UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
April 11-12, 1959

Volume 8 - Pages 96-120

April 11, 1959

The Board of Regents met in the University building on the Las
Vegas Campus on Saturday, April 11, 1959. Present: Regents
Anderson, Arnold, Broadbent, Crumley, Elwell, Germain, Lombardi,
Tyson; Comptroller Hayden, Academic Vice President Wood, Engi-
neer Rogers and President Armstrong. Mr. Laxalt reported the
meeting. Dean Carlson was present as an observer. Mr. John
Bonner represented the office of the Attorney General. Regent
Grant was traveling in Europe.

The meeting was called to order at 9:15 A.M. by Vice Chairman

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the meeting of March 7, 1959 were approved
upon motion by Mr. Crumley, seconded by Mr. Arnold, and
unanimous vote.

2. Intercollegiate Boxing

Mr. Arnold commented favorably on the very fine way in
which the University of Nevada Athletic staff, and especial-
ly Mr. Broten, handled the National Intercollegiate Boxing
Tournament recently held on the Campus. The other members
of the Board agreed, and the Secretary was instructed to
send a note to Mr. Broten and the members of his staff
commending them on behalf of the Regents.

3. Comptroller's Claims

Comptroller Hayden presented the following claims and Pres-
ident Armstrong recommended approval:

Regents Checks, numbers 89-196 to 89-236 inclusive for
a total of $410,383.56 for March.

State Claims, numbers 89-151 to 89-164 inclusive for a
total of $247,090.82 for March.

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Crumley, carried
unanimously that the claims be approved.

4. Gifts

Gifts which had been received by the University were pre-
sented by the President for acceptance as follows:


From General Electric Company - $25 to match the contri-
bution of E. R. Uhlig under the General Electric Cor-
porate Alumnus Program.

From the Nevada State Medical Association - compli-
mentary copies, monthly, of the Rocky Mountain Medical
Journal, beginning with the April 1959 issue, for the
Orvis School of Nursing.

From Cecil W. Creel, Reno - 50 bound volumes and ac-
companying index of United States Department of Agri-
culture Farmers' Bulletins, No. 1 through 1650, cover-
ing the period from 1889 to 1932, for the College of
Agriculture Library.

From the Southern Nevada Section of the Woman's Auxili-
ary of the American Institute of Mining Engineers - $50
for the purchase of professional mining and metallurgi-
cal books for the Nevada Southern Regional Division


From the Estate of Alma Holshaw - $1500 to be credited
to the Harry Holmshaw Scholarship Fund.

From the Max C. Fleischmann Foundation of Nevada -
$30,000 for Agricultural and Home Economics scholarships
for the 2 years, 1959-1960 and 1960-1961.

From the Colonial Hotel Company, Reno - $60 to be cred-
ited to the C. E. Clough Scholarship in Engineering.

Raymond I. Smith, Reno - $3600 to be credited to the
Harold's Club Scholarship Fund.

From R. Herz & Brothers, Reno - $50 to be credited to
the C. O. Herz Scholarship Fund.

From Mr. and Mrs. Ted Griss, Las Vegas - $300 to cover
the Ted and Agnes Griss Scholarship in Biological Sci-
ences at the Nevada Southern Regional Division.

The following proposal by the New China Club was pre-
sented by President Armstrong, with his recommendation
that it be accepted.

The New China Club Scholarships over the 4 year period
for 1 Negro girl and 1 Negro boy, subject to the follow-
ing conditions:

(1) The Club would provide the sum of $1000 annually
for each child, to help defray their expenses while
at the University.

(2) The Club would deposit the sum of $2000 annually
with the Comptroller of the University for him to
disburse to the students as he saw fit, the first
such annual payment to be made by the Club follow-
ing acceptance of this proposal by the Board of
Regents, and subsequent annual payments to be made
during the Summer of each year until a total of
$8000 shall have been paid (providing the students
enjoying the scholarship have remained on the Uni-
versity roster the full 4 years with sufficient
grades to graduate at the end of the 4th year).

(3) The scholarship will be in force only if the stu-
dent in the first 3 years satisfies the Univer-
sity's scholastic requirements as to grades, and
will be paid for the 4th year only if the student
has sufficient grades to become a Senior and so
graduate at the end of that year.

(4) Selection of the students shall be Statewide in

(5) Negro students may qualify from any Nevada high
school on recommendation of their principal. The
principal should at the time of his recommendation
state the student named is in his opinion worthy
of a scholarship and likely to remain the 4 years
and to graduate.

(6) The recommendation of the high school principal
shall be sent to a committee of 4 persons, which
it is suggested shall be composed of:

The Superintendent of Schools of Washoe County
The Superintendent of Schools of Clark County
A representative of the University of Nevada
A representative of the New China Club

Each recommendation shall be considered by the com-
mittee on its merits and the students with the best
scholastic records shall be finally chosen.

The above committee will not be obliged to meet in
Reno or Las Vegas, but members of it shall communi-
cate their nominations and opinions by mail.

(7) If in any year no Negro students in the opinion of
the committee qualify, the scholarship shall be
continued until such time as a Negro student does

(8) This scholarship offer by the New China Club is in
the nature of a trial; but if, as we hope, the re-
sults are satisfactory, the New China Club will
expect to offer 2 more scholarships on the same
terms when the first 2 run out.

(9) I would like these first scholarships to begin with
the Fall semester of 1959 so notification should be
sent to all State high school superintendents and
principals before Commencement this June.

Motion by Mr. Broadbent, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried
unanimously that the gifts and the New China Club scholar-
ships be accepted and that the Secretary write a note of
thanks to each donor.

5. Travis Estate

President Armstrong reported that, in accord with action of
the Board at the last meeting, he had asked the Attorney
General for an opinion concerning the possibility of obtain-
ing further matching funds in conjunction with the further
bequest coming to the University under the Travis Trust
Estate #2. The Attorney General replied as follows:

A careful reading of Chapter 298 of the 1953 Statutes
leads me to the conclusion that it was the intention of
the Legislature in authorizing the issuance of the said
bonds, that the proceeds therefrom, together with sums
received from the Travis Estate, were to be used for the
initial construction of the Jot Travis Student Union

An extension of Section 11 of Chapter 298 reveals that
all unexpended and unobligated balances remaining in
either of the 2 funds provided by the Act should be paid
over to the consolidated bond interest and redemption
fund of the State of Nevada "Upon completion and final
acceptance of said building and payment therefor."

As I understand it, there is no requirement at this time
that the State match the sum of approximately $225,000
that will be received from the Travis Trust Estate No.
2. If I am in error in this regard, the University
should seek legislation along the lines of Chapter 298,
1953 Statutes, to provide matching funds.

6. HHFA Loan Agreement

President Armstrong read the proposed Loan Agreement for
Project No. Nev. 26-CH-1(DS), Contract No. H-602-608, and
the Resolution Approving Loan Agreement, as supplied by the
Housing and Home Finance Agency. President Armstrong rec-
ommended approval, which would provide student and faculty
housing, a dining hall, and a men's dormitory at the Uni-
versity of Nevada.

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Germain, carried
unanimously that the Loan Agreement and the Resolution
Approving Loan Agreement be approved.

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried
unanimously that the Vice Chairman be authorized to sign
the Loan Agreement and the Resolution, in the absence of
the Chairman.

7. University Investments

President Armstrong discussed the veto by the Governor of
the Senate Bill designed to give the University greater
freedom in the investment of endowment funds. The veto was
based on the Attorney General's ruling that the University
already has broader powers in this regard than had been
realized. The President suggested that the Regents con-
sider the appointment of a Committee on Investments. Vari-
ous types of committees were discussed, with the resulting
agreement that advice on the setting up of such a committee
was needed.

Motion by Mr. Crumley, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried
unanimously that the Vice Chairman of the Board name a
committee to serve as an advisory committee on invest-
ments, to contact individuals they believe best qualified
to serve on a Committee on Investments, and to set up the

8. Request for Junior College in Ely

President Armstrong read a letter from Mr. Jack W. Bay in
which he stated that at the last session of the Legislature
he introduced a bill for planning and designing a Junior
College to be located in Ely. The bill did not pass, and
he now requests an expression from the Board of Regents of
the University as to their viewpoint on the matter. Dr.
Wood reported on present plans for expanding the educational
facilities of the University in the Ely area, and said that
further programs will be worked out and offered if there is
sufficient interest and demand.

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Mr. Crumley, carried
unanimously that the Regents go on record as approving an
increased educational program for the Ely area under the
Statewide Development Program of the University, and that
Mr. Bay be so informed.

9. Building Program

At 10 A.M. Mr. Bissell, Mr. Miller and Mr. Isbell of the
State Planning Board came into the meeting to discuss the
building program of the University and recent legislation
concerning it.

(a) Sewer, Las Vegas - President Armstrong read a letter
dated March 26, 1959 addressed to him from Mr. Bissell
advising that the State Planning Board wishes to make
it clear that they have advocated continuously that a
proper sewer line be provided from the Campus to a
connection with the Sanitation District #1 System, and
that the Planning Board will continue its effort to
this end. Mr. Germain reported for Mr. Harmon that
all arrangements have been made to start work on the
sewer line. The estimated date for getting the sewer
into operation was June 1. Mr. Bissell reported on a
letter from Mr. White of the State Health Department
asking that if sewer facilities are not to be available
to the Campus by August 15, other arrangements be made.

Motion by Mr. Broadbent, seconded by Dr. Anderson,
carried unanimously that the date, August 15, be moved
to June 15, in view of Summer Session, after which the
Planning Board would be requested to put in another
septic tank as a temporary measure.

(b) Legislative Building Program - President Armstrong
reported. The Legislature appropriated a total of
$4,009,889 for new buildings and other capital improve-
ments, including $2,679,000 for a new Library on the
Reno Campus, $550,000 for a 3rd building on the Las
Vegas Campus for Health and Physical Education,
$172,250 for a Farm Mechanics facility on the Reno
Campus, and $130,000 for new Greenhouse on the Reno
Campus. The Library building, the Farm Mechanics
building and the 3rd building for Las Vegas were ap-
propriated over and above the original request. For
building repairs, structural corrections, utility ex-
tension, land acquisition and landscaping on both
Campuses, the Legislature appropriated a total of
$314,827. Planning funds for other projected build-
ings were appropriated as follows: Central Heating
Plant, Reno Campus, $18,612; Engineering-Mines build-
ing, Reno Campus, $118.800; Science and Technology
building, Las Vegas Campus, $26,400; for a total of

(c) Architects - Mr. Bissell reported that the State Plan-
ning Board plans to meet on May 1 and at that meeting
the architects will be selected for all the building
projects authorized by the Legislature. He explained
the usual procedure for selection of architects. The
President proposed that, in the interest of time, the
architect who has prepared the preliminary drawing upon
which the original estimate was based, be employed as
the architect for that particular building project.

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried
unanimously that the State Planning Board be requested
to continue the architects, Miller and Associates, for
the Health and Physical Education building on the Las
Vegas Campus, in view of the preliminary work which
they have done on the project.

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Germain, car-
ried unanimously that the State Planning Board be re-
quested to retain Edward Parsons as architect for the
Greenhouse in view of the fact that he had previously
worked on that particular project.

Mr. Isbell offered to make a telephone canvass of the
selection of architects Miller and Parsons.

(d) Land Acquisition - Money for acquiring land north of
the new Fine Arts building was granted by the Legisla-
ture, and because of great need for more room to expand
it was agreed that acquisition of this land is an ur-
gent and immediate need of the University.

Motion by Mr. Broadbent, seconded by Mr. Arnold, car-
ried unanimously that the State Planning Board be re-
quested to proceed as rapidly as possible to acquire
this land for the Reno Campus.

(e) Other Building Projects - Motion by Mr. Arnold, second-
ed by Mr. Broadbent, carried unanimously that the Re-
gents go on record as requesting the State Planning
Board to proceed as rapidly as possible with the other
building projects authorized by the Legislature; and
that the Building Committee of the Regents meet with
the State Planning Board to select architects and to
proceed with their employment.

(f) Science Addition - Mr. Rogers discussed utilization of
the $10,000 appropriated 2 years ago for pre-planning
of the Science building addition on the Reno Campus,
construction of which is dependent upon (1) completion
of the new Engineering building, and (2) relocation of
the Heating Plant, so that proper space will be avail-
able for the Science expansion to the Fleischmann Agri-
cultural building.

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried
unanimously that the Regents go on record as favoring
the procedure outlined by Mr. Rogers regarding the
Science addition and request the State Planning Board
to select an architect for pre-planning of the Science
facility as soon as possible.

(g) Cornerstone Ceremony - Las Vegas - President Armstrong
reported on plans for laying the cornerstone for the
Educational building on the Las Vegas Campus, which
will take place at 1 P.M. on Sunday, April 26, with
the Grand Lodge of Masons in charge.

(h) Earthquake and Fire Hazard - Dr. Wood reported on
damage to Morrill Hall and Stewart Hall as a result
of the recent earthquake. Mr. Rogers then called
attention to the letter of March 4, 1958 sent to the
Board of Regents by the State Planning Board upon the
advice of the Attorney General, notifying the Univer-
sity that Stewart Hall (and the old Agricultural build-
ing) were unsafe and that they would be used only at
the responsibility of the Board of Regents. The old
Agricultural building was not damaged in the recent
earthquake but Stewart Hall received considerable
damage. Mr. Rogers declared Stewart Hall unsafe in
regard to fire as well as to earthquake because of
the center stairway. The danger to life from the con-
tinued use of the building, and the liability of the
Regents, in view of the above mentioned letter, were
discussed at length.

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Tyson, carried
unanimously that Stewart Hall be closed immediately.

Mr. Rogers discussed the unsafe condition of other
buildings on the Campus, from the standpoint of earth-
quake and/or fire. He also discussed the need for in-
stalling a booster pump to get enough pressure on the
Campus to fight fire on the upper stories of University

Motion by Mr. Tyson, seconded by Mr. Germain, carried
unanimously that the Building Committee of the Regents,
with the State Planning Board, and Mr. Rogers, study
these buildings, mentioned by Mr. Rogers, in regard
to safety, namely, Morrill Hall, old Gymnasium, Nevada
Bureau of Mines, Electrical Engineering building, Shop
building and Boiler Plant, and the old Agricultural
building, and the center stairways in the Education
building and the Library building.

Mr. Rogers discussed the Mackay School of Mines build-
ing, money for remodeling of which had been appropri-
ated by the Legislature to be used by the State Plan-
ning Board to make the building safe from earthquake
and fire.

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried
unanimously that the Administration proceed with the
pump project, and place the Mackay School of Mines
building at the top of the priority list.

Closing of Stewart Hall was further discussed. Dr.
Wood called attention to the already crowded condition
of the classroom buildings on the Campus, the inconven-
ience of placing classes in quarters not suitable, and
the increased danger from overcrowding. The Regents
discussed again the letter of March 4, 1958 and their

Motion by Mr. Elwell, seconded by Dr. Anderson, to
rescind the action of the Board closing Stewart Hall
immediately, lost by a vote of 6 to 2.

Mr. Rogers pointed out that the University did not
receive an appropriation for Stewart Hall replacement,
requested in 1957, and there is no money for remodel-
ing or replacing the building.

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried
unanimously that, in view of the recent earthquake and
the damage to Stewart Hall, the President be authorized
to go to the Governor with a request for an appropria-
tion from the Revolving Emergency Fund of the State to
replace Stewart Hall.

10. Health, Physical Education and Athletic Department

Dr. Broten and Mr. Lawlor were present to participate in the
discussion of this item.

(a) Reorganization - President Armstrong read a letter from
Dean Irwin which had been approved by Dr. Wood recom-
mending that the Department of Health, Physical Educa-
tion and Athletics be changed to the Department of
Health, Physical Education and Recreation, and reorgan-
ized to include 6 sections in the following major

1. Men's Physical Education Section
2. Women's Physical Education Section
3. Health Education Section
4. Recreation Education Section
5. Intra-Mural Athletics (Men and Women)
6. Intercollegiate Athletics

Mr. Broten elaborated on plans for developing the
Department under the proposed set-up. President Arm-
strong recommended approval.

(b) Director of Intercollegiate Athletics - President
Armstrong presented the recommendation that Glenn J.
Lawlor be given the title of Director of Intercollegi-
ate Athletics under the organization proposed in sec-
tion (a) above, and that he be employed on a 12-month
basis. The President so recommended.

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried
unanimously that the Department be renamed and reorgan-
ized as recommended, and that Glenn J. Lawlor be named
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics.

Mr. Lawlor thanked the Regents and spoke briefly on his
new assignment and the reorganization of the Depart-

(c) President Armstrong presented the recommendation, with
his approval, that Richard M. Trachok be appointed
Assistant Professor of Health, Physical Education and
Recreation and that he be given the assignment of Head
Football Coach, supplemental coaching and teaching
duties in Physical Education, at a salary of $8500 for
the year 1959-60 on a 12-month basis (replacement for
Mr. Mc Eachron, who will not return this Fall).

(d) President Armstrong presented the recommendation, with
his approval, that the new position authorized in the
Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation
with the rank of Assistant Professor be assigned to
include the duties of Assistant Football Coach, other
coaching duties, and classes in Physical Education; and
that Floyd Edsall be appointed to that position at a
salary of $6200 for the academic year 1959-60.

(e) President Armstrong presented the recommendation, with
his approval, that Hugh Smithwick be granted an exten-
sion of his leave of absence for the year 1959-60 in
order that he might continue his work toward the doc-
torate degree, and that Michael Drakulich be reappoint-
ed Assistant Professor of Health, Physical Education
and Athletics at the Nevada Southern Regional Division
at a salary of $6600 for the academic year 1959-60.

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Crumley, carried
unanimously that the above recommendations (c), (d) and
(e) be approved.

Motion by Mr. Tyson, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried unani-
mously that a liaison committee of the Regents be appointed
for Intercollegiate Athletics, similar to those already
appointed for Colleges, Schools and other areas of the

Vice Chairman Lombardi appointed Regents Tyson, Crumley and
himself, with Regent Germain to assist with the Nevada
Southern Regional Division.

11. Personnel Recommendations

(a) President Armstrong presented the following personnel
recommendations, and recommended that they be approved:


Restoration of status, as follows:

Restoration to professional status of James E.
Hunter, effective as of July 1, 1957 (the date of
the previous change from professional to technical
status) with title and rank established as Junior
Animal Husbandman, Rank 1; this title and rank
will be terminal until such time as he has ful-
filled the advanced student and other requirements,
as set forth in the criteria for promotion to 2nd
rank in the Personnel Policy and Procedure docu-

Resignation as follows:

W. G. Stucky as Associate Director of Agricultural
Extension Service, effective March 31, 1959, in
order that he might accept a position with the
Agricultural Adjustment Center, Ames, Iowa.

James F. Kidwell as Associate Professor of Animal
Husbandry and Associate Animal Geneticist, effec-
tive March 7, 1959, for personal reasons.

Waneta A. Wittler as Extension Home Agent Leader,
effective April 15, 1959, for personal reasons.

Change in status as follows:

Mary Stanley from Assistant Home Demonstration
Agent, Clark County, to Home Demonstration Agent,
Lyon County, effective April 15, 1959, at a salary
rate of $5810 per year based on 12 months service.

Appointments as follows:

William E. Bunnett as Assistant Agricultural Agent
for Lyon County at a salary rate of $5250 based on
12 months service, effective April 13, 1959 (re-
placement for Emory Marshall, resigned).

Frederick Kurpjuweit as Assistant Agricultural
Agent for Elko County at a salary rate of $6400
based on 12 months service, effective April 15,
1959 (replacement for L. Clair Christensen, trans-


Resignation of Donald G. Cooney, Secretary-Treasur-
er, and appointment of K. C. Kemp.


Robert W. Dean as Assistant Professor of Music at
a salary of $6600 for the academic year 1959-60
(replacement for Dr. Freeburne, who will not return
in the Fall).

Myron G. Ochshorn as Instructor in English at a
salary of $5800 for the academic year 1959-60 (re-
placement for Dolores Barracano, who will not re-
turn in the Fall).

Robert G. Breene as Research Associate in Physics
at a stipend of $1 for the period April 13, 1959
to June 30, 1959, and $1 for the year 1959-60.


Appointments as follows:

Mary Frances Frazier as Technical Assistant in the
office of the Evening Division, Off-Campus and
Correspondence Programs, effective February 26,
1959, at a salary of $4200 per year based on 12
months service (replacement for Helen Lovestedt,

Appointments in the Evening Division, Spring semester
1959, as follows: (in Reno unless otherwise indicated)

Bernard Anderson, Lecturer in Speech - $225
Carl W. Backman, Lecturer in Sociology - $225
Bernard R. Baker, Lecturer in Chemistry - $450
B. Blain Bradford, Lecturer in Mathematics - $250
Russell L. Chimento, Lecturer in Chemistry - $250
Richard Dana, Lecturer in Psychology - $375
Willard Day, Lecturer in Psychology - $375
Don Driggs, Lecturer in Political Science - $375
Lloyd A. Drury, Lecturer in Elementary Education -
Kathryn Duffy, Lecturer in Real Estate - $337.50
Russell R. Elliott, Lecturer in Political Science -
Frederick G. Freeburne, Lecturer in Music - $175
Eli Grubic, Lecturer in Business Administration -
William H. Halberstadt, Lecturer in Philosophy -
James C. Hayes, Lecturer in Psychology - $337.50
George Herman, Lecturer in English - $337.50
Jack E. Hull, Lecturer in Business Administration -
Samuel Jacobs, Lecturer in Psychology - $375 (Elko)
Lawton B. Kline, Lecturer in Foreign Languages -
Ira La Rivers, Lecturer in Zoology - $412.50
Stanley Lyon, Lecturer in Accounting - $450
Robert Mc Queen, Lecturer in Psychology - $337.50
Donald Marbel, Lecturer in Animal Husbandry -
William C. Miller, Lecturer in Speech - $225
Zada Iona Mowrer, Lecturer in Physical Education -
Burton Newbry, Lecturer in English - $412.50
Chauncey W. Oakley, Lecturer in Mathematics - $225
Stuart Pearce, Lecturer in Accounting - $500 (Elko)
Donald Potter, Lecturer in Education - $375
Marjorie Ann Price, Lecturer in Physical Education
- $112.50
Calvin Reed, Lecturer in Elementary Education -
James Roberts, Lecturer in Political Science -
Dale M. Robison, Lecturer in Accounting - $500
Robert Roelofs, Lecturer in Philosophy - $337.50
William E. Schultz, Lecturer in Business Admin-
istration - $225
Paul Secord, Lecturer in Psychology - $225
Gerald Shelby, Lecturer in Secondary Education -
$375 (Ely)
Gerald Silberman, Lecturer in Mathematics - $337.50
Dorothy Terry, Lecturer in Techniques of Tailoring
- $337.50
Murray Tripp, Lecturer in History - $375 (Ely)
Jackson Trippy, Lecturer in Education - $375
T. Thomas Tucker, Lecturer in School Administration
- $337.50
Edward Vietti, Lecturer in Specialized Program,
Legal Secretaries - $225
Roy De Verl Willey, Lecturer in Elementary Educa-
tion - $337.50
Clair D. Woodward, Lecturer in Music - $250 (Elko)


Appointment as follows:

Hazel Grubbs as Lecturer in Education at a salary
of $7000 for the academic year 1959-60 (re-
placement for Miss Cobbley, who is on a tempo-
rary assignment for the current school year

Appointment of Supervising Teachers for the Spring
semester 1959, as follows:

Jo Anne Avansino, Central Junior High $150
Winnie Black, Jessie Beck School 150
Grace Bordewich, Carson High School 75
Elizabeth Boyce, Anderson School 150
Valerie Bowen, Peavine School 150
Angela De Nevi, Billinghurst Junior High 75
Norma Gimlin, Sparks High School 75
Lola Gordon, Libby Booth School 150
Anita Grabowski, Sparks Intermediate School 150
Robert Graham, Carson High School 75
John Iacovelli, Reno High School 75
Lawrence Jenkins, E. Otis Vaughn School 75
Elinor Jensen, Central Junior High 150
Wallace Kurtz, Sparks High School 75
Helen Leonard, Sparks High School 150
Sallie Long, Greenbrae School 150
Evelyn Mantle, Sparks High School *
Joanne Menu, Reno High School 75
Marian Nason, Sparks High School 75
Robert Paille, Principal, Veterans Memorial 90
Carl Robinson, Sparks High School 75
Robert Rodseth, Veterans Memorial School 150
George Smith, Central Junior High 75
Inez Smith, Sparks High School 75
George Tavernia, Sparks High School 150
Marion Trabert, Billinghurst Junior High 75
Velva Trulove, Sparks High School *
Bertha Wagner, Anderson School 150
Fred Whited, Sparks High School 75


Appointments for the 1959 Summer Sessions as follows:

John Carroll, Visiting Lecturer in Education,
Main Session - $1200
Robert Woolworth Dean, Visiting Lecturer in Music,
Main Session - $900 (cancelled)
Melvin H. Dunn, Visiting Lecturer in Education,
Main Session - $900
Jane Harris, Visiting Lecturer in Physical Educa-
tion, Main Session - $300
Samuel B. Kermoian, Visiting Lecturer in Education,
Main Session - $1000
Chauncey W. Oakley, Lecturer in Mathematics, Main
Session - $900
Jessie L. Puckett, Visiting Lecturer in Physical
Education, Main Session - $350
Robert T. Roelofs, Associate Professor of Philoso-
phy, Main and Post Sessions - $1400
Edward M. Vietti, Associate Professor of Business
Administration, First Session - $350
Helen Wells, Associate Professor of Home Economics,
Main Session - $700
Edward W. Yates, Associate Professor of Art, Main
Session - $1050
George Barnes, Director of the National Science
Foundation Institute and Associate Professor
of Physics - $1600
Maurice Demers, Associate Professor of Mathematics,
National Science Foundation Institute - $400
Kenneth C. Kemp, Assistant Professor of Chemistry,
National Science Foundation Institute - $600
S. W. Leifson, Professor of Physics, National Sci-
ence Foundation Institute - $600
Gerald S. Silberman, Lecturer in Mathematics,
National Science Foundation Institute - $400
Loring R. Williams, Professor of Chemistry, Na-
tional Science Foundation Institute - $600


Resignation as follows:

Carl M. Horn as Superintendent of Buildings and
Grounds, effective July 1, 1959, in order that he
might accept State retirement.


Appointment as follows:

Jacob S. Orleans as Professor of Psychology at the
Southern Regional Division at a salary of $8800 for
the academic year 1959-60 (increasing a part-time
to a full-time position).

Appointment in the 1959 Summer Session, as follows:

Gloria Cline as Lecturer in History - $900 plus $40
transportation allowance.

Appointment of Supervising Teachers for the Spring 1959
semesters as follows:

Robert C. Anderson, Rancho High School $ 50
E. Fred Bailey, Las Vegas High School 50
Ella C. Carruth, Las Vegas High School 100
Arthur F. Coombs, Las Vegas High School 50
H. E. Hollingsworth, Rancho High School 50
Jay Jeffers, Twin Lakes School 30
Dale L. Reese, Rancho High School 50
Robert E. Seaman, Las Vegas High School 50
Elaine Swaffar, Rancho High School 50
La Mar Terry, Twin Lakes School 150

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Crumley, carried
unanimously that the above personnel recommendations be

(b) Promotions - President Armstrong presented the follow-
ing recommendations for promotion and recommended that
they be approved:

Lauren Brink, Nevada Southern Regional Division,
from Associate Professor to Professor
G. A. Broten, Physical Education, from Associate
Professor to Professor
Russell R. Elliott, History and Political Science,
from Associate Professor to Professor
E. Richard Larson, Geology, from Associate Profes-
sor to Professor
J. Craig Sheppard, Art, from Associate Professor
to Professor
John Winston, Metallurgy, from Associate Professor
to Professor
John S. Wright, Nevada Southern Regional Division,
from Associate Professor to Professor
Herbert A. Derfelt, Nevada Southern Regional Divi-
sion, from Assistant Professor to Associate
Malcolm Graham, Nevada Southern Regional Division,
from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor
Glen J. Lawlor, Physical Education, from Assistant
Professor to Associate Professor
Richard G. Orcutt, Civil Engineering, from Assist-
ant Professor to Associate Professor
James S. Roberts, History and Political Science,
from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor
Fred Ryser Jr., Biology, from Assistant Professor
to Associate Professor
Robert N. Tompson, Mathematics, from Assistant Pro-
fessor to Associate Professor
Howard J. Weeth, Animal Husbandry, from Assistant
Professor to Associate Professor
Mabel L. Hartley, Agriculture Economics, from
Assistant Agriculture Economist (Rank 1) to
Assistant Agriculture Economist (Rank 2)
Robert J. Laughter, Physical Education, from In-
structor to Assistant Professor
Harold Vincent, Mining Analytical Bureau, from
Assistant Junior Chemist (Rank 1) to Assistant
Junior Chemist (Rank 2)
Le Grand Walker, Animal Husbandry, from Instructor
and Assistant Animal Husbandman to Assistant
Professor and Assistant Animal Husbandman

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Broadbent, car-
ried unanimously that the promotions be approved.

(c) L. E. Dunn - President Armstrong called on Dr. Wood to
discuss the appeal of Dr. Dunn for promotion to full
Professor. Dr. Wood recommended that the Regents not
uphold the recommendation of the Faculty Appeals Com-
mittee, but that they do uphold the recommendation of
those to whom Dr. Dunn is directly responsible in the
College of Agriculture, which is that he not be promot-
ed at this time. Dr. Wood explained that careful re-
view of the minutes of the Faculty Appeals Committee
hearing showed that Dr. Dunn could be promoted only
on the grounds of years of service, because his work
performance in no area was of such caliber as to war-
rant the rank of Professor. President Armstrong rec-
ommended that the appeal of Dr. Dunn for promotion be

Motion by Mr. Tyson, seconded by Mr. Crumley, carried
unanimously that the appeal of Dr. Dunn for promotion
be denied.

(d) Salary Recommendations - President Armstrong presented
the salary recommendations for the faculty and staff
for the coming year, as follows, and recommended ap-

Ann Sal Ann Sal
1958-59 1959-60
Office of the President

Charles J. Armstrong President 17,500
Alice Terry Secty to Pres. 7,400 7,700
and Regents
Dorothea Walker Sr. Clerk Steno 3,360 3,554
Unfilled Sr. Clerk Typist 3,072 3,339


P. W. Hayden Comptroller 14,500 15,000
*Henry Hattori Chief Acct. 6,771 7,404
John Muratet Accountant 5,304 5,568
Mary Moulton Admin. Asst. 5,568 5,568
Elaine Nenzel Pr. Acct. Clerk 4,404 4,622
Suzanne Bowers Pr. Acct. Clerk 4,386 4,603
Ruth Wise Account Clerk 3,470 3,638
Connie Rovetti Sr. Clerk Typist 3,583 3,750
Jane Abbott Sr. Clerk Typist 3,390 3,430
Patricia Paszek Pr. Acct. Clerk 4,386 4,603
**Peter Test Sr. Accountant 5,157 5,414
New Buyer 5,304



Robert Laxalt Publ. Editor 9,200 9,700
Beryl Anderson Tech. Assistant 4,600 4,800
New Clerk Steno 3,036

Central Services

Dorothy Smith Sr. Clerk Typist 3,972 3,972
Alice Bowers Clerk Typist 2,982 3,108


Sr. PBX Operator Sr. PBX Operator 3,339
PBX Operator 2,892


New Director 8,400
New Tab. Mach. Oper. 4,188

*Change from Pr. to Chief Accountant
**Change from Accountant to Sr. Accountant


Academic Vice President

William R. Wood Prof., Academic 16,000 16,500
Vice Pres., Dean
of Statewide Serv.
Mary Clarke Tech. Asst. in 4,400 5,000
Alice B. White Admin. Asst. 5,480 5,568
*Franchion Davis Sr. Clerk Typist 3,536 4,020

Statewide Services

Lloyd A. Drury (New) Assc. Prof. Dir. 8,700 9,200
Eve. Div. Off-
Campus & Corr.
Mary Frazier Tech. Asst. in 4,200 4,400
Eve. Div. Off-
Campus & Corr.
New Sr. Clerk Steno 3,498
J. P. Kelly (on leave Assc. Prof. & Dir. 9,000
**for 58-59) Audio-Vis. Com.
Sarah M. Grabel Sr. Clerk Typist 3,437 3,582

Library, Reno

James J. Hill Director 10,800 10,800
Ruth H. Donovan Ref. Libn. & 7,000 7,300
Asst. Prof.
Edith J. Holmes Order Libn. 6,500 6,500
Herman R. Storm Cata. Libn. 6,500 6,750
La Mar R. Smith Loan Libn. 6,500 6,750
Gail B. Shields Asst. Cata. Libn. 5,650 5,850
Mary A. Zadra Mines Libn. 6,500 6,750
Helen J. Poulton Ag. Libn. & Asst. 7,000 7,300
Martha W. Brooks Order Assistant 3,450 4,400
Margaret T. Frazier Loan Assistant 3,600 4,000
Ruth A. Cutten Binding Asst. 3,450 4,000
Naoma M. Hainey Cata. Libn. 3,300 4,000
O. Patricia Tissier Ref. Assistant 3,300 4,000
New Asst. Loan Libn. 5,600
New Asst. Ref. Libn. 6,000
New Serials Libn. 6,000
New Agri. Asst. Tech. 4,000
New Sr. Clerk Steno 3,498
New Cata. Sr. Clerk- 3,339
New Order Sr. Clerk- 3,339

*Recommended promotion to Principal Clerk-Typist, ef-
fective 7/1/59
**Rank contingent upon receiving Doctor's Degree



Clarence E. Byrd Reg. & Dir. of 9,725 10,000
Virginia Parmenter Princ. Clk. Steno 4,812 5,052
Ann Figlar Sr. Clerk Steno 4,164 4,368
Lucille Gardiner Sr. Clerk Typist 3,248 3,554
Irene Cessna Sr. Clerk Typist 2,994 3,404
Elinor Wilt Clerk Typist 3,084 3,222
Lorna Loshbaugh Clerk Typist 2,994 3,132
Evelyn Beeson Clerk Typist 2,892 3,000
Eileen Clem Clerk Typist 2,856 2,940
Bette Williams Clerk Typist 3,024 3,170
New Sr. Clerk Typist 3,339


James Rogers Unv. Engineer 9,000 10,000
Brian Whalen Asst. Unv. Eng. 6,000 6,500
Donald Olyphant Arch. Draftsman 5,348 5,568
Billie Birnbaum Pr. Clerk Typist 4,100 4,164
Dixie Lamb Sr. Clerk Typist 3,352 3,450
... Supt. B & G 7,404 6,132
Herbert Preuss Nurseryman 5,304 5,304
John Rosasco Grnds. Foreman 5,304 5,304
Louis Chase Maint. Plumber 5,304 5,304
Frank Gallagher Maint. Carpenter 5,304 5,304
Stanley Davis Maint. Mechanic 4,812 5,052
W. G. Platt Nurseryman 4,812 5,052
M. L. Moyer Watchman 3,972 3,972
Glenn Mackey Watchman 3,972 3,972
... Bldg. Supt. 5,199 5,052
Ross Vroman Maint. Painter 4,622 4,812
Claude Matthews Sta. Engineman 5,052 5,052
T. E. Mullen Sta. Engineman 4,812 4,812
Louie Rood Sta. Engineman 4,812 4,812
John Wood Sta. Engineman 4,232 4,368
... Janitor 3,792 3,300
Virginia Burke Janitress 3,792 3,792
P. Devendenzi Janitress 3,792 3,792
James Robbins (Doerre) Janitor 3,792 3,300
Louis Didousia Janitor 3,972 3,972
Ethel King Janitress 3,972 3,972
John Fletcher Janitor 3,972 3,972
Ethel Fletcher Janitress 3,972 3,972
Grace Mc Kesson Janitress 3,792 3,792
Winfield Aregood Janitor 3,417 3,456
Ellen Kerr Janitress 3,792 3,792
Otis Marke Janitor 3,972 3,972
Daisy Mc Kenzie Janitress 3,792 3,792
Andrew Kajans Janitor 3,972 3,972
Nora Moulton Janitress 3,792 3,792
Ed Knieke Janitor 3,972 3,972
Henry Peck Janitor 3,972 3,972
Mary Steneri Janitress 3,792 3,792
Lloyd Saylors Janitor 3,144 3,300
Maud Wilson Janitress 3,972 3,972
Violet Callahan Janitress 3,972 3,972
Ann Mattice Janitress 3,267* 3,300
Joseph Boyar Janitor 3,313 3,456
Phyllis Sensibaugh Janitress 3,417 3,456
Melvin Bell Janitor 3,222 3,300
... Janitress 3,300 3,300
Devan Steinwinder Janitor 3,222 3,300
... Janitor 3,222 3,300
Milton Hunt Janitor 3,196 3,300
William Middleton Patrolman 5,241 5,568
Leonard Bonk Patrolman 4,872 5,052
... Groundsman 3,972 2,475
Carl Damm Groundsman 3,972 3,972
M. L. Lovelien Groundsman 3,972 3,972
Henry Tietje Groundsman 3,365 3,456
John Rayl Groundsman 3,972 3,972
Roy Schooley Groundsman 3,972 3,972
Geo. Gensibaugh Groundsman 3,972 3,972
... Groundsman 3,972 3,300
Jack Biglieri Groundsman 3,512 3,624
... Groundsman 2,964 2,475
Henry Pankoke Groundsman 3,470 3,624
Farris Thompson Groundsman 3,498 3,624
... Groundsman 2,507* 2,507*
Dan Mathus (Seasonal) Groundsman 2,507* 3,456
... Bldg. Custodian 3,498 3,624
Myrtle Franklin Janitress 3,972 3,972
Sophia Hill Janitress 3,972 3,972
Alfred Mattice Janitor 3,378 3,456
Henry Mc Gough Janitor 3,792 3,972
New Maint. Painter 4,164
New Maint. Carpenter 4,164
New Maint. Plumber 4,164
New Maint. Electrician 4,164
Irregular Help 6,418*

*Plus 50 cents

Las Vegas Buildings & Grounds

Horton Stone Bldg. Supt. 5,868 6,132
Collins Billings Janitor 3,365 3,456
New Janitor 3,183
New Sr. Custodian 4,020


Sam M. Basta Dean & Asst. 10,700 11,100
Replacement Head Counsel. & 7,400 8,600
Asst. Professor
Marjorie Baldwin Pr. Clerk Steno 4,068 4,140
Maurine Inama Sr. Clerk Steno 3,540 3,603
B. Mc Naught Counselor 6,500 6,750
Robert Kersey Dr. Stu. Serv. 7,400 7,920
Elaine Mobley Dean & Asst. 10,500 10,900
Replacement (Adm. Asst.)Sr. Clerk Steno 5,568 3,498
New Couns. & Dir. Stu. 7,200
Employment Serv.



James E. Adams Dean 14,800 15,600
Charles E. Fleming Assc. Dir. Exp. 12,700 12,700
Eldon E. Wittwer Assc. Dir. R. I. 12,100 12,300
... Assc. Dir. Ext. 11,950 12,200
Marie Grossholz Ext. Adm. Asst. 5,568 5,568
Eva Sheckler Exp. Pr. Acct. 4,812 5,052
Martha Kuhles Sr. Clerk Steno 3,697 3,732
Elsie Upson Sr. Clerk Steno 4,164 4,164
Edna Champagne Sr. Clerk Steno 4,164 4,164
Amy Hyatt Account Clerk 3,456 3,610
*Charlotte Baker Sr. Clerk Steno 1,986 2,026
Mary Ellen Cox Sr. Clerk Steno 3,792 3,867

*1/2 time

Agricultural Economics

Charles Seufferle Assc. Professor 9,200 9,600
Edward Bartmettler Asst. Prof. Ag. 7,500 7,800
Glenn Fulcher Asst. Professor 7,800 8,100
George Myles Asst. Ag. Econ. 6,600 6,900
Mabel Hartley Asst. Professor 6,400 6,600
Karen Godsey Sr. Clerk Steno 3,456 3,456

Agricultural Education & Mechanics

Louis Titus Professor 9,400 9,400
Howard Christensen Asst. Prof. 7,950 8,200
*Dorothy Bossieux Sr. Clerk Typist 1,440 1,805

*1/2 time

Agricultural Chemistry

Walter Dye Research Chem. 10,560 10,860
Clifton Blincoe Asst. Res. Chem. 8,000 8,450

Agronomy & Range Management

Joseph Robertson Professor 10,800 11,600
Otto Schulz Agronomist 9,715 10,115
Ray Peterson Asst. Agron. 7,900 8,100
Howard Cords Assc. Prof. 8,200 8,635
Floyd Kinsinger Asst. Prof. 7,900 8,100
Henry Kilpatrick Asst. Conserv. 8,100 8,500
Edwin Jensen Asst. Prof. 8,100 8,555
Gayland Robinson Asst. Agron. 6,615 6,615
Harris Hale Research Asst. 4,400 4,500
Robert Madsen Research Tech. 5,080 5,080
Robert Ferraro Research Asst. 4,800 4,800
... Research Asst. 1,000 1,100
Stewart Lewis Research Asst. 3,700 3,900
Paul Tueller Gr. Res. Asst. 2,400 2,400
Jacqualine Webb Sr. Clerk Steno 3,624 3,792

Animal Husbandry

Daniel Cassard Assc. Professor 11,088 11,088
... Assc. Professor 9,400 9,000
Verle Bohman Assc. Professor 9,200 9,500
Howard Weeth Assc. Professor 7,995 8,200
Wm. C. Behrens Asst. Ani. Hubs. 7,400 7,800
Henry Melendy Animal Husbandry 7,200 7,392
Clark Torell Animal Husbandry 7,200 7,392
Le Grand Walker Asst. Professor 7,100 7,200
James Hunter Jr. Herdsman 6,830 7,000
Charles Singleton Asst. Research 3,800 3,800
Charles Burke Grad. Research 2,400 2,520
... Asst. Research 3,200 3,300
... Jr. Herdsman 4,450 4,450
Doreen Staricka Sr. Clerk Steno 3,456 3,582
Lorrell Mc Laughlin Sr. Clerk Steno 1,770 1,770
... Farmer 3,864 4,632
John Duffy (1/2 time) Farm Hand 3,324 1,812
Charles Reese Utility Worker 3,972 4,632
Loren Haverland ... 3,600 3,800
Marvin Wade ... 6,300 6,450
Tony Lesperance ... 2,300 2,520
Joe Stein Asst. Ani. Husb. 8,100 8,500

Soils & Plant Nutrition

L. E. Dunn Assc. Professor 9,300 9,550
... Asst. Professor 7,520 7,300
V. E. Spencer Research Chem. 9,100 9,100
R. E. Reading Research Asst. 4,400 4,500
Leslie Thran Research Asst. 3,940 4,100
... Sr. Clerk Steno 3,792 3,495

Veterinary Science

Kenneth Kuttler Assc. Vet. 9,200 9,500
Donald Marble Asst. Vet. 8,150 8,500
Fred Oliva Asst. Research 4,550 4,750
Oliver Hansen Lab Assistant 4,400 4,500

Farm Services

William Goodale Superintendent 7,900 8,100
Joseph Lash Research Asst. 4,555 4,700
David Devore Research Asst. 4,305 4,450

Newlands Field Station

John Mc Cormick Superintendent 9,844 10,144
Talbert Carpenter Research Asst. 4,400 4,500
Alexander Milne Research Asst. 4,000 4,100
Harold Wood Research Asst. 4,050 4,150
... Clerk 2,400 2,400

Home Economics

Marilyn Horn Assc. Director 11,100 11,500
Patricia Tripple Assc. Professor 9,100 9,500
Helen Wells Assc. Professor 8,200 8,400
Mary Cornwell Asst. Professor 7,000 7,300
Dorothy Brownfield Asst. Professor 7,800 8,000
... Student Asst. 1,272 1,272
Wanda Hansen Sr. Clerk Steno 3,972 4,068
E. White Asst. Professor 6,600 6,800

Agricultural Information

B. A. Peterson Ext. Editor 8,900 9,144
Jerry Robinson Specialist 6,000 6,200
... Specialist 6,000 6,500
Ellen Santina Clerk Typist 2,928 2,986
Marjorie Willott Sr. Clerk Steno 3,694 3,867

State Extension Staff

... Agent-at-Large 8,900 8,900
... Home. Agent Ldr. 9,150 9,000
Raymond C. Cox 4-H Leader 8,590 9,000
Robert Lauderdale Asst. Entomolgst. 8,100 8,400
... Home Econ. Spec. 7,500 7,000
... (Summer) Camp Supervisor 1,680 1,780
Ruth Dunn Sr. Clerk Steno 3,972 4,164
Hazel Christensen Sr. Clerk Steno 3,596 3,736

Agricultural Agents

Marke Menke Agr. Agent 10,100 10,300
Louis Gardella Agr. Agent 9,750 10,000
Ferren Bunker Agr. Agent 8,200 8,700
T. Joseph Snyder Agr. Agent 8,050 8,200
Fred Batchelder Agr. Agent 8,150 8,550
L. Clair Christensen Agr. Agent 6,700 7,000
Charles York Agr. Agent 8,050 8,450
J. Kirk Day Agr. Agent 7,800 8,200
... Agr. Agent 7,600 6,800
Grover Roberts Agr. Agent 7,450 7,550
Irving Hackett Agr. Agent 6,050 6,500

Assistant Agricultural Agents

William F. Hoff Asst. Agr. Agent 6,860 7,000
... Asst. Agr. Agent 6,500 6,400
... Asst. Agr. Agent 6,400 6,500
James I. Lee Asst. Agr. Agent 5,810 6,000
... Asst. Agr. Agent 5,350 5,350
Harry Tavenner Asst. Agr. Agent 6,000 6,400
Don S. York Asst. Agr. Agent 5,810 6,000
A. Z. Joy Asst. Agr. Agent 5,760 6,000
Rollie Weaver Asst. Agr. Agent 6,020 6,400

Home Agents

Gertrude Hayes Home Agent 8,050 7,621
Virginia Twitty Home Agent 7,392 7,700
Clara Schofield Home Agent 5,450 5,650
Agnes Sorenson Home Agent 6,130 6,130
Georgia Wheeler Home Agent 6,020 6,200
Geroline Coleman Home Agent 5,700 5,900
Rose Goss Home Agent 6,100 6,300
Mary Stanley Home Agent 5,810 6,000
Jean Johnson Home Agent 5,350 5,650
New Asst. Agr. Agent 3,646 6,250
(Temp. Ind. Serv.)
... Asst. Hort. 8,000
... Student Asst. 1,200
(Nursery School)
... Ext. Prod. Econ. 6,500
Unfilled Home Agent 5,600 5,400



Ralph Irwin Dean & Prof. 13,000 13,700
Mena Porta Pr. Clerk Steno 4,020 4,164
Barbara Salmon Clerk Steno 3,170 3,326
... Clerk Steno 3,126 3,036


Craig Sheppard Assc. Professor 7,850 8,800
Edward Yates Assc. Professor 6,900 7,400
Robert Hartman Asst. Professor 5,900 6,160


Ira La Rivers Assc. Professor 9,400 10,000
... Asst. Professor 7,175 7,200
Lowell Jones Asst. Professor 6,800 7,350
Donald Cooney Assc. Professor 6,700 7,200
Fred Ryser Asst. Professor 6,500 8,250


Robert Pierotti Instructor 5,200 5,500
M. W. Deming Professor 10,450 11,100
Loring Williams Professor 9,900 10,600
Robert Morris Assc. Professor 8,100 8,560
H. Jerome Seim Assc. Professor 7,200 7,650
Kenneth Kemp Asst. Professor 5,770 6,160
Bernard Baker Instructor 5,400 5,770
Robert Moyers Lab. & Str. Room 4,800 5,000
... Grad. Assistant 1,500 1,800
... Grad. Assistant 1,500 1,800
... Stud. Assistant 800 1,000


Paul Eldridge Professor 10,250 11,100
Charlton Laird Professor 10,000 10,900
Robert Hume Professor 9,250 9,900
Robert Gorrell Professor 8,800 9,350
Myron Ochshorn Asst. Professor 5,200 5,800
John Morrison Assc. Professor 7,400 7,900
Carolyn French Instructor 5,200 5,500
Rodney Connor Instructor 5,200 5,500
Hernando Woods Asst. Professor 6,250 6,600
Theodore Grieder Asst. Professor 5,600 5,970
George Herman Instructor 5,400 5,970

Foreign Languages

John Gottardi Professor 9,400 9,900
C. F. Melz Professor 8,800 9,350
Alex Dandini Professor 8,800 9,350
Lawton Kline Assc. Professor 6,700 7,200
George Mc Murray Asst. Professor 5,770 6,160

Health, Physical Education & Athletics

J. E. Martie Professor 10,000 10,000
G. A. Broten Assc. Professor 10,100 10,800
Glenn Lawlor Asst. Professor 8,670 10,600
Ruth Russell Assc. Professor 8,100 8,600
... Asst. Professor 7,600 8,500
C. M. Scranton Assc. Professor 7,430 7,750
Richard Dankworth Asst. Professor 5,780 6,300
Z. Iona Mowrer Asst. Professor 6,300 6,600
Marjorie Price Asst. Professor 5,770 6,160
Barbara Jane Lane Instructor 5,450 5,770
Chelton Leonard Ski Coach 1,500 1,700
Robert Laughter Instructor 5,250 5,770
James Olivas Boxing Coach 1,600 1,800
... Grad. Assistant 1,200 1,800
... Grad. Assistant 1,200 1,800
Eleanor Hiibacka Sr. Clerk Typist 3,470 3,638

History & Political Science

... Asst. Professor 10,000 6,000
Harry Chase Asst. Professor 5,950 6,300
Austin Hutcheson Professor 8,800 9,350
Russell Elliott Assc. Professor 7,600 8,800
W. S. Shepperson Assc. Professor 6,970 7,600
James Roberts Assc. Professor 6,300 6,850
Don Driggs Asst. Professor 5,950 6,200


A. L. Higginbotham Professor 11,500 12,400
Keiste Janulis Asst. Professor 7,500 8,100
... Lecturers 2,600 800


Maurice Beesley Professor 9,250 9,800
Robert Tompson Asst. Professor 7,000 7,400
Chauncey Oakley Lecturer 6,000 6,300
Maurice Demers Assc. Professor 7,330 7,800
John Rowland Instructor 5,500 5,770
Gerald Silberman Lecturer 6,250 6,600
... P/T Lecturers 1,400 1,200


Leamon Jarman Asst. Mil. P. 600 600


William Keith Macy Assc. Professor 7,630 8,330
... Assc. Professor 7,570 6,500
Felton Hickman Asst. Professor 6,650 6,850
Robert Perry Instructor 5,500 5,770


Robert Roelofs Assc. Professor 7,400 7,900
William Halberstadt Asst. Professor 5,770 6,160


S. W. Leifson Professor 11,500 12,400
R. E. Worley Professor 8,800 9,350
T. V. Frazier Assc. Professor 7,600 8,100
... Asst. Professor 6,300 7,200
... Grad. Assistant 1,800 1,800
C. E. Shepherd Lecturer 975 1,100
George Barnes Assc. Professor 7,600 10,000
Thomas Duffy Instrument Man 5,260 5,460

Psychology, Sociology & Anthropology

Paul Secord Assc. Professor 8,150 8,650
Carl Backman Asst. Professor 6,750 7,150
Robert Mc Queen Asst. Professor 6,400 6,750
Willard Day Asst. Professor 6,200 6,500
Mary Sellers Instructor 6,030 6,350
W. A. S. Smith Asst. Professor 6,200 6,500
Richard Dana Asst. Professor 6,600 6,850

Speech & Drama

Robert Griffin Professor 10,550 11,350
William Miller Professor 8,800 9,350
... Asst. Professor 6,100 6,600
B. A. Anderson Assc. Professor 7,200 7,650

New Positions

Mathematics Asst. Professor 6,600
Journalism Asst. Professor 6,200
Art Asst. Professor 6,400
Health, P. E. & Educ. Head Bskbl. Coach 7,200
& Athletics
Health, P. E. & Educ. Trainer, Asst. Ftbl. 5,500
& Athletics Coach & P. E. Educ.
Political Science Asst. Professor 5,800
Foreign Languages Inst. or Asst. Prof. 5,700
Philosophy Inst. or Asst. Prof. 5,770
Music Asst. Professor 6,500
Biology (Zoology) Asst. Professor 5,900
Speech Asst. Professor 6,000
Biology Grad. Assistant 1,800
Biology Grad. Assistant 1,800
Physics Grad. Asst. (replace 1,800
Dr. Barnes, P/T)
Physics Grad. Assistant 1,800
Political Science Grad. Assistant 1,800
Political Science Grad. Assistant 1,800
English Grad. Assistant 1,800
English Grad. Assistant 1,800
Departmental Clerk Steno 2,520
Departmental Clerk Steno 2,520
Departmental Clerk Steno 2,520
Equip. Tech. Athletics 4,800
Chemistry Grad. Assistant 1,800
Clerk Steno 2,520
Physics Grad. Assistant 1,800
Mathematics Grad. Assistant 1,800



Robert C. Weems, Jr. Dean & Prof. 13,625 14,200
James M. Hoyt Asst. Professor 6,650 7,040
Sidney J. Claunch Asst. Professor 6,400 6,900
Benjamin Wofford Prof. of Econ. 9,800 11,000
Alden J. Plumley Assc. Professor 7,250 7,900
Kathryn Duffey Asst. Professor 6,650 7,050
Edward Vietti Assc. Professor 7,200 7,650
Stephen Barres Assc. Professor 7,500 7,900
Charles P. Woods Asst. Professor 6,000 6,300
Hilary Sax Lecturer 7,600 7,850
Willem Houwink Assc. Professor 7,350 7,900
Martin Greene Asst. Professor 5,780 6,000
Charles T. Moore Asst. Director 7,800 8,100
Elizabeth Claypoole Research Asst. 4,400 4,600
Laurel Arata Sr. Clerk Steno 3,498 3,498

New Positions

Marketing Professor 8,800
Economics Asst. Professor 7,000
Business Administration Asst. Professor 6,600
... Pr. Clerk Steno 4,020


Garold D. Holstine Dean & Prof. 14,500 15,000
Harold N. Brown Professor 11,500 12,300
R. De Verl Willey Professor 11,500 12,000
T. Thomas Tucker Professor 10,560 11,300
Burton C. Newbry Assc. Professor 9,520 10,000
Calvin H. Reed Assc. Professor 7,800 8,400
Robert Birchfield Asst. Prof.(Lec.) 6,500 6,900
Don Potter Asst. Prof. 6,900 7,150
Jackson X. Trippy Asst. Prof.(Lec.) 6,800 7,000
Supervising Teachers 16,000 16,500
Hazel Grubbs Lecturer 6,900 7,000
... (Asst. Prof.) (4,500)
Clara Farnsworth Admin. Asst. 5,012 5,262
Wanda Di Nardo Sr. Clerk Steno 3,792 3,972
Blanche Maston Clerk Steno 3,126 3,261
New Grad. Assistant 1,800



H. B. Blodgett Dean & Prof. 12,800 13,500
Carol Strom Pr. Clerk Steno 3,603 4,020

Engineering Shops

J. T. Ryan Instr. Supt. 6,600 7,050

Civil Engineering

John A. Bonell Professor 9,200 9,850
Charles R. Breese Asst. Professor 6,850 7,350
Richard G. Orcutt Assc. Professor 6,850 7,400
Edward O. Pfrang Asst. Professor 6,500 7,000
New Asst. Professor 6,700
Unfilled Grad. Assistant 2,000 1,800

Electrical Engineering

I. J. Sandorf Professor 10,300 10,900
Henry Domingos Asst. Professor 6,220 6,720
*Eugene Menke Asst. Professor 7,160 7,160
Graham Higgins Lecturer 6,420 6,770
**Glen Clark Instructor 6,400 6,750
New Grad. Assistant 1,800

Mechanical Engineering

James R. Van Dyke Professor 10,700 11,300
E. W. Harris Professor 9,700 10,200
William Van Tassel Assc. Professor 7,450 8,000
Robert Mc Kee Asst. Professor 6,750 7,250
New Asst. Professor 6,700

Nuclear Engineering

D. F. Dickinson Professor 12,000 12,500

New Positions

(These include 2 Clerk Stenos, 2 Grad. Asst. and 1
Prof. of Mech. Eng. as listed in original request.)

Civil Engineering 6,700
Electrical Engineering 7,160
Graduate Assistant 1,800
Mechanical Engineering 6,700
Nuclear Engineering 22,360

*On Leave of Absence 1958-59
**Will fill new position in 1959-60



Joe E. Moore Dean 12,500 13,300
Darleen Stringer Secretary 3,624 3,764


Vernon E. Scheid Dean & Prof. 14,600 15,200
Mineral Sciences
E. Richard Larson Assc. Prof. Geol. 8,220 9,000
Earl W. Kersten, Jr. Asst. Prof. Geog. 6,570 6,900
Fritz L. Kramer Asst. Prof. Geog. 6,600 7,200
Joseph Lintz, Jr. Assc. Prof. Geol. 8,820 9,480
& Assc. Pet. Geol.
Lon S. Mc Girk, Jr. Assc. Prof. Geol. 7,410 7,800
David B. Slemmons Assc. Prof. Geol. 7,470 8,100
Louis C. Bortz Grad. Assistant 1,500 1,800
John S. Winston Assc. Prof. Metl. 9,720 9,120
Claude W. Hammond Assc. Prof. Metl. 7,470 7,800
Replacement 8,400 9,000
Harve P. Nelson Assc. Prof. Ming. 7,260 7,500
George J. Stathis Museum Assistant 1,500 1,800
E. Richard Larson Sum. Field Geol. 1,050 1,200
Harve P. Nelson Sum. Field Ming. 350 350
Laurence H. Beal Asst. Ming. Geol. 7,200 7,740
James I. Gimlett Asst. Prof. Geop. 8,100 8,640
& Asst. Geophyst.
Robert C. Horton Asst. Ming. Eng. 7,500 7,920
Edmond F. Lawrence Asst. Ming. Geol. 8,100 8,520
Robert E. Petrini Jr. Tech. Editor 6,120 6,540
Robert L. Rose Asst. Econ. Geol. 7,560 8,160
Alfred L. Kelly Lab Technician 4,200 4,500
Unfilled Temp. Field Sci. 1,800 1,800
Unfilled Temp. Field Asst. 2,700 3,000
Harold A. Vincent Jr. Chemist 6,000 6,600
Aleksis V. Volborth Asst. Mineralog. 7,980 8,640
John N. Butler Metlgst. & Prof. 9,900 10,560
Wesley L. Clark Lab Assistant 2,100 2,520
Unfilled Temp Lab Asst. 395 1,200
Eva S. Gallano Admin. Asst. 4,912 5,157
Donna A. Askins Sr. Clerk Steno 3,603 3,750
Nedine Sullivan Pr. Clerk Steno 4,512 4,736
Leeta P. Riggs Sr. Clerk Steno 3,638 3,807
New Chemist 5,400
New Mineral Tech. 7,200
New Account Clerk 3,400
New Sci. Illus. & Photo. 4,800
New Editorial Asst. 4,200
New Mineral Prep. 4,200
New Mining Geologist 7,200
New Grad. Assistant 1,800
New Grad. Assistant 1,800



Helen Gilkey Dean & Prof. 10,600 11,300
Marie Haddad Asst. Professor 5,775 6,000
Dorothy Button Instructor 5,150 5,350


Sylvia Leon Sr. Clerk Steno 3,568 3,694
New Assc. Professor 6,700
New Asst. Professor 6,500
New Lecturer (P/T) 600
New Lecturer (P/T) 600


William D. Carlson Dean & Prof. 12,900 13,500
Muriel Parks Deputy Registr. 8,000 8,400
Jewel Reynolds Dep. Dir. Adm. 7,400 7,800
Jerry Dye Librarian 6,800 7,200
Eleanore Bushnell Prof. History & 8,800 9,000
Political Science
Lauren Brink Assc. Prof. Engl. 8,600 8,800
& Speech
John Wright Assc. Prof. Hist. 8,100 8,800
& Pol. Science
Holbert Hendrix Assc. Prof. Educ. 7,700 8,000
James Dickinson Assc. Prof. Engl. 7,700 7,950
Ann Brewington Assc. Prof. Bus. 6,930 6,930
Adm. & Econ.
Herbert Derfelt Asst. Prof. & Dir.8,450 8,900
Educ. Off-Campus,
A. V.
Malcolm Graham Asst. Prof. Math. 7,040 7,400
Duncan Cleaves Asst. Prof. Chem- 7,040 7,300
H. Smithwick (on leave) Asst. Prof. Health 6,800
P. E. & Athletics
Paul Davey Asst. Prof. 6,160 6,400
Physics & Math
Sigrid Moe Asst. Prof. 6,000 6,300
English & Speech
Unfilled Asst. Prof. Bus. 7,000
Adm. & Econ.
William Bradley Instr. Biology 5,500 5,700
Eugene Mitchell Instr. Cnslr. 5,450 5,700
Psy. Soc., Stu.
Alice Mason Instr. Health & 5,412 5,650
P. E.
Jacob Orleans Lecturer Psych. 6,600 8,800
Marydean Martin Tech. Library 3,900 4,100
Pauline Fellman Admin. Asst. 4,774 5,012
Evelyn Basler Acct. Clerk 3,470 3,638
Jada Irwin Sr. Clerk Typist 3,437 3,350
New Asst. Prof. Elem. 6,500
New Asst. Prof. Sec. 6,160
New Instr. English 5,500
New Asst. Prof. Forgn. 6,000
New Instr. Hist. Pol. 5,500
New 1st Cat. Librarn. 6,000
New Asst. Prof. Math 6,600
New Instr. Speech 5,650
New Supervising Teach. 1,125
New Sr. Clerk Steno 3,498
New Sr. Clerk Typist 3,339

Motion by Mr. Tyson that the salaries be approved as
presented, with the exception of Dean Adams, and that
to be corrected to $15,200, was amended by Mr. Crumley
to withdraw President Armstrong's salary from the list,
to be considered separately. The amendment was ac-
cepted by Mr. Tyson. Mr. Crumley seconded the amended
motion and it carried unanimously.

12. Working Budget

President Armstrong called on Mr. Hayden for the presenta-
tion. Mr. Hayden discussed the legislation and the work of
the Administration which resulted in the working budget for
the year 1959-60, summarized as follows:


State Appropriation
General 3,108,719
Equipment 527,697

Fees 669,072
National Science Found. 2,500
Mental Health Grant 6,822

Experiment Station
Federal Funds 283,797
Sales 50,000

Extension Division
Federal Funds 206,743
County 95,870
Total Available 4,951.220

Budget as Per Schedule 4,910,692
Federal Matching Money for Experiment Station 26,316
President's Reserve 14,212
Total Monies 4,951.220

President Armstrong recommended that the working budget be
approved, as presented by the Comptroller, with authority
to make some adjustments, in the travel and operating budg-
ets as may become necessary in view of legislation increas-
ing travel allowance without increasing the appropriation
for travel.

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Germain, carried
unanimously that the Budget be approved and that the Ad-
ministration be authorized to adjust the operating and
travel items, as requested.

13. Honorary Degree - Trevitt

Dr. Armstrong read a letter forwarded to him by former Re-
gent Bruce Thompson in which recommendation was made by a
friend of Reverend Fred Trevitt's that the University of
Nevada confer upon him the honorary degree of Doctor of

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Crumley, carried
unanimously that the matter be tabled, pending further
investigation by the Board of Regents.

14. President's Inauguration

President Armstrong reported that arrangements for the
dinner on the evening of April 18 have been made. The
inaugural ceremony will take place on Sunday morning, fol-
lowed by a reception and then by a luncheon. The Regents
discussed the dinner on April 18, to be given by them for
Dr. Armstrong, and especially as to whether or not cock-
tails should be served.

Motion by Mr. Tyson, seconded by Mr. Germain, carried
unanimously that cocktails be served.

15. Mackay Day and Mackay Silver

President Armstrong reported that John W. Mackay is sending
the University a gift of Comstock silver pieces to be of-
ficially presented on Mackay Day. Weight of the shipment is
500 lbs., and is to be on a permanent loan basis, with cer-
tain amounts to be donated each year.

16. Commencement

President Armstrong reported that he has had an acceptance
from Carl Sandburg to be the Commencement speaker on June 1,

17. Nevada Auto Supply - Holmshaw Estate

The President called on Mr. Hayden, who read a letter copy
from the Nevada Credit Rating Bureau addressed to Hayes
Shaffer, Executor for the Alma Holmshaw Estate. The letter
stated that the Nevada Credit Rating Bureau had made a re-
cent appraisal of the Nevada Auto Supply Accounts and, be-
cause of the seasonal nature of many of the debtors' busi-
nesses and of their limited capital, estimated that it will
take from 2 to 10 years to liquidate some of the accounts.
The letter proposed that the Nevada Credit Rating Bureau
purchase outright the outstanding accounts and notes re-
ceivable predicated upon the balance outstanding as of
April 1, 1959 for a sum of $6000. Mr. Hayden discussed
the proposal and was of the opinion that more money could
be realized by the present method of collecting. President
Armstrong recommended that the proposal be declined.

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Broadbent, carried
unanimously that the proposal be declined and that Mr.
Shaffer be so notified.

18. Physical Education Non-Budgeted Account

President Armstrong called on Dr. Wood, who explained the
proposal to set up a non-budgeted account for the Department
of Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation into which
would go all income from the University's share of conces-
sion profits, game guarantees and gate receipts from ath-
letic events, as well as all gifts and other non-State-
appropriated income available to the Department. Since all
income in excess of budget goes directly into the General
Fund at present there is no incentive on the part of the
students to increase income from these sources. Moreover,
under the present budget control system, no funds are
available for student relations, awards, Varsity letters,
etc. President Armstrong recommended that such an account
be approved.

Motion by Mr. Tyson, seconded by Mr. Germain, carried
unanimously that the Comptroller be authorized to set up,
at the proper time, a non-budgeted account for the Depart-
ment of Physical Eduction, Athletics and Recreation, as
outlined above.

19. Vocational Technical Training Program

President Armstrong presented and discussed a proposal from
Dr. Guild Gray, Superintendent of Clark County Schools, for
a vocational technical training program in the Las Vegas
area under the National Defense Act of 1958, as follows.
President Armstrong recommended the University of Nevada
participate in this technical training program.


Technical Education Is Important

One of the most critical problems which faces our na-
tional defense effort is that of providing an adequate
supply of technically trained manpower for American
industry. While the shortages of scientists and en-
gineers have been given widespread publicity, repeated
studies of modern industry have shown that several
technicians are required for each engineer or scien-
tist. These technicians fill the vitally important
secondary jobs between the professionally trained
scientist or engineer on the one hand, and the produc-
tion worker on the other. The federal government, un-
der the National Defense Education Act, has appropriated
funds for the establishment and operation of training
programs for technicians in occupations essential to the
defense effort. These funds may be used for the sal-
aries for supervision and instruction and for the cost
of equipment.

Technical Education Is Post-High School In Level

Technical education is essentially a post-high school
educational program. Most technical workers, in ad-
dition to their other skills, must understand and apply
scientific and mathematical principles beyond the level
ordinarily achieved by high school graduates. In addi-
tion, it is helpful if the work taken in the training
of technicians can be recognized for College credit for
those few who may later wish to seek advancement into
professional fields.

A Professional Program Is Proposed For The Southern
Nevada Area

Since technical education is primarily post-high school
in nature, it is proposed to develop the instructional
program for technicians on a cooperative basis between
the University of Nevada, the Clark County School Dis-
trict and the State Division of Vocational Education.
The School District will provide the facilities for an
experimental curriculum for electronic technicians;
the University will operate the technical instruction;
the State Department of Vocational Education will pay
the costs of necessary equipment and the salary of the
teacher for time spent in developing and teaching the
technical classes. It is understood that the School
District will also use the equipment and facilities
during the daytime hours for high school shop instruc-

A Technical Education Planning Committee Is Needed

In order to plan and organize the technical education
program and get it under way as rapidly as possible,
it is proposed to create a technical education plan-
ning committee consisting of the following:

1 representative of the School District
1 representative of the University of Nevada
1 representative of the State Division of
Vocational Education and ex officio
1 member of the Board of Trustees of the School
1 member of the State Board of Regents of the
1 member of the State Board for Vocational

The Educational Planning Committee Will Have The Follow-
ing Immediate Tasks

a. Outline the general objectives of the electronic
technician training program.

b. Define the qualifications and recruit a qualified
instructor-coordinator who can begin immediately
the detailed planning of the instructional program
and classes.

c. Identify and prepare a detailed list of the equip-
ment needed at once for the shop instruction.

d. Develop a proposed budget, fee structure and pattern
of financial operation.

e. Work with local industry, both employers and em-
ployees, in planning and publicizing the electronic
technician training and in determining the criteria
for student selection.

There Is A Need For Prompt Action On This Proposal

The 1958-59 federal funds which are now available will
have to be encumbered by June 1, 1959. Since about
$25,000 is available, it is important to complete the
equipment list for the electronic technican training,
place the order and furnish the State Division of Voca-
tional Education with a certified statement and appli-
cation for an advance in the amount required. It would
seem feasible to seek an instructor for early employment
who could undertake the detailed planning during the
summer months and begin actual teaching of technical
classes with the Fall term.

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Broadbent, carried
unanimously that the proposal be approved, and that the
Administration be authorized to participate in a technical
training program in the Southern Nevada area as outlined.

20. Veterans Administration Services

President Armstrong read a letter from the office of Stu-
dent Affairs which enclosed a telegram from the Washington
office of the Veterans Administration to the Reno office
announcing consolidation of stations, thereby removing from
the Reno office loan and guaranty services now available to
University students attending under Public Law 550 and Pub-
lic Law 634. The office of Student Affairs strongly urges
that the Board of Regents oppose the transfer from Reno of
these services. President Armstrong recommended that the
Regents request that these services not be withdrawn from
the Reno office.

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Elwell, carried
unanimously that the University Administration prepare a
suitable resolution urging that the Veterans Administration
continue present services of the Reno office; and that
copies of the resolution be forwarded to our congressional

21. World Congress of Flight

Mr. Elwell called attention to the World Congress of Flight
being held in Las Vegas at the present time, and of its
importance to the history of flight in our country. Mr.
Elwell then discussed the value, which would accrue to the
University by closer contact with the World Congress of
Flight. He proposed the following resolution:


Inasmuch as the World Congress of Flight currently
being held in Las Vegas is an epoch history making
event denoting the commencement of the space age and
truly the United Nations of the air, I propose that
a survey should be made of the possibility that a
liaison chapter of the Institute of Aeronatical History
be formed to assemble and preserve materials, pictures
and documents constituting the history of the first
World Congress of Flight for future scholars.

Motion by Mr. Elwell, seconded by Mr. Tyson, carried unani-
mously that such participation be approved in principle and
referred to Dean Carlson.

22. Citizens Advisory Committee

Mr. Elwell asked for an expression of opinion on the matter
of a Citizens Advisory Committee for securing funds for the
Nevada Southern Regional Division in the form of bequests.
The Board gave informal approval to exploring the possibil-
ity of such a committee.

23. Regents Building Committee Report

Dr. Anderson, Chairman, reported on the meeting of the Com-
mittee held the previous evening. The Committee considered
approximately 20 buildings to be considered for names - some
new, some old and some not yet built. The Committee agreed
that it should go about the matter of naming buildings rath-
er slowly, naming the ones now being constructed before they
acquire usage names, such as "Aggie Building", etc. In gen-
eral, the Committee thought that some names might be select-
ed at meetings during the coming year for individuals who
have served the University in some distinguished capacity
as teacher, President or in some other way. When names of
individuals are considered, the persons may be living or
dead, but if living, they should no longer be actively
connected with the University. The Committee preferred that
if an individual deserves to have a building named after
him, the selection be made while he is still living. Build-
ings might be named after donors to the University who gave
substantial endowments or large gifts of equipment. As for
the Library, portions of the building might be named after
donors to the particular portion of the Library. Individu-
als with other special qualifications, whether connected
with the University or not, should be considered if merit
for such an honor exists. No rigid policy should be es-
tablished. The Committee would like to have names suggest-
ed, with background information and reasons why naming a
building for them is in order.

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Crumley, carried
unanimously that the general policy of naming buildings,
as outlined, be adopted.

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried
unanimously that the building on the Reno Campus known as
the "Aggie Building", be named "The Peter Frandsen Humani-
ties Building".

24. Next Meeting

The next meeting was set for Saturday, May 30 (Commencement
meeting) in Reno.

The meeting adjourned at 3:45.

L. E. Lombardi
Vice Chairman

Alice Terry