UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
April 24-25, 1895


Volume OC - Pages 61-65

Reno, Nevada

April 24, 1895

The Board of Regents met at their Office Wednesday, April 24,

1895 at 9:30 A.M., present: H. L. Fish, W. E. F. Deal and H. S.


Minutes of April 5 approved as read by the Secretary.

Balance sheets showing the several funds on hand was also read.

President Stubbs submitted his monthly report which contained the

following items and ordered spread upon the minutes as follows:

April 24, 1895

To the Honorable

The Board of Regents

Nevada State University


I have the honor to submit herewith my report for the month

of April, covering the operations of the University during the

period since the last regular meeting of the Regents.

The attendance, good order, and working spirit of the

student body has been good. Discipline has been well maintained.

I have received from the Governor of the State the

appointments to the Honorary Board of Visitors, which are

submitted with this report.

I respectfully suggest that the next meeting of the Board

of Regents be so arranged that the members of the Board may be

present either a part or all of Commencement Week.

The Faculty of the University have adopted the following

for order of the exercises of the Commencement Week: Thursday

evening, June 6 graduation of University Seniors. Commencement

oration by an invited speaker of distinction, and short address

by a member of the Board of Regents and a member of the Board of

Visitors. Conferring of degrees. The Seniors will have their

Class Day exercises on Campus the forenoon of June sixth.

Wednesday evening, June 5, graduating exercises of the Senior

Class of the Nevada State Normal School and granting of Diplomas.

The Commercial School will have its exercise in the Assembly

Hall Wednesday afternoon. The graduating thesis of the

University Seniors will be read to the Faculty at a time to be

fixed upon soon.

The completed plans and specifications of the Boys Hall will

be ready for the inspection of Builders and Contractors not

later than Monday the 29th. instant. These are prepared by

Messrs. Percy and Hamilton, Architects, of San Francisco. I

recommend that the advertisements for bids be prepared today and

published at once. I have made two trips to San Francisco during

the month, spending almost a week with the Architects the first

time and one day the second time. I wish to call the attention

the Board of Regents to the fact that the brick made in Reno for

the use of buildings is of very inferior quality. This item

needs your attention.

I submit herewith the plan for ventilation of the rooms in

the Boys Hall for your consideration.

I recommend that the putting of the heating pipes, gas pipes

and electric light equipment be reserved to the University. We

prefer to put this work in ourselves.

I submit herewith the result of negotiations carried on

between Mr. Evans and the President of the University regarding

the additional land for Campus use. We have arrived at an

agreement which I recommend to the consideration and approval of

the Regents.

At the last meeting of the Board the difference of the

proposition between the Board and Mr. Evans was four acres of

land, the Board asking fifteen acres and Mr. Evans offering

eleven acres.

The following is the agreement now submitted:

The tract of land west side of Campus for $2400

Four acres on the north 600

Exchange of one and a half acres in North-east corner of

Campus for about one and three-fifths acres on the north.

Lease of the small Reservoir in sound and neat condition.

The University to maintain the Water Dam for the period of

seven years and supply water to the Reservoir at such time

as may be necessary by reason of the cleaning or repair of

the Orr Ditch. In consideration of the maintaining of said

Water Dam by the University, Mr. Evans will keep the

embankment of the Dam in good repair, will supply the Dam

with water to irrigate properly, not less than one inch to

the acre, and will supply the Water Dam the water for a

period of three years after the expiration of the Reservoir

lease, if the University shall desire to maintain the Water


I ask your attention to the location of the Boys Hall and

the Girls Cottage.

Respectfully yours,

J. E. Stubbs

The President of the University submitted a list of the Honorary

Board of Visitors appointed by the Governor for the year 1895 as


Hon. R. R. Bigelow, Chairman Carson City, Ormsby County

Hon. Roswell K. Colcord Carson City, Ormsby County

Miss Lillie Kaiser Stillwater, Churchill County

Mrs. Rosa L. Haines Genoa, Douglas County

Mrs. Jacqueline Taylor Elko, Elko County

Hon. A. L. Fitzgerald Eureka, Eureka County

Mrs. Mary A. Griffin Hawthorne, Esmeralda

S. J. Bonniefield Jr. Winnemuca, Humboldt County

W. W. Jones Austin, Lander County

H. S. Thompson Pioche, Lincoln

Dr. J. C. Hazlitt Dayton, Lyon County

Wilson Brougher Ralucont, Nye County

Dr. T. P. Mc Donald Virginia City, Storey

Hon. A. E. Cheney Reno, Washoe County

Hon. A. C. Cleveland Cleveland, White Pine County

On motion of W. E. F. Deal, seconded by H. S. Starrett, that on

execution of deed and certain agreements by J. N. Evans and wife

to the Board of Regents of the State University of certain land

containing about 9 1/2 acres in one piece and 5 624/1000 acres in

the other be paid $3000 Three Thousand Dollars for the same.

Deed executed April 24th filed for record April 25, 1895 as above


On examination of the proposed locations for the Girls Cottage,

the Board voted to locate the same at the South East corner of

the University grounds.

President Stubbs reported that the plans and specifications for

the Boys Hall would be ready for inspection of Builders and

Contractors not later than Monday, April 29th.

Agreement between the Board of Regents and J. N. Evans with

reference to the dam now situated in the upper part of the small

valley near Virginia Street in the town of Reno was executed by

the Board of Regents and J. N. Evans April 24, 1895. Lease

from the Board of Regents to J. N. Evans of the Reservoir

situated in the southeast portion of the nine acre tract of land

conveyed this day by said Evans for the term of seven years from

this date was executed April 24, 1895.

On motion of Regent Deal, the Board agreed to give Mr. Evans the

use of a certain water ditch on the west side of the University

grounds on the east line of Virginia Street for his own purpose.

Claims for the month of April were presented and allowed from

the several funds as follows:

Agricultural and Mechanical College Fund

Salaries April Payroll $1313.67

C. J. Brooking 6.15

Payat Asphalt Co 6.15

Miss M. Gould Library 3.00

D. Appleton Co. 5.00

H. J. Perry 4.49

Total $1338.44

Contingent University Fund

April Payroll Instructors 539.16

Janitors 115.00

Sec Board 25.00

Students Labor 157.80

J. E. Stubbs 225.00

J. E. Stubbs Travel Exp 28.75

R. D. Jackson 62.50

J. F. Aitken 22.00

H. S. Starrett 31.00

J. N. Evans Land 3000.00

R. Brown 22.65

P. H. Gordon 3.25

Mrs. R. J. Pratt 86.80

Reno Water L & L Co. 50.00

Geo. H. Taylor 17.60

Reno Gazette 23.50

India Alkali Works 9.84

Reno Mercantile Co. 35.08

Total $4454.93

The Secretary of the Board was instructed to advertise in the

Virginia Chronicle and Enterprise, Virginia City Silver State,

Winnemuca, one paper in Carson and the Journal and Gazette in

Reno, until May 15, 1895 for bids for a Boys Dormitory building

as per plans and specifications on file in the Office of the

President of the University as follows:

Proposals for Boys Dormitory Nevada State University.

The Regents of the Nevada State University will receive

sealed proposals for all the "mason work" and the

Carpenter Department except the electrical work as set

forth in the plans and specifications now on file in the

Office of the President of the University.

Said proposals must be filed with the Secretary of the

Board of Regents before 12 o'clock noon, Wednesday,

May 15, 1895. The bids will be opened at the Office of

the Board of Regents at 1 o'clock P.M., Wednesday,

May 15, 1895. Each bid shall be accompanied by a bond

of One Thousand Dollars with two securities for the

performance of the contract in case of acceptance of

the bid.

The Regents reserve the right to reject any or all bids.

Signed Geo. H. Taylor


No further business appearing, the Board adjourned to meet

May 1, 1895.

H. L. Fish


Geo. H. Taylor