UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
April 1-2, 1914

Volume OD - Pages 511-515

                         Reno, Nevada
                        April 1, 1914

The Regents met in their Office at 4 P.M. Wednesday, April 1st.

Present:  Chairman Reid, Regents Codd, Henderson, O'Brien and
President Stubbs.  Absent:  Regent Pratt and Secretary Taylor.
Assistant Secretary Gorman acting for Mr. Taylor.

This meeting was called for 10 A.M.  Regent Pratt, who was on
Train Six, was delayed by railroad wreck and meeting was post-
poned until 1:30 P.M. and again until 4 P.M. at which time it
was reported that Regent Pratt could not reach Reno before 5:45
P.M.  A quorum being present, the Board decided to proceed with
the meeting.

Minutes of March 4th read and approved.

The President's report was read and was ordered filed in the
President's Report Book.  Matters from the President's report
were acted upon as follows:

It was moved by Mr. Henderson, seconded by Mr. Codd, and unani-
mously carried that the motion as carried at the last meeting of
the Board of Regents relative to the Chairman and President
selecting a 3rd member of the Board to compose a committee to
visit the various Colleges be amended and changed to read the
Chairman and President alone.

It was moved by Mr. Codd, seconded by Mr. Henderson, that the
recommendation of President Stubbs relative to sending Mr. Layman
as a representative to the American Library Association, which
convenes in Washington, D. C., May 25th, be approved.  Carried.

The letter from Mrs. Gignoux acknowledging receipt of flowers
and expressing her appreciation of the action of the President
and Board in her recent bereavement was read and ordered filed.

The letter from Mrs. Virginia Vanderbilt to President Stubbs ex-
pressing her disappointment in not being able to visit the Uni-
versity of Nevada was read and ordered filed.

The letter from Mr. Sproule to the President on matters of im-
portance was laid over until the next meeting of the Board.

Plans for the bridge over the Orr Ditch were laid over to next

    WHEREAS, the President of the University of Nevada has this
    day announced to the Board of Regents that his resignation
    as President would be in the hands of the Regents to take
    effect Commencement Day, 1915; and

    WHEREAS, the announcement was made at this time so that the
    Regents may appoint a committee to look up the matter of a
    new President and present their finding to the Board; and

    WHEREAS, the Regents deeply regret the action of the Presi-
    dent, although the President has at various times heretofore
    informally announced to the Regents that it was his intention
    to retire as President in 1915, and the Regents, realizing
    the importance of the matter and the time it may take to
    select a worthy successor to the President; and

    WHEREAS, the President of the University has given the best
    part of his life in working for the good of the institution
    and has accomplished much in raising this institution to a
    higher educational standard, and the Regents, feeling it
    would be a great loss to the University for the President to
    completely sever his connections therewith, and deeming it
    advisable to create a Chair or Department in the University
    to be filled by the retiring President, for and on account
    of the great good he can do for this institution,

    member of the Board of Regents consider himself a committee
    of one to gather such information as he can in this matter
    and report to the Board before Commencement, 1914, not only
    on the question of selecting a successor to the retiring
    President, but also on the creation of a Chair or new Depart-
    ment in the University to be filled by the retiring Presi-

    a special committee of the Board of Regents is appointed to
    act in this matter that the Chairman of the Board of Regents
    be the Chairman of that Committee.

It was moved by Mr. Codd, seconded by Mr. O'Brien, and unanimous-
ly carried, that the foregoing resolution be adopted.

The recommendation of the President that the Office of Vice Pres-
ident be abolished and that the office of Dean of the Faculties
be created on motion of Mr. Henderson, seconded by Mr. O'Brien,
was unanimously approved and adopted, the appointment to take
effect on the first day of July of each year upon nomination of
President and approved by Board.  Whereupon President Stubbs
nominated Robert Lewers for appointment to the office of Dean
of the Faculties, and, upon motion of Regent Codd, seconded by
Regent O'Brien, his appointment was unanimously approved.

The following preamble and resolution was introduced by Mr.
Henderson and upon motion of Mr. Codd, seconded by Mr. O'Brien,
was unanimously carried:

    WHEREAS, it has come to the attention of the Board of Regents
    of the University of Nevada, through the President, that an
    organization has been formed by some of the students of the
    University under the name and style of "University of Nevada
    Equal Suffrage League"; and

    WHEREAS, it appears that the term "University of Nevada" was
    used without the consent or approval of the President of the
    Board of Regents, and without any knowledge on their part
    that said term "University of Nevada" was being used by such
    organization; and

    WHEREAS, it is deemed by the Board of Regents to be for the
    best interests of the University that the name "University of
    Nevada" should not be used in connection with any societies,
    clubs or organizations in the University, without first ob-
    taining the consent of the President expressed through the
    Board of Regents,

    society, club or organization connected with the University
    be permitted to use the expression or term "University of
    Nevada" in its name without first obtaining the consent and
    approval of the President of the University after appropriate
    action thereon has been taken by the Board of Regents.

    ization called "University of Nevada Equal Suffrage League"
    discontinue the use of the words, "University of Nevada", and
    that the President notify said organization.

It was moved by Mr. Codd, and seconded by Mr. Henderson, that
Mr. Dinsmore's report on deputies be approved, but that no deputy
be permitted to exceed $25 per month.  Carried.

Moved by Mr. Codd, seconded by Mr. Henderson, that the University
subscribe for 500 copies of Nevada State Annual at 10 cents per
copy, making a total of $50.  Carried.

Moved by Mr. Henderson, seconded by Mr. Codd, that the University
subscribe $10 per month for one year to George Wharton James for
his articles in "Out West".

No further business occurring, the meeting adjourned.

                             H. E. Reid

C. H. Gorman
Assistant Secretary

                       Mr. Dinsmore's Report

                                             April 1, 1914

Dr. J. E. Stubbs, President
University of Nevada
Reno, Nevada

Dear Sir:

Agreeable to the favorable action on the recommendation made to
you March 4th, 1914, that of appointing local agents acting for
this Department in several of the important shipping points of
this State, I beg to report to you that inspectors have already
been selected in the following places:

    Town                Date of Commission      Name

    Tonopah             March 5th, 1914         Edward H. Addison
    Goldfield           March 7th, 1914         Samuel V. Newell
    Elko                March 24th, 1914        H. A. Mc Murtrey

No local agent's salary shall exceed $25 any calendar month, un-
less for necessary traveling expenses or for forwarding samples.

I shall visit the other towns in which local inspectors are to
be stationed at the earliest opportunity and hope to have all the
positions filled within the next 3 weeks.  I plan to visit Ely
some time next week for the purpose of getting an inspector
started on the work in that district.

The action of Mr. Addison, the Tonopah inspector, in condemning a
carload of California potatoes as wormy, decomposed and unfit for
food has received most favorable Statewide comment, and the gen-
eral plan adopted for appointing local inspectors likewise meets
with hearty approval all over the State, if Press notices and
articles on the subject can be accepted as the general attitude
of the people.

Communications from Mr. Newell of Goldfield state that he has
entered on the work looking into sanitary conditions surrounding
the local markets, as well as keeping a close watch on materials
shipped to the City from outside sources.  He states that his
efforts are well received both on the part of the consumer and
dealer and anticipates no difficulty in enforcing the provisions
of the Food and Drugs Law in his section of the State.

Since my last report to you, I have visited all the restaurants
and eating houses in Tonopah, Goldfield, Elko and Reno and given
them a score according to the card adopted for this line of work.
In several instances notice was served on the proprietor or man-
ager to clean up within a specified time.  In my next report I
shall give you a detailed account of the work performed by the
Department along the line of sanitary inspection.

                             Respectfully submitted,

                             S. C. Dinsmore