UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
April 25-26, 1996


Pages 185-209



April 25-26, 1996

The Board of Regents met on April 25, 1996 in Room B-206, Vista

East building, Truckee Meadows Community College, 700 Dandini

Blvd., Reno.

Members present: Mr. Madison Graves, II, Chair

Mr. Mark Alden

Ms. Shelley Berkley

Dr. Jill Derby

Dr. James Eardley

Mr. Joseph M. Foley

Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

Mr. Daniel Klaich

Mr. David L. Phillips

Mrs. Nancy Price

Mrs. Carolyn M. Sparks

Others present: Chancellor Richard S. Jarvis

General Counsel Donald Klasic

Vice Chancellor John Richardson

Vice Chancellor Tom Anderes

Deputy Chancellor Karen Steinberg

President Joseph N. Crowley, UNR

President Carol Harter, UNLV

President Richard Moore, CCSN

President James Randolph, WNCC

President Ronald Remington, GBC

President James Taranik, DRI

President Kenneth Wright, TMCC

Secretary Mary Lou Moser

Also in attendance were Faculty Senate Chairs Scott Casper, UNR,

Jerry Landwer, UNLV, Sonny Lyerly, CCSN, Larry Hyslop, GBC, Linda

Stetter, TMCC, Richard French, DRI, Richard Stewart, WNCC, and

Becky Seibert, System Administration. Student Government leaders

were also present: Dan Oster, UNR, Barbara Mc Millian, CCSN, Ken

Harlan, GSA-UNLV, John Cole, TMCC, Sabrina Mc Kinley and Aaron

Rosenthal, UNLV.

Chair Madison Graves called the meeting to order at 1:00 P.M.

with all Regents present except Mr. Klaich and Mr. Phillips.

1. Introductions

Chair Madison Graves introduced Dr. Robert Hoover, Vice

President for Academic Affairs, and congratulated him on

his recent appointment as President, University of Idaho.

2. Chair's Report

Chair Madison Graves presented a video entitled, "25 Years

of Service - The Community College in Nevada".

3. Chancellor's Report

Chancellor Richard Jarvis thanked everyone involved and es-

pecially the Campus Public Information Officers for their

efforts in making the 25th anniversary of Community College

Month a success. He welcomed new Faculty Senate Chairs and

stated he looks forward to strengthening the relationship

with student government and Nevada Student Alliance members

through UCCSN liaison Dr. John Richardson, Vice Chancellor.

Ms. Berkley and Mr. Foley left the meeting.

Presidents' Reports:

President Joe Crowley reported that UNR was celebrating

Mackay Week during which time the Mackay statue will be re-

dedicated. 23 members of the Mackay family, which includes

4 generations, will be present for the dedication. Thurs-

day night there is a Senior Scholar dinner following by

the Nevada Mining Association dinner on Friday.

Mr. Foley returned to the meeting.

President Carol Harter introduced newly elected CSUN offi-

cers: Aaron Rosenthal, President; Joe Mills, Vice Presi-

dent; and Joe Laxague, Senate President. President Harter

reported that UNLV has raised $30 million in 9 months

through private funds and a formal announcement will be

made next week.

President Ken Wright reported there are 3 new programs at

TMCC: Access to Success, which is a dual credit program; a

tuition-free multi-cultural program; and Summer Youth Col-

lege and Academy. Also, the Nevada Faculty Alliance con-

tract is to be renewed on April 26, 1996.

Ms. Berkley returned to the meeting.

President Ron Remington reported that a new Vice President

for Academic Affairs would be announced later in the meet-


President Jim Taranik reported that the Brazil Program is a

huge success. The program is a memo of understanding for

joint work between DRI scientists and Brazilian scientists

working cooperatively in meteorologic and hydrologic re-


President Jim Randolph reported that WNCC will have its

first rock concert on May 3rd, sponsored by student govern-

ment. The June 23rd Board of Regents meeting will be on

the Fallon Campus and a special tour of the Naval Base is


Mrs. Price stated that the numbers from the UNLV Foundation

were impressive and that she has confidence in their leader-


4. Approved UCCSN Strategic Directions

Chancellor Jarvis and Deputy to the Chancellor Karen Stein-

berg presented a revised draft of the UCCSN Strategic Di-

rections. The revised Strategic Directions came from the

Board workshop sponsored by the Academic, Research and

Student Affairs Committee. Ref. A on file in the Regents


Chancellor Jarvis' presentation highlighted the goals of the

UCCSN Strategic Directions workshop. Over the next 10 years

8 key issues will shape the goals and Strategic Directions

of the UCCSN. The 3 End Goals indicate where the future of

the System are: Undergraduate Access and Growth; Research

and Graduate/Professional Education; and State Needs. The

5 Means Goals examining progress toward the end goals are:

Accountability; Planning; Resources; Technology; and Pro-


Mr. Alden left the meeting.

Mrs. Steinberg explained that the Strategic Directions were

written as action statements with clear goals and clear

benchmarks using longitudinal data to measure progress

toward goals could be developed as performance indicators.

Once adopted by the Board, the Strategic Directions will

be turned into a narrative report. Mrs. Steinberg stated

that the publication would then be shared with colleagues

around the country and within the State.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the revised draft of the

UCCSN Strategic Directions. Ms. Berkley seconded. Motion


5. Approved the UCCSN 1997-99 Capital Budget Request

Chancellor Jarvis and Vice Chancellor Tom Anderes presented

the 1997-99 capital budget projects as well as the request

for maintenance and repairs. The approved requests are due

to the State Public Works Board by May 1 (UCCSN has received

an extension from April 15 for final submission to the

SPWB). (Material distributed at the meeting is on file in

the Regents Office.)

Dr. Anderes addressed the need for maintenance and repairs

to current UCCSN buildings as a top priority. A request for

$15 million to the Public Works Board has been made with $12

million received for the current biennium. Phase I is esti-

mated at $7 million and is a top priority due to the age

and poor condition of buildings; Phase II is the challenge

pool estimated at $8 million.

Mrs. Price asked about life cycle maintenance and how to

anticipate the future. Dr. Anderes stated that because

maximum safety levels needed to be maintained, safety and

code changes were a major concern and would be reviewed.

Dr. Anderes stated that the total CIP request submitted for

1997-99 totaled $300 million; however, only $140 million in

requests will go forward. He further stated the request is

divided into tiers including supplemental priorities and

that facility plans and process would be a very important


Mr. Phillips entered the meeting.

Dr. Eardley asked if all the Presidents had agreed upon the

priorities as listed and if any priorities were dropped from

last session. Dr. Anderes stated that all Presidents were

in agreement with the System CIP priority list and that no

projects were dropped; if not completed, they were carried

forward to this list. All Tier I projects meet the 4 space

deficiencies categories or criteria and totaled $98 million.

Dr. Anderes discussed Tier II priorities stating that these

projects did not fully meet the criteria of Tier I projects

in importance; they total $29 million. Total for both Tiers

is $127 million.

Dr. Anderes reviewed funding and stated the main focus was

on where projects fit into the facilities plan over a long

period of time. Growth from 1989 to present has been stable

in the north and less stable in the south; therefore, plan-

ning is critical. Due to the surge in growth in the south

about 70% of funds go there.

4 out of the past 5 biennia show that the amount of con-

struction dollars received by UCCSN was 2 to 3 times larger

for the institutions in the southern part of the State as

for those located in the north, which speaks to the enroll-

ment and growth experienced in the south. The last biennia

was unusual in that the major portion of the funding went to

the north. The request for 1997-99 contains amost 90% of

the funding to be spent in southern Nevada.

In answer to a question from Mrs. Price concerning Presiden-

tial agreement to the proposed allocation, President Crowley

stated this is the most controversial subject before the

Council of Presidents, because all institutions have great

needs. Fundamental needs of the institutions must be recog-

nized, however, the Presidents do come to an agreement.

Mrs. Gallagher added that the most success enjoyed by UCCSN

at the Legislature has been when the System has presented a

united front. Continuing, she stated that the north-south

issues seem to be appearing again, but also with a new

twist: the southern University and southern Community Col-

lege. Mrs. Gallagher related that the Chancellor and the

Presidents did an outstanding job last session and hopes

that would not be changed for the upcoming session.

Chancellor Jarvis related that he was very involved in the

discussions with the Presidents and appreciated the Presi-

dents' agruments for their projects. He stated that this

planning process is one that works to preserve a smooth

System; however, special needs and ideas may not be included

in this process. A new idea is being presented by the Sys-

tem this time and that is to partner with K-12 on Campuses

by sharing land and space. These partnerships raise many

serious legal and management questions which would need to

be worked out. They are not included in this list, but

would be presented to the Governor and Legislature as sup-

plemental items.

Mrs. Price stated that the Redfield Campus has not been on

the list before. Mr. Graves stated that opportunities are

often presented to the System and cited the $10 million gift

to UNLV for the Library and the $10 million property gift

of the Redfield Foundation. The Redfield Campus is a long-

term commitment over a 25-year period.

President Crowley stated he was very disturbed over the dis-

cussion of the Redfield property inasmuch as the Board had

accepted that project and projected growth figures show

that there is a need for schools in tha area. In the in-

itial presentation, the one condition of the contract was

that earth must be turned by the year 2000 and UNR, WNCC

and TMCC had stated they would be requesting planning funds

for the project this biennium. He stated that if that

planning project cannot be on the list, that there would be

no greater embarrassment for himself or the System. Mr.

Graves agreed. Mrs. Sparks stated the Board had turned

down the Redfield offer once before. Dr. Crowley replied

that it had not; that the first offer to TMCC did not come

to the Board because of a dispute between TMCC and WNCC

at that time.

President Crowley pointed out that the current CIP request

gives one southern institution $55 million for a single

project, whereas the Redfield project is projected for $75

million for 3 Campuses over 25 years. Further, this is a

very unique situation with 2 Community Colleges and a Uni-

versity sharing a single Campus and there is no other place

in the country that has done this. Plans are to ask for

one building by the year 2000 for between $4 and $5 million.

Mrs. Gallagher added that this was all explained in the

original presentation to the Board and that this concept of

2 Community Colleges and a University on a Campus is every

bit as innovative as a Community College and K-12 sharing

a Campus.

Dr. Derby stated she felt this request not only shows the

orderly process the System uses, but also that it takes ad-

vantage of opportunities as presented. Dr. Eardley agreed,

stating that $1 million for planning out of $90 million re-

quest is not unreasonable. He added that the Summerlin

project (CCSN and K-12) is innovative and exciting, and

that the Redfield project is just as exciting.

Mr. Phillips stated he was concerned whether the Community

Colleges would have any control with the Redfield project.

Dr. Crowley stated that the gift was made to UNR for the

explicit purpose of having the 2 Community Colleges on the

same property. Both WNCC and TMCC have representatives on

the planning committee as does the Chancellor's Office.

The objective of the Redfield Foundation is clearly for

Community College education. Mr. Phillips related that he

had heard that if the project was not completed on time, it

would revert back to the Foundation. Mr. Graves stated that

was not true, that if the property was not fully built at

the end of the contract, only that area not built could

possibly revert.

Chancellor Jarvis reiterated that the Redfield Campus proj-

ect is for $75 million over 25 years, not the $200 or $300

million cost attributed to it in a rumor spreading about

the State. Dr. Crowley related that Galena High School is

already next door to the property and there are plans for

a medical facility adjacent because of the growth in the

area. Ms. Berkley stated that she found the Redfield proj-

ect exciting and dramatic, as well as the Law School at

UNLV and both are in Tier I. She urged that the Board

unite and move forward.

President Wright stated he was stunned to hear that someone

thinks he and TMCC are less than pleased with the Redfield

project. He related that prior to the Redfield gift, he

and President Randolph had been discussing the need for edu-

cational space in that area. Dr. Wright stated that UNR had

spoken for him when the presentation had been made and that

it was just as much his project as Dr. Crowley's.

Mrs. Sparks stated she did not feel her questions had been

answered after the first presentation and would like more

information. President Crowley stated that the planning

presentation by the Presidents would have included more


Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the System Capital Improve-

ment Request for 1997-99 as presented. Ms. Berkley second-


President Crowley stated that a presentation has been made

to Washoe County Planning Commission for approval of a

facilities plan and there is a target date of October to

bring more information back to the Board on the Redfield


President Remington stated that GBC has 2 projects in Tier

I. A remodel of Mc Millan Hall, which was built in 1973;

planning dollars were appropriated during the last session

and this request would finish the project. The 2nd project

is for the completion of the Chilton Circle and would re-

quire $300,000 for completion.

President Taranik stated that DRI's request is for $2.4 mil-

lion to complete the interior of the 60,000 sq. ft. building

received from the Legislature last session. Construction

will begin Fall 1996 on the shell, with completion planned

for December 1997. This will unite all the DRI faculty in

the north.

President Wright stated the TMCC request is a creative solu-

tion to the Applied Technology building. This will allow

them to buy a larger building in the community than the one

planned for and to remodel the community site at $70 per sq.


President Harter related that UNLV has 2 projects, the Li-

brary and the Law School. UNLV has received a large dona-

tion for the Library and that donor wants a single build-

ing, which will end up being as large as the Thomas and

Mack Events Center. $27 million has already been raised,

with the promise of another $5 million for this 300,000 sq.

ft. building, the total cost of which is $55 million. The

building is robotically designed with book retrieval by

robots. The Law School will need a large Library of its

own. When the new Library is built, 2 buildings will be

vacated and plans are for one of these buildings to house

the Law Library.

President Crowley stated that UNR is requesting a Parking

Garage and Student Services building with a total cost of

$13.5 million, and with $9.5 million of that cost from the

State. The Reno City Council will not allow another build-

ing for the UNR Campus until a Parking Garage is construct-

ed, and this has been in the UNR Master Plan for several

years. By placing Student Services in this building, it

will allow 1-stop shopping for student services. Evening

classes would be housed in this area also, which would

provide better safety for the students. $2 million will be

from a fund raising project and $2 million will come from

adjustments in fees. A feasibility study for the Library

and a Lab Science building are other projects in the plan-

ning stages. The Frandsen Humanities building is very old

and is in desperate need of renovation.

President Moore stated that CCSN has 21,000 headcount stu-

dents now and are expecting up to 30,000 within 3 years.

The West Charleston Campus project is $1 million for plan-

ning 2 buildings: Academics and Fine Arts. Bonanza High

School is near this site and plans call for a tram system

to connect it to the College. The Henderson Campus has 75

acres with 2 buildings. CCSN has received planning monies

of $300,000 last session. The Clark County School District

has a high school site next door, and if it is built, plans

are to contract with them for facilities and space.

President Randolph stated WNCC is requesting $300,000 for

planning for a Library which is 6-8 years down the road.

Also, WNCC is discussing with the Carson City School Dis-

trict the possibility of a joint venture of a high school

to be build adjacent to the Campus and the sharing of


Mr. Dan Oster, ASUN President from UNR, stated that the

Redfield project is on the cutting edge of planning in the

country. He related that students are excited about the

project because they can receive a Community College educa-

tion at the site while still having the opportunity for a

4-year degree and even going on to graduate school.

Motion carried. Mr. Phillips voted no.

President Moore presented a slide presentation of the CCSN

Facilities Master Plan which calls for construction of a

number of centers, which are joint ventures with high

schools. The Summerlin Center is a part of CCSN's request

for this biennium. A new high school will be built there

and plans call for a large computer lab and 4 classrooms

for computing, support rooms and 12 classrooms. CCSN would

use the facilities at night for classes with high schools

using the high technology areas about 75% of the time in

the mornings. Only 1 high school in Las Vegas has a com-

puting lab, so the sharing of facilities is most beneficial

for both the high schools and College. For rural areas,

CCSN plans to follow the model used at Great Basin College.

They plan to build smaller computer labs of 50 computer

stations, merge with K-12 to add to their technology and

use their general classrooms at night. In the area of gov-

ernance of such joint ventures, weekly meetings are mandated

for those in charge.

The meeting recessed at 4:30 P.M. and reconvened at 9:00 A.M. on

Friday, April 26, 1996 with all Regents present except Mr. Foley

and Dr. Derby.

6. Accepted Report on Biennial Budget Request

Chancellor Jarvis led a lengthy discussion on the progress

of the UCCSN Biennial Budget Request for 1997-99. He ex-

plained that Regent input was necessary at this time in

order that the System and institutions could prepare the

budget for presentation to the Board in mid-August. The

items under discussion concerned new monies to be requested

that were over and above the Base Budget or Core Operations,

which will be increased only by the rate of inflation and

other maintenance factors as determined by the Governor's

Budget Office.

Dr. Derby entered the meeting.

Chancellor Jarvis explained that he would present a profes-

sional salary recommendation for Board consideration at the

June, 1996 meeting. The Chancellor's Professional Compen-

sation Committee, the Faculty Senate Council and the Council

of Presidents will all make recommendations to the Chancel-

lor, who will make the final determination on the recommen-

dation to be presented.

The enrollment target for 1997-99 is to increase high school

graduates by 5% per year. The campuses are in the process

of developing strategies to reach this overall System goal.

The 2.6% goal for this past year was met as a System, but

not all Campuses were able to reach that goal and it was

explained that because of 4 years of reduced funding, very

little marketing had been done. However, that has changed

and the Campuses are gearing up for extended marketing en-

deavors. Even though there was a downturn in enrollments

this past year, a review of several years shows increased


In answer to questions by Mr. Price, Vice Chancellor Anderes

explained that the State does not allow transfer of funds

between appropriation areas, of which there are 19 for the

System, but transfers within an institution are permissible

by the State and by Board policy. Accountability reports

are made to the Board and to the Legislature on the dollars

expended. Also, the Board adopted the Fiscal Exception Plan

whereby quarterly examination of expenditures is made by

the Business Officers. This report has provided a good deal

of information, which the Vice Chancellor provides to the


President Crowley explained that UNR's 10-year goal has been

for a 3% enrollment growth and that has been reached. Dur-

ing the last biennium when it was necessary to cut budgets,

those cuts were made in the dollars to be used for growth.

However, because of the situation in California, UNR enjoyed

growth in enrollment. Budgets are based on the previous

biennium budget expenditures and since the 1993 biennium was

the low point, the 1995 biennium was based on this lower

figure. UNR is changing its marketing strategy and its tar-

get will again be a 3-4% growth. President Harter related

that because of the funding problems and refunds to the

State, enrollments were necessarily capped. UNLV also is

focusing on a marketing strategy and is in the process of

searching for a Dean of Enrollment Management.

Chancellor Jarvis related that there is a need to balance

the real needs of the institutions with what reasonably can

be expected from the State. Last biennium the System re-

quested $197 million for enhancements, excluding $48 million

for salaries and $9 million for inflation, and received $122

million. This biennium, the enhancement goal is for $180

million or 150% of what was received last time.

Discussion on growth and funding formulas followed. Dr.

Derby reminded the Board that for some time they had dis-

cussed increasing the Community College funding ratio of

60/40 full-time/part-time ratio. Last biennium the focus

was increasing the salary for part-time instructors. Pres-

ident Remington related that several years back, the goal

had been to reach 100% funding for the Community Colleges

within 2 biennia; however, with the downturn causing 2

biennia of low funding, there is still a way to go.

Chancellor Jarvis related that the request would include,

in approximate amounts, $41 million for support services,

$34 million for technology, safety and security $6 million,

diversity $2.5 million, research and economic development

$8 million, UNLV Law School startup $5 million and the UNR

Medical School $3 million. The Board requested a report at

the June meeting on the study of the UNLV Law School.

Mr. Klaich moved to accept the report of the Chancellor and

to direct the Chancellor to prepare the budget based on the

themes and priorities as presented. Ms. Berkley seconded.

Dr. Derby stated she felt the Board should support a 65/35

funding ratio for the Community Colleges.

Mr. Klaich and Ms. Berkley agreed to amend the motion to in-

clude the 65/35 funding ratio. Motion carried.

Mr. Foley and Dr. Derby left the meeting.

7. Approved the Appointment, Interim Vice President, UNR

President Crowley requested the appointment of Dr. David

Westfall as Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Vice President Robert Hoover has resigned to accept the

position of President, University of Idaho. Ref. D on file

in the Regents Office.

Dr. Crowley introduced Dr. David Westfall as the new Interim

Vice President for Academic Affairs. Dr. Remington intro-

duced Mrs. Betty Elliot as Vice President for Academic Af-

fairs at Great Basin College beginning July 1, 1996.

Mrs. Price moved approval of the appointment of Dr. David

Westfall as Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Ms. Berkley seconded. Motion carried.

8. Approved Academic, Research & Student Affairs Committee

Chair Shelley Berkley presented the following report of ac-

tion items of the Academic, Research & Student Affairs Com-

mittee meetings held March 21 and April 25, 1996. The Com-

mittee received the following information items:

Report on Special Admissions - Admissions Officers Jeff

Halvorsen, UNLV, and Melissa Choroszy, UNR, presented a

report on University Admissions Standards. At UNR the most

common reasons for special admission is that students have

not completed the required CORE courses and have not met the

alternative requirements which waive the CORE courses. 88%

are missing 1 or more units of mathematics, 5% have the CORE

but have low GPAs and 5% have been home schooled or have

earned the GED.

Bill Drafts - It was requested that any suggestions for Bill

Drafts for the 1997 Legislative Session be forwarded to the

Chancellor or Dr. Richardson.

8.1 Approved UCCSN Transfer and Articulation - Approved the

Community College University Transfer Initiative which

will facilitate the transfer of students between UCCSN

Community Colleges and Universities. Ref. E on file in

the Regents Office.

Ms. Berkley concurred with the transfer policy within the

State System and felt that it was an easy process that would

maintain the integrity of the UCCSN System. She stated that

she was grateful to the Chancellor and his staff and for the

good press.

8.2 Approved B. S. Environmental Geology, UNLV - Approved a

program for a B. S. in Environmental Geology at UNLV.

The proposed program will focus on the areas where

society and earth materials overlap, such as ground

water, mining reclamation, urban development and pollu-

tion. The interrelationship between physical science

and society will be emphasized in the curriculum. Ref.

F on file in the Regents Office.

Ms. Berkley moved approval of the program for a B. S. in

Environmental Geology at UNLV. Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Motion carried.

8.3 Approved Changes to Existing Degree Programs, UNLV -

Approved changes to degree programs at UNLV as follows:

A) From B. S. in Athletic Training to B. S. in Sports

Injury Management, with emphasis on Clinical Ath-

letic Training and/or Pre-Professional Studies.

Ref. G on file in the Regents Office.

B) From a Bachelor of Liberal Studies to Bachelor of

Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, with a concen-

tration in Multi-Disciplinary Studies, and with a

change in reporting structure to the College of

Liberal Arts. Ref. H on file in the Regents


Ms. Berkley moved approval for the changes to existing de-

gree programs at UNLV from B. S. in Athletic Training to

B. S. in Sports Injury Management, with emphasis on Clinical

Athletic Training and/or Pre-Professional Studies and from a

Bachelor of Liberal Studies to Bachelor of Arts in Inter-

disciplinary Studies, with a concentration in Multi-Disci-

plinary Studies, and with a change in reporting structure to

the College of Liberal Arts. Mr. Phillips seconded. Motion


8.4 Approved the Academic Master Plan, CCSN - Approved the

Academic Master Plan for CCSN with the exception of

references to 4-year degree programs. It is anticipat-

ed that other 2-year institutions will be requesting

4-year programs and once all proposals have been re-

ceived, a discussion will be held. Ref. I on file in

the Regents Office.

Ms. Berkley moved approval of the Academic Master Plan for

CCSN with the exception of references to 4-year degree pro-

grams. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

8.5 Approved the University Institute for Fertility, Medi-

cal School - Approved the University Institute for

Fertility in the Medical School.

Ms. Berkley moved for approval of the University Institute

for Fertility in the Medical School. Mrs. Gallagher second-


Mrs. Price voted no due to the ongoing investigation by the

Attorney General's Office and the ramifications of that in-


Motion carried.

8.6 Approved Special Admits, UNLV - Approved changes to

the Special Admits at UNLV. Ref. J on file in the

Regents Office.

Dr. Harter stated that Reference J reflected incorrect in-

formation regarding credits and requested that it be amended

from 12 semester credits to 15 semester credits.

Ms. Berkley moved approval of the Special Admits at UNLV

with the change from 12 semester credits to 15 semester

credits. Dr. Eardley seconded. Motion carried.

Mrs. Price commended Dr. John Richardson and the Academic

Affairs staff for the fine work in bringing the transfer

program forward.

9. Approved the Audit Committee Report

Chair Mark Alden presented the report of the Audit Committee

meeting held March 18, 1996. The Committee received follow-

up audit reports for:

Student Employment Office, UNR

Library Department, UNLV

Disbursements Department, UNLV

Bank Reconciliations, UNLV

9.1 Approved UCCSN OMB Circular A-133 - Chair Mark Alden

presented the audit report of Deloitte & Touche on the

UCCSN OMB Circular A-133.

9.2 Approved Internal Audit Reports - Chair Mark Alden

presented reports from Internal Audit. Reports are

filed in the Regents Office, Ref. K.

Mail Services Department, UNR

Upward Bound Program, UNLV

Printing Services, CCSN

Telemedia Services, CCSN

Mr. Alden moved acceptance of the reports. Mrs. Gallagher


Mrs. Price requested information regarding how bank recon-

ciliations were being handled. Mr. Alden stated that they

are currently 45 days behind, which is within acceptable

limits. Mrs. Price asked if there was a need for enhance-

ments in the areas of training and personnel. Mr. Alden

stated that he is satisfied with the direction and the Com-

mittee will be addressing changes due to growth in the fu-


Motion carried.

10. Approved the Campus Environment Committee Report

Chair Jill Derby reported that the Committee met on March

21, 1996 at which time the Campuses reported on gender

equity issues. The Committee heard the following reports:

Campus Progress Reports

The Chairs of the Campus Committees presented annual

Campus progress reports, based upon the Report and

Recommendations of the Regents Committee on the Status

of Women, 1994. Copies of the Campus reports are on

file in the Board of Regents Office.

The institutions reported continued progress in many

areas, including sexual harassment, education, child

care issues, and Campus safety. Several institutions

reported that consensual relationships policies have

been approved for their Campuses.

Handbook, Chapter 6 Grievance Procedure Review

The Committee also received a report from the group ap-

pointed to review the grievance procedures contained in

Chapter 6 of the Regents Handbook. The group's list of

concerns has been forwarded to the System Administration

Office to be incorporated into an overall review of the


Sexual Harassment

In Fall, 1995 the Committee requested that the form used

to collect Systemwide information concerning sexual har-

assment incidents be revised to request information

about institutional sexual harassment education efforts.

The Committee reviewed the revised form and discussed

the definition of "formal" vs. "informal" complaints.

Data collection will take place in August, 1996.

Equity Goals

The Committee members discussed future possibilities for

implementing their recommendations. It was suggested

that gender equity goals including objectives and meth-

ods for measurement and accountability could be estab-

lished for each Campus. The Chancellor and the Presi-

dents could work with their Campus Committees to es-

tablish goals. Staff wre directed to draft a policy

for consideration by the Committee.

Mr. Klaich thanked the Committee for their fine work in im-

proving the positive attitude on the Campuses.

Dr. Derby moved approval of the report. Ms. Berkley second-

ed. Motion carried.

11. Approved the Investment Committee Report

Chair Carolyn Sparks reported on the meetings of the Invest-

ment Committee held on March 21 and April 22, 1996. The

Committee is revising guidelines and policies and as they

are finalized they will be forwarded to the Board. The Com-

mittee continues to have the able guidance of Matt Lincoln

and Marianne Austen of Cambridge Associates and Dr. Peter


Mrs. Sparks moved approval of the report. Mr. Phillips

seconded. Motion carried.

11.1 Approved Vanguard Institutional S & P 500 Index Fund -

The Committee reviewed with Cambridge and Associates

money managers for the allocation of $20.5 million of

the UCCSN endowment fund. The Committee recommended

the funds be placed with Vanguard Institutional S & P

500 Index Fund.

Mrs. Sparks moved approval of the Vanguard Institutional

S & P 500 Index Fund for the allocation of $20.5 million of

the UCCSN endowment fund. Mr. Phillips seconded. Motion


11.2 Approved Resolution on Investment Management Operating

Funds - The Committee reviewed the Resolution - In-

vestment Management of Operating Funds and recommended

approval. Ref. S filed with the permanent minutes.

Mrs. Sparks stated that UCCSN is one of the very few insti-

tutions where the Treasurer's Office still invests money.

She reported that investment managers will be interviewed

at the next Investment Committee meeting and that the change

will be effective July 1, 1996.

Mr. Alden thanked the Committee for their fine work and

agreed that it is a good move to hire outside managers. He

confirmed that the Deputy Treasurer's Office will continue

to oversee all investments made by the new managers. Mrs.

Sparks stated that they will review on a daily basis.

Mrs. Gallagher stated that the Committee has done an out-

standing job and commended Ms. Jan Mac Donald, Mrs. Edna

Brigham and Cambridge and Associates for the excellent job

they did handling investments in the past.

Dr. Derby expressed her complete trust in the Committee and

her high regard for the excellent job Ms. Mac Donald and

Mrs. Brigham have done, noting how the fund has grown under

their control.

Dr. Eardley requested a reason for change to outside man-

agers since they were doing such an outstanding job and what

will happen to the Deputy Treasurer's position if outside

managers are hired. Dr. Anderes stated that normally in-

vestments are made by outside managers and that the office

will be responsible to supervise the investments on a daily

basis to ensure they meet UCCSN standards. Mrs. Sparks

explained that if the Committee and Treasurer's Office is

not satisfied with the investment managers, they will pull

all funds immediately.

Mrs. Price commended Ms. Mac Donald, Mrs. Brigham and Dr.

Peter Bing for the fine job they are doing and also stated

she has complete trust in them.

Mr. Klaich stated that the move to outside managers will de-

crease volatility of the fund in the future and the track-

ing process is protection to decrease the overall risk in-


Mrs. Sparks moved approval of the Resolution. Mrs. Gal-

lagher seconded. Motion carried.

12. Approved the Finance and Planning Committee Report

Chair Dorothy Gallagher presented the report on the March

18, 1996 meeting of the Finance and Planning Committee. The

Committee heard the following reports:

Update on Current Initiatives - Internal Audit Director

Sandi Cardinal reported they were doing a System audit of

FTE and 1-shot financial aid funds and that they would be

developing written definitions regarding engineering and

rural programs. Vice Chancellor Anderes reported on the

tour of UCCSN southern facilities with Legislative Counsel

Bureau and Governor's staff. Tours for the northern and

eastern parts of the State will be made at a later time.

Planning Issues - Deputy Karen Steinberg presented updates

on the efforts of the System Office to clarify and connect

key components of planning. Performance indicators will be

added to the planning reports. Revised policies on planning

will be brought forward for consideration in the near fu-


Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the report. Mr. Phillips

seconded. Motion carried.

12.1 Approved Loan, University Press - The Committee met

on April 25, 1996 and reviewed a request to approve a

loan from the Regents Contingency Fund to the Univer-

sity Press in the amount of $80,000. This loan will

be interest-free and will be used to reprint textbooks

and will be repaid from the sale of the books. A

similar loan was made to the Press in May, 1986 and

was subsequently repaid from sales. Ref. L on file

in the Regents Office.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of a loan from the Regents

Contingency Fund to the University Press in the amount of

$80,000. This loan will be interest-free and will be used

to reprint textbooks. The loan will be repaid from the

sale of the books. Mrs. Sparks seconded. Motion carried.

13. Approved the Consent Agenda

Approved the Consent Agenda as contained in Ref. M on file

in the Regents Office as follows:

(1) Approved the minutes of the regular meeting held March

1, 1996.

(2) Approved emeritus status to the following:

A. President Tarnik recommended the following:

Twyla Harrison, Personnel Officer, Emerita

B. President Wright recommended the following:

Charlotte Bowen, Counseling, Emerita

Carroyl Kleine, Personnel, Emerita

Scott Mac Donald, Advanced Technology, Emeritus

Lloyd Walker, Architecture, Emeritus

C. President Harter recommended the following:

Frank Gagliardi, Professor of Music, Emeritus,

effective May 16, 1996.

(3) Approved Tenure, TMCC, GBC as follows:

Approved tenure as recommended by the Campus Presi-

dents. Each candidate has been evaluated and reviewed

in accordance with appropriate Board and Campus poli-

cies. The Chancellor recommended approval of these

proposals, effective July 1, 1996.

A. Truckee Meadows Community College - President

Wright recommended tenure be awarded to the follow-

ing (Ref. C-3):

Estela Levario, New/Minority Student Specialist

Earl Piercy, Instructor, Arts & Sciences

B. Great Basin College - President Remington recom-

mended tenure be awarded to the following:

Carl P. Smith, Counselor

(4) Approved the request for GBC to use $47,000 in Capital

Improvement Funds as follows:

Building Expenses, Dawson Child Care Center $ 37,000

General Campus Improvements 10,000

Total $ 47,000

(5) Approved the request for UNLV to use up to $225,000 in

Capital Improvement Funds for the replacement of a

transformer and faulty electrical cabling at the Dungan

Humanities building.

(6) Approved the request for CCSN to use $173,761 in Capi-

tal Improvement Funds for the following:

Cheyenne Campus Improvements $ 12,000

Boulder City Extension Center Painting 8,500

Boulder City Air Conditioning - Remodel 120,000

Cheyenne Lobby/Classroom, Bridge Enclosure 33,261

Total $173,761

(7) Approved the 1995-96 annual enrollments, as contained

in Ref. C-7 on file in the Regents Office.

(8) Approved the following Interlocal Agreements:

A. Board of Regents/UCCSN and Bechtel Nevada Corpora-

tion (Memorandum of Understanding)

Effective Date: Date approved by the Board for

indefinite term

Amount : None

Purpose : Establishment of a national test-

ing institute for the testing and

demonstration of new and develop-

ing technologies in the general

categories of drilling, excavation

and civil engineering.

B. Board of Regents/UNR and the Nevada Housing Di-

vision (Interlocal Contract)

Effective Date: Date approved by the Board through

December 31, 1996

Amount : $13,440 to UNR

Purpose : UNR to develop Action Plan: One

Year Use of Funds, an estimation

of uses of federal funds to ad-

dress affordable housing problems

in Nevada.

C. Board of Regents/UNR and the Nevada Division of

Environmental Protection (Interlocal Contract)

Effective Date: February 15 through August 15,1996

Amount : $26,000 to UNR

Purpose : Study of new filtration model for

assessment of landfill cover de-

signs and a review of current

landfill theory.

D. Board of Regents/UNR and Junior Livestock Show

Board (Interlocal Contract)

Effective Date: July 1, 1996 to June 30, 1997

Amount : $29,187 to UNR

Purpose : Conduct Junior Livestock Show from

July 1, 1996 to June 30, 1997.

E. Board of Regents/UNR and City of Reno (Access


Effective Date: Date approved by Board of Regents

for a term of 99 years

Amount : $10 per year to Elko County

Purpose : Easement to the City of Reno to

allow service vehicles to cross a

portion of the Peccole Field park-

ing lot to service a storm drain

carrying water away from UCCSN

property on Evans Avenue.

F. Board of Regents/School of Medicine and the State


Effective Date: Date approved by Board to June 30,


Amount : $4,500 to Medical School

Purpose : School of Medicine to provide

Nevada Emergency Medical Associ-

ation with course coordinators

for the Fifth Annual Emergency

Medical Services Conference.

G. Board of Regents/UNLV and the Nevada Division of

Child and Family Services (Interlocal Contract)

Effective Date: October 1, 1995 through September

30, 1996

Amount : $6,000 to UNLV

Purpose : Adaptation of adolescents formerly

in foster care.

Dr. Eardley moved approval of the Consent Agenda. Mr. Alden

seconded. Motion carried.

14. Approved the Collective Bargaining Agreement

The State Board and the TMCC Chapter of the Nevada Faculty

Alliance recommended to the Chancellor that the current

Collective Bargaining Agreement between the UCCSN-TMCC and

the TMCC Chapter of the NFA be extended an additional two

years until June 30, 1998 under the same terms and condi-


Dr. Norval Pohl requested more information about the agree-

ment. Dr. Jarvis reported that the agreement was initiated

last year and that this is a request to extend the agreement

for two more years. He stated that the NFA has done a good

job on Campus. Dr. Wright agreed and stated that the con-

duct of the NFA's 3 representatives has been very profes-

sional and expressed his appreciation to those representa-

tives personally.

Mr. Alden moved to approve the current Collective Bargaining

Agreement between the UCCSN-TMCC and the TMCC Chapter of the

NFA be extended an additional two years until June 30, 1998

under the same terms and conditions. Ms. Berkley seconded.

Motion carried.

15. Approved Special Fees as Presented

Approved the special fees as presented by Vice Chancellor

Tom Anderes. This report was a follow-up to that made to

the Board at its March, 1996 meeting. Ref. N is on file in

the Regents Office. Dr. Anderes stated that the new fee

requests were at the University level.

Dr. Robert Ackerman, Vice President for Student Affairs at

UNLV, presented a report on the fee structures for UNLV and

models from other Universities. Vice President Norval Pohl,

UNLV, requested increases for the Graduate Student Associ-

ation, private music instruction, student teaching and ap-

prenticeships, housing and dining, student health and ac-

cident insurance and student orientation. Mr. Aaron

Rosenthal, CSUN President, stated that the students were

against the fee increases, and especially the new student

teaching fee. However, he did understand the need for the

fee and offered to help clarify that need to other students.

He presented a petition against the fees signed by students.

Vice President Pat Miltenberger, UNR, discussed increases

in housing fees and the fees for international students.

Mr. Klaich moved to accept the report and approve the fees

as proposed. Dr. Eardley seconded. Mrs. Gallagher abstain-

ed inasmuch as the health insurance fees were a part of the

package and she is a member of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Board of Directors. Mrs. Price voted no.

16. Closed Session

Upon motion by Mr. Klaich, seconded by Mrs. Sparks, the

Board moved to a closed session for purposes of discussion

of the character, alleged misconduct, professional compe-

tence, or physical or mental health of an employee of the

UCCSN in accordance with NRS 241.030.

The Board moved to a closed session at 11:45 A.M. and reconvened

at 1:45 P.M. with all Regents present except Mr. Foley and Mr.


17. Aproved the Chancellor's Evaluation

Chair Madison Graves recommended approval of the annual

evaluation of the Chancellor and recommended a 2.5% merit

increase for fine leadership during 1995-96 to be effective

July 1, 1996.

Dr. Eardley moved approval of the annual evaluation of the

Chancellor and approval of a 2.5% merit increase to be

effective July 1, 1996. Dr. Derby seconded. Motion car-


18. Information Only: Faculty Senate Chairs Council

Chancellor Jarvis approved a Council for Faculty Senate

Chairs which will be consulted on matters of Systemwide

faculty interest. The Chancellor reported that he met with

Faculty Senate Chairs regularly and indicated that this

group will serve as consultants to discuss Systemwide is-


Mr. Klaich asked if there are similar groups on Campus that

represented students. Dr. Jarvis responded that there are

and he plans to meet with them in the future.

Scott Casper, UNR Faculty Senate Chair, thanked Dr. Jarvis

and expressed his appreciation of the collaborative process

and enhanced relationship between UCCSN and the Campuses.

19. Information Only: Transfer of Facility, UNR

Request was made for a transfer of facilities to UNR. The

United States Bureau of Mines is being phased out as a part

of the budget reduction process in Washington, D. C. The

Bureau's facility here at the Reno Research Center is clos-

ing, and, along with land and some equipment, is proposed

for transfer to the University of Nevada, Reno. The facil-

ity is located on Campus, on land provided to the govern-

ment by the University in 1948. The center has had a close

working relationship with the University, particulary with

the Mackay School of Mines, since it opened.

Dr. Crowley reported that unfortunately the letter he ex-

pected from the Federal government regarding the transfer

of this property to UNR has not been received inasmuch as

Congress is discussing budget implications; therefore, the

transfer has not been finalized. Dr. Crowley felt it was

appropriate that the University receive the building since

the land was previously provided to the U. S. Bureau of


Mrs. Gallagher questioned use of the building. Dr. Crowley

stated that the many chemical engineering labs already in

place would be utilized by the Chemistry Department faculty.

Dr. Crowley stated that this is the last meeting that Dr. Scott

Casper, UNR Faculty Senate Chair, will be attending and Dr.

Crowley commended Scott for the terrific job he had done as


Dr. Harter introduced Dr. Nancy Master as the new UNLV Faculty

Senate Chair.

20. Approved the Purchase of Property, TMCC

Approved the request for TMCC to purchase property located

at Edison Way in Reno for an Applied Technology Center.

Ref. O which provides a detailed review of the request and

related history is on file in the Regents Office.

Dr. Wright stated that this is a complicated project that

will allow for space expansion for the Applied Technology

Center and the addition of this property supports the

Master Plan. The purchase will be made with non-State funds

received from private donors, the Foundation and loans. He

indicated that IGT has donated $280,000.

Mr. Klaich requested information regarding the amount of the

loan and how it would be repaid. Dr. Wright stated that en-

hanced enrollment in the program would provide funds. Mr.

Steve Salaber, Director of Budget and Planning, responded

that currently a $1.2 million bank loan that will be repaid

by CIP fees collected from students, $800,000 from the

Foundation and $200,000 balance. Chair Graves requested

clarification on repayment and asked if there was a busi-

ness plan in place and if it had been approved. Mrs. Price

asked Mr. Klasic if he was familiar with this arrangement,

to which Mr. Klasic responded that he was not. Mrs. Gal-

lagher responded that this had previously been approved.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the request for TMCC to

purchase properly located at Edison Way in Reno for an

Applied Technology Center. Dr. Derby seconded. Motion


Mrs. Price said she voted no for reasons of accountability

since she has no understanding and knowledge of how many

loans are currently out and how much indebtedness there is

and she further stated that it seems loans are approved one

after another.

Dr. Randolph introduced Mr. Richard Stewart as the newly elected

Faculty Senate Chair at WNCC.

21. Approved TMCC to Seek Funds from the Board of Examiners and

Interim Finance

Approved Truckee Meadows Community College's request to seek

operating funds from the Board of Examiners and the Interim

Finance Committee for the support of the Advanced Technology

Center. The building will be available for occupancy (Octo-

ber, 1996) prior to what had been planned and as a conse-

quence operating funds are necessary. President Wright pro-

vided a review of the costs and timing associated with the

request. Ref. P is on file in the Regents Office.

Mr. Klaich moved approval for Truckee Meadows Community Col-

lege to seek operating funds from the Board of Examiners and

the Interim Finance Committee for the support of the Ad-

vanced Technology Center. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion


22. Approved the Request to Refinance Existing Mortgages, WNCC

Approved the request for WNCC to seek bids to refinance ex-

isting mortgages on the Fallon Phase II and the Family Serv-

ices Center building. The funding that is made available

from refinancing will be used primarily in support of Phase

V. Ref. Q is on file in the Regents Office.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval for WNCC to seek bids to re-

finance existing mortgages on the Fallon Phase II and the

Family Services Center building. Dr. Derby seconded. Mo-

tion carried.

Mrs. Price voted no for reasons of accountability since she

has no understanding and knowledge of how many loans are

currently out and how much indebtedness there is and she

further stated that it seems loans are approved one after


23. Approved the Request to Secure a Bank Loan, WNCC

Approved Western Nevada Community College's request to

secure a bank loan for $74,400 for the purchase of College

vehicles. The College has insufficient equipment funds and

has found leasing options to be more expensive.

Mr. Dane Apalategui, Dean of Finance, stated that the Col-

lege originally planned to lease vehicles but that purchas-

ing them would be cost effective. Currently there are 4

College vehicles and some have over 300,000 miles on them.

Mr. Apalategui felt it was imperative to replace these

vehicles due to safety issues since some faculty travel

over 2000 miles per month.

Dr. Eardley requested information regarding what type of

vehicles will be purchased with the money and how WNCC in-

tended to repay the loan. Mr. Apalategui stated that 4

new vehicles, 4-door Ford Taurus, will be purchased and

that operating funds collected from each Department will

be used to repay the loan.

Dr. Derby moved approval for Western Nevada Community Col-

lege to secure a bank loan for $74,400 for the purchase of

College vehicles. Mrs. Sparks seconded. Motion carried.

Mrs. Price voted no for reasons of accountability since she

has no understanding and knowledge of how many loans are

currently out and how much indebtedness there is and she

further stated that it seems loans are approved one after


24. Approved Tuition and Fee Waiver, Student Athletes

Approved the request for the Universities to grant tuition

and fee waivers to certain catagories of student athletes as

contined in the Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 17, Section 1.

Ref. M on file in the Regents Office.

President Crowley stated that due to gender equity issues

under Title IX's new legal guidelines, UNR and UNLV will be

facing substantial funding challenges. There will be a need

to find grants-in-aid to allowable limits under NCAA maxi-

mums and it may be necessary for both institutions to add

women's sports. Currently, UNR will be adding 3 sports as

proposed in the certification plan over the course of the

next 5 years. State support in the amount of $250,000 for

each University would be one way to deal with this situa-

tion. Dr. Crowley proposed that a base line of 50 waivers

be used for each institution.

Mrs. Gallagher left the meeting.

Dr. Crowley stated that this is believed to be at no or low

cost because of the current unavailability of any funding

suited to that purpose. Any money received from the State

would probably go to meet costs associated with Title IX,

gender equity objectives including recruitment, salaries,

supplies, training and operating budgets for sports pro-

grams. This helps meet the most critical element of reach-

ing proportionality objectives of Title IX.

Dr. Crowley presented a second part of the proposal which

would support a waiver for student athletes who have com-

pleted their competitive eligibility but still have up to

3 semesters before completion of their degrees. Most of

these students are non-residents who would not have the

money for non-resident tuition and therefore would not

graduate. This proposal is to move to a waiver approach

for that category of student athlete who has completed his

or her eligibility and wishes to move on to complete the

work necessary to graduate.

Mrs. Gallagher returned to the meeting.

Dr. Harter commented that both institutions are aiming at

about 79 scholarships for women in athletics. She indicated

that UNLV just added volleyball. She suggested the first

50 be funded with normal grants-in-aid or scholarships, and

fund the remaining 29 by tuition waiver rather than having

to find full-ride scholarships. UNLV is also trying to

raise private funding for the 5th year scholarship, but has

not been successful, to insure that each of these young men

and women have dedicated themselves to athletics can gradu-

ate with financial support.

Mr. Klaich stated that he would like to support this pro-

posal but needed further explanation as to how it would not

cost the institution any money. Mr. Harter explained that

it is unrealized revenue as opposed to an actual money loss

in terms of those students. Under the old system tuition

would be collected by new students on one side and then paid

a scholarship. If there are 29 additional students, from

whom revenue will not be collected, then the institution

will recruit 29 other students, from whom revenue would be

collected. Dr. Crowley indicated there would be no cap on

additional fee waivers and they would go exclusively to

women athletes for tuition and fees and for non-resident

tuition waivers.

Mr. Graves asked if others were handling this situation in

the same way. Dr. Crowley stated that because of the gender

equity issue, programs are going entirely to waivers, which

is what UCCSN did 25 years ago. Currently that would be

prohibitively expensive to do now unless the State would

come up with additional funding.

Mrs. Price asked Mr. Pohl if this kind of grant-in-aid was

the same kind of grant-in-aid that they were previously

talking about. Dr. Pohl responded that it was.

Ms. Berkley moved approval of the request for Universities

to grant tuition and fee waivers to certain categories of

student athletes. Dr. Derby seconded. Motion carried.

Mrs. Price voted no, indicating it was not because of the

gender equity issue, bu rather because of previous grant-

in-aid discussions.

25. Public Comment

Dr. Crowley announced that he was just informed Chris Ault

resigned as Head Football Coach and will return to being

full-time Athletic Director. A press conference was held

later that day and a national search was begun immediately

for a new Head Coach.

Mr. Klaich expressed his appreciation of inclusion of gender

equity/diversity classes offered at the University that have

not been offered in the past and felt this is a very attrac-

tive enhancement to education.

Mrs. Sparks expressed appreciation to Dr. Wright and the

TMCC staff for the great food, meeting room, flowers and

reception held in their beautiful new library.

Mr. John Pida, from UNLV student government, stated that he

felt students need to take responsibility for themselves to

keep informed of issues and that they should utilize the

University's radio station, KUNV, and Campus newspaper to

gather information. He distributed KUNV T-shirts to all

Regents and thanked them for their support and his educa-

tion. This was his last meeting as CSUN President.

Chair Graves, on behalf of the Board, thanked Dr. Wright and

TMCC staff for their hospitality. He stated that he hoped

everyone liked the new agenda format.

26. New Business


The meeting adjourned at 3:30 P.M.

Mary Lou Moser