UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
April 1-2, 1911

Volume OD - Pages 250-257

                         Reno, Nevada
                        April 1, 1911

The Board of Regents met at 2:30 o'clock P.M. Saturday, April
1, 1911.  Present:  Regents Codd, Williams, O'Brien, Reid and
President Stubbs.  Absent:  Regent Henderson.

Upon motion of Dr. Reid, seconded by Regent O'Brien, the note
on page 237 with reference to the Historical Society site upon
the Campus was ordered stricken from the minutes.  With this
correction, the minutes of all meetings from January 2, 1911
were approved as read.

President Stubbs read his report as follows:

                                     April 1, 1911

To the Honorable
The Board of Regents
    of the University of Nevada


I have the honor to make the report of the University for the
three months ending March 31, 1911.

I have submitted to the Board of Regents the Payroll and Claims
from the Agricultural and Mechanical College Fund as follows:

    Salary roll, faculty                    $2706.00
    Claims                                   1065.58
        Total                               $3771.58

The balance sheet shows in the Agricultural and Mechanical
College Fund $12,098.34; subtracting the claim and payrolls
submitted leaves $8,326.76.  We can pay the salaries for the
rest of this fiscal year, amounting to $7118.00, and this will
leave us $1208.76 with which to pay claims.  This means that
we will close up this fiscal year entirely free from debt so
far as the Agricultural and Mechanical College Fund is concerned.

                      State Fund

According to a telegram received from Fred L. White, Assemblyman
from Washoe County, the Legislature gave us $209,130 under the
general appropriations and passed the Electrical Building and
Equipment Bill for $40,000, which the Governor signed.  We are
indebted to Assemblyman White and some other good friends who
insisted upon the University appropriation of $214,120 and they
succeeded, according to his telegram, in getting the full amount
of the appropriation, excepting $5000.

At one time it looked as if the Ways and Means Committee would
cut our general appropriation bill about $50,000, and it is very
gratifying to know that wiser counsel prevailed and they gave us
about everything we asked for in the way of general appropria-
tions.  From conversation with Mr. White it seems that the fail-
ings of the Senate and Assembly largely arose through ignorance
of what the State really needed.  The general appropriation for
the University according to Mr. White's telegram is as follows:

    Section  95, for support of Departments $172,130
    Section  98, for purchase of stock         5,000
    Section  99, for improvements of grounds  10,000
    Section 100, for Hygienic Laboratory      10,000
    Section 101, for Food and Drug Control    12,000
        Total                               $209,130

It is to be noted that in the support for Departments I included
$20,000 for the College of Education.

                   State Payrolls and Claims

The State Payroll for the month of March for the faculty is
$3,401.04; for the students is $284.75.  The State claims for
the month of March amount to $10,672.40 as follows (with an
additional $540):


        Library                             $   420.48
        Pure Food and Drugs                     871.43
        Miscellaneous                           907.29
        State Hygienic Laboratory               382.16
        Buildings and Grounds                 3,731.87
        High School                              38.78
        Administration                        1,593.41
        Insurance                             2,514.00
        M & M Building Equipment                745.78
        Greenhouse                                2.20


        State Hygienic Laboratory           $   301.00
        Pure Food and Drug                      266.68
        High School                             855.34
        Mackay Mining School                    400.00

                         Lawn Mower

The question of a suitable lawn mower to take care of our lawns
is now under consideration.  We can get a good horse lawn mower
from $200 to $300.  We can get a good gasoline motor lawn mower
from Champaign Bros. for $600 net f. o. b. cars Ithaca, or, we
can get a better gasoline motor lawn mower for $1300 f. o. b.
cars Newburg, New York.  I would like to do away with horse
power as soon as possible.  The $1300 motor lawn mower from
Champaign Bros. seems to be a very good lawn mower, and it seems
to me it would be wise for us to buy this lawn mower for $600
plus the freight from Ithaca, N. Y. to Reno.  I submit the
questions to the Board.

                         Cash Payments

The Regents doubtless are aware that there are some claims that
the University must pay for immediately, such as freight express
and advances for traveling, etc.  We have provided for these
payments by a system of orders on Mr. Taylor which he has car-
ried and then presented to the Board of Regents for payment.
This is a great burden which should not be placed either on the
Washoe County Bank nor upon Mr. Taylor.  After conversation with
Mr. Taylor, I submit the following:

That the Regents by resolution authorize the President of the
University and the Secretary of the Board of Regents to sign a
note for the University of Nevada, borrowing an amount sufficient
to pay these bills for freight, expressage and advance for labor
and traveling expenses for the Pure Food and Drug work, the State
Hygienic Laboratory work, and the Adams Fund work, so that the
President's Office may pay these bills as they occur and then
segregate them and put the amount up to the Board of Regents for
approval at the end of the month, and pay the amount upon the

                  Recommendation for Graduation

I herewith recommend for graduation the following students:

    Marion Henry Foss, for the degree of Bachelor of Science
        in Mining Engineering

    Claude Henry Heise, for the degree of Bachelor of Science
        in Mining Engineering

    Louis Selwyn Leavitt, for the degree of Bachelor of Science
        in Mechanical Engineering

These students completed their work at the close of the Fall
semester and have been recommended to me for graduation by the
Committees on Registration and Graduation and Theses.

                        The Land Show

We made, on behalf of the University, an exhibit at the Pacific
Land and Livestock Show at Los Angeles, which occurred from the
9th to the 31st of March.  This exhibit was in charge of Mr.
Peterson, who, besides gave two illustrated lectures on Nevada.
From all that we have heard the exhibit from the University and
from Clark County, Nevada, was very good and excited a great
deal of interest on the part of the visitors.

                    Inspection of Cadets

The inspection of the Cadet Corps will occur on Tuesday, May 2nd.
The inspecting officer is Captain H. L. Laubach.

                 University of Nevada Bulletin

January 1, 1911, No. 1 of Vol. V of the University of Nevada
Studies was issued.  The title of the Bulletin is "The Identity
of the Child in Virgil's POLLIO: An Afterward" by Dr. J. E.
Church, Jr.

                             Respectfully submitted,

                             J. E. Stubbs

Upon motion of Regent Williams, seconded by Dr. Reid, the Presi-
dent was authorized to purchase through a Nevada dealer a new
horse lawn mower.

Upon motion of Dr. Reid, seconded by Regent Williams, the rec-
ommendation of the President with regard to the three students
named in his report was approved, and their degrees ordered
conferred upon them.

The President read a letter which he had written to Mrs. Edward
H. Harriman, asking her to purchase a farm and give it to the
University.  The Regents approved of this letter.

The salary of Professor Sawvell was made $100 per month from
January 1, 1911, and that of Miss Edith Howe $75 per month from
January 1, 1911.

The following is a list of the claims allowed:


    Bausch and Lomb                                  $   13.26
    Nevada Hardware                                        .81
    Nevada Hardware                                      28.08
    Nevada Hardware                                       9.43
    Porteous Decorative Company                           2.00
    Foote Mineral Company                                56.75
    Charles Schuchert                                    13.00
    Bausch and Lomb                                      17.00
    Reno Printing Company                                10.00
    Reno Printing Company                                 9.75
    Ridenour Fuel Company                                24.05
    Braun-Knecht-Heimann                                  1.50
    Reno Oil Company                                     18.50
    Mott Stationery Co.                                    .50
    Reno Ice Delivery Co.                                  .90
    Central Scientific Company                          269.61
    Department of Agriculture & Animal Husbandry          8.42
    Reno Mercantile Company                              27.30
    Braun-Knecht-Heimann                                 51.25
    Eimer and Amend                                     124.95
    Nevada Hardware                                      14.63
    Nevada Hardware                                     162.62
    Eugene Dietzgen                                      14.14
    L. A. Mc Clure                                        1.00
    Cann Drug Company                                     2.40
    General Electric Co.                                 30.68
    Porteous Decorative Co.                               2.70
    Weck Drug Co.                                          .50
    Reno Power Light and Water Co.                       70.30
    Reno Power Light and Water Co.                       29.85
    Reno Power Light and Water Co.                       35.75
    Reno Power Light and Water Co.                        3.25
    George H. Taylor                                     10.70
                                    Total            $ 1065.58

                      STATE CLAIMS

        Fifield & Watt                               $  175.00
        Fifield & Watt                                   36.00
        Continental Insurance Co.                       125.00
        Continental Insurance Co.                       125.00
        Continental Insurance co.                        50.00
        First National Bank - Elko                      162.00
        First National Bank - Elko                       50.00
        Bank of Nevada Savings & Trust                   62.50
        Scheeline Banking Company                        62.50
        Washoe County Bank                              866.00
        Byington and Hall                               175.00
        Byington and Hall                               100.00
        John Henderson - Elko                            50.00
        John Henderson - Elko                           150.00
        John Henderson - Elko                           200.00
        Peck and Sample                                 125.00
                                    Total            $ 2514.00

    M & M Building Equipment:
        Self and Sellman                             $  117.10
        Reno Mill and Lumber Co.                         25.65
        Reno Plumbing and Heating Co.                   155.00
        Nevada Hardware and Supply Co.                   66.52
        Du Pont de Nemours Co.                           20.00
        Meese & Gottfried                                 3.39
        Foote Mineral Company                            22.50
        Denver Rock Drill Co.                            62.50
        Bausch & Lomb Optical Co.                        11.35
        Braun-Knecht-Heiman                              45.47
        Salt Lake Hardware Co.                          150.00
        Mott Stationery Co.                              32.00
        Nevada Engineering Co.                           22.50
        Raymond Spencer                                  10.00
        Denver Fire Clay Co.                              1.80
                                    Total            $  745.78

    Food and Drug:
        Dr. Robinson                                 $   10.00
        Parke Davis Co.                                  30.00
        S. C. Dinsmore                                  191.75
        Reno Ice Delivery Company                         2.95
        Eimer and Amend                                   4.55
        White Company                                     5.25
        E. H. Sargent & Co.                               5.78
        Reno Printing Company                           472.00
        Raymond Spencer                                  36.00
        William Brown & Earle                            97.28
        Braun-Knecht-Heimann                              1.00
        G. H. Taylor                                      9.87
        Nevada Press Co.                                  5.00
                                    Total            $  871.43

        A. C. Mc Clury                               $  174.07
        A. C. Mc Clury                                    9.99
        A. C. Mc Clury                                   16.65
        A. C. Mc Clury                                   16.45
        A. C. Mc Clury                                   28.06
        The Horseman                                      2.00
        Holstein-Fresian Register                         5.00
        F. A. Brockhaus                                  11.31
        Robert Appleton                                   6.00
        American Trotting Register Association           10.00
        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.                      2.45
        Geo. H. Taylor                                    7.28
        W. S. Tangier Smith                               3.00
        National Conference of Charities                  1.60
        Macmillan Co.                                     4.00
        H. W. Wilson Co.                                 31.05
        G. E. Stechert & Co.                             13.87
        N. Y. Botanical Garden                            1.50
        Smithsonian Institution                          49.15
        Smithsonian Institution                          27.05
                                    Total            $  420.78

    High School:
        Raymond Spencer                              $   22.50
        Nevada Press Co.                                 10.00
        Braun-Knecht-Heimann                              6.28
                                    Total            $   38.78

        Self and Sellman                             $    2.20

        Reno Traction Company                        $    5.00
        University of Chicago Press                     162.05
        W. S. T. Smith                                   27.35
        Sanborn, Vail and Co.                            17.50
        Samuel Belford                                   71.90
        H. W. Hill                                       20.00
        William J. Carter                                10.00
        H. S. Crocker Co.                                10.85
        Reno Wall Paper & Paint Co.                      36.50
        Reno Mill and Lumber Co.                         32.50
        J. E. Stubbs                                    100.00
        Western Union                                    10.06
        J. E. Stubbs                                    388.50
        Mott Stationery Co.                              22.90
        Western Mining Directory Co.                     25.00
        Postal Telegraph Co.                             40.47
        Nevada State Journal                             48.50
        Nevada Press Co.                                192.50
        Nevada Press Co.                                 53.00
        Sierra Art and Engraving Co.                     15.98
        Frank Williams                                   83.20
        H. E. Reid                                       14.55
        J. W. O'Brien                                    11.50
        A. A. Codd                                       42.50
        Geo. H. Taylor                                   56.41
        Geo. H. Taylor                                   94.69
                                    Total            $ 1593.41

    Buildings and Grounds:
        Telephone Co.                                $   89.30
        Reno Plumbing and Heating Co.                    37.05
        Frank Campbell                                   34.05
        Reno Plumbing and Heating Co.                   126.75
        Reno Power Light and Water Co.                  868.50
        Sol Levy                                           .60
        Nevada Hardware and Supply Co.                  114.02
        Daniels & Steinmetz                               9.20
        A. E. Kaye                                      414.00
        Porteous Decorative Co.                           8.35
        Reno Mercantile Co.                               9.45
        Self and Sellman                                  4.10
        Ridenour Fuel Co.                              1440.00
        Ridenour Fuel Co.                               540.00
        Pioneer Iron Works                                4.00
        Reno Fuel Co.                                    16.50
        E. C. Stewart                                     3.00
        Nevada Press Co.                                 13.00
                                    Total            $ 3731.87

    Hygienic Laboratory:
        Nevada Press Co.                             $    5.00
        Geo. H. Taylor                                   48.10
        White Printing Company                            8.70
        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.                     14.66
        Reno Power Co.                                   25.60
        Cutter Laboratory                                 9.00
        Bausch & Lomb Optical Co.                        94.11
        Spencer Lens Co.                                  7.25
        Gray, Reid, Wright Co.                            5.65
        Reno Ice Delivery Co.                             9.18
        Henry Heil Chemical Co.                          56.56
        R. Herz and Bros.                                 6.00
        Reno Mercantile Co.                               4.20
        W. B. Mack                                       57.50
        W. B. Mack                                       18.35
        Mott Stationery Co.                              12.30
                                    Total            $  382.16

        Raymond Spencer                              $   10.50
        Raymond Spencer                                   8.00
        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.                     22.65
        Raymond Spencer                                   7.00
        Raymond Spencer                                   2.00
        Sherman Clay & Co.                                3.24
        Peter Frandsen                                   35.75
        Reno Mill & Lumber Co.                            9.85
        J. D. Mariner                                     3.25
        Tranter-Judd Co.                                  3.00
        Riverside Studio                                  5.00
        Central Scientific Co.                          584.45
        S. C. Dinsmore                                  145.00
        Porteous Decorative Co.                            .70
        Porteous Decorative Co.                          15.05
        C. A. Jacobson                                   19.60
        Nevada Press Co.                                 32.25
                                    Total            $  907.29

The Board took a recess until 8:30 in the evening.

Upon motion of Regent Williams, seconded by Regent O'Brien, the
President was allowed $600 for entertainment purposes for 1911,
$450 of the same being expended by the President from his own
personal funds in 1910.  Carried.

Upon motion of Dr. Reid, seconded by Regent Williams, the Presi-
dent of the University was authorized to have bids submitted for
fire escapes on Stewart, Morrill and Lincoln Halls, the Chemical
building and the Gymnasium.

Adjourned to meet at the call of the Chairman.

                             A. A. Codd

Geo. H. Taylor