UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
April 3-4, 1981


Pages 71-107



April 3, 1981

The Board of Regents met on the above date at Clark County

Community College, 3200 East Cheyenne, North Las Vegas, Nevada.

Members present: Mr. Robert A. Cashell, Chairman

Mr. James L. Buchanan

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mrs. Dorothy Gallagher

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mr. John R. Mc Bride

Mr. John Tom Ross

Mrs. June Whitley

Others present: Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

President William Berg, NNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President Jack Davis, WNCC

President James Eardley, TMCC

President Judith Eaton, CCCC

President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

President Clifford Murino, DRI

Vice Chancellor Larry Lessly

Secretary Bonnie Smotony

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairpersons and Student Body

Presidents from each of the member institutions of the Univer-


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Cashell at 8:25 A.M.

1. Adoption of Consent Agenda

Adoption of the Consent Agenda (identified as Ref. A and

filed with permanent minutes), containing the following

items, was recommended.

(1) Approvval of minutes of the regular meeting of Febru-

ary 27, 1981, and the special meeting of March 11,


(2) Acceptance of gifts and grants.

(3) Appointment of Mr. Ralph Denton of Las Vegas to the

University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine Advisory


(4) Appointment of the following persons to the UNLV

Foundation Fund Board:

Mr. Michael Gaughan, President, Barbara Cost

Mr. James Cashman, Jr., President, Cashman Enterprises

Mr. Tom Wiesner, President, Wiesner Investment Company

(5) Approval of sale of 500 shares of Valley Bank of

Nevada stock received by UNLV as a gift from W. Bruce

Beckley for the purpose of establishing the Beckley

Nevada Collection.

(6) Approval of sale of the remaining 25,000 shares of

Chemex stock which was a gift to the University of

Nevada, Reno, for the purpose of enhancing the

Biochemistry programs of the Agricultural Experiment

Station, with the sale to occur at a future date when

the market price is deemed to be the most advantageous

to the University.

(7) Extension of Dr. Frank Tobin's sabbatical leave from

the Spring semester, 1982, to the 1981-82 academic

year to allow Dr. Tobin the opportunity to complete a

significant literary work.

(8) Approval of the following fund transfers:

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Intercollegiate Athletics

#81-082 From the Reserve for Contingency to Inter-

collegiate Athletics Director's Office

Operating, $58,200, to purchase necessary

equipment and operating expenses for the

balance of the fiscal year.

Fund 101

#81-084 From the Reserve for Contingency to Math

Operating, $1756; final amount for matching

funds for National Science Foundation Grant.

#81-087 From the Reserve for Contingency to Engi-

neering Operating, $9900; to pay Desert Re-

search Institute for instruction and assist-

ance in grant writing for Spring semester.

#81-088 From the Reserve for Contingency to Audio

Visual Operating, $56,000; to purchase

equipment necessary to give color television


#81-089 From the Reserve for Contingency to Physical

Plant Repairs and Improvements Operating,

$20,000; to replace seats in Wright Hall 116

(90 seats total).

#81-090 From the Reserve for Contingency to Physical

Plant Services Operating, $25,000; funds to

be used to purchase two 4-wheel drive ve-

hicles to replace vehicles now being used by

Academic Departments.

#81-091 From the Reserve for Contingency to Music

Operating, $4500; for the purchase of Band

instruments and other equipment for the

Marching Band.

University of Nevada, Reno

#107 $9025 from Contingency Reserve to Physical

Plant to cover the cost of equipment encum-

bered during 1979-80. Since equipment was

received after closing of last fiscal year

account, charges will be against 1980-81


#130 $45,354 from Contingency Reserve to Internal

Medicine. Funds previously budgeted in

Pediatrics and Family Medicine for Resident

stipends are to be reallocated to Internal

Medicine for the same purpose.

Truckee Meadows Community College

#457 $17,200 from Contingency Reserve to Part-

Time Professional Salaries in Property

Rental Account. Necessary to pay for part-

time instruction provided for Washoe County

School District In-Service Education Program

in lieu of payment to the District for

building rental.

#458 $14,000 from Contingency Reserve to Wages,

Janitorial Account to cover student wage

help during the year.

#459 $22,000 from Contingency Reserve to Wages,

Library Account to cover student wage help

during the year.

#460 $38,000 from Contingency Reserve to Wages,

Services Account to cover student wage and

part-time help in the College Service areas.

Desert Research Institute

#81-002 $25,000 from Contingency Reserve to the

President's Office to provide additional

operating funds for the remainder of the

1980-81 fiscal year (indirect cost re-


#81-003 $15,000 from Contingency Reserve to Las

Vegas Administration to provide additional

operating funds for remainder of 1980-81

fiscal year (indirect cost recovery).

#81-005 $20,000 from Contingency Reserve to Water

Resources Center to provide additional

operating funds for remainder of 1980-81

fiscal year (indirect cost recovery).

#81-007 $25,114 from Contingency Reserve to Water

Resources Center to provide additional

funding for professional salaries (State


#81-008 $55,152 from Contingency Reserve to Atmos-

pheric Sciences Center to provide additional

funding for professional salaries (State


(9) Approval of Estimative Budgets for the UNLV Summer

Session, UNR Summer Session, CCCC Summer Session and

Revised Estimative Budget for the University of Nevada


(10) Approval of a utility easement, 20 feet wide and 320 +

feet long, for the connection of the building at the

WNCC Campus to a higher water pressure zone.

(11) Approval of the following allocations from the Board

of Regents Special Projects Account to augment certain

special accounts:

UNR Interview and Recruiting $10,000

Unit Interview and Recruiting Account 3,000

Board of Regents Host Account 10,000

(12) Designation of $100,000 of the current balance of the

Ron Einstoss Memorial Fund as a permanent endowment,

with earnings to benefit the Department of Journalism,

UNR. This fund was started in 1977 and currently

carried a balance of $106,000. It was originally

established for the Department of Journalism, but

beyond that, its purpose was not specifically desig-


In addition to the gifts reported in Ref. C-1 attached to

the Consent Agenda, President Eardley reported a $6000 cash

gift from Donrey Advertising, to be used for a security

system for the TMCC Library.

President Crowley reported the additional gift from the Fine

Arts Dental Studio of a full mouth plaster cast with 19

units of porcelain, two gold crowns and four bridges to be

used in instruction of Dental Assistants.

Mr. Ross reported the receipt of a gift from the Sands of

six 4-year scholarships.

Ms. Del Papa requested that the minutes of February 27,

1981 be corrected, pointing out that Kafoury Armstrong and

Company are not accountants of her Law firm, as is incor-

rectly stated in the minutes.

Mr. Buchanan moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Gallagher, carried without dissent.

2. Proposed Amendment of Chancellor's Contract

Chairman Cashell recalled that at the February 27, 1981

meeting, the Board had approved appointment of Dr. Robert

M. Bersi as Chancellor of the University of Nevada System,

effective immediately, with multi-year contract (initially

two years), in lieu of tenure.

Additionally, with the endorsement of President Crowley, the

Board also approved appointment of Dr. Bersi as Professor

of Educational Administration and Higher Education in the

College of Education, University of Nevada, Reno.

Mr. Cashell noted that Dr. Bersi's contract was subsequently

drawn effective February 27, 1981, for a two-year period, as

Chancellor, UNS, and as Professor of Education, UNR. He

recommended the contract document be modified as follows:

(1) The contract as Chancellor shall be "at the pleasure

of the Board", or for an initial period ending June 30,

1982, comparable to all other Officers' contracts.

(2) The appointment as Professor of Educational Administra-

tion and Higher Education shall be with tenure, and

shall be an annual contract (comparable to all other

faculty appointments).

(3) There shall be no salary attached to any service ren-

dered the College of Education while concurrently

serving as Chancellor.

Mr. Buchanan moved approval of the Chairman's recommenda-

tion. Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos, carried without


President Crowley reported that the UNR Theatre Group, the Nevada

Repertory, had entered a play into competition with 10,000 plays

from among 2300 Colleges and Universities and had been selected

as one of the 8 schools to perform in the Kennedy Center. The

performances would occur on April 3, 4 and 5, and a presentation

of an award was scheduled in Washington, D. C., for Friday even-

ing, April 3.

3. Personnel Recommendations

(A) Recommendations for Award of Tenure

Recommendations for award of tenure, effective July 1,

1981, were presented for the following persons:

(1) Western Nevada Community College

Harry Louis Scharmann, Developmental Instructor,

Fallon Campus

Bonnie York, Business Instructor, Fallon

(2) Northern Nevada Community College

Amy Emerson, Instructior, Developmental

(3) Truckee Meadows Community College

William Baines, Instructor, English

Veronica Bocchese, Instructor, Nursing

John Chism, Instructor, Business

Karen Edsall, Curriculum Development Specialist

Ed Gould, Counselor, Student Services

Kelsie Harder, Instructor, Art

Mata-Marie Johnson, Librarian

(4) Clark County Community College

Russell Anderson, Instructor, Bus/Human Services

Pat Caldwell, Instructor, Fine Arts/Communications

Norma Cleveland, Instructor, Science & Technology

Dale Etheridge, Instructor, Science & Technology

Arnold Friedman, Instructor, Science & Technology

John Heise, Instructor, Business

Alyce Lewellin, Instructor, Human Services

Edward Messner, Instructor, LRC/TV Productions

Barbara Nelson, Instructor, Science & Technology

Robin Nelson, Instructor, Business

James Santor, Instructor, Human Services

Richard Steadman, Instructor, Science & Technology

Jeri Wallis, Instructor, Child Development

Jerry Young, Dean, Educational Services, Adminis-


(5) University of Nevada, Reno

*Susan C. Baker, Assistant Professor of English

John W. Bell, Associate Engineering Geologist

*Richard E. Bitterman, County Extension Agent-in-


Richard A. Bjur, Assistant Professor of Pharma-


Jerome D. Budy, Assistant Professor and Research

Assistant, Renewable Natural Resources

Albert A. Cirelli, Jr., Assistant Professor of

Animal Science

Lillian R. Dangott, Assistant Professor of Social

& Health Resources

Jane P. Davidson, Associate Professor of Art

Ruth P. Donovan, Assistant Director of Libraries

and Librarian

Donna Beth Downer, Dean, Professor of Home Eco-


Charles J. Downing, Associate Professor of Cousel-

ing & Guidance Personnel Services

Don D. Fowler, Mamie Kleberg Professor of Historic

Preservation & Anthropology

Kyung-Il Ghymn, Associate Professor of Managerial


Mark R. Hall, Associate Professor of Microbiology

Donald R. Hanks, Assistant Veterinarian

Mildred D. Harmon, Assistant Professor of Nursing

*John F. Havertape, Assistant Professor of Curric-

ulum & Instruction

Owen A. Knorr, Professor of Biology and Director

Institutional Studies

*John G. Lenz, Assistant Professor of Music

*Mary Finn Maples, Associate Professor of Counsel-

ing & Guidance Personnel Services

John P. Marschall, Associate Professor of History

and Assistant to the President

A. Graydon Mc Grannahan, III, Assistant Professor

of Music

Gordon L. Myer, Assistant Farm Manager

Carol Ort, Assistant Professor of Biology

Ira B. Pauly, Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral


Ronald L. Shane, Assistant Professor of Agricul-

tural & Resource Economics

Vada Trimble, Director of Housing Programs

Caroline Wakefield, Associate Professor Anatomy

James L. Walker, Associate Professor of Economics,

Director of Bureau of Business and Economic


Jackie D. Wood, Professor of Physiology

(6) University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Virginia Bakay, Associate Professor, Accounting

Sue Fawn Chung, Associate Professor, History

*Corryn Crosby-Brown, Rank II, Library

Chester Davis, Rank III, Library

James Harper, Associate Professor, Accounting

Joseph Fry, Associate Professor, History

*Frank Gagliardi, Assistant Professor, Music

Richard Harp, Associate Professor, English

Stanley Hillyard, Associate Professor, Biology

*Martha Knack, Assistant Professor, Anthropology

*Terry Knapp, Assistant Professor, Psychology

Richard Kunkel, Professor, Curriculum & Instruc-


Myrlene La Mancusa, Assistant Professor, Nursing

Martha Mc Bride, Associate Professor, Educational

Foundations & Counseling

Charles Moody, Rank IV, Physical Plant

*Patrick Moreo, Instructor, Hotel Administration

Lynn Osborne, Assistant Professor, Sociology

Lynn Ruegemer, Associate Professor, Special


Porter Troutman, Associate Professor, Curriculum

& Instruction

(7) Computing Center

Ronald P. Kendall, Supervisory Analyst/Programmer

*Also recommended for promotion in Rank.

(B) Recommendations for Promotion or Assignment to Rank

Recommendations for promotion or assignment to Rank,

effective July 1, 1981, were presented for the follow-


(1) Desert Research Institute

James Hudson, from Rank II to Rank III

(2) University of Nevada, Reno

*Susan C. Baker, to Associate Professor of English

Earl S. Barnhill, to Professor of Criminal Justice

Robert N. Barone, to Associate Professor of Man-

agerial Science

John W. Bird, to Professor of Civil Engineering

*Richard E. Bitterman, to Rank IV

William A. Douglass, to Professor and Coordinator

of Basque Studies Program

Charles E. Dreiling, to Associate Professor of


Jerome E. Edwards, to Professor of History

Donald K. Fronek, to Professor of Electrical En-


Dewayne E. Gilbert, to Rank IV

Ayesha Gill, to Associate Professor of Biology

Mary Ellen Glass, to Rank IV

Jean S. Gray, to Rank IV

*John F. Havertape, to Associate Professor of

Curriculum & Instruction

*John G. Lenz, to Associate Professor of Music

Geroline Lunsford, to Rank IV

*Mary Finn Maples, to Professor of Counseling &

Guidance Personnel Services

Robert W. Mead, to Professor of Biology

Allen V. Mundt, to Rank IV

Thomas J. Nickles, to Professor of Philosophy

James L. Owen, to Professor of Speech & Theatre

William F. Wilborn, to Associate Professor of


Arnold M. Wright, to Associate Professor of

Accounting & Information Systems

(3) University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Duane Baldwin, to Professor of Accounting

*Corryn Crosby-Brown, to Rank III, Library

Boyd Earl, Associate Professor of Chemistry

*Frank Gagliardi, Associate Professor of Music

Russell Hurlburt, Associate Professor of Psychol-


Gary Jones, Associate Professor of Political


Susan Kendall, Rank III, Library

Carol Kimball, Associate Professor of Music

*Martha Knack, Associate Professor of Anthropology

*Terry Knapp, Associate Professor of Psychology

Scott Locicero, Associate Professor of History

Jim C. Love, Rank IV, Educational Services

Michael Mc Collum, Professor of Art

Keith Mc Neil, Rank III, Continuing Education

George Miel, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Clinton Richards, Associate Professor of Manage-


Rick Tilman, Associate Professor of Political


Hart Wegner, Professor of Foreign Languages

Dorothy Winter, Rank III, Library

Richard Wyman, Professor of Engineering

*Also recommended for tenure.

The following promotions or assignments to Rank II

or Assistant Professor were reported for information:

(1) University of Nevada, Reno

Constance A. Berhnhardt, to Rank II

John T. Hallett, to Assistant Professor of


Wendy K. Kiehn, to Assistant Professor of Medical


Scott L. Mac Donald, Jr., to Assistant Professor

of Engineering Technologies

Samuel Malles, III, to Rank II

Francesco Manca, to Assistant Professor of Italian

and Spanish

Susan L. Nichols, to Rank II

Donald E. Peck, to Rank II

Aldo Ranallo, to Rank II

Emma E. Yancy, to Rank II

(2) University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Charlotte Boyle, Assistant Professor of Secondary


Jean Giguet, Rank II, Museum

*Patrick Moreo, Assistant Professor of Hotel Admin-


*Also recommended for tenure.

(C) Recommendations for Promotion to Emeritus Status

Recommendations for promotion to Emeritus status,

effective July 1, 1981, were presented for the fol-


(1) University of Nevada, Reno

Juan Bilbao, Basque Studies Bibliographer

Frank W. Bowdish, Professor of Chemical Engineer-

ing & Mineral Technologist

Kenneth J. Carpenter, Librarian

Harry M. Chase, Jr., Professor of Political


Harold E. Cude, Assistant Professor of Engineering


Grace M. Donehower, Associate Director of Continu-

ing Education

John W. Garberson, Associate Professor of Journal-


Jack Knoll, Professor of Biology

John A. Mc Cormick, Natural Resources Specialist

Norman Nichols, Livestock Extension Specialist

Dan L. Oppleman, Professor of Medical Education

Donald G. Potter, Director Audio-Visual Communi-

cations and Professor of Education

William T. Scott, Professor of Physics

Benjamin J. Smith, Professor of Accounting &

Information Systems

Thomas T. Tucker, Professor of Education & Higher


Fritz Went, Professor of Biology

(2) University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Muriel Parks, Dean of Admissions & Records

(3) Truckee Meadows Community College

Frank Burnham, Director of Administrative Services

John Caserta, Dean of Adult & Community Education

Orville Holderman, Chairperson, Industrial & Pub-

lic Service Division

Mr. Buchanan moved approval of the above recommendations.

Motion seconded by Ms. Del Papa.

Mrs. Fong took exception to the recommendations for tenure

for Dr. John Marschall and Dr. Owen Knorr. She stated that

Dr. Marschall is teaching only half-time while the remaining

half of his appointment is as Assistant to the President,

adding that if he is relieved of his administrative position

the History Department has no vacant position for him.

In Dr. Knorr's case, Mrs. Fong stated that she had been in-

formed by the Department of Biology that Dr. Knorr is not

presently teaching in that Department and they have no

position for him in the event he should be discontinued in

his position as Director of Planning.

Dr. Crowley agreed that neither History nor Biology has

vacant positions to which individuals such as Dr. Marschall

or Dr. Knorr can be assigned if they are relieved of their

administrative functions. However, he pointed out that

tenure is an expression of competence in the person being

recommended, based upon some knowledge of performance.

In the discussion following, concern was expressed that

part-time faculty who work continuously year after year

have no job security and it was agreed that this was a mat-

ter which needed to be addressed. It was pointed out that

a recommendation that continuing part-time professionals

be eligible for consideration of tenure was pending before

the Code Revision Committee and would come back to the

Board at a later date.

Motion carried with Mrs. Fong opposing the specific tenure

recommendations for Dr. Marschall and Dr. Knorr.

4. Proposed Increase in Housing Fees, UNR

President Crowley recommended the following changes in the

student housing fees, effective with the 1981-82 academic


Per Semester

Current Proposed

1980-81 1981-82

Double Occupancy

(all Halls except Juniper) $370 $466

Double Occupancy - Juniper Hall 320 403

Private Room

(all Halls except Juniper) 510 606

Private Room - Juniper Hall 460 556

Single Room - Lincoln Hall 460 556

Telephone - Private Room 44 44

Double Room 22 22

Triple Room 15 15

Quadruple Room 11 11

Per Night/Person

1981 1982

Summer Session

Double Occupancy $5.00 $6.00

Single Occupancy 6.00 7.50

Per Night

1981 1982

White Pine Hall

One bedroom, one person $ 7.50 $ 9.50

Two bedrooms, 2-4 persons 15.00 19.00

Four bedrooms, 5-8 persons 30.00 36.00

Dr. Crowley commented that these are the first fee increases

requested since 1978, and will provide a very modest amount

for emergency repairs and major improvements. Chancellor

Bersi recommended approval.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Karamanos, carried without dissent.

5. Proposal for Contract Renegotiation and Rate Increases in

Food Service, UNR

President Crowley reported that UNR has renegotiated its

food service contract for 1981-82, resulting in the follow-

ing recommended rates:

Current Cost Proposed Cost Increase

Board Plan Per Meal Per Meal $ %

20 $ 1.43 $ 1.63 .20 14.0

15 1.80 2.05 .25 13.9

10 2.44 2.64 .20 8.2

Guest Cash Sales Current Rate Proposed Rate Increase

Breakfast $ 1.50 $ 1.60 .10 6.7

Lunch 2.25 2.40 .15 6.7

Dinner 2.75 3.20 .45 16.4

Steak Dinner 4.00 4.50 .50 12.5

Books of tickets which are worth 72 cents each will be

available to be used for the purchase of meals as follows:

Meals No. of Tickets Cash Equiv. Guest Price

Breakfast 2 $ 1.44 $ 1.60

Lunch 3 2.16 2.40

Dinner 4 2.88 3.20

Steak Dinner 6 4.32 4.50

Dr. Crowley commented that the proposal to renegotiate

rather than to rebid is based on the general satisfaction

with Saga Foods and the general reasonableness of the pro-

posed increase compared to the projected increase in the

cost of living.

ASUN President Stephanie Brown requested that the Board

defer action on the proposal for increase in food service

rates until the next meeting to provide for additonal stu-

dent input. She stated that she had spoken to some stu-

dents who felt dissatisfaction with the service now being


Following additional discussion regarding the quality of

the service, Mr. Cashell suggested that a committee be

formed by Vice President Jessup, with Ms. Brown and staff

of Saga to attempt some type of quality control.

Mrs. Fong moved approval of the proposed rate increase.

Motion seconded by Mrs. Whitley, carried without dissent.

6. Proposed Establishment of Tax Exempt Foundations

President Crowley recalled that at the last Board meeting,

it was agreed that the proposed Articles of Incorporation

for tax exempt foundations would be amended to meet the

needs of each institution, and would then be submitted for

Board approval. Dr. Crowley stated that he had reviewed

the revised documents and found them acceptable for UNR

with one exception.

The following proposed changes were made by consensus:

Articles of Incorporation -

Article V, Section (c), Page 4, amend first sentence to

read: "No part of the activities of the corporation...".

Bylaws -

Article III, Section 1(g), Page 3, amend to read: "To keep

a complete record of all their minutes and acts of proceed-


Article III, Section 2(a), Page 4, amend to read: "During

the month of and not later than June in each year, the


Article III, Section 6, Page 5, amend to reflect that vacan-

cies will be filled upon recommendation of the existing

group and approval of the Board of Regents.

Article IV, Section 4, Page 8, amend to read: "The Chair-

man of the Board of Trustees shall preside at all meetings

of the Board and the Executive Committee, and shall be an

ex officio member of all other committees of the corpora-


Article IV, Section 7, Page 8, amend line 5 to read: '...

in such depositories as shall be designed by the Board of


Also amend appropriately to provide that books would be open

for inspection at any time requested by a Regent.

Article IV, Section 8, Page 9, amend to delete the wording

that makes the Executive Director accountable to the Vice

President for Public Affairs of the University, making him

responsible only to the Board of Trustees.

Mr. Mc Bride moved that the documents be approved as re-

vised and that Counsel be instructed to proceed with the

necessary steps to incorporate the foundation. Motion

seconded by Mrs. Gallagher, carried without dissent.

7. Clarification of Status of Experimental Program in Music,


President Crowley requested clarification of the status of

an experimental undergraduate program in Music so as to

make accessible a Bachelor of Music (B. M.) degree in the

College of Arts and Science. Details of proposal identified

as Ref. B and filed with permanent minutes. Dr. Crowley

commented that this represents principally a name change

inasmuch as the experimental program has permitted students

to follow a professional curriculum within the existing

B. A. degree program for the past nine years. This change

requires no new resources and no additional curriculum.

Chancellor Bersi recommended approval.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Gallagher, carried without dissent.

Mr. Lessly referred to the earlier action by the Board con-

cerning the establishment of a tax exempt foundation for

UNR, and requested a motion which would authorize President

Crowley, Chancellor Bersi, and Mr. William Thornton, who is

presently Chairman of the UNR Foundation Fund Board, to

serve as incorporators of the foundation.

Mr. Buchanan moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Gallagher, carried without dissent.

8. Report on 1981 Apportionment and Redistricting

Dr. Eleanore Bushnell presented a report regarding appor-

tionment and redistricting which she had prepared in re-

sponse to a request from the Board for assistance in devel-

oping a reapportionment plan in anticipation that the Leg-

islature will invite some input from the Board. Report

distributed prior to the meeting and filed with permanent


Following her presentation, and discussion by the Board, Mr.

Buchanan moved that the Regents agree to keep the number of

seats on the Board at nine, and that the subdistricts be re-

shaped to reflect the population figures revealed by the

1980 census. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc Bride, carried with-

out dissent.

It was further agreed that the maps used by Dr. Bushnell to

illustrate her report would be reduced and copies provided

to each of the Regents, that an additional map would be pre-

pared which would show the current residence of Nevada Leg-

islators, and that Dr. Bushnell would bring back to the next

meeting a recommendation on how the Regents' districts

should be carved.

9. Report and Recommendation Concerning Special Events Centers

Chairman Cashell reported that as a consequence of the re-

cent Nevada Supreme Court decision concerning the funding

base of the proposed Special Events Center, alternatives for

financing have been explored, including the drafting of new


Mr. Bob Johnson, Bond Counsel for the University, reported

that an amendatory bill has been prepared which would amend

the 1979 legislation which had authorized the two Pavilions.

This amended bill provides for the issuance of State General

Obligation bonds which will be additionally secured by a

pledge of the Federal Slot Machine Tax Rebate. Mr. Johnson

pointed out that the Supreme Court decision had held that

bonds, because they are payable from an excise tax (i. e.,

slot machine tax) would constitute a debt of the State and

further that they were of the type that could not be issued

as exempt, but would be a non-exempt debt subject to the 1%

debt limitation. Proposed amendatory legislation was dis-

tributed at the meeting and is filed with permanent minutes.

Vice Chancellor Partridge spoke concerning the amount of

bonding capacity which would remain for the State of Nevada

after the issuance of the proposed bonds, stating that the

estimated unused bonding capacity if $81,916,000. A $40

million bond issue for the Pavilions would leave the State

of Nevada with approximately $42 million in bonding capacity

and the current legislative session does not project using

any of the State's bonding capacity.

Mr. Henry Chanin of Burrows, Smith and Co., the University's

Financial Consultant, explained how the $40 million figure

had been determined. He noted that the total project cost

is estimated at $56 million; $3 million has been expended to

date on architectural design costs, leaving $53 million to

be financed. Mr. Chanin noted that the Special Capital Con-

struction Fund for Higher Education presently has $8.5 mil-

lion which can be used for the project, and it is antici-

pated that once the revenue bonds are sold, the proceeds

can be invested, yielding an estimated $4 to $4.5 million

over the two-year construction period. This would then

leave $40 million to be financed through General Obligation

bonds. An additional $2 million will be generated over and

above debt service need from the slot machine revenues which

will provide an additional revenue cushion since this excess

will not be otherwise used.

In response to a question concerning the limit on the amount

of interest which may be paid, Mr. Chanin noted that stat-

utes now place a ceiling of 9% on the interest which may be

paid on bonds. Legislation has been drafted which would

raise that rate, eliminate it, or index it so that it would

fluctuate as the market fluctuates.

Mr. William Hancock acknowledged that the Las Vegas Pavilion

is currently $1.5 million over at this time; however, he ex-

pected to be able to bring it within the budget by the time

the bids go out. He also stated that the Public Works Board

has a policy that a project must be 100% financed before

bids are advertised; in other words, the State Public Works

Board must have the legislation referred to by Mr. Johnson,

and a commitment from the Board of Regents that the money

is available before they will go to bid. In response to a

question concerning the commitment from the Board, Mr.

Hancock stated that he did not mean that the bonds had to

be sold, but rather the commitment from the Board would be


Mr. Ross moved to approve the recommended alternative finan-

cing from General Obligation bonds in the amount of $40

million, rather than the $56 million in University revenue


Ms. Del Papa commented that there is a misunderstanding on

the part of the public as to what the Federal Slot Machine

Tax Rebate funds may be used for, pointing out that they

cannot be used for general University operating or for

operation and maintainence of plant and this should be clar-

ified. She suggested that before a motion is passed, the

Board should, however, reaffirm its priority for the coming

biennium to secure adequate funding for academic programs

and professional salaries and that this priority should not

be set aside in taking action concerning the Special Events

Centers. Mr. Ross agreed that faculty salaries have been

and continue to be the top priority.

Mrs. Gallagher raised a question concerning maintenance,

utilities and other costs associated with the two proposed

buildings and was assured that these matters had been re-

solved when the facilities were originally approved.

Ms. Del Papa suggested that in anticipation that some re-

duction in scope may be necessary, the Presidents should be

prepared to discuss areas in which costs could be cut. Mrs.

Fong agreed, requesting that the Presidents come back to a

subsequent meeting with suggested reductions, figures on the

estimated operating costs and the anticipated income from

the various activities which will occur in the facilities

so that the Regents can be assured that the costs will be


Mr. Ross asked that the following resolution be incorporated

into his motion:


WHEREAS, the Regents, the Legislature, and the Executive

Branch of State Government have been involved for many

years on planning multi-purpose Sports Pavilions at both

UNR and UNLV; and

WHEREAS, the source of funds for and scope of these

projects are unchanged from the situation at the time

of commitment in 1979; and

WHEREAS, much time, effort and money has been expended

since 1979 in planning these projects; and

WHEREAS, institutional and community needs for these

facilities are at least as great as ever;


1. The Regents reaffirm their support of these two


2. The Regents respectfully ask the Legislature and

Governor to take appropriate action to reaffirm

their support by authorizing the sale of $40,000,000

of bonds to finance construction such bonds to be

serviced by pledging so-called slot machine taxes to

their redemption even though these bonds must be

technically general obligations of the State in or-

der to conform to the Supreme Court's decision in

this matter.

3. The Regents direct the Chancellor to execute the

actions of the Legislature and Governor by entering

into appropriate agreements with the Public Works

Board and to proceed with the sale of the bonds.

Chairman Cashell asked that the motion also include an al-

location of $5000 from the Board of Regents Special Projects

Account for payment of Bond Counsel. Mr. Ross agreed.

Motion seconded by Mr. Buchanan, carried without dissent.

10. Proposed Amendment of Board of Regents Bylaws

Chancellor Bersi recalled that at the February 27 meeting,

an amendment to the Board of Regents Bylaws was proposed

by Counsel, for the purpose of incorporating into that

document provisions concerning the conduct of personnel


Mr. Lessly explained that the proposed amendment would add

the following language to the Bylaws, noting that it had

been prepared in response to a recommendation from the

Attorney General:

1. All closed Executive Sessions of the Board will be con-

ducted in full compliance with the Nevada Open Meeting

Law, NRS 241.010 et seq.

2. Notice of an Executive Session of the Board shall be

placed upon the agenda of the Board in the same manner

as any other agenda item with the exception of an Emer-

gency Executive Session. An Emergency Executive Session

may be added to the agenda by motion and vote of a ma-

jority of the members of the Board present at the time

of the convening of the meeting. To qualify as an Emer-

gency Executive Session, the need to discuss or act

upon the item, the subject of the Executive Session must

truly be of such a nature that immediate action is re-

quired at the meeting.

3. Any motion to close a meeting to the public shall be

governed by Robert's Rules of Order, latest edition,

and must set forth the subject matter or nature of the

business to be considered at the closed meeting, as

permitted by NRS 241.030.

4. Only the subject matter or business identified in the

motion to close an open session of the Board may be

discussed in a closed session of the Board.

5. The Secretary to the Board of Regents or another ap-

propriate staff member of the Board shall be present at

all closed sessions of the Board for purposes of record-

ing the proceedings of the closed session and preparing

minutes of such meetings as required by NRS 241.035.

Mr. Mc Bride asked if by taking this action the Board of

Regents is adopting rules and regulations for itself that

other organizations in the State are not required to do.

Mr. Lessly stated that this amendment to the Bylaws merely

places in that document requirements that are already in

force by virtue of statute.

Mr. Buchanan moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

11. Approval of Stock Transfer Resolution

Chancellor Bersi requested adoption of the following reso-

lution which will transfer authority to him as Chancellor

to sign the necessary stock powers to effect the sale of

stock when so authorized by the Board of Regents:


WHEREAS, the University of Nevada System frequently

receives gifts of stock for the benefit of one or

more of its Divisions; and

WHEREAS, this stock is frequently issued in the name

of one of the Divisions, the Board of Regents, or some

other title; and

WHEREAS, under the management agreements between the

University and various Nevada banks, each bank may use

a different nominee and may recommend that the stock

be transferred to that nominee;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Regents

of the University of Nevada System does hereby authorize

Chancellor Robert M. Bersi to sign the necessary stock

powers to transfer stock received by the University of

Nevada System, or any of its Divisions to the nominee

designated by the agency handling the stock transfer;

AND, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this authorization

shall remain in effect until revoked by formal resolu-

tion by the Board of Regents of the University of

Nevada System.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Karamanos, carried without dissent.

12. Allocation of Grants-in-Aid for 1981-82

NRS 396.540 provides for tuition waivers to "students from

other states and foreign countries, not to exceed a number

equal to 3% of the total matriculated enrollment of students

for the past preceding Fall semester." Board policy pro-

vides for similar grants-in-aid for the same number of stu-

dents for the payment of in-state registration fees.

Based on enrollment figures for Fall, 1980, the Officers

recommended the following distribution of grants-in-aid:

UNR In-State Out-of-State

Athletics 100 100

Music 40 25

Foreign 15

Other (General) 107 107

247 247

*30 one-half awards


Athletics 112 112

Music 67

Other 44

223 223

CCCC 111




Board policy also provides for a separate category of

grants-in-aid for Nevada resident Indians. The Officers

recommended the following distribution of Indian grants-

in-aid for 1981-82:

UNR 20






Vice President Davies reported that President Crowley had

asked that the allocation at UNR for Athletics be increased

from 100 to 112, both for in-state and out-of-state, in

order that more women athletes could be accommodated, re-

ducing the general category from 107 to 95.

Following discussion, Ms. Del Papa moved that the allocation

of grants-in-aid be approved as originally requested and

that the increase requested by President Crowley not be

approved. Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos, carried without


It was agreed that allocation of grants-in-aid needed to be

reviewed and Dr. Bersi was asked to consult with the Presi-

dents and Faculty Senate Chairpersons concerning this and

to present a report at a subsequent meeting.

13. Proposed Change in Fee for Doctoral Program in Education

President Goodall recalled that when the cooperative Ed. D.

program was implemented, it was designed to be largely

self-supporting through assessment of a $75 per credit fee.

Experience has shown that almost all students in the Ed. D.

program take 44 credits beyond the earlier graduate cre-

dentials to complete the doctoral program. However, for

the few who, due to special circumstances, require more

than 44 credits, the assessment of the $75 fee beyond the

44 credits creates an unfair burden.

President Goodall recommended, on behalf of himself and

President Crowley, that the $75 per credit fee be assessed

only for the first 44 credits taken by the Ed. D. student,

with the normal per-credit fee assessed thereafter.

Chancellor Bersi concurred, effective with the Fall semes-

ter, 1981.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Whitley, carried without dissent.

14. Legislative Status Report

Chancellor Bersi distributed a status report listing approx-

imately 22 pieces of legislation which have been introduced

in the 1981 Legislature, noting that although there has been

no dramatic movement with any of this legislation, each bill

will have an impact on the University and the Board needs to

be informed.

Chairman Cashell expressed concern that legislation had been

introduced by the College of Agriculture Advisory Board

which had placed the Board of Regents in an awkward posi-

tion. He commented that such activities on the part of Uni-

versity personnel, in this case the Dean of the College of

Agriculture, had undermined the administrative process to

the extent that it seriously compromised the Board's abil-

ity to support the legislation.

Dr. Goodall expressed his concern, shared by Dr. Crowley

and other Officers, over the status of AB 275 (concerning

the 95% rule), noting that in its present form it does not

affect the University. Mr. Cashell agreed that he, Chan-

cellor Bersi and Mr. Lessly would follow up on this matter

to insure that it was introduced. Mr. Cashell also sug-

gested the need for some further follow-up on AB 56.

Ms. Del Papa expressed her opposition to AJR 22 which pro-

poses a constitutional amendment making the Office of

Regent appointive. Mr. Cashell suggested that the Regents

should oppose this as individuals, if they felt so in-


15. Advisory Board for Center for Business and Economic

Research, UNLV

In response to a previous request to provide the Board with

a list of members of the Advisory Board of the Center for

Business and Economic Research, President Goodall submitted

the following list, indicating that this calls for staggered

two-year terms, with the initial two-year terms indicated by

the designation "B" after the name; those with a "C" after a

name are to receive an initial one-year term, followed by a

two-year term. Those individuals with "A"s following their

names are to receive honorary life-time appointments to the


Bob H. Bailey, Executive Director (C)


618-20 E. Carson

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Selma Bartlett, Vice President (C)

Bank of Nevada

122 Water Street

Henderson, Nevada 89015

Lon Bends, General Manager (B)

Donrey Outdoor Advertising Co.

1211 W. Bonanza Road

Las Vegas, Nevada 89106

David Bohmer (B)

General Business Communications Manager

Central Telephone Company

P. O. Box 1190

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Bill Briare, Mayor (C)

City of Las Vegas

400 E. Stewart Street

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Burton Cohen (B)

President & General Manager

Desert Inn & Country Club

3145 Las Vegas Blvd., South

Las Vegas, Nevada 89105

Jessie Emmett (C)

Jessie Emmett Realty

811 S. Decatur Blvd.

Las Vegas, Nevada 89107

Edward Fike, President (B)

Lawyers Title Co. of Nevada

333 South 3rd Street

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

John Fitzgerald, President (B)

Nevada Resort Association

1785 E. Sahara Avenue, Suite 250

Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

Morton R. Galane, Attorney (B)

First National Bank Building, Suite 1100

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Bob Garrett, District Director (C)

Small Business Administration

301 E. Stewart

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Senator James Gibson (C)

8201 Gibson Road

P. O. Box 797

Henderson, Nevada 89015

Dr. Kenny Guinn (B)

Executive Vice President

Nevada Savings & Loan

201 Las Vegas Blvd., South

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Dr. George Hardbeck, Dean (B)

College of Business and Economics

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada 89154

Senator Floyd Lamb (B)

Chairman, Executive Committee

Nevada National Bank

233 S. 4th Street

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Al Levy, President (B)

Levy Realty Company

4220 S. Maryland Parkway

Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Fred Lewis, President (B)

Summa Corporation

P. O. Box 14000

Las Vegas, Nevada 89106

Robert E. Lewis, President (C)

Lewis Homes

P. O. Box 19297

Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

Otto Merida, Executive (C)

Latin Chamber of Commerce

829 S. 6th Street, Suite #3

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Berlyn Miller, President (B)

Acme Electric Co.

3373 S. Procyon

Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

J. C. Norcross, President (B)

Employers Association of Southern Nevada, Inc.

1250 Burnham Avenue

Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

A. E. Pearson (B)

Chairman of the Board

Nevada Power Co.

P. O. Box 230

Las Vegas, Nevada 89151

Jack Petitti (C)

County Commission

200 E. Carson

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Thomas R. Pilkinton (B)

Vice President & Division Manager

Shea Homes

3272 W. Spring Mountain Road

Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

Rossi Ralenkotter (B)

Director of Marketing & Tourism

Las Vegas Convention/Visitor Authority

3150 Paradise Road

Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Frank Scott, President (A)

Union Plaza

One Main Street

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Frank Shattuck, Vice President (A)

Las Vegas Hilton

3000 Paradise Road

Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

William O. Slayton (C)

Chief Deputy Commissioner

Insurance Division, State of Nevada

State Mail Roon

215 E. Bonanza

Las Vegas, Nevada 89158

Mark Smith, Vice President & General Manager (B)


3228 Channel 8 Drive

Las Vegas, Nevada 89114

General R. G. Taylor (A)

First Western Savings & Loan

118 Las Vegas Blvd., South

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Dick Thomas, President (B)

Teamsters Local

300 Shadow Lane

Las Vegas, Nevada 89106

William V. Wright, General Manager (B)

Las Vegas Review Journal

111 W. Bonanza Road

Las Vegas, Nevada 89106

Robert Zaring, President Elect Board of Realtors (B)

Zaring, Inc.

3180 W. Sahara

Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

Board of Regents Representatives

Mrs. Fong moved approval with the addition of Mr. Mc Bride

and herself to the Advisory Board. Motion seconded by Mr.

Ross, carried without dissent.

16. Proposed Increase in Graduation Fee, CCCC

President Eaton requested approval of an increase in the

graduation fee assessed by CCCC from $10 to $15, effective

July 1, 1981. Chancellor Bersi concurred.

Mrs. Whitley moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc

Bride, carried without dissent.

17. Recommended Policy Statement for Inclusion in Handbook

President Berg presented a policy statement concerning

admission, registration, grades and examinations which he

requested be approved for NNCC and included in an appro-

priate section of the Board of Regents Handbook. He noted

that the statement was developed to reflect those prac-

tices already in effect for the College. Chancellor Bersi

recommended approval.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Gallagher, carried without dissent.

18. Administrative Reorganization for WNCC

President Davis requested approval of the following admin-

istrative organizational changes at WNCC, effective July

1, 1981:

(A) Transfer of Dean Ronald Martin from the County Centers

operation in Fallon to the College Dean of Student

Services position which will be vacated on June 30.

(B) Promotion of Michelle Dondero to Dean of County Cen-

ters, Fallon Campus. At present, she is an Adminis-

trative Assistant at the Fallon Campus.

Mr. Ross moved approval. Motion seconded by Ms. Del Papa,

carried without dissent.

19. Social Sciences Center Executive Director, DRI

President Murino stated that he had anticipated having a

recommendation for appointment to this position; however,

the candidate to whom the position was to have been offered

has declined because of salary considerations. He asked

that this item be withdrawn.

20. Approval of Managing Agency Agreement

Mr. Lessly requested that the Board consider as an emer-

gency item approval of managing agency agreement for the

Edward J. Barrick Estate assets which have come to UNLV,

and under which Valley Bank will manage the fund.

Mr. Ross moved consideration of the item as an emergency

and further moved that Chancellor Bersi be authorized to

execute the agreement. Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos,

carried without dissent.

21. Proposal for Use of University Land for a Hospice

Mr. Irwin Molasky requested the Board approve the lease of

approximately 3.5 acres of land on the extreme boundary of

UNLV on which facility would be constructed to house the

Nathan Addelson Hospice Program. Mr. Molasky explained

that this program is designed to prepare and counsel ter-

minally ill patients and the idea of locating it on the

Campus evolved and was reinforced by people directly in-

volved with Education, in that it was felt that such a pro-

gram would provide an educational experience to Medical

and Nursing students, as well as others in the Health Care


In response to a question concerning the compatibility of

this program with other needs of the University, Mr. Molasky

recalled that the land west of Swenson Street was projected

on the UNLV Master Plan to be held in reserve for uses that

make a significant contribution to University goals other

than classrooms. He stated that the hospice in no way com-

petes with any space allocated for University growth, but

in fact is a natural outgrowth of the University environ-

ment. The program has received $1.3 million in private

funds toward a goal of $2.5 million for building the facil-


Mrs. Fong expressed concern that there appeared to be a

total lack of articulation with other University programs,

such as Nursing and Sociology, which were expected to inter-

face with the hospice. Mr. Ernie Liebman, Director of the

hospice, pointed out that there has been a great deal of

contact with the University and that several of the Univer-

sity faculty and Administrators are on the Hospice Advisory


Mr. Mc Bride moved approval of the request. Motion seconded

by Mrs. Whitley.

Mr. Buchanan commented on a possible conflict between the

proposed site for the hospice and land already allocated to

DRI for its facility.

Dr. Murino recalled that the Board of Regents had indeed

dedicated a building site to DRI and the location of the

proposed hospice would appear to conflict with that earlier


Mr. Molasky acknowledged the priority of DRI and stated

that he and his group are willing to work out a compatible

arrangement with UNLV and DRI.

Motion carried with Mrs. Fong abstaining.

(Note to Minutes: Since the presentation made no mention of

the term of the lease or the dollar amount, this action by

the Board is interpreted to be approval of the lease in

principle, with specific terms to be negotiated and submit-

ted for final approval of the Board.)

22. Proposed Moratorium on Disposal of UNS Land

At the February meeting, the Board agreed to consider a

proposal by Mrs. Fong that a moratorium be imposed on the

disposal of any University property, either by lease or

sale, pending the development and adoption of a long range

Master Plan.

Mrs. Fong explained that she believed that a land utiliza-

tion plan needed to be developed which would protect the

University's holdings for the future of the System's Insti-

tutions. She urged the appointment of individual Campus

committees, to include a Regent on each committee.

Dr. Goodall recalled that the Board of Regents had earlier

approved a lease of land to the Allied Arts Council for a

Visual Arts Museum and asked for assurance that this lease

would not come under the moratorium. Mr. Cashell agreed

that it should not and suggested that even with the im-

position of moratorium, the Board should not be precluded

from considering cases on their individual merits if it

appeared desirable during the interim.

It was agreed that a moratorium, if approved, should be for

a period of approximately 90 days, and that the Chancellor's

Office would prepare the necessary land inventory to provide

the base for the land utilization study and Master Plan.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Ms. Del Papa,

carried with Mr. Buchanan opposing and Mr. Karamanos ab-


23. Report of Investment Advisory Committee

Mr. Karamanos reported that the Investment Advisory Commit-

tee had met during the luncheon break, at which time there

was discussion concerning the desirability of investment in

real estate, as opposed to the stock market. He stated that

the Committee wishes to work out some new investment guide-

lines which would permit such investments and would be pre-

pared to discuss them with the Board at a subsequent meet-


Mr. Karamanos reported that the Committee had considered and

recommends for the Board's approval the following transac-


A. Security Bank recommendation for changes in the UNR/

Atmospherium portfolio:


300 American Express Trade Price 44 3/8

Approximate Price 13,312

Gain (Loss) 2,826

200 Celanese Trade Price 66 3/4

Approximate Price 13,350

Gain (Loss) 2,377

300 Levi Trade Price 48 1/2

Approximate Price 14,550

Gain (Loss) 2,667

300 Ryder Trade Price 34 3/4

Approximate Price 10,425

Gain (Loss) 1,788

200 Shell Oil Trade Price 44 7/8

Approximate Price 8,975

Gain (Loss) ( 1,798)

Total Approximate Price $60,612

Gain (Loss) 7,860

Purchase Merrill Lynch Money Market, currently yield-

ing 15%.

B. First National Bank recommendation for changes in the

University of Nevada Main Endowment Fund:


7,600 Goodyear Tire Approximate Price 20

Approximate Value 152,000

Approximate Income 9,880

Market Yield 6.9

Gain (Loss) (22,725)

5,900 Atena Life Approximate Price 35

Approximate Value 206,500

Approximate Income 12,508

Market Yield 6.1

Gain (Loss) 1,155

15,625 E. F. Hutton Approximate Price 31

Approximate Value 484,375

Approximate Income 12,500

Market Yield 2.6

Gain (Loss) 243,175

12,162 Shearson Loeb Approximate Price 35

Approximate Value 425,670

Approximate Income 5,837

Market Yield 1.3

Gain (Loss) 216,420

6,100 Shearing Plough Approximate Price 36

Approximate Value 219,600

Approximate Income 9,760

Market Yield 4.3

Gain (Loss) 7,483

5,900 Syntex Approximate Price 62 1/2

Approximate Value 368,750

Approximate Income 7,670

Market Yield 2.1

Gain (Loss) 158,205

5,375 Emhart Corp. Approximate Price 37

Approximate Value 198,875

Approximate Income 17,900

Market Yield 6.5

Gain (Loss) 40,693

4,687 Gulf & Western Approximate Price 17 1/2

Approximate Value 82,022

Approximate Income 3,515

Market Yield 4.4

Gain (Loss) 8,029

15,000 Balley Mfg. Par

Cvt. 6% due

9/15/98 Approximate Price 83

Approximate Value 12,450

Approximate Income 900

Market Yield 7.3

Gain (Loss) ( 3,019)

250,000 Storage Technology Par

Cvt. 10 1/4% due

8/15/2000 Approximate Price 115

Approximate Value 287,500

Approximate Income 25,625

Market Yield 8.9

Gain (Loss) 24,375

Total Approximate Value 2,437,742

Approximate Income 106,095

Market Yield 4.1

Gain (Loss) 673,791

Purchase U. S. Treasury Bills with proceeds of above

sales at a market yield of 13%.

First National Bank recommendation for changes in the

University of Nevada Engel Unitrust:


150 Syntex Approximate Price 62 1/2

Approximate Value 9,375

Anticipated Income 195

Market Yield 2.1

Gain (Loss) 3,496

200 Union Oil Co. Approximate Price 39 1/2

Approximate Value 7,900

Anticipated Income 160

Market Yield 2.0

Gain (Loss) 3,294

C. Valley Bank recommendation for changes in the UNLV



2,000 Anheuser Busch Approximate Price 35

Approximate Value 70,000

Approximate Cost 51,917

Gain (Loss) 18,083

5,500 General Portland Approximate Price 24

Approximate Value 132,000

Approximate Cost 103,231

Gain (Loss) 28,769

1,700 Caterpillar Tractor Approximate Price 64

Approximate Value 108,800

Approximate Cost 100,930

Gain (Loss) 7,870

*1,300 International Paper Approximate Price 51

Approximate Value 66,300

Approximate Cost 55,900

Gain (Loss) 10,400

**1,000 Union Carbide Approximate Price 61

Approximate Value 61,000

Approximate Cost 45,470

Gain (Loss) 15,530

1,400 United Airlines Approximate Price 24

Approximate Value 33,600

Approximate Cost 30,745

Gain (Loss) 2,855

1,000 Sears Roebuck Approximate Price 18

Approximate Value 18,000

Approximate Cost 30,550

Gain (Loss) (12,550)

1,000 Assoc. Dry Goods Approximate Price 30

Approximate Value 30,000

Approximate Cost 35,239

Gain (Loss) ( 5,239)

Total Approximate Value 519,700

Gain (Loss) 65,718

Limit Order (Sell Stop)

3,300 Ogden Approximate Price 34 3/4

Approximate Value 114,675

Cost 98,784

Gain (Loss) 15,891

*Still holding 1,300 shares

**Still holding 1,100 shares

Mrs. Fong moved approval of the Investment Committee's

recommendations. Motion seconded by Ms. Del Papa, carried

without dissent.

24. Approval of Lease Agreement, UNR

Vice President Davies reported that a Federal grant had been

awarded to the Mackay Minerals Research Institute for Geo-

thermal Research in support of the MX project. Staff em-

ployed to conduct the research will require more office

space than is available on the UNR Campus.

Dr. Davies requested approval to enter into a lease agree-

ment with John E. Cavanaugh for office space at 255 Bell

Street, Reno, for a period of 12 months commencing April 1,

1981. This facility, consisting of 1410 square feet, is

available at a cost of $1251 per month, including furniture,

utilities and janitorial service.

Chancellor Bersi recommended approval, subject to review

and approval of the lease document by Counsel.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Karamanos, carried without dissent.

25. Chancellor's Report

Chancellor Bersi submitted the following report:

This is the first of what I hope will be a formal Chancel-

lor's Report to be submitted to each regular Board meeting.

Because it is the first, and because of my short time in

the State, I will use this one as a progress report to you

on my activities during these past three weeks and to in-

form you of several things I have set in motion. Future

reports will include activities of other Officers, faculty,

staff and students about which you will wish to be informed.

Prior to my arrival in the State on March 16, I spent a

great deal of time reading minutes of previous Board

meetings, reviewing policy documents and other Board pub-

lications, and informing myself about the University and

the State of Nevada through several histories and other

publications. Since my arrival, I have been concentrating

my efforts in three directions in order to develop a good

base of knowledge and to bring myself up to speed as quick-

ly as possible:

(1) Getting to know the staff of the Chancellor's Office

and the functions they perform.

(2) Getting to know the Officers of the University in order

that we may identify some priorities for collective


(3) Spending time with individual Regents in order to gain

some perspective of pending matters that the Board has

asked be addressed.

In addition, I have met with a number of Legislators, the

Governor and other members of State Government, and with

community leaders. I plan to continue those visits as time


Based on my review of files and other records, and on my

conversations with Regents and visits with Officers and

staff, I have developed a rather formidable list of pend-

ing matters, some of which deserve priority in handling.

(1) Review of Chancellor's Office - It is my understanding

from reviewing the work of the System Administration

Committee, the Chancellor's Search Committee's recom-

mendations to the Board of Regents, and discussions

with Regents and Officers, a review of the function

and staffing of the Chancellor's Office is a high

priority. Accordingly, I have begun that review.

(2) Code Revision - In April, 1980, the Board directed that

a Code Revision Committee be appointed to "proceed im-

mediately with necessary revisions to the University of

Nevada System Code, to update that document and to more

clearly define the responsibilities and authority of

the Regents and Officers and the prerogatives of facul-


This Committee met initially in September last year,

at which time objectives were agreed upon and a number

of concerns were discussed relative to the first three

chapters of the Code. It was also agreed at that meet-

ing that a second meeting would concern itself with

Chapters 4 and 5.

I am pleased to report to you that the Code Revision

Committee met on Thursday, April 2, to resume its


(3) Faculty Workload Study - Committees were appointed for

this purpose in March 1980. At the February, 1981

meeting, the Board received a working document which

was produced by an ad hoc committee Chaired by Regent

Fong. It was agreed at that meeting that the Academic

Vice Presidents and Faculty Senate Chairpersons, and

other appropriate persons would continue to work on

this with the objective of having a policy statement

for consideration by the Board at a subsequent meeting.

With your concurrence, I propose that responsibility

for completion of the Faculty Workload Study Report

be reassigned to the Chancellor's Office, and that the

report be based on survey data of the current workload

of the faculty (Spring semester, 1981), that the survey

be the direct responsibility of the Academic Vice Pres-

ident on each Campus, and that the final report empha-

size the original purpose of the study; i. e., a con-

sensus recommendation by the Universities for a Faculty

Workload Policy. It is estimated that a final report

could be ready for Board review and consideration in

Fall, 1981.

(4) Academic Master Plan - In March, 1980, the Board

directed the Chancellor's Advisory Cabinet to "develop

a proposal for the preparation of a Long-Range Academic

Master Plan for Higher Education in Nevada, including

preparation of integrated mission statements for all

units of the University System." Individual Institu-

tional Master Plans have been prepared, and an ad hoc

committee, Chaired by Regent Gallagher, produced and

submitted to the Board in February, 1981, an overview

for use with the Legislature.

The charge to the Chancellor's Advisory Cabinet has

not been completed. I propose that responsibility

for coordination of a Long-Range Academic Master Plan

for Higher Education in Nevada be reassigned to the

Chancellor's Office, and that completion become a high

priority for attention by the Officers of UNR.

As you are aware, there are many other issues which the

Board has asked be addressed and which the Officers have

identified as deserving Systemwide attention. Some of these

matters can be handled quickly; others will require careful

review and consultation with faculty, students, Administra-

tion, and finally Regents. These include the impact upon

the various Institutions of the mandatory retirement change

from age 65 to age 70; the need for improvement in the budg-

et building process; a review of the University's relation-

ship with State personnel relative to classified personnel;

the salary schedule for part-time instructional staff; com-

pletion of the development of Officer assessment evaluation

procedures; assistance in securing grants and contracts,

particularly from Federal granting agencies.

The Presidents and I have met on two occasions and plan to

continue these conferences as needed and then on a regular

basis, probably in advance of each Regents' meeting. Meet-

ings of the Chancellor's Advisory Cabinet will continue,

for review of draft agendas, but also to involve that group

in the resolution of a number of Systemwide planning proj-


Mr. Karamanos moved that the Board go into personnel session for

the purpose of discussing the competence of a person. Motion

seconded by Mr. Mc Bride, carried without dissent.

Upon reconvening in open session, Chairman Cashell reported that

the Board had discussed nominees for awards at Commencement.

26. Honorary Degrees and Distinguished Nevadan Awards

Mr. Ross moved that the following awards be conferred at

the appropriate Commencement Ceremonies in 1981:

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Ann Brewington, Distinguished Nevadan

Harley Harmon, Sr., Distinguished Nevadan

Rev. Marion Bennet, Distinguished Nevadan

Frank Waters, Honorary Degree

Donald H. Baepler, Honorary Degree

University of Nevada, Reno

Maya Miller, Distinguished Nevadan

Bertha Woodard Moore, Distinguished Nevadan

Donald Reynolds, Distinguished Nevadan

Thomas C. Wilson, Distinguished Nevadan

Mel Lundberg, Distinguished Nevadan (to be awarded

posthumously at NNCC's Commencement)

Carl Dodge, Honorary Degree

Louis E. Lombardi, M. D., Honorary Degree

Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos, carried without dissent.

27. Appeal of Personnel Decision, UNLV

President Goodall reported that a decision to terminate the

employment contract of a professional employee at UNLV has

been appealed under Section 5.3.23 of the University of

Nevada System Code. Under the provisions of that section

of the Code, if the action involves termination, it may be

appealed to the Board of Regents, thus the reason for this

particular agenda item.

Dr. Goodall reported that the appellant had been terminated

from the College of Business during the previous Fall sem-

ester. A hearing was held and the recommendation of the

Hearing Officer was for termination of employment.

Mr. Lessly reviewed the provisions of the Code, stating that

an appeal to the Board must be based on:

(1) The person charged did not have an adequate opportu-

nity to prepare or present his defense;

(2) The evidence presented at the hearing was not sub-

stantial enough to justify his decision; or

(3) The sentence imposed was not in keeping with the grav-

ity of the violation.

The Code also states that the Board of Regents has the

authority to review the decision and take such action as

it deems appropriate.

Ms. Marilyn Romanelli, attorney for Mr. Edward Rice, the

appellant, acknowledged that Mr. Rice had been officially

terminated on November 26, 1980, after being suspended on

November 17. Before presenting her statement on behalf of

her client, Ms. Romanelli stated that she did not desire

the appeal to be heard in closed session. The text of Ms.

Romanelli's statement, as well as the statement of Mr.

Lorne Seidman, are filed with permanent minutes.

Mr. Mc Bride moved that the Board uphold the recommendation

for dismissal. Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos, carried

with Mr. Buchanan abstaining because he shares office space

with Ms. Romanelli.

Mrs. Fong requested that the record reflect an additional reason

for her opposition to the hospice proposed by Mr. Molasky is that

the University is lacking in space and classrooms, and the land

is the only legacy for future generations and there is little

land left after what was given ealier in the meeting.

28. New Business

Ms. Del Papa requested that the May agenda include a pro-

posal that the Natatorium at UNLV be named for Regent James

L. Buchanan.

The meeting adjourned at 3:10 P.M.

Bonnie M. Smotony

Secretary of the Board