UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
March 26-27, 1982


Pages 44-70



March 26, 1982

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the William Carlson

Education building, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present: Mr. Robert A. Cashell, Chairman

Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mrs. Dorothy Gallagher

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mr. John R. Mc Bride

Mrs. June Whitley

Members absent: Mr. John Tom Ross

Others present: Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

President William Berg, NNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President Jack Davis, WNCC

President James Eardley, TMCC

President Judith Eaton, CCCC

President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

President Clifford Murino, DRI

General Counsel Donald Klasic

Secretary Bonnie Smotony

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Cashell at 9:15 A.M.

1. Upon motion by Mr. Mc Bride, and seconded by Mrs. Gallagher,

the Board convened in Personnel Session for the purpose of

discussion of personnel matters included on the agenda.

The meeting reconvened in open session at 10:20 A.M.

2. Approval of the Consent Agenda

Adoption of the Consent Agenda, containing the following

items, was recommended (Consent Agenda identified as Ref. A

and filed with permanent minutes).

(1) Approval of the minutes of the regular meeting of

February 26, 1982.

(2) Acceptance of gifts and grants.

(3) Approval of extension of sick leave for Professor

Catherine S. Fowler through the end of the current

semester, May 21, 1982.

(4) Approval of the use by WNCC of $67,992 from the Capi-

tal Improvement Fee Fund to place portable facilities

at the Fallon Campus and the retention of Mr. Maurice

Nespor to plan and prepare detailed site and facility

construction documents for this purpose.

(5) Approval of an easement to Las Vegas Valley Water

District to provide water service to the Thomas-Mack


(6) Approval of WNCC request to provide land to the Carson

City Board of Supervisors for access and construction

of a fire station facility at the Carson City Campus.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval of the Consent Agenda. Motion

seconded by Ms. Del Papa, carried without dissent.

3. Appointment of Academic Vice Chancellor

Chancellor Bersi recommended the appointment of Dr. Warren

Fox as Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, effective April

1, 1982, at an annual salary of $45,000, subject to an ad-

justment of 8% on July 1, 1982, and with a car allowance to

be provided at the level presently in effect. (Dr. Fox's

vita filed with permanent minutes.)

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of Dr. Fox's appointment.

Motion seconded by Ms. Del Papa, carried without dissent.

4. Recommendations for Award of Tenure

Recommendations for award of tenure, effective July 1, 1982,

were presented for the following persons:

A. Western Nevada Community College

Larry Goodnight, Occupational

Shaun Griffin, Occupational

Joy Keating, Occupational

James Kolsky, Liberal Arts

B. Clark County Community College

Robb Bay, Student Services

Carolyn Collins, Science and Health

Robert Dunkerly, Communications and Arts

Sandra Goodwin, Communications and Arts

Thomas Jackson, Business

Chris Kelley, Business

Adele Koot, Science and Health

Marguerite Re, Student Services

C. Truckee Meadows Community College

Dorothy Button, Allied Health Occupations

Mary Ann Lambert, Allied Health Occupations

Allen Lewis, Business Occupations

Faith Milonas, Student Services

James Rand, Student Services

George Tavernia, Administration

D. University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Robert Ball, Library

William Corney, Business and Economics

Evalyn T. Dearmin, Education

Andrea Fontana, Arts and Letters

Robert L. Harbach, Education

David Lee Holmes, Education

*Christopher C. Hudgins, Arts and Letters

Russell T. Hurlburt, Arts and Letters

Lewis Karstenson, Business and Economics

Anna Dean Kepper, Library

Thomas H. Kirkpatrick, Education

Ralph W. Lyon, Business Center South

Warren L. Mc Nab, Education

George J. Miel, Science, Mathematics & Engineering

*Eugene P. Mohering, Arts and Letters

Allen A. Mori, Education

Allan Padderud, Arts and Letters

Ray Roberts, Business and Economics

*Randall G. Shelden, Arts and Letters

Eugene I. Smith, Science, Mathematics & Engineering

*Peter Starkweather, Science, Mathematics & Engineering

Lee R. Tilman, Arts and Letters

*Alice Costandina Titus, Arts and Letters

Robert M. Winokur, Science, Mathematics & Engineering

*Evangelos A. Yfantis, Science, Mathematics & Engineering

E. University of Nevada, Reno

*Berch Berberoglu, Sociology, Arts & Science

Allen H. Brady, Mathematics, Arts & Science

Leon J. Buist, Renewable Natural Resources, Agriculture

*J. Wayne Burkhardt, Renewable Natural Resources,


*Helen J. Cooke, Physiology, School of Medicine

William A. Douglass, Basque Studies Program, Library

Richard W. Grefrath, Reference Department, Library

David A. Hansen, Student Services

Elizabeth Hansot, Political Science, Arts & Science

Wayne S. Johnson, Plant, Soil & Water Science,


Wendy K. Kiehn, Medical Technology, School of Medicine

Clark O. Leedy, Plant, Soil & Water Science, Agriculture

Grant D. Miller, Psychiatry, School of Medicine

*Bruce T. Moran, History, Arts & Science

Patricia A. Myer, Cooperative Extension Service,


Roberta K. Orcutt, DRI Physical Sciences, Library

Ellen Pillard, Social & Health Resources, Arts & Science

Charles V. Records, Admissions and Records

*Barbara C. Thornton, Social & Health Resources, Arts &


Virginia Louise Vbgel, Speech & Theatre, Arts & Science

*Also recommended for promotion in rank

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the tenure recommendations as

presented by the Presidents. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc

Bride, carried without dissent.

5. Recommendations for Promotion or Assignment to Rank

Recommendations for promotion or assignment to rank were

presented for the following:

A. Desert Research Institute

Johnathan Davis, Social Science Center, to Rank III

Fred Rogers, Atmospheric Science Center, to Rank III

B. University of Nevada, Las Vegas

David Christianson, Hotel Administration, to Associate


William Cummings, Business & Economics, to Associate

Professor, Marketing

Frank Dempster, Education, to Associate Professor,

Educational Foundations and Counseling

Eddie H. Goodin, Business & Economics, to Professor of


Thomas Holder, Arts & Letters, to Professor of Art

*Christopher Hudgins, Arts & Letters, to Associate Pro-

fessor of English

*Eugene Moehring, Arts & Letters, to Associate Professor

of History

Ellis Pryce-Jones, Arts & Letters, to Associate Profes-

sor of Theatre Arts

*Randall Shelden, Arts & Letters, to Associate Professor

of Criminal Justice

*Peter Starkweather, Science, Mathematics & Engineering,

to Associate Professor of Biology

*Alice Titus, Arts & Letters, to Associate Professor of

Political Science

*Evangelos Yfantis, Science, Mathematics & Engineering,

to Associate Professor of Mathematics

C. University of Nevada, Reno

*Berch Berberoglu, Arts & Science, to Associate Professor

of Sociology

*J. Wayne Burkhardt, Agriculture, to Associate Professor

of Renewable Natural Resources

William N. Cathey, Arts & Science, to Professor of


*Helen J. Cooke, Medicine, to Associate Professor of


Richard A. Curry, Arts & Science, to Professor of

Foreign Languages & Literatures

Lillian Dangott, Arts & Science, to Associate Professor

of Social & Health Resources

C. Jerry Downing, Education, to Professor of Counseling

& Guidance Personnel Services

Glenda R. Duckworth, Agriculture, to Rank III

Edward E. Gickline, Education, to Professor of Curricu-

lum Instruction

Barbara A. Gunn, Agriculture, to Rank IV

Donald R. Hanks, Agriculture, to Associate Professor of

Veterinary Medicine

Hazel I. Hardy, Agriculture, to Associate Professor of

Home Economics

Terrill J. Kramer, Arts & Science, to Associate Profes-

sor of Geography

Thomas M. Kubistant, Student Services, to Rank III

Roger A. Lewis, Medicine, to Professor of Biochemistry

Kenneth T. Maehara, Medicine, to Associate Professor of

Medicinal Technology

Stephen C. Mc Farlane, Medicine, to Professor of Speech


Robert Merrill, Arts & Science, to Professor of English

Alvin E. Miller, Agriculture, to Rank III

Elwood L. Miller, Agriculture, to Professor of Renewable

Natural Resources

*Bruce T. Moran, Arts & Science, to Associate Professor

of History

Wallace J. Peterson, Agriculture, to Rank IV

K. Bhaskara Rao, Student Services, to Rank III

Margaret A. Ronald, Arts & Science, to Professor of


Stewart W. Shankel, Medicine, to Professor of Internal


*Barbara C. Thornton, Arts & Science, to Associate Pro-

fessor of Social & Health Resources

Alison Benson to Rank II

Barry S. Davison to Rank II

Carla D. Fears to Rank II

Debra L. Payne to Rank II

*Also recommended for tenure

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the promotions and assign-

ments to rank as presented by the Presidents. Motion sec-

onded by Mr. Karamanos, carried without dissent.

6. Nominations for Honorary Degrees and Distinguished Nevadans

A. Mr. Mc Bride moved that the following persons be granted

an appropriate honorary degree from the University of

Nevada, Reno:

Mrs. Moya Lear (also Commencement speaker)

Mr. Mike O'Callaghan

Mr. Don Reynolds

Mr. Claude Howard

Motion seconded by Mrs. Gallagher, carried without


B. Ms. Del Papa moved that the following persons be awarded

Distinguished Nevadan Awards at the University of Nevada

Reno Commencement exercises:

Mr. Leslie B. Gray

Mr. Procter Hug, Jr.

Mr. Ted Scripps

Mr. C. J. Thornton

Motion seconded by Mrs. Gallagher, carried without


C. Mrs. Whitley moved that the following persons be awarded

Distinguished Nevadan Awards at the University of Nevada

Las Vegas Commencement exercises:

Ms. Eileen Brookman

Mrs. Marjorie Barrick

Mr. Bob Brown

Mr. Thomas Beam

Mr. Irwin Molasky

Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos, carried with Mrs.

Fong abstaining.

D. Mrs. Fong moved that the following persons be granted

honorary degrees from the University of Nevada, Las


Dr. Frank Rhodes (also Commencement speaker)

Mrs. Lucile Bruner

Father Caesar Caviglia

Mr. Parry Thomas

Mr. Charles Vanda

Motion seconded by Mrs. Gallagher, carried without


7. Personnel Recommendations Concerning Salary, Perquisites

and Other Conditions of Employment

Salaries for the Officers, Vice Chancellors, Deans and

Directors, and other Administrators reporting to an Officer,

and professional staff at Step 20+, who are being recom-

mended for an increase in excess of the adjustment to the

approved salary schedule, require Board approval. All other

professional salaries are determined by the responsibile


A. Salaries and Perquisites for Officers and Other Staff

Mrs. Whitley moved that the Board approve the follow-

ing salaries and perquisites for 1982-83:

(1) The salaries for Presidents Berg, Davis, Eardley

and Eaton be established at $56,120.

(2) The salary for President Murino be established at


(3) The salaries for Presidents Crowley and Goodall be

established at $58,500 and the existing retirement

benefits be increased by 7%, to be effective July

1, 1982, with all retirement contributions to be

assumed by the University System.

(4) The salary for Chancellor Bersi be established at

$62,700. Retirement benefits for Dr. Bersi to be

increased by 12%, to be effective July 1, 1982,

with all retirement contributions to be assumed by

the University System.

(5) Perquisites currently provided the Officers shall

be continued at their present level.

Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos, carried without dis-


B. Salaries for Administrators and Other Staff

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval of the salaries for Admin-

istrators and other staff, as recommended by the re-

spective officer and further provided that perquisites

provided certain Administrators would be continued at

their present level.

Motion seconded by Mrs. Gallagher, carried with Mrs.

Fong opposing.

Mrs. Fong explained that her opposing vote expressed her

concern that some faculty members earning $47,000 are

being recommended for 9% or 10% increases and would then

be earning more than some Deans. She added that it was

her opinion that any funds beyond the 8% should be re-

served for the hiring of faculty to teach basic courses

required for graduation.

For purposes of the record, the following recommendations

were submitted by the Officers and approved by the Board:


1981-82 1982-83 %

Incumbent Salary Salary Increase

Allen, W. $39,406 $42,223 7.2

Anderson, J. T. 48,166 51,458 6.8

Backman, C. W. 44,366 52,127 6.8

Barnes, G. 42,448 46,178 8.8

Barnes, R. J. 44,034 47,687 8.3

Cain, E. J. 51,639 54,221 5.0

Cook, J. 28,119 30,158 7.3

Dankworth, R. T. 51,388 55,409 7.8

Daugherty, R. M. 85,000 86,700 2.0

Davies, R. O. 52,998 57,100 7.7

D'Azevedo, W. L. 46,677 49,453 5.9

Downer, D. B. 44,034 47,687 8.3

Driggs, D. 38,981 42,535 9.1

Ferguson, N. A. 40,557 43,866 8.2

Fuller, B. J. 32,174 35,211 9.4

Gamble, S. A. 27,382 29,751 8.7

Grotegut, E. K. 43,722 46,788 7.0

Haddaway, H. F. 32,854 34,854 6.1

Hughs, R. E. 51,260 55,275 7.8

Jessup, K. D. 51,943 55,992 7.8

Jones, B. 50,500 54,961 8.8

Marschall, J. P. 33,708 36,672 8.8

Mc Queen, R. 46,339 50,602 9.2

Mc Reynolds, P. W. 42,049 45,759 8.8

Morehouse, H. 45,878 49,623 8.2

Nellor, J. 51,162 55,172 7.8

Orcutt, R. G. 39,747 42,535 7.0

Page, P. 49,211 53,380 8.5

Phelps, A. T. 48,644 52,528 8.0

Ryall, A. 38,981 42,535 9.1

Schrum, M. M. 50,020 53,973 7.9

Shepperson, W. S. 47,519 52,106 9.7

Shin, H. K. 38,598 42,535 10.2

Shirley, J. 48,183 51,560 7.0

Slemmons, D. B. 41,666 44,955 7.9

Smith, R. W. 38,981 42,535 9.1

Taranik, J. V. -- 54,000 -

Tompson, R. N. 44,142 48,118 9.0

Trachok, R. 43,573 47,203 8.3

Van Tassel, W. V. 39,747 42,535 7.0

Winnie, D. W. 27,816 30,158 8.4


Adams, J. 48,226 51,843 7.5

Daniels, O. C. 43,112 46,235 7.2

Dixon, B. 52,044 56,225 8.0

Emerson, D. 46,844 51,652 10.3

Hardbeck, G. 50,572 54,618 8.0

Kitchen, J. 35,336 38,380 8.6

Kunkel, R. 48,709 52,119 7.0

Marshall, D. 47,038 50,564 7.5

Michel, M.A. 48,243 51,861 7.5

Nitzschke, D. 53,118 57,375 8.0

Raschko, L. 31,254 33,907 8.5

Rivera, L. 43,574 47,686 9.4

Rothermel, B. 47,300 51,750 9.3

Unrue, J. 49,163 53,096 8.0

Vallen, J. 48,709 52,606 8.0

Westfall, H. 52,044 56,225 8.0


Behrendt, R. 37,000 39,747 7.41

Johnston, D. 31,386 33,849 7.84

Young, J. 39,784 42,667 7.25


Aiazzi, S. 30,406 33,950 11.7

Davies, W. 33,108 35,975 8.7

Greenhaw, C. 34,929 37,953 8.7

Karr, J. 31,178 33,950 8.9


Calabro, A. 39,406 42,657 8.3

Hillygus, G. 37,371 40,515 8.4

Miltenberger, P. 38,185 41,369 8.3

Munson, B. 38,185 41,369 8.3


Beresain, M. 37,778 40,515 7.2

Dondero, M. 30,111 33,l40 10.0

Martin, R. 33,880 36,380 7.4


Doherty, J. 31,000 33,480 8.0

*Gold, A. 54,000 58,320 8.0

Irwin-Williams, C. - 52,000 -

Krenkel, P . 54,000 58,320 8.0

Kocmond, W. 54,000 58,320 8.0

Laliberte 22,700 24,516 8.0

Osmond, C. - 26,750** -

Stojanoff, C. 51,000 55,080 8.0

Winterberg, F. 46,400 50,112 8.0

*Plus $250 per month automobile allowance, paid from non-

appropriated funds.

**DRI salary for .5 FTE will be 1/2 Professor Osmond's Aus-

tralian National University Salary. Plus a subsistence

allowance of $950 per month for time spent at DRI.


Anderson, J. 24,222 26,099 7.7

Anderson, N. 49,000 52,920 8.0

Case, L. 44,495 48,171 8.2

Dawson, M. 49,600 54,900 10.6

Klasic, D. 45,000 48,655 8.1

Laxalt, R. 47,621 51,000 7.9

Moser, M. L. 24,651 26,649 7.5

8. Approval of the Report of the Budget Committee

Ms. Del Papa submitted the following report and recommenda-

tions of the Budget Committee:

(1) Recommended that the University seek from the 1983

Legislature, for each year of the biennium, a cost of

living increase equal to the Western Region CPI and 5%

to be used for satisfactory service increases, merit,

promotion and inequity adjustments.

It is understood that there would be further discus-

sion with respect to allocation of the 5% and that

determination by the Board would occur only after con-

sultation with the faculty.

(2) Approval of an increase in the charges for Tonopah

Hall at UNLV from $1,050 to $1,207.50 per semester

and a $100,000 3- to 5-year loan from the Moyer Stu-

dent Union Reserve Fund to Tonopah Hall.

(3) Approval of the following UNR food service rates for


Contract Current % Incr Over

Semester Rate Proposed Rate 1982-83

20-meal Plan $4.66 $5.66 per person/day 9.4

15-meal Plan 4.39 4.81 per person/day 9.6

10-meal Plan 3.77 4.13 per person/day 9.6


Breakfast $1.60 $1.75 9.4

Lunch 2.40 2.65 10.4


$6.50 $7.12 9.5

(4) Approval of an increase in Summer Session per credit

fees at TMCC and WNCC to $24 effective the Summer of

1982 to fund increases in professional compensation

and approval of the following TMCC Summer Session

Estimative Budget:

Truckee Meadows Community College

Summer Session

Estimative Budget

I. Opening Cash Balance $ 26

II. Revenue

a. Student Fees (4,860 SCH @$24) 116,640

b. Refunds 11,640-

c. Net Income $105,000

III. Budget

a. Instruction

Professional $ 94,000

Fringe Benefits 900

b. Academic Support 3,630

c. Operating 5,000

d. Reserve 1,470

e. TOTAL BUDGET: $105,000

(5) Approval of UNR Summer Session Estimative Budgets:

Classic Culture


Opening Cash Balance $ 1,000

Student Fees 42,500

Total Revenue $43,500


Professional Salaries $ 4,206

Wages 500

Fringe Benefits 54

Out-of-State Travel 3,396

Operating 34,294

Ending Fund Balance 1,000

Total Expenditures $43,450

Ireland Tour


Opening Cash Balance $ 1,000

Student Fees 26,000

Total Revenue $27,000


Professional Salaries $ 2,103

Wages 500

Fringe Benefits 57

Out-of-State Travel 2,500

Operating 20,840

Ending Fund Balance 1,000

Total Expenditures $27,000

Coaching Clinic


Opening Cash Balance $ 2,000

Student Fees 30,000

Total Revenue $32,000


Professional Salaries $13,000

Classified Salaries 500

Wages 2,000

Fringe Benefits 150

Operating 14,350

Ending Fund Balance 2,000

Total Expenditures $32,000

Lake Tahoe Music Camp


Opening Cash Balance $ 2,000

Student Fees 57,000

Total Revenue $59,000


Professional Salaries $13,806

Classified Salaries 3,600

Wages 1,200

Fringe Benefits 404

Out-of-State Travel 300

Operating 37,690

Ending Fund Balance 2,000

Total Expenditures $59,000

(6) Approval of the following fund transfers:


(A) $12,195 from Contingency Reserve to Library

Acquisitions for the purchase of audio visual


(B) $20,000 from Contingency Reserve to augment the

instructional operating accounts.

(C) $21,030 from Contingency Reserve to Library

Acquisitions for purchase of video equipment.

(D) $10,672 from Contingency Reserve to Occupational

part-time to cover Spring semester letters-of-



#99 $10,000 from School of Medicine Contingency

Fund to Physiology to purchase supplies and

equipment for student laboratory.


Approval of the following UNLV fund transfers with

the understanding that President Goodall is authorized

to use the funds transferred in the best way possible

and to also prioritize the funds needed to deal with

the critical security problems at UNLV:

From Fund 101 Contingency Reserve

#82-059 $28,000 to Office of Information to purchase

a computer terminal and to provide funds for

publications for admissions.

#82-061 $45,900 to Repairs and Improvements to pro-

vide funds for chilled water tie between Grant

and Frazier Halls, to build a new dance floor

for the P.E. building, alterations to Grant

Hall, and concrete work in front of Artemus

Ham Concert Hall.

#82-062 $10,000 to University Police to provide funds

for an electric patrol cart and additional

operating funds.

#82-063 $28,000 to Library to provide part-time wages

to keep the Library open for additional hours.

#82-068 $26,500 to Audio Visual to provide funds to

furnish classrooms with needed technology to

develop effective instructional delivery

through audio visual equipment.

From Fund 221 Contingency Reserve

#82-049 $33,000 to Intercolleqiate Athletics for

additional operating funds.

#82-051 $2,500 to Intercollegiate Athletics to

create additional operating budget for

Athletic Information Office.


#804 $88,934 from Contingency Reserve to Chancel-

lor's Office to provide additional salary

support for balance of 1981-82; $68,995 to

professional salaries, $7,088 to classified

salaries, $6,000 to wages and $6,851 for

fringe benefits.

(7) Authorization to Presidents Crowley and Davis to

utilize the Capital Improvement Fee Fund or any other

available funds to assist with unfunded utility costs

at UNR and WNCC. It was further understood that this

problem will be brought to the attention of the Inter-

im Finance Committee in order that they be made aware

that the University is attempting to reach a solution

within its own resources.

(8) Approval of request from TMCC for the transfer of

$170,000 in savings in Services Account to Repairs

and Improvements for the following projects:

(a) $36,500 to restore funds to the capital improve-

ment account previously transferred to a special

repair and improvement account and cover other

costs charged against repairs and improvements

for the following projects: (1) special air

conditioning added to the computer and terminal

rooms; (2) new electric service to kilns in

ceramics room; (3) re-routed gas services and

added controls to maintain gas pressures; (4)

installation of a series of limited access doors

in certain vulnerable areas of the building.

(b) $8,500 to remove current deficit in repairs and

improvement account due to unanticipated repair

costs in heating and air conditioning systems.

(c) $30,000 to seal access roads and parking lots

and re-stripe entire parking lot.

(d) $6,000 to seal concrete walls, install insulated

ceiling, install drapes, provide heating and

cooling in cafeteria addition.

(e) $12,000 to close in storage area at northwest

corner of original building.

(f) $13,000 to install dampers and other controls

in heating system for better air distribution.

(g) $3,000 to expand the bookstore.

(h) $5,000 to convert portion of recirculating hot

water system to solar supplemented heating.

(i) $3,000 to provide a minimum of five faculty

office spaces for added staff through remodel-

ing of certain spaces.

(j) $15,000 to rebuild corner at intersection of

Dandini Boulevard and upper entry road.

(k) $10,000 to stabilize walls, pour concrete floor,

cut in a new entry door in excavated area near

south elevator and auto shop on ground floor.

(l) $18,000 to build retaining wall, reconstruct

slope, install additional water system on berm

between second and third parking lots on east

side of building.

(m) $10,000 for miscellaneous contingency fund to

cover remainder of fiscal year.

(9) Approval of NNCC request for the use of $2,000 in

Capital Improvement Funds to install a fire alarm

system in the diesel building.

(10) Deferred for further study a request by UNLV to estab-

lish an interest bearing gift account entitled "Gradu-

ate Student Gift Fund". Annual contributions would

be made to this fund through the UNLV Graduate Student


(11) Approval of UNR request to borrow $400,000 from the

Capital Improvement Fund for the purchase of two

apartment buildings and site on which they are locat-

ed. Because of zoning restrictions, buildings will

be moved to University property on North Sierra

Street. The facilities will be restricted to gradu-

ate students and President Crowley was granted au-

thority to establish rental rates with revenue used

to repay the loan within 7 to 7 1/2 years.

(12) Authorized UNLV to negotiate with the Las Vegas Con-

vention and Visitors Authority with respect to an

offer by the Authority to make the Las Vegas Silver

Bowl available to UNLV, with negotiations to occur

within the following suggested parameters: (It was

understood that lobbying efforts with the 1983 Legis-

lature will be conducted outside and separate from

the University's approved legislative program.)

UNLV Agrees to:

1. Cause a non-profit entity (with UNLV as benefici-

ary) to execute a year to year lease of the Silver


2. From the grant (subsidy) by LVCVA for the remain-

inq budget year 1981-82 and 1982-83 UNLV will re-

place the astro-turf with grass prior to the 1982

season if possible or before the 1983 season.

3. Lobby the 1983 Legislature for money for UNLV

for Silver Bowl.

4. Continue the year to year lease of the Silver

Bowl for fiscal years 1983-84 and thereafter.

5. Support all bond issues of the LVCVA.

6. After the press box and 600 Silver Bowl Booster

seats are completed, rent seats to raise a minimum

of $300,000; 1/2 (up to $150,000) to be returned

to the LVCVA to assist in amortizing bonds, and

the remainder to be used to maintain the Silver

Bowl. Also, continuation of up to $150,000 annual

rent will go to the LVCVA until the maturity date

of the bond issue.

7. Accept conveyance of Silver Bowl from the LVCVA.

8. Perform all contracts assigned to the LVCVA during

lease period and after final conveyance of Silver

Bowl to UNLV.

Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority agrees to:

1. Turn Silver Bowl over immediately to UNLV or des-

ignated nonprofit entity on a year to year lease.

2. Subsidize to the extent of the unexpended budget

remaining for fiscal year 1981-82.

3. Subsidize by way of grant to UNLV the total 1982-

83 budget less revenue anticipated for the same


4. Lobby 1983 Legislature for money to UNLV for the

Silver Bowl.

5. Continue subsidy to UNLV for fiscal year 1983-84

and 1984-85 in the event the 1983 Legislature re-

fuses to appropriate money to UNLV to maintain

the Silver Bowl.

6. Include in next LVCVA bond issue $7 million to

complete the Silver Bowl (pave parking lot, light

parking lot, build $4.5 million press box with 600

Silver Bowl Booster seats which will enable the

Silver Bowl to be self-sustaining).

7. After the press box is completed, subsidy will be

dropped entirely at the end of that fiscal year.

8. Convey to the University the Silver Bowl as com-


9. Assign all contracts that relate to the Silver

Bowl to UNLV during lease period and after final

conveyance is made to UNLV.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the report of the Budget

Committee as presented. Motion seconded by Mrs. Gallagher,

carried without dissent.

9. Report of the Academic Affairs Committee

Mrs. Gallagher presented the following report and recommen-

dations of the Academic Affairs Committee:

(1) Received a report on the experimental ROTC program at

UNLV, approved in 1975 as a voluntary program. In

March, 1980, the Board authorized the offering of ROTC

courses on an experimental basis. These have proven

successful and the Administration has requested ap-

proval to proceed to Phase II planning. The Academic

Affairs Committee recommends approval, and requests

that the completion of the Phase II proposal be ex-


(2) Accepted a Phase I report for a Bachelor of Arts in

Public Administration at UNLV. A graduate degree in

Public Administration (MPA) has been offered by UNLV

for several years. The staff and necessary funds and

facilities are in place for the undergraduate degree

and the Administration has requested approval to pro-

ceed to Phase II planning. The Academic Affairs Com-

mittee recommends approval.

(3) Recommends approval for UNR and WNCC to establish for

one year only an early Summer term of 6 weeks duration

beginning Monday, April 26, 1982, and continuing

through Wednesday, June 9, 1982.

Further, at Mrs. Fonq's suggestion, the Committee requests

the Administration at UNLV to review the following items and

report back at a subsequent meeting.

(1) Explore the most effective and efficient use of the

communications equipment, media personnel and student


(2) Review the graduate thesis program.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the report and recommenda-

tions of the Academic Affairs Committee. Motion seconded by

Mr. Mc Bride, carried without dissent.

10. Property Exchange, UNLV

President Goodall presented a proposal for an exchange of

land between the University and Summa Corporation which

would enable both parties to consolidate holdings into con-

tiguous pieces of property. (Details of the proposal iden-

tified as Ref. F, filed with permanent minutes.) In addi-

tion to the exchange of property, Mr. Morse of the Suma

Corporation agreed to pay an additional $19,000 to the Uni-

versity in view of the differences in the appraised value

of the properties.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval of the exchange of property

and payment of $19,000 by Summa Corporation, subject to

concurrence by the Governor. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Whitley, carried without dissent.

11. Proposed Policy for Grants-in-Aid for Classified Employees

The State Training Policy for classified employees was

recently revised. In order that provisions for grants-in-

aid for in-service training of classified employees at UNS

not be in conflict with State regulations, Chancellor Bersi

proposed the following policy:

(1) Grants-in-aid for all course fees will be provided to

permanent classified employees who are working half-

time or more, providing the course is directly job-

related and will improve current job performance.

(2) A limit of 2 courses in a regular semester or 1 course

during each Summer Session may be taken by full-time

employees under a grant-in-aid.

(3) Employees working half-time or more are eligible for a

grant-in-aid except that employees working less than

full-time will be allowed to take only one grant-in-aid

course. No courses may be taken by part-time employees

during Summer Session on a grant-in-aid.

(4) Courses taken under a grant-in-aid will be on an Other

Paid Leave basis and will not require that the time

away from work be made up.

(5) The employing Department may pay for books and related

costs for grant-in-aid approved courses out of operat-

ing funds.

(6) The employee will be required to pay course costs for

approved grant-in-aid courses at the time of registra-

tion, and will be reimbursed after providing evidence

to the Personnel Office that the course was success-

fully completed with a grade of C or better (or pass in

the case of pass/fail courses).

(7) The responsible Dean or Director must recommend the

taking of job related courses on a grant-in-aid basis

by employees under their jurisdiction. Final approval

shall be made by the President or the President's


Mr. Buchanan moved approval of the proposed policy. Motion

seconded by Mrs. Gallagher, carried without dissent.

12. Appointment of Executive Director, DRI Social Sciences


President Murino recommended the appointment of Dr. Cynthia

Irwin-Williams as Executive Director of the Social Sciences

Center to be effective July 1, 1982 with an annual salary of

$52,000. (Vita identified as Ref. D and filed with perma-

nent minutes.)

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval of the appointment of Dr.

Cynthia Irwin-Williams under the terms listed by President

Murino. Motion seconded by Ms. Del Papa, carried without


13. Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws for DRI Research


President Murino presented the proposed Articles of Incor-

poration and Bylaws for the DRI Research Foundation (iden-

tified as Ref. E and filed with permanent minutes) and re-

quested approval, subject to further approval of a list of

initial members of the Foundation's Board of Trustees.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc

Bride, carried without dissent.

14. Appointment to Northern Nevada Community College Foundation


President Berg recommended the appointment of Eugene W.

Eckert to the Board of the NNCC Foundation.

Mrs. Whitley moved approval of the appointment. Motion

seconded by Mrs. Gallagher, carried without dissent.

15. Authorization to Sell Property, UNLV

President Goodall reported that as a part of the Barrick

Estate, the University received a 1/3 undivided interest in

four parcels of commercial property. The University and its

two partners have received an offer to purchase from them

one of the parcels for $320,000. The property is located at

2130 through 2150 S. Highland Avenue, Las Vegas.

The conditions of the offer to purchase are as follows: The

purchaser, Thomas J. Magner and others, will pay to the sel-

lers $120,000 down with $80,000 of the $120,000 to be ob-

tained by giving a first deed of trust on the property. The

sellers would receive $120,000 down and a $200,000 note with

interest at 14% for 5 years to be secured by a 2nd deed of

trust. The buyer would pay to the sellers a payment of

$2,487.06 monthly on principal and interest, with the re-

maining unpaid balance of $186,749 principal plus interest

still owing becoming immediately due and payable at the end

end of the 5 years. The agreement calls for the sellers to

pay $9,600 each to Sill Realty and Wiqhtman Realty. The

University's share of the real estate commission is $6,400.

An appraisal from William G. Bartha, Independent Fee Ap-

praiser and member of the National Association of Review

Appraisers, placed a value on this property of $325,000.

The appraisal is $5,000 more than the offer to purchase,

but because there is only a 1/3 ownership and the other

two partners have expressed a willingness to sell, President

Goodall recommended that the offer and the conditions be

accepted, subject to the approval of the sale documents by

Counsel and approval of the Governor.

Mrs. Fong moved approval of this sale. Motion seconded by

Ms. Del Papa, carried without dissent.

President Goodall announced that the item dealing with the Soccer

Program Booster presentation had been withdrawn from the agenda.

16. Removal of Certain Personnel from Notice Provisions of UNS

Code for Nonreappointment

Regent Mc Bride stated that he had requested General Counsel

to review the options available to the Regents with respect

to the question of removing certain personnel from the no-

tice provisions contained in the Code for Nonreappointment.

He explained that he had been particularly concerned about

the assistant coaches who had been retained because of the

notice provisions. Mr. Klasic discussed the options (iden-

tified as Ref. G and filed with the permanent minutes)

available to the Regents.

Regent Buchanan stated that in his opinion professional em-

ployees would still have to have some type of appeal process

and for the Board not to provide one would be inviting law

suits. Mr. Klasic responded that he did not believe this to

be the case since the Board would still give notice to the


Mr. Buchanan moved that the following statement be inserted

in the "remarks" section of the Professional Employment


The appointee specifically agrees that, notwithstanding

any other provision of the University of Nevada System

Code, this contract may be terminated at any time during

its term for any reason at the sole option and discre-

tion of the President, upon the President giving the

appointee (days/weeks/months) written notice.

Motion seconded by Mr. Mc Bride.

Presidents Crowley and Eaton expressed their concern with

the language of the motion since it appeared that it would

apply to all professional employees within the University


Regent Mc Bride stated it would be restricted to nonteaching

contract personnel at the discretion of the appointing au-

thority. He further added that he still wished to receive

from the Faculty Senates their definitions of what they con-

sider to be "teaching faculty".

Motion carried without dissent.

Mr. Buchanan moved that an emergency item concerning the CSUN be

added to the agenda. Motion seconded by Mrs. Gallagher, carried

without dissent.

17. CSUN

Mr. Dirk Ravenholt, President of the CSUN, appeared before

the Board to explain the problems he had encountered with

the CSUN government. He indicated that impeachment pro-

ceedings had been brought against him but that he had been

cleared of any wrongdoing.

In response to questions from the Regents, Mr. Ravenholt

indicated that the funds for student government are received

from the students by way of a $2.40 per credit hour fee

charged all students taking 7 credits or more. This amounts

to approximately $428,000 over which student government has

control with no input from the University Administration.

Regent Gallagher expressed her concern over the situation

whereby the Regents assess and collect these fees but have

no control over the manner in which they are spent.

Mrs. Gallagher moved that the Board of Regents discontinue

assessing and collecting student association fees effective

immediately, and that, henceforth, such assessments and col-

lections shall be the responsibility of the student associ-

ations and membership therein shall be voluntary.

Regent Del Papa expressed her opposition to the motion

stating that it would mean the end of student government

on Campus and she believed student government to be a very

important experience for students.

Mr. Mc Bride seconded the motion.

Mr. Mc Bride moved to amend the motion to refer this to the

institutional Presidents to confer with student government,

report back on how they can exercise more control over the

expenditures of these funds. Mrs. Gallagher accepted the


Chancellor Bersi stated that the student associations are

administrative arms of the Board of Regents and that the

institutional Presidents have authority and responsibility

to assure the legality of student body transactions. He

added that the Board is asking for a set of practices and

procedures which will absolutely guarantee the integrity of

the funds collected on behalf of the student associations.

Mr. Mc Bride indicated that he wanted those guarantees,

noting that since all University Departments are required

to present a budget and be responsible to the President for

expenditures of that budget, the student governments should

be required to do the same.

In response to President Crowley's question the Board agreed

that this report and recommendations could be incorporated

into the overall report on fees which will be presented in


The amendment carried with Mr. Buchanan opposing.

The amended motion carried with Mr. Buchanan opposing.

Chancellor Bersi introduced his new executive secretary, Mrs.

Judith Anderson.

18. Award of Honorary Bachelor Degrees

Mr. Buchanan moved that at the April 21, 1982 dinner honor-

ing Mrs. Bonnie Smotony, that Mrs. Smotony be awarded hon-

orary Bachelor of Public Administration degrees from both

UNR and UNLV. Motion seconded by Mrs. Whitley, carried

without dissent.

19. Southern Nevada Medical Facility

Mr. Buchanan moved that an item dealing with the gift of Mr.

Claude Howard be added to the agenda as an emergency item.

Motion seconded by Mrs. Gallagher, carried without dissent.

Mr. Mc Bride moved that the UNS 1983-87 Capital Improvement

Request be amended by adding a building for the University

of Nevada Medical School on the UNLV Campus. This project

would be budgeted at $4 million and would be funded with the

$2 million received from Mr. Howard, $50,000 from the Clark

Medical Society and the remainder from the State General

Fund. Motion seconded by Mrs. Gallagher.

Mr. Buchanan stated he would support this motion but be-

lieved it should be stated that this is UNLV's number one


Mr. Mc Bride moved that the Officers contact the Interim

Finance Committee to see if funds could be allocated in

order that this project be started right away. If funds

are not forthcoming from the Interim Finance Committee,

this would be the number one UNLV Capital Improvement

Project for 1983. (Revised CIP Request attached.) Motion

seconded by Mr. Buchanan, carried without dissent.

The meeting adjourned at 12:20 P.M.

Bonnie M. Smotony

Secretary of the Board