UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

March 17-18, 1948 

Volume 6 - Pages 63-65

                       March 17, 1948

The Executive Committee of the Board of Regents met in the Presi-
dent's office on March 17, 1948.  Present:  Regents Henningsen,
Hilliard and Ross; Comptroller Gorman and President Moseley.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Ross at 9:30 A.M.
President Moseley stated that he had 3 matters to present, as

1)  Return of William C. Miller

    President Moseley reviewed the situation of Dr. Miller and
    referred to the action of the Board at its meeting on August
    2, 1947, in which it was stated that should Dr. Miller so
    desire, he may return to the University of Nevada in the Fall
    of 1948.

    President Moseley further stated that he had received a let-
    ter from Dr. Miller asking if it would be embarrassing to
    him if he applied for a position at the University of Nevada
    or if he used Mr. Moseley's name as a reference in applying
    for a position elsewhere.  The reply was "no".  Dr. Miller
    then wrote he intended to leave Alabama but was not going
    to return to the University of Nevada.  Papers were received
    asking for recommendations for Dr. Miller, which were filled
    out and returned.  The University of Nevada started looking
    for someone to fill the vacancy.  Then a wire and a letter
    were received from Dr. Miller stating that he would return
    to the University of Nevada.  The Head of the English Depart-
    ment was notified and the letter of March 5, 1948, protest-
    ing, for the English Department, the return of Dr. Miller
    was received.  Dr. Moseley read the letter, which was ad-
    dressed to Dean Wood to be sent through usual channels to
    the attention of the President and the Board of Regents.
    The letter asked that the motion concerning the reappoint-
    ment of Dr. Miller be reconsidered.

    In order that more facts might be presented, Dean Wood, Dr.
    Gorrell and Dr. Laird appeared before the Regents at 10 A.M.
    and discussed the feeling of the Department concerning the
    return of Dr. Miller, pointing out that it was generally
    felt that he was dissatisfied and uncooperative when he left.

    Motion by Mrs. Henningsen passed unanimously that Professor
    William C. Miller be welcomed back to the University of
    Nevada with the same rank and pay as was voted for him when
    he left, in accordance with the resolution adopted by the
    Board of Regents on August 2, 1947.

2)  Tenure of Lawton B. Kline

    At 11:30 A.M., Dean Wood and Dr. Chappelle appeared before
    the Regents to discuss the tenure of Lawton Kline, now on

    Dr. Chappelle reviewed the original employment of Mr. Kline,
    stating that he had started as a Student Assistant.  In 1937,
    he was given the rank, but not the pay, of an Assistant Pro-
    fessor, with the expectation that he would find a position
    elsewhere.  During World War II, he served for a short time
    in the Army, then entered government service.  For the past
    3 years he has been on leave attending Stanford University
    and working toward a Ph. D. degree, and is now asking that
    he be returned without the degree in the expectation that
    he can write his dissertation during the academic year, 1948-
    49, at the same time teaching a full load.  Dr. Chappelle
    stated that the Department is not going to recommend that he
    be returned.

    Motion by Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that the Executive
    Committee recommend to the Department of Foreign Languages
    that Lawton Kline be advised in writing by the President that
    he will be permitted to return, on trial, to the Department
    of Foreign Languages, at the same rank and pay as he was re-
    ceiving when he left, with the provision that he must obtain
    his Ph. D. degree not later than September 1, 1949, and pro-
    viding, also, that the President receives a letter from Mr.
    Kline advising that he will abide by the terms of this

3)  Retirement of George W. Sears

    Dr. Moseley read a letter from Dr. Sears stating that he had
    understood that his retirement would automatically come in
    July 1948 and recently learned that, since his birthday falls
    in the month of July, and the rule adopted by the Board of
    Regents on May 20, 1944 states, "Retirement shall be granted
    by the Board to any employee not later than the end of the
    University year in which the person concerned becomes 70
    years of age", he is not considered eligible until July 1,
    1949, unless by special arrangement with the Regents.

    Motion by Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that the President,
    the Comptroller and the Dean of the College of Arts and Sci-
    ence apprise Dr. Sears of the situation and when it is deter-
    mined what he wants to do and what is best for the Depart-
    ment, the matter be left to the Administration of the Univer-

The meeting adjourned at 1 P.M.