UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
April 1-2, 1893


Volume OC - Pages 14-16

                        Reno, Nevada

                       April 1, 1893

At a regular meeting of the Board of Regents held in their Office

on Saturday, April 1, 1893 at 12:00, J. W. Haines, H. L. Fish,

Governor Colcord and J. D. Torreyson, present.  C. E. Mack, ab-


Minutes of meeting held March 8 were read and with change made

regard to painting outside of the main and Dormitory buildings.

Mr. Torreyson's name added as meeting with the Board at 12:00.

Stand approved as read.

Petition from students and citizens relating to Military

instruction ordered on file.

Communication from Mr. Mack as Regent, dated Virginia, March 31,

read and ordered on file.

Communication from Mary W. Lampney, relative to giving a course

on Race Culture and Education at the University received and One

Hundred Dollars was appropriated to employ her on such days and

hours as the President may determine.  Especially for the

graduates of the present term.

On motion of Governor Colcord, seconded by J. D. Torreyson,

Professor Jackson was appointed Principal of the Mining Labora-

tory at a salary of One Hundred Dollars per month from January

1, 1893.

Professor Phillips was also employed as assistant to Jackson at a

salary of Fifty Dollars per month from same date.

On motion of J. W. Haines, seconded by J. D. Torreyson,

Lieutenant Neall was given permission to hold a Military Encamp-

ment on the Parade Grounds in the month of May for seven to ten

days, the Board to pay expense of transporation of tents to and

from the Encampment and furnish lights.

The following bids for painting woodwork on the outside of main

and Dormitory buildings were as follows:

         Graham      $400

         Updike       500

         Titus        400

         Planchard    400

         Lentz & Son  355

         Meadows      230

Mr. Meadows bid was rejected and the contract was given to Lentz

& Son for $355.

Professor Cowgill asked for assistance in his Department and the

President requested to have Professor Church assist in examin-

ations in composition.

Professor Jackson offered to construct an iron covered building,

30 x 20 feet not less than 8 feet high at lowest eaves with the

Quartz Mill now owned by the Regents, set in place in said

building all shafting belting and gearing, sewer, water pipes,

steam engine and boiler and all things necessary for the equip-

ment of a Quartz Mill at a point about 75 feet northwesterly

from the Mining Laboratory building at a cost not to exceed Five

Hundred Dollars.

On motion, it was ordered constructed.

Mr. Howard appeared before the Board and made a proposal to

continue the Dormitory Dining Room under as good a method as

formerly at Sixty Cents per day for University students as a

monthly rate.  Vacations excepted.

Claims were presented and allowed as follows:

         From Ag & Mech College Fund     1,836.69

         From Contingent University Fund 1,443.15

         From Mining Laboratory Fund       475.00

                           Total        $3,754.84

The following preamble and resolution was unanimously adopted

by the Board:

     WHEREAS information has just reached the Board of the

     decease of Mrs. Hillman, the wife of Professor Hillman,


     RESOLVED, that the sincere and heartfelt sympathy of the

     Board of Regents is hereby tendered Professor Hillman in

     this sad hour of his bereavement.

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned to meet

Saturday, April 29, 1893.

                             H. L. Fish


Geo. H. Taylor