UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
March 25-26, 1876


Volume OA - Page 113

                        State Land Office

                          Carson, Nevada

                          March 25, 1876

The Board of Regents met at the call of its President.  Present:

Alfred Helm and C. C. Stevenson.

On motion, the following bills were allowed:

    Sylvester H. Day    Salary as clerk for Feb & Mar     $ 33.33

    George Farmer       Janitor, Jan & Feb, 1876            40.00

    George Farmer       Janitor, March, 1876                20.00

    D. R. Sessions      Freight on materials for a Chem.

                        Laboratory at P. D. Univer. of

                        Nevada                              23.07

    E. Ritchie & Sons   Materials for a Chemical Lab       240.85

    D. R. Sessions      Salary as Principal P. D. Univer.

                        of Nevada for Jan-Mar, 1876        750.00

On motion, the Board ajourned to meet at the call of its Presi-


                             Alfred Helm


Sylvester H. Day