UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
March 20-21, 1866


Volume OA - Page 4

                       Office of the Governor

                        Carson City, Nevada

                          March 20, 1866

The Board of Regents met at the above named place pursuant to the

call of the Chairman thereof.  Present:  H. G. Blasdel, Chauncey

N. Noteware and A. F. White, Secretary.

In compliance with the requirements of an Act entitled "An Act to

Provide for Establishing and Maintaining a Mining School and Cre-

ate the Office of State Mineralogist", approved March 9, 1866.

Professor Richard H. Stretch was appointed Mineralogist for the

State of Nevada.

The Secretary of said Board reported that the members of the

Board of Commissioners appointed for the purpose of receiving

proposals, donations, etc., "for the establishment of an

Agricultural and Mechanical College in Washoe County", were

duly informed of their appointment, of the time and place fixed

for their first meeting.  Also that (by communication from a

member of said Board) the meeting appointed as aforesaid was

not held at the time fixed.  The Secretary of this Board then

designated December 19th following as the day of the meeting,

when the said Board met, but no report of said meeting has ever

been read.


                             A. F. White