UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
April 8-9, 1897


Volume OC - Pages 116-131

Reno, Nevada

April 8, 1897

Board of Regents met at their Office in Morrill Hall, at 10

o'clock A.M., Thursday, April 8, 1897. Present: J. N. Evans

and W. E. F. Deal. Absent: H. S. Starrett.

Minutes of meeting held on February 5, 1897 and Claims Allowed

on March 10, 1897 were read and approved. The Balance Sheets

showing the conditions of funds on March 10th read.

Dr. J. E. Stubbs presented a very full report with communications

which was approved and ordered recorded.

Reno, Nevada April 7th, 1897

To the Honorable, the Board of Regents

Nevada State University


Pursuant to instructions from the Board, and complying with the

duties of my Office, I carried the report of the Board of Regents

to the Governor in Carson and read it personally to the Governor

of the State, explaining in detail the various recommendations

which your Board had to submit to the Legislature. During this

interview, the Governor approved, for the most part, the recom-

mendations of the Board of Regents, except that he thought the

condition of the State finances would not justify the Legislature

in granting the full amount of appropriations asked for.

By invitation, I addressed the Senate and House in joint conven-

tion on the organizations, growth, equipment and needs of the

University. This address was elaborated with much care and aimed

to put in the possession of the members of the Legislature an

accurate, as well as complete, knowledge of the University.

I was called before the Committee of Ways and Means of the

Assembly twice; before the Senate Committee of Ways and Means

three times; before the Joint Retrenchment Committee one entire

evening, and was also before the Committee of the Whole of the

Senate, occupying almost all the time of one session. In addi-

tion to this, I addressed a meeting of all the members of the

Legislature who were interested in Agriculture at an evening ses-

sion in the Senate Chambers, upon the question, "How can the

Experiment Station best serve the Agricultural Industries of the


While I esteemed it my duty to put myself and my time at the

command of the Legislature, I did not believe that it would

comport with the dignity of the University that I should solicit

the support of individual members in behalf of the passage of

those bills that related to the University, and therefore I

carefully refrained from asking any support of individual mem-

bers, but relied wholly upon official explanations made to the

Committees of the House and Senate.

After conferring with the Regents so far as possible and in re-

sponse to requests from members of the Legislature, and also

from the Acting Governor, I consented to a reduction in the

appropriation for the current expenses to the lowest sum that

the University could, by the strictest economy, get along with

during this Biennial term.

The appropriations made for the University are as follows: Ap-

propriation for Contingent Expenses for two years, $32,500.00;

Appropriation for the completion and equipment of the Mechanical

building, $10,000.00; Appropriation for the completion and equip-

ment of the Gymnasium, $2,000.00; Appropriation for Book Fund

capital, $1,000.00; Appropriation to pay the Deficiences,


With regard to the appropriation for the Deficiency Account and

for the Building Account, I am advised by a letter from the State

Controller that the Governor has not yet signed the Bonds, and

that nothing can be done toward the payment of any claims per-

taining to these appropriations until the Governor has taken the

proper steps to complete the work by signing the Bonds. Beyond

this, I received no information and have been left in doubt as

to the condition of the University business in the Governor's


I submit herewith correspondence between the State Board of

Examiners, the Attorney General and the President of the Univer-

sity, relating to $1,000.00 appropriated to the Board of Regents

as capital for the University Book Business. The corespondence

will show the Board that in my judgment the position taken by

the State Board of Examiners is wrong.

The Governor of the State accompanied his message of approval to

Assembly Bills 23 and 45 with a further message, which was in-

tended to cast, and did cast, serious reflections upon the in-

tegrity and wisdom of the University Administration. The Presi-

dent of the University in a petition to the Legislature denied

the statement of the Governor, and asked permission to appear

before the Assembly in Committee of the Whole, and to be inter-

rogated by the members of the Assembly and by the Governor and

other members of the State Board of Examiners upon all questions

pertaining to the University management. The Assembly spread

this petition upon the Journal of the House, but declined to have

the President of the University appear before the Committee of

the Whole.

Besides the bills carrying appropriations with them, another bill

was passed which authorizes the Board of Regents to rent land to

be used for Experiment Station purposes and the rental may be

paid out of the Contingent Fund of the University. It is desir-

able to retain our present interest in the State Fair Grounds,

but the Board may properly consider the desirability and practi-

cability of securing the lease of land, which is convenient to

the University and which may be under the sole control of the

Experiment Station.

I changed somewhat the method of carrying on the current business

of the University in the interest of greater economy and effi-

ciency of expenditures. I have notified all the members of the

College faculty that they must use the property intrusted to

their care very carefully; that they must ask for no supplies or

improvements that are not absolutely necessary, and that no one

is authorized to make any purchases except upon a written order

from the President of the University. While it is not practi-

cable to keep the amount of the monthly bills strictly within

the monthly portion of the annual appropriation, on account of

the bills that were allowed to come into this year, nevertheless,

within a few months we shall keep within the limits of each

month's proportion of the appropriation.

Mrs. Emery, Miss Bardenwerper and Miss Ede have asked whether

their salaries were not intended to be restored to the original

amount after the first of January, 1897. I have advised them

that I should refer this question to the Board of Regents for

their answer.

The final examinations for this year will begin Monday, May 24th,

and Commencement Day will fall on Thursday, June 3rd. It may be

well for the Regents to set the date for the next meeting to be

held sometime near to, but prior to, Commencement Day.

The Governor has appointed the following Honorary Board of


W. C. Grimes, Hill, Churchill County, Nevada

Fred Dangberg, Jr., Gardnerville, Douglas County

W. W. Booher, Elko, Elko County

A. Skillman, Eureka, Eureka County

P. M. Bowler, Hawthorne, Esmeralda County

D. S. Truman, Winnemucca, Humbolt County

J. A. Blossom, Battle Mountain, Lander County

A. S. Thompson, Pioche, Lincoln County

J. E. Gignoux, Dayton, Lyon County

A. Mante, Belmont, Nye County

John Wagner, Carson City, Ormsby County

F. M. Huffaker, Virginia City, Storey County

E. R. Dodge, Reno, Washoe County

Sol Hilp, Ely, White Pine County

Chief Justice Belknap of the Supreme Court is, by virtue of

his Office, Chairman of the Board.

I have sent individual notices to the members of the Honorary

Board of Visitors, a copy of which notice I herewith submit to

your Board.

After consultation with the President of the Board of Regents and

and Judge Deal, I have had the plans and specifications for the

Mechanical building prepared and herewith submit them to your

Board for examination. The Secretary of the Board of Regents has

advertised for bids which are to be opened on or before 2 o'clock

Saturday, April 17, 1897.

I wish also to call the attention of the Board to the fact that

the Law relating to assaying of minerals has been amended so

that we are now required to make assays for Gold and Silver. I

fear that his will increase very largely the demands for assay

work upon the Laboratory of the University, and that we shall

find it difficult to comply promptly and efficiently with the


With respect to the completion and equipment of the Gymnasium,

the matter has had the consideration of the members of the

faculty, and Superintendent Brown submits the following memoran-

dum with a reasonably safe estimate of the cost:

First - The Gallery to be completed according to plans with two

changes. The stairways to the Gallery to be placed at the en-

trance doors, and the center part of the Gallery on the east, to

be extended about three feet, so as to provide a Band Gallery

about twenty feet in length.

Second - To finish the second or upper tier of rooms, which shall

be divided so as to form a Bath and Dressing Room for the young

women, an Office for the Director of the Gymnasium and a Store

Room for Band Instruments and other Gymnasium goods.

Third - To painting all the new work and the external surface of

all the other wood work in the Gymnasium. Painting the roof and

the cornice and all the plumbing for the bathroom. Also entrance

steps to the south door.

Fourth - Further, it seems very desirable to put gutters on the

roof in order to protect the walls from dampness and rain.

While it is not practicable to apply a general system of heat-

ing to the Gymnasium, it is highly desirable to provide a means

for making the Gymnasium comfortable during a season of damp or

cold weather.

To this end, I recommend the placing of two hot air furnaces be-

neath the Gallery in the room, one in the northwest corner, and

other in the southeast corner of the Gymnasium.

All these permanent improvements can be made for a sum not ex-

ceeding $1400.00, and this will leave $600.00, and perhaps a

little more, for equipment.

It remains for the Board of Regents to say whether they will ask

for bids for this work or whether they will make a contract with

some responsible person and thus save time in putting this work

under way.

Up to the present time, the uniforms for the Cadets have cost

from $20 to $22. Mr. Sunderland submits a proposition to the

Board of Regents that, if he is the authorized manufacturer for

Cadet uniforms, he will agree to furnish Cadet uniforms similar

in quality and style to the ones now furnished by him at a cost

of $16 to the students.

In the month of February, the Electric Light Works were closed

for a period of two or three weeks by reason of the breaking

down of their machinery. This condition of things was so seri-

ous for the University, that I was compelled to purchase iron

piping sufficient to connect Lincoln Hall and the Girls Cottage

with the gas main at an expense of a little more than $200.00.

I think it proper to submit to your Board, the consideration of

the question whether it is not practicable to make an arrangement

with the Public School Trustees so that we can give our Normal

students experience in observation and practice teaching in the

School Room without maintaining a special Training School at the

University. I may say that I have suggested this idea to Mrs.

Emery, but she thinks that it would be impossible to do as good

work as is now being done without keeping the Training School,

as it is now organized. It is my judgment that a change of

plans could be made that would not sacrifice the efficiency of

the Normal School and yet would save us an expense of about

$1000.00 a year.

Respectfully submitted,

J. E. Stubbs

The following is the correspondence referred to in the report of

the President.

Department of State

Carson City, March 29, 1897

President J. E. Stubbs

Nevada State University

Reno, Nevada

My Dear Sir:

In your matter concerning the Irreducible Library Fund ($1000.00)

it is suggested by the Board of Examiners that the claims against

such Fund for the purchase of books should be filed with the

Board of Regents and Examiners showing the amount separately due

each seller, and itemized as other claims against the State are

itemized and certified to.

By Order of the State Board of Examiners

J. Doane

Clerk of the Board

Nevada State University

Reno, Nevada March 31, 1897

Hon. James R. Judge

Attorney General

Carson City, Nevada

My Dear Sir:

Referring to the action of the State Examiners which requires the

Regents of the University to conduct their business of selling

books to the students through the agency of the Board of Examin-

ers, so far as to require all bills for the purchase of books to

be certified to by the Board of Regents in the usual manner and

to be sent to the Board of Examiners to be passed upon by them as

all other bills are passed upon and the several bills to be paid

through the Offices of the State Controller and the State Treas-

urer, I beg to say that I wrote yesterday, quite in haste, a

history of the Book Business for the information of the Board

of Examiners.

I wish to take up the subject further and to ask you to give the

subject your personal attention. At the meeting of the Board of

Regents held June 6, 1895, upon the recommendation of the Board

of Visitors, a resolution was adopted by the Board, instructing

the President of the University to make such arrangements for

the purchase of text books and their sale at a cost to the stu-

dents as would accord with the recommendation of the Board of

Visitors. Under this order, the books have been purchased in

the name of the University and sold to the students at cost.

Experience showed us that a capital of $1000.00 was necessary to

carry on the business, and to do a cash business and obtain the

best discount by maintaining high credit with Publishers, I

borrowed One Thousand Dollars at the bank and gave it to the

Secretary to do business with.

This stock and the accounts with Publishers all belonging to the

State are kept in a State building, and a State Officer has spe-

cial charge of the business. While I have taken the risk of ad-

vancing the money, I have no ownership in the stock or accounts

and would not admit any such ownership. I have simply obeyed

the orders of the Regents.

Now, the Regents asked the Legislature to appropriate the sum of

$1000.00 as an Irreducible Book Fund to be placed under the con-

trol of the Board of Regents as capital for carrying on the busi-

ness with the proviso that the Regents must not allow this sum

to be impaired and that they must account to the State at the

next meeting of the Legislature for their management of this

Fund. We understand this to mean that this money is to be paid

over to the Regents and that prior to the meeting of the next

Legislature they must present their report through the Board of

Examiners. It seems to me that the language of the Act of appro-

priation confirms this view. I know that this view is one with

the intention of the Committee of the Senate that framed the


Now then, this money is now drawing Ten Per Cent interest or Ten

Dollars a month, and I am holden to the bank for this amount.

We ought to stop the interest and I ought to be released from

this obligation.

Now further, it is my personal wish to meet the views of the

Board of Examiners and to confirm to their instruction without

question, but it seems that the Board ought to take the position

of cooperation in regard to the University interests.

We should adopt the suggestion of the Board of Examiners if such

suggestion were practicable or workable. It is simply impossible

to carry out the suggestion of the Board. If adhered to, the

Regents will be compelled to turn over the business to a dealer

and thus subject the students to a heavy expense, which neither

they nor their parents can afford to bear.

I have already sent you a special insurance of $1000.00 to pro-

tect the State against loss by fire on the stock of books. I

suppose the Regents would give you a Bond, if you have the

authority to require one.

I will file with you an inventory of the stock now on hand with

prices attached, if you wish.

Can you not take up the matter and settle it at once in a manner

both practicable and satisfactory to your Board and ours?

I have ventured to take up this matter with you because of a

suggestion of common interest made by you at a recent business


I remain with high esteem,

Respectfully yours,

J. E. Stubbs


Office of the Attorney General

Carson City, April 1, 1897

Professor J. E. Stubbs

Reno, Nevada

Dear Sir:

Your letter of yesterday received this morning.

Neither your letter nor matter of insurance policy had been call-

ed to my attention and hence did not see them until today.

I am satisfied the Fund can be reached and applied as intended,

if you will have prepared and sent to the Board of Examiners a

list of the books and prices now on hand -- at least to the value

of those on hand, with bills of sale to the State.

No doubt the Board will meet on Tuesday next, and if list is here

on that date, an order for payment of the money will be made.

Yours truly,

James R. Judge

Office of the State Controller

Carson City, April 2, 1897

Dr. J. E. Stubbs

Dear Sir:

Have prepared the Bonds for University Deficiency, and as soon as

as signed, will issue warrants.

Hope to be ready Monday or Tuesday.

The Governor has submitted some question concerning the special

tax levy to create Interest and Sinking Fund to the Attorney

General, and wants his opinion before he signs the Bonds.

Expect the opinion will be ready in a day or two.

Yours truly,

C. A. La Grave

Nevada State University

Reno, Nevada April 3, 1897

Hon. James R. Judge

Attorney General

Carson City, Nevada

Dear Sir:

I have the honor to hand you herewith enclosed an inventory of

the stock of books which the University has for sale to students,

which stock of books is the property of the State of Nevada, and

is under the care and direction of the Board of Regents of the


Will you file this inventory with the State Board of Examiners

and ask the Board at its earliest convenience to approve the

claim of the Board of Regents for the sum of $1000.00, appropri-

ated by the Legislature for this purpose, which sum of $1000.00

has already been paid over to the Board of Regents by a loan

effected through the President of the University?

Respectfully yours,

J. E. Stubbs


Total of Inventory $1025.20.

The President of the University is instructed to ask the

Adjuntant General, United States Army, to make a detail of an

Officer to succeed Lieutenant W. R. Hamilton at the close of the

present year, namely August 31, 1897. An Officer who is compe-

tent to fill the Chair of Engineering in addition to his duties

as Commandant. The Officer must be a man of good habits and

high character and skilled in teaching. For such a man, the

University will pay an annual salary of One Thousand Dollars,

payable in monthly installments.

On a motion of Regent Deal, the President was authorized to have

C. E. Clough make a report of the cost of completing the Gymnasi-

um building.

The action of the President of the Board, instructing the Secre-

tary of the Board to advertise for bids on April 2, 1897 for the

erection and completion of the Mechanical building, was confirm-

ed, and is as follows:

Bids Wanted

Bids for the erection and completion of a Mechanical building

for Nevada State University.

The Regents of the Nevada State University will receive

sealed bids for the erection and completion of the main

portion of the Mechanical building, according to the plans

and specifications to be on file in the Office of the Presi-

dent of the University from and after 10 o'clock A.M. Monday,

April 5, 1897. Said bids to be filed with the Secretary of

the Board of Regents on or before 2 o'clock P.M. Saturday,

April 17, 1897, at which hour the bids will be opened at the

Office of the Board in Morrill Hall.

Each bid shall be accompanied by a certified check for Five

Hundred Dollars, payable to the order of the Board of

Regents, as a guarantee of good faith on the part of the


The Regents reserve the right to reject any or all bids.

Signed, Geo. H. Taylor, Secretary, April 2, 1897.

The Bond of Washoe County Bank as Treasurer of the Agricultural

and Mechanical College Fund for $31,000.00 dated January 12,

1897 is approved.

It is ordered that no clothing, bed clothes, bedding or any other

article of the character mentioned, of any other character or

nature whatsoever, which have been used in or taken from any

place whatever in which any infections or contagious disease has

existed, shall be brought for any purpose whatsoever to the Uni-

versity grounds or buildings. Any person in the employment of

the Board of Regents or attending the University in any capacity,

will be summarily dealt with for the violation of the above or-

der. Carried.

Contingent University Fund and 90,000 Acre Grant

Payroll Sal & Labor - Mar. 954.10

Payot Upham & Co. 4.50

Library Bureau 3.00

Reno Water & Light Co. 114.10

Reno Water & Light Co. 100.00

Office Speciality Mfg. Co. 9.00

Ada Torreyson 15.50

J. E. Stubbs 10.15

G. H. Taylor 18.44

Reno Mercantile Co. 54.40

Reno Mercantile Co. 55.29

Nevada State Journal 16.00

G. Merlinger 5.00

Riverside Transfer Co. 14.00

Reno Mill & Lumber Co. 14.52

Reno Mill & Lumber Co. 24.80

Nevada Bell Telephone Co. 5.00

S. W. Upson 1.50

Geo. A. Booth 17.75

Nevada Hardware & Supply Co. 216.62

T. P. Bradshaw Agent 25.00

Porteaus & Co. 88.45

W. E. F. Deal 5.00

J. N. Evans 13.00


Agricultural and Mechanical College Fund

Salaries Prof & instr. Mar. 1516.84

Reno Mercantile Co. 6.45

Nevada Hardware & Supply Co. 3.00

A. Lietz Co. 6.50

Baker & Hamilton 16.34

John Taylor & Co. 12.84

John Taylor & Co. 17.47

John Taylor & Co. 166.20

John Taylor & Co. 12.05


On motion of Regent Deal, the Board took a recess until Saturday

evening, April 10, 1897, at 8 o'clock. Above meeting postponed

to Tuesday evening, April 13, 1897.