UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
April 15-16, 1950

Volume 6 - Pages 225-237

                    UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA
                       REGENTS MEETING
                       April 15, 1950

The special meeting of the Board of Regents called for the pur-
pose of considering the athletic situation, was called to order
by the Chairman at 9:15 A.M., April 15, 1950, in the President's
office.  Present:  Regents Hilliard, Sheerin, Arentz, Ross and
Acting President Parker.  Present also were Mr. Springmeyer of
the Legislative Counsel Bureau, Mr. Charles Irish of KOH, and
reporters Robert Bennyhoff and Bryn Armstrong.

Motion by Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the minutes of the
previous meeting, February 17-18, 1950 be approved as submitted,
dispensing with the reading thereof because each member of the
Board had received a copy by mail.

President's Informal Report

A - Financial Statements were distributed by the Comptroller

    (a)  Statement of General Funds as of June 30, 1950, estimat-
         ed overdraft, $5,925.49.

    (b)  Actual and estimated income, General Funds, for the cur-
         rent biennial period, showing total actual and estimated
         receipts as of July 1, 1950.  Estimated expenditures for
         this fiscal year totalled 51% of the receipts for the

B - Comptroller's Office

    The Comptroller reported that he had received several appli-
    cations for the position of Chief Accountant in the Comptrol-
    ler's office.  He expects to employ a man starting May 1.

C - Microfilming Records

    The estimate for microfilming University records is approxi-
    mately $12,000.  Time required is estimated to be 8 months.
    The Comptroller reported that a vault in the basement of the
    new Engineering building can be made available for storage
    of University records.  This space will be used until other
    arrangements can be made, possibly for microfilming.

D - Purchasing Policy is receiving further study.  The following
    new forms were presented:

    (a)  Contracts for faculty employment
    (b)  Purchase order forms
    (c)  Departmental requisitions, including travel
    (d)  Checks and earning record forms

The Comptroller was present for the above items of the Informal

E - Retirement Committee plans an open meeting of the faculty and
    staff later in this month, followed immediately by the neces-
    sary balloting with the view to having their application
    filed in Carson City prior to June 1, if the decision should
    be that the University of Nevada join with the State Retire-
    ment Plan.

    Regent Arentz requested that the Comptroller prepare a state-
    ment showing difference in cost to the University in the two
    plans, both in meeting payroll deductions and in meeting
    retirement pay.

F - Two Year Agricultural Course is being given further study.
    A plan will be presented for consideration at a later meet-

G - Out-of-State Tuition

    A letter from the Office of the Attorney General dated March
    1, 1950, states:

        When parents are divorced without disposing of the right
        to the custody of their minor child, the domicile of the
        child follows that of the father.  When a divorce has
        been granted to the wife, however, and the unrestricted
        custody of the minor child of the marriage given her in
        the decree, her own domicile and not the father's estab-
        lishes that of the child, provided, of course, the court
        had jurisdiction in the premises.  Moreover, other spe-
        cial circumstances have frequently had right in cases
        where courts have refused rigidly to adhere to the ar-
        bitrary rule that the father's domicile fixes that of
        the child.

H - Projects Completed

    The following projects authorized at the January meeting have
    been completed:

        Parking space east of Lincoln Hall
        Painting and repair of Dr. Anderson's office
        Remodeling of waiting room oustide of President's office
        Remodeling of Registrar's office
        Transfer of Paint Shop and other fire hazards out of
            Lincoln Hall
        Protection of transformer station north of Lincoln Hall
        (Demolitions on the University Farms are under way but
            not completed)
        Inspection trip by the new Director of Admissions

I - University Band

    The University Band under Professor Tate's supervision at-
    tracted so few students that corrective action from this of-
    fice became necessary.  Mr. Tate was relieved of all respon-
    sibility for the Band and Mr. N. A. Tinkham, the Director of
    the Reno Municipal Band, was employed for $150 to instruct
    the University Band for the remainder of this semester.  When
    Mr. Tate's contract expires at the end of this school year,
    it will not be renewed.

J - Audit Veterans Accounts

    At the January meeting, a report was submitted concerning the
    audit of Veterans payments by the General Accounting Office.
    The audit recommended disallowances totaling over $80,000.
    Since that time, identical bills have been introduced in both
    the Senate and the House of Representatives which would pre-
    vent these disallowances.  The House Bill has passed but the
    Senate Bill has not yet reached the floor.  All 3 Congress-
    men from Nevada have indicated their interest in the Bill.

K - The Field House is no longer being used as a Men's Dormitory.
    All tenants have been transferred except the 4 men who are
    now sharing the care-taking responsibilities.

L - An Advisory Council has been formed within the Agricultural
    structure to perform for the Public Service Division, both
    on and off the Campus, the same functions that the Faculty
    Advisory Council performs for the resident faculty.  The
    Faculty Advisory Council has been increased by one elected
    representative from the Public Service Division.

M - Faculty Housing Units

    Opinion from the Attorney General was received that "An
    examination of the statutory law of Nevada relative to the
    University and its Board of Regents fails to disclose that
    such Board has been or is now authorized to construct facul-
    ty housing units and/or borrow money for such purpose."

N - Miss Jeanne E. Wier, Emeritus Professor of History, died in
    Reno on April 14, 1950.

President's Recommendations

 1)  Claims

     Comptroller Hayden presented the following claims, each of
     which had received the prior approval of the Executive

     List No. 9, Regents Checks Nos. 90-188 to 90-211 inclusive
     for a total of $175,606.38.

     List No. 9, State Claims Nos. 90-240 to 90-276 inclusive
     for a total of $95,151.91.

     List No. 10, Regents Checks Nos. 90-212 to 9-238 inclusive
     for a total of $174,556.12.

     List No. 10, State Claims Nos. 90-277 to 90-314 inclusive
     for a total of $100,061.67.

     Motion by Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the above
     lists be approved.

 2)  State Highway Agreement

     Under date of June 15, 1949, an option was negotiated be-
     tween the Board of Regents and the Nevada State Department
     of Highways covering materials for highway purposes.  The
     Isbell Construction Company holds a contract with the High-
     way Department for construction of a portion of the highway
     between Huffaker and Hash Lanes and is requesting permis-
     sion to obtain some of this material.

     Motion by Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that the Chairman
     of the Board be authorized to sign this agreement on behalf
     of the University.

 3)  Jewett W. Adams Endowment Stock

     In the portfolio of stocks and bonds in the Jewett W. Adams
     Endowment Fund are 14 shares of Pacific Gas and Electric
     Company stock.  A certificate for purchase by present owners
     of additional shares at the rate of one share for each five
     rights at a cost of $30 a share, was received by the Comp-
     troller.  These rights expired as of April 5, and since
     there was $332 uninvested in the Jewett W. Adams Endowment
     Fund, three shares of stock were purchased.

     Motion by Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that the action
     of the Comptroller in purchasing five rights, as stated
     above, be approved.

 4)  College and University Business Officers Meeting

     The Western Association of College and University Business
     Officers meeting is scheduled for May 7, 8, 9 in Berkeley,
     California.  The Comptroller requested permission to use a
     University car in attending this meeting.  No expense money
     was requested.

     Above request was unanimously approved.

The Comptroller was present for the above items of the Presi-
dent's Recommendations.

 5)  Promotion Policy (Item 28 of President's Recommendations,
     minutes of February 17-18, 1950) was presented.

     Motion by Mr. Arentz that the Promotion Policy, as approved
     by the general faculty, be approved, lost with Mr. Arentz
     voting "aye" and Regents Hilliard, Sheerin and Ross voting

Mr. Peter Burke came into the meeting at 9:50 A.M.

 6)  The Admission and Advanced Standing Committee recommendation
     as approved by the general faculty was presented as follows:

     1.  An applicant for admission from a Junior College or
         other institution of Collegiate standing must submit
         evidence that he has fulfilled entrance requirements
         for the University of Nevada for regular Freshman stand-
         ing, or that he has a grade average of C or better for
         all his Collegiate-grade work and has completed at least
         12 semester credits.

     2.  A student transferring from a status of probation at
         another institution shall be on probation when he enters
         the University of Nevada.

     3.  Non-resident students are not admitted as "Specials".

     Motion by Mr. Arentz that the Regents approve items 1 and 2
     of the above recommendation, passed with Regents Hilliard,
     Sheerin and Arentz voting "aye" and Regent Ross voting "no".

 7)  Athletic Situation

     At 10 A.M., the Board of Regents adjourned to room 202,
     Mackay Science Hall, for an open meeting held to hear re-
     ports and to give consideration to the University athletic
     situation.  Regents Hilliard, Sheerin, Cahlan, Arentz, Ross,
     Acting President Parker were present.  In the audience were
     the following reporters:  Mr. Irish, Mr. Bennyhoff, Mr.
     Burns and Mr. Armstrong.

Chairman Ross called the meeting to order and stated the purpose
of the meeting.  He asked for written reports, wherever possible,
and stated that the reports and recommendations would be care-
fully considered by the Regents in arriving at a final solution.

     (a)  Dr. Inwood, representing the faculty, presented the
          recommendations of the faculty sub-committee, of which
          he was Chairman as follows:

           1.  Eligibility

               It is recommended that:

               (a)  The Director of Admissions and the Admissions
                    and Advanced Standing Committee be instructed
                    by the faculty, the President and the Board
                    of Regents to abide by the prescribed en-
                    trance requirements as they appear in forth-
                    coming University catalogues.

               (b)  A Faculty Eligibility Committee of not less
                    than 5 members, thereof whom are to be elect-
                    ed in the same fashion as Faculty Advisory
                    Committee for staggered 3-year terms and 2
                    to be appointed by the President, be set up.
                    The duties of the Committee shall be:

                    (1)  To certify the eligibility of all stu-
                         dents particpating in extra-curricular
                         activities, intercollegiate athletics

                    (2)  To check on and to report to academic
                         Deans those students who, in the Commit-
                         tee's opinion, are endangering their
                         scholastic record by reason of partici-
                         pation in extra-curricular activities,
                         intercollegiate athletics included.

                    (3)  To report to the President through the
                         faculty the actions of the Committee.

                    (4)  To recommend from time to time to the
                         Faculty, such changes and improvements
                         as are necessary to the effective oper-
                         ation of the Committee.

                    (5)  To elect its Chairman and to draw up
                         Bylaws which shall govern the Committee,
                         said Bylaws to be approved by the facul-
                         ty, the President and the Board of Re-

               (c)  Effective July 1, 1950 no student on proba-
                    tion shall represent the University in extra-
                    curricular activities, intercollegiate ath-
                    letics included, with the exception that in
                    this latter case this restriction will apply
                    to presently enrolled students beginning
                    July 1, 1951.

           2.  That a University Athletic Council be created with
               membership and duties as indicated hereunder:

               A.  Membership

                              Board of Regents
                                  Chairman *
                   Repres. ASUN Chair. Chair.  Chair. Chair.
                   Alumni  Rep. Board  Board   Athl.  Dept.
                   Assoc.       Fin.   Athl.   Elig.  Physical
                                Contr. Oper.   Comm.  Education

               B.  Duties

                   (1)  The Council shall determine general Uni-
                        versity policy with regard to intercol-
                        legiate and intramural athletics.  Such
                        policy shall support the educational
                        objectives of the University and its good
                        standing with other Universities and the
                        people of the State of Nevada.

                   (2)  Policies as determined by this Council
                        shall be observed by all agencies con-
                        cerned in any way with the conduct of
                        athletics at the University of Nevada.

                   (3)  The Council shall be responsible to the
                        Board of Regents through the President
                        of the University.

                   (4)  The Council shall be empowered to require
                        the submission of any reports or informa-
                        tion from the agencies concerned neces-
                        sary to the establishment of policy and
                        determination of adherence thereto.

                   (5)  The Council shall make periodic reports,
                        at least semi-annually, to the Board of
                        Regents, faculty, students and alumni of
                        the University concerning the status of
                        the athletic situation and its conformity
                        to general University policy.

                   (6)  The Council shall adopt Bylaws governing
                        its procedures.

           3.  (a)  That the University of Nevada adopt the
                    Pacific Coast Conference Rules, effective
                    for new students July 1, 1950 and for old
                    students July 1, 1951, with the following

                    Chapter 9, Section 9.02 - No varsity football
                    games between membership institutions shall
                    be played later than the 2nd Saturday after
                    the last Thursday in November of each year.

                    Chapter 10, Section 10.02 - No full time
                    Coach shall receive any bonus from his insti-

               (b)  That the University of Nevada apply for mem-
                    bership in the National Collegiate Athletic
                    Association as soon as possible.

           4.  Financial Aid to Athletes

               (a)  That raising of funds for grants-in-aid and
                    employment compensation for athletes be
                    delegated to the Alumni Association of the

               (b)  That funds for grants-in-aid and employment
                    compensation to athletes be administered by
                    the University of Nevada through the Comp-
                    troller's office.

           5.  Character of Athletic Program

               (a)  In view of present contractual obligations
                    for coaching staff and intercollegiate foot-
                    ball games, it is recommended that no change
                    be made in the scale of athletic program for
                    the year 1950-51.

               (b)  The scale and nature of the future athletic
                    program shall be determined by the proposed
                    University Athletic Policy Council.

               (c)  That the University of Nevada join or form a
                    conference for its own protection.

           6.  It is finally recommended that the subcommittee on
               Athletic Policy be continued as an advisory body
               to the proposed University Athletic Policy Council
               during the remainder of the current semester.

     Dr. Inwood then presented the amendments as passed by the
     University faculty at its meeting on April 12, 1950 as

         D.1.(b)  was amended to read:  "A Faculty Eligibility
         Committee of not less than 5 members be set up."  (This
         change was deemed desirable to put this Committee on the
         same status as other University standing committees with
         respect to method of appointment and responsibility.)

         D.1.(c)  Effective June 1, 1950 no student on probation
         shall represent the University in extra-curricular
         activities, intercollegiate athletics included with the
         exception that in this latter case this restriction will
         apply to presently enrolled students beginning June 1,
         1951.  (This change of date from July 1 in each case
         was deemed desirable in order to cover students enrolled
         in Summer Session.)

     In addition to the above-mentioned adopted amendments there
     is stated hereunder a suggested amendment, not approved by
     the University faculty, but submitted as a possibly general-
     ly more acceptable substitute for:

         B.  Duties

             (1)  The Council shall recommend general University
                  policy with regard to intercollegiate and
                  intramural athletics.  Such a policy shall sup-
                  port the educational objectives of the Univer-
                  sity and its good standing with other Univer-
                  sities and the people of the State of Nevada.

             (2)  Recommendations concerning adherence to estab-
                  lished University policies and regulations may
                  be made directly to the agencies concerned.

     In keeping with this suggested wording a further change
     would be necessary as follows:

           5.  (b)  The scale and nature of the future athletic
                    program shall be recommended by the proposed
                    University Athletic Council.

     (b)  Mr. George Southworth, representing the Boosters, read
          his report which stated that the Boosters are willing
          to devote their time, effort and personal funds to the
          continuation of the athletic program under the follow-
          ing conditions:

           1.  That the University write off the $45,000 indebt-

           2.  That the University grant immediate financial
               assistance to carry out the remainder of this
               year's program.

           3.  That substantial assistance be given in the future
               from the University to carry on the program.

           4.  Complete cooperation from the faculty and student
               body of the University.

          Upon question, Mr. Southworth estimated that approxi-
          mately $50,000 to $60,000 would be needed annually to
          carry on the athletic program as it is now set up, and
          that the Boosters could raise about 1/2 of that amount
          with the help of the alumni groups.

     (c)  Mr. Harry Frost reported for the Board of Athletic
          Control and presented the following resolutions as
          adopted by the BAC at its meeting on April 13, 1950:


           1.  That the practice of allowing athletes on scholas-
               tic probation to participate in intercollegiate
               athletics be continued in accordance with the
               Pacific Coast Conference Rules and interpretations
               on probation.

           2.  That the Board of Athletic Control opposes the
               creation of the proposed University Athletic
               Policy Council in that it duplicates efforts of
               the present Board of Athletic Control.  Further
               recommends that the Board of Athletic Control's
               composition and duties of its members be changed
               and improved after further study.

           3.  That the Board of Athletic Control, realizing that
               more than one group is concerned with intercol-
               legiate athletics, requests the Board of Regents
               withhold final decision on these proposed changes
               until all groups have had a fair chance to care-
               fully study the changes and make their respective

          He stated emphatically that if the BAC is not to have
          control and operational power in all its phases, the
          BAC should be dissolved.

     (d)  Mr. Paul Reimer, Student Body President, reported for
          the student body.  His report stated that:

           1.  The student body is in accord with the faculty

           2.  The student body accepts the faculty report as the
               most complete and authoritative investigation on
               the athletic situation to date, and, therefore,
               considers it a fair basis for discussion.

           3.  Acceptance and complete accord with items (a) and
               (b) under Eligibility recommendations of faculty

           4.  Recommendation that item (c) under heading "Eli-
               gibility" be changed to read that a student on
               probation can represent the University in extra-
               curricular activities.

           5.  Concerning recommendation #2 of the faculty report
               the Student Senate has a variable opinion, and
               feels that it must be understood that this is but
               one alternative with others still under considera-

           6.  Acceptance and compete accord with item 3 (a) and

           7.  Acceptance of item 4, provided there be an addi-
               tion to B to read that funds for grants-in-aid and
               employment compensation to athletes be adminis-
               tered by the University of Nevada through the
               Comptroller's office upon recommendation of the
               recipient by the Director of Athletics.  The
               Senate wholeheartedly endorses a fund raising and
               athletic scholarship system of this type feeling
               that its merits and possibilities for success with
               good alumni organization are excellent and its
               basis sound.

           8.  Acceptance of item 5 (a) and (b) with aforemen-
               tioned stipulations on policy committee.

           9.  Rejection of item 5 (c) on the grounds that con-
               ference membership must be determined by the
               conference considered.

          10.  The Senate agrees that present obligations neces-
               sitate continuation of our athletic program on its
               present scale.  As to future programs, student
               opinion seems to favor no enlargement but a con-
               tinuation of the present scale of athletics on a
               sound financial basis.

    (e)  Mr. Gene Mastroianni, Graduate Manager, said that he was
         in accord with the recommendations of the Boosters, the
         Board of Athletic Control and the Student Senate.  He
         urged early decision by the Board of Regents so that
         his Department might plan accordingly.  He discussed the
         following points:

          1.  Backed up the Student Senate's recommendation con-
              cerning the probation rule.

          2.  Backed up the Board of Athletic's stand on the
              formation of an Athletic Council.

          3.  Students generally are satisfied with the present
              intramural program; feels that the division of
              authority at present is satisfactory.  He saw no
              reason, therefore, for the Head of the Physical
              Education Department to be on the proposed Council
              unless State funds are to be used to support ath-

          4.  No one person or group should have control of the
              athletic program in its entirety, since different
              sports have different problems.  He felt that the
              students should have more representation, and the
              Regents final decisions.

     (f)  Mr. Walter States, President of the Alumni Association,
          stated, for the Association, that:

           1.  They have no objection to the Committee of five
               members but felt that all members should be ap-
               pointed by the President.

           2.  They are definitely opposed to part 3 of the
               faculty recommendations concerning eligibility.

           3.  The Council was approved in an advisory capacity
               only, and, later was disapproved, entirely.

           4.  Favor the Alumni Association taking over the fund
               raising, working with the Boosters.

           5.  Recommends to the Board of Regents that they in-
               crease the membership of the Board of Athletic
               Control.  Definite recommendation concerning this
               matter will be submitted to the Board of Regents.

     (g)  Coach Sheeketsi endorsed the statements of Mr. Frost
          and Mr. Mastroianni.  He submitted letter copies from
          other schools concerning eligibility and participation
          in athletics which had been received by the faculty
          committee and stated that he did not put much stock in
          that phase of the investigation.  He voiced objection
          to the proposed eligibility relation and pointed to
          the Stanford ruling as being desirable.  This ruling
          permits any student allowed to remain on Campus to
          participate in all student activities on an equal

     Chairman Ross asked Deans Wood and Palmer, and Dr. Wittwer
     if they wished to add anything to the reports, and all de-
     clined.  Dean Griffin was called upon and gave a resume of
     the effect on public relations of recent news releases con-
     cerning our athletic matters.

     Mr. Ross called upon Mr. Peter Burke, member of the Legis-
     lative Counsel Bureau, for comment.  He pointed out that
     gambling is a legal industry in this State, and that money
     derived from taxes includes gambling taxes.

     Mr. Sheeketski then arose to say that no individual in the
     State of Nevada had ever contacted him to ask what the out-
     come of a certain football game would be.  He asked that
     the records of the meeting contain his statement, "There
     have been less conversations along that line than any other
     place I have ever been.  This is an honest statement."

Mr. Ross thanked everyone who contributed to the meeting.

The Board recessed at 12:15 noon for luncheon in the University
Dining Hall.

The Chairman called the meeting to order in the President's of-
fice at 2:45 P.M.  All Regents and the President were present.
Present also were Mr. Springmeyer, Mr. Gene Mc Kenna of the Sage-
brush, reporters Armstrong, Burns, Bennyhoff, Olsen and Irish.

Motion of Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that the Board go out
of the regular order of business and consider the athletic sit-
uation at this time.

     Mr. Ross opened the discussion, which centered around the
     reports heard in the morning session.

     Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that no further
     credit for board, room and fees be extended to students on
     athletic scholarships.

     Amendment carried by unanimous vote that the provision be
     made effective April 22, 1950.

     Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that the Board of
     Regents favors a more lenient ruling than that proposed by
     the faculty committee on the participating of students on
     probation in extra-curricular activities, following the
     lines of the letter from Stanford University, as follows:

         A student on scholastic probation is entitled to
         participate in extra-curricular activities including
         intercollegiate athletics.  If a student is allowed
         to stay in the institution, he is allowed to partici-
         pate in the activities of the institution.

     Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that the Regents
     hold in abeyance a decision concerning the forming of an
     Athletic Council, as recommended by the faculty, until such
     time as a study can be made by a committee to be appointed
     by the Regents; and that, in the meantime, the Board of Ath-
     letic Control continue to operate in its present capacity.

     Motion by Mr. Sheerin carried unanimously that the Regents
     suggest that the various groups which appeared before them
     at the morning session, get together for the purpose of
     working out a program on which they might all be agreed,
     and that further, the members of the Board of Regents want
     it to be known that they would be cooperative and sympa-
     thetic with any program which they might suggest.

 8)  Budgets

     The preparation of Dining, Hospital and Dormitory budgets
     for the next biennium was discussed briefly.  It was the
     sense of the meeting that capital charges plus maintenance
     and repair of the permanent plant should be budgeted.  All
     other items should be considered as operating costs and
     should be charged against current income.

 9)  University Calendar was presented for academic year 1950-51
     as recommended by the Administrative Council and approved
     by the general faculty.

     Motion by Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that the calendar
     be adopted, as presented.

At 3:10 P.M. reporters Mc Kenna, Bennyhoff, Olsen and Irish left
the meeting.

10)  Administrative Council recommendations were presented by
     the President as follows:

     (a)  Evaluation Fee

          A fee of $3 (non-returnable) be charged for evaluation
          of transcripts for undergraduate transfer students.

     (b)  Tenure

          For purposes of clarity, paragraph 2 of provisions
          concerning tenure, as adopted by the Board of Regents
          on January 24, 1948 and amended on May 26, 1948 be
          changed to read as follows:

          2)  Assistant Professors are appointed and reappointed
              annually without tenure for the first 3 years;
              upon completion of 3 years' service in this grade
              and reappointment in the same or higher rank, their
              employment shall continue under tenure.

     (c)  Grade Changes

          That regulations on changing a passing grade (6., pg.
          94, 1949 catalogue) and removing a failture (9., pg.
          94, 1949 catalogue), be changed to read as follows:

           6.  Changing a Grade.  After the class records have
               been filed with the Registrar, a grade may be
               changed only to correct a clerical error.  Cor-
               rections of clerical errors in grade shall be
               submitted in writing to the Registrar by the In-
               structor concerned after approval by the Chair-
               man of the Department and the Dean of the College.

          10.  Repeating a Failed Course

               a.  Required Courses.  Any required course which
                   has been failed must be repeated in class as
                   soon as the course is repeated in the Univer-
                   sity program; such a course takes precedence
                   over all others in the student's program.
                   Failures, therefore, cannot be made up by
                   correspondence or by extension and can be
                   made up in other institutions only in special
                   cases approved in writing by the Chairman of
                   the Department and the Dean of the College

     (d)  Correspondence and Extension Courses

          (1)  Students, while enrolled in a semester or Summer
               Session, shall not be permitted to enroll in or
               to pursue a course by correspondence or extension
               that is offered as a regular classroom course.
               Exceptions to this regulation may be granted by
               the Administrative Council only upon petition of
               the student stating the reasons why he must have
               the course in question at that time and why he
               cannot take it in regular class; such petition
               must be submitted to the Dean of the College
               concerned before presentation to the Administra-
               tive Council.  As respects new enrollments in
               correspondence and extension courses this regula-
               tion takes effect upon approval.

          (2)  The responsibility of directing the correspondence
               and extension work be transferred to the Director
               of the Summer Sessions but that no extra compensa-
               tion and no reduction in teaching load be allowed
               for this service.

     (e)  Restricted Freshmen

          The catalogue statement on restricted Freshmen be ap-
          proved to read as follows:

               Restricted Freshmen.  A restricted Freshman is
               defined as a high school graduate who presents
               15 acceptable units, but who is deficient in no
               more than 2 of the required units as specified
               below under Specific Subject Requirements.

     Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that the above
     recommendations (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e) be approved.
     In putting his motion, Mr. Arentz stated that he did so
     in the case of item (d) (2) with the understanding that
     the Administration will recognize the importance of
     strengthening and encouraging the development of all
     three activities.

11)  Heating Plant

     Mr. Arentz reported on his work with the Heating Plant
     situation, and, while not ready to turn in a final report,
     he made the following recommendations concerning provisions
     of Chapter 301, Statutes of Nevada 1949.

     a)  That the Regents hold in abeyance action on installation
         of boilers, etc. as provided in section 1.

     b)  That no action be taken at this time towards carrying
         out provisions of section 2 (1).

     c)  That no action be taken at this time towards carrying
         out provisions of section 2 (2).

     d)  That the Regents go ahead with provisions of section 2
         (3) and 2 (4) with the $30,000 provided in section 5;
         that the President be authorized to make arrangements
         for starting the work, and that the work be done on the
         basis of finishing one project and then commencing

     Mr. Arentz pointed out that the items in his recommendation
     (d) can be carried out without first deciding what type of
     plant will eventually be constructed.

     Motion by Mr. Hilliard carried unanimously that the above
     recommendations a, b, c and d be approved.

12)  Gifts

     a)  American Telephone and Telegraph - As part of the Col-
         lege gift program of the American Telephone and Tele-
         graph Company, the University of Nevada has received
         the following equipment for use of the Electrical
         Engineering Department:

             One Collins Autotune Drive Unit
             Two Step Selector Switches

     b)  W. C. T. U. Price of $100 is to be awarded at Commence-
         ment to Miss Alice Arentz.

     Motion by Mr. Cahlan passed unanimously that these gifts be
     accepted and acknowledged.

     c)  Whitehair Prize - Mr. Francis P. Whitehair, the father
         of one of our graduating Seniors, has offered a total of
         $200 for two prizes for essays on the subject "Woman's
         Place in Politics and Government".  The competition will
         be open to all undergraduate students regularly enrolled
         in the University.  Winners will be announced at the
         coming Commencement.

         This gift has been acknowledged and accepted.

     d)  Oddie Books - 18 books from Senator Oddie's library have
         been received by the Mackay School of Mines for its

         Motion by Mr. Hilliard carried unanimously that they be
         accepted and acknowledged.

     e)  Damon Runyon Cancer Foundation grant of $5000 for a
         cancer research project was announced.  After corre-
         spondence and telephone conversation with the Secretary,
         an understanding has been reached, and the University
         assured that it can carry on helpful research for the

         Motion by Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that the gift
         be accepted and acknowledged.

13)  Puffinbarger Resignation

     Colonel Parker reported that Mr. Puffinbarger has submitted
     his resignation on February 21, 1950 to be effective within
     one week.

     Motion by Mr. Hilliard carried unanimously that the resig-
     nation of Professor Puffinbarger be accepted, effective
     March 1, 1950.

14)  Advisory Committee Mackay School of Mines

     Colonel Parker reported that he had made thorough study of
     the Hardy report and had conferred with Mr. Hardy, Dean
     Palmer and others regarding it, and was in accord with
     most of the recommendations contained in the report.

     Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that, until such
     time as the Board of Regents have opportunity to go into
     the report thoroughly, the Administration be directed to
     take no action toward carrying out the recommendations of
     the report.

15)  Personnel Recommendations

     College of Arts and Science

     a)  That Dr. Frederick M. Lash be appointed as Lecturer in
         Education at $350 per month for the months of March,
         April, May and June, 1950 in the place of Professor
         Puffinbarger, resigned.

         Motion by Mr. Cahlan carried unanimously that the above
         appointment be ratified.

     b)  That the following members of the faculty be granted
         tenure at the end of the present College year.  These
         faculty members are completing their 3rd year as
         Assistant Professors and each has been recommended by
         the Chairman of the Department concerned.

             Dr. Alex Dandini      - Dept. of Foreign Languages
             Dr. Jay Hansen        - Dept. of Physics
             Miss Ruth Russell     - Dept. of Physical Education
             Mr. J. Craig Sheppard - Dept. of Art

         No action required.


     c)  That Miss Mary Rotter, R. N., be employed as Head Nurse
         in the Infirmary for the Summer Sessions 1950 at a sal-
         ary of $230 per month plus meals and laundry of uni-
         forms, which is the salary she is receiving now.

     d)  That Mrs. J. B. Lynch be employed as Assistant to the
         Head Nurse in the Infirmary for the Summer Sessions 1950
         at a salary of $150 per month plus meals and laundry of
         uniforms, which is the salary she is receiving now.

     Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that the above
     recommendations (c) and (d) be approved.

     College of Agriculture

     e)  That Mr. Willard F. Williams be appointed as Assistant
         Professor of Agricultural Economics at $350 per month
         for the 10 months of the academic year 1950-51.

         Motion by Mr. Hilliard that the above recommendation
         be approved lost with Regents Sheerin and Hilliard
         voting "aye" and with Regents Arentz and Ross voting

16)  Assistant Professor Robert Z. Tate

     At 4:15 P.M. Dean Wood came into the meeting to explain the
     action and recommendation of the College of Arts and Science
     with regard to tenure of Assistant Professor Tate.

     Dean Wood pointed out that this is the last year that Mr.
     Tate can serve without being on tenure, and that he is not
     willing to recommend tenure.  He further stated that he had
     gathered together all 15 Department Chairmen to consider
     Mr. Tate's case, and has taken a secret ballot as to whether
     or not his appointment should be terminated.  The ballot was
     unanimous for terminating his appointment.  The Faculty
     Advisory Council had also considered Mr. Tate's situation
     and filed a report that he has no case.

     Motion by Mr. Arentz carried that the Regents reaffirm the
     decision of the Administration that Mr. Tate's employment
     be ended with the current school year, with Regents Sheerin,
     Arentz and Ross voting "aye" and with Regent Hilliard not

During the above hearing Mr. Cahlan left to catch a 6:30 train.

The meeting adjourned at 7:10 P.M. until the regular meeting in
June unless a special meeting is called by the Chairman.