UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
April 20-21, 1960


Pages 363-367



April 20, 1960

The Board of Regents met in special session in room 205, Morrill

Hall, University of Nevada, to open and consider bids for sale

of the Ladino Dairy Farm. Present: Regents Arnold, Crumley,

Elwell, Grant, Tyson; Engineer Rogers, Comptroller Hayden, Deputy

Attorney General Porter, and President Armstrong. Present also

were the following bidders: John Cavanaugh, Jack Douglas, Max

Fenmore, and James Nelson. Bob Laxalt covered the meeting for

the Press.

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 A.M. by Chairman Grant

as per published bid notice (see pages 365, 366, 367). The

Secretary called the roll. A quorum being present, the bids

opened by Chairman Grant as follows:

(1) Bid of $247,600, accompanied by cashiers check in the

amount of $25,000, and signed by Maxwell Fenmore and

Carl N. Hicks.

(2) Bid of $148,000, accompanied by cashiers check in the

amount of $15,000, and signed by Rodney W. Boudwin,

Emery Branch, Courtney J. Catron, J. Brice Leggett,

Leslie A. Leggett, William Locke, Richard P. Record,

Vernon Segale, Cyrus B. Wyckoff, and William M. White.

(3) Bid of $308,400, accompanied by cashiers check in the

amount of $30,840, and signed by J. E. Cavanaugh and

Jack Douglas.

Chairman Grant called on Mr. Crumley, who was in charge of ar-

rangements for the bidding. Mr. Crumley thanked the gentlemen

who had submitted bids and excused them until 2:00 P.M. in the

afternoon of this date at the same place, when the bidders would

be permitted to raise their bids by a minimum of 5% over the

highest bid submitted, provided the bids are found to meet all

requirements. The bidders left the meeting.

Mr. Porter examined the bids and determined that all are quali-

fied bids.

The Regents discussed the bids in relation to appraisals of the

Farm and the high bid was believed to be a reasonable one.

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Crumley, carried unani-

mously by roll call vote, that in case there is no increase over

the high bid of $308,400, that that bid be deemed acceptable and

submitted to the Governor for his approval.

Fish and Game Commission

President Armstrong reported that he had been approached by

Mr. Groves of the Fish and Game Commission about the possi-

bility of their placing a building on the University Campus

at Reno, with the idea that each agency could be of benefit

to the other. Authorization for such a building was made at

the last session of the Legislature, but to date a desirable

location of the right size has not been found. It was agreed

that a formal request should be made, if desired by Fish and

Game, setting forth details of their needs and stating the

advantages to the University of their being housed on Campus.

Salary Committee Report

Mr. Crumley distributed copies of the minutes of the meeting

of his Committee as follows:

The Regents' Special Salary Committee met on Thursday, April

7, 1960, in the President's Office at the University. Pres-

ent were Mr. Crumley, Chairman, and Dr. Anderson. Mr. Tyson

could not be present because of a Milk Commission meeting

in Las Vegas. President Armstrong was also present.

After considerable discussion, including an interview with

the Dean of the College of Arts and Science, Dr. Irwin, the

Committee decided as follows:

1) The salary recommendations for the fiscal year 1960-61,

as prepared by the Deans and the University President,

and submitted to the Board of Regents by the President,

are hereby approved.

2) The salary of the President of the University for the

ensuing year shall be $19,950.

3) The Committee concluded that in actuality the existing

salary structure and salary making policy for the Uni-

versity of Nevada fail to result in sufficient recogni-

tion of merit or "demerit", and that this structure and

policy should be revised to provide sufficient flexibil-

ity to result in an actual recognition of merit, as just

referred to. It is recommended to the Board that either

the existing Special Salary Committee be continued or

another committee appointed whose function it shall be

to work with President Armstrong and evolve sufficient

changes in the existing policy to achieve the desired

result as far as recognition of merit is concerned.

These policy changes, as evolved, would then be submit-

ted to the entire Board in the form of recommendations

for either approval or disapproval.

4) With respect to individual salary revisions, no devia-

tion was made from the recommendations herein before

referred to, as submitted to the Board by the University

President. It is the feeling of the Committee that it

is not the province of the Board of Regents to deal in

individual cases and that the Board of Regents, as a

policy making body, should be concerned only with the

broad salary schedule and salary making policy rather

than individual cases. In keeping with this concept,

no action was taken on individual recommendations with

respect to any individual salary revisions.

Mr. Crumley called attention to item numbered (3) since it

is a recommendation from the Committee to the Board.

President Armstrong suggested that a Regents' standing com-

mittee on salaries be appointed to work with the Administra-

tion in preparing the salary budget before it goes to the

Governor, and to work with the Administration throughout

the preparation of the salary budget recommendations. It

was agreed that such a committee be appointed at the Las

Vegas meeting on May 7 to begin working with the Administra-

tion during the coming Summer.

University Artemisia

President Armstrong passed on to the Regents a request of

the Artemisia Business Manager that the University take an

ad in the Artemisia at a cost of $80. In view of the fact

that the public relations budget is inadequate, the Presi-

dent suggested that careful thought be given to expenditures

for this purpose, which must come from that fund.

Motion by Mr. Elwell, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried by roll

call vote, with Mr. Tyson passing his vote and all others

voting "aye", that the University not pay for an ad in the

University Artemisia.

The meeting recessed at 12:00 noon for luncheon.

The recessed meeting was called to order at 2:00 P.M. with all

present who were at the morning session, except Vernon Segale.

Chairman Grant announced that the bids for the Farm were found

to be in order, and called on Mr. Crumley to handle the bid

auctions. Inquiry having been made as to whether the University

of Nevada would include a release of title provision in the

Contract of Sale covering the Experimental (Ladino) Dairy Farm,

after discussion and consideration of the matter, motion by Mr.

Crumley, seconded by Mr. Elwell, carried unanimously by roll call

vote that the following statement of policy be adopted:

That, in respect of the $100,000 initial deposit payment,

the University of Nevada, as and when necessary, would pro-

gressively release title to individual portions or parcels

of property up to a maximum of $50,000, based upon the

University's average selling price per acre to the success-

ful bidder and purchaser; and that, thereafter, as and when

necessary, the University of Nevada would progressively con-

tinue to release title to individual portions or parcels of

property on the basis of receipts by it of at least 130% of

the University's average selling price per acre to the suc-

cessful bidder and purchaser of the Experimental (Ladino)

Dairy Farm. The progressive releases of title from the

encumbrance of the Trust Deed to be executed in favor of the

University to secure payment of the balance of the purchase

price of the Dairy Farm, shall be made only as necessary

and as and when individual portions thereof are actually

resold by the purchaser of the Dairy Farm from the Univer-

sity, in connection with any subdivision development program.

Mr. Crumley then invited bidders to raise their bids.

Mr. Leslie Leggett raise the highest bid, $308,400.00, by 5%,

making the bid of himself and associates $323,820.00.

Mr. Fenmore raised that bid by 5%, making the bid for himself

and Mr. Hicks $340,011.00.

Mr. Douglas and Mr. Cavanaugh raised the bid by 5%, making their

bid $357,011.55.

Mr. Fenmore and Mr. Hicks raised the bid to $390,000.00 (more

than 5%).

Mr. Cavanaugh and Mr. Douglas raised the bid 5% above $390,000.00

making it $409,500.00

Mr. Fenmore and Mr. Hicks raised the bid to $430,000.00 (more

than 5%).

Mr. Crumley asked for further bids, and there were none.

Motion by Mr. Crumley, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried unanimous-

ly by roll call vote, that Mr. Fenmore and Mr. Hicks be declared

the successful bidders and that the Regent's Committee, headed

by Mr. Crumley, be authorized to continue with negotiations with

the successful bidder.

The Comptroller was authorized to return the deposit money of

the unsuccessful bidders after the additional deposit in the

amount of $18,000.00 from Fenmore and Hicks had cleared the bank.

The meeting adjourned at 3:00 P.M.

The next meeting will be held in Las Vegas on Saturday, May 7,


A. C. Grant


Alice Terry