UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
March 26-27, 1879


Volume OA - Pages 119-123

                  Residence of John S. Mayhugh

                          Elko, Nevada

                         March 26, 1879

T. W. Stone and John S. Mayhugh of Elko County and William W.

Bishop of Eureka County having been elected a Board of Regents

in and for the State of Nevada, and having qualified according

to law as members of said Board, met at the above mentioned

place and date and proceeded to organize, temporarily, by the

election of J. S. Mayhugh as temporary President and W. W.

Bishop as temporary Secretary.

On motion of T. W. Stone, the Board proceeded to elect perman-

ent Officers.

On motion of W. W. Bishop, T. W. Stone was unanimously elected

President of the Board.

On motion of J. S. Mayhugh, E. A. Littlefield was unanimously

elected Secretary of the Board.

The Officers-Elect being present, each accepted the Office to

which he was elected.

The meeting then adjourned, to meet again at the same place at

2 o'clock P.M. this day.

                             T. W. Stone

                             President Pro Tem

Secretary Pro Tem

                       2 O'Clock P.M.

The Board of Regents pursuant to adjournment, met at the resi-

dence of J. S. Mayhugh at the date and time above mentioned.

Present:  T. W. Stone, President

          John S. Mayhugh

          W. W. Bishop

Bills described as follows were allowed:

    D. W. Hull          Stationery                        $ 77.75

    E. A. Littlefield   Advertising                         20.00

    W. C. Dovey         3 month's salary                   750.00

    W. W. Bishop        Traveling expenses incurred in

                        coming to Elko to attend the

                        meeting of the Board                30.00

    Elmer Mc Clelland   Services as janitor for 3 months    60.00

William W. Bishop offered the following resolution, which was,

upon motion of John S. Mayhugh, adopted:

    RESOLVED, that the Dormitory be repaired as follows:  the

    walls and ceilings to be whitened and the plastering replaced

    where damaged; the railing to stairway made secure, the doors

    stripped to keep out dust and wind, the building repainted

    and doors grained.

The following resolution was adopted:

    RESOLVED, that the necessary expenditures be made to repair

    and fit up the University building in the following particu-


        1st - All necessary glazier's work.

        2nd - The repairing and construction of blackboards.

        3rd - The repairing of the plastering where damaged,

              and the whitening of such parts of the walls, etc.,

              as require it.

        4th - That the northeast room be set apart for and fitted

              up as a laboratory.

        5th - That the sagebrush and debris be cleared from the

              grounds in the rear of the building; the old well

              filled up; a division fence built from center of

              building to rear fence to separate recreational

              grounds; that a woodshed of a capacity for fifteen

              cords of wood be constructed (of brick or wood),

              as may hereafter be deemed advisable; that a cheap

              but neat and substantial bridge be constructed

              over the ditch; that the grounds be manured and

              plowed (Summer fallowed).

The Secretary was instructed to correspond with the publishers

of newspapers in the State concerning the publication of an ad-

vertisement of the University, etc.

W. C. Dovey was reappointed as Principal of the University, to

hold that position during the pleasure of the Board, at a salary

of $250 per month, except during the recess in the months of

July and August.

The following resolution was adopted:

    RESOLVED, that the resident members of the Board of Regents

    be, and they hereby are, constituted and appointed a

    Standing Committee, with full power and make all necessary

    contracts concerning the renting, occupations, use and

    improvements of the University property.  Also, to act as

    a Committee in regard to procuring books, stationery,

    supplies and printing for the use of the Board.

On motion, the Board adjourned to meet at the call of the Presi-


                             T. W. Stone


E. A. Littlefield