UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
April 30, 1881

Volume OA - Pages 146-147


                   April 30, 1881

The Board of Regents met at the call of the President at the
Dormitory in Elko.  Present:  J. S. Mayhugh, Sylvester H. Day
and T. W. Stone.

Mr. Mayhugh moved, which was seconded by Mr. Day, that as the
Clerk of the Board was not present, the President of the Board
act as Clerk for him.  The motion prevailed.

The following bills were examined and audited:

    S. S. Sears         3 months add. ($15) cards ($5)    $ 20.00
    Fairchild & Dennis  3 months add.                       15.00
    E. A. Littlefield   3 months add.                       15.00
    Dudley Sale         Repair benches                      23.50
    H. G. Smith         Wood & coal                         46.12
    J. Ainley           Supplies                            30.38
    Fred Rogers         Janitor 4 months (80) and
                        cutting wood 4 months (6)           86.00
    W. C. Dovey         Salary for March & April           500.00
    D. W. Hull          Stationery & wood                   60.50
    S. H. Day           Traveling expenses                  90.00
    T. W. Stone         Traveling in Feb. to Carson         90.00
                                          Total           $976.50

Mr. Mayhugh moved that the salary of the Janitor be fixed at
Fifteen Dollars a month on and after May 1, 1881.  It was sec-
onded by Mr. Day and the motion prevailed.

The following estimate of expenses for the years 1881 & 1882 was
made, merely as a guide for the Board to base its calculations
on in the disbursements of the funds appropriated for the General
Expense Account for said years.

                      Estimate of Expenses

        Bills allowed to date                   $296.50
        Janitor for 16 months @ $15              240.00
        Fuel                                     150.00
        Stationery, chalk, ink for School        100.00
        Repairing building, fence, etc.          100.00
                                     Total      $886.50

Mr. Mayhugh moved that the School close on June 17th and reopen
on the first Monday of September.  The motion was seconded by
Mr. Day and prevailed.

The Board recessed to Monday, May 2nd at 1 o'clock P.M.