UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
April 30, 1928

Volume 5 - Page 22

                         Reno, Nevada
                        April 30, 1928

The month-end Committee meeting of the Regents was held in the
President's Office on Monday, April 30th, at 11 o'clock.  Pres-
ent:  Judge Brown, Chairman Pratt and Mr. Wingfield.

List No. 4, Regents Checks Nos. 8044 to 8056 for the net sum of
$45,771.42 and List No. 17, State Claims Nos. 168 to 176 for
the net sum of $20,685.24, were, on motion of Judge Brown, ap-
proved by the following vote:

    Mr. Wingfield        Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Brown          Aye


                             Walter E. Pratt

Carolyn M. Beckwith