UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
April 3-4, 1908


Volume OD - Pages 30-40

                         Reno, Nevada

                        April 3, 1908

The Board of Regents met at 9:15 A.M. Friday, April 3, 1908, at

their Office in Morrill Hall, all members of the Board and the

President of the University being present.

Minutes of January 9, 1908 read and approved.

Claims were allowed from the several funds as follows:

    Agricultural & Mechanical College Morrill Fund

        Reno Power Light & Water Co.           $  52.40

        Gray Reid Wright Co.                       3.50

        Emier & Amend                              3.75

        G. E. Stechert & Co.                       8.02

        W. H. Guild Co.                           29.75

        Nevada Engineering Works                  56.85

        Bausch & Lomb Optical Co.                   .90

        Porteous Decorating Co.                    3.00

        C. A. Strelinger & Co.                    75.91

        Self & Sellman                            13.65

        National Geographic Society                2.00

        International Instrument Co.              51.92

        R. Mc Keown                                5.25

        R. S. Young Co.                            3.60

        C. W. Marwedel                            11.54

        Central Scientific Co.                     4.40

        C. A. Strelinger & Co.                     2.61

        Bausch & Lomb Optical Co.                 65.64

        C. L. Berger & Sons                      293.10

        Nevada Engineering Works                  41.90

        Eugene Dietzgen                          310.82

        Mining & Scientific Press                 10.03

        C. W. Marwedel                            16.83

        Mott & Settle                             11.88

        Peter Frandsen                             4.20

        Emier & Amend                            411.22

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.              24.33

        University Laboratory & Guarantee Fund   381.92

        Bernard Halle                             75.81

        G. E. Stechert & Co.                      11.50

        Emier & Amend                             83.45

        Kuy Scherer Co.                           58.50

        W. H. Guild & Co.                         10.12

        Reno Mercantile Co.                         .75

        James G. Biddle (cancelled)               74.10

        Reno Mill & Lumber Co.                    16.70

        Reno Power Light & Water Co.              79.60

        Nevada Engineering Works                   4.90

        Geo. H. Taylor                            19.20

        January Payroll                         2504.91

        February Payroll                        2499.41

        March Payroll                           2490.01

                                    Total      $9860.13

    Contingent Fund & Interest Account

        January Payroll                        $2422.84

        January Payroll - Students               155.25

        February Payroll                        2380.36

        February Payroll - Students              192.10

        March Payroll                           2384.78

        March Payroll - Students                 200.25

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.             471.22

        Daniels & Steinmetz                      413.80

        Reno Mercantile Co.                       38.74

        Reno Evening Gazette                      13.75

        Stalnaker & Berry                         16.40

        Geo. H. Taylor                          1055.24

        Reno Power Light & Water Co.             297.70

        University Book Store                      4.95

        Reno Truck & Transfer Co.                  1.50

        Nevada Printing & Stationery Co.          36.21

        W. H. Guild & Co.                          7.85

        Bennets Newspaper Agency                  53.55

        F. W. Braun & Co.                         25.00

        Earl Barnes                                4.00

        University of Chicago Press               26.55

        Joseph L. Hill, Secretary                 15.50

        H. S. Crocker Co.                          9.00

        G. E. Stechert & Co.                     130.12

        Chester Banta                             14.95

        American Academy of Pol. & Soc. Science    5.00

        Romanzo Adams                              5.00

        A. W. Holmes                              10.00

        A. Lane & Co.                            120.00

        Central Scientific Co.                    24.55

        Oscar S. Levy                             11.15

        Central Coal & Coke Co.                  152.50

        Nevada State Journal                      10.60

        Yawman & Erbe Manufacturing Co.            9.00

        S. N. D. North                             3.00

        Union Oil Co.                            227.59

        H. W. Wilson Co.                           7.50

        Charles Knapp                              1.00

        Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co.          6.25

        A. C. Mc Clury & Co.                      58.31

        C. O. D. Wood & Coal Co.                  54.25

        J. E. Stubbs                             375.00

        Continental Insurance Co.                 50.00

        John Henderson                           200.00

        Davis & Fifield                          150.00

        Washoe County Bank                       187.50

        Bonham Realty Co.                        175.00

        Bank of Nevada Savings & Trust Co.        62.50

        Baker & Taylor Co.                         5.90

        E. C. Stewart                             31.50

        John Breuner & Co.                         2.25

        John W. Caddy                             94.20

        Self & Sellman                           133.13

        Porteous Decorating Co.                   25.00

        Hart & Tooley Co.                        138.66

        J. D. Layman                              10.00

        W. H. Blalock                            100.00

                                    Total      $5082.02

    Cement Walks

        W. H. Blalock                          $ 240.00

    Central Heating Plant

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.           $6330.75

Bids for filling the quadrangle of the University Campus were

received as follows:

    Northwestern Construction Co.            $20,300.00

    Ransome Concrete Company                  19,875.00

    W. H. Blalock                             18,317.00

    S. Lund                                   20,875.00

    R. S. Rankin                              18,674.00

    J. R. Meskimons                           18,407.00

Upon motion, it was ordered that the President of the University

was authorized to let the contract for filling the quadrangle

with soil to W. H. Blalock and Frank K. Hill for $18,317.00,

to be paid for by Clarence H. Mackay of New York City.

The report of President Stubbs was received and ordered recorded

in the minutes, to wit:

                          President's Office

                         University of Nevada

                                   Reno, Nevada April 4, 1908

To the Members of the

    Board of Regents of the

        University of Nevada


I have the honor to submit my report for the three months ending

April 3, 1908.

In accordance with the instructions of the Board of Regents, I

left for Chicago on the morning of the 16th of January to attend

a special meeting of the National Association of State Univer-

sities on the 22nd and 23rd days of January.  Besides the Presi-

dents of the State Universities who were there, Dr. Henry

Pritchett, President of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advance-

ment of Teaching, and Charles W. Eliot, President of the Board of

Trustees, were present, and took part in all of our deliberations

except at the last session.  President Pritchett had two funda-

mental objections to the granting of retiring allowances to the

Presidents and Professors of the State Universities.  One of his

fundamental objections was that he thought the State Legislature

of each State ought to provide enough money for a system of re-

tiring Professors of their several State Universities.  It was

shown by the Presidents that this was literally impossible; that

in the majority of the States the Legislature would make no such

provision.  President Pritchett and the Trustees of the Carnegie

Foundation were urged to grant retiring allowances for a specific

time, say from six to ten years, to allow the State Universities

time to see what they could do with their State Legislatures.

The net result of the Conference, however, was very unsatisfac-

tory, and I came home with little encouragement and much dis-

couragement with regard to securing any sort of retiring allow-

ance for the Professors of State Universities.

It is with a feeling of great thankfulness that I learn from an

Associated Press dispatch from New York that Mr. Carnegie has

given five millions of dollars, the interest of which is to be

applied to the payment of retiring allowances to Professors in

State Universities.  This is a magnificent gift and it makes

possible the retention in the smaller Universities, such as ours,

of good men because they will have the assurance that after they

have served the State in the work of education for thirty years,

or a less period of years if retired from disability, they will

get a pension sufficient to keep them and their wives in comfort

for the rest of their lives.

I have received a letter from Mr. Mackay which I will read to

the Board and further suggest that the Board meet on Saturday,

the 2nd of May, to complete arrangements for the Commencement,

the acceptance and the dedication of the Mackay Mining building

and the unveiling of the statue of John W. Mackay.

The Academic Council submits for the approval of the Board of

Regents the following changes in the Organization of the Faculty:

                        CHAPTER VII

                  The Executive Committee

    Section 1.  The Executive Committee shall consist of the

    President, Vice-President, and five members of the rank of

    Professor or Associate Professor.  The five members of the

    Executive Committee shall be selected at large from the

    faculty of the University.

    Section 2.  The members of the Executive Committee shall be

    appointed by the President of the University, subject to the

    approval of the Academic Council and the Board of Regents.

    Section 3.  The term of office of these five members of the

    Executive Committee shall be one year, beginning with the

    first day of January, 1908.

    Section 4.

    a.  The Executive Committee shall advise the President con-

        cerning any matters which he may choose to refer to it.

    b.  All executive acts of general importance such as recom-

        mendations for appointments, promotions and dismissals,

        for the creation of new Departments or Chairs shall be

        submitted by the President to the Executive Committee for

        approval before they may be submitted to the Board of

        Regents for its action.

    c.  In all cases, in presenting such matters to the Board

        of Regents the President shall state whether or not they

        have the approval of the Executive Committee.

    d.  The Executive Committee shall assign not more than ten

        students of the Freshman and the Sophomore classes to a

        Professor or an Associate Professor whose duty it shall

        be to look after the habits of study and habits of life

        of any student placed under his care.

    e.  It shall keep a systematic record of its proceedings.

                        CHAPTER VI

                   The Academic Council

    Section 6.  The Academic Council shall formulate the duties

    and control the policy of the several committees.

    Section 7.  The Academic Council may adopt Bylaws and rules

    of order providing for its organization and the orderly con-

    duct of its affairs.

    Section 8.  A majority of its members shall constitute a

    quorum of the Academic Council.

On March 3rd the Regents, for Mr. Clarence H. Mackay, received

bids for finishing the work upon the quadrangle.  The following

bids were received:

    Northwestern Construction Co.            $20,300.00

    Ransome Concrete Company                  19,875.00

    W. H. Blalock                             18,317.00

    S. Lund                                   20,875.00

    R. S. Rankin                              18,674.00

    J. R. Meskimons                           18,407.00

It was unanimous judgment of the members of the Board of Regents

who were present that they approve the contract of W. H. Blalock

and that this approval should be sent to Mr. Mackay.

I suggest that the Regents look over the quadrangle and see where

we have had to make changes in the laying of pipes and the plac-

ing of a conduit for the electric wires, etc.

I submit herewith claims for salaries, equipment and material

from the different funds.

                             Respectfully submitted,

                             J. E. Stubbs


               Consolidated Trial Balance  April 3, 1908

                                              Dr.         Cr.


    Live Stock                            $    211.80 $

    Incidentals                                256.40

    Chemical Supplies                          521.43

    Military Department                        216.63

    Machinery & Tools                          403.44

    Electrical Supplies                        145.77

    Grounds & Improvements                   1,031.08

    Freight & Express                        1,714.32

    Gas & Electric Light                     1,474.07

    Telephone & Telegraph                      102.44

    Plumbing & Gas Fitting                     534.17

    Insurance Premiums                       1,810.89

    Building & Repairs                       1,154.74

    Mechanical Supplies                        336.25

    Publications                               117.75

    Furniture & Fixtures                     1,631.45

    Repairs to Furnace                         207.26

    Water                                      400.20

    Fuel                                     2,232.59

    Library                                  2,058.48

    Mining Equipment                           361.60

    Apparatus                                  187.65

    Scientific Instruments                   1,159.48

    Mining Supplies                            301.26

    Stationery Printing & Postage              984.91

    General Supplies                           673.00

    Mackay Building Equipment                   13.50

    Central Heating Plant                    7,070.39

    Salaries - Professors & Instructors     36,034.26

    Salaries - Students                      3,266.75

    Travel Expense                           1,497.45

    Bills Receivable                           400.00

    University Book Store                    1,000.00

    State Treasurer                         20,505.23

    Washoe County Bank (C/D)                    32.00

    Irreducible Book Fund                                1,000.00

    Metallurgical Laboratory Building                       18.14

    Manzanita Hall Porch                                    17.70

    Dining Hall Building                                    23.00

    Lincoln County Farm                                      2.93

    Metallurgical Laboratory Equipment                     997.77

    Cement Walks                                         2,557.10

    Salaries & Equipment                                85,000.00

    Philo C. Bennett Bequest                               400.00

    Income                                                  32.00

                                          $ 90,048.64 $ 90,048.64

Balances in the Several Funds, April 3  1908

    Cement Walks                                      $  2,557.10

    Salaries & Equipment                                17,948.13

    Sundry Receipts                                         17.15

    Botanical Gardens                                        5.80

    Live Stock                                             508.93

    Income (Bennett Bequest)                                32.00

Funds Overdrawn  April 3, 1908

    Morrill Fund                                      $  4,279.03

    Hatch Fund                                           1,960.75

    Adams Fund                                             954.97

    Farm Sales Fund                                        728.41

On motion of Regent Henderson, seconded by Regent Sunderland, the

changes submitted by the Academic Council in the Organization of

the Faculty referred to in the President's report, page 36, were


No further business appearing, the meeting adjourned to meet

May 2, 1908.

                             Oscar J. Smith


Geo. H. Taylor