UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
March 18-19, 1957

Volume 7 - Pages 314-317

                    UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA
                       REGENTS MEETING
                       March 18, 1957

The Board of Regents met in regular session in the Board of
Education meeting room of the School Administration building,
Las Vegas, Nevada, on Monday, March 18, 1957.  Present:  Regents
Hardy, Lombardi, Thompson, Anderson and Grant; Comptroller
Hayden and President Stout.  Academic Vice President Wood and
Engineer Poolman were present to discuss items in their areas
of work.  News Editor Laxalt reported the meeting for the Press.
The meeting was called to order at 10:05 A.M. by Chairman Grant.

 1.  Minutes of Previous Meetings

     Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the
     minutes of the regular meeting of February 28, 1957 be

 2.  Personnel Recommendations

     President Stout presented the following recommendations on


         Appointment of Lura Ward Mathews as Reference Assistant,
         effective March 1, 1957, at a salary of $250 per month
         (replacement for Mrs. O. Tissier, resigned).


     Appointment of Supervising Teachers for Spring semester 1957
     as follows:

         Dorothy Betts, Peavine School                    $120
         Teddyanna Keele, Sparks High School                75


         Reappointment of June Fant as Assistant in Business
         Administration at a salary of $937.50 for the Spring
         semester 1957.



         Reappointment of Edwin Richardson, Education, for the
         Spring semester 1957, at a salary of $225.

     Supplementary Contracts for the Spring semester 1957, as

         Harold Brown, Education                          $225
         Daniel W. Cassard, Animal Husbandry (Beef
             Production)                                    75
         Harlan Holladay, Art (Workshop)                   150
         Loring Williams, Secondary Education              225


         Appointment of Paul T. Tueller as Graduate Research
         Assistant in Agronomy and Range Management, Agricultural
         Experiment Station, at a salary of $2300 for the year,
         effective July 1, 1957 (replacement for R. Keith Miller,

     Motion by Mr. Thompson carried unanimously that the person-
     nel recommendations be approved.

 3.  Gifts

     Gifts which had been received by the University were pre-
     sented for acceptance, as follows:

     1)  From the Ed Von Tobel Lumber Company, Las Vegas, $200
         for the fund for furnishing the laboratories in the
         Classroom building in Las Vegas.

     2)  From Kennecott Copper Corporation, Mc Gill, $250 as a
         grant-in-aid to the University to match the scholarship
         to Barney Lujan.

     3)  From the General Electric Company, New York, $25 to
         match the contribution to the University of D. E.
         Hamilton, a graduate, under the Corporate Alumnus
         Program of General Electric Company.

     Payments on existing scholarships, as follows:

     a.  From Mitchell Armanko, $200 for the Armanko Office
         Supply Company Scholarships.

     b.  From Fred O. Herz, $36.27 which, added to the income
         from investments in the fund, covers the scholarship
         payment of the Mrs. Carl Otto Herz Scholarship.

     c.  From Mrs. H. L. Klute, $300 for the Klute Scholarships
         in Foreign Languages.

     Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the gifts
     be accepted and that the Secretary write a note of thanks
     to each donor on behalf of the Board of Regents.

 4.  Fee Recommendation - Summer Session Fees

     The following change in Summer Session Fees for the Reno
     Campus was recommended by the Fee Study Committee, and the
     Administrative Committee:


         First 3 credits (per session)         $12.00 per credit
         Each additional credit                $10.00 per credit
          (an increase of $3 per credit over the present fee)


         First 3 credits (per session)         $10.00 per credit
         Each additional credit                $ 7.50 per credit
          (an increase of $2.50 per credit over the present fee)

     The above fees to become effective for the Summer of 1957.

     Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the recommenda-
     tion be approved and the Summer Session fees for the Reno
     Campus be set accordingly.

 5.  Schmitt and Nielsen Property

     President Stout called on Mr. Hayden, who reported that the
     office of the Attorney General had notified him that a hear-
     ing had been scheduled for March 11 on the Schmitt property,
     but that it had now been cancelled by Mr. Schmitt's attor-
     ney.  Instead, he has asked for the privilege of appearing
     before the Regents to make a new offer on behalf of Mr.
     Schmitt.  Mr. Nielsen is standing by his original price,
     and hearing on his property has been set for April 18.

 6.  Isom, Ostensen & Associates

     President Stout read a letter from this firm stating that
     they are now in a position to provide policies under their
     proposed program with any insurance company licensed in
     the State of Nevada.  (See minutes of April 30, 1956.)  The
     matter was generally discussed.  It was the consensus of
     opinion that all insurance companies should be included in
     any plan entered into by the University of Nevada.

     Motion by Dr. Anderson carried unanimously that arrangements
     be made for appropriate representatives of all insurance
     companies and the Nevada State Insurance Commissioner to
     meet with the Regents to discuss the proposal of Isom,
     Ostensen & Associates.

 7.  Cornerstone - Ross Hall

     The date set for laying the cornerstone for the Silas E.
     Ross Hall is Sunday, April 14, 1957.  It was agreed by the
     Regents that the building be dedicated at the cornerstone
     laying ceremony.  It was agreed that Mr. Lester Summerfield
     be invited to give the main address.  Dr. Stout proposed a
     reception for Mr. Ross on the day or evening of the corner-
     stone dedication ceremony.  He was authorized to appoint a
     committee to plan and carry out the reception.

 8.  Mrs. G. B. Blair

     President Stout called on Mr. Hayden for a report on his
     discussion with Mrs. Blair.  She indicated to Mr. Hayden
     that she considered $140 per month as the minimum she
     could get along with, and that she had hoped for more.
     She was 70 years old on November 12th last.  Inquiries
     were made concerning annuity investments, and the findings
     were that $15,000 would yield $118 per month, $17,726 would
     yield $140 per month, $18,992 would yield $150 per month
     and $22,158 would yield $175 per month.  A local real es-
     tate appraiser set the top sale price of the property at
     $12,500, although Mrs. Blair had indicated the value of
     the property at $15,000.  Mr. Hayden reported that he is
     investigating further to see if something can be worked

 9.  Building Program

     President Stout called on Mr. Poolman for a report on
     permissive legislation for revenue bonds.  Mr. Poolman
     reported that the bill had been referred back to the bill
     drafter by the Ways and Means Committee to be redrawn,
     breaking the items down into revenue producing and non-
     revenue producing units.

10.  Faculty Committees

     President Stout called on Dean Wood, who reported that every
     College except Engineering has elected members to the Facul-
     ty Senate.  The College faculty representatives who are
     studying the proposal concerning selection and promotion
     of staff has had one meeting, at which they discussed pro-

11.  Nevada Southern Facilities

     Difficulties in providing facilities to carry on the program
     of the University in Las Vegas were discussed, in case money
     is not provided by the Legislature for a building.  The pos-
     sibility of using the race track buildings was discussed and
     the Regents and members of the University Administration
     went to the site to inspect its facilities.

The meeting adjourned at 11:45 P.M.

                             A. C. Grant

Alice Terry