UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
April 18-19, 1957

Volume 7 - Pages 317-319

                       April 18, 1957

The Executive Committee of the Board of Regents met on Thursday,
April 18, 1957, for a luncheon meeting at the Holiday Hotel.
Present:  Regents Hardy, Thompson, Anderson and Lombardi; Comp-
troller Hayden and President Stout.  Engineer Poolman and Aca-
demic Vice President Wood were present for items in their areas
of work.  The meeting was called to order at 12:45 noon by Vice
Chairman Lombardi.


    President Stout distributed material on the 1957-59 biennial
    budget, as follows:  Proposed Salary Budget 1957-59, Proposed
    Equipment Budget 1957-59, Proposed Operating Budget 1957-59,
    and 1957-59 Budget Summary.  President Stout discussed the
    budget material, and proposed certain budget transfers which
    were acted upon as follows:

    Motion by Dr. Anderson carried unanimously that approval be
    given to the transfer of unallocated funds in the President's
    Reserve Fund for Salaries to Equipment and Operation for use
    in the current biennium.

    Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the President
    be authorized to proceed on salary increases for the coming
    year on the basis of 5% for across-the-board and 2 1/2% for
    merit and emergency increases.

    Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that approval be
    given to the transfer of $100,000 from Equipment Fund to
    the Salary Fund for new positions for the 1957-59 biennium.

    Motion by Mr. Thompson carried unanimously that approval be
    given to the transfer of $100,000 from Operating Fund to the
    Salary Fund for new positions for the 1975-59 biennium.

Tuition and Fees

    President Stout distributed copies of a study made by the
    Registrar's office on Fees Charged Resident and Regular
    Students at 29 Land Grant Colleges, based on latest informa-
    tion available.  Since the Legislature did not provide all
    the funds requested to carry on the program of the Univer-
    sity of Nevada, there was discussion on increased revenue
    from fees and tuition.  The study indicated that Nevada
    was well below the average in its present charges.

    Motion by Dr. Anderson carried unanimously that approval be
    given to increasing the consolidated student fee from $65
    to $100 per semester and the out-of-state tuition from $135
    to $150 per semester.

Hayden Ellicott Estate

    President Stout presented a letter under date of March 19,
    1957 from Henry C. Clausen, Attorney, presenting a Compromise
    Agreement for Distribution of the Estate of Hayden Ellicott.
    The letter briefed the proposed settlement, as follows, and
    carried the recommendation of Mr. Clausen that the agreement
    be approved:

        Originally the University expected to get around $18,000.
        A dispute developed over the interpretation of the Will
        and whether the specific devise and bequest to the Uni-
        versity of Nevada included only property located in the
        State of Nevada at the time of making the Will or whether
        it included the property located in Nevada at the time
        of the decedent's death.  A continuing search for assets
        made it evident that the amount in dispute was equal to
        that clearly available to the University even if it were
        not to prevail.  Since the commencement of the estate
        proceedings two separate pieces of litigation have de-
        veloped in addition to the Will contest.  There is a
        claim against some California real estate worth at least
        $1,000, and there is a claim against a note held by the
        estate and worth at least $5,000.  In the proposed set-
        tlement, I have succeeded in getting the Oakland charity
        to agree to assume the latter two pieces of litigation,
        to pay the Will contest settlement amount, to pay all
        expenses of administration and attorney's fees, and to
        release its claim against all property located in the
        State of Nevada at the time of decedent's death.  The
        only thing that the West Oakland Home Corporation will
        receive is the income on the shares of stock since the
        decedent's death.

    Mr. Clausen estimated that the proposed settlement would
    yield from $34,000 to $38,000, less attorney's fees.

    Motion by Mr. Thompson carried unanimously that Mr. Clausen
    be authorized to proceed on the settlement basis as out-
    lined in his letter and quoted above.

Board of Regents Meeting

    Discussion took place on the advisability of holding a regu-
    lar meeting of the Board of Regents prior to the Commencement
    meeting to act upon salary increases, promotions and other
    personnel recommendations, in the thought that these matters
    should be acted upon as soon as recommendations are in order.

    Motion by Mr. Thompson carried unanimously that a meeting of
    the Board of Regents be scheduled as soon as a date can be
    set, and that the 4 members to the Board of Regents who were
    elected by the State Legislature be notified.

    It was agreed that the Secretary record individual votes on
    all matters in which there is not an unanimous vote, as a
    basis for determining decisions following the action of the
    Supreme Court regarding the status of the Regents elected by
    the Legislature.

State Planning Board Meeting

    President Stout called attention to the meeting of the State
    Planning Board in Carson City at 10 A.M. on Saturday, April
    20, 1957, to which all members of the Board of Regents are
    invited.  President Stout and Mr. Poolman have been asked to
    bring master plans for the Reno and Las Vegas Campuses, and
    it was agreed that these will be presented as tentative plans

    On the agenda for the State Planning Board meeting is selec-
    tion of an architect for University buildings to be con-
    structed with revenue bonds.  Payment to the architect will
    come from University funds; for this reason it was agreed
    that the University request a voice in the selection of the

    Recommendation of Dr. Stout was approved by assent that Uni-
    versity money be used as a revolving fund to pay the 1% plan-
    ning charge of the architect, and that the revolving fund be
    reimbursed from federal money, when it is received.

    Referring to the matter of an architect for the Fine Arts
    building, it was agreed by assent, that the University re-
    quest that a Nevada architect be chosen, with the requirement
    that he employ an outstide consultant because of the special-
    ized use to which the building will be put.


    A document was presented from the Sierra Pacific Power Com-
    pany and the Bell Telephone Company requesting a right-of-way
    across the Main Station Farm, to the facilities which have
    been leased to the U. S. Forest Service.  The request carried
    the approval of Dean Adams and Engineer Poolman.

    Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the right-of-way
    be granted.

The meeting adjourned at 2:55 P.M.

                             L. E. Lombardi
                             Vice Chairman

Alice Terry