UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

March 24-25, 1945 

Volume 5 - Pages 439-446

                       REGENTS MEETING
                       March 24, 1945

The regular meeting of the Board of Regnets was called to order
at 9:40 A.M. in the President's office.  Present:  Regents Ross,
Henningsen, Mc Namee, Sheerin; Comptroller Gorman and President
Moseley.  Absent:  Regent Sirkegian, weather conditions prevent-
ing his trip.

Motion by Mr. Mc Namee that the reading of the minutes be dis-
pensed with and that they be approved as submitted, passed uani-

A.  Recommendations for Degrees


B.  Recommendations on Personnel

    (1)  That, effective July 1, 1945, Dr. Anatole G. Mazour,
         Associate Professor of History and Political Science,
         be granted a leave of absence without pay for one year
         in order that he may accept a position as Visiting
         Associate Professor at Sanford University.

    (2)  That, effective September 1, 1945, Dr. Robert M. Gorrell
         be appointed as Assistant Professor of English in the
         place of Professor Holmes at a salary of $2800 per year.

    (3)  That, effective March 21, 1945, Mr. Robert Prince be
         appointed as Geologist in the State Bureau of Mines at
         the salary of $300 per month, to be paid from Bureau
         of Mines funds.

    (4)  That, effective March 15, 1945, Mr. E. L. Cobb be ap-
         pointed as part-time Laboratory Assistant in the Petro-
         leum Products Inspection Laboratory at a salary of $90
         per month, to be paid from Petroleum Products Inspection

    (5)  That, effective February 26, 1945, until the end of the
         semester, Mrs. Robert Hume be appointed as Acting As-
         sistant in English in the place of Professor Holmes, at
         a total salary of $550 for the 11 weeks.

C.  Recommendations on Policy

    1.  Salary Schedule.  (See minutes of January 7, 1944 for
        previous salary schedule.)  Upon motion of Mr. Mc Namee
        passed unanimously, the following salary schedule was
        adopted to be applied upon an individual basis upon the
        recommendation of the Dean of the College concerned with
        due regard to tenure and efficiency:

            Instructor                      $1600 - $2400
            Assistant Professor              2400 -  3000
            Associate Professor              3000 -  3600
            Professors (including Heads)     3600 -  4500
            Academic Deans and Directors     4800 -  5500

        The understanding with the Governor and the Ways and
        Means Committees of the Legislature is that in case those
        now on leave return to the University prior to the end
        of this biennium, the University could go to the next
        session with a deficit and secure relief.

    2.  Pay Increases.  Motion of Mrs. Henningsen that the Presi-
        dent be instructed by the Board to present at the May
        meeting recommendations for salary increases to the aca-
        demic faculty now on duty in the approximate amount of
        $25,000, said increases to be effective July 1, 1945,
        passed unanimously.

    3.  Mr. Le Grand Walker.  President Moseley read a letter
        from Mr. Walker, now with the Utah Industrial School at
        Ogden, Utah, presented his qualifications for a position
        as Foreman of the University Farms.  Upon motion of Mr.
        Sheerin that the President be instructed to ask Mr.
        Walker to visit Reno to discuss the situation, preferably
        at the time of the next meeting of the Board in May,
        passed unanimously.

    4.  The Agricultural Program.  Motion was made by Mr. Sheerin
        and passed unanimously that the President be instructed
        to bring in a recommendation at the May meeting for an
        over-all Dean of Agriculture, whose duties shall be to
        coordinate the work of Agriculture Resident Teaching,
        Agricultural Extension and Agricultural Experimentation,
        which 3 Departments of the University's Agricultural
        program shall be directed respectively by a Director of
        Agricultural Resident Teaching, a Director of the Agri-
        cultural Extension Division and a Director of the Agri-
        cultural Experiment Station.

    5.  After discussing administrative policies in connection
        with the Department of Agricultural Extension, upon
        motion by Mr. Mc Namee that further consideration of
        these policies be deferred until the next meeting of the
        Board of Regents, the motion was unanimously passed.

    6.  The Building Program.  By informal assent the Board
        agreed that, assuming that we can build only one build-
        ing and that it is to be called a "classroom building",
        the President was instructed to explore ways and means
        of including within the building some laboratories which
        are most urgently needed for relief of crowded conditions
        in the Agricultural building.

    7.  The Health Committeee.  Revision of rules were adopted by
        the University Health Committee at a meeting on March 20,
        1945, and presented to the Board of Regents for consider-
        ation as follows:


        With the exception of graduate students and of students
        registered in 5 or fewer hours, all students are charged
        a Health Service Fee of $6 per semester.  The funds ob-
        tained from this fee are used to provide an enlarged
        health service in accordance with the general practice of
        other Colleges and in line with the recommendations of
        the American Student Health Association.  Students paying
        the fee are entitled to the following privileges and sub-
        ject to the restrictions imposed by them:

         1.  A thorough medical and physical examination at the
             time of entrance with such subsequent examinations
             and check-ups as may seem desirable in order to
             ensure the individual's physical fitness for the
             scholastic and athletic program which the student
             would like to undertake.

         2.  Any student found on such examination to be suffer-
             ing from some chronic or handicapping ailment which
             makes it unlikely that he can effectively carry on
             his studies will be advised accordingly and may be
             required to limit his activities.

         3.  Any student found to be a carrier of an infectious
             disease of such a nature as to make him a menace to
             the general health of the Campus may be required to
             discontinue his work at the University.

         4.  Standard immunity tests for certain infectious
             diseases may be given, and when practicable and
             desirable, susceptible individuals may be immunized.

         5.  Any student who refuses to comply with any health
             regulation established by the State or local boards
             of health or by the University Administration may be
             denied the privilege of registering or continuing
             work in the University.

         6.  Free daily consultation periods with the College
             Physicians and Nurses will be provided for all stu-
             dents who wish to consult about health matters.  The
             chief object of these consultations is the detection
             of illness before it becomes serious.  Students are
             urged to take advantage of it.  The privilege should
             however, not be abused by expecting unreasonable
             services at unreasonable times.

         7.  Injuries or illnesses incurred on the Campus.  A
             student injured or taken ill while on the Campus is
             entitled to the following benefits without addition-
             al charge:  (a) necessary emergency attention; (b)
             all laboratory examinations, X-rays, prescriptions
             and medicines which may be required by the Univer-
             sity Physician in the course of the treatment in the
             Infirmary; (c) use of the Infirmary for a period not
             exceeding 2 weeks in any semester, including meals,
             treatment, visits of University Physician, and gen-
             eral nursing.  (NOTE:  The term "Campus" as used in
             this and succeeding paragraphs is hereby defined as
             the geographic limits of the Campus proper, and all
             fraternities and sororities or other living quarters
             under supervision of University authorities and de-
             voted exclusively to housing University students.)

         8.  Injuries or illnesses incurred off the Campus.  A
             student injured or taken ill off the Campus is sub-
             ject to the following regulations:  (a) all calls
             for medical or nursing service, whether provided by
             member of the regular Infirmary staff or by other
             doctors and nurses, must be paid for by the individ-
             uals requesting such service; (b) a student injured
             or taken ill off the Campus must pay all expenses of
             transportation to the Campus, and must pay for all
             other expenses incurred off the Campus by or through
             such illness or injury; (c) a student injured or
             taken ill off the Campus may use the University In-
             firmary, provided that the student in question and
             his attending physician agree to rest convalescent
             care in the hand of the University Physician and
             Nurse, and provided he pay for all meals, laboratory
             examinations, X-rays, prescriptions and medicines
             for the entire period of hospitalization.

         9.  After a period of 2 weeks hospitalization in any one
             semester, regardless of where the injury or illness
             occurred, the student will be charged an additional
             $2 per day for such extended period.

        10.  Requests for consultation period with the University
             Physician at times other than regular consultation
             period at the Infirmary must be paid for by the in-
             dividual requesting it.  A student may be hospital-
             ized in the Infirmary only upon the recommendation
             of the University Physician acting in his capacity
             as such.

        11.  The Student Health Association will not be respon-
             sible, financially or otherwise, for the treatment
             and care of injuries incurred by a student partici-
             pating in inter-collegiate athletics, either in
             training or in competition, except as may be provid-
             ed under rule 8 above.  Benefits provided under rule
             7 above are expressly excluded.

        12.  When an operation is advised or deemed necessary,
             the student must make his own arrangements and as-
             sume the responsibility for the payment of all
             surgical, nursing and hospital costs connected

        13.  Certain injuries and illnesses may be deemed by the
             University Physician to be of such a nature or de-
             gree of severity that they cannot be cared for ade-
             quately at the University Infirmary.  In such cases
             the student will be so advised, and the student
             will make his own arrangement for care elsewhere at
             his own expense.

        14.  Neither the University nor the Student Health As-
             sociation will assume any responsibility for the
             payment of hospital or other medical expenses in-
             curred on or off the Campus, unless such expense is
             expressly authorized by the University Health Com-
             mittee.  In certain instances of unusually heavy
             medical expenses, and when Student Health funds make
             it possible, the Student Health Committee, solely
             at its own discretion, may provide some financial
             relief to a student.

        15.  The failure to make use of the health service offer-
             ed will not be accepted as a reason for exemption
             from the payment of the health service fee or for
             refunds therefrom in any semester.

        Upon motion of Mr. Mc Namee, passed unanimously.

        At the suggestion of Mr. Mc Namee, Comptroller Gorman
        was instructed to investigate the cost of a malpractice
        policy.  Mr. Mc Namee was requested to look into the mat-
        ter of the legal responsibility of the University.

    8.  Out-of-State Tuition.  Upon motion of Mr. Mc Namee and
        passed unanimously, tuition for out-of-state students was
        advanced from $75 per semester to $100 per semester, ef-
        fective July 1, 1945.

    9.  Honorary Degrees.  Motion of Mrs. Henningsen that honor-
        ary degrees be granted at the Spring Commencement as fol-
        lows, passed unanimously:

            Major Max C. Fleischmann, LL. D.
            Reverend Brewster Adams, LL. D.
            Senator Patrick A. Mc Carran, LL. D.
            Miss Anne Martin, LL. D.

            Mr. Robert A. Allen, Honorary M. S.
            Mr. Robert R. Warren, Honorary M. S.
            Mr. Roy Hardy, Honorary M. S.

        According to custom, it was agreed that no publicity
        should be given to the awarding of honorary degrees
        until near Commencement.

        Motion of Mr. Mc Namee that the Comptroller be authorized
        to rent or purchase sufficient gowns for the honorary de-
        grees and University guests, passed unanimously.

        Motion of Mr. Mc Namee that the matter of giving Robert
        A. Allen a bachelor's degree in view of the fact that he
        has done sufficient engineering work to make up for the
        credits which he lacks in academic work, be referred to
        the faculty for recommendation, passed unanimously.

President's Informal Report:

(1)  The death of William O. Holmes, Assistant Professor of Eng-
     lish, occurred at his home on February 22, 1945.  Professor
     Holmes, who had been in apparent good health, suffered a
     heart attack and died within a matter of a few hours.  He
     had been connected with the University since 1937.

(2)  After a lapse of several years, the Young Women's Christian
     Association has been re-established on the Campus, under
     the leadership of Miss Kate Harris, who was appointed on
     March 3, 1945, as full-time Secretary at a salary of $215
     per month, of which the University pays $40 per month, rep-
     resenting room and board in Manzanita Hall.  The remainder
     of the salary is paid from YWCA funds.  The YWCA received
     a grant of $1000 from the Reno Community Chest.  Their funds
     have been supplemented during the past year by a donation of
     Mrs. Lora J. Knight, 615 Riverside Drive, Reno, Nevada, in
     the amount of $1000, which donation, according to the wishes
     of the donor, is to remain anonymous.  The YWCA room in
     Artemisia Hall has been redecorated and is now in the proc-
     ess of being furnished by the YWCA.  An office for Miss
     Harris has been prepared in the Student Center.

(3)  A Red Cross unit under the leadership of Mrs. John O.
     Moseley has been established on the Campus for the conven-
     ience of the ladies of the University staff.  This unit
     works under the supervision and control of the Reno Red
     Cross.  Quarters are provided by the University on the 3rd
     floor of Manzanita Hall.

(4)  According to custom, the next meeting of the Board of Re-
     gents will occur on Saturday, May 12th, followed by the
     Baccalaureate sermon on Sunday, May 13th, and the Commence-
     ment Exercises on Monday, May 14th.  The Honorary Board of
     Visitors will hold its annual meeting on Friday, May 11th.

(5)  Mr. Thomas E. Dixon, Mayor of Caliente, Nevada, on March
     6, 1945, made a cash donation to the University in the
     amount of $3000, the income on which is to be used to assist
     a graduate of the Lincoln County High School through the
     Freshman year at the University.  The faculty of the Lincoln
     County High School, in cooperation with the Committee on
     Scholarships and Prizes at the University, will select the
     student in accordance with the standards set up by the
     Committee.  This account is carried on the Comptroller's
     books as the "Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Dixon Memorial Scholar-

(6)  On March 15, 1945, Mr. Otto A. Kohl, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa,
     who operates the Chick Bed Mine at Fernley, Nevada, made a
     cash donation to the University of Nevada in the amount of
     $250, to be used for a Fernley High School student, to be
     selected by the Board of Education at Fernley, Nevada, and
     Dr. Harold N. Brown, Chairman of the Committee on Scholar-
     ships at the University of Nevada.

(7)  Permission has been given to Rev. James Asa White, Associ-
     ate Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Reno, to organize
     a Summer Institute for the clergy, lasting over a period of
     2 weeks and making use of such facilities of the University
     as will not interfere with the normal functioning of the
     Summer Session.

(8)  The University staff has, in recent months, participated in
     many community activities, an example of which has been
     the outstanding work of Dr. Harold N. Brown, Professor of
     Education and Director of the Summer Sessions, and Dr.
     Ernest Inwood, Head of the Department of Business Adminis-
     tration, in assisting in organizing and conducting the
     Lassen County Teachers Association.  Letters of thanks and
     compliments on their work have been received from Mr. Martin
     W. Sword, Superintendent of Schools at Herlong, California.

Comptroller Gorman asked for approval of the claims that have
been approved by the Executive Committee of the Board as follows:

    List No. 7, dated January 31, 1944, covering Regents Checks
        45-140 to 45-164 inclusive for a total of $68,365.77;
    List No. 7, dated January 31, 1945, covering State Claims
        45-98 to 45-119 inclusive for a total of $37,858.92;
    List No. 8, dated February 28, 1945, covering Regents Checks
        45-165 to 45-187 inclusive for a total of $61,790.30;
    List No. 8, dated February 28, 1945, covering State Claims
        45-120 to 45-134 inclusive for a total of $35,967.95.

Upon motion of Mr. Mc Namee, passed unanimously.

Comptroller Gorman submitted to Mc Namee legal papers pertaining
to the Rickard property, the Evans property, the Fleischmann
Farm and other transactions resulting from recent University
legislation.  Upon motion by Mr. Sheerin and unanimously passed,
authority for the execution and transfer of these papers was
granted to the Comptroller after the Governor has signed perti-
nent University bills and upon the approval of Mr. Mc Namee.

Heating Plant.  Upon motion of Mr. Sheerin and unanimously pass-
ed, Mr. Sirkegian was appointed as a Committee of 1 to study the
question of improving the present heating equipment of the Uni-
versity and of locating the new heating plant.  Mr. Sirkegian is
requested to render a report on these matters at the next meeting
of the Board.

Retirement Plan.  Upon motion of Mr. Mc Namee and unanimously
passed, faculty members who accepted the terms of the retirement
plan extended by the Legislature for acceptance or rejection
until July 1, 1945 shall be required to pay into the fund the
amount which they would have paid from January 1, 1944.

Upon motion of Mr. Mc Namee and passed unanimously, the lease on
the South Virginia Farm is to be renewed to Mrs. Annabelle
Washburn for 1 year at a rental of $1500 per month.

A letter from the Reno Fire Department was presented as follows:

                          CITY OF RENO
                        FIRE DEPARTMENT

                                            Reno, Nevada
                                            March 23, 1945

    C. H. Gorman, Comptroller
    University of Nevada
    Reno, Nevada

    Dear Mr. Gorman:

    On a recent inspection of Artemisia Hall, we found the plat-
    form on the first floor fire escape without a ladder extend-
    ing to the ground.  In case of a fire, the occupants of the
    second and third floors, using the escape, would have to
    return into the building from the first floor platform and
    leave through the front or rear entrance, or jump from the
    base of the escape onto the ground, a distance of about 10
    feet.  Directly underneath the escape platform is a ramp
    going into the basement which consitutues a further and ad-
    ditional life hazard for those making the jump.

    At the base of the north exit, we found a permanent iron
    railing obstructing the ready egress from the base of the
    fire escape.  Anyone using this fire escape would have to
    climb over this iron railing.

    We recommend the construction of a metal ladder, extending
    to the ground on the first mentioned escape and in the
    latter, remove the iron railing from the north exit.

    Thanking you for your cooperation in the matter, I am,

                             Yours very truly,

                         /s/ K. C. Tate, Captain
                             in charge of Fire Prevention
                             Reno Fire Dept.

Motion of Mr. Mc Namee that authority be given to the Comptroller
to carry out the Fire Chief's recommendations at an approximate
cost of $350, passed unanimously.

After discussion of the fire hazard at the President's home,
Comptroller Gorman stated that he would remedy the condition.

Some criticism of the University has come about through the in-
vestigation of the Administration of Fire Chief Twaddle, and the
Chairman of the Board of Regents had been approached by the
Chamber of Commerce Committee in that connection.  Chairman Ross
reported that every recommendation made by the Fire Department
has been followed by the University and it was the feeling of the
Board that the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Committee
should be invited to verify this report.

By informal vote, the Board postponed deciding the details of the
new Gymnasium improvement program until the next meeting in order
to take advantage of the views of Mr. Sirkegian.

Comptroller Gorman reported the investment of the $3000 received
from Mr. Thomas E. Dixon in 2 1/2% Treasury Bonds, 1966-71.  Upon
motion of Mr. Mc Namee, approved unanimously.

The financial statement of general funds of the University of
Nevada, March 1, 1945 to June 30, 1945, showed receipts amounting
to $244,659.60 and expenditures amounting to $222,500.00, leaving
a balance as of June 40, 1945 amounting to $22,159.60.

Upon motion of Mrs. Henningsen, the Chairman of the Board was
authorized to sign proxies in the name of the Board.

President Moseley asked for the opinion of the Board in regard to
necessary additions to the staff in order to keep the standard of
the University at a high level, no definite commitments to be
made without first being submitted to the Board.  The sense of
the Board was that such additions should be made, and that facul-
ly members on leave of absence be encouraged and assisted to

Comptroller Gorman asked for authority to sell the U. S. Govern-
ment Bonds held in the irreducible University Fund in the State
Treasurer's office and to re-invest the money in 2 1/2% U. S.
Treasury Bonds; and to draw the necessary resolution.  Motion
of Mr. Mc Namee that authority be granted passed unanimously.

President Moseley asked for a discussion on the matter of money
which might be donated to the University.  Mr. Mc Namee was of
the opinion that money should be received in the name of the
University of Nevada since the law refers to the University as
the "corporate body of the University of Nevada".  However, if
SB 108, giving the Regents the right to accept gifts, is signed
by the Governor, there could be no question.

Chairman Ross called to the attention of the Board that the
Annual Report of the Agricultural Experiment Station for 1944
did not contain a letter of transmittal and that it was sent
out under the name of the Board of Control of the Agricultural
Experiment Station, which is also the Board of Regents, but that
they had no opportunity to see its contents before it was sent
to the printer.  Suggestion was made that the matter be called
to the attention of the President and that he come to the Board
at the next meeting with a definite recommendation.

The meeting adjourned at 1:10 P.M.

The next meeting will be the regular Commencement Meeting on
Saturday, May 12, 1945.