UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
March 28-29, 1980


Pages 1-31



March 28, 1980

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Pine Auditorium

Jot Travis Student Union, University of Nevada, Reno.

Members present: Mr. Robert A. Cashell, Chairman

Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mrs. Molly F. Knudtsen

Dr. Louis E. Lombardi

Mr. John R. Mc Bride

Mr. John Tom Ross

Mrs. June F. Whitley

Others present: Chancellor Donald H. Baepler

President William Berg, NNCC

President Joseph N. Crowley, UNR

President Jack Davis, WNCC

President James Eardley, TMCC

President Judith Eaton, CCCC

President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

President Clifford Murino, DRI

Vice Chancellor Larry Lessly

Secretary Bonnie Smotony

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairpersons Campana (DRI),

Elliott (TMCC), Gochnour (CCCC), Marschall (UNR), Melrose (NNCC),

Moser (Unit), Pugsley (WNCC), and Van Vactor (UNLV), and repre-

sentatives of student associations from each of the Community

Colleges and Universities.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Cashell at 9:15 A.M.

Chancellor Baepler introduced Dr. Clifford Murino, newly appoint-

ed President of the Desert Research Institute.

1. Adoption of Consent Agenda

The Consent Agenda (identified as Ref. A and filed with

permanent minutes), containing the following items, was

submitted for approval:

1. Approval of minutes of March 10, 1980.

2. Acceptance of gifts and grants.

3. Report concerning proposed offerings of ROTC courses at

UNLV on an experimental basis.

4. Extension of Leave of Absence without pay for Ray

Embry, English Instructor at TMCC.

5. Appointment of Clarence K. Jones to the UNR Foundation

Fund Board.

6. Addition of Melba Oliver as an authorized signature on

the WNCC Petty Cash Account.

7. Addition of David Wilkins as an authorized signature on

the TMCC Petty Cash Account.

8. Augmentation of Board of Regents Out-of-State Travel

Account by transfer of $5,000 from the Board of Regents

Special Projects Account.

9. Revision of the UNR Intercollegiate Athletics Budget

for 1979-80 to permit the expenditure of $69,988 deriv-

ed from a larger than anticipated ending fund balance

from the previous year and from the receipt of more

income from ticket sales than was anticipated.

10. Granting of a perpetual sewer easement across land

owned by the University in the Green Valley area of

Clark County.

11. Granting of an easement in Pleasant Valley to permit

Washoe County to construct a roadway connecting U. S.

Highway 395 to mining properties held by the University

of Nevada.

12. Granting of rights-of-way on the Main Station Farm to

permit construction by Sierra Pacific Power Company of

an overhead transmission line and five electric power

anchor easements.

Mr. Mc Bride referred to the action of the Board at its

March 10 meeting, as reflected in the minutes, approving

the expansion of the scope and budget of Phase IV of the

Medical School. He recalled that the Board had previously

directed that there be a study of the relationships of all

professional schools, including the Medical School, and

suggested that an approach to the Interim Finance Committee

for approval to expand this project might be premature if

there is any possibility that the Medical School would

ultimately be moved to Las Vegas.

Chancellor Baepler suggested that the basic question might

simply be that if, in looking at all the professional

schools, there is any possibility that the Medical School

might be moved, proceeding with a $5 million addition would

preclude such a move and would remove one variable with

reference to professional schools.

President Crowley pointed out that the planning and design

will occupy the next year or so and that construction is at

least that far in the future. He suggested that the design

and planning be allowed to proceed pending the results of a

report from the committee looking at professional schools in

the State, and if the reports then suggest otherwise and the

Regents and the State decree otherwise, the design and

planning stage can be properly modified.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved adoption of the Consent Agenda as sub-

mitted. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong, carried without


2. Report of Investment Advisory Committee

Mr. Karamanos, Chairman of Investment Advisory Committee,

presented the following report of the Investment Advisory

Committee meeting of the previous day:

The Committee declined to take action on a proposal by

American Investors Management that the University enter

into a limited partnership in connection with a hospital

to be built in Sparks. The consensus was that while this

opportunity might well be attractive to other types of

investors, it was not one to which University endowment

funds could appropriately be committed.

Mr. Monte Miller of Valley Bank and Mr. Bob Lee of First

National Bank of Nevada commented briefly on the current

financial picture, but had no new recommendations for

changes in their banks' portfolios.

Mr. Paul Gramza of Security National Bank requested

Committee approval for the following purchase:

Approx. Antic. Mkt.

Units price income yield

$50,000 Federal Land Bank note 76 1/2 $3,800 12.4

7.6% due 4/20/87

Mrs. Knudtsen moved that the Committee recommend ap-

proval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Whitley and carried


Mr. Karamanos also reported that a proposal to invest in a

racetrack in Las Vegas was also declined by the Committee.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval of the Committee's action as

reported by the Committee Chairman. Motion seconded by

Mrs. Whitley, carried without dissent.

3. Report of Finance Committee

Mr. Mc Bride, Chairman of the Finance Committee, presented

the following report:

Met on Thursday, March 27, 1980, for discussion of the fol-

lowing matters:

1. Received a preliminary report from the Professional

Compensation Committee, containing the following


A. That the following tripartite biennium budget

proposal be approved by the Board of Regents:

(1) An annual CPI adjustment which uses the

Western Regional All Urban CPI on a calendar

year basis to determine the annual CPI adjust-

ment for professional salaries.

(2) A one-step salary increment for normal advance-

ment within rank to be awarded for satisfactory

service. (This does not imply an automatic

step for all faculty.)

(3) A merit, promotion and equity adjustment pool

equal to one step for each professional FTE.

B. That the Administration and Board of Regents request

from the Legislature salary adjustments to compen-

sate for the shortfall experienced during the 1979-

81 biennium.

C. That the Administration and Board of Regents seek

legislation that would repeal the law which limits

salaries of State employees to 94% of the Governor's


D. The UNS Professional Compensation Committee unani-

mously recommends that the 8.5% increase in profes-

sional salaries for 1980-81, which it previously

recommended, be distributed as follows:

(1) That .5% of the 8.5% be used for merit, equity

adjustments and promotions.

(2) That all faculty advance one step, or equiv-

alent, on the salary schedule and increase each

step and half-step on the current schedule by

the 5.5% for an overall increase of 8%.

The amount necessary to advance all faculty by

by one step has been determined as 2.5%.

Equivalent: Faculty at Step 20 or Step 20+ at each

rank or range would receive a dollar amount equal to

the dollar amount of a step for that rank or range.

These recommendations by the System Compensation Commit-

tee were presented for information and discussion with a

final recommendation to be developed for presentation to

the full Board at a subsequent meeting.

There appeared to be a consensus that a feasible ap-

proach to meet the objectives of recommendation B would

be to make a request of the Legislature early in the

1981 session for a salary adjustment which would be

retroactive to January, 1981, and would be added to the

salary base.

There also appeared to be consensus that the 1980-81

salary schedule would be developed using the 6% increase

included in the Legislative appropriation, and that the

Compensation Committee would formulate a recommendation

for adjustment of the current salary schedule to accom-

modate this 6% increase, with any amounts available be-

yond that budgeted six percent to be available for mer-

it. Chancellor Baepler requested input from the Presi-

dents concerning what could be done within each appro-

priation area, for further discussion with the Finance

Committee at a meeting to be called in approximately

three weeks.

2. Received a request from President Berg for assistance

from the Board in attempting to equalize salaries be-

tween NNCC and the other Community Colleges of the


Dr. Berg requested authorization to use approximately

$18,000 in professional salary savings resulting from an

unfilled position to make some immediate adjustments in

current salaries to correct what he considered the most

serious of the existing inequities, with assistance from

the Board of Regents in the 1980-81 fiscal year to carry

forward the adjusted salaries and to also allow the

professional position to be filled.

It was agreed that this matter should be considered

further and that additional data be gathered, with the

objective of identifying the inequities which exist and

developing a proposal for correcting those inequities.

It was further agreed that President Berg's specific

proposal would be deferred and that a study would be

begun immediately, with the Chancellor's Office gather-

ing data on regional Community Colleges, and each of

the Community Colleges compiling data on faculty pro-

files, with the parameters of the study to be developed

by President Eaton.

3. The proposed Capital Improvement Program Request for

1981-85 was discussed briefly, with agreement that full

discussion would be deferred for the full Board meeting.

4. Received a report from Presidents Goodall and Crowley,

in response to a request from the Regents that the

Administration review the current fee structure and the

internal distribution of those fees.

President Goodall and President Crowley proposed that,

if any change in the present method of internal distri-

bution of fees is to occur, the following three cate-

gories be established:

General Fund Fees

Debt Service (Construction) Fees

Student Activities Fees

It was noted that the first category of fees is set by

commitment to the Legislature; the second category is

limited by obligation to creditors. The third category

would then be a consolidation of all other fees and

could be allocated on the basis of internal budget re-

quests. Within that third category, in order that

there be no abrupt changes in funding patterns, Presi-

dent Goodall and President Crowley suggested that each

unit receiving funds from this source be assured that

it would receive 85 percent of the prior year's alloca-

tion for a year or two of transition to the new system.

Upon motion by Mrs. Fong, seconded by Mr. Griffith, the

Finance Committee voted to accept this proposal by the

Presidents and to submit it for consideration by the

Board of Regents.

5. The Committee discussed a proposal that an outside audit

be done of all revenue producing activities of all in-

stitutions of the University of Nevada System. Prior to

any request for action by the Board of Regents on this

proposal, it was agreed that the University would ex-

plore the matter with the current independent auditors

to determine what procedures are presently being follow-

ed in these areas and to develop a proposed audit pro-

gram to accomplish such audits if determined by the

Board to be desirable.

In presenting the foregoing report, Mr. Mc Bride noted that

it was being presented for information only, with no action

requested by the Board of Regents at this time. He comment-

ed on the proposed 1981-85 Capital Improvement Request which

had been included on the Finance Committee agenda, noting

that full presentation of this request had been deferred for

the regular meeting of the Board of Regents, but reported

that the Finance Committee proposed that facilities for the

Charleston Campus of CCCC be included in the request at an

estimated cost of $11 million.

Mr. Buchanan stated that he wished the record to reflect his

opposition to referral of the Capital Improvement Program

Request to the Finance Committee. He then moved approval of

the CIP request with the following additions:

Substitution of the Henderson Campus, Phase II, at $7.5

million, for Phase II Addition to the UNR Church of Fine

Arts building, at $5,365,000 (shown as Item 10 on the

proposed request), and substitution of Phase I of the

Charleston Campus of CCCC, at $7.5 million, for Phase

III of TMCC, at $4,730,000 (shown as Item 15 on the pro-

posed request).

In making this motion, Mr. Buchanan asked that action be de-

ferred until after presentation of the Capital Improvement

Request later in the meeting.

Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos.

Mrs. Knudtsen expressed her concern that the Finance Commit-

tee appeared to be expanding its responsibilities beyond the

scope of that which she had understood was originally in-

tended. She cited the inclusion on the Finance Committee

agenda of the discussion on professional salaries which she

suggested would have been more appropriately presented in-

itially to the full Board.

Chancellor Baepler suggested that a discussion of this mat-

ter within the Finance Committee provided an opportunity for

an informal discussion of the salary issue and an opportuni-

ty for faculty, Administrators and Regents to fully explore

a number of options and alternatives before it is ultimately

recommended to the full Board, where, he pointed out, it

would be discussed fully before approval is requested.

4. Request for Budget Augmentation, Cooperative Extension

Service and Agricultural Experiment Station

President Crowley requested approval of a budget augmenta-

tion of $74,392 for Cooperative Extension Service and

$111,181 for Agricultural Experiment Station, to accommodate

Congressional appropriations above the levels projected.

Details of the proposed augmentation were included with the

agenda (identified as Ref. B and filed with permanent min-

utes). President Crowley noted that this augmentation re-

quired the further approval of the State Budget Office and

Governor, and perhaps the Interim Finance Committee.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr.

Lombardi, carried without dissent.

5. Proposed Fee Increase, School of Medicine

President Crowley noted the rising costs of medical educa-

tion and the phasing out of the Federal Capitalization Grant

and presented a proposal by the School of Medicine for a

$260 per year increase in the registration fee. This would

be a 10 percent increase for resident students, bringing the

fee to $2,860 for 1980-81. For non-Wiche, non-resident stu-

dents tuition and fees would increase from $6,200 to $6,460.

President Crowley recommended approval. Chancellor Baepler


Mr. Ross moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Buchanan,

carried without dissent.

6. Request for Delegation of Authority to Award Bids

President Crowley requested the Administration be authorized

to award bids for the following College of Agriculture proj-

ects which are to be opened between April 1 and April 18,

and which cannot easily be held until the May 10 meeting:

(1) Bid for Lavatories at the Lake Tahoe 4-H Camp, to be

opened April 1, 1980. Plans prepared by Habitat, Inc.,

estimated to cost $90,000, with funds from College of

Agriculture and a special appropriation from the State

Legislature. Work must be completed by June 1 to per-

mit Summer use of facility.

(2) Bid for addition to Fallon Agricultural Service Center,

to be opened April 15, 1980. Architect is Edward P.

Lorenzo, estimated to cost $101,250, with funds from

College of Agriculture facilities account. Addition

to be leased to Federal agencies.

(3) Bid for Field Laboratory, Holly Park, Pahrump, to be

opened April 18, 1980. Plans and specifications for

steel prefabricated Butler building prepared by UNR

Physical Plant personnel. Estimated cost of $125,000

to be provided from College of Agriculture funds and

a special appropriation from the State Legislature.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr.

Lombardi, carried without dissent.

7. Early Admissions Policy, CCCC

President Eaton reported that CCCC has been working with

Clark County School District to identify ways in which to

expand articulation efforts and provide additional educa-

tional opportunities for high school and College students.

This has resulted in a commitment to focus on specific vo-

cational areas in which students can coordinate high school

and College training in the development of needed technical

skills for entry level employment.

Dr. Eaton noted that the current policy governing the ad-

mission to the Community Colleges of high school students

is reflected in Title 4, Chapter 10, Section 5 of the Board

of Regents Handbook. She proposed the following new policy

statement be adopted, effective for 1980-81:

High School Students may be admitted for enrollment in

course work at Clark County Community College under the

following conditions:

a. Occupational Courses:

1. Seniors may register for a maximum of two

courses per session.

2. Juniors may register for one course per


3. Juniors or seniors designated as vocational

program completers by the Clark County School

District may be admitted for enrollment in more

than two courses based upon written, articula-

ed, occupational program agreements between the

District and the College.

b. College Parallel Courses

1. Senior students having a 2.3 cumulative high

school GPA who have completed six semesters of

high school may register for a maximum of two

courses per regular semester and one course per

Summer Session.

2. High school students who are within two credits

of high school graduation may be admitted to

the College and register for a maximum of nine

credits per regular semester and one course per

Summer Session.

3. High school students having a cumulative GPA

of 3.0 and who have completed four or five

semesters may register for one course per

session. A student accepted on the preceding

basis whose high school GPA drops below the

minimum requirement (3.0) at the close of any

given semester must provide a written note from

the high school counselor in order to register

for additional courses.

President Eaton explained that the major intent of her

request was to provide a clearer statement of the ways in

which students can enter College work while still in high

school, particularly in the occupational program area. A

second purpose was to provide consistency between CCCC and

UNLV in the area of early admissions.

Chancellor Baepler reported a request from the Articulation

Board that this item be amended to exclude high school

students enrolling in University parallel courses, with

action on this area deferred to allow for development of a

Systemwide policy that would be uniform.

President Eaton pointed out that the policy change requested

by CCCC reflects the admission requirements already in ef-

fect at UNLV, while the policy change requested by President

Eardley in a subsequent item for TMCC, reflected the admis-

sion requirements of UNR. She questioned the concern of the

Articulation Board or the need for delay.

Chancellor Baepler explained that the Articulation Board had

made its request based on the fact that the admissions pol-

icy in general were uniform between the two Universities and

among the Community Colleges, and therefore, perhaps the

admission policy for high school students taking courses

early ought to be uniform.

President Eaton agreed that the Community Colleges are open

admission institutions and have generally uniform admissions

policies; however, she pointed out that the two Universities

have varying requirements.

Mr. Buchanan moved approval of the proposed change in the

Early Admissions Policy for CCCC as submitted by President


Mrs. Fong questioned the difference in the high school grade

point average required, noting that CCCC proposes a 2.3 GPA,

whereas TMCC proposes a 2.5 GPA.

President Eaton pointed out that this is consistent with the

difference that currently exists in the admission require-

ments of each of the Universities, suggesting that it is ap-

propriate for CCCC to be compatible with UNLV since that in-

stitution is CCCC's major articulation partner, whereas UNR

is TMCC's major articulation partner.

In response to a question from Mr. Ross concerning the con-

cerns of the various school districts about early admission

of high school students, President Eardley reported that the

Washoe County School District has taken the position that a

student with a 2.3 GPA should not be involved simultaneously

in both high school and College level courses, but that mar-

ginal students should concentrate on their high school work

and not try to move over into the College level.

President Davis reported a similar attitude on the part of

the school districts served by Western Nevada, stating that

these districts feel that the current 3.0 GPA requirement

for high school students enrolled in University transfer

courses should be retained and that 2.5 GPA should be uti-

lized for those taking vocational and occupational courses.

President Berg reported that NNCC has been adhering to the

3.0 GPA for first semester seniors enrolled concurrently in

Elko, Ely and Eureka high schools, and 2.5 for second se-

mester seniors, and would propose to do so as long as this

meets with requirements of the school districts involved.

Chancellor Baepler suggested that perhaps the question which

needed to be addressed is whether there should be uniform

standards among the Community Colleges or whether each

institution should be permitted to go its own direction.

President Eaton suggested that the primary responsibility of

each Community College is to respond to local needs, and

that there should be some opportunity for rational diversity

within the general policy framework.

Motion to approve seconded by Mr. Mc Bride, carried with

Mrs. Fong opposing.

Mrs. Fong explained that her negative vote was based on her

belief that the admission standards should be uniform among

the Community Colleges.

8. Early Admissions Policy, TMCC

President Eardley requested approval of the following policy

concerning early admission of high school students to

Truckee Meadows Community College:

1. Occupational, General Education, Developmental, Counsel-

ing, and Adult and Community Education Courses; high

school juniors or seniors may be admitted or enrolled

for not more than two courses per semester or Summer

Session on the following basis:

a. Occupational, General Education, Developmental,

Counseling, and Adult and Community Education

courses - recommendation of high school principal.

b. University of Nevada System Transfer Courses - (1)

high school senior and (2) grade point average of

3.0 or above; (3) second semester seniors with

grade point average of 2.5 or above; and (4)

recommendation of High School Principal.

2. Adult and Community Education Courses - youth below high

school junior status may enroll on an audit basis for

not more than two courses per semester or Summer Session

and must have the permission of their parents, school

principal if enrolled in high school, and the designated

Adult and Community College Administrator.

President Eardley commented on the increasing interest in

family enrollment in adult and community service courses at

TMCC, where youth below high school age are attending hobby

and community service classes with their parents. He re-

quested a policy which would permit such students to attend,

on an audit basis, with the permission of their parents and

with the permission of their principal.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Whitley, carried without dissent.

9. Recommendation for Promotion to Emeritus Status

President Eardley recommended that Max Johnson, retiring as

Administrative Assistant at TMCC, be granted emeritus sta-

tus, effective July 1, 1980.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Whitley,

carried without dissent.

10. Appointment to TMCC Advisory Board

President Eardley recommended the appointment of Mr. Jim

Elliott, General Manager of KCRL-TV, to the Truckee Meadows

Community College Advisory Board.

Mr. Ross moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr. Lombardi,

carried without dissent.

11. Student Housing Proposal, NNCC

President Berg recalled that for several years, the need for

student housing for NNCC had been under review and on sev-

eral occasions the possibility of a joint venture with pri-

vate enterprise and State land has been discussed. Dr. Berg

presented a proposal for the development of on-Campus stu-

dent housing, to be constructed in increments to accommodate

several students with common living and dining facilities.

Suggested specifications were submitted with the agenda

(identified as Ref. C and filed with permanent minutes),

and President Berg requested authorization to advertise the

project and invite proposals.

Vice Chancellor Lessly suggested that if this concept is

approved, the Board also give direction to President Berg

concerning the length of the lease period and instruction

that the bid not provide for subordination of College

property with respect to financing of construction.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval of the concept. Motion second-

ed by Mr. Buchanan.

Dr. Melrose, NNCC Faculty Senate Chairman, spoke concerning

faculty support of student housing. Lisa Wyman and Karen

Emerson, speaking on behalf of USUNS and NNCC student

groups, endorsed the idea of student on-Campus housing and

urged approval by the Board.

Mrs. Knudtsen commented on the number of students who live

in rural areas of Nevada who would prefer to attend school

in Elko, but are discouraged from such attendance because

they cannot find housing in the area.

Mr. Ross moved to amend the motion to provide for inclusion

of a 99-year lease provision with no subordination of Uni-

versity land. Motion to amend seconded by Mr. Buchanan,

carried without dissent.

Amended motion carried without dissent.

12. Appointment to NNCC Advisory Board

President Berg recommended the appointment of Mrs. Eleanor

Little of Owyhee to the Northern Nevada Community College

Advisory Board.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

13. Special Events Center, UNR

Design development drawings for the UNR Special Events

Center were presented by Ralph Casazza and Carroll Peetz,

of the architectural firm of Casazza, Peetz and Associates,

project architects.

This project, consisting of 197,450 gross square feet, has a

total budget of $26 million, and will be funded from sale of

Higher Education Capital Construction Fund revenue bonds.

The construction budget is $22,751,850, with the remainder

allocated for development costs.

President Crowley recommended approval of the preliminary

plans as presented. Chancellor Baepler concurred.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Whitley, carried without dissent.

14. Appeal of Mandatory Retirement

Mr. Clinton Wooster, attorney for Mr. Chauncey Oakley, in-

structor at TMCC, requested the Board to grant an exception

to its policy requiring retirement of nontenured faculty at

age 70, to permit the renewal of Mr. Oakley's contract for

next year. He pointed out that Mr. Oakley, who is 74 years

old, has been advised that his contract will not be renewed

following the current academic year, solely on the basis of

age. He stated that, in his opinion, to dismiss an instruc-

tor who is a good teacher, has received excellent evalua-

tions by both his superiors and his students, and who is in

good health, violates Nevada statutory provisions with re-

gard to age discrimination.

Vice Chancellor Lessly disagreed that the Board's policy on

mandatory retirement of nontenured faculty at age 70 vio-

lates State Law, pointing out that any State Law on the mat-

ter of retirement of professional employees of the Univer-

sity System is not constitutional since the Board of Regents

has the exclusive authority to make such determinations.

Mr. Lessly suggested that the exception requested for Mr.

Oakley is not in order; rather, if the Board were going to

do anything, it should be to change the retirement policy as

a whole. He said that if the Board offers a contract to Mr.

Oakley, who is over age 70 and is nontenured, the same op-

tion would have to be provided to every person who is over

70 and nontenured.

In response to a question from Mr. Buchanan concerning Mr.

Oakley's qualifications, President Eardley stated that Mr.

Oakley was well respected by the College and was a well

qualified instructor.

Mr. Buchanan moved that the exception to the retirement pol-

icy requested on behalf of Mr. Oakley be granted and that he

be offered a contract for one year. Motion seconded by Mr.


Mr. Mc Bride stated that regardless of Mr. Oakley's capabil-

ity, based on the advice received from Mr. Lessly that

granting this exception would open the door to others, he

would oppose the motion.

Chancellor Baepler recalled that the Board's policy on man-

datory retirement differentiates between tenured and nonten-

ured, with age 65 applying to the first and age 70 to the

latter. He suggested that not only would the granting of an

exception, as requested on behalf of Mr. Oakley, stimulate a

rash of additional hearings and appeals, but also a number

of lawsuits and endless litigation. He pointed out that the

only exception provided occurs when a job is advertised and

no qualified candidate can be found to fill the position.

Mr. Buchanan suggested that such appeals could be handled if

they do occur, adding that the Board has the prerogative of

granting exceptions and if such appeals are filed, then the

policy can be reexamined.

Chancellor Baepler pointed out that there are quite a few

faculty currently employed who are 65 or older and who would

be affected by the precedent this exception would set. He

recalled that when the policy was adopted in June, 1979, the

University was facing the possibility of significant faculty

reductions to meet the student/faculty ratios mandated by

legislation. Attrition was one way in which that particular

problem was going to be met; however, he noted that kind of

pressure is not now present as it was when the policy was


President Crowley agreed, but pointed out that all institu-

tions of the System would encounter problems similar to that

felt most strongly by UNR. He explained that UNR has a more

mature faculty; i. e., many of the current faculty are in

their fifties and sixties, and UNR is presently 75% tenured.

One way in which to turn this situation around is to take

advantage of the Federal exemption offered and that was one

of the factors taken into consideration in adopting the man-

datory retirement policy. He stated that granting the ex-

ception requested would guarantee that there would indeed

be a rash of appeals filed immediately, pointing out that

there are about 25-30 faculty members at UNR who will re-

tire under the current policy between now and 1982, and

suggested that many of them would be before the Board with

similar requests for exception with similar justification.

Mr. Buchanan recalled that the same suggestions were made

previously when the Board took action which was at variance

with established policy, but pointed out that these threats

did not materialize and he did not expect that they would

this time.

Motion failed by the following roll call vote:

Yes - Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Karamanos, Mrs. Knudtsen,

Dr. Lombardi

No - Mrs. Fong, Mrs. Whitley, Mr. Mc Bride, Mr. Cashell

Abstain - Mr. Ross

15. Henderson Campus

Final drawings for the Henderson Campus of Clark County Com-

munity College were presented by Leo Borns, project archi-

tect. This project, consisting of 23,000 gross square feet,

will be funded from the State General Fund, with $1,558,000

allocated for construction and $132,000 for furnishings.

President Eaton recommended approval of the final drawings

as presented.

Mr. Buchanan moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

16. Alternate Site for Fallon Campus of WNCC

President Davis recalled that the Board had at a previous

meeting rejected as unsuitable because of the flight pattern

surrounding the Fallon Naval Air Station a proposed site for

the Fallon Campus of WNCC offered by the Churchill County

Commissioners. The Commissioners have now offered, as an

alternate to the Rattlesnake Hill site, a parcel of land

containing 11.9 acres, central to the City of Fallon, com-

monly known as the Old Rodeo Grounds. The Commissioners

have offered this parcel for an initial 50-year lease at

$1 per year, with an option for an additional 50 years, with

the condition that the property be used by the University

System for educational purposes, or revert to the County.

Dr. Davis reported that it is proposed that this site be

developed as a Community Center area for the City and County

with a sharing of a proposed Convention Center auditorium

and meeting rooms and parking spaces by the community and

the College.

President Davis recommended acceptance of the offer of this

parcel for the purpose of construction of a Campus of WNCC.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

17. Request for Approval of Lease, WNCC

President Davis recalled that in August, 1979 the Board

approved a lease by WNCC of Units #9 and #10, containing

approximately 2,500 square feet of space, located at 400 Hot

Springs Road, Carson City. The term of the lease is from

August 1, 1979 to June 30, 1980 at $1,225 per month. Presi-

dent Davis reported that it has now been determined that the

area identified as Unit #9 will not be needed after April 1.

He requested the lease now in effect be terminated and a new

lease for Unit #10 be approved, at a reduced rental of $750

per month for the period April 1 through June 30, 1980.

Chancellor Baepler recommended approval.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Buchanan,

carried without dissent.

18. Fine Arts Complex, Phase III, UNLV

President Goodall recalled that at the previous meeting the

Board had requested a redesign of the roof treatment propos-

ed for the Fine Arts Complex, Phase II.

Mr. George Tate and Mr. Pete Hockaday, project architects,

reviewed the revised roof treatment, pointing out that most

of the sharp sawtooths which the Regents had found objec-

tionable had been removed or softened, while at the same

time the north light had been retained, as well as the

provision for solar capability in the future.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

19. Maryland Parkway Entrance and Parking

President Goodall reported that bids had been received for

Campus improvements to the Maryland Parkway entrance and

parking as follows:

Las Vegas Paving $166,850

Zuni Construction Co. 224,234

Dr. Goodall further reported that the State Public Works

Board had negotiated with Las Vegas Paving, deleting several

minor items, for a contract for $154,650. He recommended

that the Board of Regents concur in this award.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos,

carried without dissent.

Danny Campbell, CSUN President, reported the death of a UNLV

student several weeks previous while attempting to cross

Maryland Parkway in proximity to the Campus. Since that

time, efforts have been increased to have the speed limit on

Maryland Parkway reduced to 25 mph, and this request is

scheduled to be heard by the Clark County Commissioners at

their meeting on Tuesday, April 1. Mr. Campbell asked that

the Board of Regents assist in these efforts by sending a

letter to the Commissioners supporting this reduction in

speed and requesting that a solution to the traffic problem

be found. Mr. Campbell also requested that the Board send a

representative to the Commission meeting on Tuesday to per-

sonally support this request.

Mr. Mc Bride moved that a letter be sent to the Clark County

Commission as requested by Mr. Campbell, and that Mr.

Karamanos' offer to serve as the Board's representative at

the April 1 meeting of the Commission be accepted. Motion

seconded by Mrs. Whitley, carried without dissent.

20. Capital Improvement Program Request

The proposed Capital Improvement Program Request for 1981-85

was submitted, containing the following items:


Priority Project Cost

1 DRI Southern Nevada Facility $ 3,654,000a

2 UNR Addition to Church Fine Arts, Phase I 2,700,000a

3 UNLV Addition to Chemistry and Life

Sciences Buildings 1,978,000a

4 CCCC Renovation of Existing Instruct Space 827,000

5 UNLV Campus Improvements 2,034,000c

6 WNCC Roads, Parking, Landscaping/Carson City

and Fallon Campuses 344,000

7 UNR Campus Improvements, I 1,610,000

8 NNCC Campus Structure, Phase III 985,000

9 UNLV Physical Plant Building 5,919,000

10 UNR Addition to Church Fine Arts Building,

Phase II 5,365,000

11 UNLV Renovations to Grant Hall 1,643,000

12 UNS Computing Center/System Administration,

UNLV 2,500,000

13 DRI Remodel Sage Building 3,014,000

14 UNR Small Animal Facility 1,012,000

15 TMCC Campus Structure, Phase III 4,730,000

16 UNLV Nursing-Allied Health Wing 2,893,000

17 UNLV Engineering-Math-Physics Building 5,265,000

18 CCCC Expansion of Technology Facilities 1,631,000

19 UNR Addition to College Inn 7,087,000d

20 UNR Campus Improvements, II 1,191,000

21 DRI Southern Nevada Facility, Phase II 1,510,000

a Authorized in 1977, rescinded by the 1979 Legislature.

b Subject to adjustment pending State Public Works Board's

final estimates of cost.

c Includes modifications to John Wright Hall.

d 50 percent matching funds.

In presenting the proposed request, Chancellor Baepler noted

each institution provided a prioritized list of their indi-

vidual requests and the integrated list was developed by the

Officers. Dr. Baepler also noted that the University's in-

ternal funding capabilities are almost totally committed,

with the CIP fee within each institution offering very mod-

est assistance in the next biennium. The slot machine tax

rebate monies are allocated for the first two years of the

four-year proposal (1981-1985), with $10 million available

during the second two years.

Mr. Buchanan restated his motion placed before the Board

earlier, that is, that Phase II of the Henderson Campus, at

$7.5 million, be substituted for Phase II of the Addition to

the UNR Church Fine Arts building, at $5,365,000, and that

Phase I of the West Charleston Campus, also at $7.5 million,

be substituted for Phase III, TMCC Campus, at $4,730,000,

with the ultimate decision to be made by the Legislature

as to whether these projects will be funded.

President Crowley opposed the motion, and expressed concern

that Phase II of the Addition to the UNR Church Fine Arts

building (which he pointed out has been on the Capital

Improvement Program Request since 1977, and was in fact

approved by the 1977 Legislature, and was again submitted to

the 1979 Legislature), would be removed altogether from the

list without any consideration of the needs of the UNR Cam-

pus. He cited the deplorable conditions in which the people

and Departments currently occupying the Fine Arts building

at UNR are forced to exist with some of them actually occu-

pying quonset huts which have been on Campus since 1940's.

Mrs. Fong suggested that the proposed UNR Sports facility

would provide some relief with its convertible possibilities

to a Fine Arts Theater.

President Crowley pointed out that the convertible features

of the sports arena would provide a 2,500 seat auditorium,

which is quite different from a 300 seat auditorium which is

envisioned in the addition to the Fine Arts building.

Mr. Karamanos agreed that the conditions cited by President

Crowley are not pleasant but suggested that the needs of the

people in West Charleston must be considered and the

Henderson Campus needs to be expanded, pointing out that

these are the areas where the people live and this is what

the Legislature is going to be considering. He also stated

that he believed the Community Colleges would have a better

chance of being funded than some Fine Arts facility.

Mrs. Fong pointed out that the Performing Arts Center and

the new Fine Arts Complex at UNLV were there only because of

private funds received from very generous donors.

Mr. Karamanos agreed, suggesting that the Legislature would

never fund the UNR Fine Arts Complex if they had not already

done so.

Mr. Ross objected, suggesting that the effect of this motion

was to ask for a third Community College in Las Vegas that

has never even been programmed, pointing out that the deci-

sion had been made earlier by the Board, based on the pres-

entations of consultants, that the expansion of the Commu-

nity College should be in Henderson, and that putting a Com-

munity College facility in West Charleston would result in

a black school at the present Campus in North Las Vegas.

Motion carried by the following roll call vote:

Yes - Mr. Buchanan, Mrs. Fong, Mr. Karamanos, Mr. Mc

Bride, Mrs. Whitley

No - Mr. Cashell, Mrs. Knudtsen, Dr. Lombardi, Mr. Ross

21. Allocation of Grants-in-Aid for 1980-81

Chancellor Baepler noted that NRS 396.540 provides for tui-

tion waivers to "students from other states and foreign

countries, not to exceed a number equal to three percent

of the total matriculated enrollment of students for the

last preceding Fall semester." Board policy provides for

similar grants-in-aid for the same number of students for

the payment of in-state registration fees. Based on enroll-

ment figures for Fall, 1979, Chancellor Baepler presented

the following requests by the Officers for distribution of

grants-in-aid for 1980-81:

UNR In-State Out-of-State

Athletics 100 100

Music* 60 45

Foreign 15**

Other (General) 74 74

234 234

* 71% allocated to marching band.

**30 one-half awards.


Athletics 103 103

Music 41 41

Other (General) 62 62

206 206

CCCC 102




Board policy also provides for a separate category of

grants-in-aid for Nevada resident Indians. The Officers

requested the following distribution of Indian grants-in-

aid for 1980-81:

UNR 20






Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Karamanos, carried without dissent.

22. University Marching Bands

Chairman Cashell requested that the Board of Regents go on

record as strongly supporting the efforts of the two Univer-

sities to establish marching bands, and further requested

that the Board encourage the continuation of these programs

by directing the Administration of UNR and UNLV to continue

their efforts in this area and to take action necessary to

insure the success of the marching band programs.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval of the Chairman's request and

further moved that the Board allocate $50,000 to each of the

Universities from the Board of Regents Special Projects

Account for support of the marching bands. Motion seconded

by Mr. Buchanan, carried without dissent.

23. Discussion of Board of Regents Policy

Mrs. Knudtsen commented on a letter which she had addressed

to the Board of Regents and which was included with the a-

genda, in which she had raised the question of requests for

information by individual Regents, rather than by the Board

as a whole. Her letter read as follows:

I have become concerned with the increasing instances

where requests for information, often times requiring a

great deal of staff time and effort, are being directed

by individual Regents to Officers, or sometimes to

staff in the Chancellor's Office or at one of the Cam-

puses (frequently without going through the cognizant

Officer). These requests may or may not have any rele-

vance to matters under consideration by the Board of

Regents within the context of official Board meetings.

Frequently, other Board members are not aware that the

requests for information are being made.

I suggest that it may be appropriate for the Board to

consider whether or not such requests for information

should be first approved by the Board of Regents before

they are directed to the Campuses. To that end I would

request that the Board consider as an action item at

the next succeeding meeting, a suitable revision to its

policy statement contained in the Board of Regents

Handbook, Title 1, Chapter 1, Section 4, or, as an al-

ternative to a revision of that statement, an inter-

pretation of subsections 4, 6 and 7 as they apply to

individual requests for information. Specifically,

does, or should, Board policy require that requests for

information from Campuses be approved by the Board of

Regents before they are directed to the Campuses?

Following discussion on this matter, it was agreed that a

revision of the Board's policy was not necessary, but that

each Regent should continue to be sensitive to the time and

resources required to provide reports or complete studies

and that such requests are more properly to be made by the

Board, rather than an individual Regent, while at the same

time each Regent should feel free to request information

intended to clarify a matter on which the Board is expected

to take action.

24. Revision to Policy Related to Acceptance of Gifts

Vice Chancellor Lessly reported that, pursuant to the in-

structions of the Board, he had consulted with the Officers

concerning revision of the policy related to acceptance of

gifts as discussed at the February meeting; however, there

was no consensus among the Officers as to whether there

should be a delegation of authority or a special meeting of

the Board to deal with acceptance of gifts.

Mr. Buchanan moved that in the event of an offer of a gift

to the University which, if not officially accepted by the

Board of Regents would create a tax problem for the donor,

the Board would be asked to call a special meeting for the

purpose of considering the offer. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Fong, carried without dissent.

25. Proposed Revision to University of Nevada System Code

At the March 10 meeting, the Board considered a proposal for

revision to the University Code to provide economic security

provisions for unranked, nonteaching professional employees.

Action was tabled until the March 28 meeting, with a request

that additional information be provided; specifically, how

many people at rank 0 currently have tenure. The Board also

requested a recommendation from Counsel on the effect of

this Code revision on such tenured rank 0 faculty, and a

recommendation from the Chancellor and the Presidents on

whether or not professional employees in "sensitive" posi-

tions ought to be excluded from the provisions of a three-

year contract.

The text of the proposed new Section 3.7 was included with

the agenda (Ref. E), as was a copy of Counsel's recommenda-

tion on the effect of this revision (Ref. F).

Chancellor Baepler reported that the Officers had not had an

opportunity to develop anything significantly new with re-

spect to this matter and asked that it be deferred until

such time as a recommendation has been prepared.

26. Delegation of Authority in Hughes Estate Matter

Mr. Buchanan referred to a confidential memorandum to the

Regents from Vice Chancellor Lessly, and requested the Board

consider, as an emergency item, the delegation of authority

to Mr. Lessly to negotiate any settlement of the Hughes

Estate matter, as contained in the referenced memorandum.

Mr. Buchanan moved approval of the delegation of authority

as requested. Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos, carried

without dissent.

27. Report on Workshop for Regents and Officers

Chairman Cashell recalled that at the February 1 meeting,

the Board had deferred action on several recommendations

arising from the San Diego Workshop in early January, with

the understanding that these recommendations would be con-

sidered at the March meeting. He requested consideration

of the following recommendations:

(1) That a committee be appointed by the Chairman of the

Board to proceed immediately with necessary revisions

to the University of Nevada System Code to update that

document and to more clearly define the responsibili-

ties and authority of the Regents and Officers, and the

prerogatives of faculty, with the committee to consist


One member of the Board Of Regents

The Chancellor

The President of each member institution (or his


A faculty representative from each member institu-

tion and from the Unit (to be selected from

among three nominees submitted by each Senate).

It is further recommended this committee be Chaired

by the Chancellor and that November be agreed upon

as the date by which proposed revisions will be sub-

mitted for Board consideration.

(2) That the Officers be requested to proceed concurrently

with a proposed revision to the Board of Regents Bylaws

in order to insure compatibility in the two documents.

(3) That the Chancellor's Advisory Cabinet be directed to

develop a proposal for the preparation of a long-range

academic master plan for higher education in Nevada,

including preparation of integrated mission statements

for all units of the University System. It is request-

ed that this proposal, including a timetable for imple-

mentation, be discussed with the Board of Regents at

the earliest possible date.

(4) That an ad hoc committee of the Board, in consultation

with the Chancellor and the Presidents, develop a pro-

cedure for Officer assessment/evaluation, based upon

mutually acceptable management objectives.

(5) That the Board of Regents Finance Committee assign the

leadership in developing a coordinator information pro-

gram to insure that presentation by the administration

of financial and budget information to the Board of

Regents will provide a full understanding of the finan-

cial affairs and budgeting process of the University to

assist the Board in reaching budget decisions in order

that the Regents may take a stronger leadership role in

presentation of the University's needs to the Governor

and the Legislature and to the citizens of Nevada.

(6) That the Secretary of the Board assume the responsibil-

ity for developing a proposal for an orientation pro-

gram for new Regents and for developing a proposal for

a second Workshop for Regents and Officers to be held

in the Summer of 1981.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Whitley, carried without dissent.

28. Proposal for Improvement of Sound Systems

Chancellor Baepler recalled that at the February meeting the

Board considered but failed to approve a proposal prepared

at the request of the Regents for improvements in the sound

systems used for Board meetings. This proposal called for

and expenditure of $4,850 to upgrade the equipment used in

the Teacher Education building at UNLV, and $10,875 to up-

grade the existing sound system in the Pine Auditorium at


Dr. Baepler reported that, at the request of Chairman

Cashell, this proposal is being resubmitted for the Board's

consideration of a total allocation of $15,725 from the

Board of Regents Special Projects Account to purchase the

equipment necessary to provide the quality sound systems in

the Board's two most frequently used meeting rooms, as de-

tailed in the proposal submitted to the February meeting.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.


Mrs. Fong objected to the expenditure, particularly for the

Pine Auditorium, suggesting that if the Board only meets in

Reno five times a year, it would not be worth investing the

money to purchase equipment which would then be stored the

rest of the time. She suggested that consideration be given

to renting equipment when needed, or buying portable


Chancellor Baepler pointed out that it was intended that the

equipment presently installed permanently in the Pine Audi-

torium would be upgraded to accommodate the quality sound

system requested by the Board and, therefore, renting equip-

ment would not be feasible. He also commented on the sug-

gestion for use of portable equipment, pointing out that it

is very expensive in terms of moving it around, maintenance

and possible breakage, and is not as satisfactory as built-

in equipment.

Motion carried with Mrs. Fong opposing for the reasons

stated above.

29. Proposed Change in Code Amendment Procedure

Vice Chancellor Lessly requested a change in the procedure

for amendment of the University of Nevada System Code, not-

ing that at present there is no procedure to indicate legis-

lative history of Code provisions. He recommended that in

future revisions of the Code, the legislative history be

included at the end of amended sections, with amendments

reflected as follows: (A BR3/10/80,5), which shall mean

amendment by the Board of Regents March 10, 1980, as indi-

cated at page 5 of the minutes of that Board meeting. Mr.

Lessly suggested that this procedure be required in order

to provide a key to research into legislative history of

Code provisions necessary for litigation in which the Uni-

versity is involved, and would also provide assistance to

any University Administrator or faculty member researching

the legislative history of the Code. Chancellor Baepler

recommended approval.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

30. Approval of Fund Transfers, UNLV

President Goodall requested approval of the following fund


Fund 101

#80-088 From the Reserve for Contingency to Business &

Economics, $10,330; funds are needed to purchase 2

CRT Terminals, 3 DEC writers, and 2 Silent 700,

Portable Terminals.

#80-091 From the Reserve for Contingency to Library

Acquisitions, $40,000; to provide funds for the

purchase of microfilm, journals, and collections.

#80-094 From the Reserve for Contingency to Radiologic

Technology, $21,600; to provide funds for purchase

of a Kodak 2-minute automatic processor and to re-

place panel on x-ray machine.

#80-096 From the Reserve for Contingency to Art, $14,995;

to provide funds for the purchase of the following

equipment: Leitz Focomat Color Enlarger System,

Leitz Repravit Slide Copier Stand #IIA, Rockwell

Planer (Sculpture), A. D. Alpine 16 cu. ft. forced

draft Salt Kiln (Ceramics), and 2 Metal drawing

storage cabinets (painting).

#80-097 From the Reserve for Contingency to Music, $25,285;

to provide funds for the purchase of New Edition of

Mozart's works (15 volumes) and funds for the

Marching Band and Concert Band Equipment.

#80-100 From the Reserve for Contingency to Audio-Visual,

$29,400; to provide funds for the purchase of the

following: New movie screen for Wright 103, Audio-

Visual equipment pool, Completion of audio duplica-

tion equipment, Audio test equipment (hardware),

Projectors, carpeting, and chairs for Film.

#80-101 From the Reserve for Contingency to Geoscience,

$22,300; to provide funds to purchase an automated

thin section machine.

#80-104 From the Reserve for Contingency to Biological

Science, $27,000; to provide funds for the purchase

of 30 microscopes and computer typewriter terminal.

#80-105 From the Reserve for Contingency to Mathematics,

$25,000; to provide funds for the purchase of an

X-Y Plotter for Computer Center.

Chancellor Baepler recommended approval.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

31. Request for Allocation from Board of Regents Special

Projects Account

President Crowley requested an allocation of $2,500 from the

Board of Regents Special Projects Account to the School of

Medicine to fund the travel of the members of the School's

Admissions Committee, for 1979-80.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

Upon motion by Mr. Mc Bride, seconded by Mrs. Fong, the Board

convened into Personnel Session to discuss the professional com-

petence of individuals recommended for tenure and promotion, and

to consider nominees for awards at Commencement. Following a

Personnel Session, the Board reconvened in open session to con-

sider the remaining items on the regular agenda.

32. Recommendations for Award of Tenure

President Crowley announced that Kenneth E. Knight had re-

signed and his recommendation for tenure as accordingly

withdrawn. He recommended that tenure be awarded to the

following, effective July 1, 1980:

Edward E. Gickling, College of Education (Curriculum and


Constance Mc Kenna, College of Agriculture (Cooperative


William Francis Wilborn, College of Arts and Science


Alastair W. B. Cunningham, School of Medicine (Laboratory of

Medicine and Pathology)

Ralph De Palma, School of Medicine (Department of Surgery)

Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc

Bride, carried without dissent.

33. Recommendation for Promotion in Rank

President Goodall reported that this item was placed on the

agenda by action of the Board of Regents at its previous

meeting, and concerned considerations of promotion of Paul

Aizley to full professor.

Mr. Karamanos moved that Dr. Paul Aizley be promoted to

Professor of Mathematics, effective July 1, 1980. Motion

seconded by Mr. Buchanan, carried without dissent.

34. Proposal for Honorary Degrees and Distinguished Nevadan


Mr. Ross moved approval of the following awards at Commence-

ment at UNR on May 17, 1980:

Dr. Robert Gorrell, Honorary Degree

Mrs. Margaret Wheat, Honorary Degree

Mr. Harold Jacobsen, Distinguished Nevadan

Mr. Glenn J. Lawlor, Distinguished Nevadan

Mr. Hugh Shamberger, Distinguished Nevadan

Motion seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen, carried without dissent.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval of the following awards at

Commencement at UNLV on May 17, 1980:

Dr. Daniel Boorstein, Honorary Degree

Mr. Wayne Newton, Honorary Degree

Ms. Ruthe Deskin, Distinguished Nevadan

Mr. William Wright, Distinguished Nevadan

Motion seconded by Mrs. Whitley, carried without dissent.

35. Appointment of Faculty Workload Study Committees

Chairman Cashell announced the following appointments to

Faculty Workload Study Committees for the two Universities:

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

John Unrue, College of Arts and Letters, Chairman

Mary Ann Michel, College of Allied Health

James C. Harper, College of Business and Economics

Martha C. Mc Bride, College of Education

James R. Abbey, College of Hotel Administration

Frederick W. Bachhuber, College of Science, Mathematics

and Engineering

University of Nevada, Reno

Jerome Edwards, College of Arts and Science, Chairman

John Bailey, College of Education, Vice Chairman

John Kleppe, College of Engineering

Larry Larson, College of Business Administration

Robert Mead, College of Arts and Science

Arthur Baker, Mackay School of Mines

Thomas Ringkob, College of Agriculture

Sally Kees, School of Home Economics

Anne Howard, College of Arts and Science

Chairman Cashell requested approval of the following charge

to these committees:

The committees are to develop cooperatively, utilizing

similar approaches, a report with recommendations on

faculty workloads at the two Universities. The report

is to focus on the nature of existing workloads and

future workload policy taking into account the


1. Relationships between teaching, research and service


2. Differentiated teaching loads between individuals,

Departments and Colleges.

3. Graduate, upper division and lower division


4. Related considerations, including workload

assignments not covered under items 1-3.

The report will provide recommendations with respect to

the matters addressed in items 1-4 and on such other

matters as are deemed appropriate.

The work of the committees will be coordinated through

the Chancellor's Office and the final report will be

submitted to the Board of Regents, after internal re-

view, by December, 1980. The Chairmen of the two com-

mittees will be provided with released time during Fall

semester and appropriate compensation during the Summer

months, with funding for the latter from the Board's

Special Projects Fund.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc

Bride, carried without dissent.

36. Special Meeting of the Board

Chancellor Baepler announced that the special meeting of the

Board for the purpose of considering recommendations for ap-

pointment of Academic Vice Presidents for UNR and UNLV would

be held at 1:30 P.M., Thursday, April 10, 1980, at UNR.

(Note to minutes: This meeting will be held in the Alumni

Lounge of the Jot Travis Student Union, UNR.)

37. New Business

Mrs. Fong referred to 2 reports included on the Information

Agenda at her request (Items 3 and 4), and requested that

such information be provided in ensuing years when tenure

and promotion recommendations are presented for Board


The meeting adjourned at 2:30 P.M.

Bonnie M. Smotony

Secretary of the Board