UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
April 7-8, 1972


Pages 93-103

                      BOARD OF REGENTS


                       April 7-8, 1972

The Board of Regents met on the above dates in the Center for

Religion and Life, 1101 North Virginia Street, Reno.  The meeting

was called to order at 1:55 P.M., Friday, April 7, 1972 by

Chairman Jacobsen.

Members present:  Fred M. Anderson, M. D.

                  Mr. James H. Bilbray

                  Mr. Clark J. Guild, Jr.

                  Mr. Harold Jacobsen

                  Mrs. Molly Knudtsen

                  Louis E. Lombardi, M. D.

                  Mr. Paul Mc Dermott (for a portion of the


                  Mr. William Morris

                  Mr. Mel Steninger

                  Miss Helen Thompson

Members absent:   Mr. Archie C. Grant

Others present:   Chancellor Neil D. Humphrey, UNS

                  President N. Edd Miller, UNR

                  President R. J. Zorn, UNLV

                  President John M. Ward, DRI

                  President Charles R. Donnelly, CCD

                  Mr. Procter Hug, Jr., Special Deputy

                      Attorney General

                  Vice President Edward L. Pine, UNR

                  Vice President James T. Anderson, UNR

                  Vice President Donald Baepler, UNLV

                  Mr. Herman Westfall, UNLV

                  Mr. Mark Dawson, DRI

                  Mr. David Wilkins, UNS

                  Mr. Edward Olsen, UNS

                  Dr. Edwin Carey, CCD

                  Mr. K. Donald Jessup, UNR

                  Dr. Hugh Mozingo, UNR

                  Mr. Glen Clark, UNS

                  Dr. Paul Aizley, UNLV

                  Dr. Tom Hoffer, DRI

                  Mr. Felix Young, WNCC

                  Miss Shelly Levine, UNLV

                  Mr. Dan Klaich, UNR

                  Mr. Richard Elmore, UNR

                  Mr. Stan Smith, WNCC

 1.  Approval of Minutes

     The minutes of the meeting of March 10, 1972 were submitted

     for approval.

     Dr. Lombardi moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr.

     Bilbray, carried without dissent.

 2.  Report of Gifts

     Upon motion by Mr. Bilbray, seconded by Dr. Anderson, the

     gifts and grants were accepted as reported by the Presi-

     dents.  (Reports contained in Ref. 2 and 2A and filed with

     the permanent minutes.)

 3.  Medical Examination Requirement for Admission

     President Miller endorsed a recommendation by Dr. Robert E.

     Locke, Director of Student Health Services, UNR, that the

     Board of Regents requirement of a smallpox vaccination as a

     prerequisite to registration at UNR be discontinued.  Presi-

     dent Zorn requested that UNLV also be included in this

     change in policy.  (Requirement has not been applicable at


     Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval of the change in

     policy applicable at UNR and UNLV, effective immediately.

     Mr. Bilbray moved approval.  Motion seconded by Miss

     Thompson and carried without dissent.

Mr. Dan Klaich, outgoing UNR Student Body President, introduced

Mr. Richard Elmore, President-Elect, noting that he would assume

the office during the coming week and would be representing UNR

students at Board meetings during the coming year.  Chairman

Jacobsen commended Mr. Klaich for his service to the students of

UNR and welcomed Mr. Elmore to his first meeting of the Board.

 4.  Publication of Journal

     President Miller reported that Mr. and Mrs. Graham Erskine

     had offered to underwrite the cost of advertising the initi-

     ation of a new journal which is proposed for publication by

     UNR.  Following distribution of an advertising flyer, the

     responses would be evaluated and assessed and further recom-

     mendations would be developed.

     Dr. Willard Day, Professor of Psychology, who would serve as

     editor, if the journal is published, presented information

     concerning the proposal, noting that the journal would be

     titled Behaviorism -- A Forum for Critical Discussion.  He

     noted also that a national editorial board of exceptional

     competence had been assembled and a sufficient number of

     quality papers has been secured for the first issue, antici-

     pated in Fall, 1972.  Dr. Day stated that it was proposed

     that there would be two issues each year, that each issue

     would consist of approximately 100 pages and 5,000 to 7,000

     copies of each issue would be printed at a subscription rate

     of $16 per year.  Contributors will not be paid.

     President Miller recommended that UNR be authorized to move

     through the initial stages of advertising this journal, us-

     ing the University's name, with costs of such advertising

     to be underwritten by Mr. Erskine.  Following evaluation of

     the responses to this advertising, a report be made back to

     the Board.  Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

     Mr. Bilbray moved approval.  Motion seconded by Dr.

     Lombardi, carried without dissent.

 5.  Bid Opening

     President Miller reported that bids will be opened by the

     State Planning Board on April 11, 1972 for earth excavation

     at the Physical Education Facilities site, UNR.  He and

     Chancellor Humphrey recommended that the Plant and Property

     Committee be delegated authority to act on behalf of the

     Board for the award of the bid.

     Mr. Lombardi moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr. Guild,

     carried without dissent.

 6.  Approval of Purchases in Excess of $5,000, UNR

     A.  Mr. Pine reported that bids were opened March 23, 1972

         for the purchase of ten accelerograph and playback

         systems to be used by the College of Engineering to

         record ground motions and earthquakes on tape.

         Kinemetrics, Inc., San Gabriel, Calif.           $26,000

         Teledyne Geotech, Garland, Texas                 $22,050

         Mr. Pine noted that the College of Engineering reviewed

         the bids and concluded that the bid of Teledyne Geotech

         does not meet specifications.  He endorsed the recom-

         mendation of the College of Engineering that their bid

         not be accepted.

         President Miller recommended award go to Kinemetrics,

         Inc., for $26,000 with funds to be provided from a

         National Science Foundation Grant involving earthquake

         monitoring.  Chancellor Humphrey concurred.

         Dr. Anderson moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr.

         Bilbray, carried without dissent.

     B.  Mr. Pine reported that bids were opened March 30, 1972

         for the purchase of an image offset reproduction machine

         as a replacement in Central Services for existing


         Itek Business Products, Sacramento             $4,400.00

         Erickson's Printing Equipment, Sacramento       4,871.00

         Armanko's, Reno                                 5,083.50

         A. B. Dick Products, Las Vegas                  5,840.00

         President Miller recommended award to Itek Business

         Products for $4,400.  Funds are available from State

         appropriation.  Chancellor Humphrey concurred.

         Mr. Bilbray moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr.

         Guild, carried without dissent.

     C.  Mr. Pine recalled that bids were opened March 7, 1972

         for furniture and equipment for the Physics building,

         UNR.  Awards were approved at the March meeting for all

         but the classroom chairs (Schedule E, items 21 and 22).

         Those bids were as follows:

         Virco Manufacturing Co., Los Angeles           $3,506.00

         Armanko's, Reno                                 4,619.00

         Review by the Physics Department has been completed and

         President Miller endorsed its recommendation that the

         award be made to the low bidder, Virco Manufacturing, in

         the amount of $3,506.00.  Funds are available from the

         original project budget.  Chancellor Humphrey concurred.

         Dr. Lombardi moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr.

         Bilbray, carried without dissent.

 7.  Space for Senior Citizens Program

     President Miller recalled that in February the Board had

     authorized the rental of 1,500 square feet of space on the

     fourth floor of the Mapes office building, at a cost of $575

     per month, beginning February 1, 1972, to be used for the

     Senior Citizens Program funded by Title I and Older American

     Acts Funds.

     Subsequent to that time, General University Extension nego-

     tiated a more favorable arrangement and signed a lease for

     640 square feet of space at 560 Mill Street, for a monthly

     rental of $224.

 8.  Progress Report of Construction Projects, UNR

     Vice President Pine presented a progress report of construc-

     tion projects at UNR, under the direction of Physical Plant

     (report on file in the Chancellor's Office).

 9.  Foreign Travel Report

     In accordance with the Board's policy on foreign travel by

     faculty, President Miller reported on the following:

     A.  Dr. H. J. Weeth, Professor of Animal Science, will be

         traveling to Banff, Alberta, Canada, June 9-16, 1972, to

         present a paper to a joint meeting of the Canadian and

         American Societies of Animal Science.

     B.  Dr. Pierre Mousset-Jones, Associate Professor of Mining

         and Engineering, will be traveling abroad April 3 to

         May 12, 1972.  He will present a paper at the 10th

         International Symposium on the Application of Computer

         Methods in the Mineral Industry, in Johannesburg, South

         Africa, April 8-15.  He will visit mining operations and

         computer installations in South Africa and Zambia and

         will return via England where he will visit mining

         operations and mining schools.

10.  Site Selection, WNCC

     President Donnelly noted Senate Bill 179, 1971 Statutes,

     directed conveyance of not to exceed 200 acres of 520 acres

     of State-owned real property in Carson City to the Univer-

     sity of Nevada for Community College purposes, but provided

     that the University must select the site within 12 months

     from the effective date of the Act, April 25, 1971, and

     request conveyance thereof to the Board of Regents, and

     further provided that if the Board of Regents has not con-

     structed and is not operating a Community College on that

     property within five years from the date of conveyance,

     the real property will revert to the State of Nevada.

     Dr. Donnelly recommended that Pereira and Associates, the

     master planners, be given additional opportunity to do

     research on the property and to develop a recommendation

     for the specific 200 acres to be selected.  He requested

     that the Plant and Property Committee be delegated authority

     to review the recommendation of the master planners, the

     State Planning Board and the Administration, and make the

     selection of the parcel of land on which the WNCC Campus

     would be located.  Such a meeting of the Plant and Property

     Committee could occur prior to the April 25, 1972 deadline

     for filing this request with the State Land Registrar.  A

     geological report and an area map were distributed (on file

     in the Chancellor's Office).

     Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval of the delegation

     of authority as requested by President Donnelly.

     Mr. Bilbray moved approval.  Motion seconded by Dr.

     Anderson, carried without dissent.

     It was agreed the Plant and Property Committee would meet

     on Saturday, April 8, 1972 at noon, and that Mr. William

     Hancock, Mr. Ralph Casazza, Dean Vernon Scheid and Dr.

     David B. Slemmons would be invited to be present.

11.  Associate in General Studies Degree, CCD

     President Donnelly presented a proposal for an Associate in

     General Studies Degree to be awarded by the Community

     Colleges, but will group present course offerings into a

     program.  (Details of the program presented in Ref. 11,

     filed with permanent minutes.)  In conformity with Board

     policy, action will be requested at the May meeting.

12.  Fee Schedule, CCD

     President Donnelly recommended approval of the following fee

     schedule, effective Summer Session, 1972, and continuing

     until amended:

     Registraton fee           $ 8.00 per credit per semester

     Capital Improvement fee     2.00 per credit per semester

     Student Association fee    10.00 for all students taking > 5

                                      credits per semester

                                  .50 per credit for those taking

                                      < 6 credits per semester

     Tuition (out-of-state)      5.00 per credit per semester

     Audit fee                   8.00 per credit

     Application fee             5.00

     Late Registration fee       5.00

     Transcript of Record fee    1.00

     Special Examination fee    10.00 per course

     President Donnelly noted that adoption of this schedule

     increases the Special Examination fee from $6 to $10 per

     course and assesses a 50 cent per credit fee for those

     taking fewer than 6 credits.  All other fees are the same as

     those currently assessed.  Chancellor Humphrey concurred in

     the recommendation.

     Mr. Steninger moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr. Guild,

     carried without dissent.

13.  Refund of Fees

     President Donnelly recommended approval, effective Summer

     Session, 1972, of the following policy governing refund of

     fees for Community College students:

     A.  Refund of Registration fee and Capital Improvement fee

         for students withdrawing from a Community College shall

         be computed from the first day of classes, as follows:

             Withdrawal During            Refund

                 1 -  4 weeks             50%

                 5 - 16 weeks             No Refund

     B.  Student Association fees shall be refunded in full to

         students withdrawing from a Community College the first

         day after classes start.  No refunds shall be made after

         that date; this includes Summer Session.

     C.  Refunds to Community College students inducted into the

         U. S. Armed Forces or Veterans shall be pro-rated on the

         number of weeks remaining in the semester.

     D.  Refunds shall not be made to auditors who withdraw un-

         less the class is not offered, in which case the total

         fee is refunded.

     E.  Refunds to students on Time Payment shall be determined

         by the percentage in the refund schedule; any amounts

         due the College must be satisfied before any refunds are


     F.  For Summer Session students, full refund of Registration

         and Capital Improvement fees shall be made if a student

         withdraws during the first two days of classes.  No

         refunds shall be made after that date.

     Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

     Miss Thompson moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr.

     Steninger, carried without dissent.

14.  Military Science Requirement, UNLV

     In December, 1971, the Board voted to "... ask UNLV to con-

     sider the possibility of a similar (i. e., to UNR) orienta-

     tion program in Military Science for Freshmen students."

     President Zorn reported in accordance with that request,

     he had appointed an ad hoc committee to study the total

     question of ROTC, beginning from the period of the last

     study on this matter at UNLV, approximately in 1968.

     President Zorn presented the report from the ad hoc commit-

     tee for information (report identified as Ref. 14 and filed

     in the permanent minutes).

15.  Request for Increase in Spending Authority, 1971-72

     President Zorn reported that it is anticipated that the non-

     appropriated revenues for 1971-72 at UNLV will exceed the

     authorized expenditure by approximately $110,000, which is

     expendable if approved by the Board of Regents and the

     Governor.  President Zorn requested approval of the Board

     for a subsequent request to the Governor for approval for

     expenditure of these funds in the following manner:

     (1)  $19,000 toward the remodeling of the Angel Peak facili-

          ties to enable a UNLV Geology-Biology Field Station to

          operate at Charleston Mountain by the 1972 Summer


     (2)  $80,000 toward the completion of the third floor of the

          Education building and acquisition of an elevator.  (To

          be augmented by funds from the contingency for the pro-

          ject held by the State Planning Board.)

     (3)  $11,000 toward the purchase of electronic walkie-talkie

          equipment for Campus security force.

     Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

     Mr. Morris moved approval.  Motion seconded by Dr. Lombardi,

     carried without dissent.

16.  Authorization to Sell Stock

     President Zorn reported that UNLV has received a gift of 375

     shares of Showboat, Inc. stock from Mr. J. K. Housells, Jr.,

     as part of his pledge to the Performing Arts project.  The

     stock was bid at 17 3/4 for a total value of $6,656.25.

     Chancellor Humphrey recommended adoption of the following

     resolution to permit the sale of the stock:

                        RESOLUTION #72-3

     WHEREAS, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, has received

     375 shares of stock in Showboat, Inc., and

     WHEREAS, this stock is a gift from Mr. J. K. Housells, Jr.,

     to be used for the Performing Arts Center;

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Regents of

     the University of Nevada does hereby authorize the sale of

     the 375 shares of stock in Showboat, Inc.; authorizes

     Chancellor Neil D. Humphrey to sign the necessary stock

     power; and directs that the proceeds shall be deposited in

     the appropriate account for the construction of the

     Performing Arts Center.

     Mr. Bilbray moved approval.  Motion seconded by Dr.

     Anderson, carried without dissent.

17.  Library Book Loss Detection System, UNLV

     President Zorn reported that bids were opened March 23, 1972

     for the purpose of a Library Book Loss Detection System.

     Funds were provided from the following sources:

     Gift from Regent Helen Thompson              $16,423

     Diploma Fee Fund                               4,600

     Library Fine Fund                              4,500

     UNLV Operating Budget (by transfer)           11,477


     A single bid was received from 3-M Company, St. Paul,

     Minnesota, for $36,540.  President Zorn recommended award

     to 3-M Company.  Chancellor Humphrey concurred.

     Mr. Bilbray moved approval.  Motion seconded by Dr.

     Anderson, carried without dissent.

18.  Preliminary Plans, UNLV Natatorium

     President Zorn recalled that in March the Board had delegat-

     ed authority to the Clark County Regents serving as an ad

     hoc committee for approval of the preliminary plans for this

     project.  He noted, however, that it has not been possible

     to arrange a meeting for this purpose, and therefore wished

     to present plans for the Board's consideration at this time.

     President Zorn presented the preliminary plans and requested

     approval by the Board.  Chancellor Humphrey recommended


     Mr. Bilbray moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr. Morris,

     carried without dissent.

19.  Fish Research Facility, UNLV

     President Zorn reviewed the history of this project, noting

     that it had been bid on February 10, 1972, but bids had

     exceeded the $39,000 available and were rejected.  The

     project was rebid on April 4, 1972 but again the bids ex-

     ceeded the funds available.  President Zorn recommended that

     the bids be rejected and alternative methods of funding be


     Recommendation approved by consensus.

20.  Approval of Fund Transfers

     Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval of the following

     transfers of funds:

     #177-UNR   $2,520.00 from Reserve for Contingency to

                Property, Fidelity, Liability Insurance to pay

                insurance premiums for the following:

                Student Overseas Liability         $  100

                Additional Insurance, State Trial

                    Judges Building                 1,554

                Nuclear Energy Liability              750

                Auto Bodily Injury                     80

                Auto Property Damage                   36

     #180-UNR   $4,501.25 from Reserve for Contingency to

                Professional Salaries to provide (1) a 1.00 FTE

                four-month Professional appointment to replace

                the Assistant Government Publications Librarian,

                who will go on leave some time in March -- her

                salary will be paid until June 30; (2) support

                for the Oral History Project to continue the

                position of Editor-Interviewer (P-86-52T) at .50

                FTE for the period February-June, 1972.

     #187-UNR   $24,943.33 from Reserve for Contingency to the

                following accounts:

                Controller                           $2,444.59

                Personnel                             1,933.05

                Purchasing                              250.00

                Student Affairs                       4,680.57

                Community Relations                     178.51

                Audio Visual                            671.48

                Central Services                      1,999.90

                Dean - Arts & Science                 2,426.61

                Art Department                          654.09

                Foreign Languages                       151.97

                Philosophy                              496.00

                Sociology                               159.00

                Athletics                             2,957.96

                Anthropology                            340.81

                Dean - Business Administration        2,423.57

                Managerial Science                       80.56

                General Professionals                   774.03

                Secondary Education                     132.74

                Counseling & Guidance                   366.57

                Mechanical Engineering                  132.92

                Nuclear Engineering                   1,150.40

                Oral History Projects                   538.00

     #557-UNLV  $15,500 from Reserve for Contingency to Buildings

                and Grounds to supplement State Planning Board

                funds to finish interior construction of third

                floor of wing A of Education building.

     #556-UNLV  $11,000 from Reserve for Contingency to Buildings

                and Grounds to purchase additional labor saving

                equipment to maintain new landscaping and parking


     #559-UNLV  $10,100 from Reserve for Contingency to College

                of Science and Mathematics for purchase of equip-

                ment for Chemistry Department.

     Mr. Bilbray moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr.

     Mc Dermott, carried without dissent.

     The following transfers were reported for information.

     #185-UNR   $1,250 from Reserve for Contingency to Manager-

                ial Sciences Department, Graduate Assistant

                Salaries to provide the continuing services to

                the insurance industry in the State related to

                the resignation of Mr. Reiser.  Position to be

                occupied by Robert Pankhurst.

     #547-UNLV  $584.00 from Reserve for Contingency to Student

                Personnel Services - Operating because Student

                Personnel was budgeted to pay six months rental

                for use of office space in the Student Union.

                It is now determined that two additional months

                rental will be necessary.  The amount transferred

                will be paid to CSUN with the condition that the

                money will be used for the operating costs of the

                Child Day Care Center.

     #549-UNLV  $750.00 from Reserve for Contingency to Faculty

                Senate, Operating to purchase office furniture

                and supplies for the Faculty Senate.

     #552-UNLV  $710.00 from Reserve for Contingency to Athletics

                to cover replacement (Dominic Clark) for Steu

                Betterton who resigned and the University paid

                him for 48 days annual leave which left a short-

                age in the Professional Salaries.

     #560-UNLV  $500 from Reserve for Contingency to College of

                Science and Mathematics for purchase of equipment

                for the Department of Engineering, Geography and


21.  Regulations for Tuition Charges

     Mr. Hug recalled that in March the Board reviewed a draft of

     proposed "Regulations for Tuition Charges", which he had

     developed in cooperation with the Presidents, their admis-

     sions officers and Chancellor Humphrey.  Mr. Hug also refer-

     red to his letter of transmittal in which he had identified

     some of the reasons for and purposes of the regulations.

     (Letter identified as Ref. 22A and filed with permanent


     Mr. Hug submitted a substitute to his earlier draft, noting

     it included one change - the addition of a new Paragraph

     1, of Section 4, Page 3 - and subsequent to that same page.

     (Substitute identified as Ref. 22B and filed with the perm-

     anent minutes.)  Chancellor Humphrey noted that subsequent

     to the March meeting the UNR Faculty Senate had passed the

     following motion in response to the proposed regulations:

         That the present provisions in Section 4.9 (4.10 in

         Mr. Hug's substitute draft) be revised to permit

         out-of-state students to qualify for Nevada residency

         while they are attending school, irrespective of the

         number of credits for which they are registered,

         through the application of reasonable criteria such

         as those used in establishing residency for other

         purposes (driver's license, hunting and fishing

         licenses, voting, etc.).

     Dr. Mozingo spoke in support of the UNR Faculty Senate

     resolution, stating that this action by the Senate was based

     upon the basic assumption that the economy of the State de-

     pends primarily upon the tourist industry and the University

     exists primarily because of out-of-state funds.  Based upon

     that ethical consideration, he stated, a more reasonable

     proposition might be this proposal by the Senate that one

     year after matriculation the student would achieve residency

     by the usual means, e. g., driver's license, voting, etc.

     In response to a question as to how such a policy would help

     enrollment, Dr. Mozingo suggested the publicity value would

     be significant if Nevada were the only State to abolish

     tuition and this becomes known through California and other

     Western States.  Mr. Jacobsen agreed this would undoubtedly

     result in an increase in enrollment but pointed out it would

     also result in a decrease in income.

     Chancellor Humphrey commented that an analysis had been made

     of the effect of the adoption of the UNR Faculty Senate.

     Recommendations and the analysis revealed that the projected

     loss on non-resident tuition revenue during 1972-73 would be

     $1,401,395 ($1,139,315 at UNR and $262,080 at UNLV).  Mr.

     Humphrey stated that there were two basic ways to compensate

     for this loss of revenue, if the policy proposed by the UNR

     Faculty Senate is adopted:

     (1)  Increase in student fees to offset this revenue loss

          would require 64.9 % increase at UNR, resulting in an

          increase of $168 per year for each UNR student (total

          fee would then be $428 per year) and a 21.0 % increase

          at UNLV, resulting in the increase of $54 per year for

          each UNLV student (total fee would then be $314 per


     (2)  Cuts in the operating budgets to offset this revenue

          loss would be severe.  A cutback of $1,139,315 at UNR

          would mean operating at $309,270 less than was avail-

          able during 1971-72, even if all increases in salary

          for Professionals, Classified Personnel, and Graduate

          Assistants were not granted.  No new positions would be

          possible in spite of an anticipated enrollment growth.

          If, however, all salary increases were granted, it

          would require a reduction of 65 FTE Professional posi-

          tions or a reducation of 125 FTE Classified positions.

          A cutback of $262,080 at UNLV would mean that no new

          positions would be possible and a reduction in the

          Professional salary increase by one-half; or reducing

          the number of Professional positions to eight less than

          are authorized for the current year.

          Compensating for the loss of revenue is only one facet

          of the problem, however, he stated.  Since the

          Legislature provides over 89% of the cost of educating

          a student, with the student paying less than 20%,

          requesting significant increase in the appropriation

          from the State Legislature to fund increased enrollment

          of out-of-state students might not be an easy thing to


     Mr. Steninger moved approval of the policy stated in Ref.

     22B.  Motion seconded by Mr. Morris.

     Dr. Anderson moved to table until Saturday.  Motion to table

     seconded by Dr. Lombardi, carried without dissent.

     Mr. Morris stated that he resented the Faculty Senate taking

     the action reported, commenting that he believed this matter

     to be beyond the duties and obligations of the faculty.  He

     further stated that he considered the proposition to be

     illogical and without support and the attitude reflected by

     the statements made was irresponsible.  He suggested the

     first purpose of the University of Nevada is to educate the

     students of Nevada from the revenue sources available and

     increasing the number of students and increasing the number

     of faculty does not automatically serve that mission.

22.  Proposed Community College/University Articulation Policy

     Chancellor Humphrey recalled that in February a proposed

     statement of policy for the transfer of students from the

     Campuses of the Community College Division to the two

     University Divisions was presented for preliminary review.

     He noted that this policy had been developed by an articula-

     tion committee consisting of representatives of the three

     concerned Divisions, which he had Chaired, and with staff

     assistance from Dr. Ernest Palola.

     Chancellor Humphrey stated that the proposed statement of

     policy was also submitted to the Presidents in February for

     their review.  No requests for revision to the draft have

     been received.  Chancellor Humphrey recommended adoption of

     the policy statement (identified as Ref. 23 and filed with

     permanent minutes).

     Mr. Steninger moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr.

     Morris, carried without dissent.

23.  UNS Code

     Chancellor Humphrey recalled that in 1968 the Board request-

     ed development of a new Code to accommodate the reorganiza-

     tion of the System.  By June, 1971, five proposals had been

     received from the Faculty Senates.  An alternative proposal

     was made by the Chancellor to eliminate most procedural

     matter from the Code and have Division By-Laws developed by

     the Senates, subject to approval by the President, but not

     be submitted to the Board.

     Chancellor Humphrey noted that his proposal had subsequently

     been revised by the Advisory Cabinet (expanded for this pur-

     pose to include the Chairmen of the UNR, UNLV and DRI Facul-

     ty Code Committees) and transmitted to Board in December,

     1972, as a consensus document.  That document is buff in


     The Coordinating Council, representing the various Faculty

     Senates, found the buff document unacceptable and developed

     an alternative proposal which Chancellor Humphrey noted

     had been presented to the Board in March.  The Coordinating

     Council document is green in color.  Subsequently, the UNR

     faculty was requested by that Senate to express a preference

     for one version with a resulting ballot of 223 favoring the

     green document and 27 favoring the buff document, with no


     Chancellor Humphrey also noted the Faculty of the Office

     of the Chancellor (representing faculty in the Computing

     Center, University Press and Chancellor's Office) has pro-

     posed amendments to the buff document which includes some of

     the provisions in the green document.  Glen Clark, Chairman

     of the Faculty Office of the Chancellor, commented on the

     provisions of the actions taken by his group.  (Proposal on

     file in the Chancellor's Office.)

     Chancellor Humphrey also noted that Special Counsel Tom Bell

     had, after reviewing both the buff and green documents, sub-

     mitted recommendations concerning certain portions of the

     Code.  (Mr. Bell's recommendations on file in the Chancel-

     lor's Office.)  Mr. Bell's recommendations were discussed

     and Mr. Hug commented that he would also have recommenda-

     tions concerning the Code but would prefer to wait until

     after he had reviewed all of the material submitted.

     Chancellor Humphrey reported the Officers of the Univer-

     sity were now prepared to make their recommendation to the

     Board and had submitted a separate document, dated March 27,

     1972 (included with the agenda on file in the Chancellor's

     Office).  He noted that this proposed document was accompan-

     ied by proposed amendments to the By-Laws of the Board

     concerning the responsibilities of the Officers of the


     The Faculty Senate Chairmen spoke in favor of the document

     supported by their respective Senates.

     It was agreed that the facilities would be requested to con-

     sider the recommendations by Mr. Bell and the document pro-

     posed by the Officers of the University.  Further discussion

     will be scheduled for the May meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 4:50 P.M. and reconvened on Saturday,

April 8, 1972 at 11:05 A.M., with all Regents, Officers and staff

present who were in attendance the previous day.

24.  Item missing.

25.  Approval of Preliminary Plans, UNS/CCD Administration


     Chancellor Humphrey introduced Mr. George Trowbridge,

     architect for the project, who presented the preliminary

     plans for the UNS/CCD Administration building to be con-

     structed on Marsh and Lander in Reno.  Chancellor Humphrey

     recommended approval of the plans as submitted.

     Dr. Lombardi moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr. Guild,

     carried without dissent.

Discussion resumed on #21, Regulations for Tuition Charges

(tabled until Saturday).

     Mr. Guild suggested the proposed regulations be set over

     until the May meeting but so that there might be an expres-

     sion to the public of the Board's intention and be made

     clear the Board recognizes that any regulations adopted as

     a policy matter must be within the purview of existing stat-

     utes.  He said he believed it to be the consensus of the

     Board that out-of-state students should not be relieved of

     the assessment of out-of-state tuition to the detriment of

     the in-state student and the University's ability to provide

     education to that in-state student.

     Mr. Guild recommended that General Counsel be directed to

     review the regulations with particular emphasis on Paragraph

     10, Section 3, and that appropriate language be considered

     at the May meeting to recognize that University finances are

     based on appropriation by the Legislature and the primary

     purpose of the University is education of Nevada residents.

     He also suggested that a review of case law concerning

     limitations of one year or six months, with an additional

     qualification that there be a presumption that an out-of-

     state student remains in that category until he comes within

     certain qualifications of being a resident of the State,

     e. g., owner of real property.

     Mr. Guild moved that regulations be set over until May with

     the understanding that the foregoing statement reflects the

     consensus of the Board.  Motion seconded by Mr. Mc Dermott,

     carried without dissent.

26.  Capital Improvement Program Requests, 1973-75 Biennium

     Chancellor Humphrey reported that the State Planning Board

     has requested all agencies to submit their 1973-75 CIP re-

     quests by early April.  The UNS Division requests have been

     completed and summarized into a report which was distributed

     with the agenda (report on file in Chancellor's Office).

     Chancellor Humphrey requested that each of the Presidents

     comment on the requests for his Division and that Mr. Niels

     H. Anderson, Director of the Computing Center, present the

     request for that unit.

     Presidents Miller, Zorn, Donnelly and Ward and Mr. Anderson

     presented supporting statements on each of the requested

     capital improvements.

     Chancellor Humphrey stated that a System priority list for

     1972-73 capital improvements will be presented to the Board

     in May for action.  Also, he said, at that time the Admin-

     istration would have some recommendations for financing.

     Mr. Morris suggested there might be a possibility of bene-

     fiting from the provisions of Senate Bill 607, and this

     might also be considered an alternative method of financing

     capital construction.  He noted there is a provision in

     that law whereby constitutionality is subject to inter-

     pretation by the Nevada Supreme Court.

     Mr. Morris moved that Counsel be directed to file an amicus

     curiae brief on behalf of the University.  Motion seconded

     by Mr. Bilbray, carried without dissent.

     Mr. Humphrey suggested that another alternative would be

     through the University Securities Act and that other alter-

     natives would be presented to the Board for consideration

     in May.

27.  Amendment of Board Policy

     Chancellor Humphrey noted that Title 4, Chapter 18, Section

     2.2 of the Board of Regents Handbook states:

        Whenever a major construction is planned, the archi-

        tects shall prepare a model to the scale of 1/8" - 1"

        to assist the Plant and Property Committee of the

        Board of Regents or the Board of Regents in its

        study of such construction.

     He pointed out, however, that this has not been a consistent

     practice during the past several years and perhaps is not

     desirable for every capital improvement plan.

     Chancellor Humphrey recommended, and the Presidents con-

     curred, that the policy be amended to read:

         When determined by the Board to be desirable for a

         specific project, the architects shall be requested

         to prepare a model to the scale of 1/8" - 1" to

         assist the University staff and the Board of Regents

         in the review and study of the project.

     Mr. Steninger moved approval.  Motion seconded by Dr.

     Lombardi, carried without dissent.

28.  Change in Meeting Dates for May

     Chancellor Humphrey noted that when the calendar for 1972

     was adopted, the May meeting was scheduled for Thursday and

     Friday, May 11-12, to avoid conflict with UNLV's Commence-

     ment, which is now scheduled for the evening of May 13,

     which will permit the Board meeting to be held Friday and

     Saturday, May 12-13, if the Board wishes to change the


     Dr. Lombardi moved that the May meeting dates be changed to

     May 12-13.  Motion seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen, carried with-

     out dissent.

29.  Getchell Bequest of Mining Claims, UNR

     Mr. Pine reported that UNR owns a 50% interest in six

     patented claims north of Winnemucca (25% interest received

     from the Louise Getchell Estate and 25% from the Nobel

     Getchell Estate).  The other 50% is owned by Mrs. George


     Mr. Pine stated that Mrs. Wingfield has agreed to grant a

     free option period to Torok Exploration Mining and Construc-

     tion Company for the purpose of doing exploration and devel-

     opment on these claims, and requests the University to also

     approve the option under the following conditions:

     (1)  Exploration and development will be conducted until

          June 20, 1972.

     (2)  At that time, a payment of $9,000 will be made to the

          owners (1/2 the purchase price of $18,000).

     (3)  Final payment of the balance of the purchase price will

          be made on October 20, 1972.

     (4)  Torok is to assume full responsibility for any liabili-

          ties incurred and the property is to be so posted as to

          non-liability of owners.

     Mr. Pine noted that Roy A. Hardy, agent for Mrs. Wingfield,

     has recommended that the option be granted and he concurred

     in the recommendation.  President Miller and Chancellor

     Humphrey recommended approval.

     Mr. Steninger moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr. Guild,

     carried without dissent.

     Chancellor Humphrey recalled that in 1968, when the distri-

     bution of the Getchell Estate was received, the Board desig-

     nated the proceeds as a fund functioning as an endowment

     with the income to be used for educational purposes, and

     annually, the President of UNR make a recommendation for

     Board review for the distribution of the accumulated income.

     If the sale of these claims is consummated, he stated, the

     proceeds would be deposited to this same account.

30.  Travel Account, Student Body President

     Chancellor Humphrey recalled that in February, 1971, the

     Board of Regents established an account, by transfer from

     the Board of Regents Special Projects Fund, to provide for

     reimbursement of travel expenses of the various student

     body representatives to Board of Regents meetings.

     The $1,000 which was originally provided has been expended.

     He recommended that a transfer of $1,500 be approved to fund

     the account until June 30, 1973.

     Mr. Bilbray moved approval.  Motion seconded by Dr.

     Lombardi, carried without dissent.

31.  Approval of Purchase in Excess of $5,000, DRI

     President Ward reported that the Laboratory of Atmospheric

     Physics has requested approval to purchase a pulsed tunable

     dye laser and has obtained the following quotes from three


     Synergetics Research, Inc., Princeton, N. J.    $6,675

     Candela Corporation, Needham Heights, Mass.      7,800

     Electro Photonics Limited, Belfast, Ireland      7,370

     Dr. Ward stated that Electro Photonics Limited has been the

     only company to meet the 15 required specifications.  That

     company has a working agreement with Coherent Radiation

     Laboratories, Palo Alto, California, to handle after-sales

     service and E. G. & G. will produce flashlamps which must be

     replaced periodically.  Chancellor Ward recommended approval

     of the purchase from Electro Photonics, Limited.  Chancellor

     Humphrey concurred.

     Mr. Mc Dermott moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr.

     Morris, carried without dissent.

32.  State Planning Board Status Report

     A report from the State Planning Board concerning the status

     of University capital improvement projects was distributed

     (report on file in the Chancellor's Office).

33.  Definition of Academic Year

     Chancellor Humphrey noted that the present policy of the

     Board specifies that "for contractual and other appropriate

     purposes, the Academic Year is hereby defined as the ten

     month period from September 1 to June 30, inclusive".

     Due to the change in academic calendars at both UNR and UNLV

     this policy has been reviewed by the Presidents.  The

     Presidents and the Chancellor recommended that the policy be

     changed as indicated below in order that personnel contracts

     might be issued for 1972-73.

     Title 4, Chapter 1, Board of Regents Handbook

     Section 2. Academic and University Year

     1.  For contractual and other appropriate purposes, the

         Academic Year is hereby defined as the period from

         August 28 through May 31, inclusive for UNR and UNLV and

         the period from August 21 throught June 1 for CCD.  Such

         period contemplates the observance of offical or recog-

         nized National and State holidays and such other recess-

         es from official on-campus or off-campus duties as may

         be established at any time by the Board of Regents.

     2.  For contractual and other appropriate purposes, the

         University Year is defined as the twelve-month period

         coinciding with the fiscal year from July 1 to June 30,

         inclusive.  Such period contemplates observance of

         officially recognized National and State holidays and

         such other recesses of official on-campus and off-campus

         duty as may be established at any time by the Board of


     Mr. Guild moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen,

     carried without dissent.

The regular meeting adjourned at 12:15 P.M. and reconvened at

1:00 P.M. to consider the action of the Plant and Property

Committee which met during the lunch hour.

34.  Report of the Plant and Property Committee

     The Plant and Property Committee, chaired by Mr. Steninger,

     made the following recommendation:

     That the University request conveyance by the State of 200

     acres of real property located in Carson City and described

     as the NE 1/4 of Section 12, Township 15 North Range 19 East

     and SE 1/4 of Section 1, Township 15 North, Range 19 East to

     be used as the site of Western Nevada Community College.

     Dr. Lombardi moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mrs.

     Knudtsen, carried without dissent.

The meeting adjourned at 1:10 P.M.

                             Mrs. Bonnie M. Smotony

                             Secretary to the Board