UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
March 28-29, 1901


Volume OC - Pages 211-215

Reno, Nevada

March 28, 1901

At a regular meeting of the Board of Regents held at 10 o'clock

A.M., Thursday, March 28, 1901. All members of the Board being

present, also President Stubbs, the following business was dis-


Minutes of February 28, 1901, read and approved.

On motion the salary of Samuel B. Doten was placed at One Hundred

dollars per month from March 1, 1901 to August 31, 1901, making a

total of Nine Hundred dollars for the year from September 1, 1900

to September 1, 1901.

On motion of W. E. F. Deal, seconded by W. W. Booher, the Presi-

dent of the University is requested in the name of the Board of

Regents to apply to the State Authorities at Carson having con-

trol of the State Library to permit the students of the State

University to take from and use the miscellaneous books in the

State Library under such rules and regulations as the State

Authorities may make. Such books to be charged to the Board of

Regents who make themselves liable to the State for the safe re-

turn of the books or in case of loss to purchase new books in

place of those lost or destroyed.

On motion of W. W. Booher, seconded by W. E. F. Deal, the resig-

nation of Captain J. C. Brett as Military Instructor be and is

hereby accepted and the appointment of W. L. Cox by President

Stubbs to fill said position at a salary of Twenty-Five dollars

per month to take effect April 1, 1901 be confirmed.

On motion of W. E. Deal, seconded by W. W. Booher, it is ordered

that the report of Professor Geo. J. Young, L. F. J. Wrinkle and

J. Henry Dye be spread upon the minutes, the recommendations be

approved and the President and faculty carry out the details in

said report.

State University March 16, 1901

Reno, Nevada

President of the Nevada State University

Dear Sir:

At a conference held at Virginia City on the above mentioned

date in which Messers. Ross and Dye, Professors Wrinkle and

Young took part and the following was decided upon:

For a perfect knowledge of the practical work of Mining, such as

prospecting, opening up a mine, timbering, blasting and extrac-

tion, etc., the candidate will be allowed 40% credit, but must

reach at least 28% to have such percentage counted at all. The

examination for Practical Mining to be carried on by such persons

constituting an Advisory Committee of honorary members of the

Comstock Class of University Extension as may be appointed by the

President of the Nevada State University.

The remaining 60% after assigning 40% of 100 credits to a perfect

knowledge of Practical Mining shall be assigned as follows:

20% to surveying

20% to assaying

20% to metallurgy

As regards those students of classes of University Extension who

desire to obtain other degrees than that of Mining Engineer, they

may at stated times present themselves for examination at Reno

in the subjects required in the respective courses they desire to

study. Such persons may enter into correspondence with the Pres-

ident of the University, respecting their particular cases.

In surveying the candidate for Certificate of Mining Engineer who

shall make an actual Survey, with a transit of a ten-sided tract

on the surface and a map of the same, neatly executed and letter-

ed, closing within the limits recognized for good work and calcu-

lating the area of the same, will be allowed 20% for a perfect

execution of such work. But if a candidate makes less than 14%

in such work, he will not have such percentage counted at all in

the 60% assigned for proficiency in Surveying, Assaying and Met-

allurgy. The percentage obtained will be determined by tests

above mentioned, subject to approval and examination by such per-

son or persons as may be designated by the President of the


Assaying to be given 20 credits out of 60. Candidate is required

to pass a satisfactory examination in the assaying of gold and

silver ores and a supplement large examination in the assaying

of copper, zinc, lead, antimony and tin ores.

A proficiency of 14 credits out of 20 credits must be reached.

The examination will consist in the assaying of a number of

different ores.

Metallurgy to be given 20 credits out of 60. The candidate is

required to pass a satisfactory examination in the outlines of

General Metallurgy and should show a good general knowledge of

the following subjects: Milling, Amalgamation and Concentration

of gold and silver ores, the Chlorination Cyanide and other

leaching processes, Smelting of gold, silver, copper and lead


Special attention being given in each School to the predominant

metallurgical practice of each camp.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/ Geo. J. Young

/s/ L. F. J. Wrinkle

/s/ G. Mc M. Ross

Claims were allowed from several funds as follows:

Contingent University Fund & Interest Account - No. 17-34

March Payroll $1277.94

Porteous Dec. Co. 15.60

Reno Mercantile Co. 47.60

Nevada Hardware & Supply Co. 93.92

Reno Mill & Lumber Co. 51.35

Geo. H. Taylor 110.49

Geo. H. Taylor 27.32

F. C. Savage 21.25

Ben A. Evans 73.50

Edward Schmitt 24.50

B. J. Genesy 6.40

W. W. Booher 39.40

W. E. F. Deal 34.35

Daniels & Steinmetz 52.10

Daniels & Steinmetz 3.00

Reno Water, Land & Light Co. 148.00

C. J. Brooking 7.50


Total $2041.77

Agriculture and Mechanical College - No. 2842-2876

L. R. Merrill $ 9.00

March Payroll - Salaries 1754.17

J. R. Bradley Co. 23.09

Reno Mercantile Co. 6.55

Reno Mercantile Co. 57.40

University Bookstore .95

American Academy of Political Science 1.60

Reno Mill & Lumber Co. 94.65

Geo. O. Mc Nees 24.00

Gazette Pub. Co. 4.00

John Taylor & Co. 92.04

Parke Lacy Co. 20.00

Pacific Micro Materials Co. 54.65

Geo. H. Taylor 20.58

Sunset Telephone Co. 4.50

Eugene Dietzgen Co. 7.02

J. R. Bradley Co. 25.83

Aschroft Manufacturing Co. 1.57

C. J. Brooking 2.00

F. A. Bonham 2.00

Nevada Hardware & Supply Co. 1.20


Total $2206.30

Experiment Station Hatch Fund - No. 2885-2912

March Payroll - Salaries $ 997.20

James O'Neill 11.50

R. L. Bancel 1.75

J. R. Bradley Co. 1.30

S. J. Hodgkinson .75

Reno Water, Land & Light Co. 33.30

Geo. H. Taylor 15.00

Gazette Pub. Co. 12.00

Reno Mercantile Co. 7.00

John Taylor & Co. 8.90


Total $1088.70

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned.

J. N. Evans


Geo. H. Taylor