UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
April 14-15, 1954

Volume 7 - Page 30

                    UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA
                       REGENTS MEETING
                       April 14, 1954

Regents Ross, Grant and Hardy met in special session on Wednesday
April 14, 1954 with President Stout and William R. Wood, Dean of
Statewide Development Program.  Regents Lombardi and Crumley were
out of the City.

Paving Claim

    President Stout presented the claim for street paving and in-
    stalling curbs and gutters on Alameda Avenue between Seventh
    Street and Ninth Street, abutting on University property.
    Claim in the amount of $6909.72 was filed in accordance with
    Assembly Bill No. 63 passed at the 1953 Session of the State
    Legislature for which funds were appropriated in the above
    amount.  The work having now been completed, payment is being
    requested by the City of Reno.

    Motion by Mr. Grant carried unanimously that the claim be
    approved and submitted for payment.

Lowell Daniels Estate

    Residence located in Tonopah, Nevada, belonging to the Lowell
    Daniels Estate was appraised at $2500 (see minutes of special
    meeting of March 18, 1954) but offer was made to the Univer-
    sity in the amount of $2400 cash.

    Motion by Mr. Grant carried unanimously that the offer be

Wayne Adams

    President Stout reported the death of Wayne B. Adams, Com-
    missioner of Food and Drugs, Weights and Measures, Petroleum
    Products Inspection, on April 13, 1954.

    Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the salary of
    Mr. Adams be paid in full for month of April, plus pay for
    vacation due Mr. Adams amounting to one month's salary.

Las Vegas Program

    President Stout and Dean Wood discussed possible future de-
    velopments of the University program in Southern Nevada and
    the need for land if expansion is to take place.  Dean Wood
    explained the procedure for securing land, if available,
    from the Government, and also reported that land might be
    available in the Henderson, Nevada area.

    Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the President
    be authorized to request the Governor to make application
    on behalf of the University of Nevada that Federal lands
    in Townships 21 and 22 South, Range 62 East, be set aside,
    appropriated, or reserved for the sole use of the University
    of Nevada as deemed necessary and desirable in establishing
    a Southern Nevada Branch or Division of the University.