UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
April 15-16, 1915

Volume OD - Pages 600-601

                         Reno, Nevada
                        April 15, 1915

The Board of Regents met at their Office in Morrill Hall at 11
A.M. April 15, 1915 to consider the bids submitted for repairs
and improvements on the President's residence.

Present:  Regents Codd, O'Brien, Pratt, Sullivan
          President Hendrick
          C. H. Gorman, Acting Secretary

Absent:   Regent Henderson
          Secretary George H. Taylor

The following bids were received for consideration:

    1.  Clock & Shea                $5640   for all work
    2.  W. G. Mc Ginty               5238   for all work
    3.  Savage Heating Co.           1125   for plumbing only
    4.  C. G. Sellman Con. Co.       4950   for all work
    5.  Rousch & Belz                6354   for all work

It was moved by Regent Pratt, seconded by Regent Sullivan, that
the meeting adjourn until 2 P.M., at which time the bids would
be considered.  Carried.

The adjourned meeting of the Board of Regents convened at 2 P.M.,
April 15, 1915, present as above, absent as above.

The various bids opened in the morning meeting were given sepa-
rate consideration, and it was the sense of the meeting that
President Hendrick be authorized to have the architect come to
Reno to go over the bids and that a contract be drawn up set-
ting forth conditions in accordance with the plans and specifi-
cations and that the contract be let to the lowest bidder.

The meeting adjourned subject to the call of the Chairman.

Subsequently the Executive Committee met and rejected all the

                             Charles B. Henderson

C. H. Gorman
Acting Secretary