UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

March 29-30, 1941 

Volume 5 - Pages 309-314

                       REGENTS MEETING
                       March 29, 1941

Meeting called to order by Chairman Ross at 10 A.M., with the
following members present:  Dr. Olmsted, Mr. Williams, Mr. Ross.

Also present:  Joe Mc Donnell, Graduate Manager
               Raymond Garamendi, Student Body President
               William Beemer, Alumni Association President
               Frank Mc Cullough, Editor of the Sagebrush
               Allan Mc Gill, Reporter for the Reno Evening
               Robert Bennyhoff, Reporter for Nevada State
               C. H. Gorman, Comptroller

Mr. Gorman asked that the Regents approve List No. 9, State
Claims, 01-172 to 01-195, inclusive, for a total of $44,902.01,
and List No. 9, Regents Checks, 01-117 to 01-130, inclusive,
for a total of $51,853.12.  Dr. Olmsted moved that the lists
be approved.

    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

At this time Mr. Albert L. Mc Ginty from Carson City was given
the floor.  He stated that the Social Security Board would like
to make arrangements whereby a University Professor could be used
for research and statistical work.  They would like to have Mr.
Alden J. Plumley do extra work for them, 12 hours a week at $10
for 6 hours, and during the Summer months, 6 hours a day, 5 1/2
days a week.  Mr. Ross stated that it was the policy of the Uni-
versity to cooperate at all times with the State in matters of
this sort.  Mr. Ross moved that this matter be turned over to
the President for final disposition in keeping with the policy
of the Board.

    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Dr. Hartman read a letter from Miss Sissa regarding the invita-
tion sent her to attend the celebration at Commencement time.

Dr. Hartman read a note from Mrs. Pittman thanking the Regents
and faculty for their gift of flowers at the funeral of Key

Dr. Hartman asked to have established a general endowment fund
for any such sums as might come in; also, a special endowment
fund in case an individual should like to give money for endow-
ment purposes under his or her name.  Dr. Olmsted move that
these funds be established.  Passed.

    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Dr. Hartman recommended that Mr. Stanley G. Palmer be made Acting
Dean of the College of Engineering for the remainder of this
semester and, if necessary, even for next year.  Mr. Ross moved
that this recommendation be approved.  Passed.

    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

On the recommendation of Professor Charles R. Hicks, Dr. Hartman
recommended that Mr. Robert Joy, who has been an Instructor in
the History Department for the past year, be replaced by Dr.
Philip Gerald Auchampaugh since Mr. Joy is subject to the draft.
Mr. Auchampaugh is to be employed as an Assistant Professor in
History with a beginning salary of $1800 a year, to be raised
in due time to the maximum for an Assistant Professor.  Mr.
Williams moved that this recommendation be approved.

    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Mr. Gorman made the following report:

Legislative requests:

    a.  Continue 9 cent tax for general support
    b.  The additional 10% of the liquor tax to make the Univer-
        sity's proportion 50%
    c.  $75,000 bond issue for reconstruction of heating plant
    d.  $200,000 additional bond issue for construction of
    e.  A contribution pension plan requiring 1 cent tax levy
    f.  Renewal of 2 cent permanent construction tax
    g.  Increase to 2 cents from 1.7 cents tax for support of
        public service division
    h.  The rehabilitation of the University Farm ($38,000)

Legislative grants:

    a.  Continued 9 cent tax
    b.  No action taken
    c.  Passed
    d.  Reduced to $100,000 and passed
    e.  Died in committee
    f.  No action taken
    g.  Raised from 1.7 to 2 cents
    h.  Bill for $30,000 passed by Legislature but vetoed by

Mr. Ross moved that a letter of appreciation be written to Mr.
Morley Griswold for service rendered on pension bill.  Passed.

    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Mr. Beemer, President of the Alumni Association, made the sugges-
tion that the citizens of the State be enlightened as to the
facts concerning the pension plan so that they won't think it is
just for the benefit of the University staff and not for the good
of the State.  Mr. Ross suggested that an information bureau
would be the solution to the problem of unjust criticism because
of lack of accurate knowledge about the University.

In the absence of the other members of the Board Mr. Ross had
asked Mr. Gorman to prepare an answer to the legislative investi-
gating committee's report on the University (1941 Session) to
show that they may have been mistaken in some of their charges.
This report was based entirely upon the records in the Board of
Regents' files, both in the President's and the Comptroller's
offices.  Mr. Gorman read the report.  It was the consensus that
release of this report would only serve to antagonize the Legis-
lators concerned.  Mr. Williams moved that Mr. Gorman's report
be accepted and kept on file with the provision that the section
in the first paragraph on page 4 beginning "Further ..." to " er-
rors." be struck.  Motion passed.

    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Mr. Gorman reported that the Fire Chief of Reno has recommended
that an 8-inch water main be run from Evans Avenue to the new
Engineering building to provide adequate fire protection for the
Veterinary Control building and the new Engineering building.
The pipe, lead valves, fire hydrant, etc., for this water line
will cost approximately $1892.  Piping for irrigating slope back
of new stone wall along 9th Street and Evans Avenue would cost
approximately $500.  Labor is covered in a WPA project.  Mr.
Ross, as Chairman of the Buildings and Ground Committee, reported
that he was satisfied that these improvements were necessary and
proper.  Mr. Williams moved that these projects be approved at a
cost not to exceed $2500.  Passed.

    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Mr. Gorman reported that with regard to the steps from the Campus
to the new Engineering building, the WPA is short of skilled
labor necessary for this project.  He recommended that the Chair-
man of the Buildings and Ground Committee and the President be
authorized to secure bids and let this job to private contrac-
tors.  Dr. Olmsted moved that Mr. Gorman's recommendation be
approved.  Passed.

    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

At 12:00 Mr. Williams moved that the meeting recess until 1:15.
Meeting recessed, reconvened at 1:15.

At this time the report of the Buildings and Grounds Committee
for 1940-41 was made as follows:  (Due to lack of expected funds
the report on immediate needs for improvement will be made by
the President in May)


    Papered 7 rooms
    Calsomined 9 rooms and 2 hallways


    Painted kitchen and stairway
    Painted basement and four rooms
    Painted roof


    Washed and calsomined 17 rooms
    Painted front porch - 2 rooms


    Papered all or part of 28 rooms
    Painted 2 shower rooms - 2 coats
    Painted 38 room floors - 2 coats
    Calsomined 3 hallways
    Plastered part of rooms
    Patched plaster in many places throughout building


    Painted and calsomined 6 rooms
    Painted front porch
    Installed new sink
    Installed new wiring (conduit) in basement
    Installed new cupboards


    Installed 3 new sinks and piping


    Installed 2 new sinks and some new wiring


    Painted greenhouse inside - 2 coats
    Painted all benches
    Reglassed greenhouses


    Installed restrooms for women
    Installed storeroom
    Painted post office floor and stairway
    Renovated and repaired rooms in basement


    Remodeled ladies' restroom
    Painted and calsomined 8 class rooms
    Washed and calsomined hallway
    Plastered 2 rooms
    Painted and washed all walls in armory
    Installed new flooring in armory
    Installed new wiring in armory


    Installed new floor in hallway
    Painted and calsomined 6 class rooms
    Changed electric fixtures
    Fixed roof


    Washed and painted both reading rooms


    Installed new flooring in hallways and offices
    Installed new laboratory in Professor Lehenbauer's Department
    Installed 14 new electric fixtures - also new switches
    Installed new linoleum in offices of Professor Wilson and
        Dean Stewart


    Installed all new wiring in basement
    Installed new dark room


    Wired and installed 9 electric fixtures
    Installed new flooring in auditorium
    Painted stage floor
    Installed new storeroom
    Plastered and painted 2 classrooms
    Moved blackboards from 2nd to 1st floor
    Installed shelves in 3 offices
    Installed new linoleum in office
    Waterproofed 50 feet of outside wall on west side


    Installed retaining wall and grading from Lake Street to
        Evans Avenue
    Grading, leveling and hauling sand on dirt roads
    Detoured sewer to new Engineering building - also installed
        2 new manholes
    Installed new sewer for new Gymnasium and Hatch Station and
    Installed one manhole
    Installed new steps on south side of Morrill Hall
    Installed new 6" water main and fire plug and water system
        in Clark Field
    Installed fire hydrant near Training Quarters
    Built new bridge and steps to Clark Field
    Built new sidewalk to Training Quarters
    Recindered, filled and leveled the track
    Installed new cement band platform
    Installed new sidewalk to track
    Filled and lengthened 220 track 30 feet
    Installed new 2" x 6" side board for track
    Put in new lawn and installed water line between bleachers
        and track for same
    Installed new broadcasting and news booth.  Painted it and
    Installed electric wiring
    Installed pipe railing on new steps and retaining wall
    Painted President's house - 2 coats
    Remodeled interior of President's house
    Installed 4 new street lights
    Installed approximately 350 feet of curb and gutter in front
        of Morrill Hall and widened road
    Installed 2 catch basins - one on Mackay Field and one in
        front of Morrill Hall
    Installed new sewer line from President's house to Orr Ditch
    Rewired in conduit all of Pure Food and Drug Department
    Leveled ground and put in new lawn in front of Morrill Hall
        and planted shrubbery along north bank of Orr Ditch

The A. S. U. N. in cooperation with the WPA installed a wire
fence around the football field.

The Class of 1940 donated two electric standards on Lake Street

The Orr Ditch in front of Morrill Hall between main entrance
bridge and the Lake Street entrance was flumed.  This was made
possible by the gift of Mr. George Wingfield, who made a cash
donation to cover the University's proportion of this WPA proj-

The retaining wall on the Orr Ditch east of the Electric building
was also a WPA project.  The University's share of the cost of
this project was also covered by a cash gift from Mr. Wingfield.

                      PROJECTS IN COURSE


    It is proposed to turn the old Gymnasium over to the ROTC
    Unit as soon as the new Gymnasium is completed.  In order
    that there might be no delay in providing the ROTC in the
    old Gymnasium, a WPA project (declared a defense measure
    by the U. S. authorities) was approved in January 1941.
    This provides for:

    1.  The excavation of the basement to provide a rifle range
        and locker storage room
    2.  Rearrangement of offices on the first floor for the Army
        Officers in charge of the ROTC Unit
    3.  Providing storage for military property and equipment

    Excavation of the basement was started early in January and
    is nearing completion now.  The other changes in the building
    will be started as soon as practicable.


    A WPA project to widen the bridge over the Orr Ditch on the
    main entrance was approved in 1940 and work on this project
    has been delayed on account of weather conditions.  This
    project should be completed by May 1, 1941.


    Clark Field will be seeded this Spring.  When Clark Field is
    completed and in lawn, provision will have to be made for
    storage of hose, mowing machine, tools, etc.  A WPA project
    providing for the erection of a building consisting of a
    storage room, a small repair shop and rest room facilities,
    was approved in the Summer of 1940.  Construction of this
    building will be started within a week.


    A rubble stone retaining wall is being constructed in the
    ditch back of the Mackay Training Quarters.  This wall ex-
    tends from the north line of the athletic field, south to
    the Orr Ditch.  This is an improvement that will protect
    the Mackay Training Quarters from flood waters and its
    construction has been contemplated for years.

Other WPA projects providing for general improvements on the
Campus have been submitted but to date have not been approved
in Washington.  The more important items in the project are:

    Painting the outside of buildings on the Campus
    Construction of transformer house
    Manual labor on reconstruction of heating plant
    Construction of fences, ditches, farm buildings, etc., on
        the University Farm

In order to enable the State to take advantage of WPA coopera-
tion and relying on the promise of the former Legislatures that
the University would receive the extra 10% liquor tax, the Re-
gents authorized an overexpenditure of approximately $18,000 to
get the foregoing necessary improvements done.  How far the
Regents can cooperate with the WPA in the future depends upon
how closely the University budget can be trimmed, keeping in
mind as has always been done in the past that the needs of the
Educational Departments of the University take preference.

Mr. Gorman presented the following report as Comptroller for the
period ending March 31, 1941:


    Balance in fees and tuition        $ 25,000.00
    Balance State Tax
    Balance Liquor Tax                   17,317.45   $ 42,317.45

    State Tax March (estimate)                         38,000.00
    Liquor Tax April, May, June (estimate)             18,000.00
                                                     $ 98,317.45

    4 payments @ $18,000                 72,000.00
    4 months' expense                    24,000.00
    WPA projects                          5,000.00
    Bridge & steps to new Engineer. bldg. 5,000.00
    Widening bridge at main entrance      1,000.00
    New water line to Engineering bldg.   1,892.00
    Irrigating system for front lawn
        back of new wall                    500.00   $109,392.00

Overdraft June 30, 1941                              $ 11,074.55

Dr. Olmsted moved that the President be authorized to enter into
negotiations with the heating engineer for plans and specifica-
tions for the heating plant to be completed at the earliest pos-
sible moment so that bids can be advertised for, and when plans
and specifications are accepted, the Chairman of the Board, the
President and the Comptroller be authorized to advertise for
bids.  Passed.

    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Mr. Ross read a letter from the firm of De Longchamps and O'Brien
indicating that $12,000 was due their firm for the first set of
plans and specifications for the Gymnasium, of which $7,000 has
been paid.  Their firm is willing to accept less than the $5,000
due since a new set of plans and specifications must be drawn for
a building within the $300,000 available.  Their fee will be 6%
of the total cost and specifications.  New plans and specifica-
tions are to be ready by June 1 if authorized to go ahead.  Rough
draft of new plans indicates a building 125 x 175 feet, either
solid brick or concrete with brick veneer.

Mr. Mc Donnell suggested that the wood for the Gymnasium floor be
brought here and weathered before being laid so that it will not
warp as the present Gymnasium floor has done.  He also suggested
that an electrically operated partition be planned for the Gym-
nasium floor so that more than one class could use the floor at
the same time.  The Board accepted Mr. Mc Donnell's offer to
secure information on the cost and installation of such a par-

Dr. Olmsted recommended that $3000 be paid the architect in lieu
of the $5000 theoretically due and that the President, the Comp-
troller and the Chairman of the Board adjudicate the matter if
any sum less than $3000 is paid.  Passed.

    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Dr. Olmsted moved that Mr. Engle, the structural engineer, be
communicated with and asked to confer immediately with the archi-
tect, the President, etc.  Passed.

    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Mr. Williams moved that the firm of De Longchamps and O'Brien be
instructed to proceed with revised or new plans and specifica-
tions for a Gymnasium, the cost to be $260,000 or less, and with
the provision that said plans and specifications be guaranteed
to be finished by June 1 and that it be left to the President,
the architect and Mr. Engle whether the new or revised set of
plans be used.  Passed.

    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

With regard to the University Farm Mr. Williams recommended that
in the event the bill apportioning $30,000 for said Farm is sign-
ed by the Governor, Dean Stewart be requested to submit an amend-
ed policy concerning the Farm, cutting his estimates from $38,000
to $30,000.  The President is empowered to approve, amend or re-
ject the policy without further action of the Board.  In case the
bill is not signed, the President is authorized to lease the Farm
to people who are satisfactory according to the President and the
Dean of the College of Agriculture, since the present authoriza-
tion extends only to April 1, 1941.  This new authorization is to
extend to April 1, 1943.  Passed.

    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

At this time the Regents discussed the editorial in a recent is-
sue of the Sagebrush recommending the appointment of a Vice
President who would also have charge of public relations and
establishment of a Council of students and faculty as a clearing
house to eliminate friction and disseminate favorable publicity
on the University.  Mr. Ross recommended that the alumni group,
the student body President on behalf of the student body, a
representative of the Faculty Public Relations Committee, and
the President each work out a plan along these lines and submit
said plans to the Regents.  Passed.

    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Mr. Ross read a letter from Grant H. Smith informing the Regents
that 1/5 of the estate of the widow of Governor J. W. Adams has
been willed to the University of Nevada for a scholarship fund.
The estate will amount to a little over $200,000 and distribu-
tion may be made in October of this year.  The estate will be
administered by the Bank of California.  A photostatic copy of
the Will was enclosed with the letter.  The President was em-
powered to accept the gift when it comes.  Mr. Ross recommended
that the President acknowledge receipt of the Will to Mr. Smith.

Meeting adjourned at 4:30 P.M. with the understanding that the
next meeting will be held Friday, May 9, at 2:00 P.M.