UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
April 26-27, 1894


Volume OC - Pages 34-35

Reno, Nevada

April 26, 1894

The Board of Regents met at their Office in the Dormitory

building on April 26, 1894 at 9:30 A.M, a full Board being

present: J. W. Haines, H. L. Fish and C. E. Mack.

Minutes of the previous meeting, including balances of several

funds on hand, read and approved.

Claims for the month were presented and allowed as follows:

Contingent University Fund 720.27

Mining Laboratory Fund 209.13

Agricultural College Fund 1,810.76

Total $2,740.16

On motion, Regent Fish and Mr. Brown were appointed a committee

to employ the necessary Janitors for care of buildings during the

Summer vacation.

Stephen A. Jones tendered his resignation as President of the

State University as follows:

Reno, Nevada

April 20, 1894

To the Board of Regents of Nevada State University.


I hereby resign the Presidency of the Nevada State

University to take effect on the 30th day of next June.

I thank the Board for its support and cooperation

while I have held the position.

Very Respectfully

S. A. Jones

On motion of Regent Mack, the resignation of S. A. Jones was

accepted by unanimous action of the Board to take effect on

June 30th, 1894.

The committee on proposed new building for a Boys Dormitory re-

ported progress.

The committee on a Military Instructor reported that April 18th

application was made to the Secretary of War to retain Lieutenant

Neall, if available. If not, application was made for W. H.

Hamilton as his successor, to report for duty on or before Sept.

1, 1894.

Committee reported the smelter was finished and had been success-

fully operated.

On motion of Regent Haines, seconded by Regent Mack, the Board

proceeded to the election of the President for the State

University to take effect July 1, 1894.

The following names were considered: Dr. Parton W. Everman,

Dr. A. Bryan, Professor Walker Miller of Stanford University,

Dr. Thorbunn, Dr. W. L. Bryan, Dr. J. E. Stubbs, Dr. M. C.

Furnold and Dr. George Bates. Whereupon by unanimous action of

the Board Dr. J. E. Stubbs of Berea, Ohio was duly elected and

the Secretary was instructed to notify him by mail of his


On motion, the President of the Board of Regents was instructed

to wire Dr. Stubbs of his election and ask if he accept.

On motion, the salary of the newly elected President was fixed at

Two Hundred and Ninety Two Dollars per month payable monthly,

commencing July 1, 1894.

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned.

H. L. Fish


Geo. H. Taylor