UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
April 25-26, 1964


Pages 72-90



April 25, 1964

The Board of Regents met in Rooms 103-104, Frazier Hall, Nevada

Southern Campus, Las Vegas, on Saturday, April 25, 1964. Pres-

ent: Regents Anderson, Davis, Germain, Grant, Hug, Jacobsen,

Lombardi, White; Business Manager Humphrey, Engineer Rogers,

Vice President Young, and President Armstrong. Mr. J. Von Tobel,

candidate for the Office of Regent, Dean Carlson, Assistant Dean

Mc Laughlin, faculty member Dolin, and former student Dan Porter

were present as visitors. Mr. Walsh, Deputy Attorney General,

was present as Legal Adviser. Members of the Press were Mr.

Laxalt, Miss Hammond and Mr. Flick.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Grant at 9:15 A.M.

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Upon motion by Dr. Lombardi, seconded by Mr. Jacobsen, and

unanimous vote, the minutes of the meeting of March 28, 1964

were approved.

2. Approval of Check Registers

President Armstrong recommended that the Check Registers

as submitted by Mr. Humphrey be approved.

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Mr. Jacobsen, carried

unanimously by roll call vote that the Check Registers be


3. Bid Opening

President Armstrong presented the following item:

A meeting to open bids was held in the Business Office,

Morrill Hall, 2 P.M., on Tuesday, March 24, 1964. Present

were: Assistant Business Manager Hattori, Architectural

Draftsman Olyphant and members of bidding firms. Bid notice

had duly appeared in local papers for RELOCATION OF TEMPO-



Bids were received and opened by Mr. Hattori as follows:

A. S. Johnson

accompanied by bid bond $4,595

Pagni Bros. Construction Company

accompanied by bid bond 4,790

It is recommended that the bid of A. S. Johnson in the

amount of $4595 be accepted, and that a contract be drawn

to accomplish this work. This bid is within the estimate

prepared by the University Engineer's Office and funds are

available in the Project Shoal Account No. 1-13-5018-25 for

the first $2000; the residual amount is to be charged to

the Nevada Bureau of Mines Operating Account No. 1-01-6050-


Respectfully submitted,

/s/ James D. Rogers

University Engineer


/s/ Neil D. Humphrey, Business Manager

/s/ Charles J. Armstrong, President

/s/ Vernon E. Scheid, Dean, Mackay School of Mines

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Mr. Jacobsen, carried

unanimously by roll call vote that the acceptance of the

bid and the awarding of the contract be approved.

4. Building Committee Meeting of April 8, 1964

Dr. Anderson read and discussed the minutes of the meeting

as follows:

Present: Dr. Anderson (Chairman), Mr. Jacobsen, President

Armstrong, Vice President Young, Business Manager Humphrey,

Engineer Rogers; Mr. Hancock, Mr. Bawden, Mr. Kenney, Mr.

Littlefield, Mr. Brown.

1. Land Acquisition - Nevada Southern

The Committee discussed problems connected with the

attempts of the State Planning Board to acquire property

as part of the Master Plan development of the Nevada

Southern Campus, particularly the acreage now held by

the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints and

the Roman Catholic Church. It was agreed that Mr.

Hancock of the State Planning Board should proceed with

his efforts to work out some acceptable arrangement with

the Roman Catholic Church.

2. Proposed Widening of North Virginia Street - Reno

Mr. Rogers presented an analysis of the problems in-

volved in the proposed widening of North Virginia

Street. Dr. Anderson read a letter from Mr. Hug,

which stated:

"It is my feeling that it would certainly be most

desirable to have the major highway entering Reno

from the North be Sierra Street rather than Vir-

ginia Street. We should do everything possible

to encourage such a redesignation. However, I do

feel that it is highly desirable to widen Virginia

Street near the University in order to accommodate

traffic which will be generated in the area of the

parking lot and the Stadium."

The State Highway Department and the State Planning

Board believe that North Virginia Street should be

widened from Artemisia Way to the intersection of North

Sierra and North Virginia to provide four lanes of traf-

fic (two each way), parallel parking lanes, and a stack-

ing lane near the parking lot. After considerable dis-

cussion, it was generally agreed that the Board of Re-

gents should be urged to go along with this proposal,

with the hope that in ten years or less it would be

possible to request the moving of Highway 395 off North

Virginia and the controlled use of North Virginia pri-

marily for University purposes. It also was agreed that

efforts should be made to obtain a traffic light at the

Dormitory area as soon as possible and at the parking

lot entry when it is developed.

The essence of this recommendation is to be circulated

to members of the Building Committee. The Committee

then will hold a short meeting at Enrico's in Carson

City at 1 P.M. on April 24, prior to the meeting with

the State Planning Board, at which time this proposal

will be discussed further and acted upon.

Kenneth E. Young

Acting Secretary

Dr. Anderson called attention to the fact that the Highway

Department was unable to promise to close North Virginia

Street, to cut across from North Virginia to Sierra Streets,

or to cut off traffic at a later date. Also, lights at the

pedestrian crossing would depend upon actual pedestrian

count, federal approval, since it is designated as a federal

highway, city approval, etc. He pointed out that widening

the street might postpone the possibility of abandonment.

It was agreed that the Regents go on record as desiring to

have North Virginia Street a less used roadway, preferably

not a federally designated highway.

Motion was made by Dr. Anderson for approval of the follow-


(1) Widening of North Virginia Street from Artemisia

Way to the intersection of North Sierra and North

Virginia Streets, as proposed by the State Highway


(2) Move ahead with plans to try to get pedestrian

crosswalk safeguards, probably in the nature of

stop lights, or by other method.

(3) Express intention and hope that North Virginia

Street may not be designated as a federal highway.

Mr. Jacobsen thought that the development of better east-

west routes from Stadium parking lot should come first, and

that item No. 3 should be expressed much more strongly. Mr.

German expressed the thought that while the State Highway

had indicated the University would have its support, it had

not guaranteed its backing in the program. Mr. Davis fav-

ored doing everything possible to have the street abandoned

and felt that the request to widen it would work against

the request for abandonment.

Mr. Rogers pointed out that if the pedestrian count indicat-

ed need for a light, the University would be expected to

bear one-half the cost of light installation, the total cost

of which is estimated at $4500 (federal funds cannot be used

to install the light). The count will be undertaken by the

Highway Department as soon as they can free personnel for

the job.

Motion by Mr. Jacobsen, seconded by Dr. White, carried

unanimously to encourage the Highway Department to go ahead

with the traffic study and pedestrian count immediately.

Mr. Hug discussed the matter further, stressing the un-

certainty of North Virginia Street being abandoned as a

main arterial, and pointing out that the request to widen

the street might delay abandonment.

Dr. Anderson discussed acquisition of property, especially

as regards the Catholic Church property in Las Vegas and

it was agreed that Mr. Hancock be asked to continue to try

to work out something with that group, since they had not

yet started a building project. Mr. Von Tobel, as a repre-

sentative of the Church group, was asked about the matter

and replied that his latest information was that the prop-

erty was not for sale or trade and that the Church was not

interested in moving.

Motion by Mr. Jacobsen, seconded by Dr. Lombardi, carried

unanimously to accept the report of the Building Committee

at its meeting of April 8, 1964 as regards the Church


5. Building Committee Meeting of April 24, 1964

Dr. Anderson reported that the Building Committee had met

with the State Planning Board in Carson City on April 24

to review the Capital Improvements Program for the coming

biennium. After some discussion, the program was accepted

for later action by the Planning Board.

Dr. Anderson discussed the water line right-of-way needed

for maintenance purposes into the developed area of the Las

Vegas Campus, explaining that it is necessary that it come

from Flamingo Road, since there would be no charge except

a tap-in fee. To be discussed at the noon meeting was

whether or not the right-of-way could follow the center line

of the Section or the western boundary of the Campus, which

is preferred.

Motion was made by Mr. Jacobsen to table the matter until

after the luncheon meeting with members of the Clark County

Commissioners and the Clark County Planning Commission.

There being no objection, the Chairman so ordered.

Dr. Anderson discussed the request for right-of-way con-

necting with the Anelli property, Reno Campus, which is

required by Anelli estate as a condition of sale. Presi-

dent Armstrong recommended approval, as per recommendation

of the Building Committee.

Motion by Dr. Lombardi, seconded by Mr. Jacobsen, carried

unanimously that the recommendation of the Building Commit-

tee that a right-of-way across University of Nevada property

along the west boundary of the Western Pacific Railroad to

provide access and egress as well as an easement for util-

ities to the remaining Anelli property after the purchase

of that portion south of Oddie Boulevard right-of-way be

approved, subject to approval of the Attorney General and

the Governor.

Dr. Anderson discussed the request to use money remaining

in the Travis fund for the Student Union project to complete

a public address system, built-up planters, art work at en-

trance of building, floor treatment in the lounge area and

plant trees and shrubs west of patio area. The recommenda-

tion from the Building Committee was that $7700 be allocated

from residual Travis funds for the project.

Motion by Dr. White, seconded by Mr. Jacobsen, carried

unanimously by roll call vote that the recommendation be


6. Building Program, Progress Report

Mr. Rogers distributed the following Progress Report of

projects under University supervision:

Construction Projects

1. Dairy Farm Correction of Construction

Deficiencies in Progress

2. Extension of Campus Fire Completed

Alarm System

3. Irrigation Water Supply Completed

Lines, Valley Road Farm

4. White Pine Hall Paging 95% Completed


5. Residence, U of N, Knoll 90% Completed

Creek Experiment Station,

Contact, Nevada

6. Move Temporary Building "D" 70% Completed

7. Laboratory Benches, Elec- 75% Completed

trical Engineering Building

8. Move Temporary Building "B" Contract Awarded

9. Top Soil, Landscaping and Contracts Awarded

Sprinklers, Jot Travis

Union and Juniper Hall

10. Neutron Generator Vault Completed

Design Projects

1. Dining and Dormitory, Las Preparing Working Drawings

Vegas Campus

2. Radiological Buildings, Pending Lease Negotiation

Las Vegas

3. Landscaping and Sprinklers, Preparing Drawings

Scrugham Engineering-Mines


4. Paving, Lincoln Hall Drive Preparing Drawings

7. Church Property

Mr. Davis asked for a return to the item on Church property,

Las Vegas Campus, and especially to action of the Regents

concerning the Catholic Church property.

Motion was made by Mr. Davis that the Regents direct the

Attorney General's Office to institute condemnation pro-

ceedings on the entire Church property. (No second.)

8. Nursing Needs in Nevada Survey

Representatives of various hospital, nursing and medical

groups had received permission to meet with the Regents

and discuss the proposal that the University institute a

two-year curriculum in Nursing, leading to the Associate

in Arts degree, to be given at Nevada Southern, to meet

the need in Nevada for bedside Nurses. The nursing survey

and the resulting recommendations had been submitted to

the members of the Board at the previous meeting for study

and consideration at this meeting.

President Armstrong reviewed the proposed program for the

Board and also his recommendation for further study of the

proposal by University staff, including Deans Kelly, Elmore,

Carlson and O'Brien.

The members of the group present, headed by Dr. Christoffer-

son, stressed the need for bedside Nurses and the difficulty

of filling the need without opportunities for training in

Nevada. They also stressed the advantages to the students

if the course were offered through the University rather

than the hospitals, in that the University could offer

work which could later be transferred to a course leading

to the baccalaureate degree.

The group reported that pledges to institute the program

have been received amounting to $8000, and the estimated

amount required is $15,000. These pledges were sought, so

that the curriculum might be started immediately, with a

view to seeking appropriation from the Legislature to con-

tinue it.

Dr. Anderson discussed the program from the Regents' point

of view -- that it is somewhat of a downgrading from the

baccalaureate degree program, and not in line with other

University regularly offered curricula.

Dr. Armstrong commented that a vocational-technical insti-

tute program was requested of the last Legislature through

Statewide Services. The Legislature then authorized a

survey of post-high school and less-than-degree needs of

the State, to be conducted by the State Department of Edu-

cation. The question now is whether a program such as the

one being considered here, if it is not basically of Col-

lege level, is the responsibility of the State Department

of Education or the Board of Regents, and until that ques-

tion is resolved, no progress can be made. If it is deter-

mined that this is the Regents' responsibility, the program

can be set up under Statewide Services, with the necessary

legislative appropriation.

Motion by Dr. Lombardi, seconded by Mr. Jacobsen, carried

unanimously that the recommendations resulting from the

survey by the Nevada Public Health Association of Nursing

needs in Nevada be referred to the Administration for

further study in accordance with the recommendations made

by the President in his report to the Regents dated April

17, 1964, as follows:

1 - The Committee has done a thorough job and we be-

lieve that the facts and the recommendations are

well presented.

2 - Associate of Arts Programs, such as the one rec-

ommended in the report, have been working out quite

well in several Junior Colleges in California, al-

though this approach demands a high degree of co-

operation between the College and the hospitals.

3 - The first question which needs to be answered is,

"Should the University of Nevada embark upon such

a program?"

4 - If the answer to the first question is "yes", the

second question which must be answered is, "Where

within the University should the program be placed?"

Dean Elmore rightly believes that the Orvis School

of Nursing can advise and assist, but that it should

not be responsible for a program located elsewhere

in the State. As of the moment, there has not been

opportunity to have Dean Carlson and members of the

Nevada Southern faculty review the report and rec-

ommendations so that I cannot indicate how they

might feel about the institution of such a program

at Nevada Southern. It could well be that it would

not be considered desirable in view of the fact that

it would be of less than baccalaureate degree stat-


5 - If giving further consideration to the second ques-

tion, it would appear that the University policy on

less-than-degree programs, as approved by the Board

of Regents, together with the recommendations of

the Educational Planning Committee regarding the

development of less-than-degree programs through

Statewide Services, and the Regents' approved pol-

icy on the implementation of the proposed tech-

nical education program, would indicate that we

might very well consider developing the proposed

Associate of Arts Program in Nursing through State-

wide Services. If the Board approves this approach,

I would recommend that Dean Kelly and his staff be

directed (a) to study the possibility of develop-

ing such an offering as part of the technical edu-

cation program, and (b) to confer with Dean Elmore,

Dean Carlson and other appropriate persons on this.

6 - Neither Dean Elmore nor any of us know what is in-

tended in the way of fund raising for this program,

as indicated in the report. This is something

which needs to be very carefully considered and

directed through the University if it is to be


7 - Concerning the proposed graduate program, I recom-

mend that Dean Elmore and her staff be directed to

work with Dean O'Brien and the Graduate Committee

to study this proposal. It is questionable whether

there are enough qualified Nurses with baccalaureate

degrees in Nevada who would wish to work toward a

Master's degree in the very near future.

8 - Finally, I do not believe that we are ready at this

point to make definite recommendations for imple-

mentation of any or all of the recommendations of

the survey report, but that further study, as in-

dicated above, should be undertaken.

The Board recessed at 11:45 A.M. for luncheon at the Sahara Hotel

to which the members of the Clark County Commission and the Clark

County Planning Commission had been invited.

Mr. Breer, Mr. Ryan, Mr. La Porta and Mr. Denton, Clark County

Commissioners, attended the luncheon. The Planning Commission

was not represented. President Armstrong discussed future plans

for Nevada Southern Campus, based on the Master Plan, and soli-

cited the cooperation of the Clark County Commissioners. Mr.

Rogers showed by use of a map the present boundaries of this

Campus and the anticipated boundaries, in accord with the Master

Plan. He also discussed zoning desired by the University for

surrounding areas, and asked that the University be informed of

requests for re-zoning.

Mr. Rogers discussed the water line right-of-way. He asked if

a dedicated road must be on the center of section line, or if

it might be at the west boundary and if a narrow right-of-way

could be dedicated. The Commissioners agreed that there are no

policies covering these restrictions.

The meeting reconvened in regular session at 2:00 P.M. in Frazier


9. Church Property, Las Vegas

Motion by Mr. Davis to delete from the approval of the

Building Committee report of April 8, 1964 the item re-

garding Church property in Las Vegas lost with Regents

Anderson, Germain, Hug, Jacobsen, Lombardi and White voting

"no', and Regents Davis and Grant voting "aye".

10. Acceptance of Gifts

President Armstrong presented the following list of gifts

and grants which had been received by the University and

recommended acceptance by the Board:

Library, Reno Campus

From American Libraries Book Procurement Center, Cairo,

Egypt - "Egyptian Gazette/Egyptian Mail", January 1 to

February 8, 1964, and the "Arab Observer", January 6 to

February 10, 1964.

From Mrs. Carol Darrah, Reno - copy of "The Days of Ofelia",

by Gertrude Diamont.

From Dr. Reynold C. Fuson, Department of Chemistry - copy

of "Advances in Organic Chemistry: Methods and Results",

edited by Ralph A. Raphael, Edward C. Taylor and Hans


From Mrs. Lois Hecker, Reno - a number of books and period-


From Dr. James W. Hulse, Department of History - copy of

his book "The Forming of the Communist International".

From Dr. Harold Kirkpatrick, College of Arts and Science -

Czechoslovak sources and documents.

From the Pony Express History and Art Gallery, San Rafael,

California - copies of "Saddles and Spurs" and "Empire on

Wheels" by Mary and Raymond Settle.

From Mr. Lorenzo Sosso, Greenbrae, California - copy of his

book of poems "Next to the Last".

From Professor Harry M. Ward, Morehead, Kentucky - copy of

his book "United Colonies of New England, 1643-1690".

From the following donors for the Fleischmann Foundation

Book Fund Drive:

American Potash & Chemical Corporation - $100

Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Griswold, Reno - $333.33

Women's Auxiliary, Washoe County Bar Association -


Nevada State Medical Society - $1000

From Dr. Fred M. Anderson, Reno - $500 for purchase of books

and periodicals for the new Western North American Center.

From Dr. Fred M. Anderson, Dr. J. M. Edmiston and Dr. Frank

A. Russell jointly, Reno - $100, 1/2 for purchase of books

for the Foreign Student Program and 1/2 for books for the

School of Nursing.

From Mr. John E. Borchert, Sacramento, California - $500,

$300 of which is in memory of Dr. Leon W. Hartman.

From Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Gignoux, Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Gignoux,

Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Gignoux and Mr. H. L. Gignoux, all of

California - $762.28 in memory of Mr. J. E. Gignoux.

From Houghton Foundation, Reno - $200 to the Matching Book


From IBM, Yorktown Heights, New York - back numbers of

Volume 2 of "IBM Technical Disclosure Bulletin".

From the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad Company, Pitts-

burgh, Pennsylvania - copy of "Region of Opportunity".

From Raymond M. Smith & Associates, Reno - copy of the

"Planning Commissioners' Handbook".

From Mr. and Mrs. William Cummings, Reno - $5 for the

Robert Q. Hale Memorial Book Fund.

Library, Las Vegas Campus

From Mesquite Club, Las Vegas - $200


From Allstate Foundation, Sacramento, California - $300 as

a scholarship for a Nursing student.

From Eta Chapter, Delta Kappa Gamma Society, Las Vegas -

$50 as a scholarship for a Nevada Southern student who is

currently teaching in Clark County School District.

From Kennecott Copper Corporation, New York City, New York -

$1000 as a scholarship to be awarded to Mr. Edwin A. Mc

Kinnon as the 1964-65 winner in Metallurgical Engineering.

From Executives' Secretaries, Inc., Las Vegas Chapter - two

checks totaling $405.70 for their scholarship at Nevada


From Nevada School Food Service Association - $50 for their

scholarship fund.

From Nevada State Press Association - $250 for their schol-

arship fund.

From Women's Auxiliary, Washoe County Medical Society -

$1850 to cover four scholarhips.

From the Nevada Federation of Women's Clubs - $4000 to be

added to the "Nevada Federation of Women's Clubs Emergency

Student Loan Fund".

From Benjamin F. Knowles III,, a Senior student at Nevada

Southern - $400 to establish the Daisy Knowles Morgan

Student Loan Fund as a memorial to his aunt, with the fol-

lowing stipulations:

1. The loans are to be granted to students deserving

of aid, and, wherever possible, preference is to be

given History majors or Political Science majors.

2. No interest is to be charged for the loans, pro-

vided that the full sum of the loan is repaid with-

in 60 days following the school session in which

the funds were used. Loans unpaid at the end of

the 60-day period will be assessed an interest rate

of 3%.

Miscellaneous Gifts

From the State Department of Vocational Education - $295

for a course "Construction Materials II" in the Institute

and Conferences Program at Nevada Southern.

From Kennecott Copper Corporation, New York City, New York -

$1000 as a grant-in-aid to the Mackay School of Mines Dis-

cretionary Fund.

From Nevada State Medical Association, Reno - $75 as a

contribution to the Inter-Tribal Indian Conference.

From the Tecktronix Corporation, Walnut Creek, California -

$3400 Research Oscilloscope to the Electrical Engineering



From the Max C. Fleischmann Foundation of Nevada, Reno -

$10,000 representing the 7th increment on the Library Match-

ing Fund Program, and $60,000 representing the balance due

on the $300,000 committed for construction of a Laboratory

building for Desert Research Institute.

From Bank of America, Bell of Nevada, Sierra Pacific Power

Company - $500 each toward the research project on the

Determination of Snow Loads on Structure in the Lake Tahoe

Area, initiated with the support of the Desert Research

Institute Committee for Research Planning in the Physical

Sciences, under the direction of Howard B. Blodgett, Dean

Emeritus, College of Engineering.

From the National Science Foundation, Washdington, D. C. -

$8320 for support of an "In-Service Institute in Mathemat-

ics for Elementary School Personnel" and $14,490 for sup-

port of an "In-Service Institute in Mathematics for Second-

ary School Teachers of Mathematics", both under the direc-

tion of Dr. E. M. Beesley, Department of Mathematics.


From the Estate of Lillie Merrill Gillson - the sum of $5000

with the following instructions:

This gift may in the discretion of the Board of Regents

be merged and mingled with and become a part of the

general investment assets of said University and shall

be known as the "Dr. Francis R. Dean Memorial Fund"

and the income therefrom shall be used to establish

an annual scholarship for a worthy Nevada-born student.

The scholarship shall be designated as the "Dr. Francis

R. Dean Memorial Scholarship". The selection of the

beneficiary thereof each year shall be determined by

the President or such other authority as may be desig-

nated by the Board of Regents for that purpose.

Motion by Dr. Lombardi, seconded by Dr. White, carried

unanimously that the gifts be accepted and that the Secre-

tary write appropriate notes of thanks to the donors.

11. Personnel Recommendations

President Armstrong recommended approval of the following

personnel recommendations:


Appointment as follows:

Chester Robert Longwell as Junior Agricultural Biochemist

in Soil Science, Rank I, at a salary rate of $7193 based

on twelve months' service, effective May 11, 1964 (new



Appointments as follows:

Tom Malcolm Massey as Graduate Assistant in English at a

salary of $2300 for the academic year 1964-65 (replacement

for Mrs. Antoinette Fourner-Robinson).

Sharon Lee Millard as Graduate Assistant in English at a

salary of $2300 for the academic year 1964-65 (replacement

for Jimmy Bowen).

Robert Hawkins Bentley as Graduate Assistant in English at

a salary of $2500 for the academic year 1964-65 (new posi-


Grant William Smith as Graduate Assistant in English at a

salary of $2300 for the academic year 1964-65 (replacement

for Charles Craig).

Reappointment as follows:

John David Williamson as Graduate Assistant in Physics at

a salary of $2500 for the academic year 1964-65.

Change in Status as follows:

Edward Peary Stafford, Lecturer in English, from 1/2 time

to 3/4 time for the Spring semester 1964, and additional

salary of $125 per month.

Mary Hope Westbrook, Lecturer in English, from 3/4 time to

full time for the Spring semester 1964, and additional

salary of $125 per month.


Reappointment as follows:

I-Lang Tsour as Graduate Assistant in the Bureau of Busi-

ness and Economic Research at a salary of $2300 for the

academic year 1964-65.


Appointment as follows:

Mary Ellen Glass as Research Assistant at a salary of $4285

based on twelve months' service, effective July 1, 1964.

Leave of Absence as follows:

Friedwart Winterberg for three month period May 1 to July

31, 1964 without pay, in order that he might accept an

appointment as Visting Professor of Physics at the Tech-

nische Hochschule at Stuttgart.


Appointment of 13 Supervising Teachers for the Spring

semester 1964.


Appointment as follows:

Richard Nelson Schneider as Lecturer in Mechanical Engi-

neering at a salary of $7555 for the academic year 1964-65

(continuing temporary replacement for James J. Carlson).

Reappointment as follows:

Alfred T. Jones as Graduate Assistant in Mechanical Engi-

neering at a salary of $2300 for the academic year 1964-65.

Leave of Absence as follows:

Joseph R. Battenburg for the 1964-65 and 1965-66 academic

years, without pay, in order that he might devote the time

to completing the requirements for the Ph. D. degree in

Mechanical Engineering.


Appointment as follows:

Ellen Marie P. Robinson as Circulation Assistant Technical

at a salary of $4584 based on twelve months' service, ef-

fective April 1, 1964 (replacement for Abia Burns).


Appointment as follows:

Robert T. Roelofs, Associate Professor, Conference on

History of Geology, August 10-21, 1964 - $500


Appointments as follows:

Verda May Snow, R. N., Student Health Service (part-time),

March 16 to May 29, 1964 - $583

Josef Zemek as Instructor in Foreign Languages at a salary

of $6885 for the academic year 1964-65 (new position).

Antonio Espiritu Lapitan as Assistant Professor of Political

Science (contingent upon completion of all requirements for

the Ph. D. degree by September 1, 1964) at a salary of $7182

for the academic year 1964-65 (new position).

Appointment in Special Institutes and Conferences as fol-


Malcolm Graham, Instructor in Modern Mathematics for Ele-

mentary Teachers, on KORK TV - $800 (April 13 to May 18,

1964), non-credit course.

Appointment of 8 Supervising Teachers for the Spring

semester 1964.


Appointment as follows:

Harry J. Wolf as Director of Technical Education at a salary

of $8560 based on twelve months' service, effective July 1,

1964 (new position).

13 appointments in Special Projects and Institutes.

1 appointment in the Off-Campus Program, Spring semester


47 appointments in the Summer Session, 1964.


Appointment as follows:

Robert G. Whittemore, Jr. as Director of Counseling-Testing

Services, at a salary of $10,757 based on twelve months'

service, effective July 1, 1964 (replacement for Sidney


Motion by Dr. White, seconded by Mr. Jacobsen, carried

unanimously that the personnel recommendations be approved.

12. Hydrology and Hydrogeology Program

Material had been mailed previously to the Regents, sub-

mitted to Dr. Armstrong by the Ad Hoc Committee on Hydrol-

ogy, Hydrogeology and Water Resources Curriculum, setting

forth a curriculum in the graduate program in Hydrology,

Hydrogeology and Water Resources, leading to a Ph. D. de-

gree, and possible means to finance the program. Dr.

Armstrong reported that the report and recommendations of

the Committee had been referred to the Graduate Committee,

the University Council and the Academic Council, and had

received approval from the three groups. In this instance

the program would be administered in the Mackay School of

Mines, but under the direction of an inter-disciplinary

committee. President Armstrong recommended approval of

the program, effective in the Fall semester of this year,

provided sufficient funds are available at that time.

Motion by Mr. Hug, seconded by Mr. Germain, carried unani-

mously that the program be approved, effective September

1964, as proposed, if funds are then available.

13. Diploma Design

President Armstrong presented a proposed diploma design

which would be applicable at both Campuses of the Univer-

sity, and explained that Dr. Shirley had developed the

design after consulting with various groups and individ-

uals on the Campus and conducting a survey of diplomas

used on other Campuses. Dr. Armstrong recommended approv-

al of the proposed diploma design, as follows:

1. The proposed case is to be 7" x 9" in dark blue leather

(or similar quality) with silver architectural Roman

lettering and a white satin (or similar quality) inside.

2. The proposed diploma is to be on parchment, or high

quality paper, with standardized wording for all Col-

leges in the University, to include Nevada Southern.

The College and Campus identification is in the signa-

ture area of the diploma.

3. A gold University seal is to replace the Mackay Statue.

The seal will be affixed to the diploma at the time of


4. All signatures on the diploma are to be facsimiles ex-

cept for the Dean of the College or School, and at

Las Vegas, the Chancellor. This will provide Univer-

sity control over the issuance of the diplomas.

5. The oath is to be removed from the diploma case and

printed in the Commencement Program.

6. A printed scroll, rolled and tied with blue ribbon,

is to be handed to the graduates during the commence-

ment exercises instead of a blank diploma case.

7. The diploma and case specifications are to be put out

to bid for a 5-year quantity, to be delivered on a pro

rated basis.

Motion by Mr. Jacobsen, seconded by Mr. Germain, to accept

the revised design, lost with Regents Jacobsen and Germain

voting "aye" and all other Regents voting "no".

Motion was made by Mr. Hug to refer the design back to the

President to be referred to the Art Department for sugges-

tions for improvement. Motion was seconded by Dr. Anderson,

and amended by adding that, to get the job done, it be left

to the President to decide on the final design. The amend-

ment was accepted by Mr. Hug and the amended motion carried


14. Investment Committee

The Committee met on April 10, 1964, as per the following


The Committee met at 12:00 noon in the Hardy Room, Travis

Student Union. Present were Board of Regents members,

Dr. Louis Lombardi and Mr. Procter Hug, Jr.; public mem-

bers, Mr. Julius Bergen and Mr. E. L. Cord; and Ex-officio

member Business Manager Neil D. Humphrey. Ex-officio mem-

ber President Charles J. Armstrong was absent due to being

away from the Campus on business. Representing the First

National Bank of Nevada were Mr. R. O. Kwapil, Vice Presi-

dent and Sr. Trust Officer, and Mr. J. C. Troyer, Trust


Mr. Troyer distributed a summary review of Agency 522 as of

April 7, 1964. He noted that the total market value was

$3,373,705.30 (up $133,370.37 from last report 10-10-63);

that 74.5% is in common stocks, 4.9% in U. S. Government

issues, 2.9% in other Government and Agencies, and 17.7%

in other bonds. Mr. Troyer recommended sale of 1600 shares

of American Potash and Chemical (entire holding) and 300

shares of Abbott Laboratories (entire holding) and invest-

ment of proceeds in 90 day U. S. Treasury Bills.

Mr. Bergen asked if the Committee had ever agreed upon a

formula to control the total part of the portfolio to be

invested in common stocks. It was the consensus that no

formula had been agreed upon. Mr. Bergen stated that he

believed the present 74.5% was too high and recommended

that common stock be sold to reduce the percentage to about

65%. Mr. Troyer noted that in addition to the stocks named

above, he would recommend sale of the holdings in Inland

Steel, Union Pacific, Kennecott Copper and Caterpillar

Tractor. Mr. Cord recommended that approximately 10% of all

common stock be sold.

After further discussion it was agreed that:

(1) Approximately 10% of the present $2,512,916 in common

stock plus selected low coupon long-term bonds would

be sold and the proceeds invested in 90 day U. S.

Treasury Bills.

(2) The First National Bank of Nevada Trust Department

would make a speciffic written recommendation to the

Committee as to which stock should be sold and Dr.

Lombardi and Mr. Bergen were authorized to give final

approval on behalf of the Committee.

(3) Not more than 500 shares of the 12,500 owned of

Standard Brands would be sold.

(4) No odd lots (i. e., less than 100 shares) would be


A meeting date was not agreed upon. Meeting adjourned at

1:35 P.M.

Neil D. Humphrey

Acting Secretary

Mr. Humphrey reported that since the meeting approximately

$300,000 of common stocks have been sold and the money is

being put into 90 day Treasury Bills.

Motion by Mr. Jacobsen, seconded by Mr. Hug, carried

unanimously by roll call vote to accept the minutes of the

meeting and to approve the resulting action.

15. Regents' By-Laws

The draft of the By-Laws of the Board of Regents, as pro-

posed by the Committee on Regulations and Salaries, had

previously been mailed to the Regents for study and con-

sideration. Mr. Hug, Chairman of the Committee, stated

that the draft now incorporated the suggested changes which

were voted upon earlier, and recommended approval unless

further changes are desired.

Motion was made by Mr. Hug that these By-Laws become the

official By-Laws of the Board of Regents. An effective

date was discussed, especially as regards the committees

of the Board. The motion was withdrawn and restated by

Mr. Hug, as follows:

Motion to adopt the By-Laws as presented to become effec-

tive January 1, 1965 (no second).

There was further discussion as to specific points as


Motion by Mr. Hug, seconded by Dr. Anderson, carried

unanimously to amend Article V, Section 5, by adding "Such

reading may be waived by majority vote".

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Dr. Lombardi, to amend

Article III, Section 2, by eliminating "Neither the Chair-

man nor the Vice-Chairman may succeed himself in office

but may be reelected to the same office after a lapse of

two years" carried with Regents Davis, Germain, Hug,

Lombardi and White voting "aye", and Regents Anderson and

Jacobsen voting "no", and Regent Grant abstaining.

Motion by Mr. Hug, seconded by Dr. White, carried unani-

mously to adopt the By-Laws, as amended, to be the official

By-Laws of the Board of Regents, effective January 1, 1965

(pp. 91-103).

16. Boxing

President Armstrong reviewed the meeting of the Regents'

Committee on Athletics on March 27, 1964 and the recommenda-

tion of the Faculty Athletic Board that Boxing be dropped

at the University of Nevada, and reported the results of

the student vote, as follows:

Results of the student vote on the matter of recommending

that Varsity Boxing at the University of Nevada be retained

or dropped were as follows:

885 (in favor of retaining Boxing)

87 (in favor of dropping Boxing)

12 (indifferent)


984 (total number of students who voted)

The total number of votes comprised approximately 34% of

the student body, and the voting procedure was administer-

ed by the ASUN under the direction of Mr. Keith Lee, Stu-

dent Body President.


G. A. Broten

Department Chairman

General discussion followed, in which it was questioned

whether the matter had been referred to the students as a

referendum or for final vote. The desire was also expressed

to look into what other Universities are doing in the sport

of Boxing.

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Mr. Hug, carried unani-

mously that the recommendation of the Board of Inter-

Collegiate Athletics regarding Boxing not be approved.

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Dr. Lombardi, carried

unanimously that the Regents express appreciation for

the interest shown by the students in the issue of Boxing,

which is an indication of student thinking for the welfare

of the student body and the School.

17. National Defense Student Loan Program

President Armstrong recommended, at the request of Mr.

Humphrey, establishment of a separate bank account for

the National Defense Student Loan Program, as requested

by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, at the

Greenbrae Branch, First National Bank.

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Mr. Davis, carried

unanimously that the recommendation be approved.

18. Transfers from Contingency Reserve

President Armstrong reported the following transfers of

less than $2000 which had been approved by him:

#182 $1400 for Miscellaneous, Not Otherwise Classified,

to pay for appraisals of Anelli property.

#197 $1000 to Postage, Reno, to meet anticipated costs

through end of June.

President Armstrong recommended approval of the following

transfers of more than $2000:

#134 $3500 to Elementary Education, College of Education,

to provide for an additional Instructor for one sem-

ester. Needed due to unexpected increased registra-


#135 $5085 to Central Office Services, Reno, for supplies.

This account was drastically underbudgeted due to

demands for services from faculty and Administration.

#139 $3000 to Repairs Account, Buildings and Grounds,

Reno, to pay part of construction cost of Neutron

vault. Balance paid from research funds.

#163 $2000 to Miscellaneous, N. O. C. for interview ex-

penses for candidates for Dean of College of Edu-

cation and other expenses.

#206 $3117 to Miscellaneous, N. O. C. for costs of Chem-

ical Engineering study, special book plates for

Library gifts, and water district taxes.

A total of $2100 has been transferred to the Contingency

Reserve since the last report; $1900 from N. I. C. premiums

budget and $200 from Statewide Services wages.

Upon approval of transfers listed above the Contingency

Reserve Account will have a balance of $17,507.98.

Motion by Mr. Jacobsen, seconded by Mr. Germain, carried

unanimously by roll call vote that the above transfers

from Contingency Reserve be approved.

19. Commencement Meeting

It was agreed that the regular Commencement Meeting of the

Board be held on Saturday, May 30, 1964, in Reno to approve

candidates for degrees.

20. Association of Governing Board Meeting

President Armstrong urged all Regents to attend the meeting

to be held in Reno on May 10, 11 and 12.

21. Medical School

Dr. Anderson discussed the recent proposals of local doctors

and others that the University establish a Medical School,

at least for a two-year program.

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Dr. White, carried

unanimously that the President be instructed to appoint a

University Committee to work with interested other groups

in the State, to make a long range study of medical needs

in Nevada.

22. Capital Improvements and Ground Acquisition Fund

Dr. Lombardi discussed his proposal that, in preparation of

the biennial budget, the Regents request the opinion of the

Attorney General on the matter of setting aside for amor-

tization of University bonds a certain number of dollars

for a certain number of years from student fees, for capi-

tal improvements and land acquisition, and that the Legis-

lature be asked to appropriate sufficient money to offset

this amount. In support of his views, Dr. Lombarbi intro-

duced the following resolution:


WHEREAS the rapid growth of our University is such

that we must plan in the next 30 years for an enroll-

ment of 15,000 on the Reno Campus, and about 10,000

on the Las Vegas Campus, and

WHEREAS the State through its legislative appropria-

tions, because of the debt limitations, have found

and will find it increasingly difficult to provide

the necessary monies for capital improvements and

ground acquisition to follow the overall Master Plan,

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Regents put into a

separate fund the monies reserved from tuition fees;

this fund to be known as the Capital Improvement and

Ground Acquisition Fund.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this fund shall be used

to build buildings and acquire land either by cash or

by issuing revenue bonds against the fund, thereby not

obligating the State for this indebtedness.

Motion by Mr. Hug, seconded by Mr. Davis, carried unani-

mously that the resolution be made a part of the minutes

of the present meeting and that the matter be taken up

at the next meeting of the Board.

23. Regents' Scholarships

Dr. Lombardi proposed the establishment of Regents' Schol-

arships for Nevada students along the lines of those al-

ready in effect for out-of-state students. In support of

his views, Dr. Lombardi submitted the following resolution:


That the Board of Regents establish a Regents' Schol-

arship which shall consist of waiver of registration

fees for students who are residents of Nevada. The

number of scholarships shall be the same as the out-

of-state tuition waivers, namely not more than 3% of

the total matriculated enrollment. The scholarships

shall be divided in the same category and percentages

as the waiver of tuition except for foreign students,

this 15% is to be added to the scholarship group.

These scholarships shall continue for the four years,

provided the student makes normal progress toward

graduation. Whenever possible the scholarships shall

be available to deserving students from the Senior

class of all the high schools in the State. The

scholarship program is to take effect the Fall semester,

September 1964.

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Mr. Davis, carried

unimously to accept the resolution, as prepared by Dr.

Lombardi, and to refer it to the Administration for consid-

eration at the next meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 3:35 P.M.

The next meeting has been set for Saturday, May 30, 1964, in


A. C. Grant


Alice Terry