UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
April 27-28, 1951

Volume 6 - Pages 295-304

April 27, 1951

The Board of Regents met in regular session in the President's
office on Friday, April 27, 1951. The meeting was called to
order by Chairman Ross at 10:20 A.M. Present: Regents Lombardi,
Hardy, Crumley, Arentz, Ross; Comptroller Hayden and President
Love. Present also were reporters Bennyhoff of United Press,
Armstrong of the Reno Evening Gazette, Irish of KOH Radio and
Legislative Counsellor Springmeyer.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the minutes of
the meeting of March 9-10, 1951, be approved as submitted and
the reading thereof be dispensed with.


Claims were presented by the Comptroller.

Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the following
claims, already approved by the Executive Committee, be ap-
proved by the Board:

Regents Checks, March 1951, Nos. 01-200 to 01-223
inclusive for a total of $188,780.07.

State Claims, March 1951, Nos. 01-262 to 01-290
inclusive for a total of $71,562.59.

President's Report and Recommendations

1. Budget

President Love distributed mimeographed sheets showing re-
ductions in the original University budget, these cuts
being based upon the reductions made by the Governor and
the Legislature, plus further reductions from revision of
the anticipated income from fees.

Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the control
budget be accepted and made a part of the record of this
meeting, and that a detailed budget be prepared for pres-
entation at the next meeting of the Board.

Reno, Nevada April 25, 1951

As Presented
to Revised
Legislature Cuts Budget

Regents 2,850 -- 2,850
President 37,215 -- 37,215
Comptroller 57,345 7,170 50,175
Registrar & Admissions 43,885 367 43,518
Dean of Men 21,990 1,182 20,808
Dean of Women 17,170 2,146 15,024
180,455 10,865 169,590

General Expense 142,560 17,820 124,740

Buildings & Grounds 387,688 -- 387,688

Remodel-Renovate 528,610 128,610 400,000

Arts and Science 812,695 101,585 711,110
Engineering 178,720 22,340 156,380
School of Mines 133,650 16,700 116,950
Agriculture 147,800 24,490 123,310
Library 88,440 11,055 77,385

Salary Increases 75,000 -- 75,000
2,675,618 333,465 2,342,153

Unallocated Surplus 50,000 50,000 0
Related Teaching 142,060 -- 142,060
Auxiliaries 1,184,100 47,800 1,136,300
1,376,160 97,800 1,278,360

Public Service

Food & Drugs/Weights &
Products 91,860 1,405 90,455
Analytical Laboratory 14,740 940 13,800
Soils-Water-Crops Lab 15,285 6,530 8,755
Bureau of Mines 33,600 2,100 31,500
Veterinary Control 29,265 1,295 27,970
Experiment Station 348,659 10,250 338,409
Extension Service 541,383 40,833 500,550
Public Serv. Salary Inc. 15,000 -- 15,000
1,089,792 63,353 1,026,439

Total 5,141,570 494,618 4,646,952

2. Mr. L. E. Cline of the Agricultural Extension Division
died April 8, 1951.

Motion by Mr. Crumley carried unanimously that the follow-
ing resolution be adopted and that a copy be sent to Mrs.


(Adopted by the Board of Regents, University of Nevada,
April 27, 1951)

Our very good friend and co-worker, Lewis E. Cline,
Extension Agricultural Economist for Nevada from 1930
to 1949, died at his home in Reno on April 8, 1951.

For 35 years he had been an advisor to farmers and
stockmen, not only throughout Nevada, but in all the
western states. He was most widely known for his work
in organizing and advising the Norbest Turkey Market-
ing Association, a cooperative covering the major
turkey producing areas in the Northwest. Through his
aid and the work of the association, the quality of the
turkeys produced was greatly improved. This has proved
to be of inestimable value to the turkey industry of
this State. He was the author of several books on
turkey raising and, in fact, was recognized as an
authority on turkey raising, not only in the United
States, but in Australia and other countries where
his books were published.

During his many years of Agricultural Extension work,
Mr. Cline was United State Agriculturist for the
Newlands Irrigation Project; he served as County Ex-
tension Agent for Churchill County; and, for the last
20 years, Extension Agricultural Economist at the
University of Nevada. His energy, his interest in
and devotion to each assignment, and his contributions
to the welfare of the State are far and beyond full
realization at this time.

His many friends and associates, in the Agricultural
Extension Division, in the University as a whole, in
the Farm Bureau, in the various counties of Nevada and
throughout Western United States, mourn the loss of a
good friend and valuable advisor.

The Board of Regents takes this opportunity to express
its appreciation for the life and the work of Lewis E.
Cline, and counts his passing a real loss. The deepest
and most heartfelt sympathy is extended to the bereaved

The Board of Regents

By _________________

3. Miss Anne H. Martin, alumna and donor, died April 15, 1951.

Motion by Mr. Crumley carried unanimously that the following
resolution be adopted and that copies be sent to the family
of Miss Martin.


(Adopted by the Board of Regents, University of Nevada,
April 27, 1951)

Anne Henrietta Martin was truly a daughter of Nevada.
She was born at Empire City in this State, where her
folks had lived since the early sixties.

She was educated in Nevada from the elementary schools
through the State University, where she received her
B. A. Degree in 1894. She later attended Stanford
University, Columbia University and the Universities
of Leipzig and London.

As Head of the History Department at the University of
Nevada, Anne Martin served the University and her State
from 1896 to 1901, and as Lecturer on the History of
Art from 1901 to 1903. Her fine work here is a matter
of record.

Always progressive and interested in the welfare of all
people, it was natural that Miss Martin should become
associated with the suffrage movement for women. She
organized, financed and conducted the campaign which
won suffrage for Nevada women in the general election on
November 3, 1914. She then turned to the wider scope of
the suffrage movement and worked hard for the national
suffrage amendment. She was the first woman nominated
for the United State Senate, and ran on the Independent
ticket in Nevada in 1918 and 1920.

Anne Martin was the author of articles and essays on
political, economic and feminist subjects published in
American and English journals and magazines, some of
which have been translated into foreign languages, and
of articles for the Encyclopaedia on Social Problems.

She was a delegate to the World Peace Congress of the
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom,
held in Dublin, Ireland in 1926, and again in Prague
in 1929. She was a member of the Board of Governors
of the post-war World Peace Council, New York, from
1942 to 1945.

In all these accomplishments, and they are many for one
lifetime, the University of Nevada takes pride in being
the alma mater of Anne Henrietta Martin. Her love for
this University is exemplified in the gift, with her
sister, of a scholarship to aid students in the field
of History and Political Science.

She will be missed at the coming Commencement, for we
know how much she would have enjoyed being a part of
that procession. Her continual interest in the programs
and progress of the University have endeared her to all
of us here.

The Board of Regents of the University of Nevada regrets
sincerely the loss of Anne Henrietta Martin, loyal and
loving daughter of Nevada. She will not be forgotten.

The Board of Regents

By ________________

4. Nevada Art Gallery

The President presented revised Articles of Incorporation
and revised Bylaws of the Nevada Art Gallery which had been
adopted by the Board of Directors of the Art Gallery. He
referred to the Cutts Will and the Court Order and Decree
of Settlement and Final Distribution of the estate of
Charles F. Cutts, both of which contain the following

The said Nevada Art Gallery, Inc. shall apply the
whole of the annual net income toward the organization
of a Gallery and Art Museum, under the joint manage-
ment and direction of the Nevada Art Gallery, Inc. and
the Board of Regents of the University.

The new Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws were drawn up
with the above stipulation in mind.

Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the Articles
of Incorporation and the Bylaws as approved by the Art
Gallery Board be approved by the Board of Regents.


We, the undersigned, all citizens of the State of Nevada,
do hereby associate ourselves together for the purpose of
forming a nonprofit, cooperative, educational association
under the laws of the State of Nevada and certify as fol-


The name of this corporation shall be Nevada Art Gallery,


The purposes for which this corporation is formed are:

To establish a center for viewing the beauty of nature and
the art of man; to bring art and life into closer contact
through social intercourse; to send forth beauty and ideal-
ism to the remote homes of Nevada; to acquire by purchase,
gift or otherwise real and personal property and to hold,
lease, mortgage or otherwise encumber, sell, donate, rent
and otherwise dispose of the same; to construct buildings
upon its real property and make improvements upon its
grounds; to lease without compensation, space in its build-
ings or premises and give security therefor; to issue bonds
to any amount allowed by law to obtain funds in order to
further the purposes of the corporation and to secure such
bonds by deed of trust on any or all of the properties of
the corporation including any property that might thereafter
be acquired; to accept gifts, donations and endowments and
to do any and all other things requisite or proper to carry
out the above purposes.


The principal office or place of business of the corporation
is to be be located at Nevada Art Gallery, 643 Ralston St.,
Reno, Washoe County, Nevada.


The duration of the existence of this corporation shall be
50 years.


The number of Directors of this corporation shall be 9; 6
of whom shall be chosen from among the members of the cor-
poration and elected at the annual meeting of the members
thereof to be held at such time and place as may be fixed
and prescribed in the Bylaws.

The remaining 3 members of the Board may be appointed in
the following manner: One Director may be appointed by
the Board of Regents of the University of Nevada; a second
Director may be appointed by the Latimer Art Club of Reno;
and a third Director may be appointed by the Nevada Federa-
tion of Women's Clubs.

The first Board of Directors to serve under these amended
Articles of Incorporation shall be elected and shall serve
for the terms specified as follows: The President of the
University of Nevada, subject to the approval of the Board
of Regents shall file with the Secretary of the Corporation
at such next annual meeting, a formal appointment of a Di-
rector to represent the University of Nevada on the Board,
and said Director shall serve for a term of 8 years.

The Latimer Art Club shall file with the Secretary of the
Corporation at such next annual meeting, a formal appoint-
ment of a Director to represent it on the Board, such
Director shall serve for a term of 7 years.

The Nevada Federation of Women's Clubs shall file with the
Secretary of the Corporation at such next annual meeting,
a formal appointment of a Director to represent it on the
Board, such Director shall serve for a term of 6 years.

The Directors of the Corporation shall elect from the mem-
bers of the Corporation the other 6 Directors to serve for
terms as follows:

One for 9 years
One for 5 years
One for 4 years
One for 3 years
One for 2 years
One for 1 year

Thereafter each Director elected or appointed shall serve
for a term of 9 years.

In the event of the death or resignation of a Director the
vacancy shall be filled by the election or appointment as
above provided of a successor to fill the unexpired term
of such Director.

The term of office of all the present 7 member-Directors,
and such others as may, before the next annual meeting, be
chosen by the Board to fill any vacancies in the Board of
Directors, shall expire on the date of the next annual


This corporation, while broadly representative of the State
of Nevada, shall be closely affiliated with the University
of Nevada and its Board of Regents, to the end that it may
receive cooperation and support from said University of
Nevada, and cooperate with it in return.



Any person in sympathy with the objects of this corpora-
tion as outlined in Article II of the Articles of In-
corporation may become a member upon invitation of a
majority of the Directors, provided, however, that in-
dividuals may become Associate members without such
invitation. Individuals may be elected to membership
at any regular or special meeting of the Directors.

There shall be 4 classes of membership, namely:

a) Regular Members: The dues of regular members shall
be $2 per calendar year or fraction thereof, payable
in advance. They shall be entitled to attend all
activities of the Art Gallery, may serve on commit-
tees or perform other service at the request of the
Directors. They shall have the right to vote at
the annual or special meetings of the Members.

b) Associate Members: The dues of associate members
shall be $1 per calendar year or fraction thereof,
payable in advance. They shall be entitled to the
same privileges and duties as regular members ex-
cept that they shall not have the right to vote.

c) Sustaining Members: Any person desiring to contrib-
ute to the support of the Art Gallery in a more sub-
stantial manner, may be elected to sustaining mem-
bership by the Directors. The dues of sustaining
members shall be at least $5 per calendar year or
fraction thereof, payable in advance. They shall
be entitled to the same privileges, duties and
rights as regular members.

d) Honorary Members: The Directors may confer honorary
membership in recognition of special or outstanding
service to the Art Gallery. Honorary members shall
pay no dues and shall not be entitled to vote, ex-
cept by special action of the Directors.


The Directors shall hold 4 regular meetings each year,
namely: on the first Monday in January, April, July
and October.

Special meetings of the Directors may be called at any
time by the President, or at the request of 3 Directors.
Notice of special meetings shall state the purpose of
such meetings.

A majority of the elected and qualified Directors shall
constitute a quorum.

Notice of all meetings shall be given by written notice
deposited in the United States Post Office at least 3
days prior to the date thereof, addressed to each Di-
rector as his or her name and address shall appear upon
the books of the corporation; provided however that
notice of meetings may be given by telephone, and in
that case one day's notice shall be deemed legal notice
of the meeting.

Annual Meeting of Members: Election of Directors, etc.

The annual meeting of the members shall be held on the
first Monday in April each year. At this meeting all
vacancies on the Board of Directors shall be filled by
vote of a majority of the members present and entitled
to vote; and such other business may be transacted as
may be brought before the meeting. At the annual meet-
ing of members the presence of 5 voting members shall
constitute a quorum.

At the conclusion of the annual meeting of the members,
the Directors shall meet and elect the officers of the
corporation for the ensuing year.

Duly elected Directors shall be exempt from the payment
of dues.

Place of Meetings

All meetings shall be held at the principal place of
business of the corporation, 643 Ralston St., Reno,


The officers of the corporation shall be a President, a
Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The Secre-
tary need not be a Director of the corporation.

The President

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Di-
rectors. He shall sign all instruments in writing re-
quired to be executed by the Corporation, and shall
perform the usual functions of such officer of corpora-

The Directors of this corporation, recognizing the in-
valuable services rendered to the corporation by Dr. J.
E. Church, and acknowledging their deep sense of obli-
gation to him for said services; do hereby elect and
appoint said Dr. J. E. Church as President of the cor-
poration for the term of his life or until he chooses
to resign; and in either event the remaining Directors
shall elect and appoint his successor from among the
remaining Directors to serve until the next annual meet-

The Vice President

The Vice President, in the absence of the President or
his inability to act, shall perform the duties of Presi-

The Secretary

The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of
the Directors; shall have custody of the seal and the
records of the corporation; shall sign with the Presi-
dent all instruments in writing required to be executed
by the corporation; shall affix the corporate seal to
all papers requiring the same, and shall discharge such
other duties as may be prescribed by the President and

The Treasurer

The Treasurer shall keep full and accurate accounts of
receipts and disbursements; shall receive all moneys
from whatever source and deposit them in the name and
to the credit of the corporation in such depository or
depositories as may be designated by the Directors; and
shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by
the President and Directors.


Proxies or powers of attorney to vote shall at no time
be permitted.

Special Functions

The general function of the Nevada Art Gallery, Inc.
shall be to act as Art Center, but by long stipulation
it has served especially as a home for the Latimer Art
Club and the Florence Humphrey Church Traveling Art

When the new Gallery and Gardens have been completed, a
room containing approximately 300 square feet floor
space or larger, if feasible, shall be granted to the
Latimer Art Club during its existence for its exclusive
use as a studio and exhibition room with the further
privilege of additional reasonable space for temporary
exhibits upon the condition that the Latimer Art Club
assist in the maintenance of the Art Gallery and Gardens
and share in the social art side of the Gallery's activ-

The Art Gallery shall also serve as a center from which
to send throughout the State and adjacent areas the
Florence Humphrey Church Traveling Art Collection co-
operatively with the Nevada Federation of Women's Clubs.


These Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of
the Directors by a majority vote of all the Directors.

The President presented the name of J. Craig Sheppard as the
representative of the University on the Board of Directors
of the Nevada Art Gallery.

Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that the appoint-
ment of Mr. Sheppard be confirmed, and that steps be taken
to provide control over the expenditure of Art Gallery
funds and for accounting for such expenditures.

Mr. Irish left the meeting at 11 A.M.

5 - Renovation and Remodeling

From the $400,000 fund for remodeling, rehabilitation and
improvement of the University Plant, the duplicating and
mailing room have been enlarged ad remodeled, renovation of
the Comptroller's office is underway. Blueprints and work-
ing plans for work in Lincoln Hall are being made and work
will progress as fast as time and material will allow.
Plans and specifications covering the completion of the
tempering and ventilation system in Mackay Science Hall
and the new Engineering building are completed and are
being checked prior to advertising for bids.

Chairman Ross, with the unanimous approval of the Board,
reappointed Regent Arentz as a Committee of One on the
University Heating Plant, to work with the University Ad-
ministration on all matters pertaining to the Heating Plant.

6. Honorary Board of Visitors annual meeting was set for Friday
June 8, 1951.

7. Regents Commencement Meeting was set for Saturday, June 9,

8. Commencement and Inauguration

The President reported on plans for combined Commencement
and inauguration ceremonies. Dr. Harry K. Newburn, Presi-
dent of the University of Oregon, has been chosen as the
Commencement speaker; and the Reverend John T. Ledger of
Reno will give the baccalaureate sermon. Following the
Exercises on Monday, as inaugural luncheon is planned.

9. Gifts

The President reported the following gifts:

a) From Mr. A. K. Bourne of Reno, an Aerocar and pilot car.

b) From the family of Dr. Ferris Summerbell of Fallon,
deceased, medical books.

c) Photographs of early Nevada from the G. Wharton James
collection, donated by the Southwest Museum of Los

Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that these gifts
be accepted and the donors thanked.

Mr. Springmeyer left at 11:45 A.M.

10. Comptroller's Old Records

Mr. Hayden requested permission to go through old business
records of the University with the view to disposing of
those which are no longer needed.

Motion by Mr. Crumley carried unanimously that the President
be authorized to appoint a committee to study the matter and
then that the Comptroller make the necessary arrangements
with the Board of Control for disposing of such old records
as the committee feels desirable.

The meeting recessed at 12 noon for luncheon in the University
Dining Hall.

The recessed meeting was called to order at 1:05 P.M. in the
President's office with all Regents, the Comptroller and the
President present.

11. Retirement Rules

The President recommended certain changes in the Retirement

Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that, effective
July 1, 1952, the retirement policy of the University shall
be as follows:

A. Retirement may be granted or required by the Board of
Regents any time after the employee shall have reached
60 years of age.

B. All faculty members shall retire at age 65 but may be
reappointed, at the discretion of the Board of Regents,
upon an annual basis.

12. Salary Brackets

The following salary brackets were recommended by the Pres-
ident, effective July 1, 1951:

Instructors $2600 - $3800
Assistant Professors 3800 - 4600
Associate Professors 4600 - 5400
Professors 5400 - 6200
Deans and Directors 6200 - 7700

Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the brackets
be approved.

13. Promotions

The President recommended faculty promotions.

Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried that they be approved as

To Professor : W. D. Billings, Robert Hume
To Associate Professor: Alice B. Marsh, H. Hendriks
To Assistant Professor: A. T. Glimn, H. J. Seim, M. R.
Demers, C. W. Hammond

14. Tenure

The President recommended members of the faculty for tenure
at the University.

Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that the following
faculty members be given tenure:

H. Hendriks, Electrical Engineering
Gale Richards, English
R. J. Morris, Chemistry
Ira La Rivers, Biology
Keiste Janulis, Journalism
E. Allen Davis, Mathematics

15. Comptroller's Salary

Motion by Mr. Crumley carried that the salary of the Comp-
troller be increased to $7500 per year, effective July 1,

No - Arentz
Aye - Lombardi, Hardy, Crumley, Ross

16. President's Salary

Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the salary
of the President be increased to $10,800 per year, effective
July 1, 1951.

At 2:10 P.M. reporters Burns and Armstrong came into the meeting
and remained throughout the afternoon.

17. Public Service Divisions

It was unanimously agreed that Public Service salaries be
held over for consideration at the next meeting of the Board
so that further thought and study might be given. The Pres-
ident distributed a mimeographed report of the Advisory
Committee of the Agricultural Public Service Divisions.

18. Appointment

The President recommended the appointment of Robert J. James
as Instructor in the Department of Economics, Business and
Sociology. Mr. James will receive his Ph. D. degree from
the University of Oregon this Summer.

Motion by Mr. Crumley carried unanimously that the appoint-
ment of Mr. James be approved.

19. Faculty Salaries

The President presented his recommendations for faculty sal-
aries effective July 1, 1951.

Motion by Mr. Hardy carried, with Regent Arentz voting "no"
and Regents Crumley, Lombardi, Hardy and Ross voting "aye",
that the following faculty salaries be approved:

Personnel Employed on Twelve-Month Basis Salaries

Name - Department 1950/51 Incr. 1951/52

Stanley Palmer, Dean Engineering 7,400 300 7,700
Fredrick Wood, Dean Arts & Science 7,400 300 7,700
Vernon E. Scheid, Dean Mackay School
of Mines 7,200 300 7,500
F. W. Traner, Dean Education 7,000 300 7,300
Perry W. Hayden, Comptroller 6,600 900 7,500
Eldon Wittwer, Director of Agri. 6,700 300 7,000
J. J. Hill, Librarian 6,720 280 7,000
R. S. Griffin, Dean of Men 6,420 280 6,700
Elaine Mobley, Dean of Women 6,180 320 6,500
Clarence Byrd, Registrar and Adm. 5,680 320 6,000

(1) J. Sheeketski, Director of Athletics 12,000 12,000
(2) J. N. Brown, Professor & Summer Sch. 7,000 300 7,300
(3) W. S. Palmer, Professor & Anal. Lab. 6,640 260 6,900
(4) L. E. Dunn, Assoc. Prof. Plant Ind. 5,200 800 6,000
(4) J. Robertson, Assoc. Prof. Plant Ind. 5,200 800 6,000
J. Lawlor, Athletic 5,300 5,300
E. Mastroianni, Athletic 5,100 5,100
Jeanette C. Rhodes, Registrar 4,800 4,800
Victor Kral, Bureau of Mines 4,080 420 4,500
J. T. Ryan, Mechanical Engineering 4,150 200 4,350
(5) C. W. Hammond, Asst. Prof. Metallrgy 4,050 300 4,350
(6) B. F. Couch, Mining 4,090 210 4,300
(7) Le Grant Walker, Animal Husb. & Farms 3,800 200 4,000

James Mc Nabney, Graduate Manager 4,000 4,000
H. Smithwick, Athletic 3,600 200 3,800
Clare Johnson, Library 3,300 200 3,500
Edith J. Holmes, Library 3,300 200 3,500
Julia Enck, Library 3,000 200 3,200
Islay Stephen, Library 3,000 200 3,200
Marianne Spann, Library 2,800 200 3,000
Fred Fink, Chemistry Store Room 2,700 200 2,900

(1) Contract
(2) $1200 from Summer School funds
(3) 1/2 from State Analytical funds
(4) 1/2 from Experiment Station funds, changed to 12 months
(5) 3/5 from Analytical Lab funds
(6) 1/2 from Bureau of Mines
(7) $2800 from Farm Expense


H. B. Blodgett, Civil Engineering 6,000 200 6,200
I. J. Sandorf, Elec. Engineering 6,000 200 6,200
J. R. Van Dyke, Mech. Engineering 6,000 200 6,200
V. P. Gianella, Geology 6,000 200 6,200
C. R. Hicks, History 6,000 200 6,200
A. L. Higginbotham, Journalism 6,000 200 6,200
T. H. Post, Music 6,000 200 6,200
J. E. Martie, Physical Education 6,000 200 6,200
S. W. Leifson, Physics 6,000 200 6,200
W. I. Smyth, Metallurgy & Mining 5,800 300 6,100
J. E. Moose, Chemistry 5,800 300 6,100
Meryl Deming, Chemistry 5,800 300 6,100
M. J. Webster, Economics, Business &
Sociology 5,800 300 6,100
E. L. Inwood, Economics, Business &
Sociology 5,800 300 6,100
C. G. Laird, English 5,800 300 6,100
Ralph Irwin, Psychology 5,800 300 6,100
Louis Titus, Plant Industry 5,700 300 6,000
Mildred Swift, Home Economics 5,700 300 6,000
E. W. Harris, Mech. Engineering 5,400 300 5,700
Paul Eldridge, English 5,400 300 5,700
W. D. Billings, Biology 5,200 300 5,500
R. A. Hume, English 5,200 300 5,500
C. C. Smith, History 4,800 200 5,000

Associate Professors

A. E. Hutcheson, History 5,200 200 5,400
L. R. Williams, Chemistry 5,100 300 5,400
E. M. Beesley, Mathematics 5,100 300 5,400
John R. Gottardi, Foreign Languages 5,100 On leave
Jessie Pope, Home Economics 4,900 300 5,200
Wm. C. Miller, English 4,900 300 5,200
C. F. Melz, Foreign Languages 4,900 300 5,200
C. M. Scranton, Physical Education 4,800 300 5,200
Edith M. Ruebsam, Education 4,800 200 5,000
Frank Richardson, Biology 4,700 300 5,000
R. M. Gorrell, English 4,700 300 5,000
Alice B. Marsh, Home Economics 4,400 300 4,700
H. Hendriks, Elec. Engineering 4,400 300 4,700

Assistant Professors

John Bonell, Civil Engineering 4,400 200 4,600
Gale Richards, English 4,400 200 4,600
Ruth Russell, Physical Education 4,300 300 4,600
J. N. Hansen, Physics 4,300 300 4,600
J. Craig Sheppard, Art 4,200 300 4,500
R. J. Morris, Chemistry 4,200 300 4,500
A. O. Dandini, Foreign Languages 4,200 300 4,500
R. E. Worley, Physics 4,200 300 4,500
James Langford, Education 4,200 300 4,500
Felton Hickman, Music 4,200 300 4,500
A. J. Plumley, Economics, Business &
Sociology 4,100 200 4,300
E. R. Larson, Geology 4,000 300 4,300
L. T. Jones, Biology 4,000 300 4,300
Ira La Rivers, Biology 4,000 300 4,300
Thomas Little, Biology & Anim. Ind. 3,900 300 4,200
R. R. Elliott, History & Pol. Sci. 3,900 300 4,200
Keiste Janulis, Journalism 3,900 300 4,200
A. Stuart Daley, English 3,900 300 4,200
R. C. Poolman, Civil Engineering 3,900 200 4,100
E. Allen Davis, Mathematics 3,800 300 4,100
L. B. Kline, Foreign Languages 3,800 300 4,100
H. Richardson, Psychology 3,800 300 4,100
W. Van Tassel, Mech. Engineering 3,800 300 4,100
John Morrison, English 3,800 300 4,100
R. Schaefer, Education (p/t Voc. Ed.) 4,000 4,000
Virginia Carroll, Home Economics 3,600 300 3,900
G. A. Broten, Physical Education 3,600 On leave
F. J. Mc Guigan, Psy(1/2) Phil(1/2) 3,600 300 3,900
A. T. Glimn, Elec. Engineering 3,600 300 3,900
H. J. Seim, Chemistry 3,600 300 3,900
M. R. Demers, Mathematics 3,600 300 3,900


B. J. Scull, Geology 3,600 200 3,800
Harold Classen, Geology 3,600 200 3,800
H. R. Manahan, Foreign Languages 3,400 300 3,700
G. J. Paolozzi, Foreign Languages 3,400 300 3,700
L. T. Gibby, English 3,400 200 3,600
Robert L. James, Economics, Business
& Sociology 3,600
W. S. Shepperson, History & Pol. Sci. 3,600
T. V. Frasier, Physics 3,400 200 3,600
A. F. Marcelli, Economics, Business &
Sociology 3,300 200 3,500
James Dickinson, English 3,300 200 3,500
Raymond Pflug, English 3,200 200 3,400
V. C. Sorenson, Foreign Languages 3,200 200 3,400
Don Cooney, Biology (1st semester) 100 1,750

Assistants, Lecturers & Special Classifications
(All on temporary annual contracts)

E. E. Ericksen, Philosophy 5,100 200 5,300
R. C. Bernhard, Economics, Business &
Sociology 4,300 200 4,500
Helen Joslin, Art 3,700 200 3,900
Frank Inman, Physics 3,700 200 3,900
Marjorie Price, Physical Education 3,100 200 3,300

Mabel Brown, Education & Language 2,400 2,400
*Charles Breese, Civil Engineering 3,600 1,900
Ruth Van Dyke, Mathematics 2,400 1,800
James Powell, E. E. Maintenance 2,400 1,800
Louis Skinner, Economics & Business 1,600 1,600
Marjorie Dickinson, Education 1,400 1,400
James Brown, Animal Husbandry 500 (1 sem.) 1,100
Mildred Klaus, Education 250 250

*Did not serve.

20. Bridle Path - South Virginia Farm

Comptroller Hayden made a progress report on arrangements
with the County Engineer for a bridle path at the South
Virginia Farm. The new agreement, providing that only the
University is entitled to use the path for driving live-
stock, has the approval of Mr. Creel, Mr. Fleming and Dr.

Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the agree-
ment, as now presented, be approved and that the Chairman
be authorized to sign for the Board of Regents.

21. Fleischmann Dairy Farm

Chairman Ross explained that in the certificate of title
to the Farm there are a number of easements, the conditions
of which are not stated.

Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that the Adminis-
tration be authorized to employ someone to study the con-
ditions of the easements, and to map the entire area show-
ing the easements and outlining details and conditions of
the easements.

22. University Farms

Referring to the action of the Board at the last meeting
that a committee be appointed to study the farm land situa-

Motion by Mr. Arentz carried that Regent Hardy be appointed
to form his own committee to look into the possibility of
finding land for use as a farm which would not have the high
real estate value of the present farm property, with a view
to disposing of the present property and purchasing other
land. Vote:

"Aye" - Regents Crumley, Lombardi, Hardy, Arentz
"No " - Regent Ross (as of this time)

23. Dean Scheid - Mackay School of Mines

Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that Dean Scheid
be invited to meet with the Regents at their next meeting
to outline for them his plans and program for the Mackay
School of Mines.

24. Dean of Agriculture

Following discussion on the general subject of the 3
Agricultural Divisions of the University,

Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that the President
be directed to look for a Dean of Agriculture.

The meeting adjourned at 3:30 P.M. with the next meeting set for
June 9, 1951.