UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
April 8-9, 1994


Pages 196-199

                         BOARD OF REGENTS


                          April 8, 1994

Members present:  Dr. James Eardley, Chairman

                  Mrs. Shelley Berkley

                  Dr. Jill Derby

                  Mr. Joseph M. Foley (by telephone)

                  Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

                  Mr. Madison Graves, II

                  Dr. Lonnie Hammargren

                  Mr. Daniel J. Klaich (by telephone)

                  Mrs. Nancy Price

                  Mrs. Carolyn M. Sparks

                  Mrs. June Whitley

Others present:   Dr. John A. Richardson, Interim Chancellor

                  Mr. Donald Klasic, General Counsel

                  Mrs. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Chairman Eardley called the special meeting of the Board to order

at 9:05 A.M. in Ham Concert Hall, University of Nevada, Las

Vegas.  All Regents were present except Regents Foley, Hammargren

and Klaich.  Regents Klaich and Foley were out of State but took

part in the meeting through teleconferencing.  Also present were

UNLV Faculty Senate Chairman Dr. John Swetnam and Graduate Stu-

dent Association Chairman Sharlene Sayegh.

 1.  Approved the Appointment of Interim President, UNLV

     Chairman Eardley stated that in accordance with the Board

     of Regents Handbook, Chapter 2, Section 2.C, he recommended

     that Dr. Kenny Guinn be appointed Interim President of the

     University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  Dr. Guinn is well-known

     and a respected member of the Las Vegas community and

     throughout the State.  He has recently retired as Chief

     Executive Officer of PriMerit Bank and Southwest Gas Company

     and currently serves as Chairman of the UNLV Foundation.

     Dr. Guinn served as Superintendent of Schools of the Clark

     County School District from 1969 to 1978.  He has been very

     active in community and State organizations.

     Chairman Eardley explained that this decision was reached

     after considerable input and deliberation.  He, Vice Chair-

     man Madison Graves and Interim Chancellor John Richardson

     had spent two days on the UNLV Campus interviewing some 33

     persons from across Departments, Administration and staff,

     alumni, foundation, and community leaders.  In addition,

     Board members have received a number of letters and phone

     calls concerning the appointment.  Chairman Eardley stated

     that sentiment for the position was about evenly divided

     for Dr. Guinn and Provost Dr. John Unrue.  He related that

     he had long discussions with both gentlemen, who had both

     expressed a desire to help the institution, and would work

     closely together to ensure a smooth operation.

Dr. Hammargren entered the meeting.  Mr. Klaich and Mr. Foley

joined the meeting via telephone.

     Chairman Eardley expressed concern that the Las Vegas media

     and the city had begun discussions of who might serve dur-

     ing the interim long before the Board had begun delibera-

     tions.  He assured the group that the media did not influ-

     ence the decision; that the decision was based on what was

     best for the institution.

     Mr. Graves moved to accept the recommendation of the Chair-

     man of the Board that Dr. Kenny Guinn be appointed as In-

     terim President of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas,

     until a permanent President is appointed.  Mrs. Berkley


     Mrs. Price objected to the recommendation and questioned

     the process used in bringing names forward to the Board.

     Mrs. Sparks stated she had spent a long time debating the

     question and after careful consideration, many discussions

     with a wide variety of people, and with Dr. Unrue, and

     finally, the night before with Dr. Guinn, she supports the

     recommendation that Dr. Guinn will be the "outside" leader

     for the institution and Dr. Unrue will continue as "inside"

     person leading the Campus in academic standards.  Further,

     she felt this would send a powerful message that UNLV is

     in control and has the best possible people at its helm.

     Mr. Graves clarified for Mrs. Price that in the 33 inter-

     views each person was asked for names for candidates for

     this position.  Mrs. Price questioned why only 3 people

     conducted the interviews and why a consulting group was

     not brought in to do the interviewing.  Interim Chancellor

     Richardson explained that by Board policy the Chairman of

     the Board is to make the recommendation in consultation

     with the Chancellor, and that they had added the Vice Chair-

     man to the list.  The goal of the interviews was to receive

     views from a cross section of the Campus and community, and

     that it was felt a decision must be made within a short

     span of time for the good of the institution and the city.

     Mrs. Berkley spoke in favor of the motion, stating that the

     Board process had been followed and she felt time was of the

     essence in that preparations for the legislative session are

     underway and that budgets are in the process of preparation.

     Mrs. Gallagher agreed, stating that it was critical to have

     a person who knows the legislative process and the political

     arena of the State.  Dr. Derby commended the Chairman for

     bringing the recommendation so promptly and to end the

     speculation.  She stated that as Chairman of the Regents'

     UNLV Search Committee her focus now will be on the search

     process which can be held in a stable environment during

     this interim period.

     UNLV Faculty Senate Chairman John Swetnam spoke in favor

     of Dr. Unrue being appointed to the position and that the

     Board was faced with the "well qualified" vs. the "well

     connected".  He stated that Dr. Unrue did have the support

     of the faculty.

     Interim Chancellor Richardson read the 5 questions posed

     to each of the people interviewed:

         1)  What are the important reponsibilities of a


         2)  What individual do you feel would be able to fill

             the position?

         3)  Why would that person be effective?

         4)  Have you considered a UNLV Dean, an experienced

             UNLV Administrator, an Administrator from out of


         5)  Do you have suggestions to offer?

     He stated that an out-of-state person was rejected by most;

     several Deans were suggested but no single Dean was identi-

     fied as the best possibility; and that the two people men-

     tioned were Dr. Unrue and Dr. Guinn.  Chairman Eardley

     stated that the Acting President would not be a candidate

     for the permanent position.

     A number of faculty spoke in support of Dr. Unrue:

         Mohamed Yousef, Biological Sciences

         Isabelle Emerson, Music

         John Lujan, Affirmative Action Officer

         Gerald Lanwer, Kinesiology

         Ken Hanlon, Music

         Craig Walton, Philosophy

         Leonard Goodall, Political Science

         Paul Burns, Administrator

         Gloria Shangreaux, News & Publications, Classified

         Nancy Master, Library

         Sharlene Sayegh, Graduate Student Association

         Robert Ball, Library

         Hart Wegner, Film Studies

     Dr. Tom Wright spoke in favor of Dr. Guinn.

     Mr. Foley, who was out of the State and on a telephone

     hookup, stated his vote was for Dr. Unrue, then left the

     meeting at that point.

     Mrs. Whitley spoke to the faculty stating that they were the

     University, they taught the students; that she had always

     fought for their academic freedom and that they were very

     important to their University.  She stated that she dis-

     agreed with a lot of the statements which have been made

     concerning this appointment.  Mrs. Whitley reminded the

     group that the University is a big business; that if Pres-

     ident Maxson had not been raising funds for the buildings

     over these past years and been fighting to provide funding

     for academics, that the faculty would not be here to teach.

     She stated that Dr. Guinn was the type of person needed to

     run the University.  She agreed that Dr. John Unrue was

     one of the best professors she had ever known.  She admon-

     ished the faculty that they cannot go around thinking the

     Board is against the faculty; that that is not true; and,

     that the Board is doing what they feel is best for the

     faculty and the institution.  She urged all the faculty

     to get behind the person who is appointed to the interim

     position and to continue to move this institution forward.

     Mr. Klaich, also on a telephone hookup, stated he rejected

     the position that the Board was being asked to chose be-

     tween the qualified and the unqualified inasmuch as he felt

     there were two extremely qualified people who would do a

     superior job.  He agreed with Dr. Derby's point that the

     selection of the Interim President does not change the

     criteria for the selection of the permanent President.

     Motion carried.  Mrs. Price voted no based on the process.

     Mr. Foley had stated his intention to vote for Dr. Unrue.

The meeting adjourned at 10:30 A.M.

                             Mary Lou Moser

                             Secretary of the Board