to secure estimates on the proposed
costs and have them ready to submit to the Board of Regents at
their meeting May 7th.

It was the sense of the Committee that Mr. Carl Horn should re-
ceive an honorarium of $200 for his extra work during the past
University year and this was to be brought to the Regents at
their meeting May 7th.

                             Silas E. Ross

Carolyn M. Beckwith