UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
March 16-17, 1983


Pages 1-20



March 16-17, 1983

The Board of Regents met on the above date in Room 340, Western

Nevada Community College, Carson City.

Members present: Mr. John R. Mc Bride, Chairman

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

Mrs. Joan Kenney

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mr. Rollan Melton

Mrs. Jo Ann Sheerin

Mrs. June F. Whitley

Others present: Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

President William Berg, NNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President Jack Davis, WNCC

President Judith Eaton, CCCC

President V. James Eardley, TMCC

President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

President Clifford Murino, DRI

Mr. Donald Klasic, General Counsel

Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairs Curry (UNR), Warburton

(DRI), Jones (UNLV), Heise (CCCC), Horton (NNCC), Lambert (TMCC),

Dwyer (WNCC) and Wycoff (Unit), and Student Association Officers.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mc Bride at 4:00 P.M.

1. Adoption of the Consent Agenda

Adoption of the Consent Agenda (identified as Ref. A, and

filed with permanent minutes) containing the following items

as recommended:

(1) Approved the minutes of the special meeting held Febru-

ary 3, 1983, and the minutes of the regular meeting

held February 17-18, 1983.

(2) Accepted the gifts, grants and contracts as listed

in Ref. C-1 and filed with permanent minutes.

(3) Approved leave without pay to be extended through 1983-

84 for Professor Kenneth Knudson of the Department of

Anthropology at UNR.

(4) Approved the CCCC grading system be modified as follows

in accordance with a review between CCCC Faculty Senate

and a College-Wide Academic Standards Task Force:


Grade Grade Point Value

F -0-

This change would be reflected in Title 4, Chapter 10,

Section A, 8 of the Board of Regents Policy.

Approved that Title 4, Chapter 10, Section A, 8.2 be

modified as follows:

Repeat - Students may repeat any course. Only the

highest grade is counted as part of their total

grade point average. The lower grade of a repeated

course will be lined out on the transcript. Stu-

dents may repeat certain courses for additional

credit as defined in the College catalog.

This change has the effect of providing students with

the opportunity to use a successfuly passing grade in

GPA calculation after retaking a course in which they

received an "F" grade.

A report will be submitted on this pilot grading policy

to the Academic Affairs Committee following the 1983-84

academic year along with a recommendation for either a

request for its continuance or that the policy be


(5) Accepted a gift from Ms. Ruth Roseberry of a mineral

collection of some 70 difference specimens, many of

which have been identified as outstanding quality,

others as either unique or rare. The collection is

valued at $1800 and is on display at NNCC.

Accepted gift deeds from the Forest Economics Founda-

tion. One of the gift deeds is to be used for the Hall

Chair of Economics and the other is to be used for the

S. J. and Dessie M. Hall Library Endowment at UNLV.

(6) Authorized a waiver of the bidding process in the exe-

cution of the intent of item 11 (2) of the minutes of

the Board of Regents meeting on January 7-8, 1983 and

item 6 (2) of the minutes of the Board of Regent meet-

ing on August 20, 1982.

(7) Authorized the Chancellor, on behalf of the Board of

Regents of the University of Nevada System, to execute

a Memorandum of Lease and Estoppel and Non-Disturbance

Agreement on a loan for the Hospice from Financial

Corporation of America, a division of State Savings

and Loan.

These documents would provide for the consent by the

Regents of this loan and would allow the Hospice to

use the leasehold interest as security for the loan.

The borrower would acquire no greater rights under

the lease than is already possessed by the Hospice.

(8) Ms. Del Papa reported that the ad hoc Committee on

Athletics had met, had held a public hearing on the

UNR Campus, and that this Committee would meet with

the one chaired by Mr. Karamanos for UNLV Athletics

and would bring recommendations for policies on Ath-

letics to the Board for consideration.

Mrs. Fong moved for adoption of the Consent Agenda. Mrs.

Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

2. Personnel Session

Mrs. Fong moved that the Board recess for a closed personnel

session for the express purpose of discussing the competency

and character of a University of Nevada System employee.

Seconded by Mrs. Gallagher. Motion carried unanimously.

The Board reconvened at 11:20 A.M., Thursday, March 17, 1983,

with all members present except for Mr. Karamanos.

3. Progress Report on School of Journalism, UNR

Chairman Mc Bride accepted a check in the amount of $125,000

from Mr. Don Reynolds of the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation

as a gift to the School of Journalism. President Crowley

requested that the School be named the Donald W. Reynolds

School of Journalism and Advanced Media Studies.

Mr. Robert Kaiser, Chairman of the Journalism Department,

UNR, discussed the financial planning of the School and

the future of the School.

Mr. Melton moved to name the School the Donald W. Reynolds

School of Journalism and Advanced Media Studies. Mrs. Fong

seconded. Motion carried.

4. Report of the Investment Advisory Committee

The Investment Advisory Committee met on March 16, 1983,

and Mrs. Fong, Chair, submitted the following report and


(1) Approved the report from Mr. Roger Honour of Merrill,

Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith, as follows:

A. Reports will be made on a semi-annual basis in

the future.

B. Investment Performance Analysis for the quarter

ending December 31, 1982, reporting on the per-

formance of the managers of the UNS investment

portfolios with First Interstate Bank and Valley

Bank of Nevada:

Valley Bank of Nevada

Manages 1/3 of portfolio totalling $5.2 million for

1982. The manager achieved an overall return of

23.8%, which included 35.2% invested in equities,

11.7% invested in cash and 29.6% invested in bonds.

First Interstate Bank

Manages 2/3 of portolio totalling $13.5 million for

1982. 52% was invested in equities, 23% in bonds,

24% in cash and less than 1% in other. This port-

folio was up 29% for 1982. For the period of 5 1/2

years, the total portfolio was up 12.8%; only 4% of

all the managers tested did better. Timing of the

manager was 15.5%; no other manager did better.

Total Portfolio

For 1982, managers combined investments were up

27.1% and for a 5-year period, 14.3%.

Using inflation measures, the $18.8 million ending

balance was up 11.8% on an annualized basis, (mean-

ing the portfolio is $4 million ahead of the rate

of inflation). Based on actuarial assumption, the

portfolio was ahead $6.3 million or 6%.

(2) Recommended acceptance of the report and approved the

request by Mr. Lew Shuman, American Investors Manage-

ment (AIM), as follows:

A. Approved the request to sell property, Loan #1302

Coleman, part of the Pinching Scholarship Fund,

and further recommended the assets of the Pinching

Scholarship Fund be placed in a pooled fund on

mortgage investments.

The donor has specified the funds be managed by

AIM and Vice Chancellor Dawson concurs in the rec-

ommendation to pool these assets in an investment

participation certificate.

Mr. Shuman stated the personal and corporate

guarantee will be revised to include the pooled

concept, and a quarterly report will be provided.

(3) Recommended acceptance of reports from Mr. Monte Miller

Valley Bank of Nevada: Mr. Bob Lee, First Interstate

Bank; Ms. Fran Schartz, Nevada National Bank; and Mr.

Murray Foster of Security Bank of Nevada.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval. Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Motion carried.

5. Resolution Supporting Salary Increases


WHEREAS, the current revenue shortfall facing the State of

Nevada is extremely serious; and

WHEREAS, we, the Board of Regents, understand the request

to postpone pay raises for State employees, including the

faculty and professional staff of the University of Nevada

System; and

WHEREAS, this postponement is particularly burdensome to

the University System's faculty and professional staff inas-

much as they would not receive merit salary increases which

are provided classified employees, nor the incremental step

increases which are provided public school teachers; in fact

the University of Nevada System professional employees and

the State unclassified employees are the only employees not

being provided a merit raise;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that, we, the governing

Board of the University of Nevada System, strongly endorse

the adoption of a trigger mechanism effective January 1,

1984, which will provide pay raises for State employees,

including the faculty and professional staff of the Uni-

versity of Nevada System, providing there is sufficient

improvement in the State's revenues for such expenditures.

Mr. Melton moved to accept the resolution supporting salary

increases. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

6. Report of Special Committee on Tenure and Promotions

The Special Committee on Tenure and Promotions met on March

16, 1983, and Mrs. Gallagher, Chair, submitted the follow-

ing report and recommendations:

Upon motion by Mrs. Fong, seconded by Mrs. Kenney, the Com-

mittee moved to a closed personnel session to discuss the

competency of University of Nevada System personnel.

(1) Recommended the following be granted for promotion or

assignment to rank:


Roger Arnold, to Associate Professor, Economics

Catherine G. Bellver, to full Professor, Foreign Langu-


Paul E. Burns, to Professor, History

Sue Cunningham, to Assistant Professor, Nursing

Anna Dean Kepper, to Rank III, Special Collections

Charles Levinson, to Professor, Hotel Administration

Nancy Master, to Rank II, Reference

Warren L. Mc Nab, to Professor, Health

Alan N. Miller, to Associate Professor, Management

M. L. (Tony) Miranda, to Associate Professor, Anthro-

pology/Ethnic Studies

Allen A. Mori, to Professor, Special Education

Richard Lawrence Soule, to Associate Professor, Music

Marianne R. Tortorici, to Professor, Radiological


Maureen Vinnik, to Assistant Professor, Nursing


Mary B. Ansari, to Rank IV, Library

Gary J. Blomquist, to Professor of Biochemistry

Mary Anne Dolen, to Associate Professor of Nursing

Catherine S. Fowler, to Professor of Anthropology

Ellen S. Fries, to Assistant Professor of Nursing

Larry J. Garside, to Rank IV, Nevada Bureau of Mines

& Geology

Marilyn Goad, to Rank III, Cooperative Extension


Joan Gusman, to Rank II, Financial Aid

Stephen W. Hall, to Professor of Internal Medicine

Elizabeth Hansot, to Professor of Political Science

Frank Hartigan, to Professor of History

Yoshiko Hendricks, to Rank IV, Library

William V. Howard, to Professor of Art

Thomas R. Kozel, to Professor of Microbiology

Kenneth J. Kurtz, to Associate Professor of Internal


A. Graydon Mc Grannahan III, to Associate Professor of


Gordon Myer, to Rank III, Agricultural & Resource


Lu Ann Nissen, to Associate Professor of Home Economics

Carol A. Ort, to Associate Professor of Biology

Carol A. Parkhurst, to Rank III, Library

Medhi Saiidi-Movahhed, to Associate Professor Civil


Ronald L. Shane, to Rank III, Agricultural & Resource


Clifford J. Stratton, to Professor of Anatomy

Gary L. Vinyard, to Associate Professor of Biology

Virginia Vogel, to Associate Professor of Speech &


Robert L. Winzeler, to Professor of Anthropology

*Also recommended for tenure.

(2) Recommended the following be granted tenure:


Raymond D. Rawson, Science & Health


Maria Kilbourne, General & Developmental Education

William S. Newhall, Industrial, Technical & Public


Maryjean A. Riel, Industrial, Technical & Public


Bernard Schopen, General Education

Brad Tretten, Business/Management


Gilbert Ayarbe, Surveying Technology

Ronald P. Martin, Dean, Student Services

Cheryl Moreland, Nursing

Sandra Litkenhaus, Placement Counselor

Raymond Oster, Traffic Safety

James Pawluk, Welding Technology

Robert Pier, Automotive Technology

Michael Sady, Science


M. L. (Tony) Miranda, Anthropology/Ethnic Studies

Claude M. Rand, Hotel Administration

Clinton H. Richards, Management

Lawrence J. Tirri, Chemistry


Denny A. Jones, Associate Professor of Chemical &

Metallurgical Engineering

Kenneth T. Maehara, Associate Professor of Medical


Stephen A. Moscove, Professor of Accounting & Informa-

tion Systems

Donald C. Noble, Professor of Geological Sciences

Mark Simkin, Professor of Accounting & Information


Gary L. Vinyard, Assistant Professor of Biology

Robert Watters, Associate Professor of Geological


*Also recommended for promotion in rank.

(3) Recommended that those remaining recommendations pre-

viously made by the Presidents for tenure, promotion or

assignment to rank will be referred back to the res-

pective Presidents for further information which will

be forwarded to the Committee for consideration at the

April meeting. The Committee will be in contact with

the Presidents for information needed.

Mrs. Kenney moved to accept the report and recommendations

of the Special Committee on Promotion and Tenure. Mrs.

Sheerin seconded. Motion carried.

7. Recommendation for Promotions to Emeritus Status, UNR

President Crowley recommended the following promotions to

emeritus standing, effective July 1, 1983:

Fred M. Anderson, M. D. Clinical Professor of Surgery

James T. Anderson, Vice President for Academic Affairs

and Professor of Engineering

George Barnes, Professor of Physics

Emanuel Berger, M. D., Clinical Professor of Pediatrics

Darwin E. Bradfield, County Extension Agent-in-Charge

Theodore A. Butler, Associate Professor of Agricultural

and Industrial Mechanics

Edmund J. Cain, Dean, College of Education

Mabel I. Edmundson, County Extension, Agent-Home Eco-


Mary Ellen Glass, Oral Historial

J. Patrick Kelly, Professor of Curriculum & Instruction

Rosella Linskie, Professor of Curriculum & Instruction

Arthur T. Phelps, Professor of Curriculum & Instruction

Vasco A. Salvadorini, M. D., Clinical Professor of


William K. Sonnemann, Publications Editor, Agricultural


Paul O. Wiig, M. D., Clinical Professor of Obstetrics

& Gynecology

Jack D. Wise, County Extension, Agent-Communications

Ms. Del Papa moved to accept the recommendations. Mrs. Fong

seconded. Motion carried.

8. Recommendation for Promotion to Emeritus Status, TMCC

President Eardley recommended the following promotion to

emeritus standing, effective July 1, 1983:

Marjorie Goff, Nursing Instructor

Mrs. Fong moved to accept the recommendation. Mrs. Kenney

seconded. Motion carried.

9. Nominations for Distinguished Nevadan

Chairman Mc Bride submitted the following Distinguished

Nevadan Award designations to be awarded at Commencement

at UNR and UNLV in May, 1983:

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval. Mrs. Fong seconded. Motion


10. Nominations for Honorary Degrees

Chairman Mc Bride submitted the following Honorary Degree

designations to be awarded at Commencement at UNR and UNLV

in May, 1983:

UNR - Dean Ernst John Watts UNLV - Dr. Simcha Dinitz

Ms. Joanne De Longchamps General Robert Kelley

Mr. Jerry Mack

Mr. Harry Wald

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval. Mrs. Fong seconded. Motion


11. Report of the Budget Committee

The Budget Committee met on March 16, 1983, and Ms. Del Papa

Chair, submitted the following report and recommendations:

(1) Approved authorization of signature authority for

Marvin Wycoff on the Petty Cash Account at TMCC.

(2) Approved the transfer of $180,000 from the Student

Union Reserve Fund at UNLV to the Phase I remodeling

project for the Moyer Student Union.

(3) Approved the following revision in the Handbook, Chap-

ter 13, Section 7.5 on Deferred Payment Policy at CCCC

effective July 1, 1983 on a trial basis limiting the

number of participants to 500:

Contracts for deferred payment plan are available

to students who register in 6 or more semester

hours in a Fall or Spring semester. Summer Session

or Mini Session. The Director of Admissions/Rec-

ords or any designee(s) may authorize a deferred

payment plan to best meet the student's needs. The

The method of registration shall not be a consider-

ation in the deferred payment plan (such as mail,

telephone, in person, add-drop, etc.). The defer-

red amount will be approximately 50% of the total

charges payable by the student with a possible 10%

variance. The balance is due and payable not later

than Friday of the 6th week of instruction. Any

unpaid balance on a deferred payment plan becomes

a student accounts receivable on the final due date

and is treated as an official fee hold for future

registrations and transcript privileges. A penalty

of $5 per $100 (or fraction thereof) is charged on

the deferred balance not paid by the fine due date.

The Director of Admissions/Records is authorized,

if necessary, to officially withdraw a student from

classes for nonpayment with the balance due treated

as a student accounts receivable.

(4) Approved the following 1982-83 estimated budget for

Community Education at CCCC:

Original Amended

Budget Budget


Opening Balance 81-82 $ 7,767 $ 53,036

Revenue 155,000 155,000

Total Available Funds $162,767 $208,036


Professional $120,773 $130,000

Classified 13,333 13,333

Wages 0 0

Fringe 4,997 8,167

Out of State Travel 1,000 0

Operating 20,000 36,000

Ending Fund Balance 2,664 20,536

Total $162,767 $208,036

(5) Approved the proposed 1983-84 residence hall and meal

rates (including the manner of payment) at UNR with

the exception of those for the Stead Apartments. See

Ref. B-5, filed with the permanent minutes. This

represents a revision of the Regents Handbook, Title

4, Chapter 13. The rental scale for the Stead Apart-

ments will be discussed further between the students

and President Crowley, who will report back to the

Committee at a later date.

(6) Ms. Del Papa stated that the item concerning the sale

and lease back of the special events centers at UNR and

UNLV should be discussed by the full Board.

Mrs. Gallagher moved that the Board sit as a Committee

of the Whole. Mrs. Whitley seconded. Motion carried.

Ms. Del Papa reviewed the action taken by the Board at

its February, 1983 meeting and the interim period,

stating that the Board had voted in February to pro-

ceed with investigation into the possibility of Gold-

man, Sachs and Company presenting for Board approval

a proposal for the sale and lease back to the Univer-

sity of Nevada System the two pavilions, one located

at UNR, the other located at UNLV. The motion also

included that the necessary legislation carry out such

a sale and lease be sought in the State Legislature.

The staff was instructed at that time to begin check-

ing the legal ramifications and persuing the required


During the interim between Board meetings, Ms. Del Papa

stated, Mrs. Fong telephoned her to say that she (Mrs.

Fong) had contacted other Regents and individuals and

was concerned that the Board had not considered other

proposals. Ms. Del Papa asked Vice Chancellor Dawson

to check with the Chancellor and to take necessary

steps to proceed with the investigation, and followed

up with a memorandum to the Regents.

Mrs. Fong stated that she felt it necessary to have

a number of bids, thereby not deviating from the bid-

ding process policy, and that in contacting Southern

Nevada Power and Southwest Gas Company, who have

recently completed the same lease-back arrangement,

she further felt that proposals should be presented

each Regent for study, that it had taken the other

two companies a year and a half to conclude their


Ms. Del Papa asked General Counsel Klasic whether the

Board had followed the requirements in this procedure,

with Mr. Klasic answering that there is no State law

dealing with this particular issue. Further, Ms. Del

Papa stated that she felt the Board needed to discuss

whether a single Regent could override action taken by

the full Board. Also, she felt that timing is critical

in the Board's decision on this matter in that legis-

lative action would be necessary before such sale-lease

back could be consummated and the current Legislative

Session will end in May or June.

Mrs. Fong replied that she did not feel that it had

been proven that such a transaction is really needed,

saying that she has been informed that the UNLV pavil-

ion will be able to meet its expenditures.

Vice Chancellor Dawson stated that as a result of Mrs.

Fong's request to solicit other proposals, that he had

written firms and had received 5 proposals. A commit-

tee consisting of Mr. Dawson; Mr. Herman Westfall,

UNLV; Dr. Richard Dankworth, UNR; Mr. Mike Mathew from

Southwest Gas Company; Ms. Cindy Gilliam and Mr. Don

Sloan from Nevada Power; and Mr. Stan Colton from

Burrows, Smith and Company reviewed the proposals and

felt that inasmuch as they were all so different, that

they had prepared specifications and were re-submitting

them to the companies for another proposal. He also

cautioned that this would delay a decision and that in

the meantime it was necessary for someone to proceed

with obtaining the required legislation. He further

stated that Goldman, Sachs and Company, acting on the

February action of the Board, had spent considerable

funds to date on this matter. Mr. Dawson asked for

further direction from the Board.

The Campus Presidents involved were queried, with

President Goodall stating that by Fall he and Dr.

Crowley would be on the firing line and will be ex-

pected to have budgets in place stating how they will

handle the maintenance and other expenditures of the

pavilions. President Crowley further reminded the

Board that at the present time there are no operating

dollars with which to work, and that there are only

about 8 months left before the pavilions are due to


Upon questioning by Mrs. Whitley, Vice Chancellor

Dawson stated that he felt once the specifications go

out to each of the firms, that the proposals will all

be pretty much alike, and that to date Goldman, Sachs

and Company is the only firm to demonstrate that they

have put together such a tax exempt leverage lease.

Mr. Stan Colton, financial advisor from Burrows, Smith

and Company, commented that his firm had declined to

make a proposal, preferring to remain as a financial

advisor. He stated that the Committee had scheduled

a meeting on April 5 to review the new proposals and

felt that Goldman, Sachs and Company will probably be

very competitive. He further urged that the necessary

legislation be pursued in the meantime, and urged the

System to take the lead in this kind of innovative

financing inasmuch as it could be used by other en-

tities within the State once the legislation is passed.

Mr. Mc Bride asked General Counsel what was the effect

of the Board's action of February 18, 1983. General

Counsel replied that the minutes of the February 18

meeting states "The Board of Regents hereby accepts

the proposal of Goldman, Sachs and Company to present

the Board with a Tax-Exempt Leveraged Lease Program

for the UNR and UNLV special events centers." He stat-

ed it seems the Board committed itself at that point.

A discussion ensued on whether to rescind the action

of February 18, 1983. General Counsel reminded the

Board that their Bylaws are very specific on the

matter of rescission, reading Section 13, Article 7:

No motion for repeal or rescission of any action

taken by the Board shall be voted upon unless

notice of intention to make such motion shall be

given at the previous meeting or by mail to each

member of the Board and the Office of the Chan-

cellor at least 3 working days prior to the meet-

ing at which this motion is voted upon.

Mrs. Del Papa reminded Board members that if they had

had questions concerning this matter, they had ample

time after receiving the agenda listing this as an

item for discussion in which to ask for more informa-

tion prior to this Board meeting.

Mrs. Sheerin started to move that the Board continue

with Goldman, Sachs and Company in view of the fact

that time was of the essence. Ms. Del Papa stated no

motion was needed and Mr. Mc Bride stated that the

Board's attorney clarified that the Board had already

directed this, unless someone proposed to strike that

by an amendment.

Mrs. Fong questioned whether the Committee would con-

tinue to function and study other proposals. General

Counsel reminded the Board that they have the right

to reject any and all bid proposals; therefore, a final

decision can be made by the Board when the proposals

are received.

Mr. Bernie Mikkel, representing Goldman, Sachs and

Company, explained that he would be willing to answer

questions on the time table for this proposal, which

he had presented to the Board, or on any other aspect

of the matter. Mrs. Fong stated she was concerned

about what would happen after the 7th year, what the

purchase back price would be at the end of the 30 years

and whether the System would be able to financially

meet such price if it is only stated in the agreement

that it would be bought back at the "fair market


Ms. Del Papa suggested that Mr. Mikkel meet with both

Mrs. Fong and Mrs. Kenney to explain the process, and

suggested that they each be sent a copy of the bro-

chures on the subject.

The consensus of the Board was that the action of

February 18, 1983 clearly states that Goldman, Sachs

and Company have authority to proceed with both a

proposal and pursuing necessary legislation and to

report back to the Board.

(7) Authorized use of the Capital Improvement Funds at WNCC

for the following:

a) $100,287 for computer equipment acquisition

b) $121,500 for maintenance improvement projects for

the Fallon and Carson Campuses. The architect

and planning activities were previously approved

by the Board at its February meeting.

(8) Authorized use of the Capital Improvement Funds at

NNCC up to $15,000 to build foundations for the build-

ings reported as gifts on page 34a of the Gift List

contained in the Consent Agenda.

(9) Vice Chancellor Dawson asked for consideration of an

emergency item concerning the financing of capital

improvement projects.

Mrs. Gallagher moved to accept an emergency item. Mrs.

Whitley seconded. Motion carried.

Mr. Dawson explained that because of the financial

situation of State resources, there will probably be

no recommendations for capital improvements for State

agencies this year; therefore, he has been exploring

alternative avenues. The proposal Burrows, Smith and

Company has suggested is that of refinancing all exist-

ting, some 12, bond issues at UNR and UNLV into a

single issue. One of the important advantages would

be that approximately $1,821,731 would be returned to

UNLV and $1,932,942 to UNR, along with freeing up ap-

proximately $3.2 million in additional bonding capacity

along with a reduction in the administrative workload.

This would allow UNR to complete the addition to the

Church Fine Arts building, which is on the System pri-

ority list.

Mr. Paul Howarth, Burrows, Smith and Company, presented

a handout explaining the present bonding capacity,

identified as Ref. D and filed with the permanent min-

utes. He added that in combining all the issues into

one, it also frees up the convenants on the existing

issues, some of which are very harsh and very anti-

quated, causing some very costly reports required in

the covenants presently, which would not have to be

met. Also, it would shorten the existing debt by 4


President Crowley reminded the Board that even though

the Church Fine Arts addition would be built with Uni-

versity funds under this plan, that legislative ap-

proval would be necessary. He was instructed to pursue

such approval from the Legislature during this session.

Mrs. Fong asked whether this consolidation would in-

clude the pavilions on both Campuses, and Mr. Howarth

stated that it would not, that they were financed

through State issue bonds. In response to a question

from President Eardley, it was noted that this would

be only for the 2 Universities, that if the Community

Colleges were included, then their revenues would have

to be cross-pledged also. In answer to Mrs. Fong's

question as to whether this could include dormitories,

Mr. Dawson explained that dormitories have historically

been amortized through revenue generated by the stu-


Mrs. Gallagher moved that Vice Chancellor Dawson be

authorized to proceed with the refunding analysis to

implement one University bond issue and the University

officials proceed with necessary legislative actions

based on the final approval of the consolidation. Mrs.

Whitley seconded. Motion carried.

Mrs. Fong voted "no" in accepting the Budget Committee

report and in connection with the Sports Center Sale Lease

Back prepared the following statement:

You read the minutes (of) yesterday (Budget Committee

meeting) and it was interpreted by General Counsel that

Goldman, Sachs and Company was asked to go ahead with

developing a plan on the sale and lease back of the

Sports Arenas at UNLV and UNR.

I have since checked other legal opinions, and have

come to the conclusion that statement does not say it

would preclude other firms from submitting additional

plans or proposals. It does not say it is an exclusive


We are doing the people of Nevada a great disservice by

not going forth with the competitive bid process.

Therefore, I cannot in good conscience support the

Sports Arena sale with just one bid.

I am making one last plea that you afford the opportu-

nity for the bid proposals to come forth.

Remember, we are in a public office with a public trust

-- we have the fiduciary responsibility to protect the

interests of the taxpayers who foot the bill to higher


Also, we are supposed to be an equal opportunity, af-

firmative action oriented institution. But both went

out the window.

Mrs. Kenney supported Mrs. Fong's report.

Mrs. Gallagher moved to accept the Budget Committee Report.

Mrs. Whitley seconded. Motion carried. Mrs. Fong and Mrs.

Kenney voted no.

12. Appointment of Vice President for Business, UNR

President Crowley recommended that Mr. Ashok K. Dhingra be

appointed Vice President for Business at UNR (see Ref. E,

filed with the permanent minutes) and also recommended that

the position be renamed as the Vice President for Finance

and Administration.

Mrs. Fong moved approval of the recommendation and the re-

naming of the position to Vice President for Finance and

and Administration. Ms. Del Papa seconded. Motion carried.

13. Appointment of Dean, College of Education, UNR

President Crowley recommended that Dr. Frank Meyers be ap-

pointed Dean of the College of Education at UNR (see Ref. F,

filed with permanent minutes).

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the recommendation. Mr.

Melton seconded. Mrs. Whitley voted "no", stating that she

was not opposed to Dr. Meyers, but that she understood a

qualified minority had also been among the applicants.

Motion carried.

14. Request for Appointment to the College of Agriculture

Advisory Boards, UNR

President Crowley requested that the following individuals

be appointed to the College of Agriculture Citizens Advisory

Board to serve a 3-year term and add 2 members to the Senior

Advisory Board which served indefinitely. 2 members of this

Board died during 1982.



Mr. Kelly Buckner, Production Credit Association

Mrs. Karen Hayes

Mr. John L. Mc Lain, Resource Concepts Inc.

Mr. William A. Monini, Nevada Department of Wildlife

Mr. Gary Thrasher, Nevada First Corporation


Mr. John Ascuaga, Jacks Valley Ranch

Mr. Sidney Stern, Nevada First Thrift

Ms. Del Papa moved approval. Mrs. Sheerin seconded. Motion


15. Report from WNCC Presidential Search Committee

Mrs. Sheerin, Chairman, stated that there have been over 160

applicants and that March 15, 1983 was the closing date.

The Committee will meet on March 23, 1983, at 3:00 P.M., at

WNCC to begin deliberations.

16. Report on Legislation

Dr. Bersi stated that the Legislative Report would be mailed

to Regents and Presidents.

17. Request for Policy Statement, School of Medicine Residents

President Crowley requested approval of the proposed policy

statement on the status of Residents in training programs of

the School of Medicine and affiliated hospitals for inclu-

sion in the Regents Handbook. See Ref. B, filed with per-

manent minutes.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Mrs. Sheerin seconded. Motion


18. Request for Addition to Regents Handbook, Title 4, Chapter

3, Section 13

Ms. Del Papa requested that this item should be for in-

formation only and approval will be requested at the April


19. Mr. Klasic requested approval of an emergency item.

Mrs. Gallagher moved to accept the emergency item. Mrs.

Sheerin seconded. Motion carried.

Mr. Stan Colton, Burrows, Smith and Company, has performed

independent financial advice for UNS on the lease back

agreements. Mr. Klasic requested approval of a contract

for services rendered.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval. Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Motion carried.

20. Request for Approval of Phase II, AAS Degree in Electronics

Technology, WNCC

Vice Chancellor Fox requested approval of the Phase II, AAS

in Electronics Technology degree at WNCC. See Ref. C, filed

with permanent minutes. The Phase I proposal was approved

by the Board of Regents in July, 1982. The degree will be

implemented to meet a local demand and will have some fed-

eral funding assistance over the next 3-year period.

Mrs. Sheerin moved approval. Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion


21. President Eardley requested approval of an emergency item.

Ms. Del Papa moved to accept the emergency item. Mrs.

Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

President Eardley requested approval to add Mrs. Courtenay

Swain to the Foundation Board at TMCC.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval. Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion


22. New Business

Mrs. Fong requested to receive the Engineering Foundation


The meeting adjourned at 12:00 Noon.

Mary Lou Moser

Secretary of the Board