UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
April 8-9, 1905


Volume OC - Pages 357-361

Reno, Nevada

April 8, 1905

The Board of Regents met in their Office at 9:15 A.M., Saturday,

April 8, 1905. Present: Regents W. W. Booher, Oscar J. Smith

and H. S. Starrett.

Minutes of meeting held March 4, 1905 read and approved.

The bids for the Metallurgical Laboratory building were opened

as follows:

B. H. Briggs, S. Sawyer, F. A. Brown. First bid $6130.00,

second bid $5947.60, third bid $5866.60, with check $500.00

on Farmers & Merchants National Bank enclosed with bid.

Clock & Shea. First bid $6045.00, second bid $5949.00 with

a certified check for $500.00 on the Bank of Nevada enclosed.

Self & Sellman. First bid $5200.00, second bid $5000.00,

third bid $4800.00 with a certified check $500.00 on the

Farmers & Merchants National Bank enclosed.

Andrew Paterson. Large plan $6700.00, small plan $6500.00,

with certified check $500.00 on the Bank of Nevada enclosed.

Fowler & Lyon. First bid $7205.00, second bid 14 1/2 foot

story $183.00 less than first bid, third bid $264.00 less

than first bid. All these bids include sheet metal sky

lights, but do not include concrete foundation under dynamo.

With a certified check $500.00 on the Washoe County Bank


Upon motion of Regent Booher, seconded by Regent Starrett, the

contract for the erection and completion of the Metallurgical

Laboratory building was awarded to Messrs. Self & Sellman for

Fifty-Two Hundred dollars ($5200.00).

Upon motion of Regent Booher, seconded by Regent Starrett, the

contractions bond was fixed at $2500.00 with good and sufficient

sureties to be approved by the President of the Board.

Upon motion of Regent Booher, seconded by Regent Starrett, the

President of the Board was authorized to have Messrs. Cheney

and Massey draw up the contract with the contractors for the

Metallurgical building and arrange the time with the contractors

for the completion of the building.

Upon motion, duly seconded and approved, Mr. Richard Brown was

appointed Superintendent of said building.

The Secretary of the Board was instructed to return certified

checks to all unsuccessful bidders.

Upon motion of Regent Booher, seconded by Regent Starrett, an

appropriation of Six Hundred dollars was made for the purpose

of employing a Teacher in Physical Culture, to be paid as a part

of said salary monthly.

Communications from the young lady students of Manzanita Hall

and the young men students of Lincoln Hall with reference to

locating the new Dining Hall received, read and ordered placed

on file.

Upon motion of Regent Booher, seconded by Regent Starrett, the

President of the University was authorized to employ Mr. W. H.

Kirk, Architect, to draw the plans for the Dining Hall building

at a cost not to exceed One Hundred dollars.

Board adjourned for a luncheon to 2:30 P.M.

Afternoon Session

Board met at 2:30 P.M. Full Board present.

Upon motion of Regent Booher, seconded by Regent Starrett, the

location of the new Dining Hall was placed north of Manzanita

Hall as far as the nature of the ground would permit the build-


President Stubbs recommended that Samuel B. Doten be elected

Principal of the University High School from April 15, 1905 to

August 31, 1906. Upon motion, duly seconded, the above recom-

mendation was approved.

Claims were allowed as follows:

Agricultural & Mechanic College Morrill Fund - No. 4089-4121

March Salaries $1347.93

Emily Berry 18.00

Nevada Engineering Works 4.85

Reno Mercantile Co. 16.64

J. R. Bradley Co. 11.60

J. R. Bradley Co. 32.40

Geo. H. Taylor 27.64

Harry Davis 7.20

Nevada Hardware & Supply Co. 32.24

Nevada Hardware & Supply Co. 17.36

John Ainley & Sons 11.84

Cann Drug Co. 11.75

A. Lietz Co. 140.00

Pacific Micro Materials Co. 173.00

Fairbanks Morse Co. 18.00

H. S. Crocker Co. 10.50

E. C. Stewart 26.00

Eugene Dietzgen Co. 7.77

F. W. Braun & Co. 49.23

Matts Bazar 5.00

Total $1968.95

Experiment Station Hatch Fund - No.4488-4528

March Payroll - Salaries $ 999.85

S. B. Doten 1.75

J. E. Wing & Bros. 20.00

Frederick L. Houghton 2.00

E. L. Drappo 174.18

E. L. Drappo 30.00

Nevada Hardware & Supply Co. 4.10

J. R. Bradley Co. 36.00

Reno Power Light & Water Co. 44.55

Porteous Decorating Co. 2.00

S. J. Hodgkinson 1.10

William Reimie 2.45

G. Merklinger .50

T. K. Hymens 7.00

Barndollar & Durley 43.00

Reese & Duncan 6.00

Geo. H. Taylor 53.99

W. J. Luke 6.00

W. J. Luke 7.00

Reno Mill & Lumber Co. 5.05

Cann Drug Co. 8.15

Reno Mercantile Co. 5.25

W. W. Booher 38.15

H. S. Starrett 29.50

Total $1527.57

Farm Sales Fund

De Laval Dairy Supply Co. $ 37.10

Contingent & Interest Account - No. 44-59

March Payroll - P & I $1591.01

March Payroll - Students 204.90

Geo. J. Young 20.05

Claude L. Smith 14.00

E. L. Drappo 1165.42

Mrs. Mary Upson 13.00

Reno Power Light & Water Co. 181.20

Reno Mercantile Co. 20.35

Reno Mercantile Co. 7.70

Geo. H. Taylor 21.70

Nevada Hardware & Supply Co. 14.66

John Henderson, Agent 50.00

Continental Insurance Co. 50.00

Sol Levy 1.72

Reno Mill & Lumber Co. 13.65

Sunset Telephone & Telegraph Co. 5.25

C. J. Brooking 7.30

Total $3381.91

No further business, the Board adjourned to meet Tuesday at

9:30 A.M., April 25, 1905.

Oscar J. Smith


Geo. H. Taylor