UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

March 18-19, 1943 

Volume 5 - Pages 364-366

                       REGENTS MEETING
                        March 18, 1943

Meeting called to order by Chairman Ross at 9:30 A.M.  Present:
Ross, Hartman, Sirkegian, Wardin.  Brown and Olmsted absent be-
cause of illness.

Minutes of the February 24, 1943 meeting were read by the Secre-
tary.  Mrs. Wardin moved approval of the minutes after certain
corrections were made.

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Sirkegian        Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

The President reported on the remainder of the correspondence
with Director M. L. Wilson relative to the Creel case and also
read some notes which he had taken during a conversation with
Mrs. Primeaux, wife of one of the County Agents, concerning the
Extension Service.

Mr. Creel was called in at this time in connection with the
Directorship of the Extension Division.  The President stated
that he was willing to nominate Mr. Creel for this position, if
Mr. Creel would assure him that he would pay attention to the
work here in Nevada and not be concerned with the work in Wash-
ington, D. C. so much.  President also stated that if meetings
are held out of Reno, which it is necessary for Mr. Creel to
attend, he should get the approval of the President to attend
such meetings.  Mr. Creel stated that he would like the record
to show that many of the trips which he took were against his
wishes and that every trip he had taken with the exception of
a few to San Francisco and Salt Lake City were made with the
approval of the President's office.  Mr. Creel also stated that
when he had been in Carson City lately he had heard no criti-
cism of the University as in previous years, but that he had
heard criticism of the Extension Service which bothered him
greatly.  Creel said that Senator Tallman had asked him what
he would do if reappointed Director; Creel replied that he could
make no commitments until he was reappointed.  President repeat-
ed statement he had made previously, "If matter is cleared up in
Washington, D. C. (Hatch Act violation by Creel), I would be
perfectly willing to reappoint Mr. Creel provided he will attend
to affairs in the State."  With reference to the problems of Mr.
Buckman, Mr. Ross stated that this would be a matter for Mr.
Creel as Director to attend to in line with previous policy with
regard to Heads of Departments and their staff.  Mrs. Wardin
moved approval of the President's recommendation that Mr. Cecil
W. Creel be appointed Director of the Extension Service of the
University of Nevada, effective April 1, 1943, at the same salary
as he had received previous to his resignation.

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Sirkegian        Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

The President presented the reports of Dean Robert Stewart rela-
tive to the consolidation of the Southside Irrigation Canal
Company (in which the University owns 200 shares) with the Lake
Ditch Company.  Mrs. Wardin moved approval of the consolidation
of these two companies in so far as our stock is concerned.

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Sirkegian        Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Mr. Sirkegian moved approval of the President's recommendation
for the appointment of Professor Edward M. Hulme of Palo Alto
to teach History to the Army Air Forces for April and May, and
longer, if necessary, for 12 or 16 hours per week (at $200 per
month or more if the Army contract officer approves this salary

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Sirkegian        Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

President reported the serious illness of Dr. Lehenbauer, who
will be kept in the hospital for 21 days without seeing any
visitors.  He will then be required to rest for 4 months.  The
President, therefore, requested that Dr. Lehenbauer be granted
a leave of absence at full pay until September 1, 1943.  Mrs.
Wardin moved approval of this recommendation.

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Sirkegian        Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

President read a letter from Geraldine Hardman, Secretary to the
President and the Board of Regents, requesting a leave of ab-
sence, effective March 19, 1943, until the end of her term of
service with the U. S. Government under the Army Air Force.
Mrs. Wardin moved approval of the granting of this leave.

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Sirkegian        Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

President announced that Mr. Buckman has been granted permission
to attend the Regional Meeting of the American Farm Bureau Feder-
ation, Extension Divisions of the Western States, at Salt Lake
City, March 25-27.  The Regents concurred with the President's
suggestion that a letter be written to Mr. Buckman thanking him
for the service he has rendered.

Mr. Gorman reported on the new Gymnasium and asked authority to
spend $1750 to complete the duct system in the Gymnasium so that
the trenches can be closed.  Mr. Sirkegian moved approval of this

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Sirkegian        Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Mr. Gorman requested authority to instruct the State Treasurer
to invest the uninvested balance in the 90,000 Acre Grant Fund
amounting to $28,000 in Series G United States War Bonds.  Mrs.
Wardin moved approval of this request.

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Sirkegian        Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Mr. Gorman reported on the receipt of letter from the Fire Chief
concerning the shop in the basement of Lincoln Hall which should
be removed.  Will probably not be able to get anything from the
Legislature for a shop this year, but there is a location in the
boiler room which can be used temporarily to house this shop.

Mr. Gorman reported on the legislative program of the University
as follows:

University budget request    $779,500.00
To be financed as follows:
9 cents 1943 on $220 million valuation          $198,000.00
Student Fees                                      40,000.00
Income Land Grants                                13,000.00
Morrill Nelson (Federal Funds)                   142,371.82
13 cents 1944 on $220 million valuation          286,000.00
December 31, 1942 balances                        52,534.09
Liquor tax January to June inclusive              36,000.00

Public Service budget        $ 84,000.00
As follows:
Extension Division           $ 20,000.00 (This total includes
Experiment Station              7,500.00  $4000 for Weights and
Food & Drugs/Weights & Meas.   20,500.00  Measures and $5000 for
State Analytical Laboratory    21,000.00  State Analytical Labo-
State Veterinary Control       15,000.00  ratory formerly covered
                             $ 84,000.00  by special appropria-

Senate Bill No. 87 adds
additional work on State
Analytical Laboratory          20,000.00

To be financed as follows:
Balance June 30, 1943                           $ 14,000.00
2 cents on $220 million for 1943 and 1944         88,000.00

Budget of $84,000 was to have been financed by 1 1/2 cents for
1st year and 2 cents for 2nd year.  Senate Bill 87 adding $20,000
makes it necessary for 2 cents for each year.

Meeting adjourned at 12:20 with the understanding that the next
meeting will be held May 22, 1943.